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  Chapter 2: A Dog, A Fight, And Two Silk Scarves

Three years later. Present day. BPOV

“Matthew James Lehane, you get down off that coffee table right now!” I yell as I try to set the dinner table and keep an eye on my son at the same time. It isn't' working very well but I'm managing. As long as I don't leave him alone for more then five minutes he won't break anything. At least I pray he won't. This house has seen more broken furniture and flower vases and lamps then my old house in Sunnydale and that one was always being attacked by demons. “Matthew, go wash your hands, dinner's almost ready.” On the inside I'm full of pride. This is the first home cooked meal I've cooked in almost seven months. The last time I tried making an entire meal on my own half of the kitchen burned down. But it wasn't my fault, totally not my fault.

“But Mommy, I just washed `em yesterday,” he whines and walks up to me. He holds up his hands for me to see so he can prove that they're clean, but they aren't. He has a very bad habit of playing with his little green army men in the house plants, he's seen Toy Story way too many times. Not only that but he plays with the dog, Tucker, almost all day long. He looks up at me with his big doe-eyes and little pout and my heart almost melts. Almost is the key word because I see that look all too often, and not just from him.

“You go wash those grubby hands or no dessert for you, mister.” I have to hold in the laugh as I watch him grumble and walk down the hallway towards the bathroom, kicking at the floor with the toe of his shoe saying something about moms and them being against dirty hands. I roll my eyes and shake my head a little, but I'm smiling. I love that kid more then I thought I'd be able to love anyone. I stop thinking about it because when I think about how much he means to me I get a little freaked. Anyway, I bend down and open the oven door. I very carefully lift the lid off the large pot and check on the baking chicken. Yep, almost done, only five more minutes to go. I actually made an entire meal without burning anything or lighting anything on fire.

But then I feel an index finger and thumb pinch my ass and I jump because it startles me and I burn my hand on the oven. I yelp out in pain and stand up and close the over door and then turn around to see a guilty looking Faith giving me the exact same pout our son tried to use on me. I walk over to the sink, giving her the silent treatment, and run my hand under the cool water. I watch out of the corner of my eye as Faith stands next to me, stilling pouting a little. I think I've rubbed off on her over the years because she never used to pout this much.

“I'm sorry, B.” Seven years together and she still calls me `B'. Not that I mind. “But you know I think your ass is irresistible, especially when you got it sticking up in the air like that. I didn't mean for you to get hurt, I was only bein playful.” And Dawn said I'd never be able to tame her. Looks like my little sis owes me twenty bucks. She flashes me those trademark dimples and then gently pulls my hand out from under the water. Slayer healing is doing its job and the mark is almost gone, except for a little pink spot near my thumb and index finger, you know that little soft spot between the bones? Faith gives it a little kiss and watches as my slayer healing gets rid of the spot. “See? All better?” I allow myself to be pulled into a searing kiss that quickly grows in passion. Faith's hands find my hips and she is about to lift me up onto the counter but then we hear someone coughing behind us. We pull apart and look over towards the doorway and see our son pretending to cough and look disgusted. I'm going to kill Dawn for teaching him that.

“Eww, that's gross. Aunt Dawn said that this girl she knew had a big sister and the big sister died when she choked on her boyfriend’s tongue. That's yucky!” Not that story again. Like I said before, I'm going to kill Dawn. I roll my eyes and watch as Faith gets a big smile on her face. She leaves one last pinch on my ass before she starts walking towards the boy all slow and predator like. I know what's coming. It happens almost

very time we get caught making-out by him. Isn't having a kid and raising a family supposed to kill your sex drive? We're still as `attracted' to each other now as we were seven years ago.

“You think it's yucky huh?” she asks in a mock-serious tone. He also knows what's going to happen and he giggles with anticipation and nods his head yes. “Well come here, Mattie, give us a kiss.” She puckers her lips and makes kissy sounds as he squeals and runs into the living room. They're both laughing as Faith chases him around the room, letting him stay a couple feet in front of her before she finally scoops him up. He squeals with laughter and continues to laugh as she leaves tons of kisses all over his face.

