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by Mac

Rating: NC-17
Notes: I read somewhere that the reason people read and write fiction is because deep down we're all voyeurs and want to see what's going on behind closed doors. So to satisfy our curiosity we make it up and use our imagination. So I decided to take a different angle on my usual writings and came up with a voyeuristic type of fiction, what everyone else is seeing and you're seeing it through their eyes. Hope you enjoy.
Summary: Faith and Buffy's friends and relations see their relationship and each have different opinions about it. Different assumptions.

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Giles's Point Of View

Giles studied the two girls. Buffy was sitting on the stairs of the library, almost wrapped around the brunette slayer. They were talking about something, he couldn't hear from where he was standing behind the counter. He looked down at the sixteenth century book; the writing was faded so bad he considered giving up. Faith's laugh made him look up sharply. It was a husky sort of laugh, a laugh he'd heard before from numerous women he'd been with.

It was directed at Buffy.

A naughty sound. Any man knows what a laugh like that signifies. Buffy's smile back at Faith wasn't helping matters, a puppy look. Eyes wide and a beautiful big smile. Giles kept staring at the two of them, the flirtatious smile, casual touching. Why hadn't he seen it before? It was so obvious, even if they hadn't actually - well - done anything yet, it was going to happen soon. He stared at Buffy's hand on Faith's leather clad knee, her fingers tracing circles.

He guessed that after all that slaying, it must make them all worked up. Then seeing each other and the fact that they both were in the same predicament. Well, it was better than going around and getting pregnant that was true. He looked up at Buffy's face, full of innocence, then to Faith's. So different, he could almost see what was going on in her head, what she was thinking about doing to Buffy. Giles shuddered, feeling himself involuntarily harden at the image of the two girls in his head doing what Faith was thinking of.

"Buffy?" He called across to them.

"Yup?" She looked up at him with a large grin on her face.

"Could you and Faith do something which would actually help the world? Instead of sitting there like two children?" He held a mild annoyance look on his face, which told the girls he didn't mind them sitting there only there was always the threat of an apocalypse and it was his job to encourage them to do their job.

"Yeah, B. Go on and save the world." Faith smirked.

She pulled away from Faith, and stepped down the steps. She did an extra swish of her hips as she took each step. A show for Faith, Giles realised. He glanced over at the brunette and saw her eyes rake over Buffy's body, a look of pure ardour on her face. Passion like that should be made illegal.

"So, Giles what's the evil up to today?"

Willow's Point Of View.

Willow watched Faith and Buffy train in the library floor area, laughter on their faces. They always seemed to be joking about one thing or the other. Always leaving her out. If Willow wanted a girl's night in, like her and Buffy used to have before Faith came along, she would either brush her off, or say 'Is it ok if Faith comes along too?'

No, it's not ok!! Willow felt like shouting back at her.

It was like they were married, always doing things together, Buffy always had to have Faith by her side. They would see less of each other if they were married. Ok, so they were both Slayers. Big deal. She was a hacker and a witch to be. She was as useful as Faith. If not more then her!

Faith did a standing back-tuck and swung out with a roundhouse kick, Buffy ducked and swung her leg out under Faith, knocking her flat on her back. She could see from Faith's body that she was laughing heartily, Buffy sat astride her abdomen.

How gay did they look? Willow shook her head in - jealousy - disgust.

She had liked Faith when she first came, but that was before she stole Buffy from her. She had thought Faith was cool, but Buffy seemed to take an extra liking to her. So she wore leather and had an attitude problem, how attractive was that? Buffy was her total opposite. They shouldn't be getting on. Ok, so positive and negative ions in science were different. This was real life, this was her best friend!

Buffy was always going out on a limb for Faith. Making sure that she was ok, letting the brunette almost live in her house 24/7.

She watched as Faith raised her arms and Buffy grabbed her hands, linking their fingers together. Buffy gave her a smile, one that Willow had never seen her wear before. Slut. Willow frowned. They seemed to be having some kind of arm-wrestle, she could see their arms straining and shaking from the force of their combined strength. Faith gave up and Buffy slammed her hands by the brunette's head, suddenly finding herself in very close proximity with the dark slayer.

