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by Oralfxatn


BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. Poems, mine.
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Summary: Just look at the title. Someone is Whipped. Guess who?

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"Fuck you, Faith."

"No, fuck YOU, Buffy."

I climb out her window and drop to the ground.

I grab my boots and glance back up.

Fuck you, I think. You're history.





"Well thanks, that was great. I'll see ya around," I tell the hot redhead from the Bronze.

"Are you gonna call me?" she asks, as I buckle my belt.

"Uh, sure. Gimme your number," I say. I sigh to myself.

Why are chicks always asking you that?

I swear, dudes were much better that way.

Give a little, get a little, and then you're gone.

Okay, maybe there were a few guys that wanted seconds...but I kicked them to the curb as always.

But technically, it is easier with guys. They don't get their feelings all hurt like chicks do.

Like this one.

I watch her as she frantically looks for a pen with ink.

She's on her third one.

She finally finds one, but now she can't find a piece of paper.

"Hey, look babe. Why don't you just tell me it and I'll remember."

She looks at me skeptically.


"Uh okay, how about this?" And I hold out my hand.

She smiles at me all excited.

She grabs my right hand and turns my palm up. She starts writing.

"Okay, but don't forget to write this down somewhere before you take a shower."

"I wouldn't think of it," I say sincerely.

Yeah, wouldn't think about writing it down, that is.

She sits back on the bed and looks at me.

I know the drill.

I lean over and give her a lingering kiss.

She sighs.

"You sure you have to go?" she asks, caressing my hip.

"Yeah, sorry sweetheart. If I didn't, we'd be having another go at it."

I've already spent more time here than I expected. After the second go round, I figured I'd leave...

...but then she did that thing with her tongue.

So I decided to stick around for a while.

But now I was done.

I had places to go and people to see.

Okay, just the one place to go and the one person to see.

"Call me," she says plaintively, as I walk out the door.

Chicks, I think. Geez.

I get to Revello Drive and I scan the neighborhood. All the good Sunnydale residents tucked safely in bed.

Leaving all of the seedier elements to roam about town.

Like me.

And not that I gave a fuck about the other residents sleeping.

I only cared about one.

I walk to the tree and grab the first branch, hoisting myself up.

I swing my legs to avoid that thing that snags my pants.

Practice makes perfect.

I crawl up a ways and get myself comfortable.

I look through the window...

She's sleeping.

Aww, look at her. She's so fucking adorable.

Her head is tucked under and she's got a knuckle in her mouth...

Is it weird to envy a knuckle?

I pull out a cigarette and strike up a match. I settle back and sigh.

I've been watching Buffy sleep for over a week now.

After some post slayage action, I find it comforting to watch Buffy when she's sleeping and unguarded. It relaxes me.

And it makes me feel all soft inside...but not too soft.

Her defenses are down and she looks peaceful and content.

Oh, I know it's usually my fault she gets so defensive in the first place. I can't seem to stop myself from giving her such a hard time.

It's foreplay, really.

In a weird kinda way.

But then afterwards I go looking for sex with somebody else.

Buffy's not interested, for one, and for two, it's better for me.

I really don't like going all soft inside.

Just look at Xander and Red.

They get a little pussy from someone they care about and they're mush.

Nah, I'd rather have sex with someone I barely know, or even like for that matter.

Can't get whipped that way.

It's nice, it's uncomplicated, and it's safe.

The three basic rules for casual intimacy.

Ya can't lose your head if your heart's not in it.

I stub out my cigarette and reach for another. It's usually a three cigarette visit.

Sometimes four, if I see some skin poking out from the covers.

But she looks like she's got on some jammies tonight...


She moved.

Fuck, are her eyes open??

I lean back into the tree and hold my breath.

Oh, fuck no.

God, don't let her see me looking like a perv all up in a tree.

Thank god her window's closed. The cigarette smoke would have given me away.

I wait a few moments and then venture a peek...

...her back is turned towards me.


I better cut this visit short. Yunno, just to be safe.

I hop down from the tree and head back to the redhead's place.

I'm not ready to sleep yet.



Her name was Betty.

Well, I'm sure it still is, but she's history now.

I almost called her Buffy a couple of times and then figured calling her B would be safer.

