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It's You

by Kelly Smith


Hopefully NC/17
POV: Lots
Will kinda follow the general jist of S7 for the beginning bits, but of course some things will be different. Faith has already rebuilt some bridges with the scoobs, so no big hate fest occuring
Setting: Kinda season seven, except Faith comes back much earlier, Tara never died :)

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Faith's Pov

So I was sitting in the car next to red, heading back to sunny hell. Crazy huh? And I thought I was sposed to leave craziness behind now that I was reformed and all that. I hadn't been out long, just a month or so, things were ok, going good I guess, but then soul boy decides that she needs my help back in the dale. That was that, decision made for me. And now here I am doing the happy road trip with red.

Things between me and Red are cool. Not hugs and kisses and touchy feely goodness, but cool. I wrote to the Scooby doobs after I had been inside for a while. My `therapist' said it would help me to `get over' my problems. I don't know if it helped with the problems part, but it certainly helped to unburn a few bridges. Red wrote back a few times and we have a tentative respect for each other, turns out she went all wild with the magic a while back and if it hadn't been for Tara, she probably would've ended up just as psycho as me. She understands me better now, realises how alone I was back then. I think she realises some other stuff to, but we havent spoken about any of that. Tara wrote to me aswell. I'll tell ya Red is damn lucky to have that girl, I have barely met her face to face and yet she already feels like one of the best friends I've ever had. Mind you I havent had that many. The Xan-man wrote back to me. Just the once, but hey, he is a guy. He said he forgives me for the strangling, so I guess we're fine. I don't think I would've gone through with it anyway... or maybe that's what I tell myself to keep the guilt away. Giles has visited me a couple of times as well as written to me. He's a good guy and he's British, and I guess it would've been rude for him to act any other way. We never have too much to say to each other... we both know which subject we cant talk about, and that kinda makes it hard. I don't have that much in common with old tweedy guys, not unless I'm screwing them, and hey... reformed now right? He would read to me sometimes though when he visited, and that was nice, kinda, I don't know... fatherly? Not that I think he would ever wanna be a father to someone like me, but I appreciated it anyway. And I guess that's pretty much it for me and the gang. As for her... well she never wrote back, and that's ok, I didn't expect her to. I wanted her to, more then anything, but she didn't, and if that's the way things have to be, that's fine. I can deal.

I shake myself out of my reverie as the car pulls to a stop.

"Come on Faith... home sweet home." Red looks at me all scrunchy faced as she relises what she said.

"s'ok Red, it is kinda home for the next while isn't it, and hey if it's not all sweet... well, I'll just find some sweetness of my own." I give her my patented eyebrow wiggle and make to leave the car.

"Um... Faith."


"Erm... just so you know... uh Buffy, well she's not erm... she's not quite in a really happy place with you coming back... not that she wants to uh... she won't hurt you, but..."

"Hey calm down, breathe" I interrupt her as she starts to run out of air.

"I know things aren't exactly..." whats the word I'm looking for?

"...well, things just aren't anything between me and B, but don't sweat it ok? I'm gonna stay out of her way, and I'm sure she wont be looking for me, so... relax." I give her a goofy grin to make her feel better and I pray that the fact I'm shitting myself doesn't appear too obvious.

Buffy's Pov

Isn't it funny how life just never pans out the way you think it should? It's so funny I can feel the years of unshed tears just aching to squeeze themselves out of my tired eyes. I am so sick of everything. Just once I would like to know how it feels to be free. Free to make my own decisions about my own life. But I'm not free. I am a prisoner of my calling, bound by duty and destiny. Sounds kinda cool at first, but don't be fooled, there really aren't any hidden perks. You fight. You eat, sleep, work, play... and then you fight some more. You maybe squeeze in a couple of light hearted moments, a funny line in a film... a shared tub of ice cream on a Sunday night, but it always comes back to the fighting. I have fought for so long and so hard... I just don't know anymore. When does it end? Even when I thought it had ended it seems my time wasn't up. Apparently I'm like a bad penny... always coming back. See? I can do funny. It's so funny I can feel my throat tightening from my effort to stop the sobs breaking free. If I can't be free, then neither can my sobs. I try to shake myself out of this pity fest, it doesn't help any to feel sorry for yourself.

I know what day it is today. Today is the day my sister in arms makes her return to the fold. I wondered if this day would ever come. I tried to remain unaffected by it's impending arrival, but I couldn't bury the memories. I was curious to see her. I knew that she had changed, my friends it seems are a lot more forgiving then me. But then for me it always went that little bit deeper. It is not that I don't forgive her, I almost don't care what she did anymore, we were kids, dumb, stupid and unable to deal, I just can't forget. I think I have spent more time reliving those memories then any others. We were like magnets, but I never quite worked out whether we were attracting each other, or repelling each other. We were powerful though. I'm not young and dumb anymore. I'm in a sense all grown up. I know how I felt about her. I always did know but denial was easier. Easier for me anyway. How I feel now is different. I'm not looking for love, or lust or anything really. Even friendship might be a step too far. I never wrote back to her when she wrote to me. First of all I was being petty, then well... I was taking the moral high ground, and after that... well I died. Now I'm alive again, depending on your definition of alive. I feel again. But nothing touches me. Does that make sense? I feel sad, and happy, and lots in between... but I just don't care so much. I know I can't change anything. So I just accept everything. Whoa... pulling back from the pity again.

She's here now. I can feel her. But like I said... I just don't care so much.

I hear Willow's car pulling up outside. I hear Tara and Dawn making their way to the door. They're laughing. It sounds nice. I hear the front door open and the muffled sounds of greetings through hugs. Smothered voices. Smothered by closeness. As the hugs break off I can pick out voices, words, sentences. I can hear her. She sounds the same, maybe a little more maturity in the voice, but the huskiness, the way it sounds as though every word rasps against the back of her throat straining to break free, that's the same. I wonder if she looks the same. I guess she won't, after all she's older. Like me. I can hear them as they make their way to the kitchen. I bet she's hungry.

