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by Frass


Author's Notes: I've been told the last story (A Star in Porn) ended abruptly. I hope you like where I go with the continuation. Also, if you notice parts of this chapter are very similar to the last chapter of the other story, that's because it's redone. :)
Disclaimer: Who Cares? So What?!
Oral's Notes: All Song Credits will be added HERE as the story progresses. Also, GREAT BANNER, Dan!!

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Chapter One - Coming Together Again

Faith heard movement on the floor above, Vi heard it too because she lifted her head.

"You hear that, girl?"

Vi started to get up and Faith put her hand on her back, "No baby, you stay here, I got this one."

She got up out of the bed and made her way upstairs.

Of all the things she had faced in her life, they seemed to all be rehearsals for this moment and she knew she had better play this right.

When she reached the first floor she noticed the front door was open and someone was standing in front of it.

"Buffy," She whispered.

Buffy didn't turn around.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Me neither."

Faith tenuously walked up to where she was standing. She looked like an angel, framed by the light from the moon glinting off of the snow.

"I have so much to say to you, Faith."

Faith didn't say anything, she just walked up behind Buffy and hugged her back into her.

Buffy's heart swelled, and she closed her eyes.

"I know," Faith whispered into her ear. "But right now why don't you close the door, it's fuckin' freezin'."

"I was hot."

Faith shut the door and turned Buffy around to her.

"Still are," She said with a smirk.


Faith cut off what Buffy was about to say with a searing, and much needed kiss.

When it got too hot for them, they broke momentarily.

"B, I know we should really talk…"

"Faith, I've…I wanted…I don't know…"

Faith picked up Buffy and headed towards the stairs. Buffy held her tightly around the neck and looked at her with almost an unbelieving stare, like the moment wasn't real.  

That could be because she had had moments like this, in her dreams, almost every night since she left Faith clutching her balls on the floor of her apartment.

If this was a dream she didn't want to wake up from it, at least until it became reality.

When Faith laid her on the bed, she suddenly felt very shy, like she didn't know what to do or say. She took her mind off what was going to happen next, by turning her attention to the beautiful, ginger-colored, golden retriever that was currently lounging on Faith's bed.

"Girl!" Faith exclaimed. "Get off the bed!" She then lowered her voice. "You're ruinin' my mojo."

Vi used the sympathetic angle and appealed to the motherly instinct she sensed in Buffy. First she pawed at her hand gently and "shook" it. Then she rolled over and waited for belly scratches.

Buffy couldn't help but instantly fall in love with the dog. Much like she had done with Faith.

"What's her name?" She said while scratching the dog's stomach.

"Vi", Faith said.


"Yeah, as in Violet."

Buffy smiled at the dog, "Any particular reason?"

Faith shrugged slightly, she was standing a little impatiently at the foot of the bed, "I like Violets."

Buffy smiled at Violet and went to town with her scratches. She didn't quite know why, but the name Faith chose for her dog really pleased her.

"Okay, girl, you've had enough scratches for the night." Faith said finally, she knew Vi's game. The dog was hoping to stay in the bed, even though she knew Faith had someone over, because when she had someone over, she was supposed to sleep on the floor.

Faith didn't often have people over. Especially since she was spending more and more time on the mountain, but occasionally she had some hot young thing who had seen her in a movie, want to go home with her and show her how deep throating was done. And even though they might have had blonde hair, they never lasted more than a night, because they were the wrong blonde.

Back on the bed, Vi ignored Faith's command so she had to resort to getting Buffy's attention to make her want to stop and kick the dog out of the bed. First, she went and sat down behind her on the bed. Buffy's heart rate increased, and she closed her eyes, just basking in the presence of Faith.

She let out a sigh as she felt Faith's warm hand on her upper back right below the base of her neck. She moaned slightly when Faith started to massage the area.

"This okay?"

"It's more than okay, it's wonderful."

Faith smiled and her strokes grew more confident and as the muscles warmed to her touch she deepened the massage.

Buffy moaned louder now, and Vi's ears perked up. She knew instinctively that her time on the bed was running out.

When the scratches on her belly diminished and then altogether stopped, Vi got up and jumped off the bed. She went and stood on the side next to Faith, looking straight ahead at some imaginary point on the wall, but occasionally giving sideways glances to her master.

"Damn, B, your shoulders are like bricks," She said, kneading them with her feminine, strong, capable hands. "You wanna lie down and I'll give you a proper massage?"

"Okay," Buffy breathed out.

Faith got up from behind Buffy and looked down at her dog, "Round 1 is mine, get your ass upstairs."

Vi looked up at her and Faith could almost swear she narrowed her eyes, but then she turned around and jauntily ran up the stairs to the living room, where she promptly made herself comfortable on the impossibly white couch.

Faith looked over at Buffy who looked like she was trying to decide what position would work best to lie down in. Her heart went out to her and she joined her on the other side.

"Can't get comfortable, B?"

Buffy let out a sigh and seemed to hang her head.

"I'm nervous, I feel like it's our first time."

Faith smirked, "Oh, you think I'm that easy huh?"

Buffy turned her head and Faith could see the shocked look on her face.

"I-I didn't mean…"

"Buffy, I was just kiddin'. I am that easy, `sides, it's totally like our first time." She shrugged and added, "`Cept without all the fuckin'."

Buffy laughed at that and Faith sat on the bed.

She put her hand on Buffy's back and rubbed softly.

"You don't have to be nervous, B. We don't have to do anything you don't want to. I just wanted to help you relax, your back was so tense."

"A massage does sound like heaven…"

Faith smiled, "Then it's heaven I'm gonna give you."

She went around preparing the room for a massage, dimming the lights, lighting some candles and finding a mix CD of music she liked to listen to when she wanted to relax.

Next, she went over to the nightstand and took out some massage oil.

As Buffy watched Faith's preparations for the massage, she tried not to think about the other girls Faith must have entertained in this manner.

Almost as if she was reading Buffy's mind, Faith allayed those fears, "I'll finally get to try out my massagin' skills here. Bought all this stuff before I left for LA and haven't had a chance to try them out."

Even though Buffy didn't really want to know the truth, she couldn't help herself from asking, "No one to massage?"

"You really wanna hear about that kinda stuff?"

Buffy shrugged, "Probably best to get it out in the open, I mean, we're not together anymore."

Faith's eyes narrowed at that, she thought it was curious of Buffy to take this kind of approach, but she guessed she was right about getting everything out in the open.

"Were a few girls who almost got massaged, but they were really only here for one reason, B."

Buffy nodded and gave a wane smile, then turned her head. She felt like crying, and she really didn't want to do that in front of Faith. She didn't know why that knowledge hurt her so much to hear, it wasn't like Faith had been cheating on her. For God's sake she had married Angel, without even giving a thought to how Faith might have felt about it. Well, without giving all of her thoughts about it. Late at night, when she would allow those thoughts to creep in, mostly because she couldn't stop them, she would think about Faith's reaction to hearing she was married, and even though she had tried to feel avenged, or even just smug about it, she was pained to think of Faith being hurt by the news.

Faith sat on the bed and stared at the back of Buffy's head, she knew without asking what Buffy was thinking about at that moment.

"Hey, B. What ever happened from the time you kicked me in the nuts, until I saw you upstairs is nobody's business but the person it happened to, okay?"

Buffy stayed silent for a few moments more, trying to compose herself enough to be able to speak without her voice breaking.

She turned herself so she could look at Faith, "That's really not gonna work though is it?"

Faith let out a short laugh and said, "I didn't think it would," She shrugged. "Had to at least try."

Buffy turned even more so that she could reach for one of Faith's hands. Faith gave it to her without hesitation and Buffy closed her eyes, feeling grateful for the contact. A tear slipped out of each eye unchecked.

"B, what's the matter?" Faith's voice was soothing Buffy's broken soul like a cooling salve on an angry burn.

"I…I just…"

"You shouldn't get yourself all worried about stuff. It's not good for your baby."

`Our baby, hopefully.' Buffy thought.

"I'm sorry, Faith."

"For what?"

"For everything I did to you. For kicking you in your balls."

"Oh, my God, let me tell you. Had I known you were a soccer player I wouldn't have stood behind you like that."

"I'm so ashamed of myself."

"Buffy, don't do that to yourself okay?" Faith squeezed Buffy's hand and put her other hand on her back to soothe her. "It wasn't you or me, it was all Cordy and Angel's bullshit."

"But I feel responsible for Angel…"

"Okay, fuck this," Faith let Buffy's hand go and got up off the bed. "Get up."


"Get up, off the bed."

For a moment Buffy was thinking Faith was going to throw her out, but when she came over to her side of the bed and bent down to her, she could see reassurance in her eyes. Faith held her hand out to her and she took it, letting Faith help her up off the bed.

In her sixth month, Buffy wasn't that huge, but it still was a little precarious trying to maneuver off of the bed.

Faith pulled her closer and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Believe me when I say you better stop feeling responsible for their actions."

"But, Faith…I knew he was a jerk, I thought…"

"Buffy, do I gotta start beatin' you?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes, "You do and I'll kick you in the nuts again."

Faith hugged her closer and laughed.

"We don't need to go there again, girlfriend. But seriously, Buffy." Faith pulled away slightly and looked at her sincerely. "This ain't gonna work if you're gonna blame yourself. I don't blame myself and I sure as hell don't blame you so why are you beatin' yourself up?"

"I let my temper get the best of me. I should have listened to you."

"Can't argue with you there, B. You should have, but okay, so you didn't. When you found out the truth you tried to get in touch with me, and I wouldn't talk to you. You gonna hold that against me?"

Buffy smiled slightly, "A little."

"Oh, you are, huh?"

Faith reached down and pinched Buffy's ass.

"Ow, brute!" Buffy lightly tapped Faith's upper arm. "Who said you could touch my ass?" She gave a slight pout.

Faith quirked an eyebrow, "I can't?"

"I didn't say that, but I wanted to…forget it, I can't even lie, your hand feels really good there."

Faith put both hands on Buffy's ass and rubbed.

"Standin' this close to you is really doin' something to me, B."

"I know, I can feel it," Buffy smiled.

