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by Frass

"Love Games" Challenge:


Rating: NC- 21!
Disclaimer: Who Cares?! So What?! And all that jazz.
A/N#1: There's a lot of very hard core sex in here, and if penises aren't your thing, you might want to stop reading. It's something I've had written since the moment I stopped Buffy 3:16, and I haven't found the right time to post it. Thanks to all the usual suspects for your encouragement throughout my pestering you with this. Enjoy!
A/N#2: Thank you to everyone who came on this journey with me. Thank you to Gina (Oralfxatn) who thought up this challenge and to her and Bobbi for giving me the courage to post it. I hope you know how much I respect and love you guys.
Oral's Notes: Be sure to check out the additional surprise banner at the bottom of the screen. Don't peek, wait till you get there!

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Chapter 1 – Buffy and The Big Bad Wolf

"Fuck!" Buffy Summers cursed, as she eyed the clock display on her dash board. She was fifteen minutes late for the scene she was featured in and she was the type of person that was never late.

It wasn't completely her fault though, her boyfriend, Angel, had kept her up half the night because he thought they should have "just back from a month's vacation" sex and he was a little drunk so it went on for longer than it should have. Needless to say, she overslept, which wasn't technically oversleeping since she got up earlier than she needed to anyway. However, the three car pileup on the Pacific Coast Highway was the current culprit in the conspiracy to make her break her impeccable on set attendance record.

When she was able to, she pulled off the highway into a gas station to fill up; she hadn't realized she was so low on gas when she got into the car. It was usually Angel's job to make sure she had plenty of gas at all times and he obviously forgot to do it. This also allowed her to finally reach her phone that had slipped off of the passenger seat and down into the black hole between the door and base of the seat. It had done that a while back when she swerved to avoid almost hitting the car in front of her while trying to reach a really annoying itch on her leg. She sighed when she pulled the phone out and saw that there were five messages: four from the set and one from Angel. She decided to get that one over with first.

"Hey baby, I miss you already. I'll be out most of the day doing this or that, I might be back late, but don't forget, I want to get together for dinner. Oh and we need stuff for the fridge, so when you're done with the shoot if you don't mind stopping at the market that would be great. Love you."

Buffy shook her head. She loved Angel, but things like this irked her. He really didn't have a job, other than the occasional porn shoot that he did when his agent bugged him, and "doing this or that" meant that he was just going around with his buddies and hanging out. What further annoyed her was the fact that he expected her to do all the household chores and growing up in a progressive household, she was bothered by him treating her like the "little lady". Still, she loved him and thought maybe she needed to lighten up. She did enjoy shopping and besides if she left it up to him they'd be well stocked with beer and frozen pizza and not much else.

As soon as she hit delete, the display on her phone lit up with another call. It read "Oz".

"Hey Oz."

"Buffy, what's up? My man, Xan, tells me he hasn't been able to reach you."

"So sorry! I dropped the phone and couldn't reach it. There was an accident on the PCH and I had to pull over and get gas. I'm like ten minutes away."

"Okay, so long as you're coming. The talent's waiting, but we're keeping 'em occupied."

Buffy knew that meant they were getting high. That was something that she didn't participate in when it was she who was kept waiting for some other girl that was running late. She didn't really care too much that others did it, she looked at it as someone having a drink, but she was a professional and she wouldn't drink on the set either.

"I'm camera ready, so all I have to do is put the rest of my costume on and I'm done."

"Okay, we'll be here."

"Thanks, Oz. Really, I'm so sorry."

"S'ok, it's good to have you back, see you soon, babe."


She hit end on the phone, paid the attendant for her gas and the bottled water she took from the store's refrigerated cabinet and got back in the car to drive the rest of the way to the set.

When she walked into the house there was a flurry of people asking her about the accident. They knew she was a hard working girl and wouldn't have been late if there weren't a good reason.

A couple of the newer girls that didn't really know her, and didn't really care to, rolled their eyes. They thought she was just another diva that was going to complain about how much work they got over her.

They didn't really understand that wasn't possible, because Buffy usually only worked now as a favor to her friends, and she only did a specific type of scene these days. One that some directors didn't want to hire her for because A) Her fee was not cheap and B) There were many girls out there who would do her specialty and everything else for the fraction of her salary.

Since she had been going out with Angel, there was only one type of sex on camera that Buffy would do, and that was oral. Giving, not receiving. Well, sometimes receiving for a bit, if the director pushed for a little more screen time with her because the guy was notorious for coming too quickly, but for the majority of her scenes, she was the one giving the head.

Buffy was unbelievably talented in the art of blowjobs and many old school directors didn't mind that she wouldn't do anal or even vaginal. She was worth her weight in gold for her talented mouth and she was also a delightful girl to work with. Oftentimes on a moment's notice she would fill in for a girl who was too sick/fucked up on junk/temperamental to work, and she'd do it without a single complaint or demand, other than her usual fee, plus a bonus for the short notice. It was all business to Buffy and she figured if she got what she wanted, the director got what he wanted and the audience got what they wanted, then there was no need for other petty drama.

Buffy looked over at the talent area and noticed her partner for this scene was already in his costume. She hoped that he wasn't too mad about having to wait in what would have been a pretty warm suit.

They would be doing scenes for a movie tentatively titled, "Wolf Down This Big Bad Cock" and she would be dressed as Red Riding Hood but was credited as "Red Cliting Hood". She suspected Oz' stoned assistant, Xander, had come up with that name. Her partner was of course, the "Big Bad Wolf with the Big Bad Cock" and the costume he had on, looked like one of those mascot costumes for a basketball team, except not so cartoonish. This one was more real looking, with a hole in the front, where the penis would slip through.

After getting dressed in her red see-through bikini and her cape and bonnet, Buffy was ready. She went over to Oz, who was talking to his assistant, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Buffy, so glad you made it. We're just gonna jump into this one. Debbie's up next and she has another shoot when she's done here. Of course she's late, or we would have shot her now and then not have had to rush…" Oz sounded a little annoyed. But he wasn't one of those director's who was always yelling, unless it was warranted. "…but that's life on the set, right?"

She laughed, "Right. I'm so sorry…"

"No need, we're cool."

Buffy was a little upset that she wouldn't get to do the meet and greet with her scene partner. She always felt it added a little touch of realism to the scene when the cameras finally rolled. She again saw the costume her partner was wearing and was reminded that realism wasn't exactly necessary in this situation and besides: She could connect with a cock like no one's business.

Oz walked with her to the area where the scene would play out; in front of the couch.

