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The Window

by Dafmeister (aka Dafydd)


Rating: Porn
Authors Notes: 1) The idea for this story came to me while reading 'Whipped' by Gina, aka Oralfxatn, so a lot of the credit/blame (delete as appropriate) should go to her. 2) This story is set in Season 3, starting a few days after 'Helpless' and ending on the opening night of 'The Zeppo'. Everything to that point happens per canon. 3)  It's porn. Pure, out-and-out porn with no redeeming virtues whatsoever. I apologise. 4)  This is my first fic in the present tense. It's my third smutfic ever, the first in six years and the first Fuffy. It's my second first-person fic ever, again the first in six years and the first that's multi-first-person. So, while I might not be in completely uncharted waters here, there are certainly large empty bits of the map marked 'Here Be Dragons'. Plus, straight guy writing teh grlseks. Be nice. 5) Big thanks to Sham and Gina who, in addition to the normally beta stuff, have made sure there's nothing anatomically impossible or lesbianically improbable in here.

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Part One – Sunday night

I'm such a fucking perv.

Not exactly tonight's top story, right? But it's not supposed to be like this. I mean, I like to watch, same as the next girl. I'd rather be doing, but watching's still a lot of fun. The thing is, you're supposed to be watching someone doing it, getting off on them getting off, not just… watching. What the hell's wrong with me? I ought to be out hunting, or screwing, or watching TV, or… I don't know. Not sitting outside B's window watching her sleep, that's for God-damn sure.

This is what happens when you try being nice to people. I found a nest, thought B might want in when I took 'em out, you know, work out the kinks after that freak-show the Council put her through last week, so I headed over to her place. All the lights were off – I guess it was kind of late – and I didn't want to wake Mrs S, so I figure I'll just hop up to B's window instead of ringing the doorbell. I can be considerate, you know, I'm not a total idiot. So I get up there, I'm all set to knock, got some wiseass opening line all figured out, and then I see her lying there asleep. Next thing I know it's an hour later and I'm still staring at her like some big freak.

Worst part is, I came back the next night. And the next. And the next – that'd be now. There's something wicked creepy going on with me. And if B catches me, I'm gonna get my ass kicked from here to Hollywood. She can't take me, no way, no how – except when she's angry. Me, I get sloppy when I'm pissed off. B gets… dangerous. I really don't want her that pissed off with me.

Damn, she's cute when she's sleeping.

How long's she gonna stay tonight?

Oh yeah, that's the question you should be asking yourself, Buffy. Not 'what the hell is she doing?' or 'why the hell isn't it pissing me off?' No, you don't care about all those 'the hell' questions; you just want her to stick around a while longer. So much easier than dealing with how weird this is. All hail Queen Buffy of Avoidia.

Get a grip on yourself… oh boy, was that the wrong way to say it. Think it. Whatever. Not the point, which is: you should be angry! Get angry! She's watching you sleep! Or she would be if you were sleeping, but she doesn't know you're not sleeping and she's watching you, which is what's important here! This is crazy, creepy stalker stuff. It's supposed to make you mad, make you want to tie her to a chair and have a long, pointy talk with her. Possibly with a long, pointy object in your hand. It's not supposed to be… exciting.

Exciting? Come on, Buffy, is that the best you can do? This is your head, it's not like Mom's gonna overhear you. Just say it.

Knowing Faith's watching turns you… turns me on.

It gets me horny.

It makes my pussy wet.

There, I said it. Now deal with it so I can start working on the rage. Tomorrow at school, get her alone, smack her on the head and tell her to knock it off, cause it's creeping you out and-

She's leaving.




Part Two – Monday


God, Giles, don't you ever shut up? The Council fired your ass; loosen up a little, okay? Vampires, evil, blah frickin' blah, just get to the frickin' point already so I can get out of this frickin' library before-

Crap, she's here, walking right through the door with her buddies and now I'm stuck here. I mean, I could take off but then she'd look at me with those stupid kicked-puppy eyes of hers and I'd be feeling like the world's biggest asshole all day just 'cause I didn't hang out in her clubhouse. I swear this girl's got the guilt-trip-causing down to an art. Her mom's the same. Maybe it's genetic.

What, I can't use the big words?

Okay, chill, you can do this. Just play it cool and don't think about eyeballing her when she's in her PJs, 'cause that's never happening again. Doesn't matter how cute she is or how much better you feel when you're watching her, you stay the hell away from that window tonight, got it?

She looks tired. That's weird, she's been sleeping fine. I ought to know. Maybe she had to get up early or something.

Great, now she caught you staring and she's looking at you like you're a freak. Which you are, but you don't want her to know, right?

I've gotta get out of here.




So much for Operation Head-Smack.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, why'd I look at her like that? I was supposed to get her on her own, not make her take off! Great, now I'm not gonna see her all day, and somehow I don't think she'll be showing up for patrol tonight. Which means the next time I see her she'll probably be lurking outside my bedroom window and why is that still not creeping me out? It's bad enough I was awake half the night thinking about her watching me until I had to do that thing I'm never gonna do again with her in my mind, but then Will caught me squirming around in chem class and I'm pretty sure she didn't buy that whole pulled muscle routine.

This has gotta stop. We work together, we're maybe getting to be friends again, and I so don't want to screw that up. That way lies complications, mayhem and in this town, very possibly death. It's time to set some boundaries, Buffy.

And tonight, try sleeping with your curtains closed.



Part Three – Monday night


My feet hurt.

This was a wicked great idea, Faithy. Instead of sitting around in your motel room thinking about B, you can walk all over this lame-ass town thinking about B and getting blisters on your feet. Just go home, watch some of America's best late-night TV and get some sleep. Come on, the motel's… which way? Where the hell am I?

Oh great. Frickin' perfect. That's the last time I let my feet do the navigating. Revello Drive, right outside, what, 1623? And she's between me and the motel.

Okay, it's simple. She's on the other side of the street, just keep walking and don't cross the street.

Don't cross the street.

Stay on the sidewalk.

Don't walk up the path.

Do not get on that fucking roof!





There she is.

She probably thinks she's being all sneaky – okay, she is being sneaky; most people wouldn't even know she was there, but I know the sound you get from every bit of that roof. I spent three weeks learning them all last spring; waking up and realising you had a homicidal vampire in your room while you slept really is kinda motivating. It's like one of those floors they had in Japan that Giles told me about, what do you call them – canary floors? Well, I've got a canary roof, and it's telling me she's right outside the window, on the left, probably sitting down- stop focusing on the details!

Why didn't I close the curtains? If I'd closed the damn curtains she wouldn't have even climbed up here, she'd just have turned around and gone home, but no, I had to leave them open and then lie awake for hours wondering if she'd show up and trying not to think about how she's making me feel. Which is…

Think it.

Horny. I'm horny and it's wrong and twisted and hello I've got a boyfriend and I'm still lying here in my least sexy cow-pattern pyjamas making wet spots because of the girl who's stalking me.

I'm sick. I need help.

Maybe if I roll over I'll spook her and she'll leave?

Nope. Of course, rolling so I faced away from the window might have been a better idea. I mean, the back of my head's cute, but it's not my best side. Especially with bed-hair. She might leave for bed-hair. She's looking right at me, I know she is. I can't stay like this, gotta move again. Over on my back, and turn my face away before I start blushing. Could this get any more awkward?

Hey, why is my hand moving? Where do you think you're going, hand?

Oh you know exactly where I'm going. You've got an itch and I'm getting my scratch on.

No you don't, get your freshly-manicured ass back up here!

Come on, you know you want me to. You've been aching down there all day, you're all sticky. Just give me a minute, it'll feel so good, I promise.

Great, my own hand's talking dirty to me. Listen, buster, I am not masturbating while I've got Stalker Slayer watching and oh God I just said masturbate – not the point, which is I am not doing this, got it? Now hold still!

Hey, genius, I'm your hand. If I'm heading under the waistband it's 'cause you want me to, so stop fighting it and let me do my thing, 'kay?

No, not okay! My hand's possessed, it's gotta be, my hand's been possessed by a pervert demon, God how am I gonna explain that to Giles and I can't believe I just thought about Giles while I've got my hand between my thighs. Stop it! Faith's watching, she'll see – oh God…

There, what did I tell you, huh? You've been wanting this all day, we both know it. You're so slippery down here; I'm just sliding over you like silk. I can make the ache go away, you'll feel so much better.

Oooh okay, you win, just… go slow, okay hand? No sudden moves, maybe Faith won't notice.




Damn, she's restless tonight. I haven't seen her rolling around this much before. You okay, B? Bad dreams?

She can't hear you, dumbass, you're talking in your head. Which is a good thing, 'cause if she did hear you she'd knock you off this roof so fast you'd probably leave your boots behind. Will you quit perving and get gone? If B wakes up and you're still here – wait a second. Is her arm moving?


No way.

No fucking way!

B's stroking the cat? Miss Uptight's giving herself a happy? I didn't think she knew how… gotta be 'cause she's asleep, no way she does this when she's awake. That's it, she's probably dreaming about Angel and now I'm feeling jealous of a frickin' vampire.

Oh God, B, don't do that, don't bite your lip. She's just too fucking cute.




That gasp… she knows what I'm doing. Faith's watching me finger my pussy and I don't even care. No, it's worse, I like it. My whole body's tingling just from knowing she's looking at me. Oh… oh my God, so much for going slow, I think things just got speeded up a whole lot. Feels like one more touch and I'll-






Oh boy. That was, that was… different. Different, and crazy, and weird and I just made myself come in front of Faith and I loved it! Buffy the exhibitionist, reporting for duty, sir! What the hell happened to me?

She's moving. She's leaving, and she's moving a lot faster than normal. Careful, Faith, it's steeper than you think, you'll-

Ow. That sounded painful. Get up, go over to the window – the window she just watched you through – okay, focus, Hormone Girl. Keep out of sight, just peek out and make sure she's okay.

I don't see her. Maybe she's hurt. What if she's hurt? What if she landed on her head and knocked herself out? She could be unconscious and bleeding internally! I've gotta go down there, she could be dying or-

Or she could just be taking her own sweet time getting up. Way to scare the life out of me, Faith. Are you okay? You look okay, except for the limping part. Hurt your leg? Wonder how you'll explain that one.

Get home safe, okay?


Part Four – Tuesday


You're crazy. Insane. Out of your fucking mind.

What if she woke up, huh? Did you even think about that? If she saw you peeping like that – hell, if she even thought you'd done it – you can forget about getting your ass kicked. She'd kill you dead, girlfriend. Watching her sleep was freaky, but watching her get off? That's fucked up, Faithy, even for you, and don't even think about the part where you ran home – okay, limped home – and had your hand down your pants before you got through the damn door.

God she looked wicked hot-

Hey! Get a hold of yourself – not like that! Stop thinking with your crotch, Faith, you gotta concentrate. Stay cool, act normal, don't freak out. And if anyone asks about the limp, get your story straight. You did a solo patrol, you were chasing a vamp and you twisted your ankle jumping over a wall. Repeat after me: I twisted my ankle jumping over a wall.

I twisted my ankle jumping over a wall.

I twisted my ankle jumping over a wall.

I'm so screwed.




I'm a slut. I'm a pervert. I'm that girl moms warn their sons about on after-school specials.

I think Will's starting to get worried. She's asked if I'm okay three times already today, and it's only third period. She hasn't done that since I got back from L.A. And what have I got?

"Yeah, fine Will." Sure, I'm fine – apart for the turning into a deviant sex-freak! And now she's got that look again, like she thinks I'm hiding something from her, and I so hate it when she looks at me like that. Especially when I am hiding something, it makes me feel all guilty, like I'm the worst friend ever, but if I told her she'd hate me or she'd think I was a freak or she'd just blush so hard her face caught fire, which is what I'd be doing if I had an ounce of shame in my body.

Okay, Buffy, get yourself together. We've both got a free period now so we can go sit outside together and talk about all the stupid stuff we both like to talk about, I can ask about her and Oz and she'll smile and everything'll be fine again.

Damn it, she wants to go to the library and do some homework. Will, I love you and all your nerdiness but sometimes your timing really sucks.

Maybe it'll be okay. Maybe Faith won't be there, it's not like she spends all her time hanging out with Giles, right? And it's still early, she's probably not even up yet, she's so not a morning person. It'll be fine, I can go to the library with Will and study and I can ask her to help me with my trig homework, she's always happy when she's in tutor mode. It'll be great. Faith won't even be there.

So I'll just walk into the library, say hi to Giles and crap there she is. I'm so - wait a minute. I'm not embarrassed. Oh God, I think I want to do it again. Tonight. And now I'm wishing I brought a change of underwear to school, 'cause I think I'm gonna need it.

Wait a second. What's she doing?

Oh. My. God. Is she helping Giles? Is Faith helping Giles put books away?

World upside down. I'm an exhibitionist and Faith's playing junior librarian. She won't even look at me – is she embarrassed? That's why she's helping out, she's guilty? Well you should be guilty, you big, peeping pervert!

Hypocritical self-righteousness, oh how I love you.

Okay, Buffy, just sit down, get your books out and act normal. See? I'm just regular old good-girl Buffy, doing my homework and totally not thinking about sex, or nudity, or why Faith won't look at me.




I'm not hiding. I'm not hiding. Got a perfectly good reason to be back in the stacks. See all these books? I'm putting them away for Giles, so he can spend his time reading up on demons. I'm being helpful, that's all. It's nice to be helpful, feels good inside. That's why I'm doing it.

So it's got nothing to do with how your nipples tried to drill right through your shirt the second B looked at you?

Shut up, Brain.

You picked a really sucky day to wear one of your skimpy bras.

I said shut up!

Why won't the little fuckers lie down? This is so fucking embarrassing. Is this how guys feel when the stick shift wakes up? Hell, they've got it easy, all they've gotta do is sit down and no-one'll know. What the hell am I supposed to do, walk around with my arms across my chest all day? Maybe I can sneak into the locker room and grab a cold shower. Or just get some ice, maybe that'll cool me off. No, dumbass, it might deal with the raging horny you've got going, but it's not gonna make the girls behave. Oh great, now I'm thinking about B rubbing ice cubes on her tits and the perky twins just got perkier.

What's with me today? Yeah, my nips were always kinda sensitive, doesn't take much to set them off, just a touch sometimes, but there's gotta be something. If B's giving me the shivers just by looking at me, I'm in so much trouble.

God, just for a second it was like she was kissing me with her eyes…

Okay, you can knock that right off! Thinking about it's not gonna help. Just concentrate on filing the books, or whatever you do with books, and maybe they'll get bored. Keep filing, look at all the long, boring titles, and you'll be fine.


Jesus fucking Christ, B! Didn't your mom tell you not to sneak up on people? You made me drop a bunch of books on my toes, and these suckers are heavy, you know? What are you looking at me like that for?

Oh crap, the headlights are back on. B's gotta be getting an eyeful, and now she's got this weird look on her face like she doesn't know where she's supposed to be looking.

Do something! Pick up the books! Great idea – you don't have to look at Buffy, she isn't getting flashed and when you stand up again you can use the books to hide your goodies.

So how come she's still looking at me funny?

Maybe 'cause you haven't said anything yet, dumbass!

"Uh, hey B." I'll take 'lame-ass things to say' for 500, please. At least she's looking at my face now. "You want something?"

"Uh, no-no, I just… are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?" She really looks worried about me.

"Oh, nothing, nothing, I just thought you were limping a bit, it's probably nothing."

Stick to the story. Stick to the story.

"Yeah, there was this wall – I mean, there was a vamp last night, and I was chasing him and I had to jump over a wall and I hurt my ankle."

Girl, you suck.

"You're hurt? Do you need a doctor?"

Man, she really is worried. "No, I'm five by five, it just kinda aches. I'll be okay, I'm just walking it off."

"That's why you're back here?"

"Yeah, figured if I was on my feet anyway…" And now I'm waving a frickin' book at her. How lame am I?

"Okay, cool. Just be careful next time, when you're landing."


And she's gone. But she was worried about me. Me, the freako perv.

Wait a minute, if I'm the perv, how come it looked like she was checking out my rack back there?

'Cause you're a perv, remember, you can't think about anything without making it about sex.

Shut up, Brain.

You gotta stop this, Faith.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.



Part Five – Tuesday night


Where the hell is she?

What if she's not coming tonight? She was twitchy all the way through patrol. Maybe she's wigging about last night? The way I was staring at her chest in the library can't have helped. Maybe she'll never come back? No, don't even think about it. God, I'm so turned on just thinking about her, it feels like I'll dissolve if I don't do something about it, but it won't be the same if she's not watching.

Hey, here's a cool idea; why don't I think about my boyfriend while I've got a finger on my clit? You know, the guy I'm in love with? The one I kissed goodnight a whole two hours ago?

That's not fair.

The hell with fair! Life's not fair, Summers, suck it up. I'm with Angel, and I'm cheating on him. I don't care if it's only in my head.

Okay, Guilt, just listen. I do love him, but I can't do any of this stuff with him, and it's not right thinking about it when I can't do it. Yeah, it is kinda cheating, but I need something, okay? It's just physical, so shut up and let me take care of it! You can make me feel like crap in the morning.

Hurry up, Faith. Please.

What if I start now, but I take it slow so I don't finish before she gets here? That could be good. I mean, if I start right after she arrives it'll look weird, right? And if I wait too long after she gets here, she might leave before I get started.

I'm getting way too good at this self-justifying crap.

Okay, take it nice and slow. I'll just slide my hand into my sweatpants but keep outside of my underwear for now. Mmm you wouldn't think damp cotton would feel so nice, would you? I'll just use my fingertips, really softly, just to take the edge off.

Damn it, Faith, move your ass!




Okay, moron, this is getting stupid. If you had a brain you'd find some guy in a bar and screw him 'til you couldn't remember your own name, never mind Buffy's. But if you're not gonna be smart, just get up to the damn window, 'cause sitting on the porch like this is just pathetic.

What if she does it again?

What if she doesn't do it again?

What if she wakes up?

Oh for God's sake, move your ass!

Okay, here I go. Jump up, grab the edge of the roof, and haul myself up. Avoid the creaky bit and get into the shadow by the window.