"It's hard, huh?"

"Faith, I meant I could feel the same thing, but now that I think about it…"

"Yeah, it's hard," Faith said confidently.

"Oh, God, I missed you so much," Buffy held her tightly and put her head on her chest. "Please tell me this isn't a dream."

Faith smoothed her hands over Buffy's back, "I pinched your ass and you felt it, it's not a dream, Beautiful."

"You know, I dreamed of you almost constantly."

"I know what that's like, `cause I did the same thing with you."

"Really?" Buffy was surprised at that. She thought Faith would have put her out of her mind. She figured it's what she'd do if anyone did to her what she did to Faith.

"Really," Faith kissed the top of her head. "Every night up on that fuckin' mountain, I kept dreaming that you were there with me."

"I had a dream one night about being in a sleeping bag with you…"

"Fuck, no! Really?"

Buffy nodded her head against Faith's chest, then pulled back and looked up at her, "Really."

"Wow, that's freaky, huh?"


"I like that."

"Me too."

Buffy put her head on Faith's chest again and listened to the strong, steady heartbeat.

It would have calmed her, had the nearness of Faith, and her horniness not been the strongest feelings in her at the moment.

"So what do we do now, Buffy?"

"Um…I…" Buffy didn't want to sound too easy, and that she was all about sex. "How about that massage you were talking about earlier?"

"Oh, yeah. I can get my skills on," Faith laughed and pulled Buffy slightly away. "You feel more comfortable on your stomach or…"

"Maybe you can just sit behind me on the bed? Right now, the belly is not agreeing with me laying on it."

"Me sitting behind you it is then," Faith smiled and then let Buffy go so she could make the final preparations for the massage. She put her relaxing music CD on and then waited on the bed for Buffy, with the bottle of massage oil in her hand.

As she watched Buffy move to get onto the bed, she noticed her pregnant stomach and her heart swelled, it was because of her that Buffy was looking that way. The doctor's had always told her it was possible, but for some reason she hadn't totally believed them.

Buffy smiled at Faith and then maneuvered herself to sit in front of her. She had noticed the look she gave her body and was pleased that Faith didn't seem at all upset with the news that she was pregnant, or even that there was a chance the baby might not be hers. She had asked her lawyer to relay that information to Faith's lawyer so there wouldn't be anything hanging over her head in terms of disclosure. Besides, even if the baby was Gunn's she wasn't going to raise it with him. She wanted to be with Faith, and it seemed that feeling was definitely mutual.

"You gotta lose the top, B."

"Can you take it off for me?"

Faith knew it was a ploy, but she loved it anyway, Buffy wanted this massage to lead somewhere, and she was perfectly fine with that. She smiled as she reached around the front of Buffy and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Is it tied?"

"T-there's a little clasp," Buffy's heart sped up and she shivered slightly.

"You cold?" Faith asked, concerned, but she knew the shivers were a result of her whispering in Buffy's ear.

"N-no, perfectly warm."

"Good, I don't want you gettin' sick."

"No, you missed that unpleasantness, be thankful."

"Was it bad?" Faith asked, as she undid the clasp.

"Not really, you kinda know what's gonna set you off after the first two weeks of running to a toilet, it becomes routine."

Buffy's sincerity in that statement allayed Faith's guilt about not being there. Even though it really wasn't her fault that she wasn't there with Buffy, she still felt bad about her having to go through that alone.

With the top of her peignoir now safely to the side on the bed, Buffy sat and waited patiently as Faith poured some massage oil in her hand, and then rubbed both of her hands together warming the skin.

"Ooh, that feels so good, Faith," Buffy moaned as Faith put her hands on her and started to gently massage the areas where she could feel the most tension.

"It's so stiff back here," Faith observed. "Whatcha been worried about?"

Buffy wasn't ready for that question, but she knew she had to answer it.


"This? You've been worried about my massagin' skills?"

Buffy let out a small laugh, "No, I've been worried about our meeting and what I would say to you, or what you would say to me."

Faith leaned in a little closer and rubbed Buffy's muscle a fraction deeper, getting her to moan again.

"It's turning out like you'd hoped?" Faith whispered her question close to Buffy's ear.

"Better," Buffy whispered back.

Faith smiled, but didn't answer her, she just basked in the good feelings she was getting from being this close to her body, after so many months apart.

One instrumental song ended, and an old favorite of Faith's started up causing her smile to deepen.

Buffy added to the sounds that made Faith happy by moaning as the massage hit her troubled areas and steadily got rid of them.

The singer's voice floated through the room.

I know that I've been mad in love before
And how it could be with you
Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
How can you have a day without a night?
You're the book that I have opened
And now I've got to know much more

The words of the song broke through the haze of Buffy's mind and she listened like the singer was speaking for Faith.

The curiousness of your potential kiss
Has got my mind and body aching
Really hurt me baby, really cut me baby
How can you have a day without a night?
You're the book that I have opened
And now I've got to know much more

More tears sprang to Buffy's eyes, and she wished she weren't such an emotional wreck.

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part

When she let out a shaky breath Faith stopped the massage and hugged her from behind.

Like a soul without a mind
In a body without a heart
I'm missing every part

Buffy turned suddenly and kissed out at Faith's cheek, making Faith turn her head and capture Buffy's lips in a desperate kiss.

When it broke they were both left breathless and panting. Faith was unsure of what to say next.

"What group is this?" Buffy asked, whispering against Faith's lips.

"Huh?" Faith was too caught up in the buzzing sensation every time their mouths met and wanting to do it again to hear exactly what Buffy had asked.

"The music," She said, her lips still millimeters away from Faith's.

"You want it off?" Faith misunderstood.

"No, Faith. What's the name of the group?"

"Oh, you like?" Faith smiled and Buffy nodded. "Massive Attack, this is one of their older ones."

Buffy leaned in for another kiss and it was as hot and wet as the last one. She needed to pour all her love for Faith into the kiss. She was feeling guilty again.

Suddenly the song ended, and when Faith heard the next song that was playing she jumped up and skipped ahead.

"What was that?" Buffy said, slightly stunned.

"Song I forgot was on here."

Buffy narrowed her eyes and fixed a mischievous smirk on her lips, "Is it naughty?"

"Nah, nothin' like that, B."

"Well then what?"

"Just…the name of the song…forgot I had put it on there and kinda bugged me that it was playin'."

"Okay, so now you know nothing else is gonna happen tonight unless you tell me right?"

Faith sighed and looked at Buffy, "The song's name is Angel."

Buffy flinched at the name but held her composure. She nodded and looked away, sitting up straighter on the bed and trying to cover her nakedness with her arms.

"Sorry, B…you asked."

"I know, and it shouldn't bother me, but…"

"But what he did he should be fuckin' killed for."

Buffy looked at Faith and her eyes widened.

"No, Faith, promise me…"


"Promise me that if he ever gets out for whatever reason that you're not going to kill him."

"Why the fuck not? You still love him or somethin'?"

"No! Why would you say that?"

"Why can't I kill him?"

"Because he's not worth it!"

Hearing Buffy shout brought Faith to her senses, she didn't mean for her to get that upset.

"Look, B. It was just a figure of speech, but you mark my words, if this fucker ever comes here and tries to hurt you or the baby, or anyone else I love, I'm takin' that fucker down."

"I'll help you if it comes down to that."

"Good, just so we're clear."

"I just don't want you going after him and getting into trouble, or worse."

"Nah, I'm crazy but I'm not that crazy," Faith laughed and moved back to sit on the bed in front of Buffy.

Buffy reached out to Faith with both hands and when she gave them to her, she just kept staring at them.

"You're not crazy," She brought one of Faith's hands up to her mouth and kissed it with reverence. "You're the sanest person I've ever known." She said after she took her lips off of the skin.

"You must be crazy then," Faith said with a wink.


"Shhh, Buffy," Faith said, getting up on her knees and pushing Buffy back into the bed.

"We should talk…"

"With your headlights blazin' in my face?" Faith asked, and then stopped her progress when she saw the look on Buffy's face. She showed some restraint. "Okay, B, what else did you want to talk about?"

"Well…I just…I wanted to thank you for how good you're being about the baby."

Faith shrugged, "All this stuff wasn't the baby's fault. Sides, I think I'm gonna like havin' a kid around."

"You are?"

"Fuck yeah! I'm gonna install a nursery and a jungle gym…"

"Would Jana be okay with that?"

Faith looked puzzled, "Jay? She better be, I own this place, she's stayin' here to help with Harmony."

"Oh, I thought…"

"S'ok, I let them have the run of most of the house, I just have my room down here. I'm mostly up on the mountain during this season."

"You help with the skiers?"

"Well, there's a bunch of avalanche victims, most of it's small stuff, but sometimes we can get a huge one and I go help dig `em out."

"Is that dangerous?"

Faith looked hesitantly at Buffy.

"Okay, don't answer that, just promise me you'll be careful."

"Always, am, B. `Cept ya know, when it comes to contraception, apparently." She rubbed Buffy's stomach.

"Well, we'll know once and for all when the baby's born, that's for sure."

"Why, the baby's gonna teach us about wearin' condoms?"

Buffy laughed, "Sure, why not? It'll be our kid, right?"

"Damn straight."

"And it's not going to bother you if it's Gunn's?"

"If what's Gunn's?"

Buffy's hands instinctively went to her stomach and she furrowed her brow at Faith, her eyebrows raised as she realized Faith was clueless.

"I thought you knew…"

"Knew what, B?"

"I ummm…can I have a shirt or something?"

"What's wrong you cold?"

"I just feel like…"

"Buffy, just fuckin' spill it! What's goin' on?"

Buffy stopped looking around for a shirt to cover herself with and looked up into Faith's face.

"The doctor said I got pregnant around the time of our SuperMoan shoot…when…"

"When Gunn came inside you…"

"And then you and I had sex later in the bathroom." Buffy added quickly.

Faith kept looking at her until the realness of the situation set in and then she looked at the wall.

She didn't know what to think, or do or say. She knew this could happen, in fact it did happen to one of her friends who did a cream pie video. She had gotten pregnant by the guy who came inside of her, thinking that she was safe because she was on the pill.

