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Rating: HARD R-Language, Violence, and most of all: disturbing imagery, some of a sexual nature. This is a WARNING on what happens to certain characters in this episode.

Disclaimer: Characters and show are owned by JW and ME.

Dedications: My Fans: Storm and Kim-their feedback energized me to get this started and done. Thank you.

Feedback: For the love of God-YES!

Notes: This is episode 6-you should all know by now the first 5. Read those if you haven't-recommend them to others if you want. I am gonna try to keep these "episodes" to normal, professional length-starting with the next one. This is about 74 pages-compare that with ep 4 which was a mere 50-so you can see the difference. I'm getting reckless with these and losing my discipline-it's gotta stop! But for now, this is long long long-sort of a lot happens...Enjoy!

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Summary: Buffy and Faith's relationship gets off to a resoundingly rocky start. Drusilla takes advantage of Willow and Kennedy's deteriorating romance. Dawn shows Elle the ropes of hunting on the hellmouth. Xander returns with a new attitude towards Anya. There's also Spike playing both sides; Dino playing a protective, pissed-off combo of John Wayne and Captain America; and Giles is Giles is Giles.



An unsuspecting FELLOW WHISTLES as he walks.  He slows down
as he spots a woman sitting on a stoop up ahead, BAWLING
into her hands.

            Excuse me, miss?  Are you okay?

Peering up from her hands is DRUSILLA looking pitiful.

            My darling Spike is in bad shape.

            Is he hurt somewhere?  Do you need

            No...the cure for his ills is miles
            more complicated.  He used to make
            promises to me and keep them with a
            vengeful flare.  Now, he can't even
            do something as simple as avenge
            the near death of his lover.  He's

            Oookay...um, exactly how can I help?
            If nothing comes to mind, I can
            leave.  In fact, I prefer it.

Drusilla grins and stands.  She sidles up to Fellow.

            Actually, you seem an outstanding
            antidote for my temporary needs.

            In what way?

Drusilla vamps out and before the Fellow can scream, she
rips into his neck.  After feasting for a while, Drusilla
releases the body.

            Now to satisfy more pressing

                                                      CUT TO:


Blue sky.  Birds CHIRP.  A light breeze rustles the trees.
The sun is peeking in the horizon, not quite visible yet.

On BUFFY and FAITH as they share a kiss on a bench.
Afterwards, Buffy rests her head on Faith's shoulder.

            Is there a better time of day than
            this one?

            Last call.

            Besides that.

            Any second I spend with you?

            Now THAT'S an answer.  Willow knows
            about us.

            That gaydar is impressive.

            Told her over the phone.  She
            didn't seem all that surprised.

            Maybe she saw what you didn't.

                   (emphasis added)
            --didn't?  Just ME?  The ME sitting
            next to you.  The ME whose lips
            your lips are unabashedly addicted
            to kissing.

            Uh...I'm gonna say YEAH, but only
            because I don't want this escalatin'
            to the point where you're huffin'
            and puffin' and blowin' away from
            my body.

            Well excuse me for taking offense
            at being called a clueless dolt.

            Now that's overstatin' it!  I'm
            just suggestin' you were oblivious
            to how I felt.  It's okay B, I
            don't blame ya.

            Oh I feel so much better now.

            For fuck's sake B!  Look where we
            are!  It's a beautiful fuckin'
            day--with the birds singin', clouds
            puffin', sun risin'...got
            Shakespeare in the park about to
            start...and I'm with my girl.  It
            don't get more kick-ass than this!

            Good point.  I always wanted to go
            to New York to catch Shakespeare in
            Central Park.  What play is this?

            "MacBeth" I think.

            I don't remember this scene.

The scene: two VAMPIRES strapped to two big crosses, their
PROTESTS swallowed by the gags in their mouths.

            Oh come on--it's the one where Lady
            Mac and her lesbolicious lady
            capture a couple of vamps, strap
            'em to crosses in the park, and
            watch 'em burn as the sun comes up.

            Ohhh right...I LOVE that scene.

The slayers watch as the sunlight spreads throughout the
area and onto the Vampires who begin to smoke, SIZZLE, and
burn.  It's gruesome--their SCREAMS apparent but useless.
The Vampires become toast.  Cue the applause and CHEERS from
the slayers.

           BUFFY                          FAITH
  Excellent!  Fabulous!          Bravo!  Encore!  Encore!  We
  Someone call the Tonys!        want more it's that good!

They stop.  Buffy snuggles into Faith.

            Man, I love the theater.

                                            END TEASE

Act 1

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