Plus, I still got to say the name of the person I was really thinking about.

It was a lot hotter that last time around.

I head over to Giles' where the Scoobs are meeting to go over some new big bad Giles was reading about.

Buffy wanted all of us to be there, cuz she thought we should all be prepared for what might be coming.

I know it was directed at me, cuz for the most part I try to skip these types of meetings.


I mean, if the big bad was in town, sure...call me up.

But if we were just gonna sit around and discuss the possiblity of one showing up...well, I'd rather watch cartoons.

So I show up late, of course, after watching Johnny Quest, and everyone just keeps on talking.

Xander nods his hello and Buffy ignores me.

So what else is new? She likes me to work for it.

Giles gestures for me to have a seat and it's the one next to Buffy.

Oh yeah...and I was told to do it.

I lower my ass onto a chair that Buffy has a foot propped up on.

I look at her while I do it.

She's still ignoring me, but not for long...


I'm sitting on her foot and she's still ignoring me?

Oh, okay.

Let's move this up a notch.

I spread my legs and close my thighs around her Nike. My right thigh is resting on top of her ankle, but the side of her shoe is pressed up against my crotch. I scoot the chair under the table for privacy.

Ah. Nice.

Now she's looking down at her notebook scribbling something.

I move my crotch against her shoe. I feel her leg stiffen.

I rub a little harder, expecting her to yank her foot back, but instead her leg relaxes again.


She slides me a note.


No one's looking, so I take the pen from her hand.


I slide it back.

She looks at the paper for a while and then crumples it up. A second later she pulls her foot back and the toe of her shoe slides right down my pussy.

I jump.

I look at her and she's looking down with a small smile on her lips. Nice move, B. That's something I would have done.

I grin and turn my attention to Giles.

"Well, Faith, I'm sorry you were so late in joining us, but I'm sure Buffy would be glad to fill you in," He looks at Buffy.

She shrugs.

"Yeah, Faith. What took you so long? Was there anything good on TV...or on you?" Xander jokes.

Buffy is doodling, drawing little hearts with stakes in 'em.

"Nah, nuthin' like that, Xan. Just Johnny Quest."

Buffy smirks.

"Which one? Oh, I love the one when Bandit..."

Buffy slides me another piece of paper and gets up from the chair. "Sorry to interrupt you Xander, but I've got to meet my mom at the house. Faith, if you want me to fill you in on what you missed, give me a call later," She smiles at everyone and then leaves the room.

I pocket the paper and walk up to Xander.

"Wanna go get something to eat? Talk 'toons?" I ask.

"Heck yeah, Faith. But my treat this time, okay? Anya's getting her claws...I mean nails done, so she shouldn't be back for a while," He grins sheepishly.

Yeah. Anya's got him on a pretty short leash.

"Whipped," I cough into my hand.

"What's that you say?" he asks.

"Whatever you say, Xan, you pick the place."

No need to humiliate the guy. He knows what he is.

And as usual, he picks a place where I've helped myself to the help.

I swear he does it on purpose.

"What, Faith? Bad choice?" Like he doesn't know.

He watches me slouch into my chair and pull up my jacket collar.

"You like doing this to me, don't you? You're a gem of a guy."

He laughs.

"Honestly, Faith. I don't think there's a restaurant in town where you'd feel safe."

Okay, true. I do like take-out.

Can I help it if most of it's not on the menu?

So we order up and talk about 'toons. The meal went well except for the part when I bit into my burger and found a piece of paper in it.

LIAR, it said.

"What's this one say?" Xander asks. I hand it over.

"Okay, so that makes two 'Liar's and three 'Call me's in four restaurants. I'd say you were ahead of the game."

"Let's order pizza next time, okay, Xan?"

He laughs again, "Oh yeah, like that'll be any safer."

Yeah, okay. So I had a pizza delivery guy once too.

"A lot safer than this. I'll leave the tip, okay?"

"Okay," And he goes off to settle the bill.

I reach into my pocket to pull out some cash and B's note falls onto the ground.

Oh yeah. Her doodles. I open it up and it says:


What? She work for the DMV now?

Besides, I thought she told me to call her?

Hell, I'm not calling. I really don't want to hear what I missed. That's the reason I showed up late in the first place.