"Faith…I'm sorry, I told my mom to tell Anya," Buffy spoke softly. "She was supposed to have called you last week and discussed it."

Faith let out a sigh, she hadn't taken Anya's call because she thought she was just going to get bitched at, and she had left a message on her machine later saying she got her message and she'd be in touch. Faith had figured if Anya wanted to tell her anything really important, she would have called back. And she had called Jana just to make sure everyone was okay before making the decision to not call Anya again for a while.

"I haven't been able to get in touch with her," She lied.

"Oh, my God, Faith. I didn't want this to be the way…" Buffy started to pull her peignoir on and get up off the bed.

Faith made a decision, and she stopped Buffy from moving away.

"It's cool, B."

Buffy looked into her eyes, "Really?"


"Are you sure? Because if you're not sure…"

Faith fixed Buffy with a sure look and pointed at her face, "Does this look like I'm not sure?"

"No, it looks like you might murder Gunn if he gets close to you."

Faith laughed slightly.

"Well, sorry for my face being all murderous, but believe me when I tell you I'm sure, okay?"


Faith hugged Buffy to her and gave the side of her head a kiss, "I mean, that wasn't the ideal way to find out, but as long as you wanna be with me no matter what, I'm fine."

"I just want you to know that you're not obligated in any way, I mean, monetarily and all."

"Fuck that, if this kid lives under my roof I'm gonna spoil it like hell and no one's gonna stop me."

Buffy smiled and then leaned up to kiss Faith.

All of the squirming around that Buffy was doing as Faith felt her ass and moved her hand around to the front of her lacy see-through panties was causing Faith to get hard. She decided to take her mind off of what Buffy just told her, and she slipped a finger between Buffy's pussy lips.

"You…fuck you're so wet, B."

"And you're so hard."

"It's been…Goddamn it's just been too long," Faith bent down and lifted Buffy up, carrying her to the bed. "You okay with me fuckin' you now? `Cause I kinda can't wait anymore."

Buffy smiled and nodded.

"You in that `constantly horny' stage of your pregnancy?"

"Yes," Buffy hissed out as Faith put her on the bed gently and then brushed her fingers over her nipples.

"Oh fuck, this is gonna be fun," Faith smiled wickedly at her and took the peignoir that Buffy had started to put back on, off the rest of the way.


"You just lay back there, baby. Let Faithy do all the drivin' for now."

Faith laid the peignoir on the chair and then hopped up on the bed, causing Buffy to bounce slightly. She noticed her breasts were a lot more jiggly, probably due to the milk production preparations her body was making. Faith also noticed that, and made the bed shake a little more.

"Boom-bow-ba, Boom-bow-ba."

Faith chuckled and made Buffy's breasts sway some more.

"Okay, Faith, I might get motion sickness."

The bed stopped moving.

"Can't have that, baby. I need you healthy and strong. Did the doctor check out your heart?"

 "Yes, of course, she said it was normal."

"Good, `cause it's gonna stop about six or seven times during the course of this night and I need to know that I can bring ya back from the brink."

"Oh, Faith."

"Yeah, you're gonna be sayin' that a lot tonight too. Maybe you should practice a little more."

Faith situated herself on her stomach in front of Buffy's legs. She took hold of Buffy's panties and pulled them off of her legs, tossing them to the floor.

"Mmm, that pussy looks so fine," She inhaled a big breath of air. "Smells like heaven. You mind if I dive right in there, B?"

Buffy didn't have a chance to answer and started moaning as she felt Faith part her legs and place kisses on her pubic mound and labia, before parting her outer lips and pushing her tongue between them.

"Oh, Faith!" She exclaimed and grabbed fistfuls of comforter as a way to try and steady herself on the bed.

When Faith had really started to fuck her in earnest with her tongue, she gave up on the comforter and just grabbed Faith's head holding it to her pussy, bucking up against her face and riding it to her first real orgasm in months.

Faith didn't let up, she knew Buffy could take more, but for the moment she just contented herself with lapping up the juices that were leaking out of Buffy, and pressing her tongue in her hole to feel the pulses inside.

As soon as she saw Buffy's clit make a re-appearance, she dove right back in.

Buffy knew this was how Faith operated and stopped trying to protest, she just went with the flow and hoped she didn't pass out through it all. When she came for the third time and laid her back on the bed, Faith popped her head up and stalked over her like she had done on so many other occasions during their love making.

"How ya doin', B?"

Buffy breathed out before answering, "I'm fine, I'm…my…I think I might need some water."

Faith scrambled off of the bed and into her bathroom to get it.

Buffy closed her eyes and listened to the movement coming from the room to the right of her. She opened her eyes when Faith came back out again.

She had two cups of water in her hand, and a flower between her teeth, it was a red and white rose.

"Look what I found ya, B," Faith said when Buffy had taken one of the cups out of her hand so she could take the rose out of her teeth.

"You bought me roses?"

"Well, actually Jay has someone come and put flowers in my bathroom, she says it's so I won't get all depressed."

Buffy's face took on a thoughtful expression.

"Don't go lookin' all studious on me, B. I'm just sayin' she tries to brighten up the rooms with flowers."

"That's nice."

Faith downed her cup of water and waited while Buffy drank hers and then took the glass back into the bathroom. She came out rubbing her hands together.

"Now where were we?"

"Ummm…" Buffy looked worried.

"You need a break?"

"No, just a pee now."

"Damn, Jr. must be sitting right on your bladder."

"Well, actually I've been needing to pee since the second orgasm, but I knew I couldn't stop you."

"I'm like a dog with a bone," Faith said with a wink, and a slow movement towards her crotch area with her hand.

"Hold that thought, I'll be right back."

Faith smiled as she watched Buffy's ass sway into the bathroom and then took a seat in the oversized chair next to the bed.

When Buffy was done she came back out to the bedroom and walked over to where Faith was sitting. Faith put her hand out and Buffy took it, perching herself on her lap. Faith reached around to her pregnant stomach and rubbed it.

"The docs say what it was yet?"

"I told them I wanted to be surprised."

"Oh, so no fancy sonograms then."

"No," Buffy shook her head. "Well, yes, they've looked at the baby, but I haven't yet."

"I kinda figured you for a surprise-lover."

"I just want to meet whoever it is when they're here."

"I getcha, B."

Buffy wiggled a little on Faith's crotch and it made her groan.

"Mmm, I missed that ass you know."

"It missed you," Buffy wiggled again and smiled.

"Time for us to get reacquainted then," Faith said, as she made Buffy stand and she took her pants off.

"Faith, I don't think I should…I mean, I haven't…"

"Oh, don't worry, babe, I'm not gonna do you like that, I just want you to bend over while I get that kitty from behind. Can you handle that?"

Buffy's pussy throbbed at Faith's words. She missed the way Faith described the sex they were about to have, it was just so raw and unpretentious.

It was just so Faith and made Buffy's body react in the way that the words were meant to make it react.

"I think I can manage," Buffy said after her tongue unstuck from the roof of her mouth. "Where do you…"

Faith turned her around without another word and bent her over the bed, which sat up a little higher than normal especially with the pillow top mattress and comforter.

"Here okay for you?" Faith answered.

Buffy groaned as she felt the tip of Faith's dick poised at the opening of her slit.

"Th-there is perf-fect," Buffy said, a little out of breath.

They both groaned as Faith pushed the tip of her cock past Buffy's labia and into her tight grasping hole. Faith had to stop for a moment to just bask in the feel of her hot, wet cunt. It was amazing how good Buffy felt to her, and she couldn't believe she thought sex with other girls was almost as satisfying.

Nothing ever came close to this.

When her cock was in to the hilt, Faith reached underneath Buffy's chest and pinched her nipples.

"Oh, Faith…fuck…oh Faith, that's…oh fuck, Faith…"

"Should I start?" Faith asked.

"P-please, oh Faith…."

Faith smiled and started a slow rhythm that went deeper and deeper with every stroke. Being a bit bigger, Faith new she had to let girls get used to her size before really unleashing and giving them all of her power behind her strokes. But Buffy was different too, once she got used to Faith's size, she would start demanding the thrusts to increase by pushing her ass back into her.

"You want it fast?"

Buffy nodded.

"Harder, please…"

"I don't wanna hurt you, B."

"Oh, please you won't…you w-won't hurt me…feels so fucking good, Faith. It feels so good."

Faith could tell Buffy wasn't lying, her pussy hadn't stopped spasming around her cock since she pushed passed her outer lips.

After five more minutes of thrusting, Faith pulled Buffy up by her torso, and powered her throbbing dick into her while the blonde screamed through her forth and strongest orgasm of the night.

Faith held her standing up straight, while she jerked and shuddered, all the while moaning and gasping.

When she had calmed sufficiently, Faith accepted a grateful kiss from her and continued to fuck her, starting out slow and again, building ever faster.

Buffy had another short, sharp orgasm as Faith was massaging her breasts, and the pulses from Buffy's pussy each time she squeezed and pulled on her nipples was causing Faith to urgently need to come. So after Buffy was done moaning, she leaned down and whispered into her ear, "I wanna cream you, baby."

"Do it," Buffy said, wanting nothing more than anything Faith wanted.

Faith held her tightly and then powered her hips into Buffy for two or three more strokes before her body went rigid and she came inside of her.

Not surprisingly after she was finished, she was still pretty hard, and she pulled Buffy back to her and shuffled them back so she could sit down on the chair near the bed.

"Oh my God, Faith," Buffy panted out. "You're still hard."

"Shhh, just gimme a minute, B."

"You're gonna go again?"

"I need to," Faith said, sincerely. She could feel she wasn't done coming and she needed a few more strokes to really throw her orgasm into overdrive.

"Wait, can I…can I turn around? I want to see your beautiful face while you fuck me."

Faith let go of Buffy's waist and helped her turn around. She was hoping they could turn her around on her lap without having to pull out, but it didn't quite work out that way and Buffy had to pull off and then sit back on Faith's dick.

"This is nice…" Buffy said and closed her eyes as Faith thrust up into her.

"Real nice…" Faith answered, before pulling back and thrusting into Buffy again.

