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Know Who I Am

by Salix


Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss, Mutant etc etc
Summary: This is basically a rewrite of season three. Faith's watcher wasn't killed by Kakistos, or however his name is spelled. She was killed by a regular vampire, but Faith makes her way to Sunnydale anyway. Buffy wants to know more about her, but Faith is reluctant to let her in. Suspicious that Faith is hiding something, the senior slayers sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. But is she better off not knowing what the mysterious slayer is trying to keep from everyone?



Chapter One

It’s been about two weeks since my new little sister popped into my life. She’s been a total pain in my ass. I mean, who does she think she is just waltzing in here with her tall tales, and her big ego, and her massive amount of cleavage? It’s all bull if you ask me. But you didn’t.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but I’m not. I swear I’m not. I just got back from LA after going AWOL on everybody, and things were finally getting back to normal. Then miss alligator wrestler had to come along and mess it all up. It just isn’t fair. This is my senior year, things were supposed to be easy.

Not only does she show up and take my friends away from me, but we have to share my watcher too. That means we have to wait for her to get here before Giles will start the training session, or ramble on about some boring demon he wants me to slay. It wouldn’t be so bad because misery loves company, but she’s always really late.

Here she comes now. I’m having lunch in the library with Willow and Xander like I almost always do, and now she’s here to add some zest. I wouldn’t be so irritated but she was supposed to be here this morning at ten so Giles could go over some stuff with us, and so we could tell him about last night’s patrol. It’s not my fault she didn’t show up, but that didn’t stop Giles from acting like it was. Who am I, her mother or something?

“Hey B, Red, X-Man. How’s it hanging?” Don’t you just love her cute little nicknames for us? I feel like I should be wearing one of those Hello My Name Is stickers just so she’ll remember my name. Ok enough bitchiness. I’m starting to irritate myself now.

“We’re fine. It’s nice to see you. A few hours later then I thought I would but still nice.” Ok, so I’m still mad. I can’t help it. You weren’t there. You didn’t hear the way Giles talked to me because Faith was a no show. Anyway the look on her face goes from kinda happy to…is she sad? Well she looks bored now. Since when does she care what I think?

“Yeah, sorry about that. I had to go to the doctor and it really couldn’t wait.” Well that’s new. “Next time I’ll have him write me a note if it’s going to be a problem.” And there’s the sarcasm. I was wondering when she was going to pull that out.

“The doctor? What are you sick? You look fine to me,” Xander says and doesn’t pass up the opportunity to check her out. Faith just smiles a rolls her eyes a little bit. Yeah, ‘cause she isn’t love the attention.

“I’m not sick yet, but I feel like I’m comin down with something. So did you give G-man the low down on last night’s patrol?” I told you she has nicknames for everyone. Well, except my mom. She seems to be the only person Faith respects. It’s a little weird. Anyway, I nod my head and she shrugs her shoulders. “See, ya didn’t need me here after all.” And yet she still came.

“Why did it take you so long at the doctor’s?” Willow asks. Why does she want to know that? Faith gives her a questioning look and leans back in the chair. Five, four, three, two, one…her feet are now up on the table. It doesn’t bother me at all, and hearing Giles scold someone other then me is pretty entertaining. “All of the doctor’s offices in town open at nine, and it’s almost twelve-thirty. Why did it take you so long?” That is a pretty good question. And Faith looks a little afraid to answer. Hmm, that’s weird.

“I had something else I needed to do afterwards.” I’ve never hear Faith sound uncomfortable before. Or look this uncomfortable. Something doesn’t seem right. Where was she? “I gotta go. Tell G-man I dropped by. I’ll meet you at your place say nine-ish for patrol?” I nod my head, but before I can ask anything she’s up and walking towards the doors.

“See you then!” I yell to her but she doesn’t say anything. This is going to bug me all day. Where did Faith go after her doctor’s appointment? She’s never shy about the sex stuff so she wasn’t ‘gettin busy with a beefstick’. If it was something stupid like going to the store she wouldn’t have lied ‘cause what’s the point in that? Something smells fishy, and I don’t like it. I’m starting to doubt she’s even coming down with something. When slayers get sick it hits hard and fast.

“Something smells fishy,” I say and turn to Xander and Willow. Now that this is bugging me there’s no way I’ll be able to leave it alone.