She'll be in her element down there. What with the potentials and the stories she can tell. I wonder if she will tell them our stories? I wonder if she remembers our stories. I can guess which story she won't be telling them.

I can hear laughter again. Part of me wants to go and laugh too. Forget everything and just laugh. I squeeze my eyes tight to make barriers for the tears that won't go away.

I think that she was made for me. The way that Adam and Eve were made for each other. I think she was my lucky break. I think that she was made to make me not alone. One girl in all the world... ? I didn't want to be one girl. She was made to make one become two. And I think I was made to love her.

It's funny isn't it how life works out.

I can hear again the laughter from below. I laugh so hard I cry.


Faith's Pov

It feels a darn sight better to be here then I thought it would. I think I was thinking that the letters would turn out to be not so true in there content when I got here. Like it was a pretend case of forgiveness. But nope... I got the real deal. Tara is a dream. So quiet and unassuming, yet so funny and may I say? Kinda sexy underneath that shyness. I told ya red was a lucky girl! She's looking at me now... waiting for something... what?

"Sorry T, you say something?" She looks at me exasperated, stifles a giggle.

"Well I've asked you twice if you want a drink, I was just deciding whether to go for a third." I remember when I met her the first time. In B's body. She is so much more now.

"Well I would kill for a beer." She looks at me in mock shock...

"I thought you got over the killing people?"

"We're talking a beer T. It's a long drive ya know... and what with Red and the chatting..."

"I so wasn't chatting! You were being all quiet gal, and so I was with the driving... and killing for beer?... Faith, I think we need to set some ground rules!" I look at her and grin, maybe smirk,

"Red honey?... I don't follow rules."

"We can fix that... Tara knows some kick ass spells... make you submissive..." Should I be scared?

"I've never done submissive... I expect it has it's benefits. So T... ya want me to submit to you?" Score one for the slayer. The colour of her cheeks matches Red's hair. I stop the wiggling of my eye brows and look back to Red,

"anytime you want me to submit to your girl... well lets just say spells won't be needed." I throw in a wink for good measure. I'm loving this. Has been so long since I could verbally spar. I played with Queen C back in LA, but this, this is too much fun. Willow gets a pensive thoughtful look on her face.

"Ya know you're right dontcha?" Huh?

"What's that Red?"

"She wouldn't need a spell to make you submit... I kinda find her tongue is all that's needed." I choke on my laughter. It's good to be back, and it's even better to be back and sane. Or more sane. Tara looks at Willow with a gleam in her eye, I can see the love, and the silent challenge there... I bet she's gonna make her submit lots of times after Red's little outburst.

I kick back in the kitchen for ages with the girls. There are lots of girls now. Potentials. I wonder which of them would come after me. It's not hard to tell. Kennedy. Now there's a girl that's looking good. She wants the power as well, you can see her body coiled just waiting for the call. Not gonna happen sweet cheeks. I am not going anywhere soon, I have plans for living. I might give her something else though. Scratch an itch or two. She keeps looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She does it again and I can't resist staring straight back at her. Busted! I think to myself. She knows I caught her looking. This could be fun. She doesn't colour up like Tara would. Nope. She stares right back. I like this girl.

I still haven't seen B yet. I can feel her though. I always feel her. Always. I wonder if she is hiding from me. Me the big bad. Red I think knows how I feel. She watches me watch the doors, the stairs. Waiting for her.

Sometimes when I sit and think and I wonder at this thing which is my life, I think about B. I think that maybe she was made for me. Sounds dumb doesn't it? But it's just the way I feel. I was never scared of how I felt about her. It just felt right. Well to me it did, I guess to her it would've felt wrong.

I didn't come here looking for love though. I came here because I'm needed, and that gives me a bit of a buzz. B needs me. Well I never. Hopefully, maybe...? Well possibly we can sort stuff between us. Learn to co-exist. I don't need her to say she forgives me, I don't need to say sorry. Redemption is a funny thing. Angel needs to brood to feel like he is getting there. I don't. I just need to live. I'm not who I was then, and I won't be spending my life saying sorry. Yeah I fucked up. Hell, I fucked up big, but I won't be doing that again.

I'm Faith after all... Faith the Vampire Slayer.

Willow's Pov

Faith is home. And yes I know some may disagree with the whole `homeliness' side of that statement, but well, she is home. This is her home. Mistakes were made a long time ago that nearly stopped this being her home. But then we all make mistakes. I made my own mistakes. When I think about the stuff I did, the mistakes I made, well sometimes I think I was a lot worse then Faith. She did the things she did because she was alone, she was needing, and nobody was there for her... also she was a little psycho and with the crazy... but basically she was a kid, alone. I was never alone. I had friends that loved me, I had Tara, and that should've been enough. When I think about how close I came to the edge, I think about Faith, and I think that maybe we should have been there and stopped her from going over the edge. As I said though... we were kids.

She's so different now. There's an air of something about her... I wanna call it confidence, but that isn't quite right. It's like she fits in her skin. She's not all about the leather and brassy lip sticks anymore, there's more to her. I'm not for a minute assuming that she has changed into some big ball of touchy feely happiness... that would be scary, can you imagine Faith initiating a caring, sharing circle where we all discuss our `feelings'? She would make us link hands, and there would be singing and dancing... maybe naked dancing seeing as it is Faith, and she would pass around the pastries she had baked and we would all share the love?? Definitely scary imagery. But I'm looking at her and I can see the changes.

She keeps looking at the door. When she isn't looking at the door she's straining to see the stairs. Wonder who she is looking for? As if we don't all know. I tried to tell her that maybe Buffy isn't totally happy with the idea that she is here... not that Buffy has said anything... well she got big saucer eyes when I said Faith was coming... but she didn't say anything as such...and well I just don't wanna see bad things happen again. Not saying that Buffy made bad things happen last time, no, but I, well... I want everyone to be happy. I look at Faith and wonder if she is happy? Checking out Kennedy seems to be keeping her quite jovial. Kennedy and Faith... oh naughty thoughts... don't go there. But well, that would be an interesting match. Both dark, both beautiful, both loud and in your face... it has possibilities.