Buffy fell forward slightly and wrapped her arms around Faith's head. She just stayed in that position while Faith did all the work, and she was happy for that, she didn't think she could use her legs right now. They still felt jelly-like from the orgasms she'd just had.

When she sensed Faith was going to come she leaned down for a kiss and pushed her tongue inside her mouth. Faith sucked on it while she let go and came inside of Buffy for the second time in a few minutes.

"Oh, fuck that pussy is so fine, Buffy. Damn! I can't even think straight," Faith said when she had gained enough of her voice to speak again.

Buffy squeezed her muscles around Faith's dick making her groan, she did that in appreciation of Faith's words about her vagina.

"You always say just the right thing," Buffy observed.

"What can I say? It's what I feel."

"And I'm grateful for that."

"You know what I'd be grateful for?"


"A shower with you, just a quickie."

"Oooh, sounds heavenly, a quickie shower and a quickie?" Buffy said with a mischief laced voice.

"If I can get it up, sure enough," Faith said and leaned in for a kiss.

After their short kiss was over, they disengaged from each other and they walked hand in hand to the bathroom.

The lather-each-other-and-help-rinse-off-session lasted about five minutes, before the movement of Buffy's hand stroking Faith's cock caused her to get hard and Buffy kneeled down to give her head.

"B, no! Get up off your knees, you'll get bruises."

Buffy narrowed her eyes as she looked up at Faith, she didn't like to be told "no", but Faith wasn't hearing any of her protests, she reached down and pulled Buffy to a standing position. The blonde was about to say something about being man handled when she felt Faith's cock slide in between her legs and massage her clit and pussy lips.

"Oh, that feels goooood."

"You like that?"

"Oh yeah, so much," Buffy moaned.

Faith reached behind Buffy and picked up the body wash, she poured some in her hands and lathered them up. Then proceeded to rub Buffy's back, getting the massage oil off, and also giving her another massage.

She was getting massaged in the back and the front, so to speak, as Faith kept up the ministrations to her clit, with her stiff cock.

It didn't take long for Buffy to ask Faith to put it all the way in and they were on their way to a simultaneous orgasm within minutes.

"Fuck!" Buffy shouted.

"Holy shit!" Faith returned.

They stood there for a minute, letting the water wash over their bodies and their hearts to stop hammering, before Faith pulled out and washed Buffy's pussy for her again.

"Sorry for gettin' you all dirty again, B."

"Haven't I told you I like being dirty? Especially when it's with you."

"Your legs are shakin'."

"They haven't been given this much of a workout since the last time we were together."

"Shit, let me finish this then let's get you into bed."

"Mmmm, sounds so good."

"I bet you'll be out like a light once I finish drying you."

"You don't think you can go again?"

"You're serious?" Faith asked, her voice going up an octave with disbelief.

"We'll see…" Buffy said, teasingly.

"Yeah, we will see. Shit, girl, that horny thing bit you right in the ass."

"Speaking of ass…" Buffy teased again.

"Don't say that, you'll give me a heart attack for sure."

Faith finished her washing of Buffy, washed herself off and then shut the taps. She pulled Buffy out of the shower and dried her in record time.

"Can't have you standin' around on shaky legs, babe," She said as she picked up and carried Buffy to the bed.

"Show off," Buffy laughed.

"I already showed off my mad skills, I don't need to show this off too."

"You're so full of yourself," Buffy kidded.

"And now you're full of me too," Faith grinned at her and watched as the meaning sunk into Buffy's head.

"So, so bad," Buffy leaned in and kissed Faith's neck. "But so good."

When they were situated on the bed, Buffy couldn't help but touch Faith's body. She had missed it along with everything else about Faith. Even her temper.

"You better stop, B. All that's gonna do is get me hot again," Faith said after about five minutes of Buffy massaging and caressing her.

"And that's a bad thing?"


"No, `buts' Faith, I want you again," She pushed Faith onto her back and hovered over her.

"It's like you've been hit with some kinda spell."

"A what?"

"Nothin' don't mind me," Faith wasn't sure what she had been talking about. "Are you sure, Buffy?"

"I can't fucking stand how long I've been without you."

"We just did it like three times!"

Buffy lifted herself onto Faith's erect cock for the fourth time and slid down.

Faith took her hands and helped her rock back and forth on her throbbing cock.

"Oh my…fuck it Faith, fuck me. I love you so much," Buffy said as she bounced up and down.

Faith powered her hips into Buffy, fucking her pussy, feeling it grasp at her dick.

They knew they had a lot to talk about in the coming days. But right now, for them, it was about coming together.

And as if on cue, Faith's cock spurt hot white come into Buffy's vagina, and Buffy fell forward onto her.

Crying out her love.

"I fuckin' love you too, B." Faith breathed out with a satisfied smile and pulled Buffy into her tighter. "Love you so fuckin' much."

She could hear Buffy's heart beat, and wondered if she listened close enough if she could hear the baby's too.

Faith was sincere when she had told Buffy that it didn't matter who's baby it was, that she'd still be there for her and love both of them.

And yet, as she lay there, basking in the afterglow of their simultaneous orgasm, there was a fleeting thought that she hoped beyond hope, the baby that Buffy was carrying were hers and it wouldn't destroy their relationship if it turned out to be Gunn's.



Chapter 2 - The Morning After

Having not heard any noise for a couple of hours or so, Vi made her way downstairs to Faith's room. She needed to pee, and she had to wake someone. Might as well be the bitch who made her sleep on the couch.

Buffy woke up groggily, "Faith? Something scratched at the door."

"Huh?" Faith said. She lifted her head quickly but it was clear that she was not fully awake.

"The door," Buffy said.

"Who's there?" Faith called out and Vi let out a short muffled bark in answer. "Oh fuck, you probably gotta pee. Shit." She muttered as she pulled the covers back and sat up on the edge of the bed, looking around for her clothes, but trying to wake up before she bent down to get them.

Buffy was feeling a bit awkward in the bed and she pulled the covers up to her chest. Faith felt the movement and looked back at her.

"Mmmm, hey gorgeous," She purred and twisted herself so she could slide up next to Buffy. She tugged on the covers in front of her chest. "Don't cover those babies up, they're callin' to me."

Buffy smiled; her nervousness dissipated and she let Faith pull the covers down.

"Mornin', B," Faith said as she bent her head down for a kiss.

"Morning," Buffy answered leaning up slightly to meet her mouth.

"That was fuckin' incredible," Faith said when the kiss ended.

"I can kiss better than that."

"You know what I mean," Faith wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh, that? I do that every day."

Faith narrowed her eyes, "Really?"

Buffy nodded trying to keep her face serious but couldn't hold it and she laughed.

Faith's mouth broke out in a wicked grin and she placed herself between Buffy's parting legs and ground into her pelvis area.

"Oooh, Faith. Are you ever not hard?"

"Not with you around," She thought better of that statement, and added, "When we're not fightin'."

Buffy sighed and smiled a small, sad smile.

"I don't wanna fight anymore."

"You and me both, baby," Faith ground her crotch into Buffy a little harder.

"Uh, oh," Buffy said with a stricken look on her face.

Faith let up on her a little and asked, "What `uh, oh'?"

"The dog's not the only one who needs to pee."

"Yeah, I'll bet Jr. doesn't leave you too much room there."

"Not really, the doctor said the baby would probably be bigger than average."

Faith felt her heart swell with pride, and then a thought occurred to her and doubt set in. She got up off of Buffy, giving her a quick kiss and slipped her pants on, looking for her shirt, socks and boots.

"I'll be right back," Buffy said as she got up to go relieve herself in the bathroom. "Are you gonna be gone long?"

"Might take Vi for a little walk, I'll be back soon. You know what though, I'm gonna jump in the shower real quick and rinse off, Vi'll have to hold it for a minute longer. You mind if I let her in the room? She won't wet the bed or nothin'."

"Not at all," Buffy called from on the toilet.

Faith opened the door to the room, "Hey girl," She bent down to the dog and accepted the licks on her face that were offered. "Mornin' baby, I'll take a quick shower, then we'll go walkies, you okay with that?"

As an answer Vi hopped up on the bed and made herself comfortable.

"Oh, I see, the couch was a little too hard for your likin' huh?" Faith went over and scratched the dog behind the ears. "Well, ya know, the woman of my dreams is in that bathroom, and just `cause you're the dog of my dreams don't mean you trump that. Ya hear?"

`Yes, I hear,' Buffy thought to herself, happy to hear that Faith still thought of her as the woman of her dreams. `I hear you loud and clear, baby. I'm not gonna mess things up for us ever again. Or doubt your word, or ever put our relationship in jeopardy if I can help it.' She felt movement in her stomach and her hand automatically moved to smooth over the area where she felt it. She thought of the possibility of the baby not being Faith's and burst of guilt hit her like indigestion.

Back in the room, Faith gave the dog another scratch before leaving her to strip down again and take a shower. She knocked on the open bathroom door.

"Come in," Buffy said, keeping her voice happy.

"I'm not decent."

"Well, I'm on the toilet, and we just…did like…"

"An ungodly amount of fuckin'?" Faith said as she strolled to the shower stall. She looked over and smiled at the picture of Buffy on the toilet rubbing her stomach. Her look changed to concerned after she saw her wince. "Everything okay, B?"

"Fine, just…I think I may need to eat something soon."

"I'll whip you somethin' up before I head out," She said matter-of-factly while pinning up her hair.

Buffy sat in awe of Faith's beauty, the appendage she sported looking as natural to her as her own anatomy. She realized she was staring and should be saying something, "You don't have to do that, Faith. I can manage in the kitchen."

Faith felt the water, decided it was acceptable and stepped into the stall.

"I think I remember how you manage in the kitchen, B. I didn't know toast could get that black without actually catchin' on fire," Faith let out a low chuckle as she soaped up her body.

"Hey, not fair. And mom's been teaching me some recipes so pretty soon you won't be able to make fun of me like that anymore."

"Not makin' fun, B. Just thinkin' how cute you were tryin' to stop the smoke alarm from beepin'."

"Yes, almost burning down the Burbank Marriot was the highlight of my week."