I shake my head and finish making the meal. I put the chicken on the platter, the mashed potatoes in the bowl, the gravy in the gravy dish, the carrots in a bowl and the rolls on a plate. I carry it all out to the table, I make three trips so I don't drop anything, and then I go into the living room to announce that dinner is served. What I see as I stand in the doorway at first pisses me off, but they are both so cute that I can't stay mad. But I can't help but wonder: how the hell did I not hear that break?

“Mommy is gonna be mad,” Matthew says as he picks up the lamps shade and carefully places it on the couch. The rest of the lamp, including the light bulb, is shattered and lying in a million or so pieces on the floor. The reason I was pissed was because that lamp was brand new. I bought it two days ago to replace the other lamp that Matthew broke when he decided that indoor t-ball was a good idea.

“Yeah, she's gonna be really mad. So we'll just buy a new one tomorrow, ok? We'll tell her that I broke this one, alright?” she asks and he nods his head. Tears are in his eyes as he thinks about his impending doom. Well, that's probably what he's thinking about. Ok, so sometimes I can be a little mean and I yell a little. But a person can only replace the same lamp so many times before they snap. For how much he takes after Faith he's surprisingly sensitive. Faith, only jokingly at least that's what she said, blames me. She explained to me that I have so many girly emotions that they passed onto the boy and even though Faith's genes tried to fight off the invasion of the girliness it was just too strong. Yeah, she didn't get any that night, you can be sure of that. “Hey Mattie, don't cry. She's not gonna yell. She's in a good mood tonight `cause she finally made dinner without burning anything. We'll tell her it's my fault, ok?” He nods his head yes and Faith scoops him up in a big hug. She always tries to protect him even from things he shouldn't be protected from. But she is a good mother, a lot of people find that surprising.

“Come on guys, dinner's getting cold.” The words barely leave my mouth before a very loud crashing and then shattering sound can be heard from the kitchen. I run in there and my jaw drops in shock and horror. My perfect meal, the one I spent the last couple of hours slaving over, the one I made all by myself was ruined. But this time it isn't my fault. Nope, this time it's all to blame on: “You stupid dog! Get away from there!” Tucker looks up from the meal that is spread out all over the floor and runs for his life. I would follow but I'm too pissed to move. So I yell instead. “Faith! I want him out! That dumb dog has been nothing but trouble since the day you brought him here. I want him out. Take him away!”


I'm a little surprised by her outburst. Not the fact that she yelled but what she said. Sure, Buffy doesn't like the dog but she couldn't be telling me to do what I think she's telling me to do.

“Alright, I'll put him out back,” I say and set down my little boy. It's crazy how much I love that kid. And you'd think that since I'm the butcher outta me and B that I'd be the one to tell him no and send him to his room, but one look into those big brown eyes of his and it's all over. He has me wrapped around those chubby little fingers. Anyway, I put him down and carefully stepped over the broken glass and wasted food.

“No, not just outside, I want him gone. You have two days to find him a new home or I'm taking him to the shelter.” Her voice is full of venom and I know she is serious. But still, the question needs to be asked.

“You're not serious are you? Come on, B, we've had him for over three years. He's like a part of the family. We can't just get rid of him.” I can tell that she's pissed, who couldn't? And she really does want the dog gone but I'm not about to go down without a fight. That's my first dog after all, not to mention our son's. We can't just get rid of him just because he's a troublemaker.

“Don't `B' me.” Oh there will be jokes about that later. “And yes we can. You have two days, Faith, or I'll get rid of him and that's final.” She stomps off to the bedroom and slams the door. Mattie starts crying and I do my best to comfort him but nothing is working. I can't blame him, if my mom said she was going to get rid of my dog I'd be upset too. I go out to the back door and see the scared dog lying next to it. I let him outside and then sit down on the deck, Mattie in my lap and we sit there petting Tucker and hugging him. Damn, I'm a softy. Little Mattie only gets more upset and he cries himself to sleep. I take him back in the house and put him in his bed, it's one of those plastic ones shaped like a racecar. I tried to talk him out of it but he's headstrong, like Buffy.