"Okay, man, I know you've got laryngitis pretty bad, but don't worry, you won't have to talk. We've decided to dub all your dialogue with this freaky wolf type voice processor that Xander found. It's gonna be pretty cool. You dig?"

The Big Bad Wolf nodded.

"Alright, let's get this started." He put his hand on his chest and looked sincere as he said to the cast and crew. "I don't need to tell you all how much this particular story means to me. It's been something I've been fascinated with my whole life. The Big Bad Wolf and The Girl who deep throats its ten inch cock. Let's make it happen."

There was laughter and chuckles heard all around the room.

Buffy smiled because she knew that her friend had tried to get this film made for a while. He had been pushing the script to every adult studio for two years, but no one would bite. They said it had all been done before and there wasn't really a good enough reason to have another. That was until Buffy signed on to do her signature blow job scene. And even though she was going to be on screen for maybe ten minutes tops, they still were marketing this around her. Her skills were that good.

"Okay, Buffy, you're on."

When the camera guy and sound girl indicated that they were ready, Oz said, "Action."

"Grandma, what big teeth you have." Buffy said, in her sexy-but-innocent girl voice.

"All the better to eat girls with."  Xander gave the Wolf's line off camera.

"Grandma, I don't remember you having a penis." Buffy said, with a puzzled look on her face while pointing to the opening in the Wolf's costume, the head of its cock jutting out a little.

"Granny's got a lot of surprises for you little girl. Lots of tasty surprises."

"Oh, really?" She said with feigned, but oddly believable, enthusiasm. "I hope I'm able to get them all in my little mouth."

"Don't worry, Granny will…Dude I just noticed that thing is huge!" Xander was no longer looking at the script but wide eyed at the erect cock slowly poking out from the front of the costume as its owner was clearly getting excited.

"Cut." Oz groaned. "Xander we're on time constraints. Just read the fucking script okay?"

"Okay, sorry…I just…How? Ya know…damn that's somethin'." He sounded awed.

Buffy was not really paying attention, even though she was a little annoyed to have to pause, it gave her time to really look at the penis she was about to suck. She was pleasantly surprised at its girth and where most girls would be intimidated, she was kind of excited. She wasn't one of those girls who would lie to a talent booker and say she could deep throat, then spend the entire scene gagging through it from start to finish, try to cheat it by holding it with both hands giving the illusion she was going down on it all the way and then almost vomit from the come that was shot into her mouth, giving a half hearted smile to the camera while it leaked from both sides.

No. She took her cock sucking seriously and she swallowed without a foul look, even when she wished she didn't have to.

"Sorry, guys." Oz said, when he was finally done making sure Xander wasn't going to interrupt again. "Everybody ready?" He waited for everyone to give him the okay. "Buffy is the throat ready?" He winked at her.

"Ready." She gave it a cursory clearing.

"Okay, take it from 'I hope I'm able to get them all in my mouth' aaaand action."

"Oh, I hope I'm able to get them all in my mouth."

"Don't worry, Granny'll be gentle, girl."

Buffy leaned down and stroked the cock.

"I hope not." She said with a sexy moan.

She kneeled down and started by giving the head of the cock wet kisses. The spongy skin at the top felt so warm, she was hoping the actor wasn't burning up in that costume. Some of her co-workers got vindictive when their scene partner was late and would make them pay by being too rough. Not that she wasn't down for the rough stuff sometimes, but they could be really degrading and she wasn't in that type of mood.

Before she put her mouth around the head, her partner put his "paws" on her head, gathered up her long blonde hair and tilted her face up to look at him. She noticed his soft brown eyes and the wink he gave her. She could tell he was smiling a genuine smile and that made her feel better about not getting to meet him earlier.

She actually started to feel excited to give this blow job. The way her day was going previously, she would have felt the need to get this over with, not that she often felt that way, but it was just a job after all.

The small wink that he gave her and the look of understanding in those soft brown eyes, even if imagined, made her feel a hundred times better and she wanted to give him something nice in return.

Buffy swirled her tongue around the tip, making sure her mouth had enough saliva so the friction would be more pleasurable for him. He held her hair as she took him all the way in for the first time. Her throat relaxed and he didn't move his hips as the camera got in close and showed the muscles in her neck straining. He pulled back and she caught her breath and leaned forward for more.

"That's it girly, take Granny's cock deep in your throat." Xander gave the line. "You like how Granny tastes?"

She pulled back from another "thrust and hold" of the cock in her mouth and said with a smile, "Yes, I love it."

Buffy really wished they didn't have to do the cheesy dialogue. The "granny" bit was causing her to want to laugh so she tuned it out and allowed herself to get lost in the scene and what she was doing.

She inwardly smiled at the fact that the cock tasted pretty good. It was like he showered with some honey-lemon body wash that didn't taste soapy.

She opened her throat a little more and let her partner use her mouth as they would a pussy. This was her specialty, and what made all the men she worked with want to keep working with her. She could hold her breath for longer than anyone thought possible, and could control her gag reflex indefinitely. It was something she must have been born with, because she couldn't ever remember a time when she wasn't able to control it. It was why the boys in her school dared her into deep-throating a banana in the 9th grade, and why she got so many requests for dates after that.

Her partner still had her hair piled on her head, making sure the camera caught all the action that was happening. She could hear his excitement and that increased her excitement too. She was really getting into this one.

"Use your paw to palm her breast." Oz instructed.

He gathered up her hair a little more and used one "paw" to hold it while he reached down with the other and caressed her breast over the material of her bra. She wished he didn't have to wear those gloves, but she had a feeling that Oz didn't want to let go of the illusion that she was giving head to an actual wolf for even a minute.

"Un-hook your bra, Buffy, show us what you got."

She reached behind her back and unhooked it, pulling the straps down off her shoulders. The Wolf pulled it the rest of the way and let it fall to the floor. He palmed her now naked tit and tried to pinch the nipple with his furry hand. It actually gave her some tingles and she used her other hand to do the same to the other nipple.

She looked up at him as she did it, and Oz prompted her to look into the camera.

"My little girl, what beautiful eyes you have."

Buffy pulled off of the cock slightly to deliver her line, "All the better to see this big dick try to hit the back of my throat with."

"That's what I like to hear."

Her partner gathered her hair once again with both "paws" and waited a beat so she could take a breath before starting to fuck her face in earnest. It went on for about a half a minute and then he pulled back all the way. She took another breath and shoved her mouth back on it, pulling his hips towards her with both hands. She was really into this and wanted to keep the momentum going.

After a few minutes of this action, Oz prompted, "Let's see that ass, take off those panties, Buffy."

