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A Million Chances

by Bobbi



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Chapter One

Buffy collapsed back onto the bed, breathing hard and trying to recover. The fact that Faith's head was still situated between her legs made that a little more difficult than it should have been.

"Hmm...Got any more in there, B?"

"More? No, I am totally and completely...God!"

"Looks like we're not done."

Buffy's entire body was suddenly tense, her hips already moving to the rhythm Faith set.

"I...I can't...Not again."

"Yeah, but you're gonna."

In just a few short minutes Buffy was coming again, longer and harder than she had any of the times before. It was something she would have been willing to bet was a physical impossibility, yet apparently it wasn't because that was exactly what she was doing.

As she laid there breathing heavily, still trembling, she felt Faith sliding her tongue along a torturous path up her body. By the time they were face to face, Buffy was tingling all over.

"You taste so good, B."

"You have to stop."

Faith's grin did nothing to calm her:

"No, I really don't."

Her fingers were sweeping lightly around Buffy's breast, while her other hand was just resting threateningly between her legs.

"You're going to kill me if you don't."

Buffy suddenly found her hands pinned above her head, the action bringing Faith's body down on hers at every intimate point. She groaned at the contact, then winced when Faith tightened her hold.

"My murdering days are over. Wouldn't mind hurting you a little though."

Buffy laughed until Faith nipped at her neck a bit too forcefully:


"Ya like gettin' roughed up, don't ya, B?"

"Faith, let go."


Faith kissed her, and when Buffy relented and kissed her back, Faith bit down on her bottom lip...hard.


But Faith's tongue was already there to soothe the pain:

"Admit it. You like it when it hurts."

She slammed her knee up into Buffy, making her gasp and shudder.

"You like somebody else in control."

"Let go of me."

Faith's lips were at her ear:

"Sorry Slayer, you're not callin' the shots."

Her leg began moving, and Buffy fought to stay still.

"C'mon B, you're dying to fuck my knee."

"This isn't funny. Let go of me."

Faith merely tightened her grip and it hurt, but Buffy couldn't deny it excited her too. When Faith's knee pushed harder, she could feel the tension starting to build again.

"Little Miss Perfect likes being all submissive."

Her throaty laugh made Buffy quiver, and she lost herself right then. She began straining to put more pressure on Faith's knee, but Faith quickly removed it.

"Sorry, B. I'm setting the pace."


She kept her grip firm as she sat up straddling Buffy's stomach, her own wetness coating Buffy's skin.

"So these the kinda games you and Spike played?"

Buffy didn't answer, but her eyes revealed just how pissed she was getting, and Faith had never seen anyone look hotter.

"Bet you were always on top."

Faith began groaning as she moved herself back and forth:

"Not the case now. Now you're gonna do what I want...when I want."

Buffy could barely breathe, Faith looked so sexy. She reached out for her, but her hands were still in Faith's iron grip, and she couldn't get them loose.

"Didn't say you could touch me."

Buffy's head lifted, her aim to capture one of the breasts swaying so enticingly above her, but Faith moved faster. She quickly kissed Buffy, then let her mouth slide downward. She nibbled her way slowly to Buffy's breast and then she latched on. The warm wet suction almost made Buffy lose her mind, but it was the sharp painful bite that did it.

She was coming again, her scream echoing off the walls as she rode it out with Faith's laughter keeping her company. She had no real chance to recover before Faith began escalating things. She let go of Buffy's hands and slid down until their bodies were aligned, then began rubbing against her harder and faster until Buffy lost track of everything else.

All she could feel was Faith slipping and sliding against her most intimate spot. They were joined, grinding hard, and Buffy wrapped her legs around her as tightly as she could, her hands working in tandem as they grabbed onto her ass to pull her even closer. Faith moaned and although that noise was so, so sexy, it was nothing compared to the girlish squeak she made a minute later when she finally came.