I go back outside and sit down in one of the patio chairs and light up one of my clove cigarettes. Buffy's always on my ass about quitting but it's how I deal with her crazy shit. Tucker comes over and rests his head in my lap. He looks so sad, like he knows his time here is almost up, well if Buffy gets her way it is. She's been mentioning getting rid of him for almost a month now, but I never thought that she'd give a deadline. I take the last drag and stamp the butt out in the ashtray on the table. I give my dog a kiss on top of the head and then go into the house. He tries to follow me but I know for his own good he should stay out. I see that Buffy has cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and put two unopened cans of alphabet soup on the counter. I roll my eyes and then go into our bedroom where Buffy is getting ready for bed, it's only 9:15.

“Buffy.” I only use her full name when I'm serious and she knows it. “We can't get rid of Tucker. I know you're pissed but we can't.” I sit down on the edge of the bed just as Buffy pulls back the covers and prepares to get under them. She glares at me but doesn't anything. I hate the silent treatment. She lies down and turns off the small lamp on her nightstand leaving me sitting there in the dark. I turn on the lamp that's on my side of the bed and decide to just get ready for bed.

I go into the bathroom, brush my teeth, check on Mattie like I do every night. I change him into his pjs. He only wakes up for a second but then goes out like a light. That kid sleeps like the dead. Then I go to the other rooms in the house and turn out all of the lights that are still on. I take a deep breath before I go back into the bedroom. Buffy turned out my lamp, but I'm going to remain calm. I turn it back on and she sighs a very pissed off sigh. I hate it when she goes to bed mad because she won't let me hold her. I like having her in my arms as we fall asleep. I put on my version of a pair to pajamas, which is nothing more then a really baggy t-shirt. It's an improvement, at least I don't sleep in the nude anymore.

I stopped doing that after Mattie had his first nightmare about two years ago. He came into the room and woke Buffy up and since she was still half asleep she thought it would be ok to put our three-year-old son on the bed with us, in between us as a matter of fact. I woke up a coupe hours later and Mattie was fast asleep using one of my tits as a pillow and squeezing the other with one of his little hands. I haven't been able to sleep nude since. The things I do for that kid. Not only can I no longer sleep naked, but I can't walk around naked either. Having a kid really cuts down on your naked time. Anyway, so I sit down on the bed and look over at Buffy. I know it's only a matter of time before she'll say something, but she's keeping quiet and I'm starting to get frustrated.

“How has he been trouble? Honestly, what has he done that's so horrible other then ruining tonight's dinner?” I can tell this is going to be a long night. But if she wants me to get rid of my dog I think I deserve to know why, don't you? She sits up quickly and flips on the lamp. She is still pissed. I can almost smell the anger coming off of her. But no matter how pissed Buffy is I'm not going to back down. Nope, I'm gonna stand my ground even if she is lookin at me with this insane look in her eyes.

“What has he done? You're serious? You don't' know what that monster has done?” Ok, that's going a little too far. “Alright I'll tell you.” She starts listing things, countin `em on her fingers. “He chews up the furniture.” Only once to the ugly couch that we both hated. “He scratched up the front door.” Only `cause he had to pee really bad and I was draggin my feet. “He digs holes in the backyard.” He helps Mattie. “He destroyed my garden.” Ok I'll give her that one but only because it was a nice garden. “The cat ran away because he never left her alone.” And I encouraged him, I hated that stupid cat. “He rushes people at the door and knocks them down.” What? He gets excited, no big deal. “He barks all night until you let him in our bedroom.” He gets lonely. “And then you let him sleep on our bed.” How would you like to sleep on the floor? “If I try to touch you he growls at me and you don't do a damn thing about it.” No comment. “He's a pest, Faith. I want him gone.” Ok, so those are some really good reasons, but I'm not going to just give up.

“So he needs some training. I'll train him to do better. Come on, in a couple of weeks he'll be the perfect dog.”