God damn, she's doing it again! How much did I miss? Come on, Faithy, it's not pay-per-view, you're peeping. Just be glad she hasn't caught you yet.

Gone with the tank top tonight, huh B? Too bad, the cow PJs were cute. Not that you don't look good in a tank, mind. Sweatpants underneath? Probably. Gotta be something loose, the way her hand's moving under there.

The covers just shifted a bit and – whoa! That's a thin tank top. That's a wicked thin tank top. Man, I thought I had a perky problem today, but I've got nothing on B right now.

Is it getting hot out here?




Hope you like the outfit, Faith; I wore it especially for you. You gave me such a nice show today, it's only fair to return the favour.

Wow, I think my nipples just got harder thinking about it. I wonder what Faith's breasts look like naked. Oh yeah, definitely getting harder. Which is not entirely a good thing – well, it's good for Faith, she can see better, and that whimper I just heard says she likes it, but it's not good for me because now I really want to play with them, and I can't. I'm supposed to be asleep, remember? One hand fooling around under the covers is one thing, playing with my breasts and pussy at the same time's a bit too much.

But it'd feel so good…

And how good'll it feel if Faith gets suspicious and stops coming over? Stick to what works, okay?

Can I at least put my hand inside my underwear now?

Oh God yeah, enough with the slow and gentle crap.

Okay, here goes. I'm sliding my hand into my underwear and great muppety Odin that feels nice. I knew I was wet down here, but damn… my finger just slipped right inside so easy, I didn't even have to push. Let's get another finger in – oh boy! Okay, okay, just hold still for a minute, let me get my breath back. God, it feels like if I move my hand, I'll come, and I'd like this to last a couple of minutes at least.

All right then, let's do this. Start moving my hand again, pumping my fingers inside me while the base of my thumb rubs my clit. My pussy's making thing this little wet clicky noise, I wonder if Faith can hear it. Probably not, but I hope she can. Damn, this feels nice. Oh yeah…

Oh… fuck…

Enjoy the show, Faith, I don't think it's gonna last long.



Part Six – Wednesday


You know the best thing about getting Giles' lecture on crossbow maintenance? There's absolutely no way you can think about sex while he's talking triggers and bowstrings. Trust me, I've tried. I get this one at least once a month, just 'cause I keep mine under the bed at the motel instead of some fur-lined box.

Most days it just pisses me off. So what if I don't follow all the stupid rules? The damn thing still works, right? As long as it kills vamps when I need it to, who cares when I oiled the… sprocket… thing?

Yeah, most of the time this speech makes me want to hit something. Today, it's the only reason I'm not sitting in a puddle right now. Seriously, the way things are going, as soon as Giles stops talking every drop of moisture in my body's gonna leak right out of my pussy and I'm gonna dry out and shrivel up into a little old lady. What the hell's wrong with me? I got myself off four times before I went to bed last night and I still woke up with my ass in a wet spot. And when I say 'spot' I mean 'whole side of the frickin' bed'.

Face it, girlfriend, you're jonesin' for B and her bouncy little boobs.

Both of which just walked through the door. Welcome to my wet spot, make sure you wear a life jacket.




At least she's looking at me today. That's progress, right? Of course, she's pretending she's not looking, just slouching in her chair with her head back and her eyes closed while Giles talks demon activity and Xander makes jokes about it. Except her eyes aren't closed, not completely, and she keeps checking out my chest. I knew she'd like the perk-show last night. And now I'm getting another one from her. It's not as serious as yesterday, I think she's wearing a better bra and her shirt's not as tight (not that she even owns a shirt you could call loose), but there's still some definite tenting going on, any time she's peeking at me.

I, however, am showing nothing today. No sir, no Girl Scouts camping out on my chest. Mainly because I'm wearing my mostest-padded bra and I stuffed a pair of chicken fillets in it. I might look like I went up a cup size overnight, but at least everything's smooth on the outside.

On the inside, it feels like I've got a pair of doorknobs stuck to my chest. Not a peep out of them all day, but as soon as Faith starts looking at them: pow! Hard as rocks. It's like they think it must be night-time if Faith's looking. All the padding's the only reason I didn't take someone's eye out - probably Xander, because he's been sneaking looks too. It's not his fault, he's only a guy; you can't show up with bigger-than-usual boobs and expect him not to notice. He's getting better at hiding it, though; a year ago he'd have been drooling into whatever book Giles has him reading.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm sitting here with Xander and Will and Giles and Oz, we're supposed to be talking about slaying and all I can think about is breasts and sex and what Faith looks like naked. I'm in the library, for God's sake! This is a book place, not a nudity place. It's pretty much the anti-nudity place.

Okay, okay, I can do this, I've just gotta get my head together and focus on what Giles is saying. This stuff's important, like life-or-death important. Concentrate on work now, deal with the horny later.

And now I've got an idea how.



Part Seven – Wednesday night


You're not fooling anyone, Faithy. We both know you want to go up there and perv through B's window again, so quit wasting my time standing on the damn sidewalk.

Shut up, Brain. It's a public sidewalk; I can stand here if you want to.

Great comeback, genius. You sound like some chick fighting with her big sister. Look, you're not gonna be happy until you've got some eyeball time, so just get your ass in gear. You don't want to miss the good stuff, do you?

I'm not here for that!

Hey, easy on the denial, okay? Stop freaking. It's 1999; dykes are in.

I am not a dyke!

Sure, whatever, you're a straight girl who just likes watching another girl fuck herself every night. Point is, you're gonna miss the fucking if you don't move your ass!

Quit talking to me like I'm a slave to my fucking crotch.

You are a slave to your crotch. You're pussy-whipped by your own pussy.

You callin' me whipped, bitch? I'll kick your-

Easy, kiddo, no need to get violent. Look, let me lay it out for ya. If you don't go up there, you're gonna be awake for hours tossing and turning until you give up and fuck yourself stupid. Probably more than once. If you do go up there, you get to watch B, and then you can go home, fuck yourself stupid without the waiting, have something new to think about while you're doing it and still get more sleep tonight. You tell me, which way's smarter?

I hate losing arguments with myself… All right, all right, I'm going. Good thing there's all these trees out front of the house, or someone would've called the cops on me by now. Okay, jump, grab, lift - I'm getting way too good at this, don't even have to think about where to put my feet any more. Let's see what B's wearing tonight…

Damn. I can't see a thing, she's got the covers pulled up to her ears. Gotta say, though, she looks so cute like this, kinda like a little dormouse-

I did not fucking say that.




I probably ought to feel bad, manipulating her like this.

Button it, Guilt. You know the schedule; 8 a.m. to noon is Make Buffy Feel Like Crap time. You already had your turn for today, and you spent it on Angel. You don't get a do-over just 'cause something new showed up. You want to make me feel crappy about that, you gotta wait until morning. And I'm not manipulating her; I'm just… giving her a little variety, is all. I don't want to do the same thing every night, she'll get bored.

Besides, it's fun teasing her like this. Teasing the both of us, really, to see who folds first. Either she'll give up waiting for me to do something and start to leave, or I won't be able to stand it any more and I'll have to start playing with myself. Of course, she doesn't know it's a game, so I kinda have an unfair advantage, but that's what makes it fun. Plus, she isn't the one having to make herself not touch her pussy, which so makes us even. I swear, if I don't concentrate all the time, my hands are gonna start heading south all by themselves.

Maybe I should just lock my thighs together, just in case the hands go wandering. Yeah, that's a good – oh wow! God, I'm so horny even that feels good, like I'm squeezing them around my clit. Oh boy, now I'm in trouble – if I squeeze too hard, it feels like I'll come just from that, but if I don't squeeze hard enough I just know my hand's gonna end up down there. Talk about walking the line…

Okay, just stay calm, concentrate on breathing slow and easy, like I'm asleep. I can do this. I am not a total slave to my hormones. I don't have to touch myself just because I'm horny. I can hold out all night if I have to.

I so hope I don't have to.




I guess she's really out for the night. Looks like I'm not getting the hat-trick after all.

You know what? That's five by five. I got to see her come twice, that's more than anyone else ever got. Three would have been nice, but hey… And I still like just watching her sleep. It makes me feel better, you know? Calmer, like everything's gone quiet inside. I don't think I'm even gonna need to get off tonight. I think I'm gonna sleep just fine as it is.

Thanks, B. Sleep tight.




I win!

Okay, first of all, I'm way too excited about that, and second, I don't think I thought this part through so well. 'Cause now she's leaving, and if she's not here for when I come, I'll never sleep, so I've gotta do something, fast. It's gotta be something big enough to grab her attention without making it look like I'm trying to grab her attention. Like what?

I'll roll over, try to make the bed creak, and I'll make some noise myself, like a groan or something. Here goes… oh my God, that sounded so fake, I can't believe she'd buy it. But she's not moving, so yay! And I managed to push the covers down a little so she can see my outfit for tonight, that ought to get Her Horniness interested again.




Damn it, Faith, you nearly woke her up! And I'm actually more worried about spoiling B's beauty sleep than about getting caught, how whipped am I? I'm Buffy's bitch and she doesn't even know, thank God.

I'd better check on her. Careful, don't make a sound now. Let's see… looks like she's still asleep, she just rolled over stuck her arm out on top of the covers. Guess I didn't disturb her too bad.

Bare arm…gone with the tank again tonight, huh B? Her arms look so tiny when they're not covered up, you wouldn't believe how strong she really is.

Wait a second… if she's wearing a tank, where's the shoulder strap?

Holy crap, is she naked?




I can hear you…

I'm really trying not to move, but it's so hard not to smile right now. For a second there I really thought I lost her, which is just too awful to think about, but I got her back. She's trying to stay quiet, which is really kinda sweet, but I heard her, and if that little gasp means what I think it means, she knows exactly what I'm wearing - which is pretty much just a very subtle makeup job.

What, I can't look nice for this?

And speaking of 'this', I'd better get 'this' started while my bed's still dry enough not to need a lifeguard. I'll just ease over on my back so I'm nice and comfortable – and so Faith can see everything – and then I'll slide my hand down my front and in between my thighs.

Oh. My. God. How much was I rubbing my thighs together before? I knew they'd be kinda damp, but it feels like they're soaked all the way to my knees! I'll have to take a shower after this or I'll be so sticky in the morning and now I know I'm a pervert, because the waking up sticky part sounds unbelievably nice.

Okay, time to stop thinking about the sticky and concentrate on making the sticky. I think my pussy's had enough of being patient and it's starting to yell, so I'd better give it some attention. Man, everything's so hot and slippery down here, not to mention – ahahaaaaa – sensitive. I think I might have gone overboard on the whole teasing thing, 'cause I'm getting all kinds of teeny little twinges from my clit every time I lay a finger on it, but I can't stop now. There's no way I'll sleep with it throbbing like this, and if I'm awake all night this turned on, I'll go insane. Gently, gently, that's it, I'll just stroke myself as slow as I can so it's not too much.

Ow. Mmmm. Owww. This kinda hurts – how can it feel good at the same time? Oh great, so I'm not just a slut and a pervert, I'm a masochist too. Oops, forgot exhibitionist, and how'd I do that when it's the whole point of this? Horny Buffy not think good with hand on pussy. Oh God, I don't even know if I'll be able to sit down tomorrow – okay, I'd better stop thinking about tomorrow and just enjoy this…

I hope Faith's enjoying it. Maybe I could sneak a look? It's dark in here, she probably won't notice. I'll just crack an eyelid and peek for a second – oh God, she's right there watching me! Which I knew, but seeing her makes it all different and now my clit's totally twitching and my nipples are so hard – nipples! I'm such an idiot, I forgot the whole point of the naked part.

It's okay, it's okay, it's not too late. Close, so fucking close, but not too late. Okay, gotta make it look natural. Stretch out my leg and use my foot to push the covers down…





I mean… wow…

I can see Buffy's boobs. I'm drooling like some twelve-year-old boy with a dirty mag and I don't give a shit 'cause I can see Buffy's boobs!

One word: Perky.

Actually, there's a whole lot of words I could be using right now, but perky's definitely at the top of the list. I'm not sure what comes in second. Round, maybe? How about tanned? No, I know what comes next: Perfect. Yeah, that's it, they're perfect in their tanned, round perkiness. Perky comes top, though, 'cause it's kinda the defining characteristic. And I haven't even started on her nipples. Man, they are fucking adorable, all cute and little and pink, just crying out for someone to have a nibble on them. They're like the cherries topping off the sundae of perky perfection – can you believe the crap I'm coming out with here? I can't help it, they're just so fucking perfect. Okay, so they're not the biggest tits ever, but that actually makes them more perfect. I bet I could fit a whole one in my mouth. See? Perfect.

So perfect they made me forget that B's still rubbing her fucking pussy! Man, that girl gets horny when she's asleep. Wish I could see what her hand's doing under there – looks like she's just stroking it. Kinda delicate, but this is B we're talking about after all. Can't imagine her getting on her knees with her ass in the air and sticking three… actually, I can imagine her doing that and damn it's making me wet. Wetter, I mean, 'cause things were getting squelchy down there anyhow. I'm gonna have do laundry tomorrow, I'm almost out of clean underwear – I'm going through panties like you wouldn't believe the last few days.

Oh God, she's started making these little moaning sounds. I think I just melted.




I know I'm supposed to be keeping quiet, but I just can't. And the twinges in my clit? So totally worth it. The almost-ache stopped maybe a couple of minutes ago and now it's like everything's humming under my fingers. Quick peek – yeah, Faith's still staring at my breasts. Who knew she was such a breast girl? Maybe all the push-up bras were a clue, I don't know. What I do know is she's hardly taken her eyes off mine since I pushed the covers down. Part of me just wants to go over there and let her see them up close, but that would just be a really bad idea. Plus I'd have to stop fingering my pussy, and right now I don't think I could stop if Mom, Giles and Principal Snyder all walked in here. Not when I'm so close to-




Part Eight – Thursday


I'm having such a bad fucking day.

Problem one: my 'almost out of clean underwear' turned out to be 'completely out of clean underwear', so I had to wash some before I could even get dressed, which pissed me off from the start.

Problem two: my nipples decided they didn't give me enough crap to deal with the last few days, so today they're really cutting loose. They didn't even wait for B to show up; I woke up with a pair of bullets stuck to my rack, and they're not going anywhere. If they can survive two hot showers and ten minutes thinking about sucking off the motel manager, they can survive anything. There's no way I can go to a damn Scooby meeting like that, not three days in a row, it's too fucking embarrassing, so I had to…

God, I can't even stand to say it.

I had to buy a sports bra.

I fucking hate sports bras. They flatten everything. I like my girls front and centre, high up where everyone can see them, not squashed down against my ribs. I feel totally off balance without them leading the way, not to mention that perky nipples do not like being squashed like that. But if I don't wear the fucking thing, I'll flash the world any time I think about B, which is pretty much every time I think about anything today.

I can't believe I'm getting this juiced up over a pair of boobs. It's not like I never saw any before – hell, I've got a rockin' pair all of my own. Damn it, B, why'd you have to grow up all perky, huh? Would it have killed you to sag a bit? I just know I'm gonna spend the whole day trying not to get caught perving on that chest.

This is gonna be the worst Scooby meeting ever.




We can't go on like this.

Faith's been watching me for at least a week. I've made myself come in front of her three nights running. Last night I was naked. She's not stupid, no matter how horny she is. She'll get suspicious sooner or later, probably sooner, and then it's all over. I can't let it end like that, she'll never trust me again, and it's not like we're best buds now. She's barely even looked at me all day, and when she has looked it's only for a second. I just know if I try to talk to her she'll make some excuse and take off.

So what do I do? I wish I could talk to Will about it, but she wouldn't understand. And I guess I know what the smart thing to do is anyway; stop the whole thing right now. Stop giving Faith peep shows and try to be asleep before she comes over. Maybe even start closing the curtains, although she might get suspicious if I suddenly start doing that, too.

Yeah, that's definitely the 'thinking with my head' option, but deep down I just can't stand the thought of it. As screwed up as this thing with Faith is, I need it. The only problem is, my only other option's to hit the gas and hope to God I don't break everything. If it goes wrong, it'll be worse than doing nothing, but if it goes right…

So what do I do?




What's B looking at me like that for? She can't have caught me checking her out, 'cause I haven't been checking her out. It's not like I need to, I've already seen just about everything there is to see, and my imagination's filling in all the blanks easy.

I've gotta stop. It's getting so I can't even be in the same room with her. Damn it, we were just getting to be friends again, and I fucked it up!

You know what you gotta do, Faith. It's time to be smart.



Part Nine – Thursday night


Of all the nights she could have picked to show up late…

Maybe she went out hunting again? She's never happy if she doesn't get in a good slay before bed, and it's not like we were getting swamped all night. And if she does find something to slay, she'll probably grab a snack and head over here for the other H. I'll just lie here, all naked and horny, and be patient. She'll show up.

Yeah, unless she finds some doable stud on the street and drags him back to her room first. Or maybe she decided not to come at all? She was all avoidy tonight, she barely said more than one sentence at a time. And they weren't big sentences; any smaller and she'd have made Oz look chatty. What if she decided this whole thing's too weird and she had to stop?

Damn it, Faith, you picked a really sucky time to work on your self-control.

Sigh. Big melodramatic sigh.

I don't know, maybe it's better this way. We can both just pretend the whole thing never happened and just get on with being Slayers. We should just keep it simple, there's too many other complications in the world as it is. We'll keep it simple, and my hormones are just gonna have to deal with that. You hear that, hormones? You're not running the show any more.

I don't think they're listening.




You're not going over there.

You are not going over there.


Shut up! You have to stay the hell away from that house. It was okay when you were just watching Buffy sleep, you could still work with her then, but now you can't even make small talk and the only way you can stop yourself gawping at her breasts is by not looking at her at all. Do you want to blow things so bad you have to leave town?


All right then.

But I'm going crazy here! I need to see her again, there's no way I'm sleeping if I don't.

So don't sleep. Watch TV, read a frickin' book, walk the streets until the sun comes up, I don't care. Just don't go near her tonight. If you can go one night, you can make it.

I don't want to go one night.

Yeah, well-

Fuck you, Brain! You never did me any good before, why should I start trusting you now? I'm going.




