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My Possession

by MyOsage



Rating: NC-17
Summary: When patrons of a D&S club in LA go missing, Angel enlists the help of Buffy and Faith. Hopefully the slayers can kill the demon responsible, if the power of their sexual chemistry can draw the villain out. But descending into the world of dominance and submission will expose more about each slayer than either of them expects.
What happened here? Well, we've veered off into a world of sexuality that is just slightly outside the norm. There is no attempt to endorse or judge what any consenting adults do behind closed doors. Any suggestion of evil is used purely to characterize an enemy for the story. All descriptions of events are totally imagined and should not be taken as anything but flights of fiction.
Where are we? We're in my world. There are no men-type romantic relationships for anyone. Buffy and Faith are naturally and purely F/F.
WARNING! There is a paragraph in this story that indicates that the villain tortures people. But the story does not describe such extreme activities nor does the scenario involve any characters in the story. However, the story does contain explicit, graphic, consensual sex between women. And as always, romantic involvement between women. Because that's the way I like it. If this kind of thing is not to your liking, then go away. It's a decadent Internet out there.


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The two slayers sat and stared at the CEO of Wolfram and Hart.

"That's a pretty big favor, Angel." Faith informed the vampire.

"I know." Angel replied. "And I wouldn't ask if there was any other way."

They were sitting in Angel's office because he'd sent word that there was something going on in LA that he couldn't handle. So far Buffy had said nothing as Angel outlined the case. During the last two months, at least sixteen people had gone missing and were presumed dead. The only thing they had in common was that they had all frequented a D&S club in LA called "Possession."'Ok.'  Buffy thought. 'So Faith had had to explain that D&S meant Dominance and Submission.' Buffy frowned for a moment. 'I would have figured it out eventually... or not...'

She and Faith had been lovers for five months. Angel had finally gotten Faith out of prison after two years time. And the rogue slayer had gone directly to Sunnydale. Directly to Buffy like a moth to a flame. Buffy smiled at the thought. They had circled around each other like rival tigers in a pride. Not knowing if when they finally fell upon each other, whether they would fight or fuck. But after three months, their feelings for each other could no longer be contained. What had started out one night as simple bantering during a sparing session had escalated into an intense confrontation. That, in turn, had led to a release of other heated emotions. Faith had slammed Buffy up against a wall and kissed her hard. Buffy had retaliated by filling her hands with Faith's breasts like she owned them. By the time Faith had insinuated her hand between Buffy's legs, passion was their middle names. And they hadn't been able to get enough of each other since.

"What about the police?"Buffy finally asked.

"They tried."Angel stated. "They managed to get one undercover team in. But they couldn't detect the demon owner. It's taken human form."

"Male or female?"Faith inquired.

"We think it's a she."Angel answered. "But we don't really know."

"Why don't you send your people in?"All the questions objecting to Angel's request were coming from Buffy.

"Because they have a vampire/demon detection system that's even more sophisticated than ours."

"Then what makes you think they won't detect us?"Faith asked.

"Because you're human."Angel explained. "With slayer powers, yes. But still human."He hesitated for a moment before adding. "Besides I don't think the demon will be concentrating on whether you're slayers or not."He looked away, clearly uncomfortable.

Buffy looked confused, but Faith smirked. "Oh… I get it, soulboy."She teased. "You're not thinking totally about our slayin' powers, are ya?"Her grin widened as Angel let out a defeated sigh. "You've been talkin' to Red."

Buffy blushed as the statement reminded her of an incident that had occurred recently during one of their more intense lovemaking sessions. Willow was still teasing them about the window they'd broken and the candles that they'd melted with their lustful energy. There was no denying that when they were together their sexual aura was both potent and riveting. 

Sixteen people were already dead or missing, with seemingly no end in sight. Buffy knew that Faith would throw herself into any fray to stop such carnage. And the reluctant blonde knew that this evil thing could not be allowed to continue on its path of destruction. She made a decision that she knew she wasn't comfortable making.




Buffy and Faith entered the S&M store where Angel had made arrangements for clothing, instructions, and the membership they'd need to get into Possession. An attractive redhead came out of a back room and introduced herself as Amy. "You must be Angel's friends."She said, eyeing them appreciatively. "I must say, that I can feel the sexual intensity from here."