I shake my head no. The dinner is the final straw. That dog has made my life more stressful since Faith brought him home. But remembering why Faith got him is making my walls weaken just a little bit. Can't think about that now. We can always get Matthew another dog, just because Tucker was a birthday present it doesn't give him immunity and a free pass to be out of control. I can tell Faith isn't going to budge on the issue. She's too stubborn for her own good sometimes.

“Faith, we've had trainers.” Six to be exact. “We've taken him to an obedience class.” They asked us to leave because the dog was too distracting. “We've read books and watched videos and nothing has worked.” Wasted over a hundred dollars on those. I'm fully aware of why Faith bought Tucker in the first place. It's kind of sad, and has always crippled me before but I'm not going to let it get the best of me now, even if she does think I'm a bitch. This dog is leaving and that's all there is to it.

“But a kid needs a dog, B. Especially an only child. Mattie needs a friend he can just talk to and get dirty with and get into trouble together. That's how it's supposed to be.” Oh God, not the tears. Every time Faith uses the an-only-child-needs-a-friend-card she gets these tears in her eyes and I'm starting to think that she does it on purpose. I know that when she says that she isn't talking about Matthew, she's talking about her lonely childhood and how she always wanted a dog but her drunk mother never let her have one. Growing up she didn't have loving parents or any friends and she always felt alone. The reason she got a Matthew a Golden Retriever is because those are the dogs you see in the stereotypical suburban families. I complained a little when she first got him because he would get big, and he did. But I gave him a chance and now I'm done.

“Look Faith, I'm not saying we can’t get him another dog, just not a big dog. Maybe like a Cocker Spaniel or something around that size. This house just can't take a big dog. And I can't take him being in our bed. That dog is totally possessive of you.” You're mine, not his. “And it's getting worst. I'm afraid that one day you'll be playing with Matthew and Tucker will get jealous and hurt him.” Not likely, the only person that dog has a problem with is me, but if I'm going to win this then I need to strike some kind of nerve. And to Faith, Matthew is a huge nerve.

“He won't.” She sounds stern and also a little desperate. “I won't let anything bad happen to Mattie, you know that.” And I do. We'd both die protecting him if we had to that's why we signed some papers with a lawyer and if both myself and Faith die either together or separately Matthew is going to live with Willow. I look over at Faith and after a short pause she continues. “And if him bein on the bed bothers you so much I'll make him stay on the floor. Please, Buffy, don't make him leave.” Her and her damn doe eyes. I cannot believe I'm letting her manipulate me this way. I'm the one with the cute pout nobody can say no to, it's not fair that she has one too. I sigh and start thinking about my options. On the one hand I can get rid of Tucker and both Faith and our son will be pissed at me. On the other hand I let him stay and he destroys my house but my family will be happy. What to do, what to do?

“Fine.” I don't sound pleased at all. “He can stay. But he's not sleeping in our bed anymore. This is our bed not his.” And you're mine, I'm not going to share you with a stupid dog anymore. I lie back down and watch Faith smile this huge smile. It reminds me of how happy Dawn looked the one-year she got everything she asked for for Christmas. Faith leans down and kisses me but since I'm still a little mad I only kiss her back half-heartedly. It doesn't last long because Faith jumps off of the bed and runs off towards the back door.

I sigh a very displeased sigh. I've been looking forward to tonight since this afternoon. We had been sitting on the living room couch making-out like a couple of teenagers when Faith pulled back and looked at me with this mischievous glint in her eyes. She jumped off of the couch and told me she had some shopping to do and left without saying another word. I didn't get to see what she bought but I did see that it was in a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. Faith never wears any type of sexy underwear or lingerie even though I've been begging her to. Needless to say I'm dying to find out what the surprise is.

But now I can't believe Faith would rather let that dumb dog in our bedroom then make love to me. I'm feeling unwanted and it isn't a good feeling. I've already told her that I can't have sex with the dog in the room. Not only does he watch but the one time Faith actually made him get off the bed he kept jumping back up and tried to get in between us. She actually stopped and said we'd try again later. How fucked up is that? Normally she holds me when we sleep, it's when we try to be intimate when Tucker gets really possessive, and for the last two weeks or so he keeps trying to get in between us so that he'll be the only one touching Faith. I hate that dog.