Willow watched intently. The tension was so thick. Even from where she was standing in Giles's office she could sense it. Their breathing was harsh and they stared into each other's eyes, Buffy moving in closer all the time. Their heaving chests almost straining to meet one another.

Willow, unable to take anymore, strode out of the office.


Her voice seemed to knock Buffy out of her stupor with Faith. She looked up sharply and basically jumped off the brunette.


"You wanted me to help you with the chem. test tomorrow?" Willow could barely hide back her smirk.

Buffy's gaze flickered down to Faith's body still sprawled out on the floor. "Uh, yeah. That's right. I need a shower first before, cause after that I'm sure I can't be smelling of roses." Faith snorted a laugh, standing up beside the blonde.

"Don't I know it," Faith grinned, before being smacked over the shoulder with a hit that had it been directed at Willow, she would have been thrown half way across the room. Faith yelped slightly and rubbed her shoulder.

"You deserved that." Buffy crossed her arms as she began to walk towards the doors of the library.

"Fine. Guess I won't be washing your back today." Faith shot back, still rubbing her shoulder with a hurt look on her face.

Buffy stopped. "Oh, come on! I didn't hit you that hard!"

Xander's Point Of View

Xander knocked back the rest of his drink and put the cup down on the table. He looked around the room. Twenty, maybe thirty people were all squashed into the room and dancing hard to the rock music that was being played on the large stereo. Feeling slightly claustrophobic he moved out into the hallway. Cordy gave him a wave from were she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, she had her arm around the shoulder of some preppy and was talking intently to her.

"I know you thought it looked nice, but what you think and what I think are two totally different things. What I think is right." Cordelia was gesturing to her clothes; Xander didn't think they looked all that bad.

"I have different tastes-"

"But bad shouldn't be one of them."

Xander shook his head to himself and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. Two girls were standing in the kitchen - gossiping intently. It was something he'd learned to catch on to, girls gossiping. It was an art how they did it. One minute everyone was oblivious to your secret, then the whole school knew.

"I swear!" The red haired girl said enthusiastically, clapping her hands in delight.

"Get a room much!"

"Buffy was totally all over her!"

Xander almost choked. He stood by the sink and pretended to busy himself.

"What did she look like?"

"Well, dressed in mainly black - she had leather pants on."

"How skanky!"

How Faithy! He thought.

"I know! They were in the utility room when I saw them. Well, I always wondered about her and Willow."

"Willow's going out with Oz, and it doesn't mean she's gay."

Red laughed. "Oh, so she decided to stick her tongue down skanky's throat?"

"She could be out of her mind drunk. I've done stupid things after drinking too much."

"Are you trying to tell me something?"

Xander slipped out of the kitchen, he had to find the utility room. After searching numerous rooms of the house he wound up back in the kitchen. He glanced around and his eye caught sight of a small wooden door. Quietly he tiptoed over to it and opened it without a sound, then closed it behind him, he walked down a small passageway.


Xander stopped, his eyes widening at the sound. He crouched down behind a pile of boxes; he glanced around the side of them. He saw Buffy up against a wall, with Faith up against her. Their bodies pressing close together. They were breathing hard. Looking around he saw piles of dust on the floor and their stakes on the floor also. He had seen them act all gay before, but usually they were just messing. Teasing him. He watched as Faith raised her hand and ran the back of it down Buffy's cheek, studying her.

Xander felt a pang of jealousy. He didn't know whom he was more jealous of. Buffy for being with Faith? Or Faith for being with Buffy? He was jealous of both of them. He wanted to be part of what they had. It was every boy's fantasy to be between two beautiful girls. Faith raised her other arm and began to caress Buffy's breast, gently at first then becoming rougher, Buffy just kept moaning and breathing hard.

They never broke their gaze into one another's eyes. He would've said that they were in love, only it was Faith and he didn't think she was capable of love. Fucks and occasionally the odd date, but no more then that. Buffy's head moved down and she buried it in Faith's neck. She began to bite and suck her neck. Xander found that slightly disturbing, Buffy had been with Angel and she was now going around and biting people's necks.

With a grunt Faith pulled away. Buffy looked up at her questioningly, Faith put a finger over her lips. She began to walk over to where Xander was hiding.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

Faith grabbed him by the collar and hauled him out.