Xan returns and sees the note in my hand, "What? Another one?"

"Nope, just my laundry list," I say, putting the note back in my pocket.

"What's a laundry list anyway? Things you hope will get washed?" he jokes.

"You're a dork, you know that, Xan?"

"Yeah, I know," he replies, grinning.


Patrolling was uneventful.

Well, except for the part where I almost got busted.

Buffy was all quiet and the gang was too.

Okay, so not really.

Anya kept badgering Xander until he said sorry for something he never did...

...and Red and T kept acting like those cartoon gophers that I watched as a kid.

"Oh please, Tara, after you."

"Ooh, no...no Willow, after you."

Whipped. All of 'em.

I don't care what you say...

...no pussy is that good.

Buffy was leading the pack, and as usual, I was bringing up the rear.

It made sense, really. It was safer for everyone that way.

And the view wasn't bad either.

I always walked a little to the side so I could get a good look at Buffy's ass.

It's such a great ass. All round and tight and full of mystery.

The Case of The Hot Slayer's Ass. A new Nancy Drew Mystery.

Yeah, I'd like to crack that one wide open.

In fact, her crack is where I'd-



"Oh shit, I'm sorry, T."

"Baby, did Faith hurt you?" Willow asks, touching Tara's head gently, worry on her face.

"Yeah, T, did I hurt you?" She shakes her head, rubbing it.

"Faith, we were right in front of you. Weren't you looking?" Red admonishes.

"Sure she was, Will. But you aren't asking the right question. Where was she looking is more like it," Xander says grinning.

I narrow my eyes at him. He laughs.

"Oh! Now I get it. I always wondered why she walked behind us. 'It's safer this way' made sense, but her adoring my ass makes more," says Anya, admiring her ass over her shoulder.

"Uh, no, An-" Xander says, but I cut him off.

"Yeah, okay, ya caught me. You've got a great ass, Anya. You work out?"

And now everyone is staring at Anya's ass.

She couldn't be more pleased.

"Not lately, Faith, but my demon days kept me pretty active. I guess it carried over."

I smile, nodding my head, and shoot Xander a warning look. He nods back in acknowledgment.

He's not stupid. He's a horn dog himself.

We understand each other.

I glance over at Buffy and she has that same small smile on her lips.


"You can touch it, if you like," Anya says, offering me her butt.

Buffy and I both raise our eyebrows.

"Uh...well..." I hedge, looking at Xander.

"Anya, what did I tell you about offering people to feel your ass?" Xander whispers loudly, walking and pulling on her arm.

"But those were strangers, we know Faith," she protests, being dragged off.

Red puts her arm around Tara.

"Come on, baby. Let's go home so I can kiss it and make it better."

"Okay, Willow," Tara smiles sweetly.

I raise my eyebrow.

Willow looks at me, " 'It' meaning head, Faith."

And now I'm grinning.

"Oh my goddess, Faith. Kiss her head. Not...not give her head," Red stammers, blushing.

T just smiles. She likes when I give Red a hard time.

"Oh. Well that's too bad. Sorry, T," I say, wiggling my eyebrows.

Buffy laughs and walks over, taking my arm.

"Leave the girls alone, Faith. Come on, let's go back to mine and we'll take care of that lip."

Oh yeah. My lip.

"Ya gonna kiss 'it' and make it better?" I joke.

"You never know," she says mysteriously.


We get back to B's house and I glance at the tree.

Nope, not tonight, my friend. I'm going in this time.

"Whatcha looking at, Faith?" Buffy asks.

"Oh nothing, B. I thought I saw something in the tree."

"Oh, I know. I thought I've seen something too."


"When, B? Just now?"

"No, just lately. I think a family of squirrels moved in."


"Aww, that's kind of cute, B."

She smiles.

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?"

And she gives me a look...

...nah, I'm just being paranoid.

So we go inside and she takes me in her room.

"I can close the door this way and not wake up mom," she explains.


"Are you hungry? Can I get you something to eat?"

"Whatcha got?"

"Well, I can make popcorn or look for leftovers."

"Nah, that's okay. I can get something when I leave."

She looks disappointed.

"Uh, but popcorn does sound good, B."

