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Chapter Three- The Hills Are Alive…Barely

Faith slipped into the warm and cozy bed that Buffy had been sharing with Dawn. She hoped the movement of her getting into it didn't wake it's already sound asleep inhabitant, she wanted to do that in a very different, but completely sexy way.

She and Dawn had come back from the mountain about an hour ago, and she waited until after she had showered and her skin had sufficiently warmed, to get into bed with Buffy.

Buffy stirred, but didn't wake. Faith smiled as she drew her naked flesh closer to Buffy's and was pleasantly surprised to find she had only a pair of panties on.

First she started by kissing Buffy's shoulder, moving some of her hair away, and dipped her head down to the sleeping woman's neck. Buffy moaned, but still didn't wake.

"I wonder what kinda dreams you're havin', B. Good ones I hope," Faith whispered, and Buffy instinctively snuggled back into her, sighing contentedly.

Faith continued to kiss up Buffy's neck and the side of her face to whisper in her ear.

Her voice was deep, thick with desire, "You want me, baby?"

Buffy snuggled back into her further, her moans becoming more insistent.

"Ooh, fuck. I bet you're so wet for me…can I feel?" Buffy pushed her ass back a little and Faith took that as the `go ahead' sign.  She slid her hand over Buffy's hip and dipped her fingers to the front of Buffy's panties. She could feel they were soaked and she groaned. "Oh fuck, babe. So wet…"

"Yes," Buffy finally breathed, she was just waking. "Oh yes."

Faith grinned against the skin of Buffy's cheek and slipped her hand under the front of Buffy's panties.

"Oh, God, Buffy, your clit is so hard."

"Faith? Faith! Faith!"

"Mmm, I'm here, babe. I hear ya, you want me to put it inside…" She slipped one finger down further, and traced around the outside of Buffy's hole. But Buffy elbowed her in the stomach.

And then Faith woke up.

"What the fuck?!" She managed to get out between coughs.

"Faith, what the fuck are you doing?!"


"No, Faith, not `B'! And get your hand out of my panties," Came the low growl of the person she was spooning.

"Dawn?!" Faith's brain jolted out of her sleep when she realized who she was with.

"Who the fuck do you think?!"

"Oh my God!" Faith yelled, then took her hand out of Dawn's underwear quickly. She got out of the sleeping bag in a hurry. "I'm so fucking sorry! Oh my God!" She put her hand in her hair and realized that was just the one on Dawn's pussy. She held it away from her like it was poison.

"Faith, relax…"

"Relax?! I was fuckin' dreamin' about bein' with Buffy and I almost molested you! How can I relax?! How the fuck does this happen?" Faith was beside herself.

"I tried to move your hand away, and I kinda was dreaming too."

"It was that fuckin' Schnapps that Rann packed. Why did you suggest we drink it?!"

"Because I was cold, I didn't do it so you could finger me in your sleep!"

"Oh, fuck, Dawn. This isn't good! Buffy's gonna kill me…she's right, I can't drink, it puts me into stupid situations that always end up with me in trouble."

"Faith, calm down! You didn't mean it." Dawn sat up. "We both didn't mean it, so nothing is going to happen. Now sit down and stop freaking!"

Faith reached into her pack and pulled out a packet of hand wipes to clean Dawn's pussy juice off of her fingers. She shuddered, because she had thought of the words, `Dawn's pussy juice'.

Vi went over to her and sniffed her fingers.

"Get away, girl!

"Probably smells like food to her," Dawn chuckled.

"Not funny, Dawn," Faith said, clearly not amused.

"Jesus, Faith. You're making this out to be more than it is."

"More than it is?! I was just about to finger fuck you. Hard! How's that not a big deal?"

"Because you were dreaming. Buffy told me about all the times you'd be feeling her up in your sleep, and that your hands wandered. So it's probably not about the drinking anyway."

"Oh yeah? And where the fuck is your sleeping bag?"

"Okay, make this all my fault now."

"Well who the fuck goes out without a sleeping bag in their pack?"

"Jay said she would pack my stuff, and then I left in a hurry. Would you just calm down?!"

"Now how the fuck are we supposed to sleep in the same bag?"

"I'll sleep outside of it if it makes you feel any better!"

"Yeah, `cause I want you getting almost hypothermia."

"Well then, we're just gonna have to tough it out," Dawn said, crossing her arms over her chest in a huff and muttered, "I should have brought my chastity belt."

Faith looked over at her and then looked away when Dawn's eyes met hers.

"What?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know, now it's gonna be all weird between us…" She looked back at her, but didn't make eye contact.

Dawn sighed and rubbed her temples, "It doesn't have to be, Faith. Really. It just…you didn't mean it, you were asleep. I was asleep. Don't worry about it."

Faith eyed her suspiciously and Dawn looked up at her, "What now?"

"If shit goes down, you're not gonna use this against me?"

"What? What do you mean `if shit goes down'?"

"I don't know like if I leave the seat up and you sit on the porcelain or something. Fuck," Faith put her hands in her hair again. "I can't believe I did that."

"Faith, really. Relax. I don't think I can sleep now anyway. Why don't you come back in here and we'll turn our backs to each other."

"That's how we started out sleepin'."

"Let's just talk," Dawn said in a soothing voice, trying to get Faith to calm down.

"About what?"

Dawn shrugged, "About you and Buffy?"

"What about us?"

"What's going on between you?"

"Told ya before when you got here, I got a call…"

"Yeah, okay, you got a call that people were in trouble. Faith, stop the bullshit."

"What bullshit?"

"The bullshit that's coming out of your mouth, there was no alarm that rang, no call on your cell."

"Fuckin', Olaf…"

"Don't blame him, in fact, don't blame anyone but yourself. If you weren't being so stupid and pigheaded you'd be down the mountain, getting cozy with Buffy, instead of in a hut about to die in a storm."

Vi got up and looked at Faith expectantly.

"No girl, sit. No one's gonna die, baby," She reached out and pet her dog, then pulled her in for a hug. After it was over Vi laid back down. "Good girl." She said to her, then looked at Dawn. "Dawn, don't say shit like that in front of her okay? She's trained to know that word and what it means."

"How are we getting out of here, Faith?"

"We'll get some rest and try in the morning, the storm should have let up by then."

Dawn seemed to be satisfied with that answer and asked, "You gonna get back in this bag?"

Faith rolled her eyes and sighed, then a look of remembrance appeared on her face, "Hey, you said you thought I was someone else. Who?"

Dawn blushed and tried to hide a smile.



"Graham who?"

"Officer Graham Miller. He's with the LAPD. I met him through all the stuff Buffy was going through with Angel."


"Yeah, which leads me to what I wanted to talk to you about."

"What's up?"

"Do you even know what Buffy went through these past few months?"

"Dawn, that's not my fault."

"No, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hear about it."

Faith sighed and nodded her head, "I guess so, she probably would never tell me everything."

"No, because she's embarrassed that she lived with this man for years and didn't know what a monster he really was."

"That's how monsters operate, Dawnie. They pick a target that they can manipulate, usually a sweet person, who really wants to please people and then they hide their true selves."

Dawn narrowed her eyes at Faith.

"What?" Faith asked.

"Is that what you see in my sister? What you're trying to do with her?"

"The fuck are you talkin' about?"

Dawn relaxed her face a bit, "I'm just checking."

"Dawn, if I wanted to manipulate her I wouldn't have come back to Switzerland."

"I thought you did that to avoid being arrested."

Faith chuckled a little, "Nah. Somehow I knew Cordy wasn't gonna give me up to the cops."

"Oh great, have a psychopath on your side. Nice."

"I didn't say I wanted to be friends with her again, D. Damn, dial `murderous bitch' down a notch, will ya?"

Dawn looked at Faith for a few moments before answering, "I'm just protecting my sister. I've always been protective of her, and now that she's having my niece or nephew, I'm going to be even more so."

"And I respect that. All I'm sayin' is you don't have to worry about me."

"No, I have nothing to worry about with you."


"Right, and you coming out here to die on a mountain—"

Dawn was cut off by Vi getting up again and looking anxiously at Faith. She let out a small bark.

"Dawn, what the fuck did I tell you?"

"I'm sorry," She said, looking contrite.

"Vi, no, baby it's okay. Sit. Lay down."

Vi wouldn't be mollified so quickly, she looked at the door to the small hut carved in to the side of the mountain that was Faith's hiding spot.

"What's out there, girl?"

Dawn started to say something and Faith held up her hand stopping her. She sat up and trained her ear towards the sound. Vi stopped her excited panting and looked like she was straining to hear also. Dawn wanted to laugh, if she didn't also want to pee her pants from fright at that same moment.

After a few tense minutes, Faith relaxed and said to Vi, "I think it was just the wind in the trees out there, baby. Nothin' to worry about."

Vi moved closer to Faith and waited expectantly. Faith patted her fur and put her forehead on Vi's head. She gave her a few kisses to the side of her face and some scratches behind her ears, while whispering reassuring words to her. Vi seemed content with that and then went to lay down on her own thermal blanket.

Dawn looked at Faith and gave another look of contrition, "I'm really sorry."

"Don't worry, I fuckin' got you into this. I'm the sorry one."

Dawn smirked, "Well, I'm glad you finally admit it."

Faith lay back down and then looked up at Dawn, "I wasn't leavin' her, D. I just wanted some room to think."

"So this is where you do your thinking?" She indicated to the sparse interior of the hut.

"No place better. No one can make it up here that well. Who knew you were a fuckin' expert Cross Country skier?"

"Almost went to the Olympics in Torino."

"What happened?"

"Mom had a cancer scare and then an aneurysm."

