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Chapter Six

I'm tryin' ta decide how big of a pussy it'll make me look like if I run away right now. Almost like she can read my thoughts Buffy looks up at me from between her date's thighs. Well. Kinda date I guess. Like that's even important right? It's just that I'm doin' everything I can ta not let my clit override my questionable good sense here.

"You're not planning on leaving are you, Lover?"

I shiver at that. It's the way she says Lover. With a capital L. Like when she calls me that it's different 'cause I'm hers. I've never been anybody's before. Not like that. I've been someone's whore before, been someone's bitch, been someone's whippin' girl, been someone's paid killer, someone's divine hand, definitely been someone's tool.

But in all my life I've never felt owned like I do when Buffy calls me that. I shake my head no a lil too quickly and a smug grin slides across her face before she goes back ta showin' me what she could be doin' to me. The girl gasps an' whimpers and fuck me I wish I was her. How sick is that huh? I hate her so fucking much but I still want to be with her.

It's not Buffy. I hafta remind myself that. No matter what the other Buffy, the real Buffy, wouldn't be here doin' this...with me of all people. Just the thought of that makes me laugh loud enough ta draw Buffy's attention away from what she's doin'.

"Something funny Faith?"

I watch her suck her fingers and groan. Now I can't fuckin' remember what was so damned funny before. Oh. Yeah. I give her a cold smile 'cause I want to hurt her. I wanna pay her back a lil for not bein' who I want her to be.

"I was just thinkin' about how funny it'd be if you got your soul back right now."

The look on her face is fuckin' priceless. It's a thought that's never occurred to her. And ta be honest until right now I never thought of it either. I wouldn't do that to my Buffy. Make her feel the pain of takin' lives that the monster wearin' her face took. But...Buffy the Vampire doesn't know that.

"Ugh. The guilt of fucking a whore would kill her."

Goddamnit. That's not what I meant. But whatever I'll use that too.

"Oh not just a whore, we're talkin' The Lady's finest fang fucker. Right Denna?"

The girl raises her head slightly not really sure what's goin' on. Buffy pins her with a look and she nods quickly."It's uh. My. Specialty."

"See B? Ya done good when ya picked her."

Buffy frowns slightly not sure if she likes that or not. Her other self sure as fuck wouldn't. Buffy's eyes light up, turnin' that deep amber tellin' me she's hungry now.

"Denna. The Fang Fucker. I like it. But I have to wonder how you know that Faith."

I pull my sticky hand from my pants an' stalk over to the bed. I run my fingers through Denna's hair makin' her wrap a lazy arm around my thigh. Buffy watches it all with somethin' like a hopeful smile on her face. She wants me ta be here with them. I can feel it.

Okay so maybe it's my own lust I'm feelin'. But that doesn't change the fact that Buffy wants me so bad right now. Not Buffy. Vamp Buffy.

"Me an' Denna have had some good times. I got lots of friends here."

Buffy sneers at me like she doesn't believe it. My eyes go to the whore layin' between us. Her face pressed against my leg as I kneel on the edge of the bed, her legs wrapped around Buffy. I just snort an' yank just hard enough to pull Denna's face away from my pants. She always did like the leather.

The action of it makes Buffy crow with delight an' she slides her hand in to Denna in a sharp thrust.

"You can take the girl out of the whorehouse but you can't keep her out huh?"

Pretty much. I watch her fuckin' some girl on autopilot. I don't even think it's that important to her right now. I think I'm what's important to her right now. I lick my lips realizin' how goddamn thirsty I am right now. Ba Boom. Ba Boom. What the fuck is that? I tip my head to the side tryin' ta figure out where those drums are coming from.

I gaze down at Denna when I realize it's her heartbeat. I can't do this. It takes me a second ta force my hand to let her go before I can back away from the bed. Buffy never stops her short hard thrusts as she watches me.

"I...can't play this game with ya B."

I feel like such a fuckin' punk when I drop my eyes away. I can't even hold a fuckin' vampire's gaze anymore. There's movement on the bed but I still don't look up. I can't. It'll just be that much harder ta keep sayin' no if I do.

"It's because I'm not Her." I nod at that an' she grumbles."Hate to break it to you Lover but she's dead. Gone in to the mysterious ether, never to return if I can help it. Note to self, find Willow and kill her." Yeah that's not gonna happen.

"Exactly my point. She's gone an' fuckin' you isn't gonna bring her back or make it right. It's not gonna make it any better." I feel like I'm explaining this to a kid. Ba Boom. Ba Boom. Goddamn drums.

"Are you retarded?"


"That Buffy wouldn't fuck you Faith. No matter how badly she wanted to she would never, ever touch you. Do you want to know why?" No. I don't. But she's gonna tell me anyway."Because you scared her. Because deep down she reallllly wanted you to do all those dirty little things to her she always dreamt about. She was just too scared of how badly she wanted it. Wanted you."

I swallow hard."Doesn't change things."

This time she rolls her eyes an' sighs dramatically. Well that shit didn't change.

"Obviously not. Look. What exactly is the problem here? Other than the fact that living Buffy was a cunt."

Motherfucker. The twitch of a smirk flickers across my face before I can stop it. I couldn't help it. Hearin' Buffy call herself a cunt was just...not her. But that's what this is all about isn't it? Ba Boom. Thirsty. So damn thirsty.

"Dunno about this B. Not sure I can hold back if we start..."

"You brought me here for a reason Lover."

Yeah. I did. I growl an' grab Buffy by the throat. It won't hurt her it's not like she needs ta breathe. Her eyes narrow but she smiles at me all fangs an' pink lip gloss.

"Bite me and I'll drown ya in holy water."

Buffy pouts but reaches out to tug on my already undone pants.

"Kay. I'll be good."

Why do I doubt that? Ba Boom Boom. I let Buffy go with a lil shove. She beckons me to the bed with a crooked finger an' I follow her strippin' off my shirt as I go. There have been times in my life when I knew I was makin' a big mistake but did whatever it was I was doin' anyway. This is one of those times I guess.

Buffy leans back against me with a smirk and I sigh. I have one chance, an' one chance only to keep this from turnin' in to a blood bath. My hands grip her waist hard enough to make her gasp. And that right there causes a deep rumble from my chest to bubble up. Buffy laughs and nudges Denna's legs apart.

Gotta admit. Buffy knows what I want even before I know. I watch her lean forward and drop her head to the pussy that's offered up to her. I growl again when my fingers trail over her ass and between Buffy's legs to feel the slick, hard clit throb under my touch. Denna cries out softly when Buffy nips hard at her thighs.

Fuck it. I thrust deeply in to Buffy watching her work her hips hard back against me, forcing back against me with just as much desperate need. My thirst hits me again and I look at the woman writhing under B's attention. Her blood would taste good. Hot. So fuckin' hot.

That's what tells me this isn't my thirst. I pump harder, twistin' my fingers just right to hit her where she needs it the most. Buffy whimpers a half second before she strikes, plunging her fangs in to Denna's thigh to feed. Deep down, that part of me that's always belonged to the dark responds to the bite as if I were feeding. As if it were me pressed against that soft white flesh, suckin' and licking it clean of all that sweet sweet blood.

I tip my head back and howl in pleasure the second Buffy goes over the edge. I can feel her tugging on the edges of my soul. Pullin' me closer an' closer and I know I'm gonna be lost. But we'll be lost together right?



I have no idea what time it is but I'm guessing daylight. There's just the slightest scent of burning in the air. I never thought sunlight would have a scent but there you have it. Thankfully Faith brought me to a whorehouse with my special needs in mind so I'm not really worried about going up in a puff of dust.

Well. I'd roll over if I wasn't squished between two very warm bodies. Okay. One warm, one extremely hot body. It must be Faith pressed against my back. I've never known anyone who's body generated as much heat as hers does. I'm not sure it was always this way but I guess it doesn't much matter. It is what it is. She is what she is. And well...I am what I am.

I shift a little but the tanned arm around my waist tightens, keeping me trapped."Goin' somewhere B?" If I were a human I'd say that she sounds adorable all sleepy. But I'm not. I can hear the undercurrent of danger in her simple question.

"I was thinking of taking a walk about. Wreak a little mayhem and havoc, snack on the unwilling. Oooh maybe even rape and pillage."

Not really. I'm pretty satisfied with my meal from last night. Speaking of which...

"You just love ta push my buttons don't ya?"

Oh yeah. I leave off my intent sniffing of Denna to smirk at Faith. When I push her buttons she pushes back on all of mine. Faith's look is slightly more predatory than I remember and it occurs to me that she might not be herself at the moment. Something that could be very bad for me.

"Um. Sorry?"

The look on her face goes stony and I realize it's because I'm still petting and stroking Denna's soft skin. I stop what I'm doing and Faith's eyes narrow.

"You got what ya wanted last night?"

Did I get enough to eat? Yes. Did I get laid? Oh yeah. In the best way. Did I get to torture Faith almost to her limit? Sorta. I shrug lightly and roll over so that I can snuggle in to Faith's chest. The real question should be, did I do enough to drag her down with me?

"I don't know. Are you ready to discuss our future yet?"

She gives me a look that makes me wonder if she's really starting to consider my offer. God, I'm hungry. Wait. Huh? That's not supposed to happen right? But her snarl derails my train of thought and the weight of her overheated body on mine sends me in to a fit of delightful little shivers.

"Stop wrigglin' around."

"No." Faith grips my wrists above my head tightly. Well. This could get very interesting."You like it when they wriggle under you. Angel said it got you hot."

I am so not prepared for her to bite me but she does. And hard. Right on my shoulder. If it were possible to scream and laugh at the same time I probably would.

"You don't EVER mention his name again. You hearin' me on that B?"