“That’s just the tuna sandwich I had for lunch,” Xander says and get a concerned look on his face. “Or maybe it was ham. You know, I don’t think the lunch lady has been checking the expiration dates on the canned meat.” Eww. I’m never eating school food again.

“No, Xander, I mean I think there’s something up with Faith. I know we haven’t known her that long but when has she ever been like that in front of us?” I’m trying really hard not to get frustrated by the blank looks on their faces.

“Like what, Buff?” Will asks and takes a bite of her apple. Were they not in the room? Was I the only one paying attention? I love my friends to death, but sometimes they just don’t get it.

“All avoidy. She barely answered your question and when she did she looked a little uncomfortable. Name one time you’ve seen Faith like that.” Great, now they’re looking at me like I’m crazy. That’s just what I needed today.

“Buffy that’s ridiculous. So Faith didn’t want to tell us where she was, so what? It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Do you tell her every little detail about yourself?” Ok she has a point, but my spidey senses are tingling, and it’s not going away. Maybe I should just let it go.

“You’re right. I’m just being paranoid. We don’t really know anything about her. I’m just afraid there’s something wrong and she’s not telling us.” Yeah, ‘cause that doesn’t sound paranoid. Maybe I need some more sleep. I haven’t been getting enough of that lately. Before I can say anything else the bell rings. The class after lunch is the only one I don’t have with Willow or Xander. So it would be perfectly ok to blow it off. It’s not like they’re going to find out.

“See ya in English Buffy,” Willow says as she and Xander both walk out. They don’t even give me a chance to say by before they’re gone. Well that was rude. Why did I even bother coming back from LA if everyone is going to just walk out on me? Ok, so they don’t always walk out on me, but it seems like it. Or sometimes when I’m talking they’ll interrupt me to ask Faith a question.

If I were Faith at one in the afternoon where would I be? I have no idea. Maybe I’ll just walk around downtown Sunnydale and see if I can spot her. If all else fails I’ll check her motel room, but I don’t know if she’s there. Faith doesn’t seem like the type to stay inside all day. At least I don’t think she is. Now that I’m thinking about it I don’t know Faith at all. They only time we ever really talk is when we’re patrolling, and even then we talk about slaying, boys, and whether or not I’m sleeping with anybody. That girl has a very serious libido, I’ll give her that.

Now I know that Sunnydale is a small town. I’ve patrolled these streets enough to know how bit this place is, but I expected there to be at least a couple of people out here. There’s no one. Everyone is at work or at school and it’s really weird seeing this place so deserted. It almost feels like the whole world ended and I’m the only one left. Wow, when did I get so emo? I need to start thinking positively before bad things happen.

Wait, is that Faith over there? Yeah it is. No one else around here wears leather pants during the day. She’s walking into the pharmacy. So she must’ve been serious about going to the doctor. I can’t just walk in and start talking to her like me bumping into her at the pharmacy is a completely normal thing. Ok so I’m going to need to come up with a lie. Alright, Buffy you can do this, just stay calm.

I open the door and walk inside. A little bell goes off letting the workers know that someone else is here. I don’t see Faith anywhere so she’s probably walking down one of the isles. I start walking around and something in her smells really bad. Jeez, what is that? Oh, it’s probably the horrible smell of cold medicine with disgusting artificial flavors. I always hated that stuff, even when I was little. Ok, so what is Faith doing in the cold medicine isle? No time like the present to find out.

“Hey Faith,” I say in the peachiest voice I can muster. Did I just say muster? I gotta start spending less time with Giles. Anyway, she looks up, and has a very surprised look on her face.

“Hey B. Whatta doin here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” I could ask you the same thing. The one thing I know for sure about Faith is that she’s eighteen like me, but she dropped out of school after she was called.

“Yeah. But I didn’t feel like sitting through Mr. Henson go on and on about some stupid war in China so I ditched. I thought maybe we could hang out.” Her eyebrows are practically at her hairline now.

“Really?” she crosses her arms over her chest. Great, now she’s getting defensive. I may not know her well, but I know she’s impossible to talk to when she’s like this. I just need to stay calm. “’Cause the way you were talkin earlier made it seem like you don’t want me around.” I was kind of hoping she would forget about that. I look down at my feet in shame, but I force myself to look into her eyes. Hmm, she has a little gold in them.

