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I want her to stay.

I want her to stay and spend the night with me.

And she's going to.

I walk to the sink that's next to the washer and I turn on the tap. I hold Faith's shirt under the running water.


That'll take a while for it to dry.

I wring it lightly before sticking it in the machine. I put the setting on cool/low air. I hit start.

I've been out of my mind since she showed up late last night.

She had been coming to my house for at least a week and watching me sleep from the tree.

I say at least a week, because that's the first time I saw her. She could have been coming longer.

What was different that night was I had left the window open just a crack. It was cold out, but I had wanted a little fresh air.

The smoke from her cigarette had woken me up. She was smoking her cloves that night.

She doesn't always smoke them, but still it's a smell that I associate with her.

Repulsive, and yet still so sweet at the same time.

A little like her.

It probably should have freaked me out, seeing Faith in a tree in the middle of the night, watching me. But it didn't.

It brought me comfort. It felt like she had finally come home.

I've been waiting for her for such a long time.

Even before she went psycho and left on the lam.

But she was so young then. So was I, and although I was older, she had seemed more experienced and so self-assured. I couldn't have been more wrong. But I didn't know that then, and by the time I did, it had been too late.

Words had been said that had changed things. Events then took place that would change things. And then blame had been passed and it changed things.

Except for one. And it never changed.

I still loved her.

When she came back this time, I was too scared to hope. Our track record wasn't a good one. But over some time, and Giles' gentle encouragement, we started to spend more time together. The gang even learned to accept and enjoy her.

But still I was too scared to hope.

To hope for what, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

For another perfect moment like that night on the Ferris wheel.

I'm not being a silly girl. A hopeless romantic, maybe. I'll admit to that.

But I've never had a more perfectly sweet moment than that night at the fair.

And it was all too brief.

The lights of city and the warmth of her jacket and the heat that was coming off of the body that it belonged to... next to me, curled up under my arm.

It was the first real time I saw Faith as the young innocent girl that she was.

Oh, she may have known things and she may have done things, but that didn't change her true nature. It just covered it up. But when she took off that jacket, she did much more than just remove clothing. She bared her soul to me.

And I fell in love with her in that instant.

She let me hold her and it felt so perfect. We were perfect. Life was perfect.

And I knew she thought so too.

But something changed and suddenly she was acting like a wise guy again; rocking the cart and almost making me sick. She had left the perfect moment and I was alone. She ran away and made me wonder if I had imagined the whole thing. But I knew I hadn't. She had felt it too and for whatever reason didn't want it.

Or she didn't want me.

So when she gave me that snapshot of her in the jacket, I took it.

I had wanted the jacket to remind me of our moment and because of the scent that clung onto it.

Her cloves and cologne.

But the picture was just as good. It was actually better. I could see her beautiful face every time I looked at it.

And I've looked at it a hundred times.

At first I hid it in my nightstand drawer. But I got tired of turning on the light and looking for it. So then I kept it under my pillow with a penlight.

When things started to change for us, it pained me to look at it, so it was moved to my underwear drawer. Then that became too much and was moved again to an old shoebox in my closet.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But not really. I had to go inside my closet every day, and it was always the first thing I thought of before I opened it:


And then I'd open the door and look for something to wear.

When she came back this time, it had found its way under my pillow again.

I saw her every day, so what was the point of putting it away?

So when she started coming at night to watch me, I would wait up until she showed. She never stayed long and I wondered where she went afterwards or where she had come from. But I didn't really want to know.

I could only assume. Faith is still Faith. Some things don't change.

But last night was unbearable.

She usually shows up around the same time each night, give or take a half hour. But last night she was very late. I didn't think she was coming at all. Or maybe she was coming, and that's why she was so late.

I had tossed and turned and almost pulled all the covers from my bed.

Where was she, and what was she doing? She should be here with me. Not with some whore, not in a tree. But right here with me, in bed.

And I began to fantasize on just that. I tried to make it believable so I could pretend it could really happen. No Pirate Faith with a patch on one eye or a Zorro Faith in a mask and a cape.

Well, not this time anyway. But those two are my favorites.

No, this time it had to seem real.

Something she'd do and I'd let happen.

So I started thinking. And then thoughts became words, and words became sentences, and soon I was writing it down beneath my covers with a penlight. It became a poem, and it was very realistic.

And I wanted it to happen.

When I finally fell asleep, I dreamt of her.

She had climbed up onto the roof, and okay, she had a mask and cape on, but she had quietly climbed through the window and stood looking over me. She saw that I was awake and she came onto the bed and made love to me.

I don't remember the details, I'm not sure if there even were any, but the feeling I had was perfect.

It was perfect, we were perfect, life was perfect.

I woke up just as Zorro Faith was climbing out of my window.

I was still half asleep, and I thought I was watching the back of her black silk cape going out the window, but it was Real Faith in her black leather jacket in the tree.

Not the brown leather jacket that I have hidden in my wardrobe.