That simple sound had bright kaleidoscopic lights bursting out from behind Buffy's closed eyes, her mouth opening in a silent scream as she lost control of herself completely. Her body rose from the bed, taut and straining until only her head and shoulders remained in contact with the mattress. Faith hung on, riding with her every inch of the way.

When Buffy once again became aware of her surroundings, she discovered that Faith was stretched out fully on top of her. Her weight felt good, it felt solid and it felt warm. Buffy's arms were still wrapped around her, holding her close as they recovered.

Faith's face was buried in her neck, and Buffy could feel the tiny covert kisses and little puffs of air that let her know they were both gloriously alive. She was so content, so at peace, and then Faith was getting up to sit on the side of the bed.

"Where the fuck's my shirt?"

Buffy stared at her back, wondering why it always had to end this way. She reached over and softly laid her hand on Faith's bare skin, and although she flinched, Faith did not move away. She even seemed to lean into Buffy's touch, almost purring as she did, but then after a few seconds she stood up.

She put on her pants, but her top still eluded her.

"B, where's my shirt?"

"Well, I'm not wearing it."

"Had one on when I got here, right?"

"I think I'd have noticed if you didn't."

Faith grabbed her boot and sat down in a chair across the room.

"And where the fuck's my other boot?"

"I have no idea."

"Well, I can't leave without my clothes, so ya wanna help me out?"


Faith went down on her hands and knees as she peered beneath the bed:


"I don't want you to leave, so why should I help you?"

Buffy could hear the sigh before Faith's head appeared:

"B, we've been over this."


"So there's no need to talk about it again."

Buffy rolled to that side of the bed, her hand reaching out to caress Faith's cheek.

"I disagree."

Faith pulled away, still on her search.

"Course ya do. Your head would probably explode if ya ever agreed with me."

She had her other boot and tried to put it on while standing on one leg, but she finally gave up and sat down on the edge of the dresser. With one sharp tug, she pulled it into place and stood up again.

"So this makes sense to you? To just...how did you put it...'fuck and run'?"

Faith looked at her then, hearing the anger seeping out despite Buffy's best efforts to keep it in.

"B, c'mon, we already talked this over."


"And nothing's changed."

"So we're just fuck buddies?"

"We're way more than that, but yeah."

Buffy laughed:

"Gee, be still my heart."

"Look you know how I feel, what this is. Told ya right up front so you wouldn't misunderstand."

"Yes, you did."

Faith began sorting through a pile of clothes in the vain hope that her shirt had somehow gotten tangled up in the mix:

"'Kay then, don't make it what it's not."

"Why is it wrong that I want you to stay for a while?"

Faith turned back to face her as she ran her hands through her own hair, the motion pulling her breasts up even higher and driving Buffy slightly insane.

"I don't stay, ever. Fuck, B, I don't even know how."

"Then I'll teach you."

"Not somethin' I wanna learn."

"So you'd rather just ‘fuck and run' every time?"

"Keep coming back, don't I?"

"Yes, you keep coming back."

Buffy got up and walked over to her, and Faith couldn't hide what the sight of that naked body did to her.

"Jesus B, you are so beautiful."

She kept coming, and Faith moaned softly as Buffy reached out to her, their breasts rubbing together with a delicious friction. But Buffy wasn't reaching out to her, she was merely reaching behind her.


She handed Faith her shirt and moved away.

"We did the fuck, now you can go do the run. See you later."

Then Buffy was gone, the bathroom door shutting firmly behind her.

Faith stood there staring at the closed door for a minute, then yanked her shirt on roughly, almost tearing it as she jammed her arms into the sleeves. She walked back over to the bed and breathed in as deeply as she could, letting Buffy's scent fill her senses with a fragrance she knew she would never get tired of smelling.

She heard the shower start up and a big part of her wanted to join in, but Faith knew what she had to do, and staying around wasn't it. She grabbed her keys off the desk and walked out, still breathing in the woman she'd left behind...again.



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