Amy proceeded to show them around the shop that was filled with all kinds of fetish paraphernalia. "These incidents of missing or murdered people are not what this sexual preference is about."She informed them. "It's bad for business when someone has their own agenda."Buffy listened as Faith surveyed the leather clothing. "Possession is for participants who are obsessed with dominance or submission. They know what they're doing. The activities there concern consenting adults who are excited by the roles they play. No one is forced into anything they don't want to do. It's perhaps edgier than most sexual interactions."She conceded. "But purely voluntary and enjoyed by both parties."

"Now," Amy asked, "who's going to be the slave?"

"She is."Both slayers answered at once and then grinned at each other.

With a raised eyebrow, Amy quipped. "That's not how it works, darlings."Looking them over again, she settled on Faith as she declared. "For my money, you'd be the most convincing as a dominant."Glancing at Buffy she added. "No offense, honey, but you look more the submissive type."

Faith grinned again as Buffy pouted before agreeing to be the slave. The brunette couldn't help but envision some of the things she'd enjoy making her lover do. 'This might be kind of fun after all....'

Amy took them to the back and showed them pictures of models in the kind of outfits they'd be expected to wear. "Routinely, a mistress wears provocative clothing but doesn't display herself openly. But a slave is expected to dress in a more explicitly sexual style. Faith could see Buffy's eyes widen at the kind of clothing, or rather the lack thereof, that she'd be required to wear as a slave. When Amy started to explain the behavior that would be expected from each of them, the normally modest slayer visibly paled.

"The mistress does not have to engage in any sexual situation."Amy went on. "But it might be good form to take advantage of at least one other dominant's slave. But sharing your slave will be necessary to avoid suspicion. Although you can exclude men on principal, you won't be able to avoid all of the interested mistresses."

Faith looked over at her partner as the shop owner continued her dissertation about the D&S lifestyle and protocols. Buffy was beginning to look almost ill. Faith knew that what Amy was explaining was not something her less experienced lover had ever even imagined, much less ever considered doing. And she didn't think that she could tolerate Buffy being in such a position.

"I'll be the slave."Faith interrupted Amy. Buffy looked at her with a combination of relief and apprehension. "Are you sure?"She asked worriedly. Faith smiled at her. "Yeah, I'm sure. Done a lot worse."She raised her hand and gently stroked Buffy's face. "Besides, there ain't no way I'm letting anyone dominate my girl."Faith looked over at the costumes that they had previously selected. "Damn."She muttered. "I'm gonna have to shave, aren't I?"



When all the necessary purchases had been made, Amy handed Buffy two intricately designed ear cuffs. One was gold and the other was silver.

"What are these for?"Buffy asked.

"It's your membership."Amy answered. "They're electronically encrypted. You have to wear the gold cuff on your left ear to be admitted into the club and while you're inside. They have a very sophisticated security system."

"And the other one?"Buffy inquired again.

"That's for me."Faith answered. Then looking at Amy, she added. "On my right ear, I assume."

Amy merely smiled. "You'll do just fine in there."



That evening, Buffy sat on the bed in her long leather coat. It was open enough to reveal a short, sexy, dark brown leather vest. The tight, low slung pants were made of the same supple dark brown leather with the crotch fastened in place with breakaway snaps. She was also wearing a harness around her hips. Her hair was partially pulled back to reveal the gold ear cuff. 

The door to the bathroom opened and Faith came out with her long coat buttoned up. Her hair was restrained in a French braid and she was wearing the silver ear cuff on her right ear. Her face was set in resolve as she headed toward the door. "Ok, let's do this."

Buffy stepped in front of Faith, momentarily blocking her exit. "Are we gonna be all right?"Buffy asked. "After this is over?"

Faith's expression softened. Knowing that her lover wasn't talking about killing the demon, she put her hands on Buffy's arms. "It's not about sex, B."She reminded her. "It's about power. Who has it, and who doesn't."She brought her hands up to Buffy's face. "Our bodies are just weapons tonight. That's all."Faith kissed her lover gently before continuing. "I always use to think of sex as just a means to an end. A pleasurable means, yeah. But still just exercise and release. It never really meant anything more to me than that. Until I met you. And now it still means nothing to me unless I'm with you."

"I trust you."Buffy whispered.

Faith smiled at the subtle admission that in reality meant the world to her. "I know that, B. I trust you too. And believe me, we're gonna need every bit of that tonight."



Though the slayers had scouted out the address that afternoon, at night the entrance to Possession was extremely hard to find. There were no street numbers, no name or any other visible indications of the club. It wasn't until they'd opened the heavy front door and stepped into an atrium that an intricately drawn sign denoted the entrance to Club Possession. Inside the softly lit entryway a young woman in revealing leathers was standing behind a counter. "Jackets."She demanded.