She reluctantly pulled back from the cock and saw that her partner waited patiently while she did her sexy mini strip tease. She swallowed some excess saliva and got her breathing under control while doing so, though you wouldn't know it because her face didn't give anything other than a naughty-girl-doing-a-striptease-for-her-boyfriend-look as her ass shook for the camera.

When her panties were all the way off, she stepped out of them and nearer to her partner. She noticed he was probably about 5'10" at the most, because they were almost the same height and she was wearing six inch heels that were made to look like Mary-Janes. The sexy/slutty girl look was capped off by white tights without garters that went up to just past her knee.

Buffy wished he didn't have to wear the Wolf's head and almost asked Oz if he could take it off, but she knew this scene was important to the director. From reading the script it was the only one that would have the Wolf in the complete costume and everyone knew it's what Oz had always dreamed of seeing in one of the films he made. No one really questioned it; he was such a good director and a pleasure to work with that they wanted to oblige him.

She got close and rubbed herself on the Wolf's furry costumed hip, wishing they could kiss.

It was something that was different about this particular shoot as well. She never kissed any of the guys she worked with, and only a couple of the girls she had done scenes with. She did both out of respect for Angel and his wishes. He never told her she couldn't kiss any of the guys, but she felt like that would be too intimate. And with the girls, he had mentioned it would be hot for her to share a kiss with them when she did the few "two girls, sucking one guy" scenes in her career, so she did that for him too.

The Wolf used his "paw" to rub her slit. It was a little moist from the pleasure she was getting from giving him head.

Buffy leaned up and gave him a kiss to what would be his cheek and continued to rub on his hand. After a few minutes of rubbing and grinding Oz said, "Let's get back to business, folks."

Again, her partner winked at her before she slid down and grabbed his still hard member in her hands, she was amazed that, after the mini break they had, it was still so hard. If she was a silly girl she'd think it was because of her hotness, but since she'd been in the business on and off for about ten years, she was guessing it was courtesy of Viagra.

It was a shame, because that stuff usually made the guy not able to come, or his come dribble out and even though that would be more pleasurable to most women, it didn't play well for a porn scene. Not a good one anyway.

She licked his shaft from the top to the bottom and inserted her hand into the hole in the front of the costume, giving his balls a massage while she worked his cock back into her mouth and encouraged him to go deep again. She was pleasantly surprised that his balls were shaved smooth, that was so much more aesthetically pleasing to her, the feel of them turned her on.

While he was thrusting into the back of her throat, Buffy snaked her hand down her front and started rubbing her slit. She didn't even know she was doing it, until Oz said, "That's it Buffy get off on it. It's the best dick you ever had and you're totally loving it. It's making you so horny."

Buffy thought, 'Obvious much.' But didn't let his direction break her concentration, she did however, make it easier for the camera to see her rubbing herself.

"We're running a little over, but I'm loving this, it's so effing hot! She's not gagging at all!" Xander said, excited.

"That's why she's the best." Oz lamented. "Too bad she doesn't do the other stuff, but I'll take what she gives us any day."

Buffy pulled back again from his dick and took a breath, she was eager to get back on it. Her partner gathered her hair up and tipped her head again, the look in his eye told her that he was enjoying it immensely and another wink from him made her smile.

"You gonna come soon?" Oz asked the Wolf. He nodded. "Well, give us warning, like a real loud growl, if you can without hurting your voice. Then we'll get the camera in position for the pop shot. Okay?"

"'Kay," The throaty whisper that came from him was the first Buffy'd heard of his voice all day. It wasn't as deep as she expected, but it was nice despite the laryngitis.

"Okay, keep rolling and action."

Buffy entered herself with two fingers as he entered her mouth again, he held her hair up and again, the camera came in to see the muscles in her neck stretch. Each time he reached the back of her throat she could feel it in her clit. After the third break he gave her to take a breath, she couldn't hold her orgasm back any longer. He bottomed out in her mouth and held his cock there as her pussy spasmed around her fingers. She moaned her intense pleasure around his cock, the sensations her actions were causing him made him grunt and groan. As her orgasm hit its highest peak she shoved another finger in herself and swallowed more of him in her mouth. After a minute he let her off his cock and waited for her to recover.

"Did you come, Buffy?" Oz asked.

She could only nod. The pleasure from such an intense and sort of unexpected orgasm, coupled with the effort of deep-throating such a big cock was rendering her speechless at the moment.

"Yeah she did, fuck she's hot!" Xander exclaimed.

The Wolf leaned down and caressed her tit in his paw, he then pinched and pulled at her nipple while she slowly rubbed her clit, drawing out the pleasure that was pulsing through her pussy. She took a look at his spit glistened shaft, the cock was pulsing and she could tell he would be coming very soon. Probably would have already, if she hadn't stopped to come herself just then.

Finally, when she was ready, she impaled her throat on his cock again and let him fuck her mouth with abandon. She was determined to make him come with just her throat. She didn't want to have to pull back and watch him stroke himself off or have her do it with her hands. She was hoping she could time it right so that she could pull back and let the first streams of come spurt out in front of the camera and onto her face. Then she would do what she was known for. Deep-throating the guy's cock while he was coming.

"Let the Wolf come in your mouth, don't swallow until we get a look at the load though. Okay, Buffy?"

She did her best to nod as he kept thrusting in and out. Finally, after a few more strokes, he howled and Buffy was surprised to feel three big blasts of come hit the back of her throat in rapid succession. She had no choice but to swallow them or she would have gagged for sure, and in her opinion, gagging was worse than having to recreate the guy's come in her mouth. In a pinch they'd use Cetaphil, the hand and face cream, it looked real enough on camera. She had no time to reminisce about the time they used thinned out pancake batter, because the Wolf was howling again. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and a spurt of come painted her lips and the side of her face, the next two shot strongly into her mouth. This guy was unbelievable, his come was thick and it flowed like no one else's she'd seen. Not even the great Peter North. He gasped and grunted and shot two more strong blasts into her mouth hitting the back of her throat, they were easily stronger than the last three. He then helped her for the next part by piling her hair on the top of her head again and tilting it back so the camera could see what she had in her mouth.

"Do Granny's treats taste good little girl?" Oz asked, as Xander was still standing slack jawed and speechless at the amount of come that was shot out of the Wolf's giant member.

"NnnHnnn," Buffy said, looking at the camera and pushing the come as close to the front of her mouth as she could get it without it spilling out of the sides.

"Oh, that's nice. That's fucking hot." Xander said.

