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Chapter Two

Buffy was bored out of her mind and trying not to show it. She was putting the new girls through their paces because Kennedy had had some family problem to deal with and couldn't make her class. It was all very last minute, so Giles had asked her to fill in.

She glanced at the clock again...still forty minutes to go. That beat the forty-two she had left two minutes ago...She finally noticed there was no movement, so she brought her attention back to the group.

"Okay, pair off. We're going to do some sparring."

"But Ms. Summers, we're supposed to..."

"Excuse me, Katie, right?"


"Carrie, ‘supposed to' doesn't matter to me at all, and that's nothing but good if you guys were supposed to have a test or do something else majorly unfun. When it comes to class, I'm a big believer in what the teacher doesn't know works best for me...or in this case for you, because in some bizarre twist, I'm somehow the teacher here. Anyway, everybody partner off."

They went at it less than ten minutes before Buffy had seen enough.

"Hold it! What in the hell are you doing? Not one of you would last two minutes on patrol."

There was no grumbling, these girls were in awe of Buffy and they were paying rapt attention to her.

"Who's the best fighter here?"

No one moved or said a word.

"Don't be shy, speak up."

A tall, muscular blonde stepped forward:

"I am."



"Sorry. Okay, let's you and I go at it."

Jackie actually took a step back, and her voice seemed to crack slightly:


"Yep, we're going to demonstrate how it's done."

"I...I don't think I..."

"Okay girls, first lesson: Jackie's afraid, and that's smart. Always be afraid, especially when you know your opponent's better than you, but even when you know they're not."

Buffy walked over and led Jackie back to the middle of the mats.

"Alright Jackie, show me what you've got."

Jackie looked like she was going to faint, so Buffy got tough with her:

"You're a Slayer, now stop acting like a coward."

And just like that, Jackie was ready. She feinted with her left, and came at Buffy with her right. Buffy barely moved, just shifting sideways and letting Jackie's momentum carry her past.

She recovered quickly though and spun around with a powerful kick, but Buffy merely caught her leg and flipped her up into the air. Jackie hit the mats with a loud thwack, all the wind seemingly knocked out of her, and Buffy turned to face the other girls:

"See what she did, how smart it was? I beat her, but she came back with a good move. Even though it didn't work out the way she wanted it to, she was thinking the whole time, and if I'd have been charging her, she would have caught me a good one and given herself some time to recover."

Jackie started to get back to her feet, but Buffy held up a hand to stop her:

"No, stay there. I'll show you a good move from the prone position that will..."

"'Prone position'...Sure these girls are ready for the X-rated stuff?"

The group laughed, so did Buffy, but she wasn't too happy with Faith. It had been three days since she'd last seen her, no explanation of course, and now she was back looking all sexy and dangerous. And sexy and gorgeous. And sexy and sexy.

The tank top she had on did nothing to hide her assets, and the sweatpants although baggy, seemed to grip her ass perfectly with every step she took.

"So Faith, what brings you to class?"

"Supposed to be lecturing on the evils of evil. Ya know, help guide the gang down the path to the dark side...Oh wait a sec, guess Giles wants me to lead'em the other way."

Again the class laughed, but this time Buffy didn't. She didn't have time to laugh, she was too busy imagining them going at it on every piece of equipment in the room, sans an audience. She wanted to inch those sweatpants down, lift that tank top up, and rip that ridiculous sports bra right in half so that Faith would never, ever wear it again.

"Thinkin' now though, if you're all done pickin' on Jack, maybe ya want me to show'em how to take ya."

Buffy's desire flared, especially when Faith licked her lips and then just stood there smirking sexily at her. She could still see the tip of her tongue, and it took everything Buffy had not to kiss her and suck that tongue into her own mouth where it belonged.

To the class, Buffy looked just like she always did. She was cool, calm, and collected, but Faith knew better. She knew inside Buffy was raging with lust and anger, and because Faith was Faith, she just had to fan the flames.

She turned to away to look at the girls:

"So guys, wanna see me teach Ms. Summers a lesson?"

The class laughed and cheered, all excited that they were going to get a chance to see the real Slayers go at it. These weren't just women, they were legends, and everyone eagerly took a seat on the mini-bleachers and waited.

"Faith, don't make promises you can't keep. God knows you wouldn't want to commit to anything."

Faith laughed as she looked Buffy in the eye:

"Don't worry B, pretty sure I can take ya whenever I want."

"Hmm...things change."

"Yeah, but not that."

Her arrogance made Buffy want to kill her, and when she blew a kiss, it made Buffy want to kill her even harder. She was so going to kick her cocky ass all over the room.

"Whenever you're ready, Faith."

They danced around for a bit, and then Faith made the first move. She unleashed a kick and Buffy responded the same way she did to Jackie...with a slight difference. She flipped Faith up, then hit her while she was still in the air, sending her crashing hard into the wall across the room.

Jackie's mouth hung open, suddenly glad that she was just sore instead of permanently affixed to some part of the training room. Everyone went silent, the only sound the soft laughter coming from Faith.

She got to her feet, flexing as if to make sure everything was still attached.

"So ya wanna play hardball, B?"

"What'd that feel like, F?"

"Like a little pussy love tap."


"Well ya know how it is B, ya hit like a girl."

Buffy turned to the class.

"I want everyone to observe just how hard a girl hits."

Then they were lost in each other. It was no holds barred, and the power, speed, and violence left their audience speechless.