I wonder if she is still in love with Buffy. She never said that she loved her, but I know, we all know. I think even Buffy knows. When I first fell in love with Tara, and everything just clicked, and I knew that we were meant to be together... well then I used to get these feelings... feelings like maybe Faith and Buffy were meant to be together, that they were supposed to click.

Now? Now I don't know anymore.

Buffy has changed to. She isn't happy. Everyday when I look at her I catch the emptiness behind her eyes, like someone put the light out and now she can't find the switch to put it back on. Don't get me wrong... she laughs, she cries, she plays, but there is just something different. That whole deal with Spike last year... I never got that. I think she is looking for something and she doesn't know what...

"Hey baby, what ya thinking about?"

...maybe Faith being around will give her the time to work things out. I don't think that Faith will be able to build many bridges there though... Buffy can be stubborn and...

"AAAarrrgghhhhhhh!" I scream as I feel Tara's fingers slip between my ribs and prod gently.

"What the fu... I mean what was that about?" I catch myself from cursing so as not to damage the ears of the younger potentials.

"Well Red, your honey here has been trying to grab your attention for at least... what do you say girls?... five minutes?" The girls in the room all look at me nodding, and Tara... well Tara just looks amazing.

"I was thinking... strategizing... making plans to derail evil at every turn, cos you know that's what I do... I stop erm... evil." I rush out my explanation, after all, I can hardly say I was sitting thinking about Buffy and Faith... or Faith and Kennedy... so yes, I'm an evil stopper.

Tara leans in behind me and plants a soft kiss behind my ear. I feel the fire coursing all through my veins. Goddess I love this woman.

"So willow... what do you say to going dancing tonight? Take the girls out, welcome home Faith..." she leans in extra close for the next bit

"...get all hot and sweaty and then, well then we can come home and..."

"Hey enough with the whispering already... I learnt better manners in the women's pen, and let me tell ya, those girls... not big with manners"

I wanna smack Faith for interrupting Tara's whispered seduction, but she is still a slayer so I'm guessing a bit stronger then me. Instead I wiggle my eyebrows in an attempted imitation of the lady herself and tell her we were discussing spells. Ha!

So the Bronze it shall be then. I guess I should go tell Buffy, am sure she will be oh so excited. I look at Faith watching me as I leave the room, I feel her eyes on me as I ascend the stairs, and I can almost feel her straining to watch me all the way to Buffy's room. I think that maybe in there somewhere, Faith still has it pretty bad for Buffy.

Should be a fun reunion. Hmmmm.


Pov third person... just to mix it up like.

The Bronze was steaming. Every nook and cranny was filled with bodies. Some of the bodies were writhing, doused in sweat. Some of the bodies were posing, looking for a hook up. Some of the bodies were performing almost comedic movements, jerking and swaying. All of the bodies would have said they were dancing. Faith looked around and decided that these people had no idea what dancing was.

She cut a swathe through the crowd, looking neither left nor right. No care who was around her. She knew who wasn't around her, she couldn't feel her. The scoobs and the potentials were out in force, woe betide any vamps looking for some `sucky-sucky' action tonight. They would certainly be getting more then they bargained for. She sank the last of the beer from the bottle she was holding and launched it into the nearest trash bin.

"Three points for the slayer" she congratulated herself. Faith was starting to buzz, the alcohol was coursing pleasantly through her veins, and the music was tingling along each of her nerve endings. She hadn't slain this evening, first night off and all that, and therefore was aching for a release of some kind.

"Holy Shit!"

Willow jerked her head up at the sound of Tara's outburst.

"What is it sweety? A vampire?" She cast her glance around looking for the source of her girls trouble. All she could see was Kennedy with her mouth hanging down to her chest. `Was that drool also? Were potentials supposed to drool at the sight of a vamp?' she shook her head clear of her crazy thoughts and looked back to Tara. She noticed that her mouth was slightly open also.


Tara looked up almost in shock.

"You said she was sexy Willow... but my goddess..."

Willow looked in the direction of everyone's eyes and there was the cause of disturbance. Faith. She looked like every pent up desire ever experienced in the world all let loose and uncorked on the dance floor. To an onlooker it would almost seem that she wasn't dancing to the music, but rather the music was following her lead. Her head was thrown back, like a lover at the moment of release, her hands twisted in her hair, eyes squeezed tightly shut. There wasn't concentration etched on her face though, no way, this girl didn't need to think about her next move, it was all just a feeling. Lots of people were trying to approach her, none of them stood a chance. It wasn't that she felt above them, it was simply that she wasn't aware of them. Her mind was focused, it was just all about the dancing. Living.

Willow laughed as she looked back at the table of admirers.

"hey guys, really that's nothing... she's barely letting go... just warming up I'd say, what do you think Xander?" She waited for his reply, but soon realised that by the look on his face, she wasn't gonna get anything real soon.

"Hey guys? Anyone...?"

Tara pulled her eyes away from the naked force that was the dancing slayer, `whoa that is hot', was her silent thought. She turned her full attention back to her girl friend, `and that is even hotter'.

"I'm here baby, just checking out the show."

"She does have a certain... something? doesn't she?"

Tara nodded her definite agreement. `Oh yeah' she thought, `she's got something'.

Buffy shook the last of the dust out of her hair and headed for the Bronze, `why the hair? Always the hair... do these vamps not know how much I hate the dust in hair thing?... maybe I could get a little pocket vacuum cleaner for the hair... suck it right off... huh?... eww that just sounded wrong... so the Bronze... yep, here we are.' She walked straight to the front of the queue and was waved inside, maybe there was some perks to this continual saving the world gig... no queuing at local vamp hunting grounds. `Yay!' she thought to herself.