“I’m really sorry about that. I was just bitchy because Giles gave me a bad time about you not showing up. I guess because I’ve been slaying longer then you have he thinks I’m responsible for your every move.” She smiles this little half smile and one of her dimples is proudly on display. Did I really just get jealous of a dimple?

“It’s cool,” she says and shrugs a little bit. “I know how bitchy watchers can be.” I nod my head a little and smile back at her. Could it be anymore obvious that I’m kind of crushing on her? Well, I don’t know if I’m actually crushing on her. All I know is when it’s just the two of us and she isn’t acting all tough I get a really good feeling inside. “But we can’t hang out today.” Good feelings gone.

“Why not?” I ask in a very high pitched tone. I guess it can be more obvious that I like her. “Is it about earlier? Because I said I’m sorry, and I mean it. I know we don’t really know each other all that well, but I was kind of hoping to change that.” She gets this look on her face, like this blind panic, and I know she’s going to bolt. What did I say that was so horrible?

“Look B, it’s cool that you wanna get to know me, I wanna get to know you too. But it’s not a good idea. Especially right now. I’m not trying to be a bitch but I have some places I really need to be. I’ll see you at nine for patrol.” She grabs a bottle off the shelf and stomps off. Well that could’ve gone better. So let me get this straight. I’m considered a spoiled rotten little kid when I don’t want to get to know Faith, and now that I’m taking an interest she doesn’t think it’s a good idea? I just can’t win, can I?

Chapter Two

When I get back to school I’m a little relieved to see that it’s over. Talking to Faith didn’t take up that much time. After she bought her medicine I left and wondered around town for a little while. I just didn’t feel like going back to school. But I’m here now because if I don’t show up then tomorrow Giles would be ever meaner. I don’t know why he needs to see me after school today. He saw me this morning, and at lunch. What is so important that couldn’t wait until now?

I’ll admit, to you at least, that I don’t want to see Giles because I have some stuff on my mind and I know I’m not going to be able to concentrate on anything right now. There are about a million and one questions floating around my brain right now and I won’t be able to think about anything but them.

I’ll give you a few examples, don’t worry. I want to know what Faith is hiding. I know she’s hiding something, or she wouldn’t have gotten so freaked when I said I want to get to know her. Why is she hiding it? Is it something bad? Can I help, or would I make things worst? It is slayer related, or just a Faith thing? And why was she buying cold medicine? Slayers don’t get colds. If we do get sick we have to go to the hospital from near death. And she didn’t sound stuffed up at all. She looked like she always does.

I also want to know if Giles knows anything. Sometimes Faith will talk to him in his office with the door closed so I can’t hear. How much does he know about her? Why hasn’t he told me about it, and why is Willow giving me a death glare? I’m in the library now and all I see is Willow sitting at the table with her text books open, and she’s glaring at me. It’s a good thing looks can’t kill. Well, depending on the type of demon they can, but usually they can’t kill people.

“What’s up Will?” I ask and sit down in the chair next to her. I put my backpack down on the table, and she doesn’t say anything. “Why are you glaring at me like I kicked your puppy?” I’m not just saying that as an expression. Willow’s parents finally got her a puppy, and when he tried to jump on me with his very muddy paws I tried to just push him back with my food, but I accidentally kicked him. Nothing too hard. He didn’t get hurt but Willow was giving me this exact look.

“You ditched school. We had an English test today, and we spent four nights studying for that test so you would be prepared. And you didn’t even take it.” Saying she’s mad would be an understatement. I forgot all about that stupid test. I’m sure I’ll be able to make it up. “Giles is in his office. He wants to talk to you.” Good because I want to talk to him about Faith.

“I’m sorry I missed the test Will. I’m sure Mrs. Beasley will let me make it up.” She doesn’t look so convinced. I don’t know what to say so I just get up and leave. Why are things between me and Willow so tense? It’s been this way since I got back from LA. Does she still hate me for taking off? That’s probably it. Anyway, I knock on the door to Giles’ office and wait for him to open it.

“Ah, Buffy, you’re here. Come in please,” he says in a very rushed way. He doesn’t look mad so at least someone is a little glad to see me. I walk in and close the door. Now I’ve been in Giles’ office before, but I’ve never seen it like this. There are open books everywhere, and his notebook is open. The only time I ever see his notebook open is when he’s writing in it. Ok so what’s going on? “Please have a seat.” He never asks me to sit down in here.