"What we did the night before, made my year," Faith looked over the smoked glass that came up chest high and smirked knowingly at Buffy.

Buffy returned the smile.

"You wanna hop in here?" Faith was hoping to be able to feel up Buffy some more, maybe have a quick fuck in the shower and help with her morning wood.

"Nah, that's okay," Buffy said, rubbing her chest bone a little before finishing her toileting duties. She looked at Faith's form in the shower through the mirror above the sink. Her heart clenched again at the beauty she saw in Faith. "I-I think I'm just gonna go have some cereal."

Faith turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower, pulling a towel from the rack and wrapping it around her body.

"It'll take like two minutes for me to make you some oatmeal with banana."

"I just don't want to be a bother," Buffy said as she moved to just in front of Faith.

"Not a bother, B. I'd like to make some food for you and the baby. Makes me feel all responsible," Faith said as she closed the gap between them and planted a sensuous kiss on Buffy's lips and placed her hands over the ones Buffy had on her stomach.

Buffy removed her hands and let Faith's rest on her stomach directly.

"Damn, I can feel…damn, that's somethin' isn't it?" She asked with an awed smile on her face.

"It is, and Faith…" Buffy trailed off.


"For what it's worth…well, I just have this feeling that…"

"B, stop right there, whatever happens, happens ya know?"

"I know, but…"

"Here we go with this shit again, B."

"Faith, don't get mad."

"I'm not gettin' mad, it's just that you don't believe me, and when you don't believe what I say it makes me kinda…nuts."

"I'm sorry and I'll try not to do that anymore," Buffy sighed and decided to drop the subject even though she felt Faith wasn't being all the way truthful about being okay if the baby were Gunn's. She didn't want to feel that way, but just like she felt the baby was Faith's beyond a shadow of a doubt, she felt that Faith was only telling her what she wanted to hear.   

"Good, I'm gonna go make you that oatmeal and then I'll be out for a walk."

"Okay," Buffy said, keeping it simple.

Faith nodded and leaned in to place a kiss on Buffy's cheek. Buffy pulled back to look into Faith's eyes; Faith looked away, and it told her what she needed to know.

"I'll just go make that breakfast for you," Faith said, pulling herself out of Buffy's arms and not making eye contact.


`Oh fuck, there she goes with the repeating stuff. She mainly does that shit when she's mad. I better just stay out all day.'

Faith got dressed quickly and went to her drawer for a sweater.

"C'mon girl," Faith said to Vi, who got up and looked between her and Buffy. "What's up, you don't need to pee anymore?"

The dog seemed to hesitate, she looked again at Buffy who smiled at her and went over to pet her.

"I'll see you later, girl, you go and do your thing."

Vi jumped down from the bed and waited for Faith to leave.

"Faith?" Buffy called.

"Yeah, B?" She asked from just outside the door.

"I need a favor."

Faith stuck her head back into the room and looked at Buffy who looked nervous.


Buffy tried to start a sentence two or three times, finally Faith sighed and said, "Just spill it, babe."

"Dawn…and the others…but mostly Dawn, can we not say anything that we're back together yet?"

Faith felt more than a little bit irritated at that, "Why, you ashamed all of a sudden?"

"What? No! I just…I want to tell…she…"

"Buffy, Jesus, I'm gettin' older by the second."

Buffy's eyes narrowed, "I don't want her to think that we just fucked and everything is fine."

"So tell her we talked for hours."

"I don't lie to people, Faith."

Faith got the hint, or rather, what she thought was a hint, "'Kay, so this never happened, cool," She shrugged. "Let's go, V." She said before running up the steps like she didn't have a care in the world.

Buffy sat on the bed, knowing what had just happened wasn't good. She sighed a little, feeling stupid and wishing she could just start that whole interaction again, from the time that Faith inserted herself between her legs.

After going over the details of what had just transpired between them, Buffy got up and made the bed, then went up to the kitchen, she saw the door to the outside close and looked out the window.

Faith was dressed in what looked like ski clothes, and she bent down to strap Vi into what looked like a small sled on a tether that was strapped to a harness on her back. She then picked up her ski poles and made her way along a well traveled looking trail.

Another sigh escaped her lips and she took her eyes away from the window to look at the kitchen counter. There stood a steaming bowl of oatmeal with some banana, and a note.

`B, I just got a call about a situation up on the mountain. Tell everyone Vi and I'll probably be back late. I'm gonna grab somethin' to eat at a friend's before I head up. Faith.'

Buffy knew she had fucked up when she finished reading the note. There were no personal touches added to the note, no `Love, Faith', no `Last night was incredible, see you later'. It might as well have been written to Dawn.

Her stomach grumbled and she realized she needed to stop acting like a hurt teen, and do the responsible thing, eat a good breakfast, and somehow find a way to make it all up to Faith.

She couldn't believe the way she had acted, even though she had just told herself she wasn't going to ever let anything get between them again.

"Morning, Buffy!" Chao said cheerily as she bounded over to give her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm so glad you're here!"

Buffy smiled, "I am too, you have no idea."

"Faith up yet?"

"She's already up and out the door. She told me to tell everyone she might be back late," Buffy said, holding up the note and then putting it in her pocket.

"Oh, that can't be good."

"She only said that there was an issue on the mountain."

"Hmm," Chao said as she started to make coffee.

"Morning, Buffy!" Jana said, and made her way over to give her a hug and a kiss just as her girlfriend had.

"What, I don't get a good morning?" Chao said haughtily.

After Jana was done with her hug and kiss for Buffy she put her hand on her hip and looked at Chao.

"Don't start, you had a good night, and a good morning from me. Or did you forget?"

Chao pretended to think hard and Jana went over to slap her ass and then make out for a moment.

When they realized they still had company they reluctantly broke their kiss and Chao said, "Sorry, Buffy."

"Oh, no. Don't be," She replied, getting up to put her now empty bowl in the sink. "I'm gonna go see if Dawn's getting up."

"You really want to wake her? Poor Dawn looked so tired."

"What time is it?"

"Six thirty."

"Oh, wow, I didn't realize it was so early."

"Did you and Faith talk at all?" Chao asked and Jana tried not to look like she was listening.

"A little, she made me breakfast."

"But she left a note."

"We…we had some words."

Jana sighed and went to the cupboard to get out coffee mugs.

Buffy continued, "It's nothing that can't be resolved." `I hope.' She thought.

Chao gently put her hand on Buffy's shoulder, "You guys'll work things out."

"I know, it's just…I keep…"

"Feeling like you're messing things up?"

Buffy nodded.

"It's a complicated situation, no one's gonna feel like they're doing the right thing all the time."

"But she's been so wonderful."

"Don't we know it," Chao winked, and Buffy felt one of those stabs of jealousy. She briefly wondered if they were all having sex with Faith, and then chastised herself for even thinking of that.

"I might need therapy."

Jana and Chao both laughed.

"If you do, we'll put you in touch with Mr. Giles, he might be able to help," Chao said, sincerely.

Buffy let out a short laugh, "After the last few months, he might have a restraining order against me because of all the times I've called and threatened him."

"He doesn't think badly of you, Buffy. He understands your love for Faith, we all do," Jana said.

"Some more than others?" Buffy said, in an understanding tone this time, no feelings of jealousy about Jana and Faith's past relationship.


"Totally," Chao added. "If I wasn't with this one, and you guys weren't meant for each other, I'd totally be on my back in bed with her right now."

Buffy narrowed her eyes, she'd have to watch out for Chao.

Chao kept a straight face for all of five seconds before letting out a hearty laugh.

"Holy shit, I haven't seen that level of doom in your eyes before. I swear, if you had super powers I'd be toast," She said as she picked up her coffee and made her way to the kitchen table. "Don't worry, Buffy. Really, I was just kidding. Sorta." She added, quieter.

"Chao, stop, you're giving Buffy complex, and I don't want to have to beat you."

Jana looked understandingly at Buffy, not listening to her girlfriend's feeble excuse of, "I was only joking, sheesh, some people…"

"Don't mind her Buffy, she's young, like child."

"I'm not that much younger than you!"

Jana still ignored Chao and continued, "You look tired, you should go get some rest. Do you need anything?"

"No, not right now, thanks. I really appreciate you guys helping me out like you have."

"Not a problem at all. We love Faith, and we want to see her happy. And we think you're the right person for her. If only you'd stop being so timid around her and just tell her you'll stop being so jealous."

Buffy laughed at that.

"I'll try."

"I know it's hard. Believe me, when I was with her and Cor…that bitch," Jana corrected herself with a look of distaste on her face. "Excuse my language, would come up to her at a club, or even when we went skiing, I would feel like killing her with my glass or ski pole."

"And now?" Buffy asked, not being able to help her curiosity on how she felt about her and Faith being together again.

"With you?"

Buffy nodded.

"Don't worry, Liebchen. I think you two are perfect together. Besides, I know you are what she always dreamed of."

Buffy looked skeptical, "How?"

"She talks in her sleep, does she not?"

A faint hint of blush appeared on Buffy's cheeks and she cast her eyes down at the floor.

"I've heard your name come off her lips more than once, while she was sleeping, even while we were together. Why the blush?"

"I knew she was a fan of my movies, it's just…different to hear that from an ex-girlfriend."

"Believe me, she is no stalker, she didn't even want to move back to the states after the bitch stole her from me, but the bitch insisted."

"I'm sure it was hard being here after her foster mom died."

"A little, but she didn't need to `get away from it all', the bitch whined and cried until she gave in and agreed to move."

"I think she told me something different."

Jana shrugged, "Probably didn't want to make the bitch seem like a bitch."

"Faith is very loyal isn't she?"

"Like dog, and that isn't meant in a bad way."

"She'll be there for you no matter what," Chao added from the table.

"Go get some more sleep, Buffy," Jana leaned in and kissed her cheek. "Harmony leaves for California today."

"Is she going to see Xander?"

"And do some publicity, she plans on getting back to work soon."

"Is she taking the baby?"

"No, we're watching him for her. It'll be hard for her but she should be back within a couple of days."

"Wow, I don't think I could do that."