“I thought you were letting the dog in?” I ask sounding more pissed off then when she left. I could care less about the dog but I thought I should ask, why? I don't know. I watch as Faith walks over to the closet and starts searching for something on the top shelf. I really hope it's the surprise and if it is I really hope she's going to wear a red teddy. Yep, Faith in a red teddy, the thought alone always gets me very wet.

“I put him in the training room.” Smart, sound proofed walls and windows. He can bark all night and no one will hear him. “He can sleep on the couch tonight because I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.” She says in her seductive tone. So I do and then I hear the sound of a plastic bag ruffling around and then the sound of Faith's t-shirt dropping to the floor. I can smell Faith's arousal and it's only turning me on even more. “Alright B, open your eyes.” So I do. What I see makes my blood rush a little faster, my heart beat a little quicker. Faith is wearing nothing but a black lace bra and black lace thong. Simple yet sexy and my mouth is watering at the thought of what this might lead to. By the end of the month I'll get her to wear a red teddy. Mark my words she'll willingly wear a red teddy.

Faith walks slowly over to the foot of the bed putting an extra sway to her hips. She raised her arms above her head, her knees bent and her whole body wiggles a little as if she's dancing to a sexy song or something. She crawls up the bed seductively slow and it reminds me of a jungle cat or something. She pulls back the covers and straddles my hips. She rests her hands on the back of her head to give me a better view. I reach up with both of my hands so I can rub her sides but she stops me.

“Ah, ah, ah B.” She says and holds onto my hands. She guides them up to the headboard and wraps my fingers around two of the wooden poles. “This is a display only. Touching is strictly forbidden.” At first I look offended, but then I decide to up my game a little and I give her one of my best pouts. “Use of the lip will get you nowhere.” She chuckles and I pout some more but not because she won't let me touch her but because my pouting isn't working. I try to make myself look pathetic. I pout and conjured up some tears.

“But Faithy.” I whine. I'm very well aware of my age but Faith has always made me feel young. I don't know how but whenever she gets playful, and not just like this but during the day and out in public, I feel like a teenager again. “You look so good and I wanna touch you. Please?” I make my voice sound a little baby-ish and Faith lightly laughs a little more. I watch in horror as she gets off of me. Maybe she changed her mind. I smile when I see that she's just turning out the lamp on her side of the bed. But then she starts going through the drawer of the bedside table. It's odd, at least I think it is. What's in there? It's not like we use toys. I don't like them, takes the romance out of it. I gulp and nervously lick my lips when I see her pull out the silk scarves. Sometimes when she's in a really feisty mood she likes me to tie her wrists to the bedposts. But I've never been tied up before.

“Don't be scared, B.” I'm not scared, just nervous. “This isn't gonna hurt or nothin. Just a little insurance in case your hands try to wonder.” Well that's not fair. She straddles me again and watching her body move makes all thought stop. She ties one scarf to each wrist and then the other end of the scarves to two of the poles. I'm a little confused. She tied me up before she took off my shirt. So how is she going to get it off? My question is quickly answered when she reaches down into the drawer of my bedside table and pulled out the scissors. “Lucky for you it's only a wife beater. I would've hated to see the yummy sushi go this way.” Yeah I still wear my yummy sushi pajamas, don't judge me. Anyway, Faith cuts up the middle of my shirt and opens it up, revealing my torso. I gasp out when the cool air hits my warm skin. I feel my nipples tighten and Faith smiles widely. She carefully cuts the arm straps of the shirt. She put the scissors back and gently lifts my back off of the bed with one hand and pulls away the shirt with the other. She sits back down on my lap and gently strokes my stomach. I pout again.

“No fair.” She smiles at the whiney sound in my voice. “You get to touch me.” She gets this `cat who ate the canary' grin and a very mischievous look in her dark eyes. Should I be afraid? I feel like I should be afraid but I'm not. I'm too aroused at the moment to really feel any other emotion. She sits up a little so she isn't sitting on my lap anymore. Our crotches are close though. I can feel the heat coming off in waves and I start to breathe a little harder.