“Is the world ending again? Because it’s Faith’s turn to stop an apocalypse or two.” He gives me a strange look, and then he starts shuffling through the books. That usually means he has something he needs to read to me. It’s probably going to be about a demon. I really don’t need this right now.

“No, the world isn’t ending again. I was doing some research on the vampire you slayed last night.” I slayed four last night, and Faith got six, but I know which one he’s talking about. “It turns out the vampire is a member of a cult. They don’t have a name but their goal is absolute power over all other vampires and other demons. Their numbers were large, hundreds, maybe closer to thousands. That is until the slayer before you found their layer and slayed most of them.”

“She died in that fight, didn’t she?” Not very many watchers write about the death of the slayers they looked after, but that one did. Noelle Walsh died when she was seventeen because a very large group of vampires tried to open a hellmouth on another part of the world. Somewhere in South America I think. She was from New York, and according to her watcher she was defiant, stubborn, and listened to music that would give most people a headache.

“Yes, I’m afraid she did. The Council has been tracking the remaining members and it seems that they’ve been building up their army once again. They go from one small town to another, turn at least ten people within a month, and then leave.” I can tell by his voice, and that pained look on his face that he has more to say. I hate it when he doesn’t just come out and say it.

“Giles, please, I’ve had a long day so if you have anything else to say could you just get it over with?” I honestly didn’t mean to sound that bitchy. But I have had a long day, and it’s going to get much worst when I get home. Whenever a student misses a class a pre-recorded voice message calls your house to inform the parent of their child’s absence. I’m so grounded when I get home.

“We, we being the Council and I, can’t come up with a reason as to why but it seems that over the last month or so the vampires have been turning children. Mostly those between the ages of four and eight.” Oh God. Why would they be doing that? How many children have they killed? “The Council has estimated that they’ve turned seven children at least. All of them girls, and again we have no idea why.” I think I might have an idea.

“If you’re a grown person walking alone at night who are you going to trust more: a stranger asking for the time, or a lost little girl?” He gets this look on his face that’s totally readable. He’s thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ I can’t believe this is happening. Ok, so I can, but why does it have to happen? Those vampires can’t just feed on humans like all the others? They just have to be building an army. An army of little kids at that. Vampires suck, pardon the pun.

“Whatever the reason may be, you and Faith need to track them down and put an end to them once and for all.” Giles must be a mind reader because I was thinking the same thing. “I know things haven’t been easy for you since you returned what with your school work and make up tests, but I would like you to patrol a little longer then usual. And be especially careful of any little girls wondering around at night.” He stops talking and takes off his glasses to clean them. “I know it may be difficult because they were turned at such a young age, but they are still vampires and they must be slain.” He just had to add that part, didn’t he?

“Don’t worry Giles, I’ll patrol as much as I can. I’ll tell Faith about it tonight when she picks me up for patrol.” He nods his head a little and I know if I don’t speak up now then I’ll chicken out and never bring it up again. “Giles, how much do you know about Faith?” Hmm, I wonder what thing under my fingernail is?

“Why do you ask?” I was hoping he wouldn’t ask that. So do I tell him the truth and sound like a paranoid freak? Or do I lie a little bit and just sound paranoid? He probably already thinks I’m a freak so I might a well be honest. Go big or go home, right?

“Well she stopped by for lunch, and she wasn’t really acting like herself so I left to talk to her, and I found her at the pharmacy buying cold medicine.” He’s giving me this look like ‘and?’ Doesn’t anybody understand me? “Cold medicine, Giles. Why would a slayer need regular cold medicine? And not just any cold medicine, but cherry cold medicine.” Now he looks downright confused. Am I speaking English still? “Everybody knows that if you have to take cold medicine grape is the only way to go. Cherry is gross, and the taste sticks to the roof of your mouth, and it stays there for hours.”

“Buffy, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know very much about Faith, but I’m sure her buying cherry flavored cold medicine shouldn’t be on your list of worries.” No, of course it shouldn’t. But I have about a million other questions about Faith that are important. Now that we’re on the subject there’s no way I’m leaving until I get some answers.