Oz quirked an eyebrow and let his mouth settle into the barest of smiles, because he knew what was next.

The Wolf brought Buffy's face around to the head of his cock and she kept her mouth open as he thrust into her once again.

"Dude, the sperm's being fucked down her throat!"

"Shhh, Xander, this is art," Oz said mono-toned but quietly excited, for him at least. "Let it happen."

"Damn, man!" Xander exclaimed.

Buffy managed to swallow the Wolf's second load but only after he had thrust a couple of times. Again, after he fucked her throat he held his dick as far in as possible while her throat muscles contracted around the head. Her tongue pressed against the underside of his shaft and she let his come slide down her throat. As soon as the last drop was swallowed, the Wolf groaned and Buffy felt three smaller spurts at the back of her throat. After one last short grunt he pulled himself back and Buffy again showed his come to the camera and this time made a show of swallowing it down.

As the camera was panning around her face and the Wolf's cock and the still photographer was busy snapping his pictures, she spotted a long dribble of come and saliva making its way off the end of his dick. Without being prompted, she slid her tongue under the end of the dribble and let it drip down onto it. She heard a low throaty chuckle coming from the Wolf and smiled.

The camera man loved it and made her stay in that position until the come had dripped all the way down and broke off, pooling nicely on the flat of her tongue that she had curled at the tip. She took hold of his dick and shook a little and another small deposit of come fell from the eye onto her waiting tongue. Buffy moaned into the camera and smacked her lips together, snaking her tongue out and licking her lips while the camera zoomed out capturing the scene.

"Did you like Granny's treats?"

"Mmm, they were the fucking best." Buffy said, sincerely and laughed and smiled at the camera until Oz said "Cut."

"Excellent work guys, thank you." Oz clapped his hands. "Debbie. Where's Debbie?"

"She's having a feminine issue." Someone said.

"What's going on? Do I have to postpone the next scene?"

"Your dick over there just shot a load the size of the Hollywood Reservoir. I think you'll need to postpone anyway." Oz's second assistant, Andrew said. He actually did the work of Xander who was supposedly the first assistant, but Xander, who did really no acceptable work, was a high school buddy of Oz's and he didn't have the heart to fire or even demote him. So he paid Andrew more and gave him the second assistant title.

"Don't worry about my dick, you just make sure Debbie's ready. I don't want to make her late to her next gig. That's one of my productions too and I don't feel like losing the money at having to book someone else."

"Got it, boss."

"Hey," Oz looked at Buffy who was waiting for a good time to introduce herself to her scene partner. "Thanks for that wonderful scene, you're getting the cover and three pictures on the back. It was awesome."

If she didn't know Oz she would think he was lying, but she had known him since college and knew his half hearted sounding sentiments were sincere.

"You're welcome."

"I'd give you a big kiss, but you've still got some come on your mouth. Why don't you go get cleaned?"

Buffy hadn't even noticed that she was still standing there without having cleaned up, "I was so engrossed I forgot."

"Well, it's gonna get a little crazy here in a minute, you probably have to go. Give me a call later if you want, or you could stick around and watch the next scene, maybe have some lunch when it comes. I guarantee you've never seen anything like the next one."

"Do you mind if I go shower?"

"Not at all, do your thing." He gave her a slight head nod and a smile.

He then turned to the Wolf and walked with him over to the couch, "My man, can you get it up in like five?"

The Wolf nodded.

Buffy just shook her head, picked up her bag and made her way to the bathroom.

As she washed herself she thought of the amazing experience she had just had. She hadn't been that excited during a scene since she and Angel had done their first movie together. And to tell you the truth, even then she hadn't come during the blow job she gave him. Not even when she was fucking herself like she just had been.

Maybe it was the fact that she didn't know her scene partner, Oz had said it was an up and coming person, but when she had gotten the profile, she'd just tossed it on her desk and then went on her month long vacation. She had forgotten to read it when they got back and there really was no time to do anything but unpack and put away all of the new purchases they picked up in Bali.

She also reasoned that it had been a while since she'd done a scene. Even before she went on her vacation she hadn't said yes to a booking for about two months. And it's not like she'd had exciting sex in a while either. Angel had been drinking and going out with the boys more and more lately, so most nights it was just her and her trusty vibrator and hand. Their vacation had been pretty good, but that was over now and things were not looking promising with Angel already out with the boys again.

Buffy's quick shower was over and she dressed and blew her hair dry, she knew they would need the bathroom soon. As a matter of fact while she'd been in the shower, poor Debbie had asked to come in to look for some cervical sponges.

When she got out to the living room area, she looked for Oz to see if she could say goodbye to him. She also hoped to get a look at her co-star, since she still hadn't seen his face yet. Surely he wouldn't sit around waiting for Debbie with that Wolf head on.

She could see Xander goofing and carrying on with someone sitting on the couch. It was a woman with long wavy brunette hair and a Wolf costume on. Buffy's inner green monster briefly wished she had the dimples the woman was currently showing. She then looked around hoping to see another person with his costume on, but he was nowhere to be found.

Xander finished talking to the woman and walked over to her. "Hey, Buffy! I wanted to tell you that was such an awesome scene! I've still got a hard on for that one."

"Thanks…" Buffy smiled. 'I think', She thought.

"Real nice," He nodded enthusiastically. "Very ground breaking stuff."

Buffy continued to look around for her scene partner as she half listened to the A.D. go on and on about ground breaking stuff. For a moment she thought, 'How could it be ground breaking when she'd been doing that very sort of scene for years now?' She wanted to eye roll when he was talking but had to stop herself, she didn't want to be a bitch.

Finally when she was able to speak she asked, "Is that female wolf going to eat out some of the girls? Or get fucked by the male wolf?" She couldn't help feel jealous at that last thought.

"Male wolf? What male wolf?"

Buffy narrowed her brow in irritation, she really thought he needed to lay off the weed, "The one I just did the scene with."

Xander's face went confused for a moment and then he laughed out loud, "Are you serious? That's the person who you gave the blow job to." He pointed to the couch.

Buffy looked over at the Wolf on the couch, she had her dick in her hand and was occasionally stroking it trying to get it ready. The very same penis Buffy had, apparently, just sucked a few minutes ago.

"I did what now?"

At that moment the Wolf looked over at her and gave her a sincere smile and a tilt of the head in greeting. Buffy's pussy contracted at the look in her eyes. They were the same soft brown eyes that had gotten her excited during their scene.

"That's Faith, she's a…ya know," He lowered his voice, "'Hermie'. I couldn't believe something like that on a girl looking as fine as her would work, but you should know. It works really good right?"

