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So Damn Domestic

by Salix


Rating: NC-17

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Chapter 1: A Weird Night


Buffy knew that something was wrong with her. She didn't know what, she didn't if it was a bad thing or not, she just knew that something wasn't right. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach. Something inside her had changed. She felt different, a little odd, and not like herself. It wasn't like the time Giles gave her that `slayer suppressing' drug, it wasn't like the time she was stung by that glarhk guhl kashma'nik demon (the gross one from `normal again') or even like the time she was ripped from heaven. Nope, this was different and it was really starting to bother her.

She sat in her bedroom, alone, and feeling a little scared. Whatever was happening to her was causing her to become very aroused and no matter what horrible, nasty thoughts she forced herself to think (Giles in a Speedo for example) her body simply got hotter, her center increasingly wetter. She felt like she was ready to pop and she decided to ignore all rational thought and go against her little inner voice that was telling her to put her pj bottoms back on and just take a cold shower.

She quickly entered herself with two fingers and gasped out at her own touch. She started a very quick rhythm and she used her other hand to rub against her overly sensitive clit. The self-pleasuring was very short lived, however, as the bedroom door opened and in walked the other occupant. The fact that she was caught only got her more turned on and she waited for her lover's reaction to the scene they had walked in on.

“Damn, did you miss me that much? I was only gone for three days, B.” Faith said and laughed a little. Buffy wasn't in the mood for jokes or sarcasm. Only three words repeated in her mind over and over again as she lunged off of the bed and pounced on her lover: Faith. Naked. Now. She didn't even bother with foreplay or kissing or any type of prep work as she grabbed Faith by the waist and threw her on the bed. She didn't even bother to close the door as she literally ripped Faith's jeans off of her body along with her underwear.

She heard the other woman gasp out and moan as she spread the silky legs apart. She wasted no time in forcing her clit upon the other woman's, though she was met with little resistance. She started a fast and hard paced rhythm and she felt herself growing closer and closer to the edge with each thrust. She could feel her juices running down and mixing with the other woman's and the smell was intoxicating.

She felt one of Faith's hands work its way in between their bodies, her fingers were coated in the sticky liquids as she entered the blonde with two fingers. Buffy gasped out and hissed in a breath when Faith's thumb rubbed against her clit. She lasted another five seconds before she was screaming out in ecstasy. Her body collapsed on top of the brunette and she closed her eyes and entered a world of bright colors and tingly pleasant feelings. When she opened her eyes sometime later she noticed that they were both completely naked and Faith was staring at her with a very cocky grin spread out across her face.

“Welcome home baby,” she smiled wide and started to slowly work her way down Faith's body. She was determined to give the younger woman an all night `welcome home party'.

(Two months later)

“Buffy are you ok in there?” Dawn called out from the other side of the bathroom door. Truth be told Buffy was not alright, at least not at this very moment. She was sitting on the bathroom floor trying to calm herself as a fresh wave of nauseousness washed over her and she threw up the rest of last night's dinner. She rested her forehead against the cool surface of the toilet as she reached up and turned the handle. As she listened to the contents of her stomach being flushed down she stood up and rinsed out her mouth, completely ignoring Dawn's questions. That is until the eighteen-year-old said:

“That's it, I'm getting Faith!” Buffy dropped her toothbrush on the counter and spit out what was in her mouth before she lunged at the door. Her slayer speed allowed her to grab onto Dawn's arm before the brunette even got half a step. She turned her around and looked deeply into the worried blue eyes of her little sister.

“No, I'm fine, really. It's just a bug. There's no need to tell Faith, she'll just worry.” That was only a half-truth. Yes Faith would worry very much because Buffy has gotten sick every morning for the past two weeks, but it's not the only reason Buffy doesn't want the other slayer to know. Faith will make Buffy go to the doctor. She had threatened it four days ago when Buffy wasn't getting any better or any worst. Ever since her mother's death Buffy refuses to go to the doctor, even when she really should. But Faith said she wouldn't take no for an answer.

“If you're so fine then how come you don't want Faith to know? And wipe the toothpaste off your mouth, please. That looks so gross.” Buffy rolled her eyes and then walked into the bathroom. She ripped off a piece of toilet paper and wiped her mouth with it and threw it in the trash.

“You damn well know why I don't want her to know. If she finds out that I'm still sick she'll drag me to the doctor's office. And I don't care what you two say, I'm not going to the doctor.” To her horror she saw Faith step out of their bedroom and stand behind Dawn. The other slayer's face was a look of determination and also a little anger. Her eyes were as hard as rocks, and her jaw muscles were tense.

“Yeah B, you are going to the doctor even if I have to chain you up and carry you there myself.” Buffy didn't even bother fighting. She knew Faith would get her to a doctor one way or another and she figured that if she went peacefully maybe she'd get a little treat afterwards.