"Oh fuck, really? I didn't know."

"Yeah," Dawn sighed as she remembered that difficult time for her family. "It was touch and go for a while, we were all a mess until her results came back."

"I'm guessin' they were negative?"

"Thankfully," Dawn nodded. "She had some after affects from the surgery to remove the tumor, hence the aneurysm. But that was caught before it caused a really bad problem."

"Damn, you guys have been through a lot."

"Just like any family," Dawn pushed Faith's shoulder a little. "Right?"

"What you mean like mine too?" Faith was about to protest automatically, but then she thought of her life, and what she had to go through by being different from everyone else. And she also thought of her foster mother, Diana. "Right." She said quietly.

Dawn lay back down and turned slightly, looking over at Faith. She could see the thoughts going through her head, and instinctively knew they weren't pleasant ones.

After a few moments Dawn reached out and put her hand on Faith's arm making her flinch.

"Hey, Dawnie," Faith started to say but Dawn interrupted.

"Faith, really. I'm not trying to fuck things up with you and Buffy. I kid her about stealing you away all the time, but I'm not seriously thinking that. I want you guys to be happy. So just take the comfort I'm trying to give."

Faith let out a breath and relaxed a little. She whispered to Dawn, "Don't say shit about this might be the last comfort we both feel. We're gettin' of this fuckin' mountain tomorrow."

"I know we are, if I didn't have confidence in you, I would tell you."

"Good," Faith said and took Dawn's hand into hers, then squeezed them appreciatively. "Thanks for carin', D."

"Anytime," She said quickly, then added after a moment. "Except, next time do you mind running to somewhere warm? This cold stuff is part of the reason I quit the ski team."

Faith laughed, "Got it, next time I have a panic attack I'll run to the Bahamas."

"Now you're talking. But we have a place on Grand Cayman."

"Oh, right. B told me about that."

"She told you about Charlie?"

"Yeah, how he was the love of her life."

"No, Faith. You're the love of her life," Dawn shoulder bumped her. "And don't you ever forget it."

"I have a feelin' you won't let me."

"You better believe it."

"You Summers women are fuckin' scary, dude."

Dawn laughed and then stopped abruptly.

"What is it?" Faith asked, concerned.

"I just got déjà vu."

"About what I just said?"

"Yeah, I feel like you've said it before."

"I think that's the first time I said it out loud."

"Wow, that was the strongest I've ever felt that." She said and then brushed the feeling off. "So, where were we?"

"I don't know, you were saying how I was the love of Buffy's life…"

"Right, we all see it. You should have heard my uncles. They funded this trip."

"Really? How many people were involved in this?"

"My whole family, even Keith and Kayla wanted to come, but I think that was more about going skiing then finding you."

"Hey, those are my boogie boarding buds! Don't say that."

Dawn laughed, she liked getting a rise out of people.

They both seemed to relax a bit, and as they settled a little more into the bag, Faith broke the silence.

"So, why don't you tell me all about what B when through?"

Dawn looked at Faith, "Are you sure you're ready to hear it?"

"Don't got nothin' else to do, and I guess this'll do me some good."

"If by `do you some good' you mean get you really freaking upset, then yeah."

"That bad huh?"

"Oh, yeah."

Faith let out a long sigh, "Hit me with it."



Six months ago

"Buffy, there's another call for you," Joyce said, popping her head around the wall to the living room. Buffy had moved out of the house she shared with Angel, and was currently living with her parents.

She looked at her mother with an un-amused face, "Is it another bank that's going to tell me about another loan I didn't know about but somehow had my name on?"

"No, well, she didn't say."


"She said her name was Karen?"

"I don't know a Karen…"

"Do you want me to tell her you're not here?"

Buffy was intrigued by who it could be, and she shook her head, "I'll take it."

"Do you want me to listen in on the other line?"

"No, that's okay, Mom. Thanks."

"You're welcome, dear. Call me if you need me."

Buffy picked up the phone and waited for her mother to hang up the one in the kitchen.

"Hello?" Buffy asked, looking absently at the magazine she had in her hand. "This is Buffy, how can I help you?"

The person on the other end didn't speak right away, and Buffy was just about to ask who was there.


Buffy's heart seized when she recognized whose voice it was.


"Buffy, please, don't hang up on me."

"What do you want?"

"I…I just wanted to tell you that Faith had nothing to do with this."

"What are you admitting to?"

"I," Cordelia faltered. "I'm admitting to nothing, and good luck getting me to trial. But I just wanted you to know that Faith was never involved. She was used."


Cordy let out a sad laugh, "You wouldn't understand."

"Well, be that as it may, she's gone and she's not taking my calls. I don't even know where she is. And I don't even know why I'm sitting here talking to you. You fucking bitch!"

"Yeah, that's me, a bitch. Just get in touch with Jay. I'm sure she knows what's up with Faith. Have a nice life, Buffy."

"No fucking thanks to you—" The line went dead and Buffy threw the phone across the room.

"Who was that?" Joyce came out into the living room, a look of concern etched on her features.

"No one, Mom," Buffy said, automatically and devoid of any emotion.

"No, then why is my phone laying in pieces across the room?"

"I'll buy you a new one, okay?" Buffy said, testily. "You were due for one, that thing is from the 80's."

"But still functional…"

"Okay, Mom, God okay?! I said I'd buy you a new one!"

"Buffy," Joyce said softly. Realizing that Buffy's attitude was not due to her bugging her about the broken phone. "Who was on the phone?"

Buffy sighed and pressed her fingers to her temples.

"Was it Angel?"

"No," Buffy shuddered at the name.

"Faith?" Joyce said, hoping that it wasn't because of the reaction Buffy had to the call.

In an instant Buffy's heart felt lighter at hearing Faith's name, then she turned slightly sad.

"I wish, but no. It was Cordelia."

"Oh, no! What did she want?" Joyce went and got a pad and paper out of the side table drawer and got ready to take notes.

Buffy wanted to laugh, "Mom, can you just be my mom for a minute and not my lawyer?"

"Honey," Joyce said with a good heaping of `mom voice' evident. "You know that she's one of the reasons Angel is staying in jail, and if she's calling with information we need to record it."

"She called with `Faith' information."


"Yeah, `oh', exactly."

"Was it bad news?" Joyce moved to go comfort her daughter just in case.

"Not really, she just really makes me mad, you know? All of the things she did to Faith and she calls here because she what? Wants her to be happy? Why did she have to do those things in the first place?!"

Joyce sat down next to Buffy and put an arm around her.

"She's a psychopath, Buffy. Plain and Simple. She used sex, violence, manipulation, charisma, intimidation…"

"Poor Xander," Buffy lamented. "He didn't know what hit him."

"No one did. And Angel did the same to you."

"Oh God, I just…" Buffy doubled over and held herself around her waist. "I just want all of it to stop, to be the way it was when she and I were together."

Joyce massaged her daughter's back and spoke soothingly to her, "It will be eventually, don't give up that hope."

"I don't know, Mom," Buffy said, straightening up and leaning into her mother's side. "It's been three weeks and still nothing. Not a word. I messed up, big time."

"Yes, you did, but not because you knew you were messing up. You were tricked into thinking she had betrayed you. Oh darling, don't do this to yourself, you have to think of your little one too, now."

"But I am, Mom, I'm thinking how bad of a mother I'm going to be. I've made it's `father' hate me forever, and not want to be with me."

Joyce just shook her head and pulled Buffy closer to her, "You're not going to be a bad mother. Stop saying that, baby."


"Now, Buffy, I don't want to have to ground you, but I will, you know. You're doubting my word, and that's almost as bad as calling me a liar."

"I don't think…"

"Now, what did Cordelia say that's got you so upset?"

Buffy sighed and lifted up her arms slightly and then let them fall back to her lap as she said, "She said I should call Jay, she might know where Faith is."

"Faith's ex?"


"Well then, there's a start. Can you trust the source though?"

"For some odd reason, I think this is Cordelia's way of making it up to Faith, or at least starting to."

"I don't know, dear." Joyce said while shaking her head, "I still don't trust her. There's something…I can't put my finger on it…"

"She's evil?"

"Well, there's that…"

"Mom, I'm going to go nap, and then maybe get in touch with Jay after that."

"Why don't you try and get in touch with her now?"

"I'm afraid of what I might find out?"

"You're not sure if you're afraid of that?"

"I guess?"

"Okay, Buffy, I recognize the signs, go nap."

"I'll see you later," Buffy kissed the side of her mother's face and got up to go to her room. "Thanks, Mommy."

"Always, sweetheart."

Joyce watched Buffy ascend the stairs, and then reached for the phone, "Oh, dear." She said as she remembered where the receiver was. "She's got such a temper."



Upstairs Buffy sat on her bed staring at some of the pictures that she and Faith had taken of each other and together. She picked up one in particular that had Faith beaming at the camera while Buffy kissed her cheek. She remembered that day very well. It was when she took Faith to see her uncles.

Suddenly Buffy had a thought and picked up her phone. She dialed and waited, "Uncle Q? Hi! I know, I was going to come over last night, but honestly I wasn't up to it."

She listened to what he had to say and nodded.

"I know, I know. Well because…no I'm not…Uncle Q will you listen? Okay, then." She waited for a few moments, "Now I forgot what I was going to say. No, it's not because I'm pregnant! Oh, I remember. The chalet, can I stay at there for a while?" Buffy nodded and `mhm'd' as she listened to her uncle. "I think I might have a tip on where Faith might be, and I know she's going to probably try to stay hidden, so I'll need to be over there for a least a couple of months. Oh, God, I hope it doesn't take that long."