Jana lowered her voice, "She doesn't want the first time Xander sees the baby in person, to be in prison."

"Sounds reasonable," Buffy sighed as her thoughts turned to Faith and the baby and suddenly she felt as tired as Jana said she looked."

"Thanks for your support, Jay."

"My pleasure."

"Have a good sleep, Buffy," Chao turned and waved at her.

"I will, thanks."

Jana and Chao looked at each other after Buffy left the kitchen and was heard ascending the stairs.

"It didn't look like their talk went well," Jana said.

"Not at all," Chao shook her head.

Jana looked in the closet next to the refrigerator, "And Faith took her pack…with tent."

"She always takes her pack when there's an emergency, she's prepared like that."

"Chao, there was no alarm this morning, and Cyril did not call to say he needed help."

Chao turned around in her chair fully to see Jana with a phone in her hand, "How do you…"

"She forgot her phone," Jana showed Chao Faith's phone, then went to look at where she kept her backup. It was sitting by the land line in a charger.

"What the fuck?" Chao asked.

"I'm guessing they had fight?"

"Oh, geeze, I thought this would be easy…why did I think that?"

"I told you today would be interesting, now finish your coffee, we need to get moving. I hear the baby crying."

Chao sighed and did as she was told.



Out on the trail, Faith skied fast, with Vi in tow behind her. On the down slopes, she would put Vi in front of her, pull up the handle and use it almost as a uni-ski. It was a pretty clever device that she had created. She moved effortlessly between the ups and downs, and before long she was a few miles away from her house.

Her lungs were burning with the cold air and effort from her ski, but she felt exhilarated and it seemed like it was helping to clear her head.

She still felt a bit hurt by Buffy wanting to keep the fact that they were back together a secret, and she guessed she should have let her explain. She knew for a fact that Dawn could be hard on her sister, especially if she thought Buffy was giving in to something too readily. It had to do with her protectiveness and what she saw as Buffy's naïveté when it came to relationships.

Faith had expressed the same feelings about Buffy's inability to grow a pair while she was with Angel. And yet, with all that knowledge and understanding, she was still feeling the burn of Buffy's words wash over her.

As she came up on the inn she was headed for, she told Vi to get ready to stop.

"We're almost there, girl. You see it?"

Vi barked and started to whimper a little.

"None of that now, V. You shouldn't be that hungry, I'm doin' all the fuckin' work here. Other people actually let their dogs pull them. How'd ya like that?"

Vi didn't take any of Faith's bait, she excitedly barked again.

Just then the door opened and the inn keeper came out, calling to both Faith and Vi.

"Well, I've never seen an odder site, except when you two come speeding up here."

"Olaf, go fuck yourself, and get new material, that shit's gettin' old," Faith said when came to a stop in front of him. She put her poles in each ski and unlocked them from her boots.

"And that's how this one treats me," Olaf said to Vi, then he turned to the inside and yelled. "Rann, get food ready for Faith and Vi!"

Olaf was a big burly man from Norway, but he emigrated to Switzerland for a girl who went to law school there. She was his world, but he wasn't hers, and in time he found Rannveig, who saw his vision for an inn between the woods and the mountain and became his wife.

Faith stomped her boots on the walkway and helped Vi get out of her harness, then placed everything in her pack.

"You planning on staying up in the hills again?" Olaf said as Rannveig walked up behind him and put her arms out to Faith for a hug.

"Heya, Rann. Always good to see you," Faith accepted her hug and let her get a good look at her.

"You didn't come to our inn for so long," Rannveig made a tutting sound with her tongue on her teeth.

"I know, the last time I came by here the alarm was goin' off and I needed to get up there quick."

"Why are you going now? There's no alarm," Olaf narrowed his eyes.

"Nothin'. Can't I just go up to clear my head? Get away from things for a while?"

Faith moved to take her ski boots off and put her regular boots on. She was planning on staying here at least a night, before taking off in the morning for the spot on the mountain that gave her the most peace.

"No crime in that, unless you actually committed crime," Olaf laughed a hearty laugh, and then stopped suddenly looking at Faith with concern.

She laughed, "No, Olie, I didn't commit a crime. There's a full house down there, I'm just gettin' away for a bit."

He nodded satisfied and then said he hoped she and Vi had a good appetite because they were going to prepare a feast for them. Faith's stomach growled appreciatively as she took her place at her favorite table near the fire.

After the last scrap had been eaten, by both Faith and Vi, Olaf came and sat down at her table with a big cup of what he called grog, but was just a huge mug of coffee. He had a smaller one for her.

"Thanks, man. Shit that was an awesome breakfast."

"You must have been running out of door with one foot in your pants, for you to be that hungry."

`Had a fuckin' wicked awesome night of fuckin',' Faith thought, her heart fluttering with the thought of Buffy.

"Just wanted to get a good jump on the day."

"Well," Olaf got up and stretched. "I'm going to go help Ranni with the rest of the breakfast, the patrons will be coming down soon."

"Alright, Olie, I'll see you later."

"Ja," He stopped and look back at her. "What news of Aud?"

"She's good, workin' too hard, but you know her."

"Ja," Olaf said and nodded his head sagely. "I do."

After Olaf left, Faith sipped her coffee and watched as Vi licked her bowl clean and then gave her a look. She knew if the dog could talk, she'd tell on her. It was clear that she had fallen for Buffy. Much like her master had all those years ago.

December 13th 2003

"Faith," Diana called from the bottom of the stairs. "Faith, you need to get up and go shower now, we'll be late!"

Faith groaned from the bed, she wasn't asleep, she had just had her third masturbation session of the morning, while watching a video Diana had let her rent the night before.

"Darling, Rupert will be here in thirty minutes to take us to breakfast."

"I'm…" `coming', Faith thought. "I'll be down in a few minutes." She managed to croak out. Her throat was so dry from breathing harder than she had ever breathed in her life. Her cock throbbed in her hand as she saw Buffy smile at the camera and lick her lips, opening her mouth slightly for the camera to see there was no come from her scene partner left in her mouth.

She winked and blew a kiss to the screen and a delicious feeling spread over Faith. She was in love.

In love with herself, her penis, and a certain blonde, porn star from California, who looked so innocent she really could be the girl next door.

As the video started playing the next scene she hit the `stop' button on her remote, and used tissues to clean herself up.

"Damn, gotta get something stronger next time," She mused, watching the tissues break apart and stick to the flesh of her penis.

This was the first time in years she really looked at it, before it was the most hated thing in the world to her. She had even tried to cut it off a few years ago, but all that did was land her in the hospital with a bad infection because she had used a box cutter that was not very sanitary.

"Faith, this is the last time I'm calling you," Diana said, in her very proper British accent. "This is your pre-birthday breakfast party and I don't think you'll want to miss it." Her voice became concerned, "Unless you're ill?"

Faith cleared her throat before answering, "Nah, not ill, Doc. I'm gonna be down in a minute. I'm gettin' in the shower now."

"Very well," Diana said and sat down at the kitchen table to make out her schedule for the next day. She smirked as she realized what Faith might have been doing, and being a progressive woman as well as a prominent genetics doctor who was dating a prestigious gender psychologist, she couldn't have been more pleased that Faith finally loved herself.

After ten minutes, Faith bounded down the stairs trying to dry her hair with a hair towel. She went over to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup.

"Giles'll be here in…damn, like ten minutes," She said as she put too much sugar and cream into the cup. "Do I have time to dry my hair?"

"Plenty," Diana said. "He'll be here in thirty minutes."

"But you said…" Faith's eyes went wide. "You played me!" She laughed and pointed her mug at Diana.

"I did indeed, like a Stradivarius, I might add."

Faith chuckled as she stirred her coffee, "Damn, Doc. You know me better than I know myself."

That was said to comment on the fact that Diana knew Faith would be late and therefore needed to be lied to so that she would get herself in gear sooner. But it also meant that Diana knew Faith would love herself, it would just take some gentle coaxing…and porn.

When Faith thought of Buffy in the video, sucking that guy off, she instantly got hard, and excused herself quickly, saying she should go finish drying her hair.

Back in her room, it took a lot of thoughts about unsexy things to finally get her erection to go down.

"Damn, I think I unleashed a monster," She let out a short laugh, thinking that was funny due to its size and girth. "I'm just sorry I didn't do this shit before." She lamented. "So many good jackin' years gone." And then went to finish drying her hair.

After about twenty minutes, with her hair sufficiently dry and her erection gone, Faith went back downstairs.

"So, shall I assume your experimentation with that movie went well?" Diana said, still looking down at her schedule book, to Faith when she walked back into the kitchen.

Faith suddenly felt shy, "Well…" She took an apple from the fruit bowl and palmed it in both hands like it was a baseball. "I guess you could assume that…"

"And was everything in functioning order?"

Faith brought the apple to her shirt and polished it, trying to not feel awkward with talking to her foster mother about masturbating to a porno.

"Yeah, I guess…but ummm…"

"Yes?" Diana lifted her head and looked at Faith.

"Well, I noticed some fine hairs growin' on my palm," She held up her palm and furrowed her brow. "And I kinda can't see so good anymore…"

Diana's face had gone from concerned to amused with the second symptom that Faith described.

"Right, I see. Well, I think that's something best discussed with Mr. Giles."

Faith straightened up and looked horrified, "Oh my God, you're not gonna make me talk to Giles about what I did are you? `Cause that would be like all kindsa…I…"

Diana couldn't hold the laughter in and let it out, "C-can you…can you just imagine?" She laughed loudly for a moment and then added. "He-he'd p-polish his glasses until they w-were non-existent."

Faith looked relieved, "Jesus, you weren't serious, oh thank God."

"Serious about what?" Giles said as he came in the kitchen.

Faith looked at Diana, her eyes pleading with her not to tell him what they were just talking about.

The smile abruptly faded from Diana's lips and she looked innocently at Giles' as she told him a bold faced lie, "About Faith looking at a nunnery for school."

Giles looked slightly puzzled, then stated, "Well, I don't know…I think the strict guidance of the sisters could do her some good, don't you agree? As a matter of fact I'm setting her up for an interview with the Mother Superior of Our Lady of Perpetual Help."