It was packed. The humidity in the air was almost choking, the darkness making it a totally overpowering atmosphere. Bodies were everywhere, all moving to the beat from the speakers. `whoa it's kicking in here tonight'. She was trying to decide between hunting her friends down or heading for the bar. Then she felt her. It wasn't like the normal `Faith' feeling she got It was more. So much more. It took her breath, rendered her speechless, every hair on every part of her body was buzzing from the feeling. And then she looked up.

"Oh my god..." she could see her through the mass of bodies. She was lost in the ecstasy of the dance, completely given over to the music... one would say she had surrendered herself to it... and she looked... god she looked beautiful.


Buffy was reminded of her earlier thoughts on magnets. She felt the over whelming urge to flee, to run, to put as much distance between herself and this... this woman, as possible. She also felt the over whelming urge to rush to her side, to join her in the quest to lose herself, to be one with the music... to surrender. She felt torn...

Faith threw herself further and further into a frenzy, pushing her body to it's limit. She owned the dance floor, hell, she owned everyone on it as well. She was bumping and grinding, really ripping it up... then she felt it go through her.

"Oh my god..." A shiver made the perfect journey from the tips of her toes, all the way up her body, settled on her neck for the briefest of whispers, and then slid slowly back down again. It was the closest thing to a caress she had ever felt.

"...Buffy..." She looked up and their eyes met. They didn't have to search. They just knew. She didn't know what to do, she wouldn't hide... she knew that. Too long had she hidden who she was, that was no longer an option. But should she seek her out? Go to her? Ignore her? She felt torn...

"Hey you... can a girl get a dance?"

The dark slayer shook her head, cleared her thoughts. It was Kennedy, the pretender to the throne.

"Why not... I guess it's time I saw what ya got..." she let her gaze wander the length of the girls body, she placed her hands on her hips and pulled her close, whispering in her ear

"...maybe check out your moves."

Kennedy was equal to the challenge in the older girls eyes, she had never been shy and she had always gotten what she wanted. Now she wanted Faith.

"Oh I think we'll be moving very well together..." she slid a leg between the thighs of the slayer, applying pressure in all the right places, finding the rhythm of the music to move to

"... very. Fucking. Well."

The need for release was still strong in Faith, and she could sure as hell think of a lot worse places to find release. Gathering Kennedy tighter to her body, she decided to show her just how to dance her kind of dance. In her mind it was like conducting an orchestra, aware of every body part, moving everything just so, getting the required friction, creating a wave of desire for her, from her. It was hard and fast, soft and sensual... it was bliss.

Kennedy was lost in the enigma that was Faith. If this was how she danced, she couldn't wait to see how she fucked. `oh yeah Ken, you've picked a winner here my girl'.

If you had been stood above watching the events unfold you would maybe have described them as magnets. Seemingly they were drawn to each other without even being aware of it. As the minutes ticked by and the songs played on, they inched closer and closer to their goal, what started as the width of the dance floor became a few metres, this became but a couple of feet, and this became barely a question of centimetres. Their backs collided first. One put their arm out as if to steady whom ever they had backed into, the other was seemingly too lost in the dance to care. Then the arm reached a shoulder and contact was truly made. They jumped apart and spun round in an elegant movement, still keeping the music flowing through them. Both pair of eyes shone with something... for just a second... probably less.


"Faith." The silence between them became louder than the music, and they seemed to freeze on the floor, oblivious of surroundings.

"So... how have you been?"

Faith takes a moment of contemplation, `how have I been?' now there's a question.

"Incarcerated... you?"


"Uh-huh. And now?"


"That working out for ya?" she couldn't resist a little teasing, and plus... hello? She was talking to Buffy. The conversation wasn't exactly flowing, but then neither was any blood so she must be doing okay.

Buffy couldn't stop the emptiness from passing across her eyes, after all, the emptiness spent quite alot of time there nowadays.

"It's ok... I mean yeah, it's good... great, I mean great... chipper!... I'm alive and well, and it's... chipper!" Buffy stopped herself there. `Chipper? What the fuck kind of word is chipper? I cant believe I said I was chipper.'

Faith couldn't believe her ears. Chipper? She was wondering when B turned into such a spaz. As the front of her mind was left wondering on this, the back of her mind was registering the emptiness in Buffy, the smile that wasn't reaching the eyes, the slightly lank hair... oh wait, nope... vamp dust, not lankness...the all in all un- buffyness of Buffy. `Is B reacting to me or is this what she is now?' From the way she had felt earlier, the shiver, the tingle, the Mmmmm's... well she felt that B was still more then connected to her... but looking at her now... she didn't look too connected to anything... but the feeling was still there. `Shit this stuff's confusing.'

"Well it's good to hear you're... chipper? Uh... you wanna, I dunno... get a drink?"

Buffy shook her head no,

"not drinking tonight... work tomorrow... just gonna dance."

And with that she was gone, shaking and moving her ass across the floor, as accomplished a dancer as Faith, but with none of the release and surrender, almost with out the joy.

If you had been stood above them watching, you would have noticed how they never got close again, yet their movements complemented each others perfectly. Had you had placed them side by side they would have looked like lovers, so mirrored was their every move, so in time with each other. Even to observe them apart like this, you would have felt their power, noticed how it seemed to reach out like a solid form and bind them together. You would almost have to wonder how they could ever bare to be apart.


Faith's Pov

I seem to find myself in bed with a very hot yet very sleeping potential slayer. I just love how I get myself into these situations. I look down at the sleeping body beside me and decide I really, really love these situations. Kennedy had been fun. After my `conversation' with B, I had returned to my `dance' with Ken. I was so hot, she was so hot, it was obvious where it would end.