"What doesn't take that long?" Dawn said as she entered her sister's room.

"Geez, Dawn, don't you knock? I could have been naked."

Dawn's eyes narrowed, "I see you naked all the time, stop being stupid. Who's on the phone?"

"Uncle, Q." Buffy said to Dawn and then said into the phone, "No, nothing. I was just telling Dawn who was on the phone. Dawn, why are you in here?"

"Mom said you got a call, and judging by the wreckage of the phone, I'd say it didn't go so well."

Buffy furrowed her brow and then turned her attention back to the phone in her hand, "No, it wasn't, Angel. I told you, I got a tip on where Faith might be. Well Dawn doesn't know what she's talking about!"

"Hey! I just came to check on you!" Dawn started to say something else, but she saw how tightly Buffy was gripping the phone. "Buffy…"

"I will, I'll call you back later. Thanks, Uncle Q." Buffy said trying to stay calm, though it was evident that she was losing her cool. Fast.

"Buffy…" Dawn moved closer to her sister and took the phone from her. "What's really wrong?"

Buffy gave up the phone and threw her arms around her sister's waist, pulling her in closer and sobbing on her stomach.

"What? Is it the baby?"

Buffy nodded and Dawn started to panic, "What? What happened?!"

When Buffy could sufficiently talk without crying through every word she said, "It may not be Faith's."

"What?! How?"

"The doctor gave me the most likely date of conception, it was when we did that movie…"

"The one with the double penetration…" Dawn said, understanding blooming in her brain.

"Even if I did find Faith, how could I tell her that?"

Dawn stood, staring at the wall and put her hands on Buffy's head. She decided something and then pulled Buffy's face off of her stomach, looking into her eyes with conviction, "We're going to find her, and she will listen to reason."

"Oh, Dawnie, I don't want to trap her if she doesn't want to be with me."

"You're not going to trap her, who else is she gonna be with, Buffy? She loves you more than she loves herself."

"How do you know that? You don't know that!"

"I feel it, now come on, go wash your face, you're starting to look like Lady Gaga."

Buffy started to laugh, and then remembered when Faith made that joke, and her face twisted into another mask of tears.

"Oh, God, what did Lady Gaga do to you?"

"Nothing…" Buffy sobbed out, "It's just…Faith…she said I looked like her when…my mascara would get all runny."

"She's right, now, let's get a move on and go clean your face," Dawn pointed towards the bathroom "We have to plan our trip to Switzerland."

Buffy's face lit up, "You mean it, Dawnie?"

"I have nothing else going on right now, might as go live it up in the land of yodeling and cheese."

"Oh, I'll have Uncle Q prepare the chalet now!" Buffy said, as she sprung into action.

Dawn put her hands to her face and then smoothed them down her face to her neck, "Oh, what the heck am I getting myself into?"



Present day

"And so you guys started out way back then? Shit, I didn't think I'd be that hard to find. I just figured she didn't wanna see me."

"Well, you kept lying to Mr. Giles."

"He kept trying to get me to go see him so I could be shrinked."

"He would do that to you?"

Faith looked unsure, "Well…"

"Oh, God," Dawn lowered her voice. "We could have avoided this whole thing if you weren't so scared to get shrinked?"

"It's not just that, D. She kicked me in the nuts!"

"It's just flesh."

"She was doing it out of hate, I have never seen anything like it in her eyes. Even when we were together and she would talk about Angel it was always with some understanding in her eyes. Like she was protecting him for some reason."

"She thought she was cheating on him."

Faith brought her arm over her face, shielding her eyes in the crook of her elbow. She groaned.

"I fucked up…again."

"This whole thing has been one big fuck up, and it's not your fault."

Vi got up and moved to the door, it was apparent she heard something again.

"What is it girl?"

Just then the door burst open, Dawn screamed and Vi barked uncontrollably at a large man dressed in a snow suit who entered the small hut.

Faith jumped up out of the bag and went for her pack, she had a pick axe in there and grabbed it, wielding it at the potential attacker.

"Faith, it is I, Olaf!" He said, pulling the scarf away from his face.

"Fuck, Olie, I almost splattered your brains against the wall."

"Ew," Dawn said, and pulled the sleeping bag up over herself a little more, shielding the blast of cold air.

Olaf looked down at her and then at Faith.

"So, this is what you're doing up here?" His voice sounded accusatory.

Faith looked down at the sleeping bag, Dawn had an affronted look on her face.

"I beg your par…"

"Olie, this is Buffy's sister, Dawn."

"Never in my years of knowing you…"

"Olie, shut up! It's not like that, she came up here to find me, we got caught in the storm. We were gonna wait until tomorrow for it to clear."

"Have you not listened to the news reports this day?" Olaf looked incredulously at Faith. "This is the clearing part of the storm. It's supposed to blizzard for 5 days."

"Oh fuck," Faith said, and grabbed her pack, she got out the rest of her clothes.

"Leave your packs and your sleeping bag here," Olaf said, he was all business.

Dawn looked puzzled as Faith nodded her understanding.

"Why would we…"

"If we don't make it back to the house, we wouldn't survive with those things anyway."

"And they'll only weigh us down," Olaf said, truthfully, "Come, Violet, I have brought a better transport for you, let's get you in it." Olaf started to go and turned back, "Rann packed some snow things for you," He said to Faith and then looked down at Dawn. "There are extras."

"Thanks?" Dawn said, not trusting that he was convinced she wasn't just there to sleep with Faith.

"Let's get dressed quick, D. It looks hella nasty out there."

"It feels hella nasty," Dawn shivered as she pulled the clothes Olaf brought for Faith on.

"Hey, I thought you were Miss Cross Country?"

"We don't usually go cross country in a blizzard. I wait in a chalet, with hot cocoa and my blankie."

"Well, just think of the hot cocoa you'll be having when you get back."

Dawn reached out and put her hand on Faith's arm, "Faith if…"

"Dawn, don't start that shit, or I'll leave you here right now."

"Gosh, I was just going to say, if you don't keep up, I'm not helping you," She said with an annoyed tone and then got up quickly, putting her boots on. "Bitch."

Faith surprised her by putting her arms around her waist and hugging her from behind, "I know, and I love you too. Thanks for lookin' out for me, but no one is dyin' today, D. Not on my watch."

They were startled by Olaf's booming voice, "Come, no time for that now!"

"Oh fuck, he thinks I'm such a slut." Dawn said, with her eyes closed.

"I'll set him straight, and if that doesn't work there's always…"


"We're coming! You abominable fuckin' snow man!" Faith shouted after his retreating form.



"It's been three hours since Olaf last called and said his cell was dying," Buffy said, looking every bit the worried sister and lover that she was. Surprisingly, she held it together.

"I'd say that it's a good sign, but I can't think of why," Chao said, solemnly. Jana went over to Buffy and put her arm around her.

"It's okay, Jay," Buffy patted her leg, "I have a feeling things will be alright."

"Good, but now I need some reassurance," Jana said with a feeble smile and Buffy pulled her into a tight hug.

The phone rang and Chao jumped up to answer it.

"Hello?" She looked disappointed and held out the phone to Buffy. "Buffy it's for you."

"Oh, God. What? No…I can't."

"It's not bad news," Chao assured her, realizing how it must have looked to Buffy. "It's Anya."

Jana's head flopped back slightly and she did an eyeroll, "Not bad news?" She said in a low voice to Chao as Buffy took the phone from her. Chao made her way back to the couch to sit next to Jana.

"What do you want from me?" She shrugged and threw up her hands. "At least it wasn't the ski patrol saying they were dead."

"Bite your tongue."

Jana got up from the couch and looked out at the storm that was blowing outside. She sighed and said quietly, "Liebchen, please come back safe."

Chao got up and went over to her, hugging her from behind.

"They'll be back," She whispered into Jana's ear.

Buffy's voice could be heard escalating, "I'm trying, Anya! I didn't…look you have n…he's out there looking now…it is not!"

Jana turned and broke away from Chao, quickly walking up to Buffy and asked what was going on, but Buffy didn't answer, she was busy listening to Anya.

"I'm not going to do that, Anya. Well you know what? Why don't you call my lawyer?!" She hung up the phone with an angry grunt.

"What the hell was that all about?" Chao asked.

"She thinks…" Buffy started to laugh and then looked at them with tears in her eyes. "She thinks I'm pushing Faith away on purpose, and that I won't take an in vitro paternity test because I firmly want to get my claws into Faith before dropping someone else's kid on her."

"She said that?" Chao looked puzzled. She knew Anya could be brutal and blunt, but she also knew that she liked Faith with Buffy.

"Not in so many words."

"Well, in what words did she say it?"

"She asked why I didn't agree to the in vitro test."

"And why not?" Jana asked.

"You too?" Buffy narrowed her eyes at her.

"No, not me," She said quickly. "I'm just wondering what about it could be bad."

"It could hurt the baby."

"And so you wait." Chao said, comfortingly. She put her hand on Buffy's shoulder and rubbed. "Hey, it could happen to any of us. It's not your fault."

Buffy managed a wane smile for her friend and walked over to where Jana had been staring out at the storm.

After a few moments she spoke, "I've never wanted anything more in my life, then I want this baby's to be Faith's." She put her hands on her stomach and rubbed.

Jana quirked an eyebrow at Chao.

Buffy continued, "And if it's not hers…" She trailed off.

The other two women in the room looked suddenly at Buffy, both having the same thought, but not daring to voice it.

"What?!" They said in unison, unable to take the suspense.

"I hope she'll still want me."

"Ach, Buffy, you had me scared," Jana sighed relived.

Buffy turned around, "Why?"