Buffy could only nod, she was still stunned.

Faith's smile turned into a slight frown, Buffy's look was puzzling to her, but she didn't have time to think much more about it, Oz was coming out from the back of the house saying there was a problem.

"What's up, dude?" Faith asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Debbie might not be able to do the anal scene."

"Why not?"

"Her flow is pretty heavy and she's worried she's gonna leak all over the place."

"You really want her for this scene?" Faith asked.

Oz nodded, "She's the best."

"Well okay then," She said all business-like. "Get me some wipes, sponges and T.P. and I'll make sure she's good. Tell her to get that hot ass out here, I'm ready." Faith winked and smiled.

 Oz's face looked slightly less worried, which was actually a joyous look to those who could tell.

"Thanks, man. You're the best."

Oz told Xander to go relay the message to Debbie and then started to walk to his chair, before he had a chance to sit down, Buffy called him over.

"What's up, Buff?"

"Oz, you didn't tell me this was a 'chick with dicks' movie."

Oz's face settled into a grimace. "I'm pretty sure I did."

"But…I…" She looked over at Faith who was again looking at her curiously. Buffy lowered her voice, "I don't do transvestites."

Oz looked back at Faith and then smiled slightly at Buffy, "Walk with me."

They walked over to where the catering service was setting up the food. Oz grabbed a pickle and pointed it at Buffy.

"First of all, I'm pretty sure it was in that packet I sent you. Secondly, she's not a transvestite." He bent the pickle slightly. "That joint is real."

"What?" Buffy tried to look back at Faith without it being noticeable, but it didn't work. Faith smiled at her again and again her pussy tingled. It was a little strange.

"She was born with it. It's real. You should know. Hey, look, I've got to go direct. Debbie's ready."

He gave her the pickle and then walked to his chair and sat down.

Buffy just stood there holding the pickle and wondering what had just happened.



Chapter 2- Debbie Does the Big Bad Faith

"Look, I'll make sure if I see any leakage we'll stop and wipe, okay?" Faith managed to whisper to her current scene partner.

"Okay," Debbie smiled at Faith and they shared a kiss. "You're sweet and pretty wonderful."

"Wait 'til you see what this thing can do," Faith rasped out as she held her cock in her hand.

"Mmm, I can't wait."

Oz spoke to Faith, "Okay, she's gonna come in from outside and talk to you like you're her grandmother. Then dialogue ensues and she takes off your suit. I've decided I want you to leave the rest on until you're almost into her ass, then you can take off the head."

Faith let out a sound that passed as a laugh since her voice was still mostly gone.

"Oh, yeah, bad choice of words," Oz cracked a smile. "Your," He pointed to the head piece of the costume. "…thing."

"I got it, dude," Faith whispered.


"Okay, we ready?"

Both Faith and Debbie nodded and then Debbie took her place just outside the door while Faith put on the Wolf's head.

Oz waited while Xander called for quiet on the set.

"Action," Oz muttered.

A doorbell sounded.

"Come in," Xander again read Faith's dialogue.

"Hi Granny, I came as fast as I could."

"Not yet, I hope." Granny muttered.


"Nothing, my dear child."

"Your message sounded urgent, where's my sister Little Red Cliting Hood?"

"She sucked me…um…well…Granny gave her some treats and she got off…er…went off somewhere."

"That's just like her: So greedy!"

"Now dear, don't be so mean to your sister."

"I know I shouldn't, but she makes me so mad. She's always stealing my lovers."

"Come here, my dear girl. Tell Granny all about it."

The Wolf held its arms out for Little Blue Cliting Hood to step into.

Blue Cliting Hood made a confused face.

"Granny, I was in such a rush, I forgot my glasses. You look different to me."

"Really, dear? Oh, you must mean the work I've had done on my body."

"Maybe…I know there's something different…but I can't quite tell what."

"Well, that's because I'm wearing this suit, silly. Go ahead and take it off."


Debbie went behind Faith and unzipped the back of the costume so she could step out of it.

"Damn, Granny, you have had some work done. It's damn fine!"

"You like?"

"Yes, I like a lot," Debbie smiled and licked her lips.

"Have you been a good girl?"

"Yes, the goodest."

"Well then, you shall get your own treat."

"Mmm, in my mouth?"

"No, my dear, your sister had that treat already."

Debbie pouted, "See what I mean? Greedy!"

"Dear," Granny scolded. "You know you like your treats somewhere different."

Debbie smiled and nodded, "I do."

"Well, girl, get that hot ass up on this couch and let Granny give you your special treat."

"Mmmm," Debbie moaned and kneeled on the couch, angling her ass for Faith to get in behind her and for the camera to get a good shot at what was about to happen.

"No panties, that's a good girl," Granny/The Wolf said in a low voice.

Faith started by caressing Debbie's ass cheeks and giving them a few slaps. Each time her hand came down on Debbie's ass, a loud slap was followed by a moan from Debbie. Faith also shook Debbie's cheeks after each slap, showing the camera how they bounced and wiggled.

By the time the Wolf stopped the spanking, Debbie's cheeks were a light red hue.

Faith held Debbie's ass cheeks apart and took hold of the blue butt plug that she had in her anus. She twisted it around and pulled it out slightly before pushing it back in again. She fucked Debbie with the plug for a minute or so while the young woman moaned and gasped.

"Oh Granny, I want that big cock of yours in my ass," Debbie groaned.

"Are you sure, dear?" Was the Wolf's skeptical reply.

"Yes, please, give it to me."

That was Faith's cue to take off her head piece. When she removed it she immediately shook out her hair and flipped it back to one side so the camera could get a look at her face from the side.

"You…you're not Granny…"

Faith shook her head and took hold of her cock. The camera zoomed in on it and Xander delivered her line for her.

"No, little girl, since when does your Granny have a cock?"


"You Cliting Hoods aren't too bright are you?"


"You still want this?" Faith pushed her cock against Debbie's ass.

"Yes!" Debbie didn't hesitate.

Faith positioned her cockhead at the opening of Debbie's ass and the camera zoomed in getting a good shot of the point of entry.

Buffy watched the action on the display that was next to her. Oz had convinced her to stay for a little while. Well, convinced was a strong word. He asked if she would like to stay to eat and watch some of this ground breaking action and she quickly said yes.

She had to see what else this 'Faith' and her cock could do. She could see now that Faith probably wasn't much taller than she was, probably just about three inches, but she had heels on and they made her look much taller.

Buffy noticed Xander looking at a smaller video display with some footage from the scene she shot with Faith. Her pussy tingled again as she saw Faith gather her hair with the paws she had on during that scene and fuck her throat.