I pulled her through the door to the bedroom, never once breaking contact with our tongues. I slammed the door shut with the force of our bodies, mine against hers, pushing, pulling, needing, wanting. I was aching for release. I trailed my mouth down her neck, tasting her sweat, her desire. I rip her shirt without even realising, I want to possess her... now. I have no time for niceties... this is my game and I'm in charge. Her breasts I take prisoner in my mouth, so quickly I alternate between the two, that I'm sure that she isn't aware exactly where I am at any given time. I let out a primal growl as I rip the jeans straight off her ass, pretty little thong included. This girl is gonna know how it feels to be fucked by a slayer. I'm almost envious.

The slayer picked the potential up and almost threw her on the bed, barely taking the time to remove the remaining remnants of clothing from her body, letting out a hiss of approval when her prize was finally naked.

"Tell me what you want Ken... tell me."

The younger girl looked up at the raging force above her, she needed her now, her body was crying out to taken by her, fucked by her.

"I... I want you to fuck me... I want you..."

That was all the invitation necessary and the slayer proceeded to attack the woman beneath her. She parted her legs and pushed two fingers straight inside Kennedy's wet centre, she loved the sound of the younger girls gasp of astonishment, the way her breath was hitching in her throat, the moans that grew with each thrust of her hand, this was her favourite kind of music, and this was her favourite kind of dance.

Her mouth sought out the girls straining nipples and she sucked with the same rhythm that she fucked. It was hard, and it was fast. Of course she couldn't let rip completely... she never could, often she laughed to herself when she considered what it would do to someone if she really let go... she didn't fancy their chances with living much past it... so she always had to keep control. She didn't mind though, she still loved it.

Faith curled her fingers to stroke the sweet spot that she knew existed. She had never failed to find any girls sweet spot, hell she had never failed to find any mans either. If she hadn't been made for slaying, her second guess would have been to insist that she was made for fucking. She knew she was a talented girl.

Kennedy bucked and squirmed beneath Faith as her orgasm hit her with the force of an eighteen wheeler, she could feel the older girls fingers buried so deep within her, as if they inhabited every spare inch , pulling every drop of essence out of her. It was unlike anything she had felt before, and she had experienced many good times before this. This was crazily intense though, never had she felt so possessed by anyone, it was as if Faith knew exactly how to make her cum, and in the shortest time possible. As she fought to recover from her hectic release, she felt Faith's mouth begin its descent down her body, across her navel... barely there touches of tongue on skin, the faintest trail of saliva, burning a path towards her pulsating clit. She didn't know if she could take this yet... her mind was... well her mind was on vacation. Before she had the time to consider the whereabouts of her mind, she felt a tongue wrap tight around her clit, sucking... more then sucking... `oh god what is she doing?'... `oh god... '

"Faith... oh god... Yes... fuck..."

Her body almost entirely left the bed with the force of feelings that flew through her as Faiths tongue entered her hole, her fingers taking the place of her mouth on her clit, not giving the younger girl a minute to consider anything she was feeling.

"Oh please... yes... that's it... there...Fuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk!!... yes..."

And that was the girls last thought as her body crashed from the overload that was Faith, and her mind took the option of again leaving all sense of awareness. Kennedy passed out.

Faith chuckled to herself as she remembered the events of the night. Kennedy wasn't the first girl that had passed out before returning the favour, she was sure she wouldn't be the last. She chided herself for not remembering to go first... she always told herself to remember... but could never quite hold off... she liked possessing. Being possessed was inconsequential.

Faith's Pov

I guess I should make a move, go find some sofa space. Kennedy was fun, but ya know how it is. Well I know how it is, and she knows how it is, I made sure of that right early on. Fucking is fucking... that's all it is, and that's all I need. Well it's definitely all I want. I gather my clothes, kinda get dressed, and leave the room. I should feel bad for making all the girls sleep downstairs... yeah right, that's likely. I feel bad about lots of things I've done in my time... this is so not one of them. I get the urge to whistle a tune as I creep down the passage. I think the rest of the house wouldn't be appreciative, I laugh at the thought though... quietly.

Outside B's room I stop. I don't know why I stop. I slowly push open the door, my eyes perfect for seeing through the dark. I edge my way in, I feel like something is pulling me. She really is beautiful. Don't get me wrong... she's damn hot, and sexy and oh so fuckable... but more then that. Beautiful. I feel my hand reach out to her, ever so slowly I caress a wisp of hair away from her face, tuck it beside her ear. This one stolen moment. It becomes the most important moment of my life. I hate that I desire her so intensely... but then she is intensely desirable. I slowly back out of the room, holding my breath so as not to disturb her.

Buffy's Pov

I heard them fucking. I wasn't surprised, I had seen them dancing, and I know Faith, I know the look of desire she gets in her eyes when she wants something. It's a look I used to know well. I saw that look tonight... just for a second as our eyes met. It was the reason I stayed and spoke, I was going to run, big, brave Buffy Summers. I couldn't run from that look though... I am very adept at choosing to ignore it... but I can't run from it... not anymore.

I heard as Kennedy cried out her name. I never heard Faith cry out her name. I find that Oddly pleasing.

I heard as she left the room. I froze when I heard her enter mine.

I concentrated so hard to keep my breathing even, I'm asleep, I'm asleep. Then she touched me. Just my hair... and my breath caught for just a second... did she notice? ... no, she's standing up, backing away... leaving.

As I feel her leaving I open my eyes. I didn't mean to. I'm sleeping... remember? She is staring straight back at me... she looks like a deer caught in headlights. I want so bad to make a witty comment... mock her for being a peeping tom, maybe rib her lack of stealth... Instead I smile at her.

"Night Faith."

And then across her face I see it... a smile to rival any I've ever seen. It's like she almost glows with the radiance. For a moment I think she may come back in. for a moment I think I might let her. I see in her face as she decides to leave. Resolve and regret.

"Night B... Buffy."

The last word is whispered, a caress across my ears.

As she leaves my room, she enters my heart.

