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Part 10

"Are you shitting me B?" Faith says pacing behind my couch.

"No" I move so I am kneeling on the couch but facing her

"It is so far fetched"

"Really? After all the things we have seen and done.Is it that far fetched?"

"Why would Angel…I thought he and I were tight"

"None of us had any idea he felt that way.He left because we couldn't be together all those years ago and then when he came during the battle with the first I told him I wasn't ready"

"And then he finds out about us"

"It wasn't like you and I happened right away Fai.There has been nearly 3 years between that conversation and me falling in love with you"

"Yeah but in that little chat of yours did you elude to he and you getting jiggy with it again?"

"All I remember is saying I was cookies and I wasn't done baking and I knew I wasn't ready to be eaten"

She stops pacing and quirks her eyebrow

"In a metaphorical sense"

"Yeah but to a guy they would have heard she wants me to eat her…metaphorically"

"You are so totally thinking about eating me right now"

"Cause I think like a guy!" She grins at me, a grin that promises no good!

"I need to talk to Willow" I start changing the subject before we end up naked on the couch "When I first woke up this morning I was in a different apartment about to head off to a meeting but in the time it took you to start necking me I was catapulted 4 months back in to the past without even noticing it"

"It happened to both of us"

I flop back on to the couch, frustrated beyond belief.

Standing in the elevator as we make our way to the floor that I hope holds all the answers to the last 24 hours or the last 4 months.

"When this is all sorted remind me to ask Angel to change this fucking elevator music would you" Faith muses.

"You still going to be talking to him?"

"He hasn't done anything apart from his job B"

I start to get upset and begin my protest but she pulls me in to a hug

"He bugs the elevators" She whispers softly so I only I can hear her "Keeping it all about last night"

I put my arms around her and rest my head on her shoulder "I missed you" I whisper softly trying to hold back tears

"I'm right here"

I pull back and look at her as the tears silently fall

"Princess" She softly smiles and wipes the tears from my face.

Suddenly a thought occurs to me and I pull myself out of her embrace.

"What?" She frowns

"Weren't you pissed last night when you saw me with Angel?"

She sighs "At first yeah…he looked like he was all up in your business but then Red came along and talked me out of the bottle of Jack and self pity rant and I headed back to yours to see how you were and to apologize for the freak out"

"Willow found you?"

The light bulb goes off in her head as well and leans back in to me to whisper

"She wasn't around last time was she?"

I shake my head in response putting my arms back around her.She kisses the top of my head

"It's gonna be okay, B."




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