"What? G, have you gone totally nuts? I've been in Catholic school before, we didn't agree…" Faith noticed Giles give Diana a wink and he bent down to her for a kiss. They shared a giggle and Faith knew she had just been had again. "You know what, it's the stupid British accents, I trust you because of them. But I'm not gettin' played by `em anymore. One more year and I'm outta here. Goin' to the biggest party school ever built…"

Giles took an envelope out of his jacket pocket, "If by party school you mean Harvard…" He handed it to her, she was rendered speechless for a moment while she looked at the envelope in his hand.

"No way…" She said, stunned.

"Way," Giles said, uncharacteristically with a smirk.

Faith looked to Diana who smiled and nodded but Faith just shook her head and backed up a little. Almost like Giles was holding a ticking time bomb.

"You're a smart girl, Faith. I told you, if you put your mind to it, you could accomplish anything."

"But Harvard…"

"Well, it's damn sure not Oxford, so I don't know what you're getting so worked up about."

"Oh, hush, darling. You know Cambridge trumps Oxford…"

Faith finally took the letter from Giles and opened it.

"Dear Ms. Lehane, We are pleased to welcome you to the Fall two thousand and six semester…" Faith trailed off and held the letter up and to the side. "This is three years from now."

"There is a small wait to get in, yes. E-Especially in your field," Giles explained. "However, I think if you took classes here locally, and then went to Harvard with your class, that your experience would be richer."

"Besides, you could just take a year off to travel, darling. See the world. Loads of people do that before they start their academic career," Diana got up and put her arms around Faith's shoulders.

"Did you?" Faith asked.

"Certainly, I spent six months helping indigenous people in the rainforests of Sri Lanka, then `partied hearty', as you would say, in Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, New York, and Rio for the other six."

"And I spent a great deal of time in Washington D.C. at the National Archive and the Library of Congress…"

"G, please, no one needs to hear `bout your `year of debauchery'." She shrugged. "So I got into Harvard, doesn't mean I'm gonna go. Probably just let me in `cause I'm an interestin' freak they'd like to study and get grant money for. Am I right?" She apathetically tossed the envelope onto the counter and jammed her hands into her jean's pockets. Leaning up against the counter looking defiant.

Diana started to speak but Giles gave her an almost imperceptible look that made her hold her tongue.

"At any rate, today is not a day to speak of schools, today is a day for celebrating almost birthdays," He smiled at Faith. "You'll be seventeen tomorrow, how does that feel?"

Faith gave another shrug, "Like sixteen, only with a seven."

Giles sighed, "You live to confound me…"

"Got that right." She chewed the inside of her cheek while she looked at him, then asked, "Hey, does a Harvard girl get pancakes?"

Both Diana and Giles' faces lit up with the question.

"W-well, I think pancakes and French toast would certainly be on a Harvard girl's menu."

"And bacon?"

"Three kinds," Diana added.

"'Kay, let's get goin' I'm hungry," Faith smirked and held the door open for her foster mother and Giles.

"You played us?"

"Like an accordion," Faith let out a laugh and closed the door. She then threaded her arms through their arms as the practically air walked to the car on a cloud of happiness.



"Has she called?" Harmony said, as Jana and Chao kissed her at the terminal.

"No, we haven't heard a word yet."

"What the hell is she being so stubborn for?"

Chao and Jana looked at each other, then Chao answered, "We have no clue."

"I mean, seriously. She has the woman of her dreams back. Buffy Summers is that woman. Buffy Summers who's gonna have her kid. She should be happy."

"You're preaching to the choir, sweetie, we have no idea what's going on."

"Unless there's something crazy like the baby's not Faith's, then I could see if she took a couple of days…" Harmony's eyes went wide as her sentence trailed off. "Oh." She let out finally.

Jana and Chao's eyes also widened as the possibility of truth in Harmony's words sunk in.

"We have to go, baby," Jana said and gave Harmony another kiss.

"Of course, you get back there as quick as you can," She said understandingly. "Take care of my baby boy."

"We will, very good care."

"And don't let Faith brood about this, whatever happened…happened, right? Now she needs to man up and stand by her woman," Harmony punctuated her sentence with a sharp nod of her head.

"Exactly. Tell Xander we said hello."

"I will. I'll see you in a couple of days. Call me if anything major happens with them. And of course, with Marcus," She hugged and kissed Chao and then followed the skycap into the airport lounge area.

"Ciao, baby," Jana said and blew her a kiss.

Chao pulled down her sunglasses slightly and watched Harmony's ass as it bounced while she walked.

"Damn, girl. You think she'd be interested in doing a threesome for her comeback?"

Jana laughed and smacked Chao's arm, "Pervert, she's going to be in that production of Oz's. How is it called…Cash or asses?"

"You mean, `Cash My Hairy Check'?"

Jana nodded, "That's the one."

"You think she'd wanna rehearse a threesome when she gets back then?"

"Mein Gott, sometimes you're worse than eighteen year old boy."

"Oh, no, baby. I'm better than an eighteen year old boy, I don't smell like sweaty socks, and I can go all night."

Jana's amused smile turned to a look of desire.

"This is very true," She agreed as they walked back out of the terminal hugged up very close together, and walked to their car.


"Thanks, Olaf. I appreciate it," Buffy said and then hung up the phone.

"What's going on?" Dawn said, as she made her way into the kitchen, half asleep.

"Nothing, one of the locals called to give Jay a message."

"Okay," She was skeptical but she didn't press things.


"Why didn't you let it go to voicemail?"

"Because Faith left earlier this morning to go help some avalanche victims and I figured I'd better answer it just in case."

Dawn looked curiously at Buffy and narrowed her eyes.

"What, do I have a snot on my face?"

"Usually but no, I was just wondering how in the hell I slept through the alarm."

"What alarm, I didn't set one…unless you did last night…"

Dawn decided to let it drop.

"Oh, I thought I did. Hey did Jay and Chao take Harmony to the airport?"

"Yes, so for the time being we're on diaper duty."

That made Dawn squeal and she went over to look at Marcus who was asleep in his port-a-crib.

"Shhhh, don't wake him, Dawnie, I just got him to go down for a nap. He's missing Harmony already."

"I bet," Dawn said in wonder. "Look at his tiny head and little itty bitty fingers."

Buffy let out a short laugh, admiring her sister's awe of the baby. She could remember when she was like that over Dawn.

"You and Faith will be the best parents…" Dawn whispered.

"Yeah, me and Faith."

Dawn looked over at her, and the first thing she noticed was the look of worry etched onto her features.

"What do you mean? Did you two fight? Is that why she's gone?"

"No, nothing like that. I just…"

"You think if the baby turns out to be Gunn's she's not gonna stick around?"

Buffy looked down at her hands and shrugged.

Dawn reached out to her sister, and Buffy finally put her hand in hers after a short while. Dawn squeezed, making Buffy look at her.

"Faith isn't like that, Buffy. When you tell her she might not be thrilled, but if you gave her a day or two…"

"I know."

"…of head."


Dawn laughed sinisterly, "I know, I know, I couldn't resist. But what I said about Faith is true. She'll need a day or so to process, and really, who wouldn't? I bet she'd be feeling that Gunn was more of a "man" than her. That you're going to dump her for him. A whole host of badness. And then she'd get over it."

Buffy sighed, she knew Dawn was right. She hated that Dawn was right but she had to accept it. Otherwise she would drive herself crazy with worry and guilt.

"It just frustrates me, because…" Buffy stopped, because she was about to give away the fact that she and Faith had already talked about this. She knew she should be honest with Dawn, but she didn't want her to think that Faith was actually freaked out by it.

"Because what?"

"I don't know."

"Well, that's not frustrating," Dawn said sarcastically.

"Dawn, stop being a pain, I'm going through a crisis here."

"Stop working it up in your head, Buffy. Otherwise you're going to scare Faith away, and then the baby won't have the best `father' in the world to help raise it."

That made Buffy smile, Faith was pretty great, even though she made her crazy sometimes. She leaned in and hugged her sister as a thank you for helping her see things clearly.

"Ew, cooties," Dawn said, unemotionally and squeezed Buffy hard.

"You're a brat."

"But a loveable one."

"Very loveable."

"Oh no, I'm not gonna be in one of your sick fantasies now, am I?"

Buffy pulled back and narrowed her eyes at Dawn, "You wish."

"With Faith maybe…" Dawn winked and Buffy's eyes widened. "Don't kill me, you know she's hot, but I'd never go there. So just stop all the murderous thoughts."

"What a nice thing to tell a pregnant woman with cankles."

Dawn looked down at Buffy's ankles.

"You don't have cankles."

Buffy smiled at her sister's affirmation of her slim ankles, "Thank you."

"No, fat thighs, maybe but not cankles."

"Dawn! I don't know why I even bothered bringing you!"

"Oh, don't go sticking your foot into your mouth, keep that for Faith's—"

"Dawn! Enough!" Buffy sat on the bed and rubbed her temples. "I'm a little tired."

"What did that `local' tell you when he called?"

"His name's Olaf, he said…" Buffy decided to tell Dawn the truth about the phone call. "He said that Faith stopped at his place, and that there's no cause for alarm, she's just going up into the mountains to clear her head."

"I thought so," Dawn crossed her arms. "You told her didn't you?"

Buffy nodded, "Don't think badly of her."

"Did you guys `talk-talk' or was that rosy glow on your cheeks courtesy of something else?"

A blush appeared on Buffy's cheeks, "We made love…"

"Well, finally! Jesus, I thought I was gonna have to throw you two into a room and have you go at it. Is that what you left for last night? A booty call?"

"Shut up. I needed air, I went downstairs. She heard me and came up, and then…"

"You fucked like bunnies on the white sofa."


"Okay, so no white sofa, but I'm right about the fucked like bunnies part, aren't I?"

Buffy sighed, "Do you have to be so crude? Let me just get some rest and I'll tell you all about it later."

"Alright, you rest. I'll go get something to eat. Hey, that Olaf guy, is he an informant for you or something?"

"Anya unofficially asked him to help me if needed, but not with anything that would be sneaky of course. She knew Faith might have a bit of a hard time with the news about the baby, and just wanted him to keep an eye out for her and to relay that information back to me."