Oh thank God. If there's a patron saint of horny Slayers, I so owe them one.

I'm gonna do this. I'm really gonna do this. Thinking about it's got me so wound up I feel like I'm about to pop. My hand went for my pussy as soon as I heard Faith climbing up here, and I had two fingers sliding into me by the time she got to the window. I know it's risky, starting up like that, but tonight I think I can chance it. Not that I could have stopped myself anyhow, I'm too turned on to wait. I think it's a danger thing; five minutes from now I could be lying here with pussy cream on my hand and egg all over my face.

Faith's restless tonight, I haven't heard her take this long getting settled since the first night I knew she was watching me – I think it was the first night she was there. Part of that might possibly be my fault; I guess it was kind of a surprise to look in the window and see me with my breasts exposed from the get-go. Maybe I should have started with the covers up, but I wanted her eyes on my skin so bad… And I just need to keep her interested for a couple more minutes, then I'll be ready.




Man, B's loud tonight. Okay, so I'm grading on a curve here, she's not exactly rattling the windows, but every other night I've watched her do this-

'Watched her do this'? Perved on her while she strokes her pussy, don't you mean?

Last warning, Brain, not one more fucking word out of you. And yeah, every other time I've watched her stroke one out it's been like watching porn with the sound turned way down, I just got a few moans and gasps coming through, but tonight… I swear she's whimpering right now, and it sounds so damn sexy.

I'm just gonna put my hand up my shirt and inside my bra – I'm so glad I ditched that fucking sports atrocity right after patrol, it was killing me. I don't know if my tits are ever gonna forgive me for wearing the thing. I'm sorry, baby, Mommy's gonna make it up to you. I'll give you a nice massage while I'm watching B's hand move under the covers. Yeah, I know, I wish it was us under there too, but this is as good as we're ever gonna get, so let's just make the most of it, okay?




It's time. Last chance to back out, Buffy. It's not too late.

Not according to my head, anyway. My body's telling me it's way too late; clenching my pussy around my fingers while my clit tingles and wetness pours out of me. If I ever had a choice about tonight, it's gone now. My hormones have won.

My heart's pounding beneath my breasts; it's a long time since I've been so scared. Come on, Buffy, turn toward the window.

Now open your eyes.




I'm dead.

She's gonna kill me. She's gonna tear out my heart. She's gonna rip my arm off and beat me to death with it. She's-

So move, you idiot! Get your stupid ass in gear! She can't catch you if you start running now, not even if she does want to chase you through town stark nude. So quit wasting time and move!

I can't. I'm stuck. It's like I'm paralysed. She's looking right at me and the only thing I can do is sit here with my hand on my tit and wait for her to kill me.

So why isn't she killing me? She's just looking at me and… and her hand's still moving under the covers. She's still rubbing her pussy.

Son of a bitch, she's getting off on this! She knew I was here, she had to, she was looking right at me the second her eyes opened. How long's she known I've been coming over? Was it just tonight, or-

Fuck… She kicked off the covers. I can see everything, I can see her hand on her pussy, and she's not just rubbing it - she's got a couple of fingers pushed right inside her. Damn, I think I just soaked my panties. I can't believe it, this is B we're talking about. She's actually fucking herself for real, and she's looking at me while she's doing it. Except she's not looking at my face any more – oh crap, she's looking at my chest. She knows I've got my hand in the cookie jar, no way I can pretend like I wasn't watching her now… yeah, like that was ever gonna work. I must look like a total skank to her, and she's getting her rocks off to it. I think she's even trying to smile at me, only she can't 'cause she's gasping so much. God, now she's got her hand on her tit, she's squeezing her nipple same as I'm doing and it's sending shivers right through her. I swear, if this nip gets any harder it's gonna burst.

I'm gonna come so hard thinking about this. My pussy's throbbing like a bitch already and I haven't even touched it yet. Every time B stuffs her fingers up her snatch, I'm clenching right there with her.

Oh God, she's going for three in there! Fuck, that looks tight… B's got such tiny little fingers, and she's still having to fight to get them inside. I don't know how she's keeping her eyes open, but she's still looking at me. She's gotta be so fucking close now. I swear I hear this wet sucking noise every time she pulls her fingers out. Any second now, she's gonna…

Oh man… is that how she normally gets when she comes? How the fuck was she holding still the last few nights? I mean, I squirm around when I hit the wall, but God damn. And she still isn't taking her eyes off me. I can see her eyelids twitching every time a wave hits her, but she's not letting them close. She's coming like a fucking train and she's still got this hungry look in her eyes, like she's trying to tell me something.

I think…

I think it's 'See you tomorrow.'



Part Ten – Friday


How did I never notice Faith's eyes before?

Okay, cut it out, Miss Libido. The whole gang's here, and if you keep sharing the deep and meaningfuls with Faith, you're gonna get caught. Just have a quick look and then go back to studying.

God, it's so hard. Her eyes are like chocolate, and I don't mean because of the colour – although, hello yummy goodness. I can't just have one bite and walk away, I've gotta go back for another nibble. I swear, if eye-contact with Faith packed calories, I'd have put on like four pounds already today.

Hey! You're staring again. Concentrate on your trig homework. Will was right about the whole lunchtime study-jam thing; anything you get done now means more free time at the weekend.

Yeah, and how am I supposed to care about trig when I've got Faith checking me out every ten seconds? This is impossible, I just want to watch her looking at me the whole time. There's no way I can concentrate on math like this, I haven't even written anything down for like five minutes.

Still, me pretending to do math's gotta be more convincing than Faith's cover. I mean, reading one of Giles' books? Who's gonna fall for that one? Between that and her actually showing up five days running, I'm surprised Giles hasn't fainted from the shock yet.

She's looking at me again, and now I'm starting to feel all fizzy inside. I might as well forget about the whole homework idea, I'll never be able to focus on cosines when I'm feeling like this. I'll just have to fake it until…

What's she staring at me like that for? I'm just rubbing my neck. Oh my God, is this turning her on? Oh yeah, I know that look, I know exactly what she's thinking about right now – me touching myself, and not on my neck.

So, wait, if she's getting turned on just from that, what would happen if I was really trying to get her going? Could I do that without anyone else noticing?

To hell with trig, this is gonna be way more fun!

Okay, what to do, what to do… How about if I start stroking my chest right above my breasts, just with my fingertips? Good thing I wore a low-cut top today. Keep it nice and slow and gentle, up and down. Don't look at Faith, don't make it obvious, keep your eyes on your homework. Oh boy, I don't know about Faith but this is making me all goose-pimply. I'm so gonna do this tonight – wow, my nipples just popped out, I bet Faith enjoyed that. I'll just have a quick glance up at her…

She's not even looking at me! That is so… I swear, this girl is the poster child for bad timing. Come on, Faith, this isn't the time to get all avoidy-eyed. Look at me.

Look at me, damn it!

Please look at me?

Wow. I guess please really is the magic word. That's right, Faith, look at me, look away, look at me again. You just can't keep your eyes off me, can you? Just imagine what tonight's gonna be like. You think you got a show last night? You ain't seen nothing.

Hmm, now what am I gonna do next?




This is crazy – no, the whole thing's been crazy, this is off the frickin' chart! B's flirting with me, in front of everyone. I keep feeling like someone's gonna catch me checking her out, but I can't stop looking at her. It's like everything she does is getting me wet.

And the dirtiest part is how innocent she's making it all look. I mean, all she's doing now is sucking on the end of her pencil – anyone else looks at her, they'll just think she's stuck on some math problem. Of course, they can't see what her tongue's doing to the tip. I tell you, a girl who's only had sex once should not have tongue action that good.

Oops! She dropped the pencil, very careless… or not. Could just be she's going for the old lean over, pick something up, gape the neckline so I get a good look down her cleavage manoeuvre. Gotta hand it to her, she knows how to play the classics.

Man, is it getting warm in here? I don't know if I'm gonna last 'til tonight, I might have to go take care of some stuff before patrol. It's a good thing the gang can't pick up on all the hormones we've got going on, they'd be onto us like jocks on a cheerleader. That's right, guys, just keep working like good little robots.

Hey, wait a second… is Oz's nose twitching?

Holy shit, I forgot! Full moon's in like two days, maybe he's getting wolfy already. Quick, change the subject, think of something!

"So, B, when d'you want to hit the boneyards tonight?" Which does not mean 'What time are you planning on getting home, so I can be outside the window?' Honest it doesn't.

So I suck at subject changing, fucking sue me.

"After the Bronze maybe? Why, you got plans?"

Yeah, but you don't want me sharing them right now. "Nah, I just figured you might want to get it done early or something."

"Why's that?" Like you don't frickin' know.

"I just thought you were, you know… looking kinda tired." Oh, great move, genius. Tell her she looks bad. Please don't be pissed, B, please don't be pissed…

"Well, I haven't gotten much sleep the last few nights." What does 'the last few nights' mean? How long have you known, B?

"Yeah? How come?"

"I dunno, I just can't seem to get settled right away."

Damn it, I've gotta ask. "How long's that been going on?"

"Seven or eight nights, I guess."

Son of a bitch, she's been on to me from day one! She's been playing me the whole time. Oh, you're gonna pay for that, Barbie, just you wait. "Yeah? Maybe we ought to do a long one tonight, see if we can't tire you out."

"I think it's gonna take more than a patrol to tire me out, Faith." Man, she's got that suggestive look down. All I'm seeing right now is a hundred ways to make B sleepy, and none of them involve staking vamps. Good thing I'm not a blusher, I'd look like I had terminal sunburn right now. How do these guys not see what's going on, huh?

"Okay, well let's hope we get lotsa action."

"Fingers crossed." Damn, I'm melting here. You win, B. God, if I was a guy I wouldn't be standing up for a while. "Okay guys, I've gotta book, I promised Mr. Fraser I'd help him set up for chem class."

"Going for extra credit, B?"

"You know me, anything to keep Snydley off my back." She's looking at me, oh God she's looking at me the exact same way she did last night. "See you tonight, Faith"

Anyone got a towel?



Part Eleven – Friday night


I feel like I'm getting stood up.

Faith's – check the clock – twelve minutes late, and it's not like she didn't have plenty of time to get here after patrol. How long can it take to walk back to the motel, shower off the sewer smell, put on some clean clothes and get over here? I had further to come, I had to shower, wash my hair, blow-dry it and put on make-up, not to mention shaving my legs and tidying up some... other stuff, and I was still ready twenty minutes early. And now I'm just lying here, trying to read and not think about what's supposed to be happening now.

Call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that when you make a date to watch someone have a post-Slayage jill-off, you show up on time.

I really wish I hadn't been early. Time to think is so not of the good right now. Time to think leads to questions like 'Did I really ask Faith to come over and watch me?' or 'Could I be a bigger slut?' I mean, I'm waiting naked, with the light on, so someone I'm not even dating can sit outside the window, watch me make myself come and leave again without even talking to me. And I can feel the covers getting damp under my ass already, it's embarrassing how turned on this is making me.

I can't believe I put on makeup again. How shallow am I? Faith's coming over – Faith's supposed to be coming over – to watch me masturbate, and I'm still worried about my lipstick and eye-shadow matching. Somehow, I don't think my face is gonna be the centre of her attention. Assuming she ever shows up.

She's got ten more minutes, then I'm closing the curtains. And next time I see her, I'm gonna kick her ass.




You're fucking pathetic, you know that? She's expecting you, for God's sake. She's waiting for you, and you're gonna leave her hanging? You've already done this a bunch of times, what's the big deal?

She's waiting, that's the big deal. She's gonna know I'm watching her.

She always knew, genius.

Yeah, but now I know she's gonna know. It's different. We're doing this thing together, it's like… it's like we're in a relationship. What happened to get some, get gone, huh? Rule one?

You want to get gone?"


Then quit whining. You're just gonna sit across the street all night?

I don't know if I can do this. She's got the light on and everything, she'll be able to see everything I'm doing, and I know I'll be staring at her and gawping the whole time.

And what happens if you don't go up there? You'll be frustrated all night, and next time you see B she's either gonna slap you for standing her up or give you the puppy-dog eyes and make you feel like a jerk again. It's make your mind up time, girl, you're late as it is.

She's already gonna be pissed at me for being late, you know. She's probably just waiting for me to get there so she can turn the light off right in my face.

Only one way to find out, right?

All right, all right, I'll do it. Man, when did I turn into such a pain in the ass?

You actually want me to answer that one?

Shut up, Brain. Okay, here goes. Across the street, up the path and start climbing. Let's see if she's pissed. Maybe I should knock on the window or something, let her know I'm here? Nah, she always knows anyhow. Guess I'm not such a ninja after all.

Oh yeah, she's pissed. That was the dirtiest look I ever saw on her, and then the look at her clock just to rub it in. I'm late, I'm sorry, can we move on now? No, she's just gonna keep on reading her book. And oh my God, no-one should look that hot reading a book, even if they are naked. I can't even see much, just one boob when she's holding the book right, but man… And it looks like that's all I'm getting for a while, B's still reading. But that's okay, I'm a big girl, I can take my scolding… for a while.




Humph. If she thinks she can just show up any time she likes and I'll start performing for her, she's way off base. Sorry, Faithy, it doesn't work like that. You keep me waiting, I keep you waiting. It's very important that she knows I'm the one making the rules, here.

'Cause if she ever figures out the truth, I'm totally screwed. I'm trying so hard to stay mad at her right now, but there's this voice in the back of my mind that's screaming at me to just spread my thighs and dive in - and if she asked me to, that's exactly what I'd do. I think if she asked me to do it in the middle of the street, I would.

So illusion of control, very important right now. Be strong, Buffy. Keep reading; finish the chapter before you give in to the horny. Make sure Faith thinks you're in charge. Plus, if you wait, it'll feel so much better when you start - I so didn't need to think that. Focus! Concentrate on the story. Enjoy the story…

Oh thank God that's over! I thought I was gonna die there. Okay, keep calm, can't let Faith see how wound up I am. Put the book down and get comfortable.

Now what? I hadn't really thought about it, but I can do anything I want tonight, I don't have to pretend it's some half-asleep fumble under the covers. I can touch myself anywhere I want instead of going straight for my pussy. I can go as slow as I want.

And right there, I know what I want to do. I want to go as slow as I can, make myself wait as long as I can stand it, just to drive Faith crazy. And me, probably, but it'll be worth it. Hope you're sitting comfortably, Faith, you're gonna be there a while.




B's really going for a different mood tonight. No wonder she's pissed I was late, she's got the soft lighting, the nice hair – I think she even tidied up her room since last night. Throw in the right music and I could be watching a really high-class porno, 'cause Buffy's kind of a porn star name when you think about it. Yeah, she really put some work into tonight, I'm gonna have to feel guilty later about almost standing her up. A lot later, I think, 'cause right now it looks like B's settling in for a slow burn. She's just lying there, propped up on a heap of pillows with one arm tucked behind her head, almost like she's posing for one of those old paintings of nude girls you get in museums. The ones everyone says are so 'artistic', but you just know the old-time guys were into porn, same as the rest of us. Maybe it's a time thing; snap a picture of a naked chick and it's porn, spend a week painting a naked chick and it's art or some crap like that.

I could spend a week painting B. It'd probably look like a demon bled on the paper, but who cares if I got to spend a week looking at naked Buffy? She'd make a wicked cool model; I'm a fidgeter, gotta be moving all the time, but B can hold still when she wants to. All she's doing right now is running her fingers over her belly, looks like she's barely touching the skin, up and down, up and down… it's so slow, it's kinda hypnotic. She's only going a couple of inches each way, but I think she's creeping up, heading for her chest. Five by five with me; I'd be cool with skipping to the main course, but B's hooters make a great starter.

She's looking at her hand most of the time, but once in a while she glances over at me and she gets this little half-smile on her face. It's so cute, I bet it turns guys into total drooling idiots. I can feel myself pulling this big goofy-looking grin every time she does it, but hey, at least I'm not drooling, right? At least, not 'cause B's smiling at me.

Her hand's almost reached her tits – is it moving faster? Getting impatient, huh B? Can't say I blame her, no way I could've held out this long. Yeah, there she goes, she's got her hand on her boob now, just cupping it and stroking her thumb over the nipple. God, that looks so nice, I'm gonna join her. Suddenly, I'm wishing I didn't put on a bra tonight; don't ask me why, but I don't want B to see me with my hand up my shirt, and the extra layer's killing a lot of the sensation. Still feels good, but without the bra, it'd be so much better.

B's looking at me again – actually, she's looking at where my hand is. I hope she's cool with me having a play too; I know this thing's supposed to be about me watching her, but she's getting me too wound up to just sit here. No, she's giving me the half-smile again. I guess she likes knowing she's turning me on, and it's kinda fun doing the same thing as her for a while.

Except now she's not cuddling her boob any more, she's not even touching it. She's lifting her hand up to her mouth, sucking on one finger, and now… oh, no fair. B. She's running that finger around her nipple, just going in circles moistening the skin. I bet she's gonna- oh, God, she is. She's breathing on it, I can see her nipple puckering up as her breath hits the wet skin. I so want to be doing that to mine, but I'd have to take my damn shirt off, and there's no way I'm sitting on B's roof frickin' topless.

A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.




Hoo boy this feels nice…

Is it possible to have foreplay with yourself? This feels like foreplay, or it feels like foreplay feels in my imagination, so yeah, it feels like I'm having foreplay with myself. Or maybe I'm having it with Faith, and that's bringing up a whole heap of questions I really don't want to answer right now. Tonight I just want to have some fun; I'll have my complicated questions with a side of guilt in the morning, after my cereal.

I'm thinking too much here, need more distractions. I've got a whole other hand I'm not even using. And guess what – I've got a whole other breast that's being completely ignored. I ask you, is that fair? All right then, hands on breasts, gently squeezing the nipples… oh yeah, two at a time is definitely better than one. Squeezing a little harder – okay, that crossed the line from squeezing to pinching, and I think I just squeaked, it felt so good. Things are starting to throb down below, and the nipple thing's fuel on the flame. The wet spot under my ass keeps getting bigger, but even without that I'd know I'm streaming just from the scent of pussy in the air.