"Look, Buffy," Chao said. "Why don't you come over here and sit down, I'm sure they'll be back soon, I'm sure they just stopped at the inn or someone's house to get something to eat."

"I wish they'd call."

"Someone said the phones are out up on the mountain."

"Great, just great."

"Just don't plan on having the baby right now."

"No, that would be bad," Buffy chuckled. "You guys would have to deliver it."

"Oh, no, placenta waffles," Chao shuddered and Jana and Buffy laughed.

They were still too scared to voice all their fears.

After another two hours of waiting, they finally convinced Buffy to go for a nap. She looked utterly wiped out and they both had to help her into bed.

"Poor girl," Jana said to Chao as she closed the door to Buffy's room.

"So much bullshit going down, God, I don't even want to think…"

They heard a noise downstairs and rushed down to see what it was.

"In the kitchen," Jana indicated to Chao and they ran to get there fast.

There stood a very frozen and wet looking Faith and Dawn, and a smiling Olaf.

"You see? I bring them!"

"Shhh, Buffy finally went to sleep," Jana scolded Olaf. "Liebchen!" She yelled, happy to see Faith and Olaf rolled his eyes.

"Women," He lamented and Chao agreed.

"Oh-oh, m-my J-Jes-sus Ch-chris-st," Dawn chattered. "I-I'm f-fuckin-ing f-frozen."

"Jay, okay, okay, Jay. C-Can you go get some towels and a c-couple of bathrobes, we n-need to get out of these cl-clothes."

"Ja, get into the room there," She pointed at the room that was intended for the dog to stay in, but became a sort of a storage area. "Start getting undressed. Are you needing the doctor?"

"N-No, babe. We're not that bad, just…fuck it's c-cold out there!" Faith shuddered.

Jana went down to Faith's room and got what she had asked for.

"Wh-where's Buffy?" Faith asked.

"Upstairs in her room, she was so exhausted but she didn't want to sleep until you two were home, we had to insist and promise we'd get her as soon as you came in."

"Don't w-wake her, as soon as I get warm I'll go up there."

"Ooooh, j-just l-like i-in—"

"Shut up, D," Faith cut her off. "I'm gonna g-go take a leak."

"Y-you c-can p-pee? I think m-mine's f-frozen."

"For a cross country—" Chao started to say but Dawn cut her off.

"I h-haven't b-been on a slope in th-three years," She said, pleased to note she wasn't chattering as much. "W-would y-you guys stop harass-sing me? And for the r-record, it's l-like fucking McMurto out there." She pointed to the door.

Everyone laughed, and Olaf said his goodbyes, he wasn't fazed in the slightest by the blustery weather and set out for home, despite everyone's protests.

"I'll be fine, Rann will be looking for me. I'll come back in the morning, to check on everyone."

"Thanks again, dude." Faith stepped up to him in her robe and hugged him. He blushed crimson.

"Anytime, but please, not for a while, Ja?"

"Ja!" Jana agreed.

After another hour or so of getting warm, Dawn agreed to take Faith's bed, and she and Vi went down to sleep a gloriously warm sleep in the comfortable bed. Dawn insisted Vi sleep with her for the extra warmth, and the dog certainly didn't protest. She was still bitter about having to sleep on the couch the night before.

Faith said goodnight to Jana and Chao and went up to the room Buffy was in. She took her time making her way to the bed. It was almost as if she needed to drink every detail about Buffy in and let it soothe her soul.

She slipped in between the sheets and was struck with a feeling of déjà vu, it was the exact same way she had dreamt it the night before, and that was currently scaring her to death.

So much so that she called Dawn's name while shaking Buffy slightly.

"What?" Buffy said groggily. "Mom, I'm not Dawn."

"And I'm not your mom," Faith said with a devilish smile.

"Oh my God, Faith!" Buffy said, throwing her arms around her girlfriend. "When did you get in? Where's Dawn? Why did you leave like that? How's Vi? Is Olaf still here?"

"Damn, babe, slow your roll. I can't keep up."

Buffy looked slightly annoyed, but leaned in for a needy kiss.

"Oh, your skin is still a little cold," She made Faith lie back on the bed and she got up and took another comforter out of the cupboard in the room. "I'm usually too hot for these lately, but we need to warm you up."

"Pretty sure I know a way you can warm me up good."

Buffy narrowed her eyes at Faith as she shook out the cover and placed it over Faith on the bed.

"Damn, that's comfy," Faith sighed as Buffy got back in the bed and hugged up to her.

"What happened, Faith?"

"Hmm?" Faith was taken out of her comfortable thoughts. "Oh, well, we were in a tent and then Dawnie came and said the storm was probably gonna start soon…"

"No, I mean, why did you leave like that?"

Faith's brain immediately started to think up lies, but when she went to say them, the look on Buffy's face, begging her to be honest with her made her stop.

"I was hurt," Faith said, sincerely.

Buffy nodded, thanking her silently for being honest and for saying what she already knew to be true. She fished one of Faith's hands out from under the covers and took it in hers.

"Thank you for saying it, Faith. I knew you were, and I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about you being hurt. All I can do is ask that you try to get past that, if you want to. If we're going to be together."

Faith took her hand back from Buffy and saw her face fall. She immediately got onto her knees on the bed and took Buffy by the shoulders.

"What, `if', B?" She looked into Buffy's eyes. "There're no `if's' when it comes to us, baby. We're all in. I am."

Buffy smiled, "I am too. I'm sorry I kept pushing yesterday."

"No, you needed to push me, and you needed to kick my ass. I got all broody and really I was just gonna be at the Inn, but then for some reason when I heard Dawn was after me I panicked."

Buffy laughed, an uncontrollable laugh for a good half minute.


"You're scared of my sister?" She said, disbelieving.

"You're kidding right? Dawnie could maul me in my sleep. And Jesus Christ, the looks she gives? More than once I thought my head was gonna explode while we were talkin' up there."

"What did you talk about?" Buffy asked, lightheartedly, trying not to sound like she was prying.

"Us, of course, you don't gotta act all coy, B. We talked about us, and she helped me work out a few things in my head."



"Like what?"

Faith smiled and looked down at Buffy's hands. She let go of her shoulders and took them in hers bringing them up to her shoulders and slung Buffy's right arm over her left shoulder. She held her left hand in hers.

She looked at the finger next to her pinky and tutted.

"What? It's my cuticles isn't it? I'm in a huge need for a manicure but I really haven't had the time…"

Faith let Buffy ramble on about her lack of beauty treatments as she fished in her robe pocket for something. Happily she remarked that her movement went undetected by Buffy.

As Buffy was lamenting the lack of a good dye job on her roots, Faith slipped the ring she had for her on her finger.

"W-what's this?"

Faith smiled, "Somethin' I've been wantin' to give you since our first date together."

"Is this what I think it is?" Buffy stared at the ring on her finger.

"What do you think it is?"

"Something from a gumball machine?"

"Yep, that's exactly what it is. Actually, I bought it for your sister, she and I bonded like you wouldn't believe up on that mountain and-oof!" Faith clutched at her stomach after Buffy jabbed her in the side, but she laughed.

"Care to try again?"

Faith waited until she caught her breath and she wasn't going to laugh again, it took a few moments. Clearing her mind of everything else she lifted her head and looked right at Buffy, seeing her clearer then she'd ever seen her before.

Buffy looked younger than her years, and very vulnerable and Faith wanted to stop taking advantage of her good nature.

"I want to marry you, Buffy. I want you to be mine. I don't care about anything else but being with you, and bringing this little baby into the world. I know I acted like a complete ass, but I won't do that again, I promise. Will you be mine?"

"You weren't the only one acting badly, and yes."

Faith beamed, she had heard what she wanted to hear and she couldn't keep the smile off of her face.

"I don't want you to ever feel you can't ask me questions. Sometimes I might get all wigged out about something, and go off to think about it, but I'll always come back."

"I'll always want you back."

"For the make-up sex, right?" Faith wiggled her brows and Buffy slapped her arm lightly.

"You think we could…"


"Have that now?" Buffy squirmed a little against Faith who had settled both of her hands on her ass cheeks and was massaging them.

"The make-up sex?"

Buffy nodded.

"Oh baby, you're such a naughty horn dog."

Buffy smiled and slid down to lie down on her back. Faith propped herself up on one arm and looked up and down Buffy's body like she was a kid in a candy store trying to decide what to buy.

She moved closer to Buffy who was itching with the anticipation of what Faith would touch first, it was an agonizing wait of epic proportions: the proverbial minute and a half.

Faith started by trailing her hand down Buffy's front and dipping her hand up and under her nightdress.

"I love you in these little dresses, B. They're so fuckin' cute on you."

"Touch me, Faith."

Faith felt her cock twitch and then get instantly hard. She pulled the cotton panel of Buffy's panties aside and slid her finger over Buffy's wet pussy.

"Oh, God…."

"You like that, B?"

"Y-yes, go inside, please."

Faith smirked, she loved when Buffy was so hot she didn't want any formality or ceremony, she just wanted to be fucked. She dipped her head down and captured a nipple through the material of Buffy's thin nightie and nibbled it as she slid two fingers into Buffy's wet hole.

"Oh, fuck yes, that feels so good!"

Faith started a slow and steady rhythm until Buffy became impatient and she fucked herself into Faith's hand. Faith knew what Buffy needed and she obliged by putting her thumb directly on Buffy's clit. Not moving it, just keeping it there and letting the momentum from Buffy's hips create the amount of friction she needed.

Buffy tossed her head back as Faith's wet slurps on her cloth covered nipple intensified; she picked up the pace and held onto Faith's arm for support.