How can I possibly hear her over the pounding of Denna's heart as she tries to get out of the bed without being noticed.

"Touchy touchy." Fine. He was boring anyway. "Are you going to let me go now?"

I wince when her grip tightens again on my wrists.


Oh goody. I smile widely at her and wiggle happily. It takes her a few minutes to decide what she's going to do but Faith backs up slowly and watches me warily as she gets dressed. Boo to that. I huff in irritation and roll over on my belly to stare at Denna. She was good. Faith was better.

"Fine be that way." Still. She was good. The taste of her blood filling me as Faith fucked me hard was enough to get me off and then some. Denna runs her hand through my hair affectionately and I grin. "Don't mind her she's just grumpy when she's hungry."

Faith snorts and tugs on her boots. Me? I'm busy stroking the baby fine peach fuzz on Denna's ass. What? She was the one that turned around to get her robe. If she didn't want me to touch she shouldn't have presented me with such a temptation.

"M'not hungry."

Yeah right. I stop and roll over on my back, letting my legs drop open so that Faith has a really good look while I'm talking to her. She doesn't disappoint me, her gaze just drops to my body and stays there. That's good. I like that.

"Liar liar pants on fire. Hrm. You're gonna get burned if you keep lying like that Faith. Maybe you should take those pants off just in case."

Well she didn't look away from me but she didn't get up and strip either. Finally she looks up from my pussy to watch my face.

"How'd ya know I was hungry?"

Why do I get the feeling that this is important? I close my legs and sit up so that I can give her my undivided attention. Since she's being so damn serious about it all.

"Because I can feel it."

Faith closes her eyes and shakes her head. She asked. Why isn't she happy with the answer? The wave of disappointment coming off her makes me frown. I don't understand what's happening here.


Yes please. Oh. Wait. She's not making me an offer I can't refuse. Damnit.

"Now what's wrong?"

"Time is short B, get dressed we gotta get to work."

That is so not the answer I was looking for. I flip her off before scooting off the bed and getting dressed as quickly as I can.

"I always knew the morning after with you would be less than cuddly. Still. It's better than Ang..." I stop and touch my shoulder before I get the word all the way out. Not that I didn't enjoy the bite she gave me but I have no desire to see if she's in a staking mood right now."That other guy."

Faith gives me a moody look but almost cracks a smile. I can see it. I raise my brows slightly and she finally gives me the dimples I love so much. Sigh. I'm all atwitter here and she's barely amused.

"C'mon doll, we got a date ta get naked."

Well. That's better at least.

"Sure thing Lover. Only this time can I be on top?"



Chapter Seven

I can't believe I fucked her. It's like some weird ass dream an' I keep thinkin' that any second now someone is gonna jump out of the shadows an' say 'Just Kidding!' an' take it all back. That'd be just my luck. Buffy saunters along next to me lookin' around at the sewer walls in mild disgust.

"You know, I've spent most of my life walking in sewers. Still not loving it."

Yeah. I don't like it much either but it's kind of a hazard of the job. I give Buffy an amused look and raise my brow."We'll hafta get a sun-proofed ride if ya wanna tool around town in style."

An' that's not gonna be happening soon. Buffy snorts at that but not like she's dismissing it.

"Does that mean we might be together for awhile?"

I knew she was gonna come back to that. I roll my eyes an' trudge through another pile of muck. The truth of the matter is I don't really know. I don't wanna say yes an' lie but I don't wanna say no and hafta stick to it.

"For now." Buffy tucks her hands in to the pockets of her jacket as we walk."Dunno how long we're gonna be workin' this mission." Yeah it's a fuckin' cop out but it's the best I could come up with right now.

B nods like she gets what I'm sayin' so I take my eyes off of her to keep them on the ground in front of me. Of course it doesn't take her long to break the silence around us with a subject change.

"You know this totally reminds me of that time you and I followed those vamps in to the sewers back home."

Home? I guess she considered Sunnydale her home. Her friends were there, her Ma, and lil sis. I glance at my watch to check the time. Still too light out for us to go topside just yet. Shame too, 'cause I don't wanna be thinkin' about that time.

"Yeah, who knew you'd still be followin' me in to the den of the devil." Her teeth gleam in the dark and it reminds me that I shouldn't be takin' my eyes off of her for too long. Buffy or not, fuckin' or not, she's still a vampire an' I'm still a Slayer.

"Who knew I'd follow you anywhere?" Yeah that's true enough I guess. She never was one to play second banana to anyone else. "But here we are. Again."

"Yeah only this time you're the vampire." Buffy gives me a blank look before shrugging.

"Why does that bother you so much?"

Why? Because I'm a Slayer. Because she shouldn't have given in like this. Because a bunch of fuckin' reasons that I can't even name.

"It bothers me because it never should have happened. You gave up. You gave in." I can't keep the note of disappointment out of my voice and it makes Buffy frown.

"I gave in? You're the one that didn't finish the job."

"I shouldn't have had to B." That gets her to shut up. I know she's gonna get all huffy about it but it had ta be said.

"Yeah well sometimes people get tired of always doing what they're supposed to. I learned that from you."

Bitch. I shake my head at her and gesture to the ladder that leads up to the surface. The sun should be setting now. I can feel the misty cool of the moon rising an' callin'.

"We're not kids anymore B, so grow the fuck up already. Just admit it. You did it 'cause you were scared. Big bad Buffy was scared to die."

Buffy hisses at me and lunges in a move I never even saw. We go down in a splash of rancid water an' other less pleasant stuff.

"You're damn right I was scared! You have no idea. NONE. You don't know what it's like to have to give yourself for the cause over and over again. You don't know what it's like to die but never rest. You don't know SHIT!"

Huh. That's some serious pissed off face she's givin' me. But it's still not enough. I bend my knees under her an' push, sendin' Buffy flyin' in to the concrete wall across from us. The impact leaves a long crack in it.

"-I- have no idea? I fuckin' felt you die! I felt the life slip from your body and I couldn't do a damn thing about it! I died inside every fuckin' time you did. So don't tell me I don't fuckin' know what it's like!"

Her head tips to the side, watchin' me. "Bullshit."

She's callin' bullshit on me? Oh fuck that. I shake out my hair with a growl.

"No, what's bullshit is the idea that you're the only one that lost somethin' all these years. You don't know what it's like...losin' you." I'm sayin' too much here. I shake my head angrily an' hope she doesn't question me."And anyway it's life. It's our life, we didn't choose it, but we got it. We die. It's part of the job. But...this...it's like ya just wanted a reason ta do everything ya wanted without feelin' guilty."

Wait a minute. Did...I just say that this is the real her? Buffy stops and smirks with her arms crossed over her chest.

"So you admit it?" Wha? My look must be confused because she smiles again."You admit that everything I've done since turning is because it's what I wanted but could never give in to."

I nod slowly at her still lookin' for the trap in her logic."I guess so."

Buffy starts climbing the ladder but stops mid way up ta look down at me."I love it when you make my points for me. You were so afraid of losing me again. It's almost sweet in a gag worthy kind of way."

Goddamnit. I wait until we finally climb outta the sewer before I answer her.

"What scares me is the idea that you want me now. Not the idea that ya might have always wanted it." We smell like shit an' we're gonna need ta clean up before we get in ta work.

"I don't see the difference." I do. I wait on the rung below her while she pushes up the manhole with one hand. It goes flyin' up and she blinks."Huh. That's new." Yeah she's getting stronger.

"You only want me now 'cause ya don't have a soul." I shrug and haul myself up an' out after her."I may be a piece of shit, Buffy, but I don't need ta be reminded of it. You bein' a demon kinda says it all don't ya think?"

Buffy is picking a couple of leaves off her jacket but she stops to stare at me."That's what's bothering you? That living Buffy wouldn't be with you because she was good and you weren't?"

Yeah it's kinda stupid when you think about it. I can have everything I ever wanted right now. All I hafta do is let go of everything I spent the last few years working on.

"You don't know what I've hadda do B. What I turned my back on for her."

Fuck this. I don't wanna talk about it anymore. I start headin' toward the docks peelin' off nasty shit from my clothes as we go. I'm so involved in it that Buffy's cold hand startles me when it grips my shoulder. I whirl on her with my fists up an' ready for a new fight.

"Whoa there, Fiesty." My muscles are trembling with the effort of not poppin' her one just for the hell of it.   "I'm not trying to pick a fight with you. I just..."

She just what? Wants ta rub a lil salt in the wounds? That's what vampires do right? Take your most painful thought an' twist it and break you with it. That's what she's been tryin' ta do to me since minute the first.

"Wha? Ya gonna tell me how wrong I am?" Wrong ta give it all up for her."Gonna tell me it's not worth fightin' every goddamned minute?"


Huh? I start to lower my fists 'cause that's not what I was expecting from her. Of course she lets a wicked left hook fly makin' me stagger back a few steps.

"Then what the fuck was that for?"

"Because you're an asshole that's why." Wha? Why am I the asshole?

"I'm not the one that gave up!"

We're just gonna go around and around on this. She thinks I'm an ass I think she's a quitter.

"I didn't want to come back!! I was tired Faith. Sick and fucking tired!"

Oh. Fuck. I fucked up. Bad. My shoulders drop and I blink at her a few times. 
"But...why?" Why did she want to die so bad? Why did she want me to finish her so badly? Why?

"Because I could never have what I wanted. What I needed. Because every time I thought I was free, they brought me back. Every time I thought I could have something for me, just me, it was taken away."

So she wanted to be a vampire? And then it hits me. Nah. She never wanted to be a vampire. She just wanted a way to not come back. If I had cut her head from her body the way I had for the others they would never have been able to bring her back.