As Debbie gasped out, Buffy turned her attention back to the current action on the bigger monitor.

"Oh fuck, that's so good! I fucking love it in my ass."

"I love giving it to you, now shut the fuck up or I'll lose my boner."

"Cut," Oz said. "Hang on guys, sorry." He said to Debbie and Faith then looked at his assistant. "Xander what the fuck are you doing?"

"Improvising, we had no other dialogue written for Faith."

"And I want it that way, she's supposed to be a little mysterious when her true identity is revealed."

"Oooh, like Lando?"

Oz quirked an eyebrow and Xander hung his head.

"Got it, sorry."

Oz looked at his friend for a little longer, then asked, "Are you good now?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I'm good."

"Good. Signal quiet."

"Quiet on the set!" Xander yelled.

"Aaaand, action." Oz said.

Faith, who had stayed in the same position while Oz straightened out Xander, finally pulled her cock out of Debbie's ass and then pushed it back in slowly. Debbie moaned with both moves. She was enjoying herself immensely and Buffy was pleased that she didn't sound forced or fake, it was actually refreshing from some of the other shoots she had seen take place. Or for that matter, any number of the pornos Angel wanted to watch. All the girls in the ones he liked usually screamed and grunted like they were being mauled by a bear.

"Mmm, fuck me harder," Debbie moaned.

Faith obliged, thrusting her hips back and forth rapidly, causing their bodies to make a loud slapping noise from where they hit into each other.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, Oz prompted them to switch positions, the camera kept rolling as Faith kept her cock deep in Debbie's ass and pulled her back to a standing position. She took hold of Debbie's tits and pulled at the nipples while she fucked her for a minute or so, then turned them both around to sit on the couch with Debbie on top of her in the reverse cowgirl position.

Oz looked at Buffy and waited for her to wrench her gaze away from the screen. When she did, he gave her a grin and a wink. She returned the grin and they silently marveled at the skills that Faith had in making everything she did look hot.

The action stopped for just a moment as the P.A., Warren, told Oz Debbie was leaking a bit. Oz called for them to cut and Faith helped Debbie replace the sponge and clean up.

Once the scene resumed all that was heard were loud slaps and moans and gasps from both Faith and Debbie.

"How's that, Debbie? Let's hear it," Oz said.

"MmmmMmm," Debbie moaned in answer to the reaming she was getting from Faith.

Faith snaked her hand down and rubbed Debbie's clit while Debbie fucked herself up and down on Faith's dick.

Buffy was finding it hard to sit comfortably as the scene played out. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, finally keeping her legs crossed in one direction and just flexing her kegel muscles to keep the friction going to her pussy. Despite her self-control, she was getting hot again.

After another round of hard pounding from Faith, Debbie lifted herself off Faith's dick and then got back on in it the cowgirl position.

Oz leaned in and whispered to Buffy, "You rethinking your 'oral only' clause?"

She gave him a playful bump with her shoulder and laughed. But, curiously, she didn't say no.

The action started again on Oz's cue and Debbie held on to the back of the couch as Faith fucked her ass furiously for a few more minutes while simultaneously rubbing on her clit.

"Oh, Jesus…FUCK! I'm gonna come, you're gonna make me come…"

Faith sped up her thrusts and took a nipple into her mouth, biting down on it as Debbie cried out.

Debbie threw her head back and shouted at the ceiling and then gasped in waves as her orgasm washed through her clit and made her ass contract around Faith's dick.

The action slowed as Faith allowed Debbie to recover and to catch her breath before starting again.

At this point, Oz requested the missionary position. Faith lifted Debbie up and fucked her ass for a few minutes while standing again; they kissed furiously. She then walked them over to an area of the room that was designated for the last position. This is where they would do the "pop" shot.

"She's strong, huh?" Xander whispered to Buffy and winked, just as Oz had done. This time though Buffy just rolled her eyes.

Faith laid Debbie down on the blanket and then sat herself on Debbie's stomach. She alternated between playing with her own tits and Debbie's, who moaned and asked to be fucked again.

"Time to pop, you ready?" Oz asked Faith and she backed up and stood after checking to make sure Debbie wasn't leaking any blood from her pussy.

She looked at Oz and noticed Buffy sitting next to him. Anyone that was watching the monitor or Faith at that moment laughed because they could see her cock get harder right in front of their eyes. Buffy however, wasn't one of those people, she had noticed a guy she used to date standing off to the side, talking to one of the people on the set. She thought she recognized the woman Scott was talking to, but she couldn't quite place her.

When Oz had Xander call for quiet again, Buffy took her gaze away from the woman and turned it back onto the monitor screen.

Faith had kneeled again, this time between Debbie's legs and took one of them in each hand, pushing them up and back over Debbie's head. She made a gesture indicating that Debbie should hold her own legs, and then bent down, pulling the woman's ass cheeks apart and showing the camera her gaping hole. As was customary in these scenes, she gathered some saliva in her mouth and then let it dribble into Debbie's hole. Faith then knelt up and placed the head of her dick at it and held it there as the still photographer took some close up shots.

When he was done, Faith braced herself with her arms and with Debbie's legs on her shoulders, she started to fuck her ass deeply. After every few thrusts Faith would stop and pull out and hold Debbie's ass cheeks open to the camera. It was something that Oz had asked her to do towards the end of their scene.

Finally, when Faith spotted Buffy watching her out of the corner of her eye, she could feel that familiar feeling in her cock and her balls tighten. She rasped out, "Gonna pop soon."

"Good," Oz said. "Keep going."

"Yeah, fuck my ass good, give me that come," Debbie said.

After a few more thrusts and with the memory of Buffy's tight, hot, wet mouth uppermost in Faith's mind, she let out a muffled shout and sent long streams of come shooting into Debbie's asshole. She held her cock still, while it pulsed and jerked inside. Once it stopped shooting come, she pulled her shaft out. A rush of thick white come immediately flowed out of Debbie's hole and Oz called for both the still photographer and the camera man to get close ups.

Faith held Debbie's legs up for her as her cock still dribbled come onto Debbie's hole further adding to the river of spooge that was oozing out of the woman's well fucked ass.

Faith looked up and saw Buffy looking at the monitor as if she were trying to find someone in a crowd, she was studying it very intensely.

Faith shook the final dribble onto Debbie's hole and the still photographer took some more close-ups.

Debbie then shared a kiss with Faith, who spanked Debbie's ass cheeks a little while Debbie laughed and then played with the come that was still leaking from her ass.

