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Official "Undercover Lovers " Challenge Rules & Guidelines

(as posted to my Yahoo Group)

The theme of this challenge involves Faith & Buffy as "Undercover Lovers", where for some reason or purpose, they are forced to portray themselves as an intimate couple in an undercover assignment.

My inspiration for this comes from two wonderful fics by two separate authors. One is lighthearted, hilarious, and sexy (and unfinished!) and the other is darker and edgy and sexy. The first one has Buffy & Faith undercover as lovers when they really aren't. The second one has them undercover as lovers when they already are. But both have the theme that I'm looking for:

1) Fantastic Four by georagetaz

2) My Possession by MyOsage

Okay, so here are the Guidelines:

The Basics

1. Must be Buffy/Faith Centric
2. Season 4 or after, please. I'd like them to be adults
3. Any rating, AU, and Crossovers allowed
4. Must be new, and/or never posted before
5. Posting begins on December 6th, and NO SOONER (here or elsewhere)
6. Must be completed and posted by January 31st, MIDNIGHT, PST to qualify

And then any 5 of the following:

1.  Hidden Microphone/Wire

2.  King Sized Bed

3.  Another Gay or Lesbian couple

4. Dancing

5. Trench Coat

6.  Pet Names (for humans, not animals)

7.  Fancy Hotel

8.  Sleazy Motel

9. Picking a Lock/Cracking a Safe

10.  Food

11. Champagne

12. Kissing

13. Bad Cell Phone Connection

14. Credit Card

15. Crazy Outfits


1) Subject Line Example

Subject: ULC "Under the Covers" (1/?)

2) Heading Example

Challenge: Undercover Lovers
Title: "Under the Covers"
Author: Oralfxatn
Rating: XXX

Summaries, Dedications, Disclaimers, and Author's Notes are optional


ULC Prizes can be seen in the Photos section at a later date. I will post an announcement when they're up.

One winner for each place (1st, 2nd, & 3rd). Any ties will result in a separate poll. Sorry!

In Closing (same as last challenge):

I realize the holidays are pretty busy for most of us, so I kept that in mind when I came up with the time frame. Hopefully it's not too much and it's not too little, because I'd really like for a lot of people to participate. And that means writers, readers, and reviewers alike, because submitting a challenge entry is not the only way you can participate. I have prizes for our reviewers as well. :)

So happy writing, my dear Authors. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


PS: And to our incredible List Crier, will you start a daily countdown beginning December 6th?  You know I appreciate you!!  :* :* :*




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