She would have had peace. An' I kept it from her. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!



I shut her up before she gets going on that. I really don't want to hear it right now.

"Look. I just thought it was fair since you were all soul baring or whatever." I say the word soul with a sneer. Could this be anymore pathetic? Here we are covered in shit and who knows what else yelling at each other over something that doesn't even matter anymore.

"Yeah but Buffy...ya never wanted this an' I fucked up."

Yes. Yes she did. This is all her fault. But that's okay because it's better this way. No one knows I'm not exactly dust. No one that would tell anyway. Which means that I have time now that I never had before. Time for me.

"Look, I'm not crying over it okay. This is even better than my idea. Now I can do everything I always wanted to. No naggy little voice inside my head telling me I shouldn't. Nothing to stop me from living like a goddess among sheep either."

Well. Except for Faith. She could stop me I bet. Or at least she'd die trying to. Or maybe not given what we've agreed too so far. Either way I'm a new me and I'm not quite ready to give this up yet.

"Buffy this isn't just, ya know, bein' footloose an' fancy free here. You're kinda evil ya know." Oh that. I shrug.

"So? Before I was good. Now I'm not. A girl is allowed to change her mind you know." Ew is this...I don't even want to think of what that is. I just shrug out of my jacket and drop it. I'm definitely looking in to daytime transit that doesn't require sewers."I should be thanking you really."

Okay I can tell by the look on her face that she really didn't want to be thanked. Oh well. I've got to get clean and I'm really not interested in using a bucket to do it. I grab Faith's hand and jerk her along a side street with a familiar and homey glow. Motel Row. Every town has one. I pick the darkest, seediest one.

"What're we doin' B?" Ugh. Could she sound any more depressed? If she's going to act like that I may not even want to keep her around.

"Stop moping Lover. I just want a shower." Faith grunts but when I look at her she's busy watching the people going in and out of rooms.

"Second from the West side." I look to my right and Faith turns my head to look the other way. Oh."That guy is a total Chester, he'll be gone for awhile." Ew. I'm a demon and even I find the idea of pervy Chester the Molester repugnant.

We make our way to his room with the speed and silence of shadows. I am really in love with this new Stealth Buffy. I watch Faith break the door lock with a twist of her wrist and smile. She's always more fun when she's breaking the law.

"Are you going to carry me over the threshold?"

"Are you kiddin'? You smell like shit. Hurry up."

Nice. I flip her off as I grump in to the room. She's only being difficult because she's still butt hurt over the fact that she messed up by letting me rise again. I could just kill her and be done with it. On the other hand she does have her redeeming qualities. I'm looking at two of them right now.

"We could save time if we showered together you know."

"Jesus Christ, would ya cut that out? I'm startin' ta feel like...a chick."

I watch Faith's shudder with a grin. She gives me a look out of the corner of her eye before snooping around the room. With any luck she'll find something we can wear because I'm not putting these rags back on. Besides. I could always do with a new set of clothes.

"Fine fine, I'm showering you can do whatever it is you do."

Faith grunts at my back as make my way in to the dreary little bathroom. Well. At least it has running water. I turn the knob on to full before stepping in to the small shower stall, careful not to touch the walls too much.

Oh now that feels nice. The water doesn't get very hot but it's enough to blast the chill from my skin. Hey I'll say this for Chester. He's got good taste in shampoo. Mmm. Tea tree. I'm just about to start lathering up when a shadow falls over the too thin curtain. I knew she couldn't resist.

"You done yet?"

"Hardly. But I'm always up to share."

I don't think she's going to take me up on it until Faith gets in behind me. I turn slowly and take in her dripping body. Mmm. Suddenly sewer funk never looked so good. My hand reaches out to touch her but she slaps at it.

"Nope. Hands to yourself until tonight."

I give her a look but she's smiling. Too widely. She's up to something. I lean my body against hers as completely as I possibly can. What? I'm not using hands.

"I don't remember you being this much of a prude before."

Faith's smirk grows and she dips her head to nip lightly at my lips. Oh yeah that's the good stuff.

"M'not a prude B, just wanna save it for the show."

Oh that's promising. Which makes me wonder.

"Well at least you're not pouting anymore."

Faith laughs at that and brings her arms up to curl around me. She sneezes a bit at my shampoo but still nuzzles in to my temple leaving her neck far too exposed for me.

I want to bite it. I want to lick and suck her blood from her throat and listen to her whine and moan as she writhes under my touch. I open my mouth and grip the pulse in her neck lightly between my teeth. Fangs fully extended but not to pierce. No. Not yet. She has to want it first.

Faith's growl rumbles against my chest as I curl in to her as much as possible. This would be perfect if it weren't for the sound of the door slamming shut and the frantic short breaths of a human male. And something else. Blood. Faith rolls her eyes and slips out of the shower.

So much for having a little fun pushing her limits. Stupid human. I finish rinsing off and pad in to the room. Faith has Chester pinned to the wall a few inches off the ground with one hand. In all her naked glory. But he's not the one bleeding. A little girl is. I drop to my knees so that I'm eye to eye with the kid.


She blinks and squirms away from me, clearly terrified. I think I'm almost sad. I look at Faith who is just barely managing to maintain her sanity. Well isn't this just a big pain in the ass? We can't just let him do whatever he was going to do to her. And while I fully believe that Faith would let me feed from him she won't let me take the girl.

Unless I turned her. I look up to Faith who shakes her head no as if she already knows what I'm thinking.

"Can't B, it's not right."

Party pooper. But I guess she has a point. I shrug it off with a sigh.

"What's your name cutie?"

The girl shivers and looks from me to Faith and back again.

"Mia." Mia. Okay that's something. I hold out my hand for her and she takes it warily."You're cold."

Yeah. I know."Cold shower. Come on lets get you cleaned up okay? You'll be safe with me. I promise." Okay so I said that last part more for Faith than Mia.

"I wanna see my mom."

I remember wanting nothing more than to be with my mom. As if she could protect me from the world. Even though I knew better some little part of me needed her. It's laughable now but I understand what she means.

"Don't worry Mia. We'll figure this all out." A small high sound that sounds more like a terrified cat than a human resounds outside the door to the bathroom. Faith. Mia shrinks in on herself as I wipe the grime and tear tracks from her little face. Bet she's tender and sweet to eat.

"What's happening? Where's my mommy?"

Mommy mommy mommy. Doesn't she know anything else? Probably not. I finish cleaning her face and wrap a towel around myself. "You stay here. I'll be right back okay?"

She nods her head and huddles down on the floor in the corner. When I'm sure she won't leave I head back in to the room. Or what's left of it. Faith is already tugging on some of Mr. Pervy's pants. They hang loose on her but she never was a fashion maven.

"Where's the pig?"

"Closet. We needa get outta here. Found ya somethin' ta wear in his goody bag."

I peer in to it and smirk. Oh he was a freaky thing wasn't he?"Can I wear anything?"

She nods and stands."Just get dressed. I'm gonna take the kid..." Faith pauses and gives me a hard look."She's still ya know...alive right?"

"Sadly." I make a face but Faith gives me a heart starting kiss for the effort. Fair trade I suppose.

"I should get her to her Ma."

The idea of Faith being anywhere without me practically burns. I hustle to get clothes on, well. Sort of clothes while she gets Mia out of the bathroom. I stand before the mirror and sigh. Great. No reflection. I'll just have to hope that this school girl outfit looks half as good on me as I think it does.

Faith does a double take when she comes out with Mia in her arms. A part of me flinches from the sight and I don't know why. There's...pain here. Why? And then I know. It's Faith. I can feel her pain, her understanding...and her love. For the little girl. Why?

I tip my head to the side and watch as Mia hides her face in Faith's hair. It doesn't seem like something Faith would allow too much of but she makes soothing hushing sounds and mumbles something. I'm entranced enough to follow along quietly while Faith leads us out of this hell hole and in to town.

As soon as we spot a police station Faith jerks her head to motion me in to the shadows. I guess I don't exactly look respectable. It irks me but I let her go with Mia and wait in the dark trying to puzzle out this feeling. I don't have to wait long for Faith to sprint back across the street.

"C'mon, lets get the fuck outta here."

I nod because the feeling of unease in me is growing. The sooner we get back to the club the better I'll feel. About everything.


Chapter Eight

The lights dim on me as I sip my drink. I bring the bottle to my lips knowing not a damned soul in here notices me. Oh maybe they took me in when they glanced around the room but sittin' just off the stage in the shadows, their gazes just sweep over me. Right now I'm not one of the featured dancers, right now I'm just a lonely cowboy.

Hell. I doubt if anyone of the usual customers would notice me. I aim ta keep it that way for the moment. Besides it gives me time ta think. Well, think and watch. My eyes never leave Buffy's body movin' in slinking slow moves. Like a snake. She never used to move like that before.

But who the fuck am I to complain? I just smile an' take another long pull on my beer. She's gotten better at this in the weeks that we've been working at this club. Better at teasin' the crowd of slack jawed losers wavin' around crumpled bills.

I twitch just a lil when she crawls on all fours to snap a twenty out of some guy's hand with a flash of white teeth. The fangs get them every single time. Sure most all of them think that B's just playin' the role but more than a few of them know it's real.

More than a few of them have been her dinner. I notice that those are the ones sittin' a little further back than the rest. That's the thing about Buffy. She terrifies the shit outta them but they can't seem ta stop watchin' her shows. Truthfully, I can't seem ta keep my eyes off of her myself.