Buffy slipped off her jacket and handed it to the girl. The checker waited, staring at Faith. When Buffy turned, she saw that Faith was looking down and hadn't moved. Buffy admonished herself for already forgetting that Faith was supposed to be under her complete control. 

"Take off your coat."Buffy ordered gruffly.

"Yes, Mistress."Faith answered as she took off her coat. She handed it to the girl and resumed her downcast stance. The checker had turned away and didn't notice that Buffy was staring at Faith, completely speechless. Before the woman returned, Buffy managed to whisper in awe. "God, Faith….."

The submissive slayer allowed a tiny smile to play briefly across her lips. The French braid accentuated her graceful neck, strong shoulders and smooth back that were bared. Her breasts were resting atop a short bustiere, completely exposed. Leather straps were latched over each breast, securing them in an erect position making her nipples blatantly accessible. She wore low slung leather chaps that were backless and crotchless. And she was intimately shaved and barefoot.

 "You can go in now."

The girl's directive broke Buffy's stupor. She turned and went through the inner door to the club. Faith followed directly behind her. The inside of the club was in semi-darkness making the ambiance seductive and dangerous. Yet with creative lighting, it was easy to see the other patrons and what they were doing. Many heads turned in their direction as they entered.

The first person to approach them was a man dressed head to toe in thick leather and chains. Behind him stood a woman dressed only in a leather thong and handcuffs.

"Fuck! What a hot slave!"He exclaimed. "Can I do her?"He started toward Faith, but Buffy quickly stepped between them.

As Faith would not be able to speak on her own, they had worked out a system of communication. Slave Faith held on to one of the back belt loops on Buffy's pants. No movement meant "no."A slight tug meant "yes."It was the best they could do under the circumstances. The man's proposition drew no response from Faith. Though Buffy would never have allowed the man access to her anyway.

"I don't think so."She sneered. "I don't like her tasting like cock."

The man took a step back, then turned away, clearly disappointed. "Damn dominant dykes."He muttered as he angrily pulled his slave along after him.

The club was full of diverse pairs. The Masters/Mistresses and their slaves covered a gambit of coupling. Male/male, female/female, men and women in a variety of dominant and submissive positions. It all seemed so decadent to Buffy. Faith continued to look down, but noticed just as much of their surroundings.

Buffy fielded quite a few more requests to use her "slave"as they surreptitiously searched the room for the demon owner. But she knew that soon she would have to allow at least one of the mistresses use of Faith's services to avoid suspicion.

Shortly, a very pretty brunette approached the duo. She also wore a sexy leather vest, but had chosen a very short leather skirt and thigh high boots for her ensemble. Her slave was an attractive blonde also dressed in a short leather skirt. But she wore a cupless leather bra that displayed her nipple rings and a leash attached to a neck collar. The pair stopped directly in front of Buffy.

"Your slave is absolutely stunning."She commented.

"Thanks." Buffy answered. Looking over the woman's submissive, Buffy added. "Your slave is very pretty."Buffy observed the woman who wouldn't meet her eyes. "I like the collar."

But the Mistress didn't seem to hear Buffy's return compliment. She was staring at Faith in a way that made Buffy want to belt her. She was still trying to maintain her demeanor when the woman asked. "Can I use her?"

Buffy was about to say "no", when she felt a small tug on her belt loop. She supposed it was too much to hope that they'd be able to detect the demon in charge before having to act out the roles they were pretending to play. With as much calm as she could manage, she answered. "Of course."

"Come here."The Mistress commanded. Faith complied with a soft "Yes, Mistress.""Get down on your knees and fuck me."was the second demand. Faith knelt down before the woman with another "Yes, Mistress."

Faith kept her eyes down as the dominant leaned back on a railing that ran the length of the wall. "May I spread your legs, Mistress?"Faith asked. When the Mistress agreed, Faith asked, "May I lift your skirt, Mistress?"
Again, the Mistress granted permission. "May I lick your clit, Mistress?"The woman was almost beside herself with anticipation as she once again acquiesced.

As Faith brought her mouth to the Mistress's crotch, the dominant motioned her slave toward Buffy. The blonde reached to unsnap Buffy's crotch cover, when the slayer stopped her. "Over the leathers."She tersely ordered almost absentmindedly.