How's Faith doing? Still got her hands full? Yup, hands on her breasts, eyes on mine. I can feel them on me, but I can barely see them, they're so dark. Even with the light on, they almost look black. I know your eyes are supposed to go darker when you're turned on, and hers aren't exactly pale anyway, but it's like they just disappeared in the darkness.

Okay, I know I squeaked that time. Are my nipples connected straight to my mouth or something? Every time I squeeze them I'm making noises, and I've got no idea what they'll be until they come out. It's kinda cool, I just hope I don't squeeze too hard and yelp or something. It's not like Mom would just barge in if I woke her, but still… I really don't want to have one of those through-the-door conversations at the moment. Especially when I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna be able to hold out much longer. I'll have to get a hand in between my thighs soon, and as soon as that happens I'm not gonna be much with the word-forming.

Maybe I should back off for a bit, slow things down – no, I think my body hates that idea with a fiery passion. I know, 'cause I can feel the fire between my legs. Okay, horny girl, you win, I'll stop with the teasing and open my thighs. Happy now?

God, how hot am I down there? It's not exactly cold in here, but as soon as the air hit my pussy it sent a shiver through me. I'm not sure if it was cold or excitement, but wow. How's Faith enjoying the view? A lot, I think; she's staring like she can't quite believe what she's seeing, and she looks… I don't know, hungry maybe? Okay, that shiver was definitely excitement. Hold on a sec, Faith, I'll just scootch around a little so you can see better. You like that? Yeah you do. I'll just lie here for a minute, stroking my thighs, so you can enjoy the view before my hands get in the way.




Damn, you really do learn something new every day. I wasn't sure before, but now I know: B's not a natural blonde. I couldn't see last night 'cause her hand was there, but right now the evidence is pretty much staring me in the face. It's not like it's a jungle in there, it's all neat and under control - kinda like B - but yeah, Buffy's fluffy.

Heh. Fluffy Buffy. Hahaha. Oh crap, B just caught me laughing and she's not amused. Way to wreck the mood, Faith. Get your sorry face on and hope she's not too pissed.

I guess she's not, or she's too horny to stop right now. Either way, she's not glaring at me any more, so I'm gonna go back to looking at her pussy, 'cause damn it looks nice. It's not like I've seen a whole lot to compare it to, but I'm guessing B's is one of the prettier ones. It looks so soft, the lips are kinda puffy – crap, I'm rhyming her name again – and the whole thing's glistening. I hope she doesn't stain the covers, good luck explaining that one to Mrs S. 'Sorry, Mom, I guess I just got so horny when I was petting the kitty for Faith, I must have made a mess.' How to give your mom a heart attack in one easy lesson.

Damn, she looks good like this. Half of me just wants to look at her pussy all night and the other half's dying to see her getting off. And there's the little voice telling me I'm a perv, but we're not listening to her any more, right? Anyway, I think it's the 'B getting off' side of me that's gonna get its wish, 'cause I can't see B lying there so Pussy Appreciation Faith can keep eyeballing. She's trying to act cool, but I see her hands creeping toward her crotch. Is she gonna start rubbing her clit, or just dive straight in and start with the finger-fucking? Place your bets, people, place your bets.

Son of a… she's just stroking the lips? Fuck, this girl's a tease. Yeah yeah, smirk all you want, B. I know you're dying for it over there, I can see your pussy dripping. Come on, B, we both want you to really touch yourself, so quit screwing around, will ya? There, that's it, spread the lips, let me get a good look at you. Now what are you gonna do?

She's licking her fingertip, I think she's going for the clit. Oh yeah, she's running her finger over it and holding her pussy open with her other hand so I can see everything. B, you're such an attention-whore but hey, I'm not complaining. She's got this little figure-eight pattern going on her clit, except that's not an eight, it looks like… son of a fucking bitch, she's drawing little B's on it! Now I'm never gonna be able to call her that without seeing this in my head. I'll have to start calling her Buffy at Scooby meetings. And she knows exactly what she's doing, she's got this big shit-eating grin on her face. You're such a smartass, B.

Hey, I'm allowed to think about it when I'm looking at it!

She's still going slow! Man, she's got some self-control when she wants to. She's biting her lip and I can hear all these little moans and gasps through the glass, but she's not speeding up. When she pops, it's gonna be a back-breaker. How does she do it? If I had my hand on my pussy right now, I'd be rubbing like crazy – only reason I'm not is I think it's against the rules. I'm here to watch B come, I have to wait until later. I just hope I can make it home first, 'cause there's no way once is gonna be enough and I don't want to be going for a repeater in some back alley.

So don't take this the wrong way, B, but could you kick it up a gear? I'm not saying the show's not great, but – whoa, either B's psychic or she's finally hitting the end of the rope, 'cause she's hitting the gas big-time. No more drawing pictures on her clit, she's really going for it now, and I think… yeah, there goes the other hand, sinking a couple of fingers into her. Her cheeks are all flushed now, it looks so hot. Come on, B, you're almost there, do it for me, come on…

Damn! What did I say about a back-breaker? She just had this little shudder go through her, and then her back arched so hard she almost bucked herself off the bed. And she's not stopping, her hands are still going like crazy. I don't know how the hell she's keeping quiet like this, she's gonna-

Oh, B…




Don't stop, don't stop, oh fuck don't stop…

God, yes!

I know my eyes are closed, but I keep seeing… I don't know what I'm seeing. Fireworks, stars, the gates of heaven? All I know is, as long as my hands are moving I can't stop coming, and I don't think I could stop my hands if I wanted to. It's like they're possessed or-


My jaw's aching, I've got it clenched so hard to stop me screaming my lungs out. This is insane, it's never been like this before. Why didn't I just come clean to Faith at the start? This feels so good, I don't know how much longer I can take it.

Oh God…

I want to look at Faith, see the look on her face, but I can't even open my eyes. I've gotta be squirming around like crazy every time I come, but I can't feel it, can't feel anything except the explosions in my clit and the aching in my pussy. It just wants more, more, more-


Please, stop, no more, please… oh God… hands, stop, enough, I can't breathe.

Thank you, oh thankyouthankyouthankyou…

I don't think I can move a muscle right now. Everything's completely drained, almost numb. Maybe I can move my eyelids… hey, look, it's my ceiling, it's still there. That's nice.

Okay, I'm giggling, that needs to stop. I want to look sexy now, giggling is not sexy. Then again, neither is semi-conscious, and that's about as good as I can do right this second. You know what? I'm too tired to be worrying how I look. Somehow, I don't think Faith's gonna care.

Is she still there? I didn't hear her go, but I don't think I'd have heard an earthquake the last couple of minutes. Turn your head, Buffy, come on, you can do that.

There she is, and she's… I don't know, stunned? Was I that good? Okay, now I'm smiling, she's smiling back and I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Warm and fuzzy and kinda full…no, wait a minute, that's my fingers, I didn't take them out yet. Come on, Buffy, you're done, you can take your hand out of your pussy now. Oooh slowly slowly slowly slowly, oh boy am I gonna be tender down there in the morning. I'm gonna have to go wash up, my hand's all sticky – or I could just stick my fingers in my mouth and suck' em dry, that works too. Okay, wasn't planning on doing that, instinct I guess, but it tastes fantastic and Faith's practically drooling, so I'll go with it. And now she's taking off, trying to look all cool and 'seen it all before', but we both know what she's gonna be doing as soon as she's back at the motel.

Me, I think I'm just gonna lie here for a minute until my legs start working again, then I'm gonna get into bed before I pass out. Yeah, being under the covers is a good plan. Just give me one more minute… one... more...



Part Twelve – Monday


Damn, she's fast!

I don't know if she was holding back before or she's just taking it up a notch. I know it's not me getting slower, I think I'm picking up the pace too, but the last few days I'm still having trouble keeping up.

Maybe it's all the practice we're getting; we're sparring way more than we used to. I think we had Giles spooked the first couple of days, like he thought we were looking for reasons to wail on each other, but he's cool now, he knows we're getting along.

Course, if he knew why we're getting along he'd probably choke on his scones. It's all changed since B let on she knew I was watching her. I'm always smiling when I'm with her, and I know it's sappy, but hey; we hang out, we have fun, we kick some demon ass and then I get to watch her get off. What's not to smile about?

Even the sparring feels different now. Before, it was always like a competition, like we were trying to prove who's stronger or faster or sneakier. Now, it's more like…

Like dancing. I'm dancing with B, right out in the open, and no-one knows but us. No-one knows how sexy I think she is when she's hot and sweaty and her hair's all messed up. God help me, I even think she looks hot in a fucking sports bra. No-one knows, except her, and she's loving it. I think that's why she's getting so gung-ho on the training; she wants to get our juices churning before we even get near a demon.

And tonight, Giles wants us to hit a nest. Man, it's gonna be a blast!




I feel like my skin's on fire.

Her eyes are on me all the time, I don't know how the gang don't see it. Or maybe I'm just ultra-sensitive to it, but I can always feel her looking at me. And I'm playing to it, I'm working harder than ever just so she can see me sweat. It doesn't even feel like training any more, it's setting the mood for later. Four days since I stopped pretending, only four days and everything's changed. I've changed. Faith always said slaying makes her horny, and I thought that was weird; now being horny makes me want to slay. Who's more screwed up? I don't know. I don't even care.

Should that be bothering me? It seems like something that should be bothering me, but it's not. I hardly even feel guilty about keeping secrets from my friends now. Keeping it secret just makes it more exciting; it's like I've finally got something in common with Faith that doesn't involve fighting. That's gotta be a good thing, right? Having a connection with her? Or am I just trying to justify it to myself?

And why do I need to justify it? It's not like we're hurting anyone. Okay, so it's not of the norm, having a boyfriend and then masturbating in front of someone else, but normal's not exactly a major part of my life. My boyfriend's been around longer than my country, for God's sake, and it's not like I'd be doing this with him if Faith wasn't around.

Okay, wandering too close to the justifying, there. Concentrate on the training. Big job tonight, hitting a nest, lots of vamps. I want to be ready.

They're not gonna know what hit them.



Part Thirteen – Monday night



That had to be the coolest fight ever!

We had the whole gang in there. Me and B mixing it up with the demon chicks, Red laying down the mojo to cover us, even Giles and Xander throwing down… good times. Okay, so with Xander it's more like getting thrown down, but I gotta hand it to the guy, points for effort. And for some if us, the night ain't over yet. I'll bet right now, Giles is up to his eyeballs in books, trying to figure out what those things were, so you know he's happy. And me…

Me, I got to spend the longest hour of my life kicking around my motel room until I could haul my ass over to Buffy's. I know she wanted time to clean up, but damn was it hard waiting. Still, I'm guessing she's as wound up as I am, fight like that, so it's gonna be worth the wait.

Okay, all the lights are off except in B's room, so I'm guessing her mom's all tucked in for the night. Let's go, girl, get up there, I want to see what B's up to! Jump, climb, come on, up to the window and B's…


She's sitting there in a tank and sweats, brushing her hair in the mirror. What the hell? We just had the uber-smackdown and she's just gonna go to bed?

Unless she's hurt; we both got dinged up, I know I'm feeling it, and I can see some cuts and bruises on her arms and her back. Doesn't look too bad, but maybe there's something I can't see, cracked ribs or something, they hurt like a bitch.

I don't think she heard me coming, maybe I should, I don't know, knock? No, she's turning around, she sees me. Looks like she's moving okay, I don't think she's hurt bad, but she's coming over here. What's she doing?

She's opening the window. Why's she opening the window?


"Uh, hi B." Keep your voice down. "You okay?"

Now she's sitting down by the window. "Yeah, nothing a hot bath and a good night's sleep can't fix."

"Oh, okay." Damn. "So, you're, uh… going to bed?"

Smooth, Faith. Real smooth.


Have I ever mentioned how much I don't love the teasing?

"Eventually, huh? So, why the…" Excuse me while I untie my tongue.

"Why the outfit?" Great, now she's giving me the teasing, the pretend-innocent smile and the 'what, this old thing?' gesture. Buffy Summers; annoying and sexy in one tiny little package. "Well, we had a really big fight tonight, and I'm kinda worked up, so… I mean, we could do the usual routine if you want, but I thought maybe you'd like to do something a bit different."

Different? "Like what?"

"Well, you've seen me with my clothes on, and you've seen me with my clothes off, so I was thinking… maybe you'd like to see the bit in between?"

Wait. What?

"Would you like that, Faith?"

Okay, rewind… yeah, yeah, she did say that. But that means…

B wants to give me a strip show?




Fish, meet hook.

Yeah, okay Miss Pedantic, she's hasn't technically said yes, but I'm not so sure she can talk right now. She's got a whole slack-jaw thing going, it's kinda adorable, so I'm gonna take that as a 'yes please'. Which means, heart, you can come out of my mouth now. I know it was scary, with the waiting for her after I had the idea and the not knowing if she'd wig when I changed the rules on her, but it's all good now, we can go back to the anticipation.

Remind me, which one of us is the fish again?

Okay, thinking too much again, gotta stop doing that. Enjoy the moment. Be in the moment. Let go everything that isn't of the now and just move. It's all about doing what makes me feel sexy. Just dance. Don't think about looking weird, dancing around with no music. Mom might wake up if I put music on, and Faith won't care. The song in my head's all I need.

The song… more proof I'm not the girl you can bring home to mother any more. After what I did that night, thinking about Cibo Matto should make me feel like I'm acting all Milady de Winter again, not… not sexy. Not powerful. Not all the things I feel when Faith watches me. I'm-

Stop. Thinking. Just feel and dance. Cool air on my skin. Faith's eyes following every move. My heart beating. My hands caressing my body… my thighs… my ass… my stomach… my breasts. My skin tingling at what I'm about to do.

Look at Faith, look at her face. Look into her eyes. How can something so dark shine so bright? So much anticipation… does she have any idea how amazing she looks right now? I wish I could stay like this, hold the moment, so she'd keep looking at me that way, but it wouldn't be fair to her.

Yeah, 'cause this is all for her. I'm such a giver… okay, don't do that again, I almost laughed. Laughing would be bad right now. Anything that breaks the moment is bad. Concentrate, find the rhythm again. Move with it… that's it. Close my eyes, take hold of the tank top, and slowly… slowly…




Man, this girl can move when she wants to! I always knew she could dance, but damn… The way her hips are swinging, I feel like I'm getting hypnotised here. I got so caught up I almost missed her lifting her tank; good thing B's still taking it slow, I want to enjoy this.

And that's wicked crazy, when you think about it. I've already seen all B's goodies, how come I'm panting at her taking a tank off? It's not 'cause she's doing it special for me… is it? When did I get that sappy?

Whoa, head back in the game, girl, you're gonna miss the good stuff. B's almost got her tank up over her boobs, any second- hello, Buffy! I always figured she'd be into wearing fancy undies, but damn that's a nice bra! Okay, so you won't see me wearing anything like that, I mean it's pink for God's sake, and I'm not into the frilly lace, but on B it's perfect. Girly, but not too girly and still sexy as hell; it's giving her a tiny bit of a boost and when the light's right I can just see her nipples through the lace-

Man, I'm babbling again! Gotta watch that, even if it is just in my head, I'm starting to sound like Willow. She just looks so yummy – yummy? I said yummy? I haven't said yummy since I was six… B, what are you doing to me here? You know what, forget it, I'll freak about getting sissified in the morning. Right now, I'm just gonna watch and drool.

What's gonna come off next, the bra or the sweatpants? God, I hope it's the sweats, I'm not done checking out the bra yet, even if it does mean naked boobs. Yeah, she's going with the pants, great and dirty minds, huh? Wait, no, don't turn around! Don't take the boobs away!

Or, you know, take the boobs away and wave your ass at me, that's cool. How'd I never think about B's ass before? Am I so hung up on her chest – and the furry bit down south – that I forgot I never even saw her ass? All the times I've seen her naked she's been lying on her back, but how come I never checked it out at the library? I never even snuck a peek on patrol. What the hell was I doing?? If it looks this good in a pair of frickin' sweatpants… Come on, B, faster! You're killing me here, wiggling your hips and inching your pants down. I want to see some ass!

Okay, matching panties – like B's ever not gonna match, get real – not a thong, but not far off, so lots of butt-cheek on display. Lots of firm, round, peachy butt-cheek and my mouth's watering again. One little bite wouldn't hurt, right?

Not as much as the punch in the mouth I'd get for it.

Sweatpants are off, she's standing up again and turning around, so the ass is gone but the boobs and bra are back, pretty good trade if you ask me… except I don't think the bra's gonna be staying long. B's got this look in her eye like she's running out of patience, and the way she's stroking her boobs and dipping her fingers inside the cups says the same. Yeah, the shoulder straps are coming down, but she's holding the cups up for now. Any second now – yeah, she's turning away from me again. Here comes the naughty look over her shoulder; predictable, but I so don't care. She's popping the clasp, and goodbye bra.

She's got her hands on her boobs now. Her back's still turned but I know she's playing with her nipples; she loves doing that way too much to leave them alone. Please turn around, B… thank you! Oh, now you're covering up your boobs? She's such a teaser, but she's so good I think I'm starting to like it. She's got that innocent smile thing down, even when she's letting one hand slip down for a second so I get a flash. Now it's both hands slipping, another peek… oh crap, she's giggling, don't do that B, you're gonna make me- damn it! I hate it when I giggle; it makes me sound like such a kid. At least, most times I hate it, but it's making her smile, so…

One hand's slipping again, only this time I don't think it's coming back up. This is frickin' weird, she's got one hand playing with her boob right in front of me and I can't stop looking at the other one moving down her ribs, her belly – I know how many sit-ups she does, how does she keep it looking so soft? – down to her panties and between her thighs.

This is so different with the window open. Before, I could see everything but that was about it. I'd hear things, but with the glass in the way and B trying to be quiet, it was like listening through a wall. Now I hear it all; her breathing getting faster, the little moans she's making as she starts rubbing herself through the lace. The sound's great, but the scent of her… even if I couldn't see her or hear her, my nose'd be telling me how turned on she is. I never thought about it before, but smelling her makes it all feel way more real, you know? It's not just some game, she's really doing this, for me.