“You wanna see me touch myself?” What? Did I hear her right? I guess so because she's rubbing her own stomach very gently, like little whisper touches. As I watch the little show I send a silent thank you to Willow for bringing me back from the dead. “God, B, I'm getting sooo wet.” I gulp despite that my mouth is as dry as the Sahara. I watch as Faith's hands start to gently squeeze her breasts over the lace. She closes her eyes and rolls her head back, arching her out her upper body a little to give me a better view, and it is greatly appreciated.

“Faith.” My voice is deep and husky with arousal. Also a little scratchy from the dryness. “Please, I wanna touch you.” I groan in both pleasure and frustration when I feel Faith grind her hips downward rubbin g her crotch against mine, and shake her head no. If I don't get to touch Faith I'm sure I'll die. I grind my hips against hers and we start a slow rhythm, but it isn't enough, we both know it. “Please Faith. I need to touch you.” And again she shakes her head no.

“Huh-uh B. I said no hands, at least not yet.” Her eyes are still closed and I'm starting to grow beyond frustrated. “Just enjoy the show.” Sure I'm enjoying it but it isn't enough. I groan out again when Faith's right hand starts to slowly snake its way down her body. She stops above her bellybutton and lightly stroke the skin there, wiping away some the sweat that's starting to emerge. She doesn't go lower so I groan and then she continues. And if this is the reward system I'll groan all the time. Faith's index finger starts to toy with the waistband of the new underwear. If this teasing is what happens when she dresses in sexy underwear for me then from now on she's wearing granny panties. I groan wanting Faith to either go further or untie me.

I start panting when Faith's hand goes past the waistband and she cups her own dripping sex. She hisses in a breath and arches her back some more. She told me to watch the show and she sure is putting on a show. She starts to gently rub her clit with her two middle fingers and my eyes are glued on the movement. I can barely see through the lace, which is making this that much more frustrating. I grind my hips again, which causes Faith's fingers to press on the throbbing body part a little harder.

“Oh God, B.” She moans out. She starts to gently grind against her own hand. Her rocking above me like this, her head thrown back in pleasure, the little beads of sweat slowly dripping their way down the hot skin, if I didn't thank Willow before for bringing me back I'd like to do that now. Then she looks at me, her eyes are dilated, and her breasts are slightly bouncing with her rocking motion. I don't think she's ever looked so beautiful. I'm about to voice that but she interrupts me. “How many, B? Two or three?” I'm not sure what she's asking. My mind is way too fuzzy with horniness to think so I say the word two, not really knowing what it means.

“Alrightie then.” We both moan out at the same time when Faith enters herself with her two middle fingers. She throws her head back and starts to pump her hips against her hand a little quicker then before. I start to grind myself against her, which drives the digits deeper. Faith can't be quiet anymore, she is the talker after all, and it only makes me hornier. “Oh God, Buffy. This feels so good. Uh baby, oh God. I'm so close, just a little harder.” So I grind my hips a little harder. “That's it, B. Oh God. Little faster.” I happily comply. “Oh God yes. I'm gonna…Oh fuck! Buffy!” she yells out a little too loudly and I pray that she hasn't woken up our sleeping boy. She collapses on top of me and tries to get her breathing under control. She starts to shake a little and I hate the fact that I'm tied up for a completely different reason.

I quickly discovered in the beginning of our relationship that Faith is very…needy after sex. She was confused about it at first because she'd never been that way before. So we agreed that it's because we're not just having sex, we're making love and that's something that Faith hasn't done with anybody else. Afterwards she needs to be held, needs to feel safe and secure but because my hands are tied I can't exactly hold her right now. And it's not like I can just pull really hard on the scarves with some slayer strength, this headboard is brand new. But luckily Faith isn't feeling needy at the moment and quickly gets over the high without my help.