“Why is she staying in that cheap motel? Is she staying in Sunnydale permanently? Is she getting another watcher? Does she have any family? How is she buying her food and new clothes? She’s alone, Giles, and she’s too independent to ask for help. So what are we going to do?” So I asked more questions at once then I wanted to, but that’s ok. Giles has known me long enough to learn how to hear almost everything I say.

“The Council is paying for her room, and living expenses, although they are being rather cheap about it. I’ve offered her the guest room at my flat, but she’s too independent. Another watcher will be sent within the next couple of weeks, but we won’t know who it is until he or she arrives. As far as her family, I know nothing about that. The Council wasn’t very forthcoming in the details. I think as of right now the bet thing we can do for her is to befriend her, gain her trust in hopes of her letting someone in.” Oh, ok.

“But how long is she staying here? Is this permanent, or is she not going to stick around long enough to…befriend.” Wow that was a really close call. I really don’t want Giles to be the first person to find out that I’m having not so pure thoughts about Faith. That would be bad.

“I don’t know, I’m afraid. It’s up to Faith whether or not she chooses to stay in Sunnydale. With you here to protect the hellmouth she could go on to fight evil elsewhere seeing as how Sunnydale isn’t the only town with evil in it.” I guess he’s right. I really hope she stays. I don’t want her to leave.

“How come she only trains two days a week with me and I have to train almost every day?” That has been bugging me since last week. Faith has only been here for two weeks, and yes a lot has happened but she should have to train just as much as me. Even more then me, in fact, since I’ve been slaying longer.

“She told me Tuesdays and Thursdays would be the only time she could come in. I asked her why but all she told me was that she was busy. I tried to question her further, but she changed the subject and left.” I give him a very frustrated look, and now he has the exact same look that my dad would get right before he would say ‘don’t you give me that look young lady.’

“I’ll admit it’s a little suspicious what with her being new in town, but it’s none of our business what Faith does in her personal life. And don’t you dare start. That’s because you are my slayer. Faith will have a new watcher soon to be annoyed by. In the mean time, why don’t you run on home? Your mother called about five minutes before you arrived, and she sounded very angry.” Oh fuck.

Chapter Three

When I get home I can feel this tension in the air. I slowly close the front door hoping that my mom won’t hear me. I know it seems pretty pointless to try and hide from the fight I’m about to have but a girl can try. I tip toe up the stairs and thank God I have slayer stealth or she would hear me. At least I think she would.

“Buffy Anne Summers you get down here this instant!” she yells from the kitchen. I really hate mom radar. It totally sucks. And I really, really hate it when she yells out things that are really cliché. Who actually says ‘this instant’? It’s like when babies are born their parents are handed a guide book on all of the traditional things to yell out when they’re in trouble.

“I mean it young lady. You get in here right now.” She isn’t yelling anymore, but she still sounds really mad. The young lady part of that sentence is another perfect example of language stereotypes. I might as well go get this over with. It’s not like I can go into my room and everything will disappear. How bad ass would that be? I walk down the stairs no longer caring about stealth, and I head for the kitchen. I hope the door and see my mom standing by the island looking pissed enough to kill.

“Do you want to explain to me why your school called and informed me that you missed your last two classes?” Ok, her face is turning red, her arms are folded across her chest, and she’s lightly tapping her right foot on the ground. All of those signs are pointing to a longer groundation if I reply with a sarcastic comment. Although I really, really want to. What, you expect me to just take this lying down? She doesn’t know why I ditched. It could’ve been for slaying related reasons.

“Well, you see the thing is…” I trail off like some idiot. Ok just think. She can’t get mad at me if it’s slayer related because that’s my sacred duty. Alright Buffy just think. “When I was patrolling last night I staked this weird looking vamp and Giles wanted me to check out the scene during the day to see if he left anything behind.” Wow, that was such a great lie. I almost believed that myself. And yay, she doesn’t look so mad.

“Next time you tell Mr. Giles that you’ll check it out after school. I don’t care if it cuts into your training. School comes first.” Wow, I actually dodged a bullet. At least something is going right for me today. Hopefully this won’t come back to bite me in the ass. “Go upstairs and do your homework. I’ll come get you when dinner’s ready.” And I’ve officially been dismissed, which is fine by me.