There's a dark spot on B's panties now, and it's spreading every time her fingers move over it. What does wet lace feel like? I'm gonna have to get me some girly undies and-

She's lowering her head. What's she doing? Is she gonna- oh God.

Buffy Summers is licking her own nipple. I think I just died.




I wish my breasts were bigger, it's kinda uncomfortable stretching my neck this far. Or it might just be the bruises talking, I don't know. I guess I'll just have to try this again and see, just to be sure. Either way, it's so worth a sore neck, especially with how Faith's gawping at me with one hand on her breast. I can tell she's not wearing a bra again, she stopped doing that a couple of nights ago, and she's stroking her nipple through her shirt while her eyes are flicking between my chest and my pussy. It's like she can't decide what to watch, my tongue or my hand, so she's channel-hopping. Maybe I should simple things up for her?

Wait, that means I'd have to stop the licking or the rubbing, and that's a terrible idea. Sorry, Faith, you're on your own on this one. Although I am gonna have to stop them both for a minute – I mean, I could take my panties off one-handed, but it'll look so much sexier if I wiggle them down a bit at a time, and that takes both hands. I suppose they could stay on and I could keep rubbing myself through them, but I want to be naked. I need to be naked, so I'm just gonna have to bite that bullet and stop playing for a second.

You'd better appreciate this, Faithy, that's all I'm saying.

Should I turn around for this? No, I'm gonna keep facing her. I know she liked looking at my ass, but I want to see her face when I start baring my pussy for her. Mmm, thinking about it like that still sends a shiver through me. Nudity, now please.

Here goes, slowly does it, push the panties down past your hips and wiggle your ass out of them. God, I feel so cheesy doing this, like I should have some seventies porno music on, but Faith's really getting into it. Hey, there's an idea; if I can't go to college, maybe I can get a job as a stripper? Okay, that was supposed to be a joke, but now I'm imagining dancing on a stage and Faith's sitting front row with a wad of dollar bills in her hand and I'm enjoying that picture way too much.

Besides, it'd never work. I already work nights.

Okay, panties around ankles, step out and kick them out of the way – don't want to trip over, do we? Now, where was I? Oh yeah, left hand was holding my breast up so I can lick it, and right hand was doing – ooh – that, except now I can really slide my middle finger in between my lips and press the button. Now, if I just rock my hips a little… mmm-hmm that's the spot.

Why don't I do this standing up more often? Being on the bed's fun and all, but this is a nice change. I mean, my body feels different, the angles are new and I've got a nice cool breeze coming through the window, so how come I don't – oh yeah, that's why! Knees shaking, gonna fall down, not good. What do I do? I'm gonna have to lean on the window frame and hope that's enough to keep me on my feet. Means letting go of my breast, but right now I'm breathing so hard I can't do much licking anyhow, so…

Oh God, Faith's so close now, she's right outside the window. She's so close I can feel her breath on my chest, and my nipples are so hard even that's making them throb. If she just blew on my pussy right now, I'd-

Oh fuck… don't fall, don't fall, legs stay strong… fuck yes! Someone's making these little moany, gaspy sounds and I honestly don't know if it's me or Faith. Maybe it's both of us, there's no way I can tell through the pounding in my head. Oh, fuck me… too much, gotta stop or I'll be in a sweaty heap on the floor. Ease down, ease down, that's it.

Everything feels so heavy now. Come on, gotta lift my head so I can see Faith. I love the way she looks at me after I've come, like I just did the most amazing thing in the world. I have to see that, even if…

Even if it means tonight's over. We always finish the same way; she gives me the look, I smile, she smiles, I lick the mess off of my fingers and she goes. That's what's supposed to happen, that's what always happens. So why does thinking about it make me sad?

The way she's looking at me, I think she's even more blown away than usual. Smile, Buffy, come on, it's smile time. Now she smiles back, and I take my hand off my pussy. The middle finger's all wet and shiny, and the rest got splashed. Quite a mess. Now I-

What am I doing? Why am I holding my hand out through the window?

She's staring at me, she doesn't know what to do. Join the club, Faith. I just broke every rule we've got about this, and… and I don't care. I can't speak, my mouth's not working, I've gotta talk with my eyes. Please, Faith. Please.

She's moving, leaning forward, but she's looking at me like she's scared this is a trick. It's not, Faith, I swear. She's parting her lips… oh my God, my finger's in Faith's mouth. Her tongue feels so hot, it's almost burning me, and - fuck, she's sucking my finger and my pussy's spasming.

Get in here!



Part Fourteen – Monday night



What the fuck, B? She just grabbed my jacket and yanked me through the frickin' window, and my legs got the crap kicked out them on the ledge.

Hey, moron! You're lying on top of a whole heap of naked Buffy, and you're bitching about a couple of dinged-up shins? What's the matter with you?

I don't know what to do, okay? B's changing everything on me, offering me her hand and dragging me in here and now I'm on top of her and she's looking at me like I'm a bowl of cookie dough. I can't think straight like this, my mouth's still full of the taste of her pussy. What am I supposed to-


Oh shit! I think B's having a heart attack, if her eyes get any wider they'll pop out and hit me in the face.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"Are you okay? I thought I heard something." Damn it, she's getting closer!

"Uh, yeah, sorry. That was me, I… I knocked some stuff off my nightstand."

"Oh, that's good. I was afraid you were being attacked by another monster or something."

Attacked by a monster? Lady, right now she is the monster.

"No, I'm fine, everything's fine. Good night, Mom."

"Okay, honey. Sweet dreams."

"You too, Mom."

Too close, that was too frickin' close, man. I'm guessing B's with me on this one, 'cause she looks like she's about to faint. God, if Mrs S walked in and caught us like this, I don't know who'd have been more embarrassed. Can you imagine the look on her face? And B, she'd be blushing so bad she'd be red all over… oh crap, I'm gonna laugh, that thought's too damn funny. Keep the noise down, for God's sake, or Mrs S'll be back! It's bad enough that B's looking at me all hurt. "I'm…" choking, I'm choking, "I'm sorry, B, I couldn't help it."

She's giggling, oh thank you God, she's not pissed. Giggling and pulling me in tighter, what's the deal with that? "Hold still."

Hold still? What for? Why's she wrapping her legs around my thigh… no way! She's humping my leg, she's actually humping my leg. I guess she wasn't done after all – is she always like this? Does she go around again after I've gone? Have I been missing out on a bunch of stuff? 'Cause we've gotta be able to do better than humping my leg, B, serio-

Holy crap! She just rammed her thigh into my crotch, that hurt, but… she's got the seam of my pants ground right into my pussy and I'm so totally on board with the leg-humping now. Okay, Faith, breathe, you gotta breathe. That's more like it, now start moving those hips, back and forward. This is weird, it's almost like how I move when I'm fucking a guy…

Does that mean I'm fucking B? I am, aren't I? I'm fucking Buffy on her bedroom floor. And I'm on top, how about that! Buffy's bitch my tight little ass… She looks so amazing like this. She spends so much time on her hair and makeup, always gotta look like the perfect little California princess, and she's just wasting her time; she's so much prettier when her hair's all messed up and her skin's flushed… "Damn, you're hot!"

Oh sweet mother of God, tell me I didn't just say that. I did, I know I did. Could I get any lamer? B's looking at me like I'm the biggest dork in the universe, but she's smiling, so that's okay. "You're looking pretty good yourself. A tad over-dressed, but…"

Over-dressed? I'm wearing a t-shirt and – oh, right, I got it. Too many clothes. She's got a point, but I don't want to get off of her long enough to get naked. Hell, I don't want to stop long enough to take my frickin' jacket off. Maybe if I lift myself up a bit, I can keep humping her and push my shirt up… yeah, that works. "That better?"

The cookie dough look's back. "Uh, sorry, what did you say?"

Ha! Didn't your mom teach you it's rude to stare? "Too distracting? I can put 'em away if you want."

"Oh don't you dare!" Now she's pulling me down hard on top of her so we're rubbing boobs. I'm rubbing boobs with B, her hand's on my ass, she's sneaking the other one in between us and fooling around with my tits and she's pushing her leg up into my pussy every time she moves. Oh God, I'm gonna come, Buffy Summers is gonna make me come…




God, this is agony! I've got Faith shaking and shuddering and moaning against my shoulder, and I'm so close to joining her, right on the edge, but I can't get there!

Damn it, Faith, why'd you have to wear the leather pants tonight? Yeah, they make your ass look awesome, but the leather's all wet from me rubbing up against it and I'm getting zero friction here. I keep making these whiny little whimpering sounds and I know it's pathetic, but I'm so close and it's killing me.

She's stopped moving; I think she's done. That's wonderful, now I've got a dead weight on top of me and her leg's moved, so I've lost half the tiny pressure I was getting before…  and I just whined so bad it even broke through the post-happy brain-melt. She's lifted her head and she's staring at me – God, her eyes are beautiful – and she's trying to figure out what's wrong. What do I look like to her? Am I a mess? Am I a pathetic, desperate, horny mess? She needs me to tell her, and all I can do is rub myself against her leg. She's getting up… no, please don't move your leg! "No-"

Hey! She pushed me down! I tried to sit up and she pushed me back down. Who does she think- wait, what's she doing? She's pushing my thighs open, getting on her knees… is she gonna… Oh God, she is, she's doing it!

Faith just kissed my pussy; she actually kissed it right on the lips. And her tongue, oh God her tongue, it's so hot, and soft, and gentle, covering every bit of me. She's not human, she can't be, humans don't have tongues that big. And if they did, they wouldn't be able to make them into tiny, soft little points and stroke the tip of my clit like that!

When did my hips start moving? I didn't tell them to do that – not that I'm complaining, but it'd be nice to have a say in this stuff. Maybe my body thinks it can handle this better without any input from my brain, and it might have a point, 'cause my brain's rambling on about this stuff while there's a hot girl licking me out. My brain so needs to learn when to shut up. Listen, Brain, Faith's sticking her tongue so far up me she can play tonsil-hockey from the other side, so stop worrying about humping her face and concentrate on keeping my mouth shut, 'cause if it opens I'll be screaming her name so loud Giles is gonna hear me. Got it? Good, now concentrate; as soon as she goes back to licking my clit, you're gonna have a job on your-





Yes! Who da man? Huh? Who da man? I just got B off with my tongue, oh yeah, that was me. My ass is waving around in a stupid victory dance and I don't give a shit 'cause Buffy's coming in my mouth! And coming, and coming, and coming... I don't know if it's one big one or a bunch of little ones, but damn this girl's got some stamina, 'cause she's not letting up.

How the hell's she keeping quiet through this? I mean, I'm not bragging or anything – yeah, that's fooling no-one, not even in here – but I know I'm getting it done for her; she's thrashing around so hard I've gotta use both hands just to hold her down so I can keep working her. If it was me, I'd be hollerin' my lungs out, but she's just making this noise way down in her throat. It almost sounds like she's hurting, but I'm guessing not 'cause then she wouldn't have her hand on my head pushing my face into her crotch like this.

Oh yeah, that's it baby – baby? What the fuck? Did I get so wasted I forgot the getting wasted part? Something's not right here; I never call anyone 'baby' and mean it. Maybe I'm high on B's pussy, I mean, this has gotta be habit-forming. I totally get why B licks her fingers after she's done – it was good sucking her cream off her hand, but I swear it tastes better straight out of the keg. It's almost… it's almost like cream soda without the fizz; bright and sweet and kinda gooey, so it's basically liquid Buffy. And the smell, don't even get me started… pussy and sweat and some perfume that probably cost more than my rent for the week, all wrapped up with a  hint of leather from when she was rubbing up against my thigh. I just want to stop everything and take a great big sniff – okay, note to self; next time, don't do that when you've got your nose buried in B's fuzz. Don't sneeze, do not sneeze - B's way kinkier than I thought, but I can't see her thinking snot in her cooch is a great big turn-on.

Uh-oh, big whiny noise from B; I don't think she likes it when I stop licking. Sorry honey – honey? I'm so screwed. Although, she does kinda taste like – yeah, I'm totally fucked here. Anyway, get to the licking, B's got at least one more big one left in her, so let's get it out. Long, gentle licks to get her going… yeah, now she's making the good noises again. I love it when she makes that whimpering sound right in the back of her throat, she sounds so helpless. Now start building it up, make sure you catch her clit with the tip of your tongue every time.

Hey, I wonder what'd happen if I tried sucking it? Let's find out – ho boy, easy there B! You keep bucking around like that and I'm gonna be losing teeth over here. Okay, let me get a good grip on your hips so I can hold you down, then I'll try it again. Yeah, that's more like it; you can squirm all you want, B, you're not getting away 'til I let go, and I'm not letting go 'til you come again, got it? One more time, baby, you know you want it, and you're gonna do it for me.

She's still squirming like crazy, I don't think she can help it. I know she's not trying to get away, 'cause her her hand's still on the back of my head, holding me in close – not that I'd be trying to pull back, I'm loving this. Got my lips wrapped around her clit, sucking it in so I can lick it too; I could keep doing this all night, but I think B could use a break. After she comes, though, I want one more outta her. Come on, B, give it up, give it to me…

That's my girl!




Oh God, oh God, oh God…

I can't move. Seriously, I think I've forgotten how. I can breathe, kinda, my heart's still going – fast enough to give me a heart attack, but going – and that's it, folks. Everything else is just weak and shaky and tingling all over. It's kinda like that time I almost got electrocuted, only this time it feels fantastic.

I can't believe that just happened. Faith just ate my pussy. She licked me out. She made me come with her tongue. What the hell happened to keeping it simple, huh Buffy? Having sex with Faith is not keeping it simple. Yeah, you heard me, you just had sex with Faith. Turns out you're not just cheating on your boyfriend, you're also kinda gay. Kinda gay's not simple; in fact it's pretty much the definition of complicated when you're in high school.

Okay, shut up. Faith just did something absolutely incredible for you, don't spoil it by thinking.  You can deal with the crap tomorrow. Right now, just concentrate on lifting your head up so you can let her know how great that was. Come on, up, up. That's better, now hold it there and look at Faith. She's still kneeling in between your thighs like she doesn't know what to do next. Smile at her, let her know everything's okay. "Hey…" Damn it, I'm so out of breath I can't even manage a sentence.

"Hey." She's smiling back, that's a good start. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah…" Two words, getting better. It feels so sexy, looking down the length of my body at her and whispering to her like this – although it is kinda making my neck hurt. "Could you… would you mind coming up here?" Whole sentence, yay!

"No problem." She's climbing over me – I swear she only did that so I got an eyeful of her breasts. Show-off. Mind you, if I had her breasts, I'd want to do some flaunting. Is she gonna sit – no, she's lying down next to me, close enough to snuggle if I want. Now she's here, I can see how wet her face is; she's glistening from the tip of her nose all the way down to her chin. "Better?"

"Perfect." And it is. Having her this close, it makes everything feel simple again. No problems, no worries, nothing. "That was… that was amazing."


"Honest." Which kinda leads onto the question I'm not sure I want to ask. Or rather, I'm not sure what I want the answer to be. "Faith, have you ever done that before?"

"With a girl?" She's shaking her head. "Uh-uh."

How does she make caveman-talk sound sexy? "So, how did you… how did you know…" Oh for God's sake…

"I just tried doing the stuff I liked guys doing to me. Except the sucking part, that was my idea."

"Yeah? Nice job." Oh damn it, I'm giggling again, and I'm setting her off. I'm trying so hard to be cool here, and I keep blowing it. And why am I even trying? Faith's not bothered, why should I be? I'm with an amazing girl who just made me come so hard my legs are still shaky. I should be showing her how much fun I'm having being with her, looking at her…

"Enjoying the view, B?" Damn it, was I staring again?

"I was looking at this." Just to make the point, I'll poke the big bruise on her ribs, which is what I was looking at – some of the time.

She's giving me a 'yeah, right' look. "Really? Damn. Don't tell the girls, you'll hurt their feelings"

Such a smartass. "Okay, I was looking, I promise!" Now I'm leaning over so I can talk to 'the girls'. "Don't take any notice of her, you're both awesome and I was totally checking you out."

"Hey, hey, now you're blocking my view!"

Wait, Faith wants to looks at her… oh! Right. She means mine. Okay, lying down again. "You're not bored looking at these every night?"

"Are you kidding me? B, they're perfect." Oh wow, she just rolled on her side and she's putting her hand on my breast. It's so soft and warm, and it fits perfectly, right down to my nipple nestling in between her fingers. I'm putting my hand on top of hers so she doesn't take it away again.

"Thank you - I don't just mean the compliment, I mean everything. Tonight's been… It's been wonderful."

"Any time." Oh I'm so taking her up on that, and I think she knows it. Yeah, I know what's going on behind those doe-eyes, you're not fooling me. Of course, the big smirk's kind of a giveaway, and as for the lip-licking…

Hang on a sec, I don't think she's doing that to be flirty. I think she's licking my cream off her lips. And right there, I'm wet again. How does she do this to me? It doesn't matter how often I come, she'll do something tiny and I want her all over again. "Let me get that."

"Huh?" It's so cute, the way her forehead wrinkles up when she's confused. I could get explainy, but I'd rather show her what I mean, so I'm gonna roll over on my side, facing her.

"Don't move your hand, okay?" Just to make sure, I'm giving it a squeeze around my breast before I take my hand away. Faith's still looking confused, but she's keeping her hand where I want it - in fact, I think she's tightened her hold a little. I'm smiling again, so she knows I like what she's doing, but I'm concentrating on my hand right now, brushing her hair back off her face so I can see what I'm doing.

She's so beautiful – damn it, focus! Yes, she's gorgeous, but now's not the time to lie back and bask, okay? Come on, move your hand, wipe some of the wetness up off her cheek.

It's had just enough time to start turning sticky, there's this delicious little tug when I drag my finger over her skin – not enough to hurt her, not even close, just enough for the both of us to feel it. It's almost at her lips, almost, and she's letting out this tiny little moan before she sucks it in and oh God my whole finger's wrapped in her mouth. I swear it feels even better now than it did before, and my pussy's throbbing every time her tongue moves to lick off some of my come.