It was impossible to say who was winning, both Slayers were giving as good as they got. At the moment, Faith had Buffy's face pushed up against the far wall with her arm bent up behind her back. All of her body weight was pressing into Buffy, holding her in place along with the forearm she had pushing painfully across her neck.

Her mouth was next to Buffy's ear and she whispered so quietly, only Buffy could hear:

"Like it here, don't ya? Your arm and neck hurting, me forcin' ya to stay, my tits all hard against your back."

Buffy stifled a moan.

"Only thing better'd be if I could start movin' against your ass."

Buffy struggled to break loose.

"Ooh yeah, B...Do that again."

Then Faith found herself flying backwards as Buffy managed to smash her free elbow into her stomach. She tried to get to her feet, but Buffy was on her and had her pinned quickly. Besides, it wasn't like Faith was struggling too hard to get away.

Buffy turned to the class:

"Okay, time's up. Kennedy should be back tomorrow."

The girls headed for the door, all youthful enthusiasm and buzzing with excitement over what they'd just witnessed.


Jackie turned, her awe and admiration plain to see.

"Yes, Ms. Summers?"

"You're going to be an amazing Slayer."

Jackie turned beet red, and the smile on her face was huge:

"Really? Do you really think so?"

"Yes, I do. You're a good fighter, and you're smart and keep your head. Those are the main requirements, and you've already got them. All you have to do now is concentrate on getting better."

"I will! I'll work really hard at it, I promise!"

Buffy smiled back at her:

"Come see me if I can help you in any way."


"Wow B, kid thinks you're a liar."

"No, I didn't mean..."

"Ignore her, Jackie. I'll be happy to help, it's what I'm here for."

"Thank you, Ms. Summers."

"You'd better go, you're going to be late for your next class."

"Right, I'm going to be late...Thank you!"

Then she was gone, slamming the door after her.

"Now where were we?"

"Think you were gonna kiss me, maybe even fuck me, Ms. Summers."

"In your dreams."

Faith grinned:

"Yeah, there too."

Buffy couldn't resist. She leaned down and kissed her, and their tongues began battling as soon as they touched. Faith groaned in complaint when Buffy pulled back.

"Where ya goin'?"

Buffy got to her feet and extended her hand:

"I'm pretty sure that having sex in the training room is against the rules."

Faith spun her around and pulled her close the instant she was standing:

"Fuck the rules. They make'em to break'em."


Faith's arms encircled her, trapping Buffy's arms at her sides.

"God B, you smell so good."


"See? Me movin' against your ass is a good thing, yeah?"

Buffy was already swaying with her.

"And licking all this sweat offa your neck..."

"Faith, we have to..."

"...well no way it's against any rules."

Faith's hand made its way to the inside of Buffy's shorts, moving teasingly back and forth, up and down, across her stomach.


"Ya like that, B?"

Her hand began moving downward slowly, so slowly that Buffy could barely stand it:


"Please what? Please stop or please do this?"

Buffy's legs trembled at her touch, and Faith laughed as she let her tongue trail leisurely around Buffy's ear, slowly descending to her jaw, only to graze delicately along her neck.

"So B, do I stop or keep going?"

There was no answer from Buffy. Her hips were thrusting up to meet Faith's fingers, trying to get her to apply more pressure.

"Okay then, guess we oughta stop. Wouldn't wanna us breakin' any rules."

"...You stop and I'll...kill you."

Faith's other hand slid under Buffy's shirt and up to her breast.

"You've got the most perfect tits ever."


"Wanna come, B?"


"Do ya?"


Faith smiled and began picking up the pace:

"Say so then."


"Now. I wanna hear it."


"Sure would hate to have to stop, just ‘cause you're bein' stubborn."


"Tell me, baby."

Faith bit down hard on the back of her neck:

"Yes! Yes, I wanna come."

"And I'm gonna make ya...right now."

She was as good as her word, and Buffy would have fallen to the floor if she hadn't been held upright. She stood there trembling, her head spinning while she struggled to catch her breath:

"God...that was...God."

"Yeah, did seem kinda holy."

Buffy turned to face her:

"I want our clothes off now."

"Here? But B, there's all these rules and..."

Buffy kissed her, her hands sneaking their way under Faith's tank top.

"Why are you wearing this stupid thing?

"What? You the only one allowed to sport a bra?"

"Funny, and the answer's ‘yes'. So why are you wearing it?"

Faith smiled as Buffy's fingers began stroking lightly around and over her nipples:

"Only clean...shirt...Damn B, that feels good."

"So that's your only clean shirt and...?"

"See-through...had to...wear some...Buffy!"

Buffy's mouth had replaced her fingers, and even through the sports bra, Faith could feel the wet heat. She leaned back against the wall, so lost in the feeling of Buffy's lips on her that she almost missed the mumbled order:

"Room, now."



"Mine's...a mess."

Buffy lifted her head:

"Yours is way closer."

"Yeah, but..."

Buffy's hand worked its magic on the inside of Faith's loose sweatpants.

"I'd sure hate to have to stop this just because you're being stubborn."

"Your room...is...is...B, c'mon."

"Your room or I stop for the rest of the day...and night."

"What's the big deal about..."

Buffy began sucking on the sensitive spot on Faith's neck while her hands kept busy:

"I don't know what the big deal is..."

"Oh shit...Harder..."

Buffy began placing a soft kiss after every few words, her fingers circling lightly in tandem:

"...but I do know...I'm going to...fuck...your brains...out...when we...get there."

Faith's eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing ragged and shallow.

"So F, what's it going to be?"

"My room...fine. Let's go to...my room."



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