"Mmmm," Buffy moaned as she felt the orgasm start to build in her thighs. It felt like an electric current was pulsing through them and inching their way towards her tight, wet hole and hard clit.

Faith lifted her head off of Buffy's chest, she could see the material had become almost see through from her saliva. She wished she had ripped the nightie off of Buffy at the beginning though, because she loved sucking on her bare nipples while driving her to greater heights of pleasure with her hands.

"Faith, wait," Buffy panted. "Take off my nightie, please?"

Apparently Buffy loved when Faith did that too.

Faith obliged and soon the nightie was on the floor, along with Faith's robe that Buffy insisted she take off. They got back into position quickly, with Faith alongside of Buffy, and her fingers in her pussy.

"Oh, Faith," Buffy breathed as Faith took her nipple again into her mouth and nibbled.

"Put it in, Faith, put yourself inside me…"

"How do you want me?"

"Just like that, stay there and put your cock in my pussy."

"You want me to just lift up your leg and enter you from the side."

"Oh fuck, that sounds so fucking hot. Yes, now please!"

Faith did as she was told, it didn't take long until she was buried to the hilt in Buffy's grasping pussy. Buffy had already had a mini-orgasm as she was slowly sliding into her hot, wet hole. She instinctively knew how Buffy wanted her to be, so as much as she could, she pressed her dick against the front inside wall of Buffy's vagina and stayed like that. Holding her leg for her and sucking on the breast that was closest to her. She bit that nipple occasionally and made deep moans of pleasure come from Buffy. They were her reward.

After a few moments, Buffy again started up the rhythm she needed and fucked herself on Faith's dick. It didn't take long for her to have her first big orgasm of the night, Faith started to take her fingers off of her clit but Buffy protested.

"Stay right where you are," She breathed out, fucking herself on Faith's dick with the same intensity she just made herself come with. Faith slid herself closer and held Buffy around her torso, giving her more room and support so she could fuck like she needed to.

It was so hot and intense that Faith began to sweat without really moving much at all. Buffy was doing all the work, and by the looks of things she was a woman possessed, one that really mind having to put out the effort.

After Buffy's third orgasm, Faith started to worry about two things: coming too soon, and Buffy becoming dehydrated, but as she made her way towards her fourth orgasm, Faith realized she probably was okay, and if she weren't she'd say so. She hoped.

After twenty more minutes, Faith squeezed Buffy's tits together, being mindful of not putting too much pressure on them and took over the fucking, she had waited patiently through six of Buffy's orgasms, and she wanted one of her own, even though she felt selfish, she figured it would bring Buffy her seventh, so she shouldn't have a need to complain.

Buffy twisted herself around to look at Faith, wanting to see her when she came.

It was all Faith could do not to come before Buffy, but she managed to hold out until she heard her guttural cries and held her hips in place as her cock jerked and shuddered inside of her.

Buffy reached up for Faith's hands and pulled them down to her stomach, not even aware that she was doing it. Faith took over the movements of her hands and held Buffy's stomach as they lay there, feeling the pulses of each other's sex, playing out the end of their pleasure.

"Oh, Jesus, Buffy, is this what it's gonna be like every night?"

Buffy nodded, "The doctor said it could be like this right up until I go into labor, it actually helps if I do."

"Okay, so all I gotta do is stay between your legs. Check."

Buffy laughed, and put her hands on top of Faith's.

"You know something, beautiful?" Faith asked after a few minutes of just basking in the afterglow.


"You could have Kermit the Frog's green little bastard babies and I'd help you raise `em."

"Faith!" Buffy yelled, horrified.

"What? I'm just sayin'."

"Well, don't `just say', you're giving me the willys."

"Oh, I gave you the willy alright," Faith said mischievously as she thrust her semi-hard cock into Buffy's still sensitive hole.

"Mmm," Buffy moaned.

"Admit it, B."

"Admit what? That you need help?" She breathed out.

"No, that you secretly wanted a little of the `green peen' in you."

"Faith!" Buffy yelled, equally as horrified as the last time Faith mentioned sex with Kermit, maybe more so.

"What? You can admit it, babe. I admit that I had a thing for Ms. Piggy."

"You did?" Buffy twisted herself around and wrapped her arms around Faith. They were still joined in the crotch area, something that both of them had gotten used to during their sex sessions together. "No you didn't."

"I did, she got that long blond hair, and that ass. Oh my God that ass. Jesus, I could see why Kermie put up with her rage issues. I had a problem when she got the perm though, I didn't think it suited her face…"



"Did I say `yes' yet?"

"Yeah, ya did," Faith smiled at her broadly. "And no take backs either."

"How about a do-over."

"Nope, none of them Quincy Elementary school tactics. I know all of `em."

"Is that where you went to school?" Buffy was intrigued to hear about Faith's childhood.

"For awhile," She nodded. "Was in Chinatown, or what we called Chinatown in Boston."


"Yep, guess where it was near?"

"I don't know…Red Sox stadium?"

"Good guess, and that's called Fenway Park, but no, it was near…Frog Pond."

"Faith!" Buffy said and tried to pinch Faith's ass, but her sweaty hands wouldn't let her get a good grip.

"I'm just messin' with you babe, even though that is true, but you know what's at Fenway Park?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes, she had a feeling this was another set up. Faith leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"C'mon, I wouldn't do you like that…"

"What's at Fenway Park?"Buffy relented.

"An Ivy covered wall, called…the Green Monster!" Faith dodged Buffy's slap to her arm and switched their positions.

"You're such a bitch," Buffy said.

"You love me."

"I don't anymore, I trusted you and you said you wouldn't do me like that."

"You love me, and I'm gonna do you like this," Faith said with a low moan as she thrust her hardening cock into Buffy's willing pussy.

"I love you," Buffy whispered out. "And as soon as I have Kermit's baby, I'm dumping your ass."

Faith let out a short laugh, "But before then you're gonna keep me around for the mind-blowing orgasms, huh?" The `huh?' was punctuated by another sharp thrust of her now rock hard cock into her pussy.

"Of-fucking-course, hi-yah!" Buffy said as she gave Faith's ass a stinging slap.

"Ow!" Faith yelled, more surprised than hurt.

"Keep fucking me, I wanna come all over your cock again."

"I love when you go all `piggy' on me," Faith winked. "She's so butch sometimes."

"Shut up and fuck me."

"Oh, God, I love you so much, Buffy." Faith said, as she picked up the pace of her hips and had them hurtling towards new orgasmic heights within minutes.



Chapter Four- Horny and Horny

"Faithyyyyy…wakey, wakey…"

"Mmmh?" Faith moaned slightly, it felt too early to be woken up.

"I'm sorry Faith…but…" Buffy said, as she rubbed her hand over Faith's crotch area.

"B? What's up?" She managed to breathe out but didn't open her eyes. "You need something?"

"Yeah…you," Buffy continued rubbing lightly over Faith's cock.

"Oh man," Faith groaned.

"Are you up yet?"

Faith pushed air out between her teeth before answering, "Always up for you, baby."

"That's what I like to hear," Buffy said, the smile was evident in her voice as she disappeared under the covers.

For a moment, Faith was going to happily drift back to sleep. Until she felt something, someone's tongue more acurately, on her penis.

"Oh fuck!" She exclaimed and pulled up the covers slightly to peer underneath. Buffy was sensuously licking up and down her semi-hard shaft. She was about to take the tip of it into her mouth when Faith blocked it with her hand.

Buffy looked up at her, "What's the matter, baby?"

"You comfortable in that position?"

"Does it matter?"

"Matters to me."

"I'm sorta comfortable…"

Faith nodded her head and made Buffy move so she could slide out.

"What d'you want, B?" Faith said, looking down on her from the side of the bed.

Buffy scooted herself over to the edge of the bed and lay on her right side, pulling Faith toward her.

"I want to suck you," She breathed out.

Faith let out a groan. `There goes my extra sleep,' She thought.

The night before, three hours before to be exact, Buffy had promised her she'd let her sleep in if they had sex for the third time. The horniness was progressively getting worse for Buffy with each passing week. She was now about a month away from giving birth.

If Faith didn't know for sure that this gave Buffy pleasure, she wouldn't give in to her. Instead of protesting, or even showing any outward signs of being upset, she let Buffy pull her in closer to where she needed her, and inserted her cock into her waiting mouth.

"Oh damn, Buffy," She breathed out. This position they were affecting was something that they had to use of late, so that Buffy could be comfortable on her side, while giving head to Faith. It seemed like she couldn't get enough.

At first Faith had been overjoyed at the almost constant sex they were having, but lately it was starting to wear her out, although she never let on how she felt.

Buffy took her shaft all the way into her mouth, and Faith felt her tongue lick out at the underside of her balls.

`Could be worse, I guess,' She thought, as her heart started to pound harder from the sensations she was feeling. Buffy started to move her head back and forth, making Faith's eyes roll back into her head. `How is this bad? What the fuck was I thinking?'

After a few minutes, Buffy pulled back, taking Faith's shaft out of her mouth, she stroked it with her fist as she spoke to Faith, whose eyes were still closed.

"You can start fucking my throat, baby."

Faith opened her eyes and smiled down at Buffy, who gave a small smile as she licked her lips. Faith reached down and stroked Buffy's dripping pussy, before doing as she was instructed.

"Oooh, that pussy's so wet, B," Faith said as she licked her own lips, her mouth was watering from the smell of Buffy's arousal.

"If you're good and you make me come, I'll let you lick me," Buffy said, with an innocent tone to her voice.

Faith took her fingers out of Buffy's wetness and first brought them to her nose, before sucking them into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," She moaned, around her wet digits.