She smiles, "Okay. I'll see what else I can find. Then we'll take care of that lip, okay?"

"Sure, B. That would be nice," She's just so fucking adorable.

I smile at her as she shuts the door...

...and sigh.

This isn't good.

I already feel whipped and I haven't gotten any pussy. Is that even possible?

No, Faith, it's not.

That's why it's called Pussy Whipped. There is no pussy, so you are not whipped.

You're good.

Feeling better with that reasoning, I decide to snoop a little.

What does little Buffy have here, I think, as I open a drawer.

PJ's. Socks. Underwear...

Hmm. Nice.


Oh my god, she wears this stuff??


I did NOT need to know that.


I wonder if she'd miss a pair...

What if...

What if what? If you took a pair??

Jesus Christ, Faith, you are not a pervert...

...I see the tree through the window and it's mocking me.

Well, I may be a perv, but I'm not a psycho...

Okay, so maybe I was, but I'm not anymore!

Okay, Faith. Put the panties back and step away from the drawer.

I raise my hands and slowly back up.

Man, I need to snap out of it.

I close my eyes and grit my teeth. I shake my head.

Okay, better.

So what else she got?

I go through her closet.

Boring. Boring. Dull, really boring. Butt ugly...and oh, what's this?


Heeey, that's my jacket! I wondered where it was!

I used to wear this all the time. It's my favorite. I take it out to put it on, but then I catch Buffy's scent on it. She's been wearing it? When? I've never seen her wear it.

But I can sure picture her in it.

I kinda like the idea, so I put it back.

I walk over to her nightstand and look at the pictures.

Xander. Red. Joyce. One with Buffy grinning, alone, with her arm around nothing...oh, must be Angel.

That's funny!

What a goof. I can't believe she took that.

God, she's great. I look further. Pencils, pens, knick-knacks.

Nothing juicy. I look at the bed.

A quilt. Pillows, a throw; Mr. Gordo with a tiny party hat on.

Hmm. What's this?

Notebook paper under one of her pillows.

A poem.


You steal into my room
within the middle of the night

Softly we make love
before the early morning light

Safe within the darkness
is the warmth of your embrace

Gentle is the moonlight
casting shadows on your face

A smiling heart within my breast
as sleep descends our eyes

Knowing you'll be gone before
the sunlight streaks the sky

As I awake the night before
comes racing through my mind

Enveloped by the lingering scent
that you had left behind

As I arise to start the day
I'm secure that there will be

Another time that you'll come back
to steal the night with me

--- B. Summers 4/14

Oh my god, she wrote that? 4/14? That was yesterday!

What the FUCK is going on?

Is Angel back?

I did see her drawing little hearts with stakes in 'em.

Or were they arrows?

Oh god, no, not Angel.

Not AGAIN. I shuffle through the papers and I see more doodling, more hearts.

Oh my god.

And then I see a Polaroid.

Of me.

Of me wearing my favorite leather jacket that is now hanging in Buffy's closet.

From years ago.

I remember being a smart-ass about it and giving it to her.

We had just come back from the fair and it was cold and I had given her my jacket to wear. When we got to her house, she didn't want to give it up.

I figured that would happen, so while we were at the fair I had paid someone to take a picture of me with their camera.

"But it's so nice and warm, Faith. Can't I give it back to you tomorrow?"

"Buffy, you've been wearing it all night. It needs to come home with me. But here, maybe this will help."

And I handed her the picture.

Before taking the picture, I had shook my hair and bitten my lower lip, making it fuller.

I looked damned hot and I wanted her to think about me. But I didn't want to make it obvious, so I made a joke of it.

"Here. Keep this under your pillow, and if you need something warm to snuggle up with, you can always remember this jacket...or me, if you want to get even warmer."

I guess she did.

Oh my god. That poem.

Did she see me in the tree?

Were her eyes really open?

Is this for me?

And I quickly read it again.

Holy shit.

I suddenly hear B coming up the stairs and I quickly shove the papers and photo under her pillow. I jump on the bed and lean back against the headboard; my legs stretched out and my ankles crossed.

I clasp my hands behind my head and smile as she opens the door.

"Damn, what took you so long, B?" I ask casually, as my heart pounded heavily.

She looks apologetic. And a little embarrassed.