The sight of her lover going down on another woman transfixed Buffy. She knew very well everything the woman would be feeling from Faith's talented tongue and fingers. Part of her found the display inexplicably and extremely erotic. But part of her raged with a powerful possessiveness of Faith that she would never have guessed she was capable of feeling. The conflicting emotions whirled around inside of her as the borrowed submissive stroked her clit through her leathers. The woman Faith was pleasuring was making quite a scene. She was obviously enjoying herself and was physically and verbally letting the whole club know about it. Many heads turned and several patrons gathered to watch the scene. But no detectable demon.

After the Mistress had orgasmed twice, she ordered Faith to stop. With another quiet "Yes, Mistress,"Faith returned to stand behind Buffy. The blonde slave had not gotten Buffy off, so the slayer was understandably frustrated and annoyed. It gave an authentic edge to her voice. "What else is there to do in this club?" She snapped. The sooner they found and killed the beast that had created this place, the sooner they could get out of here.

"Well, there's an accoutrements bar in the back."Replied the well-satisfied mistress. She started to walk with Buffy, introducing herself as "Diana."Her slave, whom she did not introduce, fell in step behind her.

The "accoutrements"at the bar turned out to be a wide variety of sex toys. Everything from whips, chains, and restraints, to clips, dildos, and rings. "They really have a great selection of stuff here."Diana exclaimed excitedly. "Why don't we get something and do our slaves together?"

Again Buffy could feel a slight tug on her belt loop. After the show Diana had just put on, Buffy knew that they had drawn attention to themselves. If the demon was watching them, she would be expecting more. But Buffy wanted to take Faith home in the worst way. She didn't want to "do her"here, in this public arena. But she felt Faith tug on her belt loop again. And she agreed.

At the counter, Diana selected a very large dildo with a slightly smaller prong for anal insertion. When Buffy looked surprised, Diana explained, "I like to double penetrate. Really gets me off. And I get to fuck her harder."

Buffy chose a more modest size dildo. It was ridged from top to bottom and had a clitoral stimulator for her slave. When she'd made the choice, she had to stifle her smile as Faith gave another subtle tug on her belt loop in approval.

As Diana fastened her dildo into her harness, Buffy handed her purchase to Faith. "Prepare me."

"Yes, Mistress."

Faith knelt down in front of Buffy and unsnapped her crotch flap. She covered her mons quickly by inserting the dildo's base into Buffy's harness.

When she was readied, Buffy looked over at her new acquaintance. Diana's slave was already bent over, legs spread, bracing her hands against the railing. Her mistress had already begun to imbed the head of the dildo into her vagina and the butt plug of the dildo was poised just at her rectal entrance. Though the slave was making soft grunting sounds at the penetration, Diana was still removed enough from her so that the other patrons could see her exposed slave starting to be fucked.

"Turn around."Buffy ordered. Faith complied. "Bend over and put your hands on the rail."Again Faith did as she was asked, saying "Yes, Mistress,"after every command.

"Spread your legs."Standing directly behind Faith, Buffy effectively blocked the view of Faith's slit from the rest of the room.  She slipped the head of the dildo up against Faith's opening. She was toying with the slick entrance when she heard Diana's slave cry out. Looking over again at her associate, she saw that the mistress had plunged the double pronged dildo into her slave up to the hilt. The slave was crying and jerking back against her mistress. Buffy couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or pain.

A slight push back against Buffy brought her attention back to her task. She pushed forward and the ridged toy slipped easily into Faith's slick channel. Buddy hadn't realized how wet Faith was. She pulled out and then in again. She could feel Faith's tightness moving back against her in a slow and sensual rhythm. She braced her hands on Faith hips and pumped into her harder and faster. Soon everyone else in the room was forgotten. It was just her and Faith. It was all she could do not to murmur the loving and encouraging words she often did during their lovemaking. But she just couldn't utter the degrading and nasty phrases that Diana was growling at her slave.

Then Buffy heard familiar grunting and she knew that Faith was close to climaxing. "Mistress."Faith uttered in a strained voice. "May I please cum?"

"No." Buffy answered harshly as she felt Diana's eyes on them. "Not yet."

Faith tried to move her hips faster, but Buffy wouldn't let her control the pace. A few moments later, Faith asked again. "Mistress, may I please cum now?"

"No, you can't."Buffy wasn't sure if it was still the game of dominance that they were supposed to be playing, or if she was actually annoyed at Faith for fucking Diana and letting Buffy fuck her like this now. Either way, she cringed at how easy it was to fall into this diversion. She was feeling as excited as she always did when she was sexual with Faith, but feeling guilty about her other thoughts. Then she heard Faith ask once again with more desperation in her voice. "Please, Mistress, please. May I cum now?"