"That looks so tasty, Faith," Buffy said, a little put out that she wasn't sharing.

Faith moaned some more, and then opened one eye and looked down at Buffy, all smug for a moment.

She took the fingers out of her mouth before speaking, "Aww, you want some, baby?"

Buffy nodded and Faith reached her hand down to Buffy's pussy again, slicking the fingers through her juices and bringing them to with an inch of Buffy's mouth. Right before she gave them to Buffy, she brought them up to her own mouth and Buffy scoffed.

"Mmmmm," Another loud moan came out of Faith's throat. When she was done licking her fingers clean she looked back down at Buffy, who had a definite, and adorable pout on her lips. "Don't be jealous," Faith said, and then kneeled down at the side of the bed and leaned in for a hot kiss. She pushed her tongue out to Buffy, who took it in her mouth, just as she had taken in Faith's cock a few minutes earlier.

Buffy started a slight back and forth motion with her head, and moaned from the taste of herself. It was something that she wasn't shy about liking and Faith loved that about her. Just one of the many things that she discovered she loved about her, even in the past couple of months since they'd reunited.

When the kiss ended, Faith pulled back and made Buffy look at her.

"You still want it?"

Buffy winked at her and opened her mouth, licking her lips sensuously. Faith's cock twitched.

She took over the fisting of her penis from Buffy and pushed the tip onto her tongue, leaving it there for a moment and then taking it quickly away.

"Tell me," Faith teased.

"Faith, give it to me, I want it…"

Finally, after a few more moments of teasing, Faith gave in to Buffy's pleas, and slid her cock back into her mouth. Letting her get her throat around it in a comfortable position, and then giving her what she knew she needed.

She started the back and forth rhythm with her hips slowly, then when she felt Buffy pull her ass in harder, she started giving it to her faster. Holding it in her throat every so often, knowing the spasms she felt from the back of Buffy's throat, were not only bringing Faith pleasure, but Buffy as well.

After a while, Faith tried to ease up on the speed of her strokes, but Buffy wouldn't have it, she held her back for a moment and said, "Stop thinking I'm gonna break, Faith. Fuck me."

"Whatever you need, baby," Faith conceded, and inserted herself back into Buffy's throat. She reached down and rubbed Buffy's slit. It was still dripping wet and her mouth again watered at the thought of all of that juice. She could feel her clit shudder under her fingers, and knew that it wasn't long before Buffy would be coming.

She tried to rub Buffy's breasts with her other hand, but Buffy gently pushed it away, her nipples were too sensitive for that at the moment. She just wanted Faith to concentrate on what she was doing in her mouth, and to her pussy.

When Faith started making swirling motions around her clit and occasionally pinching it, she could feel all of the pleasurable sensations converge on that key area. And when she really started to fuck her throat, everything became amplified by tenfold. She secretly wished she had somehow managed to pack the Faith replica dildo, so they could have more kinky fun with it, and she could come so hard her head would explode. `That would be of the excellent,' She thought.

Buffy pictured the sex they had in the hotel, before everything had gone wrong, and it was making her become even hotter. She remembered when Faith fucked her ass, while simultaneously fucking her pussy with the dildo, and she moaned as her orgasm crested and then washed over her.

Faith stopped her movement, despite Buffy's earlier protest and just concentrated on rubbing her clit, deliciously drawing out the pleasure to her center. In the past couple of months of `pregnant sex', Faith had discovered an interesting, phenomenon. Instead of Buffy's clit becoming overly sensitive after an orgasm and unable to take any more pressure, Buffy would start to grind on her hand harder after she came, seeking out more stimulation. This current session wasn't any different. As Buffy's spasms started to fade, she sought out more and more pressure from Faith's fingers.

Faith took that as her cue to pull out of Buffy's mouth and push her back away from the edge of the bed.


"Nuh, uh, babe. My turn," Faith said as she placed a kiss on Buffy's mouth. "Better use a tissue, you're droolin'." She smirked and started her sensuous journey down Buffy's body. She paid attention to her breasts, but not the nipples, they would still be too sensitive and sore for any kind of stimulation. She knew one other area that she could lavish attention to, something they had discovered that a pregnant Buffy could stand when she couldn't before. Faith started licking Buffy's stomach, with long, lavish strokes.

"Oh, Faith. Oh my God, please…"

"What d'ya need, B?" She asked wickedly, in between licks to the area right around Buffy's belly button.

Buffy started grinding her pussy on Faith's chest.

Faith let out a snort and looked up at Buffy.

"Don't worry, I'm gettin' there. Now, don't rush me, you broke our deal and woke me up early, and as `punishment' I'm gonna take my time."

"I'm sorry about that, Faith. I couldn't…"

"I know, B. You're the one makin' all these deals you can't keep. I just get to reap the rewards," Faith winked at her and her smile deepened when Buffy gripped her thighs around her upper body tighter. "Mmm, love those strong thighs. I'm gonna love lickin' `em in a minute too."

"Oh, please…"

Faith pulled Buffy's legs off of her and pushed them back towards Buffy's body, she loved this kind of control she had over her, it made her feel powerful. Not to mention gave her a hard on like nothing else could, but she didn't abuse that power lest the access to her desire was snatched away.

Speaking of snatch, Buffy still kept trying to grind hers onto any part of Faith's body she could reach.

When Faith spotted the desperate look on Buffy's face, the one that had her closing her eyes and biting at her bottom lip, she dropped down on the bed, pushing Buffy's legs to the sides to allow her more access to what was making her mouth water. She inhaled deeply.

"Fuuuck, B. I always said you should have that shit bottled, it's like honey."

Buffy giggled, "Am I your `Honey B'?"

"Fuckin' sweet as pie is what you are," Faith said as she bent down closer to Buffy's pussy. She put her tongue out and just hovered there, not moving.

Buffy narrowed her eyes and then reached down and took Faith's head in her hands, pulling her the last inch in to her dripping slit.

"Oh, fuuuck," Buffy groaned as Faith immediately started massaging her clit with her tongue. Her thighs automatically closed around Faith's head, but she didn't need to do that to keep her there. Faith was determined to make Buffy come again, and wasn't planning on teasing anymore.

Faith flattened her tongue and stuck it out as far as it would go, so she could simultaneously massage Buffy's clit and dip the tip around her hole. It was a move that would surely earn her a sore tongue later, but with the amount of sex they'd been having lately, it probably wouldn't be sore for long.

"Ffff-mmm-Faith…" Buffy said, trying to pull her head in closer, which wasn't really possible and making Faith have to back up a little to still be able to breathe. She used that time to look up at Buffy and gauge her level of horniness. By the way Buffy was biting her lip and her nostrils were flaring, and from the tightness with which she had her eyes closed, it was evident that her horniness was approaching critical mass.

Faith smiled and then blew some air on Buffy's over heated clit.

"Fuuuuck," Buffy gasped. "Please, Faith…so close."

Faith was about to dive right back in, but she started to feel a little selfish, her hard on was raging and she surmised that once Buffy came, she'd probably fall asleep. It was, after all, her "nap time".

She pulled Buffy's legs apart and kneeled up on the bed. Buffy opened her eyes and watched.

"I want in there," Faith said, matter-of-factly, pointing at Buffy's slit.

"Please, do come in," Buffy smirked and got ready for even more pleasure to overload her senses.

Faith angled herself so that she would be able to slide into Buffy, but not lay fully on top of her. She wanted to watch her cock sliding in and out of Buffy's hole, stroking her g-spot in the way she knew would make Buffy squeal, while still rubbing on her clit and with the goal of making them both come like out of control steamrollers.

The thought of how they must have looked was so hot, that Faith wished she had the presence of mind to set up the camera. In recent weeks, they had been filming some of their hotter sessions, to watch in bed later when Buffy felt like watching a porno. Faith at first had protested, because she thought Buffy would have regrets about being filmed having sex while she was eight and a half months pregnant, but Buffy said she found watching Faith have sex with her to be one of the biggest turn-ons she'd ever experienced, so that ended that argument before it really even had begun.

Faith slid into Buffy's waiting hole slowly, it was so hot and wet she had to close her eyes and just bask for a moment.

"Oh, God right there, Faith," Buffy said when she had reached her spot.

Faith placed Buffy's left leg over her shoulder and held her right leg with the hand that wasn't massaging her clit. After a few minutes of stroking and Buffy letting out a delicious throaty squeak each time the tip of her cock hit the sweet spot, Faith felt her clit violently shudder.

"Ooooh, oh no…" Buffy was slowly turning her head from side to side. "Oh, fuck, no…"

"What's the matter, babe?" Faith was concerned at hearing the word `no' coming out of Buffy's mouth. Twice.

"I…I can't hold it…"

"What can't you hold?" Faith was really starting to get alarmed now and she stopped her strokes.

"My…oh my fucking…I'm gonna come…fuck me!" Buffy said, grinding her pussy on Faith's cock.

Faith acted quickly by taking her fingers off of Buffy's clit and throwing her other leg over her shoulder. She quickly fucked into Buffy's pussy with short sharp strokes and felt the explosion of her pussy around her cock. Buffy reached down and dug her nails into Faith's arms as she continued to pound into her spasming pussy with a measured but powerful intensity.

As Buffy's second orgasm took over the first, Faith looked into her face and concentrated on the beautiful mixture of pleasure and pain that masked Buffy's features. It was the sort of pain that came with something so intensely pleasurable that it couldn't help but hurt a little. That made Faith's libido betray her, and she came despite her plans of making Buffy come two more times thinking it would tide her over so she could catch an extra hour or two of sleep.