I go upstairs to my room and toss my backpack on the floor. Let’s see it’s…four-fifteen now and dinner is usually on the table between six and six-thirty, and Faith won’t be here until nine. I really don’t want to wait that long. I’ve had a really long and pretty bad day, and I really want to stake something. I’ll admit that a large part of it is the want to be around Faith. I know I was bitching about her earlier but she makes patrol a lot more fun.

I lay down on my bed and stare up at the ceiling. I know it’s totally cliché to be doing this but I don’t care. It would be really cool if Faith came over right now. We’d sit up here and talk until dinner. Maybe I could get her to open up a little. I know she’s only been in Sunnydale for two weeks, but I think I’m starting to fall for her. The fact that she’s a girl doesn’t freak me out.

I mean sure when she first showed up that night at the Bronze and I was actually jealous because Xander was making mooneyes at her I got a little freaked. I dated and slept with a vampire, sure a boy vampire, but still a vampire. At least Faith has a pulse. One that I would be able to feel speed up as I slowly kiss down her very soft looking neck. So like I was saying, her being a girl doesn’t bother me.

I’m just afraid this is going to bother everyone else. My mom is still a little mad at me for running away, and totally freaked out that I’m going to do it again. What if this is too much for her to deal with? What if she can’t handle having a daughter who’s a vampire slayer, a forming runaway, and a lesbian? I’m not even sure if I’m a lesbian. I think I might be bisexual at most. Faith is the only girl I’ve ever thought about sexually, and I still check out some of the guys at school.

“Buffy, dinner’s ready!” I hear my mom yell from downstairs. I guess I can think about this later. I get up and got downstairs. I kind of wish Faith was here. If she were then my mom would be on her company behavior and not be sending me glares from across the table. I swear I skip two classes and it’s like I didn’t go at all. “I want you home before midnight tonight. I know slaying is important, but so is your education.” Great, not this argument again.

“Mom, I know my education is important, but the vampires and the demons don’t care that I have a history quiz tomorrow. I have to slay as many as I can so maybe this week the death rate will go down at least a little.” That came out way bitchier then I intended, but nothing I can do about it now.

“I know you’re just trying to keep Sunnydale safe, but you’re not the only slayer in town anymore. I think it would be a good idea to share the responsibility with Faith.” I can’t believe she just said that. Patrolling with Faith is one of the best things I do all day. There’s no way I’m going to give it up. “Just think about it, alright? Maybe you should even talk it over with Mr. Giles and Faith to see what they think.” Yeah, then I can drink a bottle of drain-o and run with scissors.

“I need to go,” I tell her and take my last bite of chicken. I know it’s only seven-fifteen and Faith said she’d be here at nine, but I need to get out of here before my mom drives me crazy. “If I’m going to be home by midnight then I need to start patrol a little early.” I go upstairs and grab my stake and cross ‘cause you never know when you’ll need one, and I leave.

Now that I’m gone I feel like crap. My mom just wants what’s best for me, she wants my life to be a little easier and look how I act. I didn’t even tell her that I love her before I left. Tonight could be the night that I die, and the last thing I said to my mom was some sarcastic comment. Why did I even come back if I’m just going to treat all of my friends and family like crap?

I need to just calm down. Faith’s motel is just up ahead, and I’ll feel better when we start patrolling. I really hope she’s there. She didn’t say if she was doing anything, she just said she’d be at my house at nine. Why do I feel so nervous? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this nervous before. It’s not like I’m picking her up for a date. We’re going to slay vampires, maybe a demon or two, and we’ll probably get dirty and sweaty doing it. That doesn’t sound like my idea of a romantic evening.

I knock on the door to room number three and I wait. The lights are on so I know she’s here. I’ve only been here once, but I’ve never been inside. I kinda want to know what Faith’s motel room looks like. Doe she keep it clean? Is she a slob? Did she buy new sheets for the bed? I’m really weird for wanting to know all of this stuff but I don’t care.

That’s weird. Faith isn’t answering her door. I knock again, a little louder this time, but still nothing. I press my ear against the door and listen. It sounds like the shower is running. I wonder how long she’s going to be in there. I don’t want to wait out here for too long. I slowly turn the doorknob and there’s no resistance, so it’s unlocked. I wonder if Faith would get mad if I wait inside. It’s not like I’m going to rob the place. I just don’t want to wait out here and look stupid.

