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Part 9

"Wait…Faith just wait" I push my hands against her shoulders before she gets a chance to start the pleasurable journey southwards.

"What? No time for a little foreplay?" She wiggles her eye brows.

I move from under her and sit on the side of the bed "It isn't that"

"Straight to the shower then?" She is a blur of arms and legs as she heads to my ensuite pulling her bed clothes off.


She stops mid panty fling and looks at me.

"Aren't you the least bit curious…disturbed…How can you just be all so…"

"Me?" She quirks an eyebrow.

"No…even the you before would be all with the questions"

"The me before what?"

"Ah hello the mind control bizzo"

She frowns "Mind control bizzo? Twinkie did you bump your head on patrol last night?"

"You just said not even 2 minutes ago after I hung up the phone"

"The phone?"

"Would you stop answering me with questions. You woke me up, I pinched you then you called me a doofus, you tickled me and the phone rang, we were summoned downstairs and you mentioned you had built up an immunity to the mind control but we had been out of it for two days because of the mojo Willow had worked and then you heading for the shower because we decided to before we went down to see Giles"

"First off there was no pinching or name calling or tickling…you were getting the customized Faith Lehane wake up call, Secondly there was no phone call summoning us anywhere, Thirdly mind control and Willow
mojo…what the? And the shower thing, you hate being late speshly when we have been ya know…We have the debriefing in soul boy's office after last nights take down of the wicked ugly dudes in south central"

"We fought them a-" I stop and look around…I am in the apartment I had before We were moved in to Wolfram and Hart.

"Last night, you almost had your hand sliced in half, if it weren't for Angel it would be all wicked gross and green right now for sure"

I looked down at my hand and see the remnants of a huge cut. The jagged scar that had faded months ago was back, glowing red mocking me I'm sure.

"B, baby are you okay?" She comes and kneels in front of me.

I put my head in my hands and rest my elbows on my knees "I don't know"

"Are you sure you didn't knock your head last night?"

"Yeah" I look at her "We should get ready"

"What aren't you telling me?"

"I don't know, I think maybe I need to talk to Willow first"

"Of course ya do" She gets up "Gotta make sure Red knows before anyone else does"

"Don't get pissed off Faith…what I have to explain is a lot and Willow knows about what I have to explain…well at least I think she does anyway"

"You are freaken unbelievable Buffy, you have us sneak around and hide us and then when we do get caught by the houlier than though Willow you play it off as a one off hungry and horny moment…Are you and Red…Are you with her?"

"NO! Me and Willow no…that would be…well just plain wrong. I just need to talk to her before I talk to you and you think I am crazy"

"I already think you are crazy, now I think you are cheating on me.

I'd prefer to just think the first one"

"You think I am crazy?"

"Please everyone we are associated with is some kinda crazy including us"

"I am sooo not crazy"

"That is sooo not the point" She say mocking me "You avoiding me in preference of Red is"

"There is no preference what so ever for Willow, my Sapphic side has only ever had eyes for you"

"Well fucking talk to me. Despite the secret meetings and clandestine fucking this isn't some kinda fling for me B"

"I kinda knew that when we actually did this thing more than once and since when did you use words like clandestine"

"If you paid attention in meetings rather than starting at my ass or tits you'd know that I know all kindsa big words"

"I don't always stare" I say crossing my arms over my chest.

"True, most days you space out thinking of me throwing your legs over my shoulders and eating your juicy little pussy till you pass out"

I get up off the bed "You are so vulgar"

"That's how ya want it though Twinkie…you only let it go so far before you are pushing me away again. It is the classic Buffy/Faith pattern only this time sex was involved"

"Hey I wasn't the only one who did the pushing away"

"I haven't pushed you away for a long time B, cried out for help on more than one occasion"

"Bullshit, do you want me to name all the occasions you the non pusher have pushed?"

"No, I wanna know what is so important that you can't tell me before Willow!"

"Last night happened months ago only I didn't wake up about to get to a trip to happy town…in fact I didn't go to sleep at all. Angel did help me with my hand but you came in and saw way more than what was
going on, chucked the shits and took off. I spent hours looking for you then eventually went back to your place to wait for you…only you never came back. I didn't see you again until a week or so ago when you came running out of a building in a yellow sundress and blue shrug cardigan"

"I would never wear a dress…let alone blue with yellow"

"I know. You had been missing for months when I ran in to you…you had no idea who you were or why you were in the building you were toting a gun and also no idea why. I took you to Angel's and long story short
it turns out you had been working for an organization called The Dollhouse. They take human volunteers…wipe their memories and hire them out to people" I stopped as tear stung my eyes.

"You are telling me I went AWOL for a coupla months?"

"Not awol, there is more, a lot of more"

"Well ya better start talking Twinkie cause until ya do no calling Willow and no Scooby meeting"

"Okay but do you think maybe you could…clothes" I point out her nakedness.

"Yeah" She grins "Won't have much talking being done with me like this"

"No" I give a half hearted smile as she goes over to my dresser to pull out some clean clothes.



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