Faith held herself upright as her lower half jerked and shuddered. Buffy gasped, trying to pull Faith down so she could hug her tight. Faith had closed her eyes, and wouldn't allow herself to be pulled on top of her.

"Faith, oh fuck, that feels…Jesus," Buffy opened her eyes and looked right at Faith who was kissing and licking her leg, moaning as she continued to come inside of her. That sight made Buffy's pussy clench violently and Faith opened her eyes to look at her.

"I love you, Buffy," Faith whispered after a moment or two of trying to make her voice work.

"Come down here and kiss me," Buffy breathed out, her own voice sounding parched.

"Don't wanna crush the little one," Faith said as she massaged Buffy's inner thighs.

"The little one is protected by this crush proof belly," Buffy smoothed the area around stomach. "Besides, I didn't ask you to get on top of the dresser and cannonball onto me."

That made Faith laugh and she let go of Buffy's legs, lowering herself down slow enough for Buffy to get impatient and throw her arms around her neck, pulling her down the rest of the way.

They kissed with abandon while Faith fought to stay upright, still fearing she was too heavy to lie fully on top of Buffy's stomach. Buffy made that harder by locking her legs around Faith's waist and pulling her the rest of the way down.

Faith broke their kiss and whined, "Beeee…" She wasn't happy with being made to do something she had been trying not to do.

"Shut up, whiner," Buffy reached down and slapped Faith's ass and then immediately rubbed where she slapped.

"Abuser," Faith mumbled, as she kissed Buffy's neck.

"Mmm, you do that so well."

"What? Kissing your neck?"

"Well, that and fucking me to multiple orgasms," Buffy smiled brightly.

"That's just a fact of life, B. Only I can give you multiples, for multiple hours, multiple days in a row."

"And I'm so thankful."

Buffy loosened her grip on Faith and Faith used that as her chance to extricate herself from Buffy's embrace. She pushed herself up onto her arms and then launched herself next to Buffy, taking care to pull out of her first.

Faith lay on her side, facing away from Buffy for several moments. When the quiet stretched too long Buffy rolled over onto her side and kissed Faith's back.

"Are you tired, baby?"

Faith's eyes that had been shut a second ago, popped open in shock, `She couldn't want to go again so soon could she?!' Faith thought.

"No?" Faith replied weakly, her eyebrows somewhere above her hairline.

"You're not sure?"

Faith hesitated, and then cleared her throat for a moment before speaking clearly, "Of course I'm sure, and of course I'm not tired. I was just thinkin'."

Buffy kissed up Faith's back and then on her shoulder blade, licking the slightly sweaty skin there.

"What were you thinking about?" She asked before nipping at the smooth skin.

Faith turned her head so that she could see Buffy over her shoulder, out of the corner of her eye. Her brow furrowed.

"What?" Buffy asked, becoming even more curious.

"You ever visit Angel after he was locked up?"

Buffy pulled back from Faith quickly, almost as if she'd been slapped.

The question hadn't just popped into Faith's mind, even though she was lying and hadn't really been thinking at all after she got off of Buffy and laid beside her, it was something that she'd been wanting to ask for awhile.

Faith twisted herself so she was now facing Buffy.

"What made you think of that?" She asked, sounding almost hurt.

"I don't know, it just kinda popped into my head."

"Why are you bringing up stuff like that when we just made love?"

Faith knew she was treading on shaky ground here, but she knew that if they were going to talk at all about it then it had to be now.

"Because, B. You never want to talk about it, like ever."

"You couldn't ask me when we were in the shower or something?"

"And have you look at me like you're lookin' now and ask, `Why are you bringing this up in the shower?'?"

Buffy scoffed and reached down for the sheet to pull up over herself, she started to feel exposed.

"Uh, uh, baby. I wanna look at your sexy body."

"Faith," Buffy said annoyed. "I'm cold."

Faith laughed, "That's `cause you had me turn on the freakin' AC to like sixty five, everyone else in the house is wearin' their winter things."

"It's still winter," Buffy huffed.

"Nope, spring started ten days ago, sweetheart."

"I'm sorry, I'm hot!"

Faith wiggled her eyebrows and smiled down at Buffy, "That's statin' the obvious."

"Stop being mean to me," Buffy wasn't letting herself be easily charmed by Faith.

"Mean to you?" Faith narrowed her eyes at Buffy.

"Yeah," She said and crossed her hands over her chest after getting the covers in place around her.

"This happens all the time, Buffy."

"What does?"

"This. I bring up something about Angel and then you shut down. Actin' like I just kicked your dog."

Buffy turned her head to Faith and fixed her with a venomous glare.


"What?!" She snapped.

"Why's it always gotta be like this when I ask you about Angel?"

"Oh, like you're one to talk! What about when I bring up Cordelia?"

Faith looked at her incredulously, "I answer everything you ask me."

Buffy didn't have a comeback for that, because it was true. When her curiosity got the better of her, she'd ask about Faith's relationship with Cordelia, and Faith hadn't held anything back. Even if it hurt her to say it.

But not feeling in the most rational of mind-sets, Buffy felt like she was backed into a corner, so she did what she always did in these situations. Overreact.

"Okay, so let me ask you this one then. Did you propose to Cordelia?"

Faith smiled slightly and looked down at the bedspread. That particular memory was like so many of them when it came to her and Cordelia, it hurt. She always tried not to show it, which is why the question made her smile.

"Is that a particularly happy memory?" Buffy narrowed her eyes and tucked the sheet closer around her body.

Faith reached over to the side table drawer and took out the roll of paper towels she had in the bottom there. She ripped one off and used it to clean herself up a little, come was leaking from the tip of her penis.

Buffy watched Faith clean herself and had a stab of love hit her heart, but she held her irrational ground and sat there irritated.

"You need a wipe?" Faith reached for the wet wipes.

"No, I'm fine. Are you going to answer the question?"

"You really wanna do this now?"

"Why not? You wanted to bring up Angel now. I thought it was a good time."

The fake smile faded from Faith's face, and she felt a bitter taste in her mouth. She knew that this wasn't her Buffy talking. This was pregnant, hormonally challenged, incredibly-jealous-when-it-came-to-Cordelia Buffy that was talking. Which when it came down to it was in fact her Buffy, so she decided to get it over with.

"Okay," Faith said after swallowing the bitter taste. "Yeah, I proposed to Cordy. Twice."

"And what happened?"

"What do ya think happened? She took the ring, said yes, then told me no a few weeks later, but kept the ring. The second one I got back, but only `cause I snuck into her room and stole it back."

Buffy looked at the ring on her finger briefly.

Faith caught the look and snorted, "Ya know what, Buffy. I don't like this shit. You're setting me up here and I didn't even fuckin' do anything!"

"What did I do?"

"You just looked at your ring like I'd give you the one I gave Cordy. Ya know what I did with the one I gave Cordy?"

Buffy shrugged.

"I sold it back to the guy at the shop and bought my ticket over here and put the rest in the bank."

Buffy's face softened, "Did she ever find out you stole it back?"

"No, she probably thought one of the guys she cheated on me with took it, so she'd never ask."

Buffy looked down at her hands, she looked contrite. She knew she was acting irrationally, and for the most part these little episodes had stopped, but lately, as the time got closer to them finding out the true "father" of the baby, she was prone to quick anger and vast mood swings.

"I'm sorry," Buffy mumbled.

"Don't be. I know I'm probably askin' for trouble here, but I'm not upset with you, B."

"Do you mind if I ask where you did get this ring?"

Faith looked at Buffy's hand, the ring fit her perfectly, even though it wasn't bought with her in mind, it was as if it was made especially for her.

"It was handed down to me."

"By your mother?"

Faith smiled a sad smile, "Sorta. Only real mother I ever had."

Buffy frowned for a moment, and suddenly felt like she was going to be sick.

Faith picked up on the look of discomfort in Buffy's face.

"You gonna lose your lunch?"

Buffy shook her head.

Faith slid closer to Buffy on the bed and took her hand with the ring on it in hers. She ran her thumb over the stone and smiled.

"It's classy, just like she was and I gave it to the person that was most like her," Faith said, and then looked up into Buffy's eyes.

"Tell me about her," Buffy said, she slid down into a prone position on the bed, still holding Faith's hand. With her other hand she freed herself from the confines of the sheet.

Faith looked at her with an inquisitive smirk.

"I was way too hot," Buffy let out an embarrassed laugh and Faith couldn't help but laugh with her. She loved Buffy enough to know that she'd put up with any kind of mood swing, because every other moment with her was worth it. Those moments were plentiful, this was just one of those moments where Buffy's hormones conspired against her.

"Here, let me clean you up, babe," Faith said, and went about cleaning Buffy of the remnants of their earlier lovemaking.

After Faith was done and they had each taken a turn in the bathroom, they settled back on the bed. Faith took Buffy in her arms and let her lay on her side.

"You feelin' okay?" Faith asked.

Buffy nodded, "I'm sorry, I don't…"

"Hey, don't worry. If I was as pregnant as you are I'd probably be a freakin' ogre. I don't even know how you do it. I mean with the swollen feet, the gettin' sick, the needin' to eat almost constantly…"

"The constant horniness."

"Hey, you don't hear me complainin', do ya?"

"No, because you're wonderful. You've been nothing but perfect this whole time, and I love you so much for it."

"Well, I don't know about perfect, B. But I am pretty darn wonderful," Faith smiled brightly.

Buffy gave Faith a smile, she was glad her little tantrum didn't faze her. The last thing she needed was for them to be fighting.

"I know, which is why I said it," She gave Faith's arm thigh a little slap.

Silence settled between them in the room.

"So, you were asking about Diana," Faith finally broke the silence.