She sat on the examination table, tapping her foot very nervously while she answered all of the doctor's questions. This wouldn't be so bad if they had allowed Faith to go back into the examining room with her. But no, allowing someone other then a legal family member to wait with a patient in the back rooms is against office policy. And who the fuck came up with that rule? Buffy wouldn't be five minutes from a panic attack if Faith were in the room with her, holding her hand and promising to make this up to her. The doctor then had her roll up her sleeve so he could draw some blood. He then reassured her that everything would be fine and he said he'd call when the test results came in.

She left feeling very nervous and scared. The results wouldn't be back for a couple of days and she knew something was wrong. It wasn't just that she was getting sick every morning, but she was dizzy a lot and would have to sit down or else she would fall. Her breasts were hurting a little, they were very sore and she forced herself to be quiet about it in bed because she didn't want Faith to worry. But she knew that she might have breast cancer. She felt for lumps and didn't find any and she knew that Faith would say something if she felt something abnormal, but you never know and she's scared. She wasn't going to voice that fear because keeping her emotions to herself is something that Buffy's been doing since she became the slayer.

It took four days for the doctor to call. Four whole days. Ninety-six hours and Buffy only slept for about twenty of them. The rest of the time was spent either pacing or slaying or stealing Dawn's notebooks to doodle in. She didn't want to sleep or eat or just sit down and watch television. Faith suffered a little because Buffy was too worried and uptight to make love or just spend time with her. She and Dawn were almost completely ignored. Looking back she can still remember exactly where she was standing and what she had been doing before.

Faith had tried to get her to talk, to relax a little bit. But it didn't work at all. They ended up fighting, screaming at each other. They didn't hear the phone ringing because their voices were too loud and they weren't paying attention. Buffy was too exhausted to fight and listen for the phone at the same time and Faith was too on edge. Neither can remember what but Faith said something that really upset Buffy and the blonde rushed off to the bedroom. She was about to break down, get all of the fear and anger out of her system but then something caught her attention. The little blinking light on the answering machine was flashing, telling anyone who might look that there was a message waiting to be listened to.

She stood up, her breath caught in her chest as she got closer. She could hear nothing but her heartbeat and she could see nothing but that little blinking light and the five buttons on the machine. A couple of moments of her life started to flash before her. The first was when her mother died. She walked into the house and found the body. On some deep level she knew that her mother was gone and would never be coming back. She could just tell by the glazed look in her mom's eyes. She didn't want that to happen to her. She didn't want Dawn or Faith to come home one day and find her dead.

The second moment that flashed before her was when she had died. She died saving Dawn, the entire world, and she had gone to heaven, or one of the heavenly dimensions at least. And if she does have something seriously wrong with her, if she really is going to die again would she go back? Or do you only get to go to heaven once? Would she not get to go back because she fucked Spike? Looking back now she is glad that her friends had pulled her out because she gets to see Dawn grow up and she has this wonderful second chance with Faith. But the question still remains: have her friends screwed her over? Still somewhat in a daze she pressed the button and waited for her fate:

“Hi, this is Jillian Bates from Dr. Widicker's office. I'm calling about Buffy Summers' test results. Congratulations Ms. Summers, you're pregnant. If you would like to give us a call back we can set up some appointments to make sure that the baby is doing fine or if you'd like we could recommend a specialist. Congratulations again, hope to hear from you soon, bye now.” Buffy's first thought after hearing that was: `Jillian sounds psychotically chipper.' The news of the pregnancy took a couple of minutes to sink in and once it did she fainted. When she woke up she was lying on her bed, Dawn and Willow were making a big fuss over her. The first thing Dawn wanted to know was who Buffy had slept with, but her sister didn't say anything. Instead the eldest Summers got up and went into the living room. Faith was sitting at the window, her legs hanging out, her feet were lightly tapping against the brick building as she took a long drag of the cigarette and exhaled very slowly. She didn't even turn around when she felt Buffy walk up behind her.

“Let me tell you a story,” she said. Her voice was even and calm and she sounded a little distant. Buffy tried to interrupt but Faith wouldn't let her. “Let me tell you a story.” This was said a little more forcefully and Buffy knew she should just be quiet. Faith inhaled and then exhaled another drag from the clove cigarette. “There's this girl, from a bad neighborhood, lived pretty much a shit hole life. Then this huge opportunity is handed to her and suddenly she's number one. But this girl's foster mom, the only person who ever cared about her, starts to tell her some stories about this self-righteous blonde chick who's just like her. And this girl just can't seem to do anything right because everyone around her is comparing her to the blonde.