"Hi." He said sheepishly.

"Wow, yunno, I always called you a pervert. I never thought that I was speaking the truth." Faith glared at him. He didn't like her at all.

"Xander. I would appreciate it if you didn't spy on me." Buffy pushed herself away from the wall and picked up both of the stakes.

"I uh, got lost and wound up down here." He glanced at both of them and pulled away from Faiths' grip.

"Sure." Faith looked at Buffy. "Lets ditch looser house. I wanna go make some fun."

Buffy laughed.

They pushed by Xander. Leaving him there staring after them.

Cordelia's Point Of View "You going to the Bronze tonight?" Cordelia asked Willow and Xander. Not that she needed them to be there. She was the height of coolness, even on her own.

"Only if you're going, baby." Xander wrapped his arms around her amazingly slim waist. She patted his hands. So well trained.

"I'm not sure, I'll see what Oz is doing. I think he might be playing tonight." Willow grabbed a couple of books out of her locker and shoved her bag in as a replacement.
"Oh, hey Buffy!"

Buffy approached the group, wearing her off-the-rack selection of attire. Not cool. Cordelia gave her a once over before turning back to Xander.

"Have you guys seen Faith?"

Cordelia felt Xander twitch slightly. She rubbed his arms. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, sure why wouldn't I be?" He looked up at her with big eyes.

"I saw her in the library, checking out Giles's weapon selection." Cordelia said.

"Why? You don't have to go there do you? We haven't done anything cool and fun for a while Buffy." Willow asked.

"Sure we have, Wills! Two days ago we went to the movies!" Buffy put her hand on Willow's arm.

"Yeah, but I mean just you and me."

What was it with Buffy and her friends? Were they joined at the hip or something?

"I promise, next week you and me will have whole day without Faith. Ok? Although I don't know why you don't want her with us."

"Want who with who?" Faith pushed in between the blonde and Willow.

"Nothing for you to worry about."

"I don't worry B, I live a care free life. Killing vampires and eating are my two main functions." Buffy smiled up at her.

Yeah right. And being a skank.

Buffy smiled back at her. Cordelia studied them. They were looking at each other for waaaay too long. She could see subtext when it stared at her in the face, and these two were suffering from a sever case of UST. Unresolved sexual tension. Bleuch, get a room!

"No other functions?" Buffy asked, innocently.

"Well... really... I'm only super human... I could probably fit a few more in there if I needed too." She winked at Buffy, no one else noticed it, but Cordelia was staring straight at them.

This was worse then Xena. The ust was more restrained than what these two were flaunting. If they didn't get a room soon there would be a public spectacle. Cordelia didn't want to be part of something gay, it would ruin her image that she had so pain-stakingly created and built up over the years. She put them down and treated them like shit, but still they came back for more.

"Who's on Oz duty tonight?" Buffy asked quietly, breaking from her trance with Faith.

"Oh shoot!" Willow moaned. "I forgot! He won't be in the Bronze tonight then."

"I'll be on tonight, and Faith can be on tomorrow. Then we'll play rock-paper-scissors to decide the last night. Or Xander'll do it." Buffy looked at Xander.

"Eh, sure I'll see."

"B, wanna go and work up a sweat?" Faith asked, straight faced, although Willow looked up sharply.

"Sounds like fun." Buffy grinned. "See you in class guys."

"Later." Faith and Buffy walked off down the hallway toward the library.

"They seem to spend a lot of time together now. Does anyone else notice that?" Cordelia asked.

Willow and Xander looked over at one another.

"No." They said together.

"It must be just me, then."

Oz's Point Of View

He sniffed, two different scents. Both were strong and had a certain tang about them. A familiarity. He knew them. He prowled faster and harder, snorting slightly. When the two girls came into his view he stopped and studied them. One brunette and one blonde. They were laughing, and kissing. He stopped his prowling and stood silently in the cage staring at these two behaving like this.

The brunette pressed the blonde against the table; she began to attack her neck. The blonde clutched at her hair and began to gasp and moan. She turned her head over to where he was sitting. She grinned.

"Oz! Turn around!"