Who could? No one I know that's for damn sure. Even the boss needs a drool bib when Buffy's on stage. Boss. My eyes flick across the room to watch him hoverin' by the bar. He's takin' too much of an interest in B an' I'm thinkin' that I might take out those eyes of his. My lips curl back in what I'm hopin' is a smile but he pales a lil bit and looks away quickly. Maybe that's not as nice a smile as I thought. Shadows move in front of me but I'm still keepin' an eye on the swarm of people slowly filling up the place.

Until I feel a teasin' tickle along my spine. My head turns towards Buffy who's watchin' me from her spot hangin' upside down on a pole. Ungh. Her finger crooks, callin' me close. Suddenly I can't remember why I have this beer in my hand. Or why I'm still sittin' my lazy ass in this chair. I get up an' move to the stage with a chorus of cheers helpin' me along the way. I drop my hand to the rail and leap up on to the stage, landin' in a wary crouch.

Buffy lets her body slide down the gleaming pole in a twist before stalkin' her way toward me. One pale hand tips the Stetson from my head and she smirks right at me. Darin' me to try and take the lead from her. Nope. Not this little girl. Uh uh. I stretch up to standing an' do a lil strut of my own as I circle her like a shark.

And she fuckin' loves it. I can feel the tide of lust rollin' between us. A lil for me. A lil for her. It's been like this for days now. When she wants me I can feel the chill of her need strokin' me. Wonder what she feels when I want her. Maybe she couldn't even tell me 'cause I want her alla time.

Buffy laughs a little, head tipped back like she's really amused. I just watch the fall of her blonde hair over her shoulders when she hooks a leg over mine an' takes my hat. For a second it's just us ya know? Me an' her just playin' with each other for the fuck of it.

My hands grip her hips tight, allowin' Buffy ta sling her other leg around me so she can grind down like she's ridin' me hard. Goddamnit. I think I swallowed my tongue. Nah. There it is. Stuck between Buffy's perfect teeth when she nips me. Surprise colors my face but it's all part of the show. Mostly.

We go back and forth for awhile. Both of us workin' the other to fever pitch with fang caressing kisses an' forceful thrusts against each other. Hey some people call it dry fuckin' but I swear there's nothin' dry about it. Or me. B, yanks my shirt open, scatterin' buttons all over the piles of singles litterin' the stage.

Almost time now. Serious green eyes peek up at me from Buffy's spot on my chest. Her brow comes up an' I nod just a lil. An' then she flips me. Right on to the ground, hands tangled in my hair, legs pinnin' me still. I'm scared. Scared enough ta freeze for a second. All part of the show as far as anyone else is concerned.

A hush falls around us and Buffy rears her head back for a strikin' blow to my neck. I stiffen waitin' for the pain and the pleasure of her cool lips but she doesn't actually bite me. Dunno if I'm disappointed by that or not but I know my body reacts, arcing up in to her the second her fangs pinch down on my skin. I struggle to cover the whimper that comes out when she flicks her tongue over my pulse point. It could all go bad in the blink of an eye if Buffy suddenly remembers that she's a vampire an' doesn't actually care if she kills people.

But it doesn't. At least. Not for real."All part of the show right Lover?"

It's barely a whisper but I nod at it anyway as we rock together in a mimicry of my death. Kinda fuckin' morbid if ya ask me but no one asked me shit so I just go with it. We keep writhing together until the curtain closes around us blockin' the crowd out. I try to get up but Buffy bites down harder with a soft mewling sound, keepin' me put."B?"

She's lost. Fuck. My heart starts racin' and that only makes it worse. I close my eyes tight an' take a breath before launchin' Buffy offa me. I scramble back until I hit the pole behind me. Buffy's eyes narrow, going deep gold.

"You're scared of me…"

Well no fuckin' shit."Yeah well that happens when someone has their fangs on your neck." I rub at the spot even though it doesn't hurt really. Just makin' sure I'm all in one piece.

"Don't be such a pussy."

Uh huh. B's definitely spendin' too much time around me. I give her a mild glare before getting up to pick up our cash. This shit would be easier if we had a roadie. "That's real funny commin' outta your mouth. An' look at my shirt. This was one of my favorites." I growl in irritation as I try ta hold the front closed.

"Well no one told you to wear clothes with real buttons. Besides…" I glance up when her tone goes from irritated to coy."I don't like it when you cover up."

Here we go again. I swear we're turnin' in to an old married, moderately abusive couple. But I don't want it to be this way so I strip off my shirt an' toss it right at her head. "Happy now?" I flash her a big dimpled grin an' oh yeah I'm lookin' good doin' it too.

"Will I get the same response if I complain about your pants?" Ha fuckin' ha. I grab Buffy an' pull her against me, lovin' the way her skin seems ta calm the simmer in my body.

"Why ya gotta push me B?" I'm only fuckin' with her."Ya know if we get caught fuckin' back here again they're just gonna open the curtain on us." Which would make the rest of the dancers pissed the fuck off. They've been pretty pissed since we showed up anyway.

"Not our fault we're hotter than they are." I love it that she doesn't notice or care about the dirty looks we're getting' as the next act pushes past us to get ready. I roll my eyes at Buffy an' shake my head. Guess I can't get mad really, I always did like my girls kinda bitchy. "Hungry now."

Yeah yeah. Hungry now. She's always fucking hungry. I nod an' sling my arm around her shoulders as we head for the dressin' room. Not that I have a whole lot ta change but B sure as fuck can't be walkin' around with nothin' on but a corset an' thigh high fishnets. Well.

She could. But then I'd have ta kill everyone that even so much as blinked at her. An' that could get real messy."Got a case of the growlies myself baby. Wanna get take out?"

Buffy's about ta answer me when movement makes us both quiver with attention. It's too soft ta be human but not soft enough to be a real threat. Still. I don't blame B for hissin' at the dark. The gleam of a silver cross isn't even enough warnin' for B ta get outta the way. I watch her scream an' leap away from me before that same cross is shoved in my face. I stare at the hairy hand attached to it before I yank Xander outta the shadows.

"Gotta be a vampire for that shit ta work Xand." We stare at each other for a long minute before I knock him out. Goddamnit.



OW! Stupid fucking son of a motherless goat! I gingerly touch my face again wishing, not for the last time, that I could actually see myself in the mirror. I give Xander's unconscious body a swift kick and glare at it."Tell me again why we can't kill him?"

Faith drops to a knee and hauls him up over her shoulder. A part of me tingles at it. Like I know it should be a familiar thing but I just can't remember why."Cause once upon a time Xander was the only person that gave two squirts of duck shit about me. An' he loves you." Ugh. Well that's enough to make me want to kill him even more.

"But he hurt my face!" Doesn't that count for anything? Anything at all?? I mean she hasn't even bothered to put a salve on it or kiss it better or whatever it is that you do for vampires. "My face, Faith!"

God I hate it when she laughs at me. I stomp my foot, not at all perturbed by the ominous creak of the wooden floor. Faith gives me one of her long suffering sighs before gently putting Xander's body down. I try to give him another kick but I'm all caught up in Faith's arms, with her scent curling around me. Well. Fine. I suppose I can give him a kick later. Right in the balls.

"Lemme see."

"No. Now I don't want you to see." Faith clucks her tongue at me before cupping my face with the same infinite tenderness she just showed Xander. Because she loves me. A thought that would make me puke up my bloody guts if it were anyone else."S'not so bad B. Lil feedin' and you'll be right as rain." I hiss when the tips of her fingers trail over the burnt skin of my cheek. "Still hot business."

Well duh. But. I have to admit. Her attention did make it feel better."Can I kill him yet?" Please?? Faith shakes her head at me and kisses the tip of my nose.

"Nah but I'll make ya a deal. Lemme take 'em  ta a friend." Okay but what's the deal part? What do I get out of this?"Let me have 'im an' you can feed from me."

My stomach clenches in hunger. Slayer blood. Faith's blood in particular. I haven't had it since the night I rose. Not that I haven't been craving it but…a part of me thinks it would be wrong. Goddamnit. This again. I thought I was over this right and wrong crap.

"Or I could just eat him and be done with it." I'm not actually hopeful that she'll let me do that. Faith looks at him one last time before shaking her head.

"No…I'll fuckin' run across every line in the sand you make but not this one Buffy. He's…special." To her. He's special to her and it makes my sluggish thick blood boil in my veins. I don't remember him being so fucking nice to Faith in the past. Well. Not after she tried to kill him. Heh. That was kind of funny.

"Fine. Just. Get him the fuck away from me already. Or I swear Faith…I will take him from you and then I'll turn him and make you have to put him down." There's silence now between us. It's a threat that I fully intend to make good on and she knows it. I want him gone. For good. And all the better if he's dead because then he can't run to good ole Willow for a resouling spell."He's dangerous to us."

To me. Faith nods at me even as I cross my arms over my chest and look away from them both. And what does he have over her anyway? She bends easily and hauls him up again. And yet again I'm struck with this feeling…that I know what it's like.

To be rescued by Faith. Ding ding ding. We have a winner folks. I tip my head to the side to watch Faith take Xander out the back door. I remember being held oh so carefully on her shoulders as we glided silently through the night. Our night because we owned it.

"Gonna be good while I'm gone?"

It occurs to me that this is the first time that Faith is letting me out of her sight. Damnit. I'm starting to find myself not wanting to disappoint her. Maybe I wouldn't have felt this way if Xander hadn't shown up and reminded me that Faith is still human. With human feelings and a human heart. And if I break them…she will hunt me down like a dog in the street. Or. Some other weird hunting analogy.

"I'll be good but you better hurry back so we can be bad together."

In the meantime I need to feed. I watch the smile curl on her lips and if I were alive I'd probably swoon. Okay so I might swoon any way. You'd swoon too if your own personal savior was giving you a look that would melt your clothes off. Faith leaves without another word and I settle in to a chair so I can take these ankle killers off.