Buffy looked up at Faith after a few moments, "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. It's just…"

"What?" Faith asked.

"Well, when we first got together you used to talk about her more, tell me some stuff about her and what she was like, but since we've been back together, you haven't said much about her."

Faith's brow furrowed, she hadn't consciously realized she was doing that but thinking back on it now, she was trying to figure out why.

"I didn't realize I was doing that," Was all Faith could manage as an explanation at the moment.

"How old was she?"

Faith had to think for a moment, she wasn't really good at remembering dates, or ages.

"Well, I guess she would have been thirty nine when she died."

"Wow, she was young, I pictured her to be Mom's age."

"Your Mom's not old, B."

"To you she isn't, but to me and Dawn she's ancient."

Faith laughed, "That's because you guys are always raggin' on her about her clothing choices."

"True," Buffy admitted.

It had gone quiet between them again and it was again Faith who broke the silence.

"Why don't you wanna tell me about him, B?"

Buffy stiffened at Faith's side and Faith stopped her from trying to pull away.

"I-it was ugly, what he said to me…about you," Buffy whispered after a few tense moments.

Faith shrugged, "He's a peach, isn't he?"

"And I'm…" Buffy's voice was thick with emotion.

`Uh oh,' Faith thought. `It's `water works' time. And it's totally my fault, but she needs to get this out.'

"I'm ashamed that I ever let him manipulate me like that. That I…" Buffy trailed off.

When the silence stretched to almost a minute, Faith asked, "That you what?"

Buffy looked up at Faith with tear filled eyes, "That I let Cordelia trick me into thinking you'd do something like that to me, and that I let my rage block out the truth."

"Buffy, we've been over that part before, I told you I don't hold anything against you. It was them, they were manipulating us both. Cordelia even had me convinced."

"But I…I hated you, Faith."

`Oh shit,' Faith thought.

"In that moment of realization that…that you could have done that to me, I had wished I had never met you," Buffy let out a nervous laugh. "I wished there were some witch or something that I could have had cast a spell to forget you, or to make it like we'd never met. As it was, I just ran down to Willow and Tara's place in San Diego and drowned myself in cookies and milk."

"Damn," Faith was torn between wanting to be mad at Buffy's hatred towards her at that time, or rooting for her having stood up for herself and what she thought was right.

"I know, I have anger issues, and I think I might be a little crazy."

"I don't know if I'd call ya crazy, but you definitely get hella jealous."

"Do you think I could talk to Mr. Giles?"

Faith thought on that for a moment and then shrugged, "If you're thinkin' about becomin' a dude, sure." She turned her head and looked at Buffy, smiling a mischievous smile.

"Faith, I'm serious."

"I am too, the dude is a brilliant gender psychologist, but beyond that he can hardly tie his shoes. I think you might wanna make an appointment with Fred."

"Fred? Wesley's girlfriend?"

"That's the one."

"She was a…"

"Dude before, yeah, but she's a really good shrink."

"Is she a doctor?"

"No, but she listens real well," Faith said sarcastically then added, "Of course she's a doctor. You think I'd trust your sanity to just anyone?"

"I think you need to go see her too," Buffy narrowed her eyes at Faith.

"Oh, believe me, I have," Faith looked around the room, thinking of a subject she wasn't sure if she'd bring up right now, but she couldn't help herself. "You kick Big A in the balls when you found out?"

Buffy turned her full attention to fix Faith with a look, and it made her feel like she should brace for something, she involuntarily moved her hand to cover her genitals.

"If those bars weren't separating us, there isn't a name for what I would have done to him," It was said low and mean, and it made Faith shiver.

"Kinda glad I never wanted to intentionally hurt you. I have a feeling I got off easy with a kick to the balls."

Buffy put her hand on Faith's leg, "Faith, please. I'm so sorry for what I did, I hope you'll forgive me for it. I know it's hard…"



"Done, forgiven. Next?"

"Just like that?"

"You're gonna argue with me about forgivin' you for that?" Faith laughed and squeezed Buffy into her tighter.

"Hey, watch the boobs, always watch the boobs!"

"They're gettin' pretty sensitive, huh?"

"Getting? If you breathe on them they hurt."

"Awww, but they're so huge, I think you have to gladly live with the pain for huge titties like that."

"If you didn't have a nice sized rack I'd pinch you for being an uncaring jerk."

"Wonder if I can take hormones and help you nurse the baby."

Buffy's heart swelled and she looked lovingly at Faith.

"You'd do that?"

"If I had to," Faith said sincerely, even though at first she had said it as a joke. "If it were possible."

"It's probably not possible?"

"Anything with my body is possible, B. Just like we're not for sure if I can get anyone pregnant."

The silence crept back over them as they both thought of that situation.

"I really hope you can, and did." Buffy said finally

"Me too, babe," Faith kissed her on the top of the head and then allowed the sleep that was trying to take over claim her.

Buffy lay there for almost an hour, listening to Faith softly snore and alternating between thinking and watching her sleep. Finally, when it sounded like her stomach was threatening to kill her if it didn't get food, she got up and went to take a quick shower.

After she was done in the bathroom, she put on her comfortable night dress and light robe and went down to the kitchen. Jana was at the stove making food, while Chao, Dawn, Harmony and her son Marcus, who was being breastfed by his mother, were keeping her company.

"Oooh, is that what I think it is?" Buffy asked cheerily, as she went around kissing everyone good morning.

"Palačinky," Jana said, with an equally cheery voice.

"Do you need any help?"

"No, Buffy, you go make yourself comfortable."

"You're killing her you know," Dawn said to her sister.

"Jay? How am I killing, Jay?" Buffy asked as she reached into the refrigerator and took out the orange juice.

"Buffy cut that with water, we don't want a repeat of the last time you drank straight orange juice," Harmony said, watching her.

"I will, geeze," Buffy noticed Dawn was still shooting daggers at her. "What?"

"Faith," She said, not elaborating any further.

"Is sleeping, so?" Buffy put up one hand incredulously and poured water in the half full glass of orange juice.

"You were supposed to let her sleep in."

"Dawn, she's sleeping now, what's the big deal?"

"She has guests coming in an hour and a half, Buffy. That's the big deal."

Buffy looked horrified, "Oh God! I forgot!"

"Exactly, and now because of your horniness, she's gonna have even less sleep than she's been getting."

"Oh, no!"

"Dawn, we'll take care of her guests, Faith can still sleep. Don't make a big deal. Buffy, it's okay," Chao said.

"But she's not going to be happy that she can't play host like she usually does."

"So stop being such a slutbomb," Dawn said, like the bratty sister she was known to be.

"Dawn!" Harmony jumped to Buffy's defense. "Just wait until you get knocked up, when it gets to your eight month the two things that you crave are food and sex. So stop giving her crap about it."

"Harmony's right, Dawn. We called her `Hormoany' for the last two months of her pregnancy," Chao said.

"Besides, I don't think Liebchen is complaining," Jana said, flipping one of the palačinky and plating three of the others that were done.

"No, but when she has to put a ton of makeup on to hide the bags…What?!" Dawn said to Harmony who was throwing some daggers her way.

"I think you should quit now before you get beat by your pregnant sister."

Dawn turned away from Harmony, but not before sticking out her tongue.

"Why are you fighting like this with everyone, Dawnie?" Buffy asked.

"Sexual frustration," Harmony commented snidely and Jana and Chao went back to looking busy.

"Harm," Buffy scolded. "Not helping."

"No, she's right," Dawn admitted and sat down on one of the stools at the kitchen island. She put her head in her hands. "I'm so freakin' frustrated, I haven't had any play since Faith tried to grope me in her sleep."

"Oh, Dawn," Buffy cried. "I wish you wouldn't bring that up as often as you do. She said she was sorry, like a million times already."

"I know, but I think it sounds sexy, so I get a thrill when I say it."

"You're twisted," Buffy laughed.

"I bet Graham found someone already," Dawn said with a defeated sigh.

"He just called you last night and everything was fine, how could he have found someone already?"

"You see the news every day. Men cheat," Dawn huffed.

"Dawn, do you want to go home? You can you know, I'm okay here."

"Oh, hell no!" Dawn quickly protested. "I just want to whine and complain. Besides, I think after last night, I convinced him to come over for the birth."

"I think you're going to need to rent out a stadium with the amount of people coming over for that," Jana winked at Buffy.

"I know right?"

"Okay, these are done," Jana said and turned off the heat on the stove. "Chao honey, get the toppings. Do you guys want to just eat here?"

"Here's good," Dawn said and the rest agreed.

"Mmmm, nope, me and B are gonna eat in the living room," Faith said as she sauntered into the kitchen, walking up to Buffy and placing a sensuous kiss on her cheek. "Mornin', beautiful."

"Morning," Buffy said with a sigh and slid her hands around Faith's waist, she inhaled her sent, it was obvious she had showered before she came down. "You sure you should be up?"

"I got guests comin'," Faith watched Jana make up a couple of plates and then disengaged herself from Buffy, taking them from her. "Thanks, Jay. You're the best!" She gave her a kiss on the cheek and then proceeded to do the same to everyone in the kitchen, including Marcus who was still happily chowing at Harmony's breast. "C'mon, B." Faith indicated to the living room with her head.

"Don't get any on the couch!" Jana warned.

"Yeah, yeah," Faith said dismissively.

When they left the room Harmony asked in a whisper, "Who's coming today?"

"Giles, Wesley, Fred…and Gunn," Dawn said.

"Gunn? Does Faith know?"

"Faith invited him of course she knows."

Harmony thought for a moment, "Does Buffy know?"

Dawn shook her head and answered, "No."



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