"Yes." Buffy stepped up the pace, fucking Faith deeper, holding her hips tighter. "You can cum now."

"Oh god…. Thank you, Mistress….. oh god….."Faith's orgasm exploded so intensely, she felt like she was on fire. The ridges on the dildo scraped and pulled against every part of her pussy. Knowing it was Buffy on the other end of that voracious penetration was more than she could bear. Her cries of release were not fabricated in the least.

Diana was still working over her slave when Buffy stopped and pulled out of Faith. She stood for a moment watching the savage display. Both women seemed to be enjoying themselves completely. As she allowed Faith to turn and stand, she removed the dildo from her harness and refastened her crotch flap. No matter how she and Faith played sexually, she would never understand how humiliating her lover like that could possibly be pleasurable.

When Diana had finished with her slave, Buffy felt a small amount of heat from the gold ear cuff she wore. She frowned at the sensation until a whispered word was emitted from the jewelry.


Although Faith could not feel the warmth at Buffy's lobe, her slayer hearing heard the subtle solicitation. Buffy searched the room for some sign of what direction she should go to follow the invitation. She found it in a tiny red flashing laser light in a far corner. When she got near it, an entryway became apparent that had not been visible before. The moment Buffy touched the door handle she could feel the tingling of an unnatural being close by. Knowing they had found the evil they'd been looking for, she opened it and entered the inner sanctum. Still holding on to her belt loop, Faith followed closely behind her.

The room was much more brightly lit than the main club rooms. It took a second for the slayers' eyes to adjust. It was all Faith could do not to look around. Especially when Buffy inhaled sharply at what she saw.

One side of the room was filled with sophisticated surveillance equipment. From several large monitors, a variety of encounters from the club were being displayed. It was obvious that cameras had been strategically placed so as to observe a multitude of sexual interactions. Buffy realized that this was how the demon must have picked out her victims.

On the opposite side of the room was a large dais that held what Buffy could only describe as a throne. Sitting in it was an imposing, silver-haired woman. She was dressed in a leather vest, and a short leather skirt. Her hair was loose and long. And she wore leather bands on her arms and legs.

But her attire was not the most striking thing about her. She had sapphirine colored eyes. A deep, hard, almost metallic green that seemingly burned with a cold, intense fire. They were unsettling and frightening.

Around the demon were five submissives, two men and three women. They were all nude with expressionless faces and dull, empty eyes. Even after what she'd seen so far, Buffy was still shocked at their behavior. All the submissives were engaged in some sort of mindless sexual activity. To the right of the demon, a man stood facing her with a man to his right and woman to his left. The middle male's hands were fondling between each of his companion's legs. The woman was stroking her partner in return. They acted with no apparent interest or emotion.

To the left of the throne was a raised platform where one woman was lying on her back with her legs spread toward the demon. Her hands were holding herself open so that a second woman standing beside her could intimately stroke her. The standing female submissive was masturbating herself with her other hand. Everything done with the same deliberate, indifferent slowness.

The demon shifted her eyes away from the masturbating women and turned them on Faith. The submissive slayer could almost feel the indecent inspection on her skin. It took a great deal of effort not to shudder.

Buffy clenched her jaw to keep herself from reacting to the way the demon was appraising her lover. Considering what she was witnessing, she didn't want to think about the things that evil being would have in store for Faith if she ever got her hands on her.

As the demon rose, its sexual identity became more disconcerting. Though it had breasts that adequately filled out the leather vest, it also had a distinctive bulge under its skirt. And as its eyes raked over Faith, the hidden package became even more pronounced. 'Oh great,' thought Buffy. 'It's an equal opportunity abuser.'

The hybrid monster left the dais with its multitude of slaves and approached the slayers. Buffy's confusion grew as the bulge under the demon's skirt diminished and then completely disappeared.

"Your slave is absolutely magnificent."It purred as its glacial eyes leered at Faith's body. "And this,"reaching out and fingering the knife scar on Faith's abdomen, "is exquisite."Looking back at Buffy, it asked. "Did you do it?"

"Yes," Buffy admitted.

The demon's eyes again crawled over every inch of Faith's body. Buffy's mind was reeling as she tried to concentrate on detecting any weakness in her adversary.

"I want her."

Buffy's attention snapped back from her reverie. There was no way that she'd ever let this, this thing, have any part of her lover. 'Over my dead body…' Buffy thought.