I can hear some of the bitchier girls commenting on my burned face. They could help me with that, and when I look up at them they know it. A girl could really enjoy a nice warm blood bath right about now. A girl being this girl. But I promised. Sort of. And a promise to Faith is not something I'm willing to go back on. Not…Faith. I owe her my undead life after all.

Still why make empty threats? I'm hungry and some of these girls won't even make enough to cover their body glitter expenses. I'm just about to reach out and touch someone when Tommy decides to poke his ugly mug in to the dressing room. Ugly mug? God. I'm really spending too much time around Faith. Pretty soon I'm going to be smoking cloves and saying this like 'five by five' and 'yo' or whatever.

Hrm. I've never actually tried smoking before. I wonder what that's like."Hey baby…where's the firecracker?"

I really hate when he calls me baby. That's Faith's name for me. Do not eat. Do not eat. Faith would kill me for sure. Or we could both go down with her trying.

"Tommy. She's out hunting." He wipes the front of his shirt nervously as he watches me get dressed.

"Boy, you're almost as sexy gettin' in yer clothes as ye are getting' out of 'em."

Keep it up Tommy and you're going to find one seriously pissed off Slayerwolf murdering you in a dark alley one night.

"I know. Now what do you want?" I'm too hungry and too wound up to play nice tonight.

"The owners would like ta see ya. You an' yer partner." Why do I think this isn't going to go as well as it would if Faith were here? I look around playing dumb blonde really well.

"Well…Faith isn't here right now. So. They'll just have to wait." Because if I have to deal with this on my own everyone will die. Horribly. Painfully. Bloodily. Dead. I pause a bit when his squirming stops and he gets just a little too belligerent in the face. "Unless of course you want me all to yourselves. But that might be a case of biting off more than you can chew." I snap at the air teasingly and he backs off a few steps.

"Nah, ye jus' come see me when she gets back in. Still have another show to do. Don't forget." Tommy backs away leaving me in peace. I'm almost amused at the show of backbone he displayed. Almost. Of course if he does it again I'll expose that backbone when I rip his spine out of his ass.

Goddamnit I'm hungry. And…

I could stake myself for thinking this…

But I fucking miss Faith already.



 Chapter Nine

Shit shit shit shit shit shit. I let Xander down carefully an' resist the urge to kick him. Why the fuck is he here? Now? Things were just gettin' comfy ya know? With a heavy sigh I close the door to the cage an' pick up the bucket of cold water. Sorry Xand. Rude awakenings suck but I'm under a time constraint here.

"Wha..!?! Who?! Wilma?"
Wilma? The fuck? I think this was a bad idea. I think I should have done what I was gonna. I should have taken Xander right to Ama. Buffy's gonna be so mad at me."Wake up Xander. Time ta focus." Shit shit shit shit.

"Faith." It's hard ta miss the scorn in his voice. But hey I don't blame him. I toss a towel through the bars an' back off a bit ta sit on a shippin' crate."You're human."

Not quite. Probably not a good idea ta tell him that though."Good job Dr. Perceptron. Gimme somethin' else." Hmm. I don't think humor is gonna work on him this time. I can't just charm him in ta forgivin' me for this.

"Fuck. You."

Yeah. I thought he'd say that. I grunt an' nod."Guess I deserved that. But if I hadn't popped ya one, you and I might not be havin' this conversation right now. Right now I'd be shovin' your body in ta one of those big blue barrels over there."

His gaze tracks ta where I'm pointin' and it's then that he sees the blood. And realizes where he is. Panic fills the air like perfume an' I close my eyes an' take a deep breath. It would be easy ta lose myself in it."So I should be grateful for what you did? Okay. Thanks. Let's review. You didn't kill me. Yay. You didn't kill Buffy. NOT. YAY."

Jesus. Does he think I'm a fuckin' retard? Obviously he's not gonna be thrilled that his bestfriend is a vampire. Okay. Lemme just take a breath here before my temper gets the better of me."If ya want me ta say sorry...I'm not sure I can do that. I had my reasons."

He looks away from me an' starts lookin' around the cage for anything he could possibly use ta get out. As if I would let him get far."Yeah. I get that. It's called obsession and it's really unhealthy." I hope he's not gonna wanna do the talkin' about it thing. I don't wanna hafta explain myself to him.

"Yeah 'cause you're not obsessed or anything right? I mean you're here. After all I went through ta keep us low pro too. So what was it? Where'd I fuck up?" Did Ama's spell wear off or wha? Maybe Red just got smart and figured out what I did."It was Willow right? She figured it out didn't she? I always did underestimate the little bitch."

Xander's shoulder's slump settin' off all kinds of red flags. Why would he do that? "Shut up. You don't know anything." Don't I?

"She doesn't know you're here does she? I bet none of them do." That's weird ya know? The Scoobs usually tell each other every move they're gonna make. Just in case. I narrow my eyes as I dig out a cigarette and light up. The scent of fear changes, turnin' a lil more sour than sweet. Anxiety. My tongue flicks out across my lower lip in excitement."So what's your deal? You ditch out on the gang, show up here all kindsa stealthy, wavin' crosses around and shit. With no back up?"

Nah. If he had backup they'd have been here by now."They were too busy mourning you two, but I knew. I knew you wouldn't do it." Shit. I think I kinda feel bad about all this. They're mournin' me? For real?"Well. Mourning Buffy. You're just kind of the footnote since no one was sure where you were. There's a suicide pool going around the office. Bets are in your favor for something violent. "

Ha. Fuckin' hilarious. I snort out a laugh an' flick a lil ash on the floor."But you knew huh? How's that by the way? You suddenly get a power up somewhere?" His spine goes straight an' stiff. Oh yeah he got somethin' new alright."No one knows about that either do they?"

"No." I didn't think so."Not that it's any of your business but I got a little tired of needing to be bailed out by my superhero friends. Okay?" His knuckles go white as he grips the bars of the cage.

"I'm sorry about that Xand." It's not a lie but he thinks it is.

"Yeah. Like you know anything about it." He gives the door a little shake to test out it's strength."Is this where you kept her?" It's enough of a subject change to make me answer him.

"For a time." It's not really that important an' after I figure out what I'm gonna do about Xander I'll probably never come back here. Haven't been back since Buffy and I made our arrangement anyway. Too many ghosts haunt me here. I did bring people ta die here afterall."Ya know...I wasn't always a Slayer. I know what it's like ta feel helpless. Alright? Ya don't get ta corner the market on that just so you can feel good about what ya did." Hrm."What uh...did you do to yourself?"

Xander huffs an' takes a step back so he can kick at the door. It buckles but doesn't pop open. He'll get out of there eventually an' when he does he's gonna wanna fight."Oh you know, clean living, wheat grass and berries and twigs. You should try it." Funny guy. He kicks the door again an' I think it's about time that I start directin' the focus of conversation here.

I flick the butt of the cigarette away an' jump down from crate landin' so lightly that he doesn't even notice I've moved until I'm right in front of his face. I can't help the twitch of my lips when he screams like a girl an' skitters back from the cage."Let's cut the shit. Why ya here? Ya had ta know you couldn't take either of us alone even with whatever it is that ya did to yourself. So what's the deal?"

He's watchin' me lean against the cage casually. Right now he's thinkin' I'm either still too cocky 'cause I'm not afraid of him. Or he's thinkin' I've gotten so powerful that it wouldn't matter what he tried. Either way he's tryin' ta figure out his next step. Which means he doesn't have a death wish.

Xander laughs at himself before sittin' heavily on the cot."You know...I guess I thought for some reason that you'd be my avenging angel or something. That you would come strutting out of the dark like you always do. I just...I wanted you to kill baby kill you know. What you do best." Asshole. But at least he's a truthful asshole. I can smell it in the air around him."But instead something in my gut told me you weren't going to let Buffy go..."

"Not that ya minded." He may hate vampires. But if he had ta be the one ta take B out he would have pussed out too.

"No." I tip my head ta the side in mild interest."Not that I minded. It's just. I thought you two would be all vengeance thy name is"Fuffy". Instead I find you hooking for the other team." Fuffy. That's catchy. It'll be bigger than Tomkat an' Brangelina. Wait.

Hooking?"Hey we have standards asshole. No fuckin' the clients an' no Whore Dust. That's just cheap." Fuckin' body glitter gets everywhere an' after awhile sweat makes it sticky on your skin. Only low rent bitches use that shit. Wait. Why the fuck am I gettin' pissed?

"Oh I see. You're Classy strippers. Your pussy costs more."

"Ya goddamn right it does." His mouth opens an' closes like a fish a few times 'cause he doesn't have a response. Heh. B would be so proud of me."And anyway it's just ta get in close before we clean house. We're not just messin' around for shits an' giggles, we're lookin' in ta why the Irish Mob has vampire connections." An' why they want Slayers turned.

Xander runs a hand through his hair with a deep sigh. I bet he feels like an ass."Boy do I feel like an ass." Uh huh."Except for the part where I'm in a cage."

"Hey I'm not the one that ran in ta the fray wavin' crosses around. Hadda put ya in there for protection." This must make him relieved because he lets out some nervous energy in a laugh.

"Okay. Good. Whew. Thought you were going to keep me in here for a minute. So. We're on the same page here right? You're only pretending to be bad, you're really stickin' it to the man."

Mm. Not so much. "Sorry Xand. You're still in there for protection. Yours. I let you out an' Buffy's gonna kill ya. She might be doin' the right thing with all this but it's for the wrong reasons. She's a vampire Xander."

The look in his eye changes an' I realize that this is the moment that changes everything. "But..." I know what I gotta do.