“I bet you're gushing those tasty juices out right now.” Oh yeah, she's better then ok. She's back to feeling very mischievous. “Come on B, say it. You're dripping you want me so bad.” I nod my head unable to form words I'm so wound up. I need some release or I'm going to die, simple as that. But Faith has others plans, and getting me to talk is one of them. She smiles and sits back up and looks into my eyes. That cocky smirk is back on her face. “Gotta do better then that, B. Tell me you're dripping for me.” She starts to lightly stroke my stomach, those little whisper touches, and I start to pant even harder. I watch as she licks her lips and then leans down and takes one of my hard peaks into her mouth. I moan when she rolls my nipple inside her mouth. “`Ell me yer `ipping.” She tries to speak with my very hard nipple in her mouth. The vibrations go straight to my center and I start to desperately hump Faith's crotch, needing some type of release. I've never been a talker during sex, my mind just gets too cloudy and I can't make my voice box work. And she knows this. I hope she's having fun because this is torture for me.

“I'm….” I trail off. I'm distracted by Faith's hand that's toying with the waistband of my boxers. I start to pump my hips harder. If she doesn't stop teasing soon I'm going to flip her over and show her what a frustrated slayer looks like, new headboard be damned. I hear her say `tell me' again and I make myself focus. “I'm dripping.” Ha! I'm able to say it, I feel like I should get a reward for that, hurry up Faith. My breath hitches in my throat when I feel Faith's fingers start to slowly inch their way past the waistband. If she doesn't hurry up soon I just might scream.

“Say `for me'. Tell me you're dripping for me.” God's she's being really controlling tonight. I'm so gonna get revenge. I try to slow my hips. Maybe if I stop acting so desperate then Faith will stop teasing. But it's hard not to act desperate when you really are desperate. I give up after about ten seconds and do as Faith requested. I still think it's a little strange. Faith isn't usually like this. Too much foreplay just isn't her thing, and this definitely qualifies as too much foreplay. I take in a deep breath and try to calm down.

“I'm dripping for you. It's for you. Please Faith, God, I need you so bad.” That's the last thing I'm able to say. I moan and then gasp when Faith enters me with two fingers. The same two fingers that had been inside her and I can feel the coolness of the semi-dry juices. All thought flies out the fucking window as Faith continues to thrust into me. I almost scream in frustration when she pulls outta me. What the fuck does she think she's doing?! I think I hear something crack, but I ignore it as I watch her intensely. She gets off me completely and I open my eyes. I didn't even know they were closed. I watch Faith reach over and pull off my boxers. I do my best to help but my hips are still pumping. She drops the boxers and then straddles me again. “N-no f-f-fair.” I try to whine but it doesn't work very well and she looks at me with a confused look on her face. “I'm-m n-n-naked and you're n-n-ot. I watch her smile and hear the low chuckle. I want to know what so damn funny but at the same time I just want to come.


“I told you, Blondie, display only. I don't take `em off until I've got my money's worth. This shit was more expensive then I thought it'd be.” I tell her and I smile softly as she starts to wither under me. She really needs me, and knowing that she looks like she's dying just because she needs me to get her off, well, I can't really describe it but it's a good feeling. Instead of fucking her with my fingers like I was before I slowly start to crawl down her body. I leave soft kisses between her breasts, on her ribs, by her bellybutton, and on her abdomen right above the coarse hairs. I start to kiss the tops of her thighs, and she starts to moan a little louder and her hips moving is making this a little difficult so I reach up with both my hands and gently hold her down.

This is all revenge. Well, sort of. Ok, more like proving a point. This morning while I was making breakfast, Blondie here made a comment about me not bein able to tease or take things slow. I told her that I can but she didn't believe me. Do you believe me now B? And does she think that I fucked myself in front of her just to give her a show? Well, yeah a little, I like seeing the look on her face when she watches my body and it is rare that we do that kinda stuff in front of each other. But I mostly did it to satisfy myself a little so I'd be able to tease her longer then I normally would be able to. And I think it's working well, don't you?

