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Chapter Eleven

Probably that could have gone better. Or worse. I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that it is a bitch an' a half ta get blood outta your hair without showering. It's not so bad for me, bein' that my hair is dark but B is havin'  a hell of a time. "Would you look at this? My hair!" Xander drops his head ta hide his grin while he helps me drag bodies and various parts in to the corner.  "That's it. I need a shower." We don't exactly have time for that but who's around ta get pissy with us? Not any bosses that's for damn sure. I kick a hand in to the pile with a grunt.

"Gonna need ta get rid of this before someone else finds it." Buffy stops pickin' gore outta her hair to give me a look. Okay fine. I'll get rid of the bodies and she can go shower. Besides. I think she kinda likes the scent of blood on me. It's gotta be like perfume or somethin'. "We'll meet you back here in time ta take the last show of the night." Dunno why. It's not like we need ta work the stage now but if I'm really honest here I'll admit I get a kick outta all those people wantin' me so bad. Wantin' but not havin'.  I like having everyone's eyes on me an' Buffy, like the thought of them fantasizin' about all the nasty fuckin' things we do to each other. It revs my engine ya know?

"Xander can help you. Can't you Xander?" She turns those big eyes on him an' bats her lashes just like she always used ta. Only this time it doesn't have quite the same effect on him anymore. Xander narrows his eyes an' crosses his arms over his chest in defiance.

"Oh sure, when there's bodies to clean up it's all 'be nice to Xander' but it's a whole different story if you're hungry. There should be a union for this kind of thing. Slave labor I tell you."

It takes her a second to realize he's just fuckin' with her. It's that second that I'm holdin' my breath because you just never know how Buffy's gonna react ta things anymore. Her temper is a little short and her humor is a lil sick. It's a bad combo for human but for a vampire it's hell. Look at me. Not that long ago I was chuckin' overboard, sick to my soul over feedin' a vamp. Now I'm killing for one. And so is Xander. I glance over at him stretchin' his back after the heavy lifting. Nah. We're not doin' all this for a vampire. We're doin' it for Buffy.

"Actually I got one better for ya Xand. With Tommy gone it's gonna be fuckin' insane up there. Gonna need ya to cover the floor, make sure no one finds out what went down in here." He nods solemnly at me an' heads up the stairs to the main floor. When he's gone I pin Buffy with my look an' sigh. "So the old man has really lost it huh?"

"Majorly. I mean I always knew that was the fail safe for any Hellmouth that's gone Defcon One but I didn't think he'd consider this one of those times. This Hellmouth isn't really a Hellmouth." I nod at that. I think it's more about burying anythin' that might have ta do with Buffy bein' dead. It's hard ta believe that Willow would let Giles do this but I'm not too sure she's got much of a say in it. "I hate to be all goody two shoes about it but we can't let that happen Faith."

Yeah I know what she means. I nod once and dig in my breast pocket for a cigarette. "Nah, I don't suppose we can. Course…we put up any kind of fight an' they're gonna know who they're dealin' with." And that flushes all our plans of runnin' off in to the sunset together. We'll never make it free an' clear of them if they know we're still alive. I don't plan on lookin' out for the hit squad forever either. Fuck.

"Mmm. You have a point." I nearly jump at the cool breath of air on my shoulder. I hate when she sneaks up on me like that. "New perfume?" I knew it. It's the blood. I smirk at the way she's got her face pressed against my back, her hands roamin' all over me.

"I think it's blood." That doesn't bother her any.

"Smell good…" Wha? She gonna go all Cave Buffy on me now? Now that's a scary thought. A vampire cave slayer. I shudder mostly at that but a lil bit from the icy chill of Buffy's hands on the bare skin of my belly. She keeps it up an' she won't be havin' a shower anytime soon. "So what do you propose we do here?" That would be the question of the hour. I'm findin' I'm havin' a lot of those.

"Dunno B. Kinda all out of plans at the moment. What about you? Got any ideas?" I'm hopin' she does beyond getting me naked. But…I'm not positive since she's running her fangs over the shell of my ear and purring. Cripes.

"Yes." Great. I'm all ears.


"And I told you. I'm taking a shower, and then we're going to meet up for the last show of the night. Hrm. Maybe something to snack on before we go home." Right. I take a deep breath gearin' myself up to make a point but she huffs an' tightens her grip around my waist. "What's the matter Faith? That chunk of soul you stuck me with not enough for you?" Her grip gets painfully tight and the tips of her sharp fangs dig in to the soft skin just below the corner of my jaw. It's a killing blow if she bites me.

"Sorry B, didn't know that was part of the hide an' go seek deal until it was done." I can feel the hairs on my arm rise. I'm not really prepared for them ta start growin' but there ya have it. Not a lot. Just a baby fine fuzz of fur. Yeah.

"You stuck me with a fucking soul Faith. I should kill you for that." But she's not. An' I don't think it's the soul that's stoppin' her. No I think it's somethin' else.

"What's stoppin' ya Buffy? 'Cause it ain't the soul." She snarls and pulls back roughly leaving me a little breathless. And a lot turned on.