"I'm not too far behind her." I smile at him flashin' the razor sharp fangs. He sucks in a sharp breath as his fear climbs again. I hate what I hafta do but the alternative won't help anyone."When this is done I'm done. Me an' B are bound for the long goodnight. I can't let us get out of control."

I close my eyes when his big hand closes over mine."What can I do?" Sorry Xander. Ya can't give me a pass on this.

"You can be patient. Gimme a day to work on Buffy. Get 'er ta see that killin' ya would be bad. Make sure she knows you won't tell our secret." Buffy has to feel safe about lettin' him go. Because if she doesn't let him go we'll have to see if Ama can do some kinda magic memory wipe thing. I should do it anyway but I guess I need someone ta bear the weight of this with me.

"I'll wait here."

What a pal.


Okay this is taking too long. She should be back by now. I had to do our last show and walk home alone. Not that it really matters because I still made a nice fat stack of cash but I have this feeling inside of me. It's bubbling in my guts and I think it might be something gross. Like...concern. Why am I still having feelings?

"Hey baby." Faith's arms curl around me from behind. Oh yeah that's the stuff. I wiggle back against her heat happily."Sorry I'm late. Had a change of plan."

I don't like the sound of that. I open my eyes and tip my head back so I can look up at her. "And that means what exactly?" It better not mean what I think it means. Since I don't want to move from my comfy spot we're still locked together tightly. And that's when I catch that smell. That horrible fish oily smell."You put him in the tanker. Goddamnit Faith." Now I'm going to have to hurt her feelings by making her kill him.

Why does she make me hurt her? I start to pull away but Faith tightens her grip and rests her forehead against mine. Our eyes meet and I forget myself."I had a good reason. I swear. Just hear me out babe." If I'm the vampire how come she's the one that gets to glamour me?

"I'm listening." For now.

"We can't take down this big of a baddie without it gettin' back to the Scoobs." No crap. That's why it would be better to kill them all. Dawn first. No wait. Giles. No no. Willow. Wait. Willow's last. She'll be the hardest to kill and I want to take my time with her."Stop that."

"What?" Stop what?

"Stop thinkin' about killin' them. My plan is better."

Oh her plan. Whatever. I roll my eyes and gesture for her to proceed. She better make it snappy. I'm grumpy and I want to feed. That woman I had earlier just...didn't cut it. I need Denna. And Faith to fuck me to sleep. What? I'm a creature of habit.

"We need him ta believe that you an' me are doin' this as our swan song. Told him I'm takin' you out before I take my bow. So to speak."

She what?"YOU WHAT?" Okay I think this new feeling is panic. I know what rage is and this isn't it. But it's close. Close enough for me to use it to push away from Faith."Are you fucking insane? They'll never believe that load of crap! I'd so take you out before you could even get close to me with a stake."

That makes Faith pause as if she's going to argue with me but she doesn't she just shrugs."I think you might be overestimatin' their judgement of you. Xander says they think I already dusted ya."

That is not the same thing. Anyone could have killed me then. Even Xander. I wasn't even alive! I give Faith a glare and cross my arms over my chest. Maybe I don't need her to fuck me to sleep."Your point being?"

"My point bein' that even though you know an' I know that I couldn't touch ya with a ten foot stake, they don't know that. Once we finish this shit with the Bowery Boys you an' me are gonna have a nice bloody lookin' show down."

Hrm."Making them think we took each other to hell." She nods looking pretty damn pleased with herself."But we'll really be what? Taking in the moonlight in Fiji?" I hear the food there is excellent.

"Somethin' like that. But this only works if you're down for this. If not I gotta take him ta someone that works magic." Like the someone that worked magic on us? The someone she always vaguely refers to but never outright mentions. It makes me interested enough to consider pushing the Xander thing just to find out more. But she's right and it's a damn good plan.

I'm even almost a little jealous that I didn't think of it myself."All this really means is that you're going to tell me that time is short again and that we need to work faster." Something I'm way too bored of hearing. I flop back on the super soft bed and stare at the ceiling while Faith shrugs out of her clothes for bed.

I yelp when her hot hands sear the skin of my thighs as she yanks me against her hard, wrapping my legs around her waist and covering me with her solid weight."Only person gonna be screamin' for it faster tonight is gonna be you."

Urk. That is about the worst line I've ever heard. And yet. I'm still turned on enough to want to see if that's true."You are so damn cocky."

"Confidant baby. But if ya want me ta be cocky it can be arranged."

Things low in my belly go tight at the idea. I'm still not thrilled about letting Xander go with his wits intact but Faith crossed a line. She's keeping me around for the long haul. Whatever she decided on, she's totally going to indulge in the recklessness of it. And being with me is about as reckless as you can get.

I could have everything I want in the palm of my hand if I play my cards right. I buck and roll us over, enjoying the way Faith teases me with an arch of her neck. She knows what I want and she wants me to be crazy for it. Crazy for her.

So now I have to wonder. Is she playing me?"What if I'm the one that wants to be cocky?" I grip her wrists tight enough to make her gasp in pain. Faith growls and I can feel the tremor of power building in her, making her stronger and hotter to the touch.

"Told ya B. If you can take me you can fuck me." I stare down the line of her body smiling at the slick gleam of wet on her thighs. That's all for me.

"I need to eat..." As much as I want to fuck Faith, I won't do it with someone else watching. Not the first time anyway. No that's private, just between us. I don't want her thinking about anyone but me when I'm breaking down her last wall of defense from me."So I think I'll take a pass for tonight. Besides. That whole cowgirl thing got me thinking..."

There's a flash of emotion in Faith's dark eyes but it was too quick for me to really understand what I saw. Disappointment maybe? But. Why? It's too much for me to consider right now, especially with Faith so keen to take back control. I let her go and slide off her body to curl against her side."Me too."

She was thinking about that too? Great! That makes this so much better. Obviously we don't have to do the biting thing. I don't think she's ready to be turned yet, but after we handle the business part of this deal she might be."I bet we can find some assless chaps for you to wear." In this place I'd be surprised if we didn't find them.

"I meant about needin' ta eat." Oh. I chuckle in to her neck as I burrow closer to hear the faint thump of her heartbeat."I wanna feed Buffy." I stop my caressing strokes of her side and stare hard at her.

"Are you fucking with me Faith?"

Her head shakes slowly."I think it's you I'm feelin' but it doesn't change what I want." Or apparently the fact that she's not bothering to be disturbed by it."I wanna do this with ya B. I wanna fuck an' feed with ya like I never let us before."

I whimper before I can stop myself. There isn't even a pause as I slink off the bed and pull on the silk robe hanging on the hook by the door. I don't know what Faith promised our Hostess to get these swank digs for us but I'm loving the amenities. I pad down the hall looking for Denna.

I can smell her and if I close my eyes I'm pretty sure I can feel her too. Not the way I feel Faith's pulse under my skin. But like I own her. I think it's all the feedings. It's bonded me to her in a way I've never heard about before. Her head pokes out of a doorway just as I turn down her hall.

"Buffy...I thought you were there." You know what I like about this girl? Great customer service. She's always coming with a smile. I curl a hand around her neck lightly and lean in for the kind of kiss that wins porn awards."Okay. I'm happy you're back from work too."

It's genuine. I can feel it. She was waiting for us. I lean in to her body and take in her scent. It's a habit of Faith's that I'm learning to enjoy. Mmm. Clean."You didn't fuck anyone else today." Denna shakes her head and bats big eyes at me from under long lashes.

"I asked The Lady not to put me on the floor. I wanted to be fresh for you and Faith." It's like she knew tonight would be different. Special. I slip my hand between her legs in a teasing caress.

"Warm." She smiles letting her lids drop with a purr."And wet. Thinking about us?" I like that she nods almost too quickly to keep me from pausing. Well. Too bad. Faith doesn't like to be kept waiting and if I stand here touching her for much longer we won't make it back to our room.

As a vampire my impulse control is a little shaky. Which is what makes it nearly impossible for us to get back to the room. I had to keep stopping for little nibbles and nips and gropes. I want Denna ready for this. Ready for us.

Faith is already kneeling on the bed, cock at the ready when we finally make it in. I pant at the sight and let the robe slip from my shoulders as I stalk to her and collapse to my knees."Took ya long enough."

"My bad." I wrap my lips around the thick shaft and swallow her down in one long slow move. "Promise to make it up to you." I love the way Faith groans and tangles her hand in my hair. We stare at each other while I suck and tug at her cock. Faith's hips jerk impatiently and I know she's not going to be able to hold back for long.

I could make her come right here right now. But it's too soon for me. I want to feel her heart thundering against her ribs when she comes. I want to be chest to chest with her so I can remember what it's like to feel my own heart beat. So it can wait. I pull back despite her disappointed whine.

"Patience is a virtue Faith."

She flips me off for that but she doesn't have an answer for Denna when she takes that finger and slowly sucks it. Way to jump in the game. I grin and let her push herself between me and Faith.

I miss the raging fire of Faith's body but I won't complain about the soft warmth of Denna's smooth back against my chest. My cold hard nipples makes goosebumps rise on her skin and it sets off all kinds of nice tingles along my sensitive flesh.

Oooh. Growly. I can feel the rumble as if vibrates through us all. Faith and I take our time mapping our girl's body with clever hands and long wet kisses. She feels so good quivering between us as we thrust in to her together, filling and stretching her.

Over the sound of Denna's wail when we bite down on either side of her neck, I can hear the chest deep rumble of a muffled howl. Power slaps against me with the force of a tsunami but I grip them both tighter and ride the wave even as I drink it down. If Faith were playing me she wouldn't go this far would she? She wouldn't pretend to be okay with eating that guy and now this would she?