"He's just someone in town?"

"No, he runs an inn, up past the forest, a few miles from the mountains," Buffy breathed out, exhaustion setting in quickly.

Dawn thought for a moment, then leaned down to kiss her sleepy sister before pulling the covers over her, "Sweet dreams, and don't worry about Faith." Dawn finished her sentence in her head, as she watched Buffy fall asleep.

`You brought me here for a reason, and I'm going to do just that when the right time comes, I'll just give her a little thinking time first. And if that's not enough…Ass kicking time.'

She smiled confidently as she went down to watch Harmony's baby while Buffy slept.



"You need any help, Rann?" Faith asked as she leaned up against the door frame to the kitchen.

"Come, darling. You can spoon the cookies onto the cookie sheet for me."

"Sweet, I love your cookies," Faith said, then went over and washed her hands before getting started on helping with the cookies.

"Just make sure more of the dough gets on the cookie sheet than in your mouth."

"Wha?" Faith asked, a small spoon dangling from her mouth. She quickly removed it then laughed, "That was it, I promise!"

"Ja, ja. Put that spoon in the sink."

"You're such a slave driver, Rann."

"Now you sound like, Olaf."

"What's he up to? I thought he was helpin' you."

"No, he's helping you."

"What? With what?"

"He went up to make a phone call, to let your friends know where you were."

"Why'd he do that? I left a note…what's goin' on, Rann?" A million things were going through Faith's mind and they all centered around Buffy.

"You know Olaf still talks to Aud, don't you?"

"Anya? No, he just asked me about her this morning."

"Well, not that I'm happy about it, but they're friends."

"What's that gotta do with him callin' my friends and tellin' them where I am?"

"Faith, don't be upset, but we're worried about you."

"About me? Why?"

"You might go up into the mountains and not come down for a long time, and that baby needs a father."

Faith's eyes got so wide it was a wonder her eyeballs didn't pop out of her skull.

"Rann, what the f—"

"Faith," Rannveig cut her off before she finished her question. "I know I shouldn't be telling you all of this, but I'd rather you heard it from me and right now, then later when it's too late."

Faith wasn't really paying attention, she was busy thinking about Anya betraying her.

"I know Olie loves me, and that our lives couldn't be happier, but I also know that he loves Anya very much, and if they had been together, she'd be a much happier person."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Don't push someone away because you are scared of the unknown. When you get passed the knowing part, you'll see it wasn't anything to be afraid of."

Faith narrowed her eyes, she wasn't sure what exactly Rannveig knew, but she guessed she probably knew a whole lot about the situation.

That was just like Anya, leaking just enough information for everyone to draw their conclusions, without actually telling her business, so that they'd make sure she wasn't going to do something stupid.

And even though she hated it, she had to admit it was a clever thing to do.

But that didn't stop her from making stupid decisions in the interim.

"Rann, I gotta go, sorry…I can't…I can't help with the cookies," Faith got up from the stool at the counter and took the small spoon to the sink.

"Faith, don't go, there's going to be a storm tomorrow."

"I've been through storms before, I gotta go. Sorry."

"Not in this state you haven't."

"Rann, don't make this out to be more than it is, I'm goin' up to the mountains now and that's that."

"At least let me pack you some extra vittles."

"Fine, but have `em ready soon, I'm goin' in thirty."

Rannveig sighed as she watched Faith leave the kitchen.

"Hard headed…you would have though Diana never taught her a thing," Rannveig said as she shook her head and set out preparing a pack of food for Faith and Vi. "Bless them all."



As soon as Buffy's head hit the pillow, she started dreaming of Faith, it was of their time in the hotel together and it was making her moan in her sleep.

"Fuck, B…your mouth…"

"Is a wonderland?" Buffy said in between kisses up Faith's body.

Faith laughed and pulled Buffy up the rest of the way so she could kiss her.

"Well, as a matter of fact, that song coulda been written for you, since your whole body is a fuckin' play ground made especially for me."

Buffy smiled and then looked concerned.

"What is it? You got gas?"

"No," She scoffed. "I was just wondering…"


"With all the sex we've been having, don't you worry if I'll get pregnant?"

"You told me you were on the pill."

"I know, and I am, but do you trust every girl that tells you that?"

Faith shrugged and looked away at the wall, then back at Buffy, "No, with most girls I don't come inside, unless I got a cumbrella on," She waited for the look of recognition to bloom on Buffy's face.

"Cumbrella?" Buffy asked and then laughed. "You're so dumb."

"I got more where that came from."

"I'm sure you do but…"

"Fiveskin," She said with a smirk and watched the cute look of confusion on Buffy's face change to one of mirth when she figured it out. Faith was having fun with this. "Cummer Bun."

Buffy snorted, "Okay, that one was dumb."

"Package protector."

"They're all funny and clever, Faith, but I think you're avoiding the subject."

"What subject?" She tried to look innocent.

"What would happen if I got pregnant?"

"Really not sure if I can get anyone, pregnant, B. But…if you did, I'd be there for you. In whatever you wanted to do."

"You're not just saying that?"

"No, I'm not just sayin' that."

"So if I didn't want to have it you'd support me?"

Faith's brow furrowed slightly, but she gave Buffy an honest answer, "I said I'd support you with whatever. Why all the questions, girlfriend?"

"I just want to know."

"If I'm gonna run out on ya?"

Buffy cocked her head slightly but didn't say anything.

Faith slid down and captured a nipple in her mouth, moaning around the tight, warm nub of flesh.

`Is sex her answer for everything?' Buffy thought.

When she felt Faith's cock get hard against her leg she decided that while it wasn't the answer, it was Faith's way of saying she'd stay no matter what.

Buffy lifted herself slightly and reached down to stroke Faith's hardness, she positioned it at her opening and slid down, making them both groan. Immediately she started up a slow pace, not wanting Faith to take her mouth off of her nipple just yet. She loved when Faith sucked on her nipples while they fucked, it really sent her orgasms into overdrive. Hers had been slowly smoldering while she was giving Faith the blow job, and now her combined actions were like a fan to the flames.

Faith found Buffy's g-spot after a few minutes and started to fuck her with short, sharp strokes, causing Buffy to rear up and break the contact with her nipple. Buffy reached down and grabbed for Faith's hands, she took them and helped her steady herself so she could bang into Faith exactly how she needed her.

After a few more fast and furious minutes Faith prompted Buffy to turn around, she wanted to "Hit it from behind."

Faith stayed laying on her back, while Buffy turned and then repositioned herself to slide down Faith's throbbing member.

"Oh, God Faith, I always forget how good this position feels."

"Rubs your spot real good, don't it?" Faith asked, practically panting from the feel of Buffy's tight warm hole strangling her cock in a delicious way.

"Fuck yeah," Buffy said, as her eyes closed. She leaned forward and let Faith pick up the blistering pace that she had stopped just moments earlier.

"I'm gonna come real soon, B," Faith grunted, trying to hold it back until she got the go ahead from Buffy.

"Me too, baby. So hard, let it go."

Faith thrust her hips into Buffy and held off until she could feel her start to come, then pulled her down and let her own orgasm take over her senses. Buffy's pussy exploded around Faith's cock and she moaned uncontrollably. She tried to keep herself upright by falling forward and stopped herself by putting her hands on the bed.

"God damn, Buffy," Faith said, trying to suck air back into her lungs as her cock jerked and throbbed into her hot pussy. After a couple of minutes she said, "I don't know why you're worried I'll leave you if you have a kid, with the way I've been tryin' to get you pregnant." She laughed, still trying to get her breath.

"You'll be there for our baby?"

"Of course I will."

Buffy's eyes flew open when she heard the voice that said that last statement.

Gunn looked at her and smiled.

She woke up sweating, with her hand in her underwear, with her finger on her clit.

"Buffy," Dawn said, as she knocked gently on the door. "Are you up?"

Buffy pulled her hand off of herself quickly and pulled the covers up over her chest, apparently she had been pulling on her nipples during her sleep too.

"Yes, I just woke up."

"You must have been exhausted."

Buffy nodded, trying to shake the images of the end of her dream out of her head.

"Chao and Jay are back from dropping Harmony off at the airport."


"And Olaf called again, Faith's left the inn."

"What? So soon?"

"Don't freak out, but I'm gonna go find her."


"Because we've talked it over and we decided that she shouldn't be left to brood."

"I thought you said she needed some time to clear her head?"

"Well, she'll clear it alright, when I knock some sense in to it."

"Dawnie, don't…"


"Don't push her away."

"I'm not pushing her away. If she doesn't listen to reason though she's gonna be pushed over the edge of a crevasse."

Buffy let out a laugh, but it wasn't a happy one. "I feel so stupid," She said.


"I just do…"

"Well, you probably just need to go pee and then eat."

"I think I'm gonna take a shower."

"You need help?"

"No, you're helping plenty already, and besides, I'm pregnant not paraplegic."

"I could make that happen."

"Stop trying to scare me, I don't fear you. I fear your bug breath," Buffy said as she made her way to the guest bathroom.

"Love you too, Buffy. I'm heading out now."

Buffy stopped and then walked over to her sister.

"Thank you, and be careful," She kissed and hugged her tight.

"I will."

"Don't kill Faith."

"I won't kill her, maim her a little, but not kill."

"And Dawn?"

"Yes, Mother?"

"If you have to sleep in the tent, don't sleep in the same sleeping bag," Buffy narrowed her eyes.

"Who said any sleeping was gonna to get done," Dawn said and jumped away from her sister before she could cause her bodily harm.


Dawn blew her a kiss, "Love you, mean it!"

After Dawn left, Buffy ignored her bladder and sat on the bed, still troubled by the end of the dream.

She hoped there wasn't some significance as to who was in it.

This visit wasn't going exactly as she had hoped, all she needed to happen was something like finding out she wasn't really divorced from Angel.

She shuddered at that thought and got up to finally relieve her bladder.

"Stop thinking end of the world type stuff. Dawn will find Faith and things will be fine. Fine."

`They better be fine,' She thought, not too confidently.


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