"If I kill you Xander will cry. And then I'll have to kill him. But of course since you gave me a FUCKING SOUL…I'll probably feel guilty and then I'll mope around like Angel did." I warned her. I fuckin' warned her never ta mention his fucking name. Before I know what I'm doin' I've got her pinned under me in the dirt an' blood. The scent of it touchin' off all kinds of images in my mind. Most of them are of the moon and the fragrant dark churned earth under my paws as I run.

"I'll toss your ass right in to the middle of the street at high fuckin' noon, B. I. AM. NOT. FUCKING WITH YOU!!" The shout turns to a bellowing growl. The impulse is too strong ta fight and I bring my head down in a vicious attack. Only to get a grill full of Buffy's marble hard knuckles. My head snaps back but it's not enough to push me off her and I go back in for a strike that would have hit it's mark if Buffy hadn't gotten her forearm up in time. I crunch down on the flesh and bone with a satisfying snarl. I barely even notice her cry out 'cause I'm so fuckin' wound up. But I do notice when she flings me halfway across the cellar and scoots back craddlin' her arm. We stare at each other from across the room silently. Okay me, less silently since I can't seem ta stop growlin'.

Buffy's eyes loose that brilliant gleam of power as she stares hard. "Okay..." She's tryin' ta figure out how to negotiate with me now that I'm clearly off my fuckin' rocker. Fat drops of sluggish, lazy blood slide down from her torn arm to drip off her elbow. I watch them with an intensity reserved for prey. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. "Faith?" My eyes slide from the blood to her face causing another deep rumble from my chest. "I didn't mean to." Not the same as bein' sorry but I guess it's all I'm gonna get. I shake it off and uncurl from my crouch. 

"Go take your fucking shower." I hafta be careful when I turn my back on her. The last thing I want is a pissed off vampire tackling me to the ground. "I'll deal with this." There's silence an' I think she's left me until I feel the cool kiss of air at my back. Not touchin'. No that'd be a mistake right now. But there. Lettin' me know she's right behind me. As if I couldn't smell the pain and fear on her. Now who's scared of the big bad monsters? "You don't wanna go there B."

"Yeah. I really do. I really want to get under your skin and pick apart every part of you I can find." I whirl on her but she doesn't so much as twitch. "I want to break you and take you. But not like this. Truce?" 

Just so long as I know what I'm in for. I roll my eyes at her and shake my head. "Ya can't just call truce and expect it to be okay Buffy. I fuckin' told you not to ever..."

"Yeah yeah I get that. No mentioning dark, broody and boring. Seriously. You're going to have to get over that. I'm not pushing it right now because as you can see, I'm not in tip top shape at the moment. But this isn't over. Not by a long shot." 

I dunno. That kinda worries me. Buffy as a vampire is more patient than I thought she could be. Probably it's some sadistic kick to wait me out knowin' I'll be tense waiting for her. Fuck. I open my mouth to say something. Anything. Just ta fix it before she goes but her strong hands grip my hair pullin' me to her in a furious kiss. Her tongue swipes over my lips, cleanin' away the sticky coating of her blood. I know it should cool me down, with her cold and pressed against me but I'm hotter now than I ever was before. Burnin' practically. An' it's all for her. For the blood and the fight that's between us. The fight that's always been between us. I pull away after her final swipe over my lower lip but she catches me with a hard nip that spills blood over and down my chin. 

She licks that clean too, holdin' me in place against a support pillar firmly. Like a cat groomin' someone. "B."

"Shut up." Okay. My arms wrap around her body, keepin' her close. Fuck it. If she's gonna kill me I'll probably let her. That's sick right? But what can I say? I'm not over Buffy. I'll never be over Buffy. An' a big part of me just wishes I could let her have her way. I'm not over you B, can I get back under? As she drags my body down to the musky hard packed earth I know the answer. "You and me Faith. Right here." 

Right here is forever.



I didn't expect that. I mean. A part of me knew that if I pushed her too much she'd snap on me. Faith doesn't have the best control on a good day. And we've been in short supply of good days this week. But I didn't think her attack would be so vicious. Or so swift. The wrongness of it makes me feel…afraid. I haven't been afraid very much since the big K.O. but the look on her face when she tore in to my arm was enough to make me feel vulnerable. That's not something I like and I had to assert my dominance a little.

God, she smells good. The strands of her thick hair wind themselves around my fingers as I grip and pull her to me. As if I could pull her close enough to merge us in to one. The heat of her surges from her lips to mine as I hungrily claim the blood she stole from me. The blood cold and dead just like me. And it's not enough. It'll never be enough for me. Every second with Faith will never be enough for me. I know this and when she pulls away I bite down, slicing her lip open.

The slight whimpering hiss starts a cold fire down my spine as I drink her down with quick wet swipes of my tongue. The fall of blood teasing me in to a fit as I lap and suck her chin. "B." Not now.