But my doubts are washed away when Faith pulls her head back from Denna's neck and her long tongue slides over the sticky red wet covering her chin. I mewl at her, getting her attention and we kiss sharing the heat so willingly given to us. Denna's weight between us keeps us anchored to the here and now. Faith moves more gently than I thought she would given her frame of mind, and pulls her hand free.

Faith starts to pick up the limp body of our consort but I slap her hands away feeling somehow that the responsibility should be mine. It's confusing but I'm starting to realize that my feelings can be remembered and felt again. If I want them. I don't have to be ruled by them but I don't have to be terrified of them either. Denna snuggles up sleepily on the bed when I tuck her in.

Don't get me wrong. There's still a very large part of me that thinks it would be funny to hurt her because I know she'd crawl back to me over broken glass. But there's also this stupid niggling little part that tells me I don't want her to hurt. Too much. Before I can turn back around to face Faith she's got her arm wrapped around my waist, pressing her toy hard against my ass.

"Want ya B. Want ya now." Oh like I have a fucking problem with that. I have even less of a problem with the way she kicks my legs open wider before she slams in to me in one wild hard thrust. The sudden movement stings in the best way and I thrash back against her wanting more. Wanting it harder. Faster.

Fuck it. I want her. I've always wanted her. And now that I have her, in just about every way I want her, I'll never let anyone take us away from each other."Faster Lover..."

Take us to the edge faster. Fast as your Slayer strength can take us. The sound of our bodies meeting in a barely controlled frenzy plays counterpoint to our grunts and whimpers. The satin sheets shred in my grip as we fall over together in bliss. I'm really starting to enjoy getting those howls out of her.

Faith barely manages to get her weight off me before she wedges me between her and Denna. Anywhere else and I'd feel like I was left out in the cold but here I can bask in the living, breathing adoration that they have for me. That's all a girl could ask for right?

Oh. And a really big dick to fuck her girlfriends with. Which is my last thought before the crushing weight of the sun saps the last of my energy and puts me to sleep.



Chapter Ten

"So what'd they say?" I keep my eyes on Buffy as she gets her gear ready for work. Her movements slow as she focuses on me. See. This afternoon when we all woke up she just dropped this lil bomb on me. You'd think she'd have mentioned work before play but no. That's not Buffy anymore. 

"They said nothing. I didn't talk to them. I told our little friend that we'd talk to them together." Oh. Well now I feel like an asshole for thinkin' she left me outta shit. Buffy's arms cross over her chest as she gives me a mild glare. "You don't trust me." 

Shit. I sigh an' shove a towel in to my duffel bag. "It's not that B. I trust ya. It's just that this is important." I cringe the second it comes outta my mouth. I already know that Buffy's not gonna like me reminding her of what we gotta do. 

"Okay. I'm not going to get mad. Nope. I'm just going to take a few deep breaths and try to focus. Oh wait. I DON'T BREATHE!" Fuck. Buffy shoves my shoulders, sendin' me flyin' back against the hard wall. Ow. I growl softly and let my body drop in to a wary crouch before her. Another move like that an' I'm takin' her down in one pounce. "This job is important, Xander is important. But guess who's not feeling so important Faith?" 

Seriously? This is about her ego? I open my mouth but close it with a click. I'm not sure what ta say here. "B..."

"NO! I am tired Faith. Tired of playing your stupid game and following your stupid rules. I -know- what's at stake here. I'm dead not retarded." 

"Okay okay. My bad. I'm sorry." She has no idea how hard that is for me to say. Slowly I get up from my crouch an' tug my clothes back in to place. "Look I'm just real stressed out right now. It's this stupid wolf...it's got anxiety like a motherfucker." 

Buffy's look doesn't get any warmer but she relaxes and nods. "Apology accepted. But I expect to start feeling special soon. Or we're going to have serious problems." 

I sigh and put my arms around her giving her ear a nuzzle. Human or vampire I always knew that B would be high maintenance. My lips pull back in a half smirk. "I thought I was makin' ya feel real special last night." 

"That was last night. This is a whole different day." I give her serious green eyes an intent stare. I want her ta know she's important an' why.

"Buffy, you're the most important thing in the world ta me. We wouldn't be here right now if you weren't. You know that. But this shit has ta get done right or we'll be lookin' over our shoulders until the end of forever. An' I don't wanna worry about anyone fuckin' up what we have planned." 

Finally a spark of understanding glimmers in her gaze. Buffy mewls and curls her chilled body in to mine. I shiver happily at the cool feel of her skin against mine. "So...really everything is all about me?" I chuckle at that before givin' her ear a hard nip and sendin' her on her way with a slap to the ass. 

"Yeah now hurry up. Xander can't stay in that tanker all day." She nods slightly but I catch the hesitation in it. She's still not sure about lettin' him live. When she's done packin' her stuff up I sling her bag over my shoulder before she can pick it up. "I know it bugs ya B. It bugs a part of me too. I hate loose ends." 

"Then why are we doing this?"

Here's hopin' that little tiny piece of my soul is still in there. Somewhere. "I can't kill him." Okay it's an admission I was hopin' ta avoid but now it's out there. I can't kill Xander. I've thought about it long an' hard an' the truth is he's not like the others. He doesn't belong with them. Somewhere inside me my gut is tellin' me I can trust him. Which I hope isn't just me thinkin' up reasons not ta kill him. 

"I knew it." Yeah yeah she always knows everything. "Look. If you want me to do it I will. You know I don't have any feelings about it." No? Then why does she have that lil wrinkle between her eyebrows? I wait another few seconds and hide my smirk when she starts idly playin' with a lock of her hair. 

"Okay." Buffy nearly eats shit at that. Her eyes go wide as she stares at me. "Wha? I told ya I don't like loose ends. I can't but if you can..." 

If she can bein' the operative phrase here. 

"Uh. Okay then. I'll kill him. I could go for a snack." I hope ta whoever that I'm right 'cause if I'm not I just killed her bestfriend. Buffy picks up her pace again with that new slithering grace. I think that the things that made us Slayers, all that fuckin' power, feels right at home with a demon. I think that this is who Buffy was always meant to be. Watchin' her now as we walk through the worst parts of the city I can't help but wonder if that's what I was meant to be too. 

Buffy tips her head slightly to catch the sounds of someone gettin' roughed up a couple of blocks away. I can see the faint shine of recognition when her old instincts kick in. She wants to go there. "Sounds like it's gettin' dirty somewhere B. On our turf." 

She doesn't even wait ta see if I can keep up with her. Buffy flips back an' up to reach the fire escape of a building near us. I grin an' take three runnin' steps before leaping and grabbing the rail with one hand. My body moves better than it did before 'cause there isn't even a grunt of effort when I leap up an' grab the next rail up. I glance down at Buffy on the lower level an' grunt. 

"Show off." 

Well...maybe a lil bit. She huffs an' jumps lightly reachin' for the railin'. I'm mesmerized by her body as she swings smoothly around the ladder an' slams her feet in to my chest to knock me in to the wall. I give a slight grunt but it was just a love tap. Distraction so she get a head start an' beat me to the top. I chuckle an' chase her up panting softly when we stop above an alley. 

"Took you long enough." I give her a look an shake my head. 

"Yeah well, ya only won 'cause I'm luggin' all our shit around like a fuckin' pack mule." Okay that was stupid an' we both know it but she doesn't call me on it she just drops down to the ground with a tinkling laugh. At least she's in a good mood. I look over the edge an' shrug before leapin' down. Heights never did bother me. The weight of my body crunches down the top of an old Caddy parked there. Glass sprays out at the vamps, startlin' them. 

"Once again. Show off." I smile at B as she moves in to the group of vamps and flings them off their prey. I don't do a damn thing but stay crouched on the car. Watchin'. I'm pervy that way. "Okay boys, break it up. You must be new, so lets make introductions. You are no one, I am your worst nightmare. You want to live you hunt elsewhere, this city is ours. If you don't..." Buffy glances at me an' I smile big flashin' my big sharp teeth. "I'll feed you to my girlfriend." 

They scatter and she looks down at the guy that nearly died. "Check it out B, he's hard." She gives his junk a tap with her toe and shakes her head. 

"What a waste. Now what do we do with him?" I shrug and climb off the car.

"Nothin'. Let's just leave, after that threat no one will bother this guy." Except maybe other humans too stupid to know better. But that's his fuckin' problem. I sling my arm over B's shoulders and lead her out of the alley. "Ya know B, we're changin' you an' me. We were never that fast or strong before." She nods at it and tangles her fingers with mine as we walk. 

"I know. We're better than we ever were before. Only right considering don't you think?" 

"How's that B?"

She shrugs lightly. "This isn't our old life. We aren't those people. This is a whole different world now." Oh. I nod at that. I guess she's right. The old rules don't apply anymore. 

"We're not the only ones that are different now." She gives me a curious look but doesn't say anything. "Xander is...more than he was. Not quite sure what he did but he's not just a clumsy human. He's fast and he's strong." 

"I thought as much. There is no way he would have gotten a cross in my face before." She grumbles softly about that but I know she's not as pissed as she pretends to be. Not really. "And for that matter why the face? Why not anywhere else but the face?" Okay maybe she is pissed off still. 

"You healed up okay B." She gives me a look as we climb the rusty metal stairs to the deck of the ship. "Little bit of Denna's blood, gettin' ta stay all nice an' warm between us as you slept...not a bad way ta get better if ya ask me." 

She gives me another of those looks before pushing in to the interior and heading down to the cargo area. "Well it wasn't your face that got burned now was it?" Point. "Either way the worm is going to pay for that." Oh boy. I was hopin' her focus had shifted from that but I guess not. I follow her down but stop when my instincts warn me. I reach out an' yank Buffy back before she can get too far.