I finally start to kiss the insides of her thighs, a good distance away from her creamy center and I don't plan on getting to that anytime soon. I could go on like this for the next hour or so and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I move my hands from her hips and place then over her abdomen and gently stroke the light brown hairs with my thumbs. I can feel her muscles quicken under my touch and her moaning gets a little louder. She starts whispering my name like a prayer and I have to fight to keep control to taking her right now. I know that she's close though, one maybe even three strong licks to her clit with a little slayer strength and she'll be screaming at the top of her lungs. We should really get this room sound proofed, little Mattie's gonna need so much therapy when he's older. And then an idea pops into my head and I smile wickedly against her skin. I stop what I'm doing and lean forward really quick so that my lips are right next to her ear. I can feel her grinding herself again my stomach now that I've let go of her and what she's doing is kind of distracting.

“How many, B, one, two or three?” I ask, my voice is all husky and deep, I can barely tell that it's mine. I watch her open her eyes. Damn, they're so dark, like a deep, deep green. I've never seen `em like that before. She looks a little confused and it's cute as hell, and I ask again, “One, two or three?” I'm not sure if she knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's not likely. She probably thinks I'm talking about fingers like I was last time.

I hear a small tapping sound and look up at her hands. On her right hand she's holdin up three fingers. I smile very evilly and look back down. “Three?” She nods her head yes. I crawl back down her body and place myself between her legs, like I was before. Her legs are spread far, she's almost doing the splits completely, and her lips are already part, waiting for me to work my magic. I have a big ego, so what? Her clit is throbbing so hard and so fast I'm sure she's about ready to have a heart attack. But whatta way to go. I stick out my tongue as far as it'll go and place it over the pulsating muscle and gently press down.

“God, oh God!” she yells out. Yeah, we're definitely going to have to invest in some sound proofing material and get Xander over here to help me install it. Anyway, maybe it won't take three licks after all, I think she's going to come right now and I haven't even moved my tongue yet, it's just sitting there. I know I'm good, but damn. I slowly pull my head upward, dragging by tongue up her clit until only the tip is touching it. I close my mouth and swallow her heavenly juices. God, I could live off of this stuff. I put my tongue back on her just like I did before and she starts pumping against me even harder and I have to hold her down again. She's struggling though, trying to get my hands off of her, so I hold her a little tighter, I know there're gonna be bruises. I drop my tongue up again making use to a little more pressure then the first time. She bucks her hips harder and I stop for a couple minutes until she's calm enough for me to continue.

For the third and final time, I place my tongue over her clit. I use the tip of my tongue to tease her entrance and she starts buckin her whole body, the heels of her feet are diggin into my back and even though it hurts a little there's no place I'd rather be right now. So, I press my tongue against her using a lot of slayer strength. I slowly inch my head up using more and more power as I go. I was only halfway up when I feel her explode. The sticky come shoots out of her, making a huge mess all over the bed, not to mention my new bra. And by the way, this lace shit is overrated, it itches like hell. I look down at the bed and at my chest and we're both covered in her nectar. This has gotta be a record or somethin. No one's ever come that hard before. I start to clean up the mess off of her with my mouth. I drink down the sticky sweetness like there's no fucking tomorrow. The juices just keep flowing, like a river right after a heavy rain, and I'm havin a hard time keeping up.

“Damn, B. Want me to get ya some water? You're probably dehydrated or somethin.” There's no answer, not even one of her husky laughs that she does if I say something funny after she comes. “B?” Again, no answer. I'm getting a little worried now. Maybe I broke her? How I'm gonna explain this one to her friends: `Oh sorry Willow Buffy can't go shopping with you today. Why? Well she had this huge mind blowing orgasm last night and now she can't move or talk, just stares up at the ceiling. Yeah, I'll have her give ya a call when she's better.' Somehow I don't think that'd go over too well. “Buffy?” I ask again, getting serious. I look up and she's passed out.

I'm glowin with pride now. I actually made her pass out. That's only happened once before. I sit up and carefully untie her wrists. I notice that the poles are cracked a little bit and I know that tomorrow she's going to be pissed. But I made her pass out, how cool is that? I put the scarves away and turn off the lamp that's still on. I get up and take off the underwear and then slip my t-shirt back on. I walk over to the dresser and pull out another one and carefully put it on her, just in case Mattie wakes up and comes in here. I'm not tired, need food. So I go into the kitchen to heat up that alphabet soup.


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