He snorted and hopped from one foot to the other still staring at them.

The brunette laughed and looked up from the blonde's chest.

"B! Don't worry! He won't remember, and if he does, he's not likely to say anything especially if there might be the prospect of seeing us again." Her hands moved up the blonde's body and pinched her nipples, then her head moved down to follow. She was on her knees in front of her and pushed up her top, placing kisses on her stomach on the way.

The top was pushed to above the blonde's breasts; the brunette cupped them and gave them a small squeeze, eliciting a small moan from the blonde. Oz growled and paced back and forth, still not taking his eyes off the two of them. He recognized the scents, which were becoming noticeably stronger, of the two of them. They rang a bell in the back of his human mind, which wasn't focusing properly.

The brunette's mouth covered the tip of the blonde's breast; the blonde cried out and gasped, clutching the brunette closer to her.

"Yes, Faith... oh god..."

The brunette stood up and began to kiss her harder, wrapping her arms tightly around her body, running them up and down her back. The blonde spun them around so the brunette was pinned against the table. Her hand went down the brunette's leather pants, Oz watched as her legs buckled slightly, but she clutched on to the blonde's arm. Her breathing was harsh and out of control.

"Buffy- oh god... you... yes!"

Her hips began to move with the blonde's hand, she rode her hand hard and fast. The blonde kept slamming her hand into the brunette's groin, slamming her back against the table each time. But she was too far-gone to even think about pain. The brunette's hands went around the other girl's neck; they stared at one another as the blonde kept moving her hand around the other girl's pants.

Oz's prowling became more and more rapid as the brunette climbed closer. He could sense it, could smell it. Her cries were becoming louder and louder, she was almost screaming the other girl's name.

"Oh god! Buffy! There!! Harder - fuck me!"

All of a sudden all movement stopped. Except for the brunette's chest, which rose and fell quite quickly. She moaned and tried to move her hips, only the blonde wouldn't let her. She groaned in frustration, the blonde smiled.

"Are you close Faith? You're so wet and tight, getting two fingers up your hole is a chore." The blonde seemed to be taking great pleasure out of leaving her on the edge. "I can feel you throbbing around my fingers, it's amazing."

"B! C'mon! Don't leave me like this!"

"Oh, but I have you wrapped around my finger now, excuse the pun, I can make you do what I like."

"B, fuck me... I'm so close... god... please..."

"Jesus, don't beg!" She laughed. "If you really want me to... I suppose I can just throw in a couple more fingers-" At this the brunette went up on her toes, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she moaned loudly. Her hands were clutching the blonde's shoulders and she began to thrust back and forth again. Gasping and moaning. The tempo increased and her hips began to jar hard against the blonde's hand, short sharp cries left her throat. All that built up tension released in a matter of minutes. Oz gave a short growl as he watched this; the blonde looked over at him and grinned, shaking her head slightly.

She collapsed back against the table, breathing hard but her pulse rate was slowing.

"Oh yeah... fuck I needed that. That's better then a cigarette on a stressful day." She sat up and grinned at the blonde. "Your turn B." She stood up off the table and began to move towards her, she pinned her against the wall.

"Wait, Faith. I don't wanna do it in front of Oz. It's too weird."

"B! It's not even Oz! It's some animal! I didn't give a shit! Just pretend he's not there."

"Faith you might like audiences, but I don't. We can do it behind the bookcases, up there." She pointed towards the staircase.

"Ok fine, Jesus! You're so picky."

The blonde walked over to the steps. The brunette stopped and frowned.


Joyce's Point Of View

Joyce stepped in the front door; she fumbled with the key trying to get it out of the door. She was holding two armfuls of shopping. She wouldn't have bought so much; only Faith seemed to be an almost permanent resident at her house now. She yanked the key out and swung her hips, closing the door. She strode into the kitchen and carefully placed the groceries on the counter.


No answer. They must be out slaying. Always spending time together, she hadn't seen Willow for a long while.

It was 11.30; they should be back soon enough.