Willow's Pov

I'm awake early. I don't know how I'm awake early, what with the dancing and the light yet pleasant drinking... oh... and the full on Faith fest we were audibly treated to last night. I bet Kennedy isn't awake early this morning.

I think I'm gonna get myself up and make the breakfast... pancakes... or waffles... no, no definitely pancakes... Tara likes my pancakes... I roll my head to glance across at the woman who owns my heart. I own her heart as well... yeah... I'm gonna go make her pancakes. She is so absolutely gorgeous. She still takes my breath away.

As I head down the stairs I can hear someone else already up and about. That's strange... the potentials never... and by that I mean NEVER... get up early, you would think that being as how they all slept on sofas and chairs and make shift beds, they would be quicker to rise and shine. Ha! Some chance.

It's Faith of course.

"Morning Red... nice to meet another early riser."

She's drinking her coffee, leant across the counter, hair hanging in mussed contentment around her face. She looks pretty good for an early bird.

"Hey Faith... I uh... I'm surprised to see you all perky and up and about... I didn't think Kennedy would be throwing you out so soon after that display..."

She throws her head back and lets out a full on belly laugh... I don't think I ever heard Faith make that sound before.

"Red, Red, Red... I have never... and I repeat, never, been thrown out of bed... you are joking yeah?... cos I gotta tell ya girl... mad skills over here..."

She tops her statement with her typical lewd wink, and I think to myself that yeah, I bet she does have some pretty mad skills.

"So what ya doing up so early if it wasn't through being thrown?"

"Sofa was crowded... some one kept digging me, also... what with the recent prison accommodations... I'm used to rising early. And the peace of course... I like the peace."

So she had slept on the sofa and through her own choice. I wasn't really surprised. Faith had never been one to hang around for the morning niceties. There was a time when I probably would have found myself judging her for her promiscuity... her sex for sex sake attitude. Nowadays I wouldn't dream of it. I wonder at what it is that keeps her from enjoying the simple pleasure that can be found in waking in the arms of a warm embrace. And morning sex of course... that's gotta be worth hanging about for? But I don't know... and so I don't judge. Everyone is allowed to have some pleasure.

"Gonna leave ya to it Red... find myself a spot in the garden... loosen up my muscles... keep this prime form in prime shape."

She runs her hands the length of her body and I can't help but follow her hands with my eyes. I would say she was definitely in prime shape. I swallow my comment and instead wish her good morning and get to making the pancakes.

And then I am struck by a vision. Not the Cordelia kind... oh no... just the `oh look there's Buffy, and my god she's smiling... and my god... it reaches her eyes... and... and she's smiling?' Not that Buffy doesn't smile anymore... it just, well it never quite makes it to the eyes. Her eyes are shining though.

"Morning Will." she sing songs to me.

"Hey Buffy... some ones all overly perky this morning... did I miss something?" I hope I didn't miss anything. I run through my mental calendar of important dates, nope... no birthdays today. Relief.

"Nope... no missing happening. I just... I dunno Will...I guess I just feel happy." and she smiles again, and again it travels to her eyes. I wonder what has gotten her smiling like that. You would almost assume that she was the lucky lady on the end of the Faith fest last night. Then it occurs to me.

"It's Faith isn't it?"

She looks bemused, glancing around her to see what's Faith.

"Faith what Will?"

"Her here... you're happy. Two add two makes four. That's it isn't it? You're happy she is home!" I cant stop my voice from hiding it's excitement... I know I'm right, I just know it.

"Willow... we haven't even spoken... well except for that tiny time at the Bronze... and then in my room last night, but that was really brief and not really conversational ya know?"

In her room? What the hell...?

"In your room Buff? You uh... in your room?"

Her eyes seem to be focused else where... perhaps in a memory?... and she has to shake her head to bring herself back to me.

"Not like that Will... god, I mean... come on... Faith?"

She manages to dampen my suspicion, after all I remember Kennedy's fervent screaming... I doubt Buffy would go there after that. Well straight after that... not saying she would never go there cos Kennedy had... just not five minutes after.

As I set about making pancakes for my honey, I watch Buffy go across to the back door. She's watching something... very intently watching. I glance up and through the window I can see Faith going through some kind of work out. Very peaceful, very serene. If I hadn't realised she was a woman of beauty before, I would see it now. She looks amazing. I watch Buffy watching Faith... she has a ghost of a smile playing across her lips. She probably doesn't even realise it's there.

"Hey Buff... why don't you go join her... I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"Huh?... no Will, just watching. Besides, as I said... not even conversed yet." She rolls her eyes at this, as if she wishes that conversation had already been and gone. I feel for her. She must know that it could be a very hard discussion. Especially if she asks Faith why everything happened, digs for explanations. I don't know if she is ready to understand the why's. Although looking across at her now, looking out the window at Faith... I would say she's coming to terms with the want.

"Can ya watch my pancakes why I go and wake Tara?" I ask sweetly. I wonder if she'll be able to wrench her eyes away.

"No probs Will... give her a kiss from me." she winks at me mischievously.

`No chance Buffy', I think to myself as I go to leave the room. Just Willow kisses for my Tara.

"Oh and Willow..."

She calls my attention back, and I turn round to see her still Faith gazing, should I worry about the state my pancakes will be in?

"... I am happy."

I watch as that light reaches right up to her eyes again.

"I'm happy that she is home."

I smile straight back at her. I am glad that this has all gone so smoothly, cos ya know... I was worried... I imagined fights... and blood... and shouting... and well I didn't imagine that Buffy would be so happy.

As I head out the room again I know... I just know I'm gonna be making fresh pancakes.

Kennedy's Pov

Two weeks. That's how long she has been here. I had heard of her before... The Slayer that was lured to the dark side. The idea of her had excited me... this force that refused to be bound. I also knew of course the story of her battle for redemption... in my head I had romanticised it... she put me straight.