"Cut," Oz said.

"Whew!" Xander exclaimed. "Now that's what I call an ass fucking!" He laughed.

Buffy watched as Faith waited for Debbie to be tended to with some wipes and wiped herself down as well. She then helped her to her feet and they shared another hot kiss. The still photographer who hadn't been ready for it started snapping some photos when Xander hit his arm and said, "Dude, hot chick with a dick kissing equally hot chick without!"

A few of Debbie's friends that had been watching the action clapped and then Debbie and Faith laughingly bowed.

Buffy was still trying to figure out why she stayed and why she felt jealous that Debbie got to kiss Faith, not to mention to be ass fucked by her. It just had looked so good, and Angel didn't really like doing that, she reasoned.

Scott called her over and gave her a hug.

"Buffy, hi! So, good to see you!" Scott always seemed like he was on the choicest drugs, but she knew from their time dating that he was just an upbeat person.

"Hey, Scott. Are you working today?"

"No, not today, I'm just here with a friend. You remember Harmony Kendall right?"

"Harmony from…"

"'Not Without My Pussy' and 'If I Knew I Was Coming I'd Have Pulled Out'?"

"Well I was going to say, Rideher Pictures, but I guess so."

"Oh, well, those were her two biggest draws."

"Are you managing her now?"

"Yeah, I got her this gig. Everyone's been after it. Such a big score."

"Are you and she dating?" Buffy didn't really care, but she wanted to be polite.

Scott laughed, "You didn't hear?"

"Hear what?"

"I only do boys now, honey." He grinned at her. "Came out and thought I shouted it from the rooftops but apparently you were under a rock somewhere."

"Wow, how long ago?"

"Oh, about a year now, but I've been back East for the past six months. Living it up in the West Village."

"What brings you back here?"

"This shoot. I'm telling you it was a huge score. Well, I don't need to tell you, you're such a brilliant business woman, you know that already."

"Yeah," Buffy agreed automatically.

"What a find, huh?" He nodded his head towards Faith who was currently helping Debbie pull her sponge out. "I'd reconsider doing women if I could get my mouth around that cock."

"Couldn't you ask her to star in a film with you?"

"A) I'm retired from performing, B) That's a good idea but C) Shim only does chicks." He pouted.

Buffy narrowed her eyes at Scott. She didn't appreciate him calling Faith, "Shim". She inwardly smiled at the revelation that Faith only did women, it made her feel she had more of a chance, and then she berated herself for thinking that way.

After some more conversation with Scott, she decided it was time to get going.

While walking to get her stuff she saw a door to a room ajar and spied Faith who was now talking to the woman Scott had been talking to earlier. She was leaning up against a dressing table and talking to a mostly listening Faith who was putting her luxurious hair up in a bun.

Without her permission, her heart sank when she saw the woman grab Faith and give her a big hug and a kiss.

'I have to get a grip, I've got Angel,' Buffy thought.

"Hey, Buffy, would you mind giving this tea to Faith?" Rona, one of Andrew's assistants, asked. She looked like she had a million and one things to do so Buffy quickly agreed.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as she approached the room that Faith was in. When she knocked she could hear the laughter die down.

"Yes?" The woman who wasn't Faith asked.

"Hi, I was asked to bring Faith her tea."

"Hey," Faith rasped. "Thanks! I'm fuckin' stoked. This fuckin' throat is killin' me."

"It sounds better though," The other woman said.

"Kinda," Faith took the cup from Buffy and smiled at her. "You're Buffy right?"


"I'm Faith," Faith said and held her hand out for a shake. Buffy took it and marveled at how warm it was, she also liked the firm grip she used.

"Nice to finally 'meet' you." Buffy said sincerely.

"Yeah," Faith whispered loudly. "I was bummed I didn't get a chance to talk to you, before…ya know."

"Yeah, I know, but you shouldn't be talking at all from the sound of it." Buffy said as she realized she was still gripping Faith's hand. She deepened her smile and then let go. "Sorry." Buffy said with downcast eyes.

"Don't be."

The other woman in the room cleared her throat.

Faith rolled her eyes, "Where are my manners? Buffy this is Cordelia Chase, Cordy this is Buffy Summers. The woman who gave me the best blowjob I've ever had in my life."

Faith's voice seemed to clear on the last part of that sentence and Cordy punched her in the arm. "You told me already." She then turned her attention to Buffy. "She says that to all the girls," Indicating to Faith with a head nod. "But she never tells me about the other girl's talent unless she means it." Cordy gave her a big smile and held her hand out for a shake. "We've met before." Cordelia said as she shook Buffy's hand, her grip wasn't as strong as Faith's but it was a nice shake all the same. Not like some of the women or men who gave a limp fish for you to shake.

"We have?" Buffy asked.

"Yes. Long time ago. So long ago it was in another life," Cordy laughed and ended their handshake. "It was during that movie, 'I Come In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand'"

"Oh, wow, that takes me back."

"I know, you were like what?"

"Twenty, I think."

"Didn't you meet your boyfriend on that set?"

"Yes, Angel. He was after me for the longest time."

"And you finally caved."

"Five years ago," Buffy nodded.

Faith watched the conversation going on and sipped her tea. It was called tea, but this was Rona's concoction of boiled lemons, oranges, Echinacea, anise and honey. It was soothing Faith's throat and making her feel flushed, but she had been feeling that way since seeing Buffy at her door with the mug in her hand, so she wasn't sure if that was all from the drink.

"Good for you guys," Cordy smiled a little too brightly.

"Yeah, go us!" Buffy said with a small fist pump and Faith almost spit out what she was drinking, she thought that was too cute.

"Easy there, Tiger. You've got one more scene to do."

Faith looked like she just remembered something and gulped some more of the hot liquid.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Faith." Buffy said as she started to leave. "Nice meeting you again, Cordelia."

"Likewise, Buffy."

"B, can you do me a favor?" Faith asked in a rough whisper. Buffy nodded. "Can you tell Rona I'm gonna hop in the shower real quick. I'll be like five minutes."

"You should take ten, Faith." Cordy said, "The steam will help your throat."

"Can you tell her ten?"

"Sure," Buffy nodded and smiled again at Faith who winked. The blonde was puzzled but happy that she had a nickname.

"Thanks, you're the best." Faith said as she rushed off in the direction of the bathroom.

"Are you staying to watch the last scene, Buffy?" Cordelia asked.

"I hadn't planned on it."

"It's Harmony Kendall, Goddess Glory and Faith. She's gonna do them both. It'll be a sight to see."

"I'm sure it will, but I really should be going."