I know she got it all off in a few licks, but it feels too nice to stop her giving me a few more before I take my finger out of her mouth again. Hey, she's not complaining, why should I? Now I'll scoop up some more cream, only this time I'll be the one sucking it off my finger. Faith's making disappointed whimpers, and she's tightened her grip on my breast some more, but I don't care; it tastes too good not to have some.

Actually, I think I want to have it all, only not off a finger. Don't think, Buffy, just do it, do it now before you talk yourself out of it.

"Hold still." Like I'm giving her a chance to move even if she wants to. I've got my hand on the back of her head, not like I'm holding her down, just so she knows where I want her when I lean in and start licking her cheek.

This should be gross. I mean, seriously, I'm licking her face. It should be disgusting – but it feels like the sexiest, most intimate thing I've ever done. And that's weird right there; five minutes ago, this face was buried in between my thighs, and this feels more intimate? But it does. It feels almost like I'm bathing her, and she's letting me. She didn't even flinch.

Plus it tastes absolutely delicious. Yeah, okay, I like the taste of this stuff anyhow, but licking it off of Faith's skin? I don't know if it's what I'm doing or it's just the way her skin tastes, but I think this might just be my favourite flavour in the whole world. Yeah, you heard me cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip. I'm sorry, I know we had some good times, but ice-cream means nothing to me any more. This is just… I'm trying to come up with a word and all I've got is 'scrummy'. It's scrummy. Especially that bit on the tip of Faith's nose. I sucked the tip of her nose and it felt sexy. The only down side is I'm running out of sticky spots. I actually want her to lick me out again just so I can clean her up, I don't even care about the orgasm part. I'll have to ask her, just let me get this bit under her bottom lip – whoa!

Did she just try to kiss me?



Part Fifteen – Monday night



Why can't things work out one fucking time, huh? Just one fucking time? I haven't had a night this good in forever and now everything's gone to hell 'cause I crossed one stupid line I didn't even know was there. What's the big deal? All I did was go in for one kiss, and B's looking at me like I slapped her.

All right, fine. You want it like that, B? You got it. I could've had you bouncing off the ceiling, but if you don't want to play any more, that's your spilt milk. You think I'm gonna be the one crying over it? Guess again, sweetheart. I'm on my feet, getting my girls back in the holster, and I'm outta here.

"Faith, wait…" And now she's got her hand on my shoulder. You can't ever keep things easy, can you B? She's gonna try to make me feel better, give me some of that 'it's not you, it's me' crap just so she doesn't feel bad. Well I'm not sticking around for that bullshit.

"Forget it, B. It was good times, now it's done. I'll catch you tomorrow." Time to haul ass, before she-

Shoves me up against the foot-rail on her bed and gets right up in my face? What happened to making me feel better, huh? God, she's so close, and she's naked, and I want her so bad I can't think straight. Don't look at her, don't look at her… damn. "What-"

"I wasn't finished."

Man, I don't know if it's that voice B's doing or feeling her breath on my skin, but the girls just perked way the hell up. "Yeah? Well maybe I was."

"Were you?" Oh hell, now she's playing with my hair. What the hell's with me tonight? Some chick starts twirling her fingers in my hair and I'm lubing up again?

Who the hell am I kidding?  "No."

"I didn't think so." Yeah? What gave it away?

"So what's next?"

"Look at your pants."

Talk about a non… non… I want to say sequoia, but I know that's wrong. Look at my pants? What's wrong with…oh. I guess she's talking about the big wet patch all down one thigh. B and her passion for fashion. "I'll wipe 'em down later, they'll be fine."

"I think we'd better clean them off now. You don't want the leather to get stained, do you?" No, but from the look in B's eye I don't think she's worrying about my pants getting ruined here, and I don't think the cleaning process is gonna involve a damp washcloth either. There she goes, she's kneeling down in front of me and…

Fuck. Me. How turned on am I? She's licking my thigh, and even through leather it's making my pussy twitch. Forget everything I said about getting shoved around, getting me up against this railing was a great idea. This way there's an outside chance I'm gonna stay on my feet through this.




That was way too close. I almost lost her there, she was getting ready to run. If she'd left like that, I don't think we'd ever have got past it, and whatever this thing is I can't let it end that way.

So what is this thing? I'll strip for her, I'll masturbate for her, I'll even have sex with her, but she tries to kiss me and I flinch? What kind of crazy logic is that? What am I doing here?

Thinking too much is what I'm doing. Figuring out the weirdness can wait; right now I've gotta make sure Faith knows how much I want her to stay. How much I want her, period. So no more thinking, okay?

It feels so naughty, looking up at her and licking her thigh, and she can't take her eyes off me. Maybe some part of her's still telling her to run, but her horny's back in business and we all know who's gonna win that fight.

Not that I'm any different right now, I'm getting wetter by the second. Every time my tongue touches leather – and, sidebar, I think my pussy tastes even better on Faith's pants than on her lips – I feel like I'm dripping on the carpet. And the whole looking up at Faith thing's not helping; she's twitching every time I lick her and the way it's making her breasts jiggle is not good for my self-control. It's probably a good thing I'm holding on to Faith's legs, 'cause I'm starting to feel a little light-headed here.

Wait, what the hell am I doing? I'm kneeling in front of Faith and I'm holding on to her legs? Her ass is right there! That tight, leather-clad ass and I'm ignoring it, what the hell's wrong with me? Come on, hands, get with the program, up you go and – oh… wow… It's so soft. And don't mean her ass, although can I say squeezable? She must wear these pants a lot more than I thought, the leather's so supple I can feel everything through-

Hold on a second, something feels weird here. There's something missing. Let me check, maybe I'm just… no, no, it's not there. Waistband, belt, back pockets and then nothing. Just nothing. "Faith, are you not wearing underwear?"

She's blushing. Oh my God, Little Miss Screwed-It-All's really blushing. I've never seen her like this… and that's a really stupid thing to say. Of course I've never seen her like this; I've never had sex with her before. It's just so not like her, she's always all confident and 'look at me!', like she knows she's the sexiest girl in the room. I can't imagine her ever blushing with a guy. Is it because she's with me? Is it that different for her? I so shouldn't have thought about it like that, now I'm gonna start feeling all self-conscious and why can't I just stop thinking about stuff?

Hey, wait a second… Faith just came in these pants. More than once, I think, and I was pressing them right into… which means she must have… oh, that's perfect. That's so totally perfect.

"Nnnnggh?" Okay, what's with the whiney noise, Faith? Oh, right, I stopped with the licking. It really felt that good? Wow, 'cause I was kinda doing it for me, but…

Focus, Miss Attention Span. Get on your feet again, you really want to be looking Faith in the eye for this part. "Hey."

"Why'd you stop?" Someone really needs to tell Faith her sulky voice is so not a turn-off.

"You're not wearing any underwear."

"Yeah, I know. So what?"

"So, your pants are gonna be all sticky on the inside, too."

I swear an actual light bulb just went on above her head. "You want me to take them off?"

"I think you'd better get rid of the boots first, don't you?"

"Sure you don't want to do it yourself, B? You seem to like it down there." Oh you did not just say that.

"Boots off. Now." God, I got the shivers saying that – the good kind, definitely the good kind. Maybe there's some dominatrix in here, along with all the exhibitionist-slut-pervert stuff? All I know is, I really like giving Faith orders, and I think Faith kinda liked it too. She covered pretty well, but I saw her knees dip just for a second before she caught herself.

Anyway, she's kneeling down now and taking off her boots… or she would be if she wasn't too busy staring at parts of me she's already seen up close. It's not that I mind her looking at me – I mean, hello! Exhibitionist here – but I want to move things along and she keeps fumbling with the laces 'cause she's not paying attention. "Hey! Eyes on the job, missy."

Whoa, did I say that out loud?




Eyes on the job? How the hell am I supposed to keep my eyes on the job when you're standing there, B? Gimme a frickin' break. She can't turn around for a minute? Yeah, that'd really help, having her ass right in my eye line. Jesus Christ on a space hopper, what's got into me? It's not like I should even need to look at what I'm doing, I've been taking stuff off in the dark my whole life, so how come I can't even undo one stupid frickin' knot? Come on, fingers, quit screwin' around here! If you don't get a move on, I'm gonna have to just tear the laces off, and I don't want to-

There, now we're talking. Okay, get the boot off, and the sock… why didn't I put on a pair without holes in, huh? B put on lipstick and everything, and I'm sitting here with my toes hanging out of a tatty old gym sock. Get it off quick, maybe she won't notice. Now get to work on the other boot, and do it faster this time. B's already got her arms folded, any second now she's gonna start tapping her foot on the floor and what the hell are you doing, girl? You're ready to tear your favourite pair of boots apart just you don't keep B waiting a few more seconds? And don't even think about how your pussy started twitching when she called you 'missy'. You might as well admit it: you're her bitch.

Yeah, okay, no need to rub it in. I'm whipped, I can deal. But if I start calling her 'Mistress', I'm outta here. I've got my pride.

Okay, the boots are gone, standing up again and damn this carpet feels nice on bare feet. Nothing but the best for B's little tootsies, right? I guess it's time to lose the pants now – no, hold up a second, ditch the jacket first; you'll look wicked peculiar standing here with a jacket on and no pants. Make sure you push your chest out while you're taking it off, let B get a good look at-

"Leave it on."

I'm getting kinda tired of having my train of thought derailed, y'know? It's hard enough concentrating when there's naked Buffy in the room without her throwing me curve-balls all the time. And it's not helping how she's coming in close and backing me up against her bed again.

"Y-you…" Come on, girl, don't start losing it just 'cause B's so close you can feel the heat coming off her. "You don't want me to take the jacket off?"

"It looks good on you." Course it does, I'm wearing it… hey, hey, don't go messing with the collar, B, I don't care if it's not straight! And why are my knees shaking, huh?

"I figured you didn't want me covered up…"

"It's okay. I can get at everything I want." Oh, so that's why you're pushing my shirt up, huh? Never would've figured that one out by mys-

"Oh God…" Nipples! Fingers on my nipples, damn that feels good…

"Hmm, I think I found a couple of sensitive spots." Oh great, we're back to the teasing again. Sensitive? No shit, Slaylock. Can't think why they'd be sensitive with you doing that to them. Man, I know she's been practising on herself the last week or so, but fuck me she's good at this. I'm so used to getting my stuff manhandled, but this is like… I always thought nipplegasms were a myth, but right now I'm seriously starting to wonder. The only way this could get any better is if she- fuck! She's sucking it, she's sucking it, grab hold of the railing, don't not let yourself fall. Knees, if you let me down now I swear to God I'll cap you myself.

No, don't take your hands away! Oh Christ, she's going for the belt. I'm gonna die, I'm gonna fucking die here.




I think I'm becoming obsessed with breasts. Is this what it's like to be Xander? 'Cause I'm starting to see his point, at least where Faith's concerned. I want to play with to play with them a while more – not much, just a few days, maybe a week – but I've got stuff to do. I guess I'll just have to wait for next time.

God, I actually said that. This isn't just tonight. I'm gonna fuck her again.

Hey! Thinking again, bad Buffy. You've got plenty to do right now without daydreaming about tomorrow, got it? Good, undo the belt, atta girl. Now I know you're not gonna want to hear this, but you've gotta leave the boobies alone for a while. Yeah, I know, it sucks, but you want to be there when Faith's pants come down, right?

Thought so. Kneel down, that's it. Pop the button, pull down the zipper, now peel them down over that spectacular ass. You ready, Buffy? You're about to get your first look at Faith's p-


Oh my…



Part Sixteen – Monday night


Damn it, I'm blushing again! There's something wicked freaky going on with me tonight. I never blush, not ever, and B's got me lighting up like a frickin' stop light every time she looks at me. And the way she's looking at me now… I think I just found out what 'slack-jawed' really means. Man, I wish she'd say something, this staring at my crotch thing's not helping with my red-face problem. At least she's not freaking out, but it's starting to look like she's having one of those brain-freeze things. Maybe I should say something, try and snap her out of it? "Uh…"

"Wow." I guess there is someone home after all. "Wow, uh, that's… that looks… it's like… how did you… did you shave it, or…?"

Come on, don't tell me she's never seen a girl with a landing strip before? You never been in a locker room, B? "Waxed it."

Whoa, that snapped her out of it, got her looking at my face instead of the bald bits. "All of it? That's gotta hurt."

"Yeah, it stings for a while."

"So why do you do it?"

"I just like how it looks, okay?" Easy, girlfriend, no need to get all defensive. "Besides, it's more comfortable."

"More comfortable? Oh, I get it." Gotta hand it to the girl, when she bounces back, she bounces hard – all the way back up in my face and I'm having trouble breathing again 'cause she's whispering in my ear and her fingers are stroking the only bit of fur I've got left downstairs. "You mean more comfortable when you're wearing your tight leather pants."

Oh crap, not the frickin' teasing voice again? Gimme a break, B, I'm dying here. I haven't been this worked up since, I don't know, ever? It's a good thing I can't talk right now, 'cause I'd probably be saying anything it took to her to quit screwing around. Come on, B, don't leave me hanging here… Yeah, that's it, you go give my boobs some more attention, do something useful with that mouth before I go completely- ow!

She bit me! She bit my fucking nipple! Son of a bitch, that hurt, and I don't care if some fucked-up part of my brain enjoyed it. And she's just looking up at me with that shit-eating grin of hers. "Bad Faith."

Bad Faith? Oh, you just wait 'til tomorrow, Summers. I'm gonna kick your ass all over that library and dump whatever's left in the pool. I'm gonna-

Okay, even I know you can't threaten someone who just yanked your pants down around your ankles. Fine, I'll make you a deal, B: you quit stalling and get me off some more, and I'll let the whole biting thing slide. Just this one time, so don't go getting ideas.

Okay, couple of things here, girl. First of all, you're making imaginary deals with the girls taking your pants off. She can't hear you, dumbass, and even if she could, you seriously think you've got any kind of power here? 'Cause that gooey feeling in your crotch says you don't. Second, there's a naked chick on her knees in front of you! What are you doing thinking about this stuff, huh? Quit screwing around and lift your foot up so she can get your pants off, you moron! Yeah, that's more like it. See how much better it is when you just do as your told?

Brain, you're starting to talk like Cordelia. Knock it off, okay? You're freaking me out.

Oh crap, B's touching the sole of my foot… Don't move, for fuck's sake don't move, if she figures out I'm ticklish I'm never gonna hear the end of it. Come on, B, get a move on. How long do you need to take off one lousy pair of pants? I know you don't have a whole lot of experience taking them off other people, but it can't be that hard to figure out, can it? To hell with it, I'll take the other foot out myself – hey! No slapping my ankle, you hear? Don't give me that look, you're not the boss of-

Who am I kidding?

And now I'm pants-less. Guess I can forget about taking off any time soon. Not that I was planning to, but still… Now I've got B standing in front of me, stark nude, holding my pants. You see a lot of wicked freaky stuff in this town, but damn! She's so close – God, her hair smells nice – so close and now I really want to kiss her, which is a really bad idea, but-

"Would you like to get on the bed, Faith?"

Oh man, weak-knees moment right there. Looks like B's through with doing it on the floor. Hey, I'm not gonna bitch about it; I like getting down and dirty as much as the next girl, but screwing B on her own bed? That's gotta be like storming the castle and nailing the princess right there in the tower. No way I'm turning that down. Would I like to get on the bed? Just try stopping me.

Now, if it was up to me I'd jump right over the railing – don't want to waste any more time, right? I don't think B would appreciate that too much, though, so I'd better do this the old-fashioned way. I can act all civilised if I want to.  See? I'm going around the side, getting on the bed like a good little girl and son of a bitch this thing's comfortable! No wonder B always looks so happy when she's sleeping; if this was my bed, I don't think I'd ever get out of it. B's definitely going on top this time around, I'm just gonna lie back on this crazy mountain of pillows B's got going over here and enjoy myself. Yeah, come on B, come to momma, that's it. Oh, you want a pillow too? No problem, girlfriend, I got plenty to go around.

Why's she propping it up against the foot-rail?

Wait, she's gonna sit down there, just facing me? What's that – oh, no way…

No fucking way!

What the hell, B? The pants-licking thing was supposed to be foreplay, right? You already got me naked – more or less – you don't have to keep 'cleaning' them! Oh man, check that look she's giving me. She's back on the teasing thing again. That's it, B, lines are being crossed here. You and me are gonna be having words about this, I'm telling you. Soon as I figure I can actually talk right. One thing I can do right now, though; I'm closing my thighs. You sit there and flaunt all you want, B. No more free shows for you.

"Do you think I should try waxing?"


"Do you think I should try waxing? It looks really pretty on you, I thought maybe I should try it."

"Uh, whatever you want, B." How the fuck is she keeping her voice so calm? She's asking me if she should go cue-ball while she's waving her pussy at me, and she sounds like she's talking nail-polish or conditioner or some other kind of prom-queen crap.

"I want you tell me what you think, Faith."

"I, uh, I think you look fine like this."

"Really?" Oh fuck, she's opening her legs more. "You don't think I'm too hairy?"

"N-no, it looks nice. Everything's neat a-and it feels really… soft."

"Aw, thank you!" God, the way she's smiling you'd think I just complimented her shoes. "Okay, the leg's all clean."

'Bout fucking time.

"Time to do the inside."





Don't give me that look, Faith! I'm not doing this for fun, you know. You've got a nice pair of pants here, and they look really good on you, so I'd like you to be able to wear them again sometime. I'm sure this stuff stains if you don't clean it up quick, and you can't go running around town with a big white patch on your pants, can you? Yeah, I know no-one's gonna see stains on the inside, but I bet it starts to smell after a while and who knows what it'll do to the leather long-term. You've gotta take care of these things, Faith, or they-

God, this tastes good.

Okay, some maybe some people might possibly consider this fun. Is that my fault? Is it my fault your pussy's so delicious? Nuh-uh! And is it my fault you got it smeared all over the inside of your pants? Well, yeah, it kinda was, but that was only because I was trying to get you off as well as me, so the whole thing was completely selfless. I'm a very giving person, you know. So don't go glaring at me just because I'm enjoying myself while I'm cleaning up after you.

Yeah, I'm definitely getting too good at this self-justifying thing. I should probably get help. 'Fess up, Summers, you're getting off on this. Making Faith wait, seeing that look on her face, it's making your head go all tingly – not to mention some places that aren't your head, too.