`There is nothing at all romantic about a couple of butch guards forcing their fingers up your ass, searching for contraband.'

Put that way, I see she has a point.

Since she has been here, she has 'had' me many times. I can't refuse her desire, and I have no wish to. She is unlike anyone I have ever been with before. It is always so intense. Her touch so deep. Her hunger is insatiable. You can see it come over her sometimes. She'll be fine... just sitting there, and slowly you can see her eyes start to dart around the room, it looks like boredom if you don't know what you're looking for. Then she fidgets... her fingers can't keep still... tapping, clicking... moving. Then she just pushes herself up, regardless of anything occurring around her, and looks for something to beat the shit out of. Punch bag... friendly spar partner potentials... anything to get release. The sparring never gives her what she wants though. When she is like that, only fucking can give her what she needs... even then I think she is left wanting. I wonder at what it is she's wanting. I know that I give her release... but I know it's not enough... I can feel it's not enough. Could anyone ever be enough for her?

She never calls my name... when I'm inside her... when I'm tasting her. When she cums she is silent. It seems strange that one so loud, enthused with so much life, can keep quiet at such a time. Her eyes clamp shut, and concentration is etched upon her face... it's like she fights to keep it inside.

She never stays. No matter the time... it could be twenty minutes till heads up... but she never stays. Sometimes I wish she would... but that's more about me then her. I yearn for the warmth of early morning cuddles, but don't get me wrong... I'm not yearning for her. I feel something for her. I do love her... it would be impossible not to. i am not IN love with her. Of course I have absolute lust for her... again it would be impossible not to. She told me at the beginning... the very beginning... right after her brief chat with Buffy... when she returned to our dance... `ya know Ken... I don't do love. If you're looking for love I don't wanna know... if ya looking for the fuck of your life... well then girl... lets dance.' I am not the kinda girl who falls in love with the unattainable. But I am the kinda girl that likes to dance. She wasn't lying about the `fuck of my life' either.

I'm watching her now sparring with some of the girls. Everyone loves to spar with her... it's so much more joyful then with the other one, so much more energy, she makes it fun. Even as she whups your ass, you're laughing. Buffy probably doesn't approve, probably thinks that there should be no joy, who's got time to live, when death could be just around the corner. She pisses me off. I know her story too of course, I `understand' that she's had her share of knocks and all... but come on... lighten the hell up why don't ya. She makes the girls nervous... never sure if they're gonna get an approving nod... or that stupid dumb ass frown of hers. I tell ya... if I ever get slayer strength whilst she's still about... she's gonna get a whole new meaning of `turning the frown upside down'. I made the mistake of calling her `B' the other day. You would've thought I'd just called her dead mother a whore. Talk about an over reaction. It's just being around Faith so much... that's what she calls her... I didn't know it was an exclusive kinda deal. If Faith didn't have this `thing' for Buffy, well I'd probably call her it more, just to rile her.

I don't know the deal with Faith and Buffy. Faith won't talk about her, even if we're all hanging with the potentials, generally bitching... she never joins in. I don't get it. Sure Buffy is hot... that's a given... but come on... what could she possibly see there? Maybe I'm wrong and it's not like that. Maybe she just has some kind of deep respect for her. I wouldn't know, Faith never talks about her.

I don't think they talk to each other much either. In the whole time she has been here I don't think they have ever been alone in a room for any time at all. Sure they talk around people. Stuff about the slaying... about the big end of world badness that wants our asses... but nothing more. They look at each other though, everybody sees them. It's almost comical how they manage never to catch each other out, yet we all catch them constantly. It's like they know when to stop looking at just the right moment. It's freaky.

I have wondered if Buffy is in love with Faith. I don't envy her if she is. Faith isn't looking for love. She really isn't. I'm not sure if Buffy is down with the girl on girl goodness either, I've heard she does vamps, and something about soldiers... but I havent heard any whispers of illicitness with girls... maybe that's why she's so uptight!

Sometimes I think she looks at me with jealousy when I'm fooling with Faith. It's not like we have a touchy feely thing going on... but ya know? We fuck! Of course we have some kind of chemistry. And when we leave the room after sparring... or head upstairs after dancing... then I think I catch a gleam of it in her eyes. Could be I'm wrong... I have a feeling I'm right though. I wish Faith would tell me the story. She says it's a story she won't tell.

Part of me hopes she is jealous. As I said... she pisses me off. Would be fun to take her down a notch or two.

Faiths finishing up with the potentials now, they all look knackered, except for faith. She looks like she is buzzing. I'm all set to go to her when I notice Buffy coming through the door to the garden, her eyes are totally focused on Faith... I see her gaze travel the length of her body, pausing on the bare flesh... I bet with her slayer vision she can make out individual drops of sweat... I wonder if she can smell her aswell. Forget what I was thinking before. The bit where I questioned if Buffy wants Faith, if she loves her. I have never seen anything like the tortured longing in that girls gaze. I jump up from my sitting position and head for my prize. I run my fingers over the naked flesh that Buffy is gazing at, I lean forward and snake my tongue across her neck. Faith is always hot after sparring... and I lead her up to the shower.

As we passed Buffy in the door, I felt the electricity crackling between them... do they not feel it? I definitely saw the flash of jealousy pass through Buffy's eyes as I led Faith away. That made me feel something. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

God I can be a real bitch sometimes.

Buffy's Pov

It's nearly three weeks now since Faith arrived. Nineteen days to be precise. Nineteen days ago I didn't care about anything. Now I care about everything. Now I think I can understand why my life has been so screwy for the past three years, I have missed her. Not noticeably. Not in a way where I have pined for her. It's deeper then that. I think that she was made for me.

I still haven't spoken to her. It's driving me crazy. I want to... more then anything I want to speak to her. To laugh with her. She laughs so much... all the time... doesn't matter what she is doing... I guess she remembers how to `find the fun'. I want to tell her... no wait... I `need' to tell her everything. Everything she missed... I want to fill in every minute that she wasn't here. I know she will understand... she's the only one that ever could. But then I'm scared. We did it all so wrong before... and it was all so bad... I'm just scared it could all go like that again. I just want us to be friends.