"Excuse me, Buffy," Cordelia said when she spotted Scott. "I have to…ask..." She said, sort of spacey, then added. "Nice meeting you again."

"Yeah. Nice." Buffy said to herself quietly.

She decided to check her bag to make sure she had everything. That proved lucky, because her hair dryer wasn't in it. The dryer was an expensive Italian model that she would give her life for if it came down to it. The things it did for her hair were invaluable.

She felt some anticipation at having to go into the bathroom to get it. She knocked on the door and it opened slightly, it had been left ajar.

"Hey, who's there?" Faith had her eyes closed while washing the shampoo out of it.

"It's me, Buffy."

"What's up, B? You need something?"

"Came to get my hair dryer. Do you mind if I come in and get it?"

"Nah, c'mon in."

Buffy opened the door and walked in, she spotted Faith's cock instantly, but she noticed her breasts too and that had her curiosity piqued. She wondered if they were real.

"That's yours?" Faith indicated to the hair dryer.

"Yeah, I bought it in Italy."

"Looked pretty sweet, made me decide to wash my hair. Thought it was the house's."

"You need to use it?"

"If you don't mind; or do you have to go? Maybe someone else brought one…"

"Oh, but you've got to try this hair dryer." Buffy said, with conviction in her voice.

"Yeah, they're awesome aren't they? Cordy has one."

Buffy wasn't sure why, but each time she heard Faith say Cordelia's name, her heart sank a little more.

"Well, I can wait if you need it."

"For real?" Faith asked.

"Yep. For real."

"Cool, thanks! I shouldn't be too long." Faith reached for the conditioner and squirted some on her hand. Buffy watched her as she worked it into her long tresses. "So, B, tell me somethin'."

Buffy was brought out of her thoughts and realized she had been staring again at Faith's semi-erect penis. She wondered if it ever was flaccid, she hadn't seen that side of it yet. It was big though, she knew that.


"You ever seen anything like me?"

"Never…" She practically whispered.

"Go ahead, ask."

"Ask what?" She finally looked at Faith's face. The brunette had begun to lather herself.

"About it," She pointed to her penis. "I can see you're dyin' to."

"No…I…" Buffy tried to lie, but she did have a few questions. "Well…is it…"

"Real? Yeah, realer than real. You should know that by now, no?" She laughed.

Buffy remembered having it in her mouth and she involuntarily licked her lips. Faith smirked but didn't draw attention to Buffy's look, she just rinsed the body wash off of herself, the conditioner out of her hair and warned Buffy she was coming out of the shower. Once out she wrapped a towel around herself.

"I'll just be a few minutes," Faith said as she picked up the hair dryer and turned it on.

"Take your time." Buffy said, still slightly in her own world.

"I'm real sorry we didn't get to talk before the scene, you know, get to know each other a little." Faith spoke up slightly to be heard over the dryer that was amazingly quiet considering the output it was giving to her hair.

"Me too…I'm sorry about that, it's all my fault."

"Don't worry about it, you couldn't help the traffic."

"Oh, geez the traffic," Buffy's eyes widened to show her horror. "It was a nightmare. I was having such a shitty day this morning…but it turned out to be a pretty good afternoon." Her face turned softer and she smiled at Faith.

Faith smiled back and asked, "You wanna parlay that into a really great evening?"


Faith stopped the hair dryer.

"Would you come have dinner with me?"

Buffy's heart skipped a beat, "I'd love to," Then she remembered Angel and her face fell slightly. "But…I can't…I already have plans."

"These plans solid?"

"Yeah, pretty solid."

Faith shrugged, "Oh well. Some other time then." She tried not to sound too disappointed, but it was still evident in her voice.

Buffy nodded, "Some other time."

Faith turned on the hair dryer again effectively stopping their conversation, when she was done she ran her fingers through her hair, shook it out and then handed Buffy the dryer.

"Thanks, B," She said as she laid it in Buffy's palm and then pointed at her gorgeously coiffed hair. "Couldn't have done it without you."

Buffy stared at the dryer as Faith made her way out of the bathroom.

She thought of saying something, anything to keep the conversation going, but she decided not to. She felt a little disappointed.

After packing her hair dryer and it's attachments she shouldered her bag. She had taken her time a bit, after Faith left the bathroom, using the toilet, washing and drying her hands. She couldn't stop thinking about Faith and that long, thick cock and her perfect breasts. She definitely was getting herself worked up into another state.

When she finally made it out into the area where they were shooting the next scene, she glanced over at the monitor. Faith had Glory on top of Harmony's lap and was currently alternating between fucking each of their pussies. Buffy let her bag drop gently to the floor as she stood mesmerized by Faith's fucking ability.

Oz was telling Faith not to worry about making this a long scene, he wanted it rushed and over the top.

Faith furiously pounded into Harmony, then pulled out and did the same to Glory. Sweat glistened from her body as she hoarsely announced she was going to come.

"Me first…" Harmony whined like a child wanting the first piece of cake.

"No, me…I need it more."

"Don't worry girls, Granny's got plenty for each." Xander read the dialogue.

"Oh fuck yes!" Glory called out as Faith started to come in her. "Oh god, I can feel it! Fuck, yes!"

Harmony pouted as she waited her turn.

Faith pulled out of Glory's pussy with come still dripping from the end of her penis and thrust quickly into Harmony, fucking her furiously for a minute or two and then cried out as she shot another load deep inside of that girl's pussy. As soon as her cock was done coming, she pulled out and stepped back so the camera could zoom in on both ladies dripping wet pussies. Faith's come came rushing out as they used their vaginal muscles to help it along.

"That was a lot," Goddess Glory said as she used her hand to catch the spooge that was leaking from both hers and Harmony's pussies.

'It was a lot,' Buffy marveled. She could see the flood of come still flow from each of their holes as they pushed.

She was slightly upset at it and again, it puzzled her.

Faith sat down heavily on the couch and let her dick flop to the side. She took it in her hands and gave it a few strokes, after doing this for a moment, she opened her eyes and stared right at Buffy as two more squirts of come bubbled over her cock head.

"Mmm, damn." She rasped.

Harmony moved Glory off of her and knelt on her hands and knees, facing Faith's cock. She captured the head between her lips and moaned at the taste of her come. Glory kneeled behind Harmony and lapped up the come that was still dripping out of the other blonde's pussy.

After a moment or two Harmony began to deep throat Faith's dick. 

That action broke Buffy out of her trance and she finally picked up her bag and left the house without another word.

The last thing she heard was the sound of Harmony gagging on Faith's dick.




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