I slowly open the door and peek inside. It’s a lot cleaner then I thought it was going to be. I don’t think Faith is a total slob, but even I’m not this clean. I walk in and shut the door behind me. This place isn’t so bad. It looks like she did buy a new blanket for the bed, which means she probably bought new sheets too. I sit down on the corner of the bed and wait.

Wow this is really boring. I have no idea how long I’ve been sitting here but my back is starting to hurt, and my butt feels a little numb. Maybe I should come back later. Wait, oh thank God. Finally the shower is over. And now that the loud spray is gone I can hear Faith talking to someone. I know it’s her voice I just can’t tell what she’s saying. So she has someone over. Crap, she’s going to be mad. Oh no, she opened the bathroom door.

“Well don’t worry. I’ll give you some medicine and you’ll be all better really soon, ok?” I hear her say in a very light tone. I stand up and watch as she walks out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Trailing right behind her is a…is that a kid? Faith has a kid? Why did I not know about this? “What are you doing here?” Shit. She does not sound happy to see me.

“I, um, I…” that’s all I can get out. I can’t take my eyes off of her kid. She doesn’t look a whole lot like Faith except for eyes. Those deep, chocolate brown eyes are exactly like Faith’s. There’s so much emotion in them, and right now she looks really scared. I’m forced to look up at Faith when she steps in front of the girl, blocking her from my view.

“Buffy what the hell are you doing here?” she asks again and she sounds even more pissed off then before. She takes a couple of steps towards me and now I’m a little scared. Faith and I are pretty evenly matched but I think she’s mad enough right now to kill just about anything. I better hurry up and explain before that something becomes me.

“I got into a fight with my mom so I thought we could start patrol a little early. The door was unlocked. I didn’t think you would mind if I waited for you in here. I’m really sorry,” I tell her all of that in one big breath. I sound really scared. Probably just as scared as I look. Hopefully she won’t kill me. I watch her eyes very closely and I can tell she’s trying to decide what to do. So is it going to be quick and painless or slow and torturous?

“Wait outside. We need to talk.” Oh thank God she isn’t going to kill me. I really don’t feel like dying again. I practically run from the room. I close the door a little harder then I meant to, but I really don’t think it matters. After about a minute or two the door opens and Faith walks out. She’s wearing a very tight t-shirt, no bra, and some little skimpy shorts. She looks really hot for a mom. If my mom looked like Faith I’d probably have a stroke.

“You have to swear to God you won’t tell anyone about this, Buffy,” she says and looks me dead in the eyes. She looks mad but scared at the same time. “My watcher was cool about it. She even babysat for me a couple of times, but she told me if the Council finds out that I gotta kid they’ll take her away.” Oh God, that’s so horrible. Would they really do that? I can’t believe I take orders from those people…sometimes. “Swear Buffy, swear you won’t tell anyone, not even your mom.” She looks so scared. I’ve never seen Faith like this before.

“I swear Faith, I won’t tell anyone,” I say with all the sincerity I can come up with. I don’t know what to do now. Should I just be quiet? Because I have about a million questions that are dying to be asked. Ok, she isn’t saying anything either which is like an invite for questions. “Is it just the two of you? When you patrol at night you don’t leave her alone, right?” She looks a little insulted, and I don’t blame her.

“My boyfriend moved here with me. He gets home from work around nine,” she sounds just as insulted as she looks. Well that explains why she wanted to patrol so late. I usually start patrol right when the sun goes down. “Look I know you probably got about a million questions, but Sam is sick so I gotta go take care of her.” Things get really quiet mostly because I don’t know what to say. “Look, come back a little after nine and we’ll skip patrol tonight and go somewhere to talk, ok?”

“Yeah, I can do that. That sounds like a good idea.” She nods her head a little, but before I can say anything else she’s already back inside and closing the door. Faith has a kid? God this is so huge. I can’t wrap my mind around it. And she doesn’t just have a kid. She has a boyfriend too. Some guy who loves her and their daughter so much he moved all the way across the country so he wouldn’t lose them. I can’t believe I’m actually jealous.

I also can’t believe I agreed not to tell anyone. I’m one of the worst people when it comes to keeping a secret. Especially one this huge. Willow is going to take one look at me tomorrow and know that I have something huge on my mind and she’s not going to give up until I tell her. This so sucks. I just couldn’t wait outside, could I? I swear this day can’t get any worst.



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