“So she goes out looking for her when she needs help. But this girl she's so used to living on her own and taking care of herself that she doesn't know how to ask for the help. But she gets it and then the two become something like friends but without the emotions. And this girl, she wants the blonde so much that she starts doing things to impress her, tries to show her how she thought life should be lived. And then it all went to hell and this girl had no idea what to do. So she picked the wrong side because she thought it was her only option. But things just got worst. And this girl was being used and told that she was loved but she really wasn't.

“Then she gets put in a coma and even there she can't get away from the blonde that she loved so much. But she felt betrayed and she woke up from this deep sleep even though all of the docs said it was impossible. So she goes after the blonde, feeling alone and scared. Half of her wants fall to her knees and beg for forgiveness, the other half wants nothing more then to slice this blonde chick open. But again things don't go as planned and she tries to run away but the blonde follows. Now this girl goes to prison to try and redeem herself because she knows it's the only thing to do. She ends up breaking out to save a friend and then heads back to the town that has the one thing she's always wanted.

“After the big crisis is over she starts to feel all alone again. Until the blonde comes up to her on the bus they're riding on and confesses this deep, profound love that she's had for this girl and she says that it had scared her and she couldn't think straight and she ended up pushing this girl away. And she begged the girl to forgive her. She cried until she fell asleep in this girl's arms and the girl swore to herself that she wouldn't give in, she wouldn't return this blonde's love because in her eyes she'd never be good enough. But the blonde wouldn't stop begging, wouldn't stop pushing the issue and the girl gave in because she couldn't stand to see the blonde so hurt. And they were happy. At least the girl thought they were happy. If you wanted this relationship so goddamn bad then why did you fuck someone else? If your love is so deep then why would you do that?” Her voice cracked against her will and she mentally kicked herself for it.

“I…I didn't. You're the only one that I've slept with since Spike, and it's impossible that he could get me pregnant. Plus it's been a couple of years.” There were tears in her eyes and her voice was shaky. She watched as Faith laughed and took the last drag of the cigarette and then threw the butt across the street. She swung her legs around and hopped down onto the floor and shut the window. She was smiling a very disbelieving smile and she had tears streaming down her face. Buffy wanted nothing more then to take Faith into her arms and kiss the tears away. But she knew not to push, she knew hat if she tried to touch Faith now things could get ugly.

“Then we better call Ripley's B, `cause I think this qualifies as a `believe it or not'. Do you really expect me to believe you? Beef Stick was in town a couple months ago, how do I know you didn't give him another ride while I was in New York?” Buffy was almost sick at the thought. How could Faith think something like that? Ok, so Buffy could completely understand it and if she were Faith right now there's no way she'd be that calm.

“I swear on my life that I would never cheat on you, that I have never cheated on you. Think about it Faith, after everything we've seen, after everything we've done is this really that unimaginable? We fight vampires and demons, we've saved the world from the ultimate evil, I've died twice, once for almost four months. Is conceiving a child together really that far out there and impossible?” She watched as Faith thought about it. She was skeptical, Buffy knew, but she was willing to at least hear the blonde out. They had Willow put her hands over the blonde's stomach and she did some type of magic that allowed her to get a read on the baby. She told them what she found which was the baby was created by both of them. Some type of spell had been cast by an unknown witch and it changed something inside both of the slayers for that one night and it allowed them to make this little life.

She wasn't able to tell them what they really wanted to know, which was the sex of the baby. It made sense to everyone that the baby would be a girl what with the lack of the Y chromosome and all. So they were very shocked when Buffy gave birth to the seven pound six ounce healthy boy. Not only did Xander and Faith half to repaint the nursery to a nice sky blue, but Willow, Kennedy and Dawn had to go shopping to replace all of the pink and yellow with blue and green clothes.

It was obvious that the baby would have Faith's last name that was a given, so Buffy got to pick the middle one and they agreed upon the first. It took almost two weeks for them to decide and it was Dawn who came up with it. Everyone thought that it was a nice name and it fit the baby well. No one was anticipating getting sick of it once the kid reached his “terrible twos”.

Buffy was always yelling out his name for something. He would be trying to reach something he's not supposed to touch. He would sneak into Buffy and Faith's bedroom and use the lipsticks to write on the large vanity mirror. He would play too rough with the dog. This kid was half Faith's there was no doubt about it. He not only acted a lot like her but he looked a lot like her. The dark locks, the brown eyes, and the dashing dimples he got from her. His shortness, thin lips, and little ears he got from Buffy. Somehow he got Dawn's nose but no one knows how that's possible since Dawn was never technically born. They were happy though. And that was the important thing. They had the troublesome but handsome two-year-old, the Golden Retriever and nice house with white picket fence. They had become what Buffy had always wanted: normal.


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