"Shut up." Faith quivers at my touch as I drag her down to the ground and straddle her waist. My hands finding all of her curves in the gloomy dark. "You and me Faith. Right here." Right now. Just us. There's nothing and no one, dead or alive that can take this from us. Take her from me. Nothing that can take me away from her. I peel away Faith's clothes with breathless anticipation. Neat trick considering. But if I don't have her soon, if I can't have her now, I'll freeze to stone and death.

Her scent rises like heat waves and I'm drawn to her body and all it's secret places. Faith's breath hitches as I trail my fingers along the fine fur along her forearms. It's just as soft and silky as I thought it would be. I should be disturbed but I'm not. I just crave her more this way. My head dips to her body, tongue sliding in a slow swirl around her clit. It hardens and swells under the pressure of my tongue causing me to hum out a soft moan. Her hands tangle in my hair as she arches off the ground, meeting me halfway. Blood rises to the surface of her skin, and I can smell it.

So thick with power. Rich and wild. Just like every other part of Faith. Boom. Ba. Boom. I love the way her heart's crazy staccato urges on, begging me to bleed her. Free her. My fangs lengthen, stroking oh so carefully when she stiffens under me. I think it took her until now to realize what a compromising position she's in. But it's a position she's not getting out of anytime soon. At least. Not until I'm ready to let her out of it. It takes a lot of effort to force my hunger for her down enough to will away the gold from my eyes. They must be shifting and changing because the light around us is different. Thicker and closer than it was before, covering us like a blanket.

Faith meets my eyes and for that flicker of a second I can tell that she'd happily die in my arms. But it's only a second and her body shifts and bucks at my teasing strokes. Boom. Ba. Boom. Ba. Boom. Boom. The tug and pull of her scent is calling me closer and deeper than I've ever been with anyone else. The razor sharp edge of my fang slices a thin line in her hot swollen flesh. She gasps out and I lower my mouth to her, soothing as much as teasing the nectar from her body.

It's hot like battery acid and I drink it down hoping it burns me to ashes so I can go up in flames with her. Is this how it's supposed to be? Fire and ice and pain and pleasure all rolled in to one? Am I supposed to hate her or love her? Truthfully. It's both. I hate how much she makes me feel. How much love I understand. I hate that I can't stop having her near me. And I'm afraid. Afraid she'll remember who she really is and what she was born to do. But I'm far more afraid that she'll walk away from me. I'm not ready for that. I don't know that I'll ever be ready for that. And as I move up Faith's body, freeing rivulets of blood from various bites and nips, I know that she'll have to kill me before she can leave me.

Because I'll find her. And I'll break her in every way I possibly can. And then I'll kill her. And that would be the end of me. One way or another being without her is a death I can't deal with. Faith's strong arms come up around me, raking her clawed hands down my back. It's a pain so exquisite I nearly come. Oh God. I rock against her just for the brief friction before pushing her thighs wide and sink myself in to her as deep as I possibly can. The prickling edge of hunger rising to the surface in me. I can feel her respond to it and I thrust harder and faster.

I'm not the only one unable to control my demon. Her eyes blink once at me in the dark before bleeding to burning black marbles. It makes my pussy quiver in anticipation. All that wild fierce energy focused on me. A girl couldn't ask for more. Of course I always do. But that's because I want it all and Faith just keeps spoiling me. It's a good way to handle things. Our bodies slide together from the trickles of blood and sweat, making the stale dirt under us cling to our skin in muddy dark smudges.

Faith's rumbling moan makes me rear my head back. There's that one moment of time where her gaze catches me and holds me. And then she closes her eyes, lips pulled back in a nearly serene surrendering smile. And I bite. Right in to the supple flesh of her neck. My fangs sink in as deeply as my fingers, opening Faith up to me in a way she never has with anyone else. That's how I know it's real, this thing we have. I may not have been the first to bite her but I'm the only one she'd willingly give it up for. I know that as sure as I know that it's her soul sitting in my gut. Her soul that's singing with tension and lust, driving me insane with want and need.

She gave me the only thing she ever had to give. And I took it, like I'm taking her blood and body. I'm making it all mine now. Faith's head tips back hard in the ground and she howls out her orgasm as her body quakes violently in my arms. God, it burns so good. So hot. The strong throbbing pulse of blood fills my mouth faster than I can drink it down and can feel the brush of fur where there hadn't been any before. I look down. Patches of soft black fur dot her body and I grin. She's not like anything we've ever come across before. Not human, not quite werewolf, not really Slayer. But then I'm not like anything that has ever been around before either.

And I'm reminded of it when Faith bites in to my shoulder, locking us together even more intimately than before. I could die happily like this if I wasn't already dead. We roll, Faith straddling me with a low growl of determination. I allow it because she's not being dominant, she's letting me top her from the bottom. And it's gooood. Her teeth release me as her head goes back again, mouth open and panting as she rides me as hard as she can.

Her body pulling and sucking me deeper until rest my thumb on her clit, causing another wild orgasm to rip through her and in turn…me. I arc back in the dirt and snarl out my own release before we collapse in on each other. I think if either of us were human we wouldn't have survived the frenetic pace of our fucking. "Damn B…"

You said it sister.




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