I want to spar with her. I watch her sparring with the potentials... she is so good. I watch her holding back... I know the frustration of holding back. We never had to hold back against each other. The knife I gave her in the guts is proof of that. Maybe we should have held back. I know I should have. It's thoughts like that which make me scared.

So much I want to slay with her. The Olympic team back in action. I guess we could call it a comeback tour... we could get cute little T'shirts printed... hers in black... mine in white... and we could charge money... oh, and have funky names like in the wrestling Dawn watches... hmmm what would our names be?...

"Hey Blondie... you out all alone?"

... Blondie? Oh god no... how eewww! Wait... who?...

"Maybe you need me to walk you home?"

Oh god. This vamp is so lame. I wouldn't go anywhere with him alive... let alone dead and smelling of decay. I make quick work of him. He called me Blondie!

Slaying with Faith was always fun. Even if I tried my damn hardest to make it un-fun... which if my memory serves me correctly I did an awful lot. It wasn't that I didn't wanna cut loose with her... I so did. I just felt so darn responsible all the time. She was so wild and I just assumed I had to be tame. Now I look back and wish I had let go a little... I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to now. We always split up now for slaying, we didn't even discuss it... but then we haven't discussed anything. I want to slay with her. Maybe I'll suggest it. Be brave. Ha!

I want to be her friend. That's what it all comes down to I think. I need to be connected to her. I need to know her... I want to know her. I feel her watching me sometimes... in the breaks between me watching her. I wonder what she is thinking. Does she want to know me? My mind doesn't think much past friends.

My body cant get enough of her. It's constantly being pulled to her... whenever we are in the same room I have to forcibly fight the urge to be next to her... to go to her. I think she feels this too. At night she goes to Kennedy. Not every night... but a lot of nights. She never stays with Kennedy. She always stops outside my room... even the nights she isn't with Kennedy, I can feel her presence outside of my room. Sometimes she comes in... sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes I pretend to sleep... sometimes I don't. We never speak though of course. We whisper goodnight. My mind doesn't think much past friends... but my body does.

Kennedy pisses me off. I know she shouldn't but she does. I don't know if I'm jealous... I just know I don't like the girl much. She watches me too. She watches me watching Faith... and she revels in it. She knows. I don't know how... but she knows my body wants Faith. I see her touching faith all the time when I'm around... leading her away for their little sex sessions... she watches me watch them leave... she always flashes me an extra big smile. I'd love to sort that smile out for her. Wouldn't be good for morale though would it? It seems she is head of our happy band of potentials... mustn't bitch slap their `leader'... no.

I'm home now. Slaying was the dullest tonight. Just the one goon with the Blondie comment. Not everyone is here . Giles has sorted out a place to live... and well we sent off some of the happy campers with him. They're not far away... just far enough away not to have to share our bathroom! Faith and Kennedy are in the kitchen. What's the betting that `little miss pisses me off' will be all over Faith as soon as she notices me? Oh look... there she goes. Pathetic. God I wanna hit her.

"Hey B... fun with the slayage tonight?"

Mmmm she looks good.

"Nope... Nada... just the one... gave me a crappy wrestling name... dusted him quick... that's all."

I wonder why she is looking at me oddly? Do I have vamp dust in my hair again?

"Wrestling B? never figured you for the WWF... we could practice some moves if ya up for it... I used to love WWF... Ultimate Warrior... that was me."

What is she talking about?

"Who?... what?"

"You said wrestling... yeah?"

I must be missing something... I never was a big pro wrestling fan... I shall explain I think.

"No... I didn't mean wrestling... I was thinking Olympic slayage team stuff... T'shirts... names... you get?"

I saw the smile cross her face... it was one of her big ones. I hope she was smiling because she remembered. Even if she didn't remember... well it's pretty obvious who would be on an Olympic slayage team... there's only two chosen after all. No outsiders allowed.

"So what was the name B?... was it something hot and sexy?"

She wiggled her eyebrows at me. Oh my god. How can I make her do that again? I had forgotten just how undeniably sexy and yet cute that was.



"The name B... the name?"

I am so not gonna tell her that the vamp named me Blondie. No way no how... shall just have to think of something different... something to make her eyebrow wiggle some more... something like...

"Look as fun as this is guys... well I think that I wanna leave for some after hours fun upstairs... what do ya say Faith?"


Not my name. Her.

I am not gonna go down to this bitch. I'm never gonna get friendship going with Faith, if this little lap dog doesn't go play somewhere else. I decide to take a chance. I'm really scared... but at this point I'm more scared of not taking the chance.

"Actually... I was gonna... askFaithifshewantedtospar?" wow I got that out quick... wonder if she noticed?

"You wanna spar now... after slaying?... at eleven thirty, you wanna spar?"

Oooh Kennedy doesn't want Faith to spar.

"Yeah well like I said slaying was a bust... and ya know... lots of energy pent up... and I can really let go with Faith..."

"I'm in."



Me and Kennedy both ask at the same time. Seems like Faith wants to spar.

"I'll see ya in the morning Ken... I'm gonna show Blondie here how to fight"

She called me Blondie! Arrghhh! Oh wait she did the eyebrow again. Even i can forgive the name for the eyebrow!

"Yeah night Ken." I smile at her oh so sweetly. She looks mighty pissed. With a quick glance at Faith, she is out of the door. Bout time too.

"So B..."

"Yes Faith?"

"...You ready to cut loose?"

I can see the excitement dancing in her eyes... her body coiled like a spring... am I ready to cut loose... the memory of the words isn't lost on me, as I'm sure it isn't lost on her... maybe this is about more then sparring... maybe this is about everything.

I get up and head for the Basement, throwing her a look as I go..."Try me."

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