She frowned to herself. She wasn't sure what to make of Faith. She was a lovely girl, seemingly with no past. Joyce couldn't help but be suspicious of that. The girl had known Buffy for almost a month and already they were inseparable. After watching the two of them together, she wasn't sure that Faith's intentions were innocent. Whether she wanted them to be or not. She seemed to have a bit of an obsession for her daughter. Whenever Buffy walked into the room, Faith's eyes would glue to her and not move. It would take a while to get a conversation out of her.

The other day when Buffy had been taking a shower after school, Faith arrived, they were going out to some club that night. Joyce was sitting in the kitchen chatting to Faith when Buffy came downstairs in a tiny little towel, her hair was wet and there were droplets of water dripping down her skin. She walked into the kitchen and sat down beside Faith. Speaking of whom couldn't keep her eyes off her. Her eyes raked over her body, staying on her breasts for most of the time. She didn't speak a word until Buffy had left the room and turned the corner to go up the stairs.

Joyce wasn't dumb; she knew her daughter was good looking, beautiful even. But she was sure that what Buffy wanted from Faith wasn't the same as what Faith wanted from Buffy. It worried her when she saw Faith looking at Buffy with passion all over her face.

"Mom?!" The door slammed closed.

"Buffy, I'm in the kitchen." Joyce called out. She thought she heard Faith swear but wasn't sure.

"We're going to bed is that ok?" She came into the kitchen; Faith leant against the doorframe, her eyes glued to Buffy's behind. Joyce shuddered inwardly.

"You don't want anything to eat? I went grocery shopping today, I got extra food. I guessed Faith'll be staying with us more often."

"Oh hey, Ms S. I don't wanna intrude on you. Just say the word and I'll be gone." Faith's gaze flickered from Buffy to Joyce.

"No, it's ok. It's no problem. We've plenty of room here."

"Mom, we're not hungry. We already ate after Slaying. Just tired now. Slaying always makes you hungry and tired. Solved the first problem, now it's just the second." Buffy gave Joyce a kiss on the cheek. Faith began to cough hysterically, she doubled over.

"Faith?!" Joyce went over and patted her on the back. "Are you ok?"

Faith looked up, her eyes wide. "Yeah, yeah... just caught my breath."

Joyce heard Buffy sniggering. "We're going to bed now mom." Buffy began to walk out of the kitchen, pushing Faith out in front of her.

"Good Night, Buffy, Faith."

"Night Ms. S." Faith called back.

They went out into the hall and began to laugh about something or other. Joyce went about cleaning up the kitchen. She wondered if Buffy knew that Faith wanted her. She shook her head, probably not. Her daughter was slightly oblivious to those kind of things. After putting all the groceries and stuff away she sat down at the counter and flicked through a magazine. It was 12.15. Time for bed. She turned off all the lights and locked up, then quietly walked up the stairs. The girls were probably worn out after slaying; she didn't want to wake them.

She got to the top of the stairs and stopped. She thought she heard- there it was again! Was that a... moan? She strained her ears, she heard someone breathing hard, rhythmically. Could it? No. She tiptoed down the hallway; Buffy's door was ajar. She was about to walk away, realising that she didn't want to be nosey, but her curiosity got the better of her. The breathing was slightly louder. It was Buffy, she could tell from the small cries of strain mingled in with the breathing. She put her head by the crack of the door and looked in. What she saw almost made her faint.

Faith was sort of on top of Buffy, one hand was under the covers, and the other was holding her upper body up. Her face was buried in Buffy's neck. The hand was moving quickly under the covers; Joyce didn't have to guess what she was doing. Obviously she'd walked in on the crucial part, Buffy's mouth was open and her hips were moving rapidly under the bed sheet. Suddenly Buffy's back arched off the bed, Faith moved from her neck and watched her as she came. Buffy inhaled sharply and Joyce watched as her hips shook under the covers. She collapsed back on the bed, moaning quietly.

"Oh wow, Faith. I've been looking forward to that all day." She whispered.

"Yeah well, now you've got me all night." Faith whispered back. "I love you Buffy, you know that, right?"

"I do Faith, and I love you too." They began to kiss again, Faith rolled fully on top of the blonde slayer.

Oh no. Joyce turned around and walked back down the stairs. She needed something strong to drink, and then she was going to decide what to do next.


"World goes on fire,
No one can save me but you."

HIM - Wicked Game.

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