"You seem to have an abundance of slaves already."Buffy indicated the dais where the five submissives were still engaged in their activities with each other. She was searching for any excuse to keep this monster at bay until she could figure out a way to beat it.

"Ah, yes."The demon sighed. "But I go though slaves so quickly. They have so little stamina."It once again scrutinized Faith's physique. "Now this one, on the other hand…."

"I don't think so."The slayer answered. "As you can see, I'm not done with her yet."

The demon shifted its unnatural eyes back toward Buffy. They lit up for a moment at the assuredness of the blonde's negative response. "Perhaps we can negotiate." It purred again. "This way..."

Through a doorway near the surveillance equipment, they entered a large room off the demon's lair. It was what Buffy could only describe as a room built for torture. The "accoutrements"in this room went way beyond any consensual sex in a dominance/submission or even a sadomasochistic lifestyle. The walls were lined with all manner of ancient weaponry. Scythes, axes, knives, swords, whips, branding irons and chains. There were even more of the modern means of pain inducing items, such as a variety of clamps, rings, prods, and wicked looking dildos that ranged in size from uncomfortable to absolutely obscene. The blonde slayer had never in her life seen such a display of items solely designed to induce long tortuous pain or an agonizing death. In addition to the devices lining the walls was a table that would have been any gynecologist's nightmare. It was a standard exam table that had been altered to include thick leather restraints and a series of chains and pulleys in addition to the stirrups. All intended to bind a victim in a multitude of helpless positions. There was also a contraption that looked like a construction saw horse bolted to the floor. But the handcuffs attached to each of the four legs indicated that it was also intended to secure a compromised and vulnerable victim. The final piece in the far corner of the room, by now, did not surprise Buffy. It was a medieval Iron Maiden.

"What is this?"Buffy snapped after surveying the room.

"This is a room where possessions are exchanged."The monster answered seductively. When Buffy looked wary, its voiced turned deadly. "Starting with yours...."

The demon reached out toward her, but Buffy caught the hand before it could make contact. There was a brief test of strength before the demon relinquished its attempt to touch the slayer. Stepping back, the fiend reappraised its guest. "You have power."The demon mused, sounding pleasantly surprised. "So much power..."

"That's right."Buffy confirmed. "And I'm here to take you down."

The demon then smirked at the slayer. "Oh I doubt that."The abnormal being guffawed in response.  "I will take possession of your power. And when I do, I will also take possession of your slave. I will so enjoy fucking her…. to death….."

Buffy was instantly engulfed by a fury that the threat released in her. The usually controlled slayer attacked with the kind of viciousness one would normally expect from Faith. She unleashed a serious of devastating blows. But even though the barrage backed the demon up, they seemed to have no lasting effect. It was as though the wicked thing was invincible.

Though Faith had not moved, she had taken everything in and her mind was racing to find some advantage for Buffy. As she surreptitiously scrutinized the demon, she noticed that the leather strap around its left ankle was different than the other ones it wore. The band was decorated with seven gold ornaments. Faith immediately realized that the ornaments were exactly like the ear cuff that Buffy was wearing as a member of the club. It had to be significant. Faith didn't believe in coincidences.

The demon was easily fending Buffy off, while it delivered punishing blows of its own. But it was so preoccupied with the tenacious slayer, that it didn't notice when Faith reached down and ripped off the ankle strap. The monster howled in rage. It spun around and backhanded Faith, knocking her down several feet away.

"You sniveling, pathetic, bitch!"The creature hissed as it started toward Faith. "I'll tear you apart right now."

Faith got to her feet, just as the demon reached her. The evil being's eyes widened as it realized that it might not be dealing with a helpless slave. The submissive slayer took advantage of the momentary hesitation. Clutching the leather strap that was now burning in her left hand, Faith unleashed a blow with every ounce of strength in her entire being. A flash of light exploded from her fist as it connected, sending the demon flying across the room and through the opposite wall. It crashed through the video equipment, into the lair, landing near the dais. The demon lay bleeding a sickly lime green fluid from several wounds.

Buffy entered the surveillance room through the hole that the fallen monster had made. She had taken down the biggest axe from the wall. Standing above the wounded beast, she was poised to end its existence.

Just as Buffy was about to bring down the blade, the demon opened those anomalous eyes.

"You have the need."It whispered. "I saw it…. possession…. to own the soul of another…"

"I will never need this."Buffy asserted. "And neither will you."There were no more cryptic utterances from the owner of Possession as its head was cleanly separated from its body.



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