"Hold up....somethin' is wrong." I sniff at the air, searchin' the shadows of the catwalk and stairs for movement. None. I glance down at the cage and growl. "He's out." 

"How the hell did he get out? I couldn't even get out." Good question. I take the lead, leavin' our bags there. I'm nearly to the foot of the stairs when Xander pops out from behind a shippin' container with a make shift cross. 

"Hey guys." 

I sigh and look at the locked door of the cage. Huh. I flick my eyes to him and note the fact that he's naked. "You mind puttin' on some pants there bucko? An' put that cross away while you're at it." 

He flushes a deep red and cups himself with one hand still not givin' up the cross. "Sorry about the pants. I didn't have time to get them through the bars before you came back. Silly me for thinking safety first and making this cross." 

Buffy mutters and pushes past me to get right up close to that cross. It's buggin' her because she vamps out but she shifts back quickly and shakes her head. "I don't know how you managed to get that cross blessed but if you don't put it down right now Faith is going to kick your ass in to a new shape." I am? I look at her then him. 

He puts the cross down warily before Buffy backs off. She gives me a martyred sigh and shakes her head. "I can't do it either." I'd sigh in relief but I'm afraid ta let her know that I was hopin' she couldn't. "Crap. We have to let him live." Xander sighs in relief and moves to get his pants from between the bars. 

"Great. That's good. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use that water you left as a weapon. I'm parched." Buffy blinks at him as he gulps down the water from the bottle I left. 

"Holy water?" 

"It's amazing what fifty bucks and the internet can do for a guy." I raise my brows. "Reverend Alexander LaVelle Harris at your service." I hafta laugh at that. Buffy just grumbles some more but she's impressed. Even I can tell that. "So. Okay. I'm liking the whole 'can't kill him' thing and I am in no way complaining here but does someone want to tell me why?" 

I think he knows that Buffy was coming here with the intention of dealin' with him. Buffy shrugs and settles on to the table to let her legs swing idly. "Long story short I'm having a few issues with my supposed lack of soul." There's a note in her voice that makes me want to look at her but I don't 'cause I know she'll see that I've been hiding shit from her. "I'm sure it'll all get explained to me. Soon." Uh oh. I swallow hard at that but hey I could be dead right now an' I'm not. 

Xander waits a beat before nodding. "Okay. So....Buffy...you look...dead. How's that working out for you?"

"Pretty well actually. Speaking of make-overs...you're new." She sniffs the air almost delicately. "What'd you do to yourself?"

It's somethin' I've been wonderin' myself. My gaze falls on Xander's tall frame, noting the patches of old pink scars that I don't remember him havin'. His spine pulls straight and he shrugs as if it's nothin'.

"Learned a few tricks. A little magic, vitamins, plenty of exercise." I stare him down an' his shoulders slump. "Let's just say that I traded something I had plenty of for a little of something I had none of." That doesn't even make sense. Buffy rolls her eyes at him, not likin' the way he's hiding things. I guess it's fair all things considered but a part of me doesn't like it much. And that part has fangs and fur and a really bad attitude when I'm hungry. Like now. A rumbling growl rips from my chest as I back Xander in to a corner and yank his head to the side so I can sniff him a good one. I sneeze to clear out my nose and sniff again. Rodent.

But not rat. I know what rat smells like, there are enough of them scurrying around the tanker. This is something else. Musky. The sensation of fur along my palms makes my hackles rise and I shove Xander away from me roughly. He's startin' ta smell like lunch. "Weasel."

"Yes we know that but what is he?" 

"Hey I prefer Mustela putorius furo. Or. Ferret." Buffy blinks once and turns to me for confirmation. I guess that's what ferret smells like. I shrug and she sighs. A nice long suffering one. 

"Whatever. Now what?" Good question. One I don't have an answer for. All I know is that neither of us wants ta kill him. Okay I take that back. Probably Buffy wants to kill him. She just can't bring herself too. 

"Now you tell me what's going on so we can go bust in on the bad guys and kick some ass." My brows come up in question. Okay so maybe I've been running the show here for awhile but that doesn't mean that Buffy doesn't have some ideas. I hope she has some anyway. 

"Wrong. Faith and I bust in on the bad guys. You...I'm not sure yet." 

His face falls because this isn't what he expected. But then the woman he thought he loved once isn't here. I get the feelin'. It's like a real kick in the balls. "Hold up B. Let's think this through." It's a fuckin' shame when I gotta be the one that's thinkin' shit through. "Xander knows shit we don't. He's fresh from the Slayer Factory. Right?" 

We both turn to him expectantly. Xander nods too quickly hopin' to get Buffy's resolve to weaken. "So he can tell us what to expect from them...okay I'll buy it. I don't trust it entirely but I'd rather know than not." I nod my head and Xander clears his throat. 

"In an effort to remain alive and appear trustworthy I should probably tell you that HQ Central is planning an attack on the city." That's news to me. Xander could have let that shit slip earlier. I frown at him and he shrugs me off. Asshole. "When word came down the line that a bunch of Slayers had been turned Giles sort of...freaked. A little." 

Giles? Freaked? Does not fuckin' compute. "He didn't."

"Oh but he did."

Why do I feel like I'm missin' something. "That's...he wouldn't be that stupid."

"Oh yeah? Then why did he send Faith after you?" Silence. Okay now I know for sure I'm missin' something. 

"Okay what the fuck is going on?" Guess that's what I get for not tellin' Buffy everything right from the start. 

"Giles has lost his mind. He's going to level the whole city." But...why? 

"He thinks this is a Hellmouth. And he's going to close it. Permanently." Motherfucker. He's gonna take out the city because Buffy died. And I was supposed ta be here when it blew. MOTHERFUCKER. We don't have time for this shit. 


So Giles has finally flipped his wig. Great. Not the news I wanted today but everything else is turning to shit so why not that? I glance to my left to watch Xander loping along beside us with unusual animal grace. There is something deep down, some spark of that stupid humanity that wants to cry for him. Cry for the boy I knew. Cry for the fragile human and his pain at my loss. The other parts, the demony parts want to throw a party and bathe in his blood. Decisions decisions. I look over at Faith and smile at the way shadows slide across her skin like oil slicks with every move of her body. 

Giles would take that from me. And for once the human and demon parts of me are in perfect agreement. No one is taking her from me. No one. "Uh guys..." Xander slows down his jog and darts quietly in to an alley. We follow, hiding ourselves in the dark from curious eyes. "Before I follow you in to a mess...what exactly is the plan?"

"The plan, as I see it is to exact a little fucking retribution. They did kill me afterall." Faith bites her lip to keep from smirking but I can tell that she really wants to. I give her my best 'eat shit' look but it's too much for her and she coughs out a chuckle. "It's not funny! Death is murder on your complexion."

So much for stoic companions. I flip them both off before pushing in to the club. Fuck them. besides. I know Faith. And I know Xander. They're just going to fall in line behind me like good little soldiers. I smile when I feel them follow me in. I catch Tommy's eye and saunter over to him. He folds his newspaper carefully, warily. Good. He's cautious. He should be. Not that it'll do him any good. "Tommy."

"Who's that?"

I look over my shoulder at Xander standing to Faith's side. If I hadn't spent so much time with him I might have seen him the way Tommy did. But the truth is I never saw Xander as anything. Not really a man, not really a boy. Definitely not a lover. Too much of an ass to be a brother, not enough of a saint to be my confessor. No, Xander always defied generalizations. But as I look at him now, in the dim light and smokey interior I see a man. A threatening one when he wants to seem so at that. 

"I don't ask you who you fuck do I?" 

He raises a shoulder at that and gestures with his lit cigar to the manager's office. His mean eyes narrow at me and he grunts. "Whores first." God, I'd really love to punch his face out of the back of his head. Instead I straight arm the door open and cross my arms sullenly over my chest. I can tell by the sub audible growl coming from Faith that she's not pleased. A fact that makes me smile. Tommy kicks the corner of a rug up to show the trap door down. How predictable. Tommy waits for me to go down the rabbit hole but he's out of his mind if he thinks I'm going down there first. 
"Age before beauty." Okay so it wasn't that snappy of a come back. I don't care. I just don't want to be first. It's not fear. It's wisdom. Tommy hesitates just a bit too long for Xander's liking and gets shoved down the hole. I look up at my childhood chum and raise a brow. 

"He took too long." I think that's something we all agree on. I leap down after Tommy, knowing that Faith and Xander are right behind me. There's something to be said about having backup. Not that I'm overly worried for my personal wellbeing. I'm dead already. Still. I don't want to be dust dead. The hard packed dirt shocks my feet on landing but it doesn't slow me. Hell, I barely notice it. I'm more interested at the small folding table surrounded by men in wife beaters playing cards. This is the infamous Bowery Boys Cellar? This? I glance at Faith and snort.

"You gotta be kiddin' me." 

Well crap. This is going to be too easy. I was hoping for a little bit of a challenge. The men look over at us but well...this is just lame. I can't even bring myself to be a little afraid. "Xander..." A hard snap and a yelp causes me to look over at Tommy. Xander has his arm bent at an awkward angle behind the man's back. Well. That's new. Kind of exciting even. Good boy. 

"No one leaves alive." 

I don't even have to see Faith's smile to know it's there. We'll kill them all and then we'll take over. If this city stands even angel's breath of chance against an army of Slayers it's going to need help. I realize that this might seem counter productive for me seeing as how I could go up in flames with the rest of the city's inhabitants. And really I don't know why I want to help. I don't know these people and most of them are lunch not...real people. So why am I tearing in to a pack of screaming, slobbering men?

Because even as a vampire...I know my destiny.





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