"How many bags did you pop? Twenty?" My heart is still pounding.

"Um, no. It's not microwave, I made it the old fashioned way."

"How's that, B? You throw an ear of corn into a campfire?"

"No, not that old fashioned, wise guy. In a pan, with oil."

"Really, B? I've never had it that way. Before microwave I had JiffyPop."

"I know. That's what I figured, I mean. So I wanted to make it the real way for you, minus the campfire."

"Aww, B. You shouldn't have gone through the trouble."

"It was no trouble. But I did kind of burn it. It's been a while since I made it that way."

"That's cool, B. I'm sure I'll love it."

She smiles at me.

Oh god. Pang!

She hands me the bowl and I almost pass out.

She didn't kind of burn it. It was scorched.

I musta made a face cuz she says:

"You don't have to eat it."

"Oh. No, B. I like things blackened. Cajun popcorn. It's gourmet."

She smiles again.

"Um, do you think I can have a glass, I mean two glasses of water?"

"Two?" She raises a brow.

"Um, yeah, two. I was already thirsty before we got here and now I'm even thirstier."

"Okay. I'll go get your water and the first-aid kit and be right back."

She shuts the door.

I think she really did make this in a campfire.

It's like charcoal.

But she made it for me, so I better start eating.

Yunno, test the gag reflexes before she comes back.

I put one in my mouth. Okay, not so bad.

I put a handful in my mouth and start coughing.

No WAY this is edible!

But she made it for me, so I better start eating.

I swallow and throw another handful in my mouth.

Same thing. Except now I'm choking.

I swallow.

Ah god.

I'll promise to be good, just please let me finish.

And now I'm coughing again, cus my throat's too dry to laugh.

I'll be good?...who was I kidding?

No, I was on my own here.

I put two handfuls in my mouth and try to keep it down. I mean, she made it for me, so I better keep eating.

I finally make it to the kernels on the bottom. They're black too.

She's got talent, all right.

Homemade popcorn just isn't one of them.

She kicks softly at the door and I spring up to open it.

I snatch both glasses out of her hands and leave the first-aid kit tucked under her arm.

I guzzle. One...

...and now two.


"Faith, you got it all over your shirt."

"That's okay, B. It was worth it. I was really thirsty," I gasp.

She looks at the empty popcorn bowl and smiles, happy.

"You finished already? Here, take the kit and I'll make you some more."

"NO!" It just slipped out.

She looks at me.

"Uh, I mean, no thanks, B. The salt from the popcorn kinda hurt my lip more, can we just fix it now?"

She looks at my lip.

"You're right, it's more swollen. I'll get a wash cloth."

No, it's not more swollen, it's jam packed with charcoal.

She returns and leads me to sit on the bed.

"You should take that shirt off, Faith. It's soaked."


Me? Shirtless in Buffy's bedroom?

What...do you think I'm an idiot?

Of course I'll take it off.

So I take off my shirt and I grin at her.

Got my sexy red bra on. I usually wear black, but I was feeling extra pluckish tonight. I'm glad I wore it.

She looks at my breasts and then quickly looks back at my...


Over compensate, much?

"I know girls usually say, 'my eyes are higher', but in this case, B, they're actually lower."

She blushes a little.

"I know where your eyes are, Faith. I was looking at that lump on your head."

Lump on my head? I do?

"Where?" I ask.

"There," And she smacks me hard on my forehead.

"Oow," I laugh, putting my hand to it, "What was that for, B?"

"Oh, I think you know," she answers, opening the first-aid kit, "Here, now hold this and hold still," She hands me a tube of ointment.

She nudges my legs open and stands in between them.

I'm holding one hand to my forehead and the other is holding the salve.

I look up at her.

She bends down a bit and I can feel her breath on my face.

"It might sting a little, but I have to rub some of this...soot out."

Soot, charcoal...whatever, but it sure wasn't popcorn.

She lifts my chin and cups it in one hand. She takes her other one and gently runs it across my mouth. I part my lips and let her fix me.

Her breath is warm against my face. It smells sweet.

She leans in a little closer and then her lips part too.

Oh man, I so wanna kiss her right now!

But I close my eyes instead.

She runs the cloth a few more times on my lip and then dabs at it.