Screw it, it's not like I had any good-girl cred left anyway. Time to stop worrying and enjoy being an exhibitionist-masochist-dominatrix-slut-pervert.

Seriously, though, Faith's pussy cream tastes incredible. Not as much like mine as I was expecting – yeah, like I'm such an expert. I didn't even know why mine tasted like a week ago. Faith tastes richer, creamier… maybe because of being wrapped up in these pants for hours, I don't know. She goes really well with leather, though. Big shocker, this is Faith we're talking about; the girl was built to wear leather. Mmmm, yummy…

Okay, that little moan might have been just a smidge too much. Faith's really starting to look annoyed with me. Don't worry, baby, I'm almost done. There's just a few more little spots I need to get to… "There. Squeaky clean."

"Sure you don't want to put them through the wash again? You might have missed a spot."

Ouch. Snarky Faith is not happy Faith. I think it's time to put the pants away – fold them up, hang them over the railing, there you go. Don't want them getting creased, do we? "No, I think your pants are good to go. Besides, aren't there other things I should be cleaning up?"

"Yeah? Like what?" Aw, she's still trying to look pissed! That's so cute.

"Well, I figure if the inside of your pants was all wet, then your skin must be too, and if your skin's wet then you'll just mess up your pants again when you put them on. So I was thinking I'd started by cleaning up your thighs, and after that I'd deal with your pussy." That's right, Faith, I said 'pussy'. Why so surprised? I've fucked myself in front of you a half-dozen times, but a little bit of dirty talk's all shocking?

"Y-yeah, okay, if you want to." If I want to? Faith, sweetheart, I've gotta tell you; your 'whatever' act's fooling exactly no-one. A table-lamp could see through it. Yeah, I'm giving you the sceptical eyebrow-raise, 'cause we both know you're full of it. Now quit pouting and open up, or am I gonna have to pry your thighs apart?

That's right, let me look at you... oh boy, I knew she'd be a mess down here, but wow! No wonder her pants were so sticky inside, she's so wet it's actually sticking her thighs together. Does it hurt peeling them apart like that? It's gotta pinch a little, at least. Fun and games aside, Faith really does need cleaning up.

Now, what's the best position for this? Can't just dive in face-first – I'm so gonna be dreaming about that image tonight. It'll probably work best if I lie on my front, that way I've got my hands free. Just for once, I'm glad I'm not taller, 'cause the footrail's kinda getting in the way as it is. Maybe if I just stick my feet up in the air… yeah, that works. Okay, this feels like a good spot to start, and hey! Faith's pussy's right there in front of me. So pretty, all pink and shiny… yeah, I'm definitely kinda gay. Is my mouth watering? Can I just leave the thighs for after and start there?

No, come on, you can't just go straight to desert.

Just one little-

No! Bad Buffy! You've got work to do. I know it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it and I don't see anyone else volunteering. Which is good, because then I'd have to hurt them. This one's all mine.

And Giles says I don't have a work ethic.

Here we go… mmm, hello sticky goodness. This reminds me of something, I can't put my finger on it… It tastes different without the leather, a little sweeter, like full-fat compared to diet. Full-Faith, maybe? Is that the same thing as full-fat? 'Cause if it is, my diet's out the window. How many calories are in this stuff?

Wait, I give a crap because why?

Ooh, sexy little Faith-whimpers! You like me licking that spot? Well, I guess I could give it some extra attention, it does feel particularly sticky… Wait, why are your hips moving? Why are you clenching your fists? That whimper wasn't because you like me licking here, was it? It's because I'm going too slow for you.

And that… that just makes me want to go slower…




I'm not gonna beg.

I'm not gonna beg.

I don't care how slow you go. I don't care how bad I'm aching for you to get me off. I don't care that it feels like I'm gonna die if you don't lick my pussy soon. I don't care how much I'm dripping -

I'm making a wet spot on B's bed

- or how often you look up at me and gives me that fucking smirk, I'm not gonna beg. You can play this game if you want, B, but you're not gonna beat me. I don't lose this game. I own this game. And I'm not gonna fall apart and beg like some pathetic, pussy-whipped, blue-balled guy. You got that, B? You're not gonna beat me.

Fuck, B, hurry it up!

You fucking wuss.

Shut it, Brain! I'm not gonna beg out loud, okay? In my head doesn't count, and I've gotta let it out somewhere or I'm gonna go totally batshit insane. This girl is fucking evil! All of this slow, soft licking, it's driving me crazy. Okay, so it feels nice, but enough with the frickin' foreplay! God, I just want to grab her head and ram it into my crotch, but that'd mean she won and I'm not gonna crack now, damn it!

Will you quit looking up at me? Yeah, my boobs are awesome, we've been over that, just concentrate on what you're doing.

Fuck, she's almost at my pussy… Come on, come one, before I rip a hole right through your sheets! No, you don't have to clean the lips! You took so fucking long getting here they probably dried off anyway, so quit screwing around and get your tongue on-

"There. All done."

What? No! "Nnnnnhhhh?"

"Is something wrong Faith?"

Oh you're shitting me! She's gonna pull this crap on me now? "Nugh!"

"Do you want me to do something?"

I'm gonna kick her ass for this. "…please…"

"I can't help me if you don't tell me what it is."

"Fuck! B, please, just lick my cunt!"

"Sure, Faith. All you had to do was ask."

I'll fucking kill her.



Part Seventeen – Monday Night


Oh, I'm so gonna pay for that.

Totally worth it, though. I made Faith beg! Miss 'Get some, get gone' begged me to give her some! My goosebumps have goosebumps right now. I can't remember the last time I got this excited just from someone saying something, and I just want to make her say it again, and again, and-

Okay, ease off a second there, Miss Bitch. The dominatrix thing was cute to start with, but it's getting a little out of hand, so you're gonna take a good, long look in the mirror and think about what you're doing.

Tomorrow, I mean, right now, you've got more important things to do. Like making Faith come so hard her eyeballs pop right out of her head.

Yeah, about that... Got a teeny little problem; I have no clue what I'm doing down here. It's not like I've ever done this before! Then again, neither had Faith, and she still nailed it first time.

Don't I mean she nailed me? To the floor? And not just the first time, there was the second, and the third, and-

Bad Buffy! Concentrate, and get your hands back up here where I can see them! Can't you go five minutes without touching yourself, huh? This is supposed to be Faith-time.

I'm sorry.

Better. Now, Faith knew what to do. What was it she said? She did stuff she liked when guys did it to her. Gee, great, that's a big bucket of no-help. Number of times someone's gone down on me: one. Yeah, it was like twenty minutes ago, but it's not as if I was taking notes about it. I was kinda pre-occupied with the whole coming-my-brains-out thing.

Okay, just think about this for a second. It's nothing to be scared of, it's just Faith's pussy. You've got one too, and you know how it works. Okay, so you haven't used yours as much as she has, but you've been getting in a lot of practice this last week, so you know where it feels good to touch it. And that's all you're doing, really, touching it. You're just using your tongue instead of your fingers.

I'm gonna put my tongue in Faith's pussy.

Not! Helping!

Get it together, Summers, come on, you can do this. Just take a nice deep breath... boy, does she smell nice... focus!

I'm cool.

I'm calm.

I'm collected.

I'm fooling no-one.

Just get on with it, for God's sake! Faith's not gonna care if you're the best pussy-licker this side of L.A., okay? The way she looks right now, she'd probably be happy if you started stroking her with an oven-mitt, so just get in there.

Okay, here I go. Head down, pick somewhere to start... how about right at the bottom, where all the wetness is gathering? Moving in – wait, she's shivering and I haven't even touched her yet! Is that just from me breathing on her? Wow, how sensitive is she? Better start out slow, I don't want to over-do it.

My God, she tastes good. What is it this reminds me of? Ooh, this is gonna bug me for days if I don't figure it out. Gotta stop thinking about it now, though, just concentrate on Faith. Work the tongue along all these little folds down here – aw, she's making that little kitten sound again. I love it when she does that, it's so un-her. And everything's so soft, which isn't exactly the word that normally pops into your head when you're thinking about Faith, but underneath all that leather and denim she's a lot more feminine than you'd think. If she'd just let me give her a makeover and pick out a dress for her, she'd blow everyone out of the water at Prom-

Wait, I'm thinking about getting clothes on her? Now? I so need to prioritise. Concentrate on what the tongue's doing, keep moving upwards, we're almost up to her clit. Brush the tongue against her, keep it gentle, just enough to make her moan. Fuck, she sounds so horny when she does that, the sound of it's making my pussy twitch. Okay, I'm gonna put my mouth over it and pull it in between my lips... God, she's throbbing against my tongue. Now give her a little suck and start moving back down.

Uh-oh, whiny noises. I guess Faith doesn't want her clit left alone right now. Don't worry, I'll be back soon, I just want to do a little more exploring first. Moving down some more, working my tongue inside – hey, check it out! If I get the angle right, I can get my tongue right in and my nose rubs her clit. Which is kind of a weird image, now that I think about it, but by the sounds of it, it's working for Faith, so I'm not gonna argue. Not if it gets her off and lets me get a big, yummy mouthful of-

Cheesecake! How did I not figure this out before? Faith's pussy tastes just like the cheesecake they had at that diner in North Hollywood, the one Dad would never take me back to just because the crust on his stupid cherry pie was kinda burnt. Faith you have no idea how lucky you are; that cheesecake's been my dessert holy grail for like six years, and you've got an all-you-can-eat buffet of it between your thighs. Or is an all-you-can-eat-out buffet? Whatever, I might never let you off this bed. God, if I'd known you tasted like this, I never would've bothered with all the playing around, I'd have had my face in here days ago. Oh well, nothing to stop me pigging out now. And I don't know about you, Faith, but I've officially had it with the slow and gentle. I want to see you come. Now.

Okay, I'm gonna have to take my mouth away for a second – I know, I don't like it either, but it'll be worth it. Now, just hold on while I lick my fingers, get them nice and slippery. Yeah, that's right, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Open up a little bit more, that's it, now hold still. I think two's a good number to start with, don't you? One's not gonna be enough for a girl like you, is it?

Holy crap, does my pussy feel this hot inside? I can't remember, I guess I'm always a little distracted when I'm fingering myself. Weird, huh? This is incredible, it feels like I'm almost getting burned in here. I swear, something this hot and wet ought to have steam coming off it. God, she's got wetness streaming out of her and I'm still having to really push my fingers just to get inside. Faith, are you clenching? Stop clenching! No, don't tighten up! Oh, you want to play rough, huh? You got it, girl.




Oh yeah…

Oh God, yeah…

Oh man… okay, I know it's been way too long since I got laid, and the whole B-watching thing's had me racking up the hornies like crazy, but damn this feels good! It feels like my insides are sticking to her every time she moves her hand, it's frickin' awesome. Now all I've gotta do is get my hands on my boobs and give the girls some attention… oh yeah, now I'm humming all over. B, you keep this up and maybe I'll forget about that ass-kicking I owe you.

Hey, don't give me that look, Blondie. Just 'cause you're getting back in my good books, don't mean you can start giving me the smirk again. I'm still pissed at you, so how about you try doing something useful with that mouth, huh? Yeah, that's right, get your tongue working again, and don't be so fucking gentle this time. This ain't the time to be a chick about-

Oh shit, she put another finger in! God, that feels full… I know it's only her fingers, I can feel the little fuckers going in, but I'm locked up so tight if feels like she's shoving a frickin' baseball bat up there, Except bats don't curl up at the end like – Fuck! Oh fuck, yeah, that's the spot, keep hitting me right there. God, if she licks my clit a couple more times, I'm gonna come like a fucking rocket. Come on, B, just a couple of licks. Or suck it. Or do that thing with your nose again for all I care, just get me off for fuck's sake! Shit, I'm dying here and I can't say a word, 'cause if I open my mouth right now I know I'll be screaming the fucking house down. Please, B, please please please…

Oh fuck yes!

Jesus, B, you kiss your mom with that mouth? 'Cause if she had any idea what her golden girl can do with it she'd have a frickin' heart attack. No wonder Fangboy's soul went bye-bye, she keeps this up much longer and mine's gonna start coming loose. How in the hell does a girl who's done it one fucking time get this good with her tongue? She's got the little fucker dancing all over the place, and I can't keep my ass still, it's like I've got no control over-

Fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck, she got another finger up there! How the fuck did she do that? God, I'm so full I can't move, I can't even breathe, she's got me arching up off the bed, grabbing at her sheets and my pussy's screaming 'cause it's so fucking full! This must be how turkeys feel at Thanksgiving. I swear if she pushes in any deeper I'll be tasting her nail polish. Oh crap, she's moving her hand again. Son of a bitch, she's strong. I'm gonna be feeling this for days – hell, I don't know if I'm even gonna be able to walk straight in the morning, if she keeps on-

Oh my God, that's what she's going for! She wants me walking funny so everyone knows I got my brains fucked out, and she'll be the only one who knows she did it! B, you frickin' show-off, I'm gonna-

…oh… oh God… oh my God…B, I don't care if I never walk right again, just keep… keep doing that with your tongue, I'll let you stick your hand up me all the way to the elbow, just don't stop, please God don't stop until I-

Oh fuck me, yes! Sweet holy mother of... I didn't think it was possible to come that hard and still be conscious. Nope... definitely conscious coz I can still feel B's tongue working me and how the hell can I want her this quickly again? Damn, now what am I gonna do? I don't want B to stop, but… but I've gotta taste her again. Back off a sec, babe, and when I tell you to move, get your ass in gear!




What the hell? Why's she pushing me away? Oh God, did I do something wrong? Was I too rough for her? Stupid, stupid, stupid, I knew I should have stopped at three fingers, but no, I had to go all in and now Faith's pushing my head away and…


And scooting down the bed towards me? What's going on?

"Get on top."

Get on top? On top of what? Faith, what're you… oh. Oh! You mean… you want me to… oh. Yeah, I can do that. Oh hell yeah I can do that! This is so the time for a suivant… souvent…seulement…

Damn it, I suck at French!

So stop trying, you idiot! Quit trying to be sophisticated, call it a sixty-nine and get on Faith's face! Come on, move it, spin yourself around and get in position. Careful! Don't kneel on her hair! And don't kneel on her jacket, either – why the hell did I make her keep it on, anyway? Oh, yeah, I liked how it framed her breasts. Me and my fashion-conscious hornies, we never plan ahead. Next time, just get her naked, simple it up for everyone.

Now, where was I- Tongue! Lips and tongue, oh God, lips and tongue on my pussy! So good, so very very good, I'm still all tingly from when she was licking me before, and that's making it feel even better. Yes, yes there, right there, good Faith, right there. Ooh, hands, hands on my ass, oh yeah, move me wherever you want me, just don't stop licking! Joy. Rapture. Bliss.

Ow! What the hell? She smacked my ass! You little... I'm the dominatrix around here, missy, if there's any spanking to be done, I'll be the one doing it, got that? Ow! Stop it! What are you whimpering for – although, that does feel kinda nice on my clit – but I'm the one getting the big red handprints on my butt here, what have you got to whimper about? And why are you pushing your hips up at... oh. Oh, right, the sixty-nine thing. Sorry, Faith, I kinda got distracted for a second, there. And whose fault was that, huh? You try staying focused when there's a hot girl wrapping her tongue around your clit. You think that's easy? I'll show you how easy it is.

Mmmmmm, creamy goodness... No messing around around this time, I'm just going straight to Faith's clit and sucking. Yeah, that's what you want, isn't it? Hmm, I wonder if I can get my fingers in her pussy again. Not from this side, I'll just keep bashing my nose – so not sexy. Maybe it'll work if I hook my arm around her leg and come in from the other direction? Yeah, that works. Relax, baby, relax, let me in, that's it. Oh, you like that, huh? Oh yeah, keep doing that, right there, don't stop, please don't stop, oh fuck that's good...




Oh God yeah, that's it, B, straight in, no screwing around.

Seriously, how awesome is this? I've got a pussy full of B's fingers, B's tongue on my clit, her whole body laid out on top of me, my hands on her ass - which, BTW, rocks! - and a face full of B's pussy. If this ain't heaven, it's as close as I'm ever gonna get. Oh fuck, yeah, go deep, B, go deep. I'm getting out the measuring tape tomorrow, I swear, no way those fingers are as tiny as they look. Oh yeah, right there, keep fucking me right there, don't ever stop fucking me B, thank you thank you thank you thank-

Damn it, B! Hold still, will ya? I'm trying to say thank you here, and I can't do that if you keep wavin' your ass around like that. Quit it! You want to shake it at me, do it some time when I can see it, not when I'm trying to suck you off. Maybe put on a short skirt first or something… hey, there's a question: wasn't B a cheerleader? I'll bet she knocked the moves right outta the park, even when she wasn't a Slayer, and that ass in spanky pants? Oh yeah, that one's going on the fantasy list, I'm gonna be spending some quality time with that one. But as for right now, get your ass back here, B!

Don't whine at me, you're the one making me get rough. Maybe you need more than a couple of hands on your ass to keep you under control. How about one on your ass and one working on the inside? That ought to pin you down. And it's only fair, right, showing you how good it feels when you're doing it to me.

God, she's so tight… Come on, Faith, work 'em in, get your fingers right up inside. Give 'em a twist on the way in… that feel good, B? Oh God… well, it feels pretty frickin' good when you're doing it, so I'm gonna call that a yes. Oh yeah, here we go, in and out, nice and smooth, and don't stop working her clit. Find the rhythm, that's it. You like this, B? Yeah you do, you like me fucking your pussy.

Oh fuck, she really likes it! She's moaning on my clit, and that's making me moan on hers, and now she's moaning back even harder, like we're caught in a loop or something. Man, I don't know if we're gonna be able to stop, here. Hold on tight, B, this is gonna get bumpy, just-

Oh shit!



Part Eighteen – Monday night


Oh boy.

That was...

Ooh boy.

I think I...

Oooh boy.

How did she...


Stop that! Enough with the 'Ooh boys', already. Coherent thoughts, Buffy, get it together, get it together.