She pulls her hand back from my mouth and she whispers:

"All done."

And I open my eyes to a pool of green.

We're both quiet.

She's looking so deep into my eyes, that I feel myself getting sucked in...but I don't mind drowning.

A whimper.

Who whimpered?

Her tongue wets her lips and she gives a soft smile.

Another whimper.

Oh fuck, is that me? What's happening??

She takes her hand from my chin, pulling away slowly, and says:

"Hand me the ointment."

The what?

"The ointment," she says again.


She laughs softly and takes something from my hand.

She does something with her fingers, I don't know what, but now she's touching me.

I close my eyes again and feel her finger run over my lip.

It feels so soft.

My tongue slips out to touch it.

"Isn't that icky?" she asks softly.


"Icky. Isn't...that...icky?" she repeats slowly.

What is she saying?


I wiggle my ass a little.

"Uh yeah, I'm sticky."

She laughs.

"No, not 'sticky'," she says.

" 'No, not sticky'..." I echo. "...wet?"


"Yeah, baby?" Silence.

What's that?

What's that ba...

"B-B! What's that, B-B?" I shout as my eyes fly open.

"Oh my god, Faith. Don't shout, my mom is sleeping."

Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. I called her baby!


"Oh, sorry B-B," I say collecting myself.

"B-B? Since when did you start calling me that?" she asks.

"Since right now. Since you're being doubly nice to me and all, I thought I'd say your name twice."

She buys this, but she looks sort of disappointed.

"Oh," she says.

"Thanks for fixing my busted lip, B-B...and the popcorn. But I think I'd better get going," I go to reach for my wet shirt, but she grabs it.

"Wait. It's cool out and you don't want to catch a chill. I'll just put this in the dryer for a few, and then it'll be better."

"No, that's okay, B. I mean, B-B. Cuz then I'd have to call you B-B-B," I joke.

"No you won't. I'll be right back," And she takes my shirt and shuts the door behind her.


Can you believe this?

I can't.

I reach under her pillow and look at the photo again.

We sure had some fun that night.

B ate so much cotton candy that she almost puked on the Ferris wheel.

She was wearing a pastel colored sweater when I had picked her up, so I knew I'd be offering her my jacket later.

I had heard that she had held on to Angel's for a while, so I had someone snap a picture of me when she had gone into the bathroom. In case she did the same thing with me. Cuz I knew that she would.

Well, she'd try, anyway.

We were at the top of the Ferris wheel and our cart was rocking back and forth.

I saw her shiver and I made my move. I took off my jacket and gave it to her.

"Here, B. I'm not cold. I'm pretty warm blooded," And after she slipped it on I took her cold hands into mine.

"See? Nice and warm," And she let me rub her hands, warming them.

After a while she said:

"You have to be cold, Faith. I feel bad. Come here."

And she put her arm around me, pulling me close and rubbing my arm.

And I felt like I was her chick.

No guy or girl had ever made me feel that way. Not before, or since that night.

But here was this petite, tiny, feminine thing wearing my butch leather jacket, which only made her look even tinier.

But I felt like her girl. She made me feel like I was her girl.

At that time I was still only crushin' on her, and well...I loved my jacket.

So even though she made me feel something I never had before, I still wanted it back.

But she can have it now.

She can have it now, cuz now it's not some stupid jacket that I love.

I may have loved it, but it never made me wet when it touched my skin or my heart pang when I looked at it.

Oh fuck.

This is not good.

I'm in her room, in my bra, on the bed, with a love poem under her pillow.

I'm looking at a picture of a time we shared before it all went bad.

And I remember how I happy I felt.

So happy to be alive, on a Ferris wheel, on a winter's night, with a beautiful blonde, overlooking the twinkling lights of Sunnydale...

Until I remembered she was a girl; that we were both girls, and that she could never want me like that.

So I started rocking the cart, making her mad, and almost making her hurl. But it did the trick.

It brought me back to reality, and I let it go, deciding instead to just keep it simple.

Flirt a little, give her a hard time, and be a wise guy.

Just like now. I have to keep it simple.

And if I get lucky somehow, and she gave me some?

Well, you can't lose your head if your heart's not in it.

No, not me. I'll never be whipped.

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