Okay, sitrep – sitrep? I say sitrep now? That's it, Xander's never picking the movie on video night again, army-talk's clearly contagious. God, if he saw this, I think it would actually kill him and I so should not be thinking about Xander right now. Why am I even doing that? It's like my brain's totally out of control, I can't concentrate on anything. And whose fault is that, huh Faith? My head's spinning, my jaw aches, my heart's racing, my clit's so tender it feels like it'll burst if I even think about it too hard and I can't feel my legs.

My God, she's good. I mean, like... really good. Maybe a little bit too good, I mean I'm totally wiped here. I don't think I can even open my eyes right n-

Wait a minute... my eyes are open.

I can't see! Everything's gone dark! Oh my God, those stupid stories were true; too much sex really does make you go blind! What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? I'm a Slayer, I can't fight demons if I'm blind. How am I gonna explain this to Giles? How am I gonna explain this to Mom?

Stop panicking! You're totally fine, just breathe, okay? Breathe.

I can't breathe! It's like I'm being smothered, why can't I-

Same reason you can't see – you faceplanted straight into the covers off of that last orgasm. Remember? The one where Faith pinched your clit between her teeth and your legs tried to point in opposite directions? Just turn your head and everything'll be peachy.

Okay. Turn my head. Piece of cake. Except for the being so tired I can't move part. Come on, Buffy, time to get those Slayer muscles working. Turn your head, you can do it, that's it, we're turning, we're turning and I see daylight! Or lightbulb-light, whatever, I so don't care, it's beautiful. Oh thank God, I can see again, I can see again, I can... quote lines from Bound? That's kinda scary, I've only seen that movie like twice.

Since Saturday.

Okay, yeah, I've watched it twice in two days, so what? It's a good movie, I'm not just watching for the naked girls.

Besides, Gina Gershon's got nothing on Faith.

Back to the point – I'm not blind. Which is so of the good. Now I've just gotta figure out what to do next, 'cause this whole sprawled on top of Faith thing? Not exactly the way this goes in the fantasies. I'm not saying she's not comfortable to sprawl on, she's way comfortable, but I just had sex and now I wanna snuggle!

Which means I've gotta move. Next time, Faith's so going on top.

All right, here goes. Push up with the arms, yeah I know they're tired, you can throw a demon twice your size so stop being a wuss. Faith, would it kill you to give me a hand, here? Just one little push, that's all I'm asking. No. Okay, fine, you just lie there and make with the whimpers. Ooh, head-rush, take it slow, don't want to fall over. Man, this whole wobbly as a baby deer thing's a lot cuter when it's a baby deer doing it. Now just move over to the side, don't hit Faith with your leg, and roll over so you're on your back. God, I'm moving like eighteen inches, how can it be this hard? Almost there, almost there, and ... down.

Gasp. Pant. So tired.

This must be how whales feel when they get stuck on a beach. But at least I know I can move now. On the other hand, I'm still pointing the wrong way. Lying eye to knee with Faith's not exactly the best position for the snuggling. In fact, I think it's worse than before; at least when I was on top of her, I could feel her breasts.

Oh God, I'm gonna have to move again, aren't I?

You want to meet me halfway here, Faith? In case you didn't notice, I've been doing most of the heavy lifting tonight. No? All right, Miss Lie-back-and-think-of-New-England, I'll take care of it. Again. You'd better appreciate this...

Man, I'm getting grumpy about this. Am I the kind of girl who gets grumpy after sex? That'd be a big barrel of no-fun. Come on, tetchy-girl, this is easy. All you gotta do is sit up, swing your legs around so you're pointing the other way and lie back down. Nothing you haven't done like a million times before. Sit up, sit up, atta girl. You see, you're not so dizzy this time, now just swing your legs around – the other way, moron! You can't swing them through Faith. That's more like it. Now just lie down again and you can get all snuggly. Gently, gently, careful! Uh-oh, falling, falling – hey, nice catch, Faith. And I finished up with her arm around me, so that worked out nice.

Man, she looks... kinda wasted. I'm good...

"Hey". 'Hey'? 'Hey'? That's the best opener I can come up with? I suck. Faith's looking at me like I'm a total spaz and-

And now I'm giggling.




She's so frickin' cute when she giggles, I swear to God it's kinda scary. Almost as scary as how she's always setting me off. "B, I gotta tell you something; your pillow-talk needs some work."

"First of all, we're not actually on the pillows, so what we're doing is mattress-talk. Second, I don't hear you making with the witty right now."

"Yeah, I'm not much for talking after. Get some, get gone, remember?"

"So is this the 'get gone' part?" Oh, nice job, doofus. Why don't you just say 'thanks for the fuck, catch you later'?

"No, I'm good right here." And what's the deal with that? Since when do I snuggle after sex? B's turning me into such a chick.


Oh, that's why I'm snuggling, it's that adorable look on B's face. She's so cute with her hair all over the place. Let's just tuck this bit back... "Damn."

"What's wrong?"

Oh, she's gonna kill me for this. "Sticky fingers, B, I'm getting pussy in your hair."

"Faith, between the two of us I've got pussy everywhere. It's nothing I can't fix with a long hot shower."

B just said...

"Faith, why are you looking at me like that?"

"You said... pussy."

"Yeah, I know. What, am I not allowed to say the naughty words?"

Guh... buh... "No, I mean, but... I never heard you talk like that before."

"Are you sure? I say it all the time in my head."

"You do?"

"Faith, come on; I've been stroking it in front of you for like a week. What did you think I called it, my 'special place'?"

"God, B-"

"Pussy. Pussy. Pus-sy."

Shit, she makes it sound hot and funny at the same time. Don't laugh, Faith, don't fucking laugh, no way you'll keep it quiet and you don't want to wreck everything by waking Mrs. S up now. "B, you're such a dork."

"And you bag on my mattress-talk. Word of advice, Faith – never call a girl a dork if you ever plan on seeing her naked again."

"Yeah, well, I owe you some payback for all that teasing crap you pulled before."

"Aw, poor baby, was I mean to you? Don't worry, I'll make it up to you." Damn it, there's no way I can even act mad at her when she's being all cute and snuggly. Guess I'll have to figure out the payback tomorrow, when I can think straight. I wonder if she's ticklish? "Faith?"



Oh, you did not just say that... You want some pussy? I've got pussy-fingers right here, I'm gonna smear them all over your face. Nuh-uh, B, you ain't getting away from me this time, you're-


She got my finger in her mouth, and she's sucking her pussy off it. Son of a bitch, that feels good, it's almost like when she sucked my clit. God yeah, B, you can have another one, you can have my whole frickin' hand, just don't stop. And check those little moany sounds she's making, this girl seriously loves the taste of her own pussy. Hey, it's not like I'm arguing, she's fucking delicious down there, all I'm saying is it's a good thing she can't bend over far enough to lick herself, she'd spend all her time with her head between her thighs.

Man, that picture's getting me wicked horny again. I'm such a freak. Guess I might as well roll with it. Gimme your hand, B, I'm not the only one in the Sticky-Finger Club around here. Come on, hand it over. Oh God, I'm punning now? That's B rubbing off on me – Jesus, that one was even worse!

Good thing this is all in my head, if I said it out loud I'd never live it down. Just shut up and suck some fingers, Faith.

Oh yeah, that's the stuff… Does my pussy always taste this good? I don't think so, and it's not like I never lick my fingers after I'm done getting myself off. I swear this stuff tastes better on B's skin, there's just this extra little something underneath it all. Vanilla, I think – which is ironic, after what's been happening this last week. It's probably all that fancy body wash she uses in the shower.

Yeah, I snuck a peak at her when she was taking a shower at school. Frickin' sue me.

Mmm, you like me sucking your fingers, B? Yeah, that's it, you keep sucking too, let's get a rhythm going here. Synchronised sucking; way more fun that synchronised Slaying. I'd like to see them get that one into the Olympics. All judges must have 20/20 vision and no history of heart problems.

Fuck, I'm running out of fingers here. I'm down to her pinky already. It's lucky B stuffed all of them up me or I'd have run dry by now. How come B's still going on mine? I only used three on her. Then again, maybe I'm just moving faster than her; it's not like I ever learned not to rush my food. I guess I can keep sucking until she's done, but it's not gonna be the same if they're not all pussified.

Although speaking of pussified, B's face has to be all kinds of sticky after the licking she gave me. And she did clean me up after I ate her pussy, it wouldn't be right if I didn't return the favour, would it? And I'm even gonna give her credit for cleaning up my pants and my thighs, even though I know she only did it to mess with me. I'm a real giver.

So hurry it up, B, I want to get to the giving.

Ah screw it, I'm going in. Impulse-control's wicked over-rated, I'm telling you. Let's get B's fingers out of my mouth – don't fucking whimper at me, girl, you're gonna love this. Trust me. Just let me get your hair out of the way so I can get to that gooey spot down by your ear. You weren't wrong, B, you really do have pussy everywhere. Let me help you with that…

Oh fuck, I think she just tried to gasp with my finger in her mouth, it felt she was trying to suck it right off my hand. Gave me a serious twitch in the pussy, and the way her boobs moved when her chest started heaving… man, I could watch that for hours. Can't get distracted, gotta keep licking, just follow the sweet stuff wherever it goes. And how hell'd it get all the way over here? I knew she got me wet, but damn!

Whoa, you done with that finger already, B? Oh, I get it, you want to get in on the sticky-face action. I guess I can live with that. Yeah, that's it, roll over on your side, let's get face to face, that way I can get my hand on your ass. Everything's better with my hand on your ass. Plus this way I can get at the rest of this mess on your face. Jesus, B, you're a messy eater.

Not that I'm complaining, just making an observation.

So where're you gonna start, B? We're gonna have to co-ordinate this time, and I already did your left cheek so maybe we should-

Or you can just dive in, that's cool. You're going high? Okay, what's the deal with you sucking on the end of my nose? That's twice you've done it tonight and don't tell me you're not getting off on it. You've got some wicked freaky kinks, B.

Again, not complaining.

Okay, you do my nose, I'll do your chin and start heading for your other cheek, that ought to work. Except… God, this is hard. My tongue's brushing her bottom lip all the time, she's so frickin' close and I just want to kiss her. Don't do it, girl, don't fuck this up now. Don't-




Kiss her, you idiot!

But… what if… after before… the way I… maybe she doesn't want to?

Of course she wants to! Quit your stalling and make with the smoochies!




She kissed me! Buffy kissed me, oh God, she really did it. Son of a bitch, this is nice. I never got why people make such a big deal about making out, but I'm so on board with it now. Oh yeah, put your hand on my back, just touch me, anywhere, I don't care, just don't stop touching me…




I can't believe how soft her lips are. Is there any part of her that isn't soft? And her tongue's so gentle, this is so not how I expected Faith to kiss. I thought she'd be majorly aggressive, sticking her tongue all the way into my mouth and being completely in control, but she's just stroking it against mine. The kind of kissing you can keep up for hours…

Unless you need to breathe.




God, if we don't break soon one of us is gonna pass out, and I don't care. I just want to keep doing this forever. I could die doing this and I'd be happy.

She's pulling back – good thing one of us has a brain, my lungs are on fire here. And she's gasping for breath too. "B, that was…"

"I know, you were…"

"You didn't have to do that, I mean… after what happened before…"

"I wanted to. Before, I wanted to, you just surprised me is all. I didn't mean to back off the way I did. I'm sorry I spooked you."

"It's okay." Nice work, Faithy, great job on the over-reaction. You could've been kissing her ages ago, you idiot! Better start making up for lost time. "So, you want to, you know, again?"

"Oh, I definitely want to again." Damn right you do. Get those lips over here, Momma needs some sugar – that was weird, don't ever say that again Brain. Just shut up and enjoy this, okay?

Oh yeah… I'm gonna have to start checking out broom closets at the school so we can do some of this during the day. I don't think I'll be able to stand being around B if we can't. Hope she's cool with sneaking off for a while.

Somehow, I can't see her arguing; not with the look she's got on her face right now. "You okay, B?"

"Okay? Try drained. Spent. Finished. Wiped out. Crack a dictionary and look up satiated, they've got a picture of me. Right now I don't think I could… lift…"

God, she's even cute when she yawns! That's just wrong, nobody should – oh crap, she's setting me off now. Don't do it, don't yawn, don't – damn it! It's frickin' contagious. "I guess that means it's time I moved."




And here comes the 'get gone'. She's already disentangling herself, she's had way to much practice at this part. "Do you have to?"

"Long day, B, and you know Giles wants us in early so he can fill us in on the hellbitches."

"Yeah, I know. Are you planning on showing? 'Cause if you keep being all prompt you're gonna start freaking him out." That's good, try to distract her.

"Nah, he just figures you're a good influence on me. If he only knew, right?" No, don't stand up! Not even seeing your ass again's gonna make me feel better about this.

"God, don't even joke about it." Distraction's not working, try something else! "And back at my point, do you really have to leave? We don't have to do stuff, you could just sleep over. It'd be nice."

"Come on, B; if I stay, no-one's gonna be sleeping in this room tonight." Damn it, she's right. She's a smartass, but she's right. I can't even count how many orgasms I've had tonight and if she's around I just know I'll want to get my hands on her again. Ooh, I hate it when she's the sensible one, it's like the whole world's out of balance.

Look on the bright side, Buffy, at least you get to watch her while she's getting dressed. It's always fun watching her do anything that makes her move. Here's hoping she bends way over when she puts her pants on.

The pants I spent ages cleaning up! "Hold on a second."


"Just wait." Lets see how much flaunting I can do while I'm getting off the bed; if Faith's not gonna stay, I want to give her lots to think about after she's gone. Is it too much if I give my ass a wiggle while I'm heading over to the dresser? Ah who cares, it's only a few steps and it's not like she doesn't know how much I love showing off for her anyway. Maybe if I stand in the right place she'll even be able to see my breasts in the mirror while I'm going through my underwear drawer. Come on, there's gotta be something in here that'll work. Too tiny… too frilly… too lilac… aha! Plain white cotton, perfect. "Here."

Hmm, nice catch, I don't think she knew what I was doing. "Uh, B?"

"So you don't mess up your pants again."

"Right…" Okay, what's that look in her eye? She's getting ideas, is she gonna… I knew it! She just stuffed the panties into her jacket pocket. And now she's just looking at me with that sluttier-than-thou smirk of hers like she's expecting me to be all shocked. Faith, honey, were you not paying attention this last week? If you think I'm gonna shock that easy, you're way off base.

Where are those panties I was wearing before? I know I kicked them over this way… there! Make it smooth, and do it fast so Faith doesn't have time to see it coming, just pick them up and dangle them off your finger for her. "Faith, if you wanted a souvenir, all you had to do was ask."






She didn't.


She did not just say that!

Come on, Brain, just pick a frickin' gear already!

She's got me. Just when I think I'm getting her worked out, she starts handing out the naughty keepsakes and I'm just standing here trying to stop my jaw bouncing off her carpet. She's totally got me and she knows it, she's not even smirking at me, she's just giving me the raised-eyebrow treatment, all 'Well, Faith? I'm waiting.' Get a hold of yourself, Faith, just take the panties like a good little perv.

God, they're still damp. Is it gonna gross her out if I sniff them? I hope not, 'cause I don't think my arm's giving me a choice...oh man, that's nice. And B's definitely not grossing, I think she's turned on. From the look on her face she's picturing some stuff I could do on my own with two pairs of her undies. B, you've got no idea...

Okay, cool it down, girl, you're supposed to be hitting the road. Get your pants on, keep it moving. Now pull your shirt down, you can't go walking through town with the girls on show. Boots, boots, there's one, where'd the other one go? Must be under the bed – I got my boots under B's bed! – yeah, there it is. Oh come on, B, don't stand there! How am I supposed to concentrate on laces when you're being all naked right in front of me? Eyes down, Faith, don't look at the evil hotty...

That's it, all done. This girl's ready to hit the road. "Sleep tight, B."

"What, I don't get a goodnight kiss?"

"Sure you do." Like I'm gonna say no to that one. Come here... mmm, delicious. Hey, why's she grabbing my arm? Aw, you want to hold hands, B? Wait, that's not holding hands, what're you – son of a bitch! She just stuffed my fingers up her pussy and started humping my hand! Damn it, B, we're supposed to be saying goodbye here, not starting up again. Like this isn't hard enough without you-

She pulled it out again... and now she's smirking at me. "What the..."

"Just a little snack in case you're hungry on the way home."

Who is this girl? "God, B, you're something else."

"You just bring out the best in me."

No kidding. What else you got in store, B? That's a thought that's gonna keep me up at night. I'd better get out of here before she does something else and I completely melt. Out the window, girlfriend, don't use your sticky hand, you don't want to waste your snack, do you?

"So, are you coming tomorrow night?" Okay, that one's getting you an eyebrow-raise. Don't look at me all confused. Come on, B, work it out. Three... two... one... "I didn't mean it like that!"

"Sure you didn't."

Ouch! Got me a slap on the arm for that one, but it's worth it for that cute little annoyed face she does. "I meant, are you coming over tomorrow night."

Coming over what? Nah, don't push it, she doesn't know her own strength sometimes. "Yeah, I could do. Or you could come over to my place."

Uh-oh, not sure she's loving that idea. Don't want to go slumming, princess? "I suppose... my room's nicer, though. My bed's way more comfortable."

True, no arguing from me on that one. My room's got some plus points, though. "At my place we won't have to be quiet."

"Walk you home after patrol?" Sold to the naked blonde in the front row!

"You got a deal, B." Shit, I'm gonna have to tidy up. Maybe get some candles. Candles? Jesus Christ, I'm turning into such a chick. Brain, you've gotta stop coming up with this shit or I'm gonna be wearing a skirt by summer. "Sweet dreams."

"Count on it." Oh, I'm so getting out of here, I've gotta get back to the motel right frickin' now! I don't know if I'm gonna be snacking on my sticky hand or fucking myself with it... Come on, get off this roof. Don't look back at B, I just know I'll fall if I start eyeballing again, and I've hit the ground enough around here already. Careful, careful, and... drop.

Now start walking, You can probably chance a look back now.

Son of a bitch, she's watching me! She's standing in the window, bare-ass naked, watching me go. She's such a perv.

Who says my luck always sucks?




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