Shortly after her picture found its way back under my pillow, I had managed to find a new home for her jacket in my closet.

She had left it at Giles', and well...

Finders keepers. Losers weepers.

It was mine now, and I'll never give it back to her.

I don't care how good she looks in it.

But now she is upstairs in her sexy red bra, and I'm not letting her out of this house. And not after she told me why she was so late last night:


Maybe she can't fulfill my poem's fantasy, but I'll have her warm body next to mine.

I walk to the dryer and hit stop. Just in case.

No, she's not leaving.


I enter my room and Faith is standing by the window. She's looking out into the night and she's running a hand through her hair.

I look at her strong back and tapered waist and notice how sexy her butt looks in those jeans...

...and I miss her.

Is it possible to miss someone who is standing right in front of you?

Yes. It is.

She hears me close the door and turns to look at me, her fingers still running through her hair. She looks troubled.

"What's wrong, Faith?" I ask.

"Um, nothing, B. Just a little tired, I guess. And my back's sore."

"What happened to your back?" I ask concerned.

"I dunno. Pulled it, I guess."

I look closer and see a slight swelling by her waistband.

I walk over and touch it lightly. She stiffens.

"Does it hurt to touch it?" I ask, pulling my hand back.

"Uh...no, B. It actually feels kinda nice."

"Want me to rub it?"

She grins.

"Rub 'it', B?"

If you'll let me, I think. But I roll my eyes and say:

"Your back, Faith. Not 'it'."

"Oh. Well, that's too bad. But that sounds nice too, B," she smiles.

She lets me lead her by her fingers to the bed; she lets go, sliding onto her stomach, with her boots hanging off the edge.

"You got any tunes, B?" she asks, her voice muffled by the mattress.

"Sure, what do you want?" I ask walking to my boom-box.

"Oh, I dunno. Something sexy, yunno, to put you in the mood."

Like I need music to put me in the mood. Faith on my bed, Hello!

"Hmm. I think I loaned all my 'back-rubbing' mood music to Willow and Tara," I tell her.

"Oh, well, surprise me then," she muffles.

So I put on some Enigma...tracks two, three, and four.

Okay, cliché for seduction, but I'm hoping she doesn't know that.

"Hey, that's nice, B. I never knew monks chanting could sound so sexy."

I adjust the volume so mom won't hear and put it on repeat. I lock the door.


I click on the bedside lamp and throw a multi-colored scarf over it. I turn out the overhead light. Perfect.

Faith lifts her head and looks at me through her hair.

"Whooa, B. You re-thinkin' the rubbing 'it' thing?"

"You wish," I tell her.


I walk to the edge and start pulling off her boots.

"Uh... whatcha doin' there, Buffy?" Faith muffles.

"Well, if you want me to rub it, I have to take your pants off," I smile.


"Your back, Faith. It looks like it goes below your waistband."

More silence.

"Faith?" I say, as the other boot comes off.

"Uh, okay," she says.

I tug on her pant legs. She lies still.

"Unzip your pants, Faith."

Oh god, did I just say that? That just sounds so hot!

She slides her hand under her stomach and lifts up her ass. She brings her hand back to lie at her side.

She's quiet.

I tug on her pant legs and it moves a fraction. Her zipper's caught.

"Faith?" No answer.

"Faith?" Nothing.

I crawl onto the bed and kneel over her, a knee between her thighs. I reach under with my hand, pulling at her zipper.

She's as stiff as a board.

I slide my hand back up over her stomach, then over her hips, tugging.

She lifts her ass, and with both hands, I pull.

Oh god...

Why isn't she wearing any panties?

Why?? To torture me??

"Uh, B...You wanna get my underwear for me? I think they're in my pants."


"Sorry," I say. She reaches behind with her hands and pulls them back up.

Okay, a little better.

But not much.

I move my hands to rub her muscle. I rub it tenderly.

"Uhh...that feels nice, B."

"Sssh, no talking," I whisper.

"Okay," she whispers back.

Oh my god. Look at her. She's so sexy in her red lingerie.

"You have a nice touch, B."

"Ssshh..." I say. "...but, thank you."

I work on her pulled muscle and then start massaging around it. I move up toward her shoulders, her neck, and then back down to her hips.

She lets out a low moan.

I knead her slowly, moving lower each time. I massage her ass through her red panties.

I continue and move down to the back of her thighs, to her calves and then work up again. To her ass, her hips, back, shoulders and neck.

I work back down again.

I do this over and over and over again, until I hear her soft breathing become slow and regulated.

She's sleeping...

...and she's mine.



Buffy Sex Fantasy #26: Masturbating myself with Buffy's hand while she lies sleeping.

Haven't thought of that one in a while.

But it's a good one.

I musta fallen asleep on my hand or something, cuz I can feel it against my pussy but my fingers ain't moving.

Oh, no...there they go.

See? Right there, scratching your nose...


I open my eyes to the sight of golden hair.

Where am I??

Fuck, I never spend the night at some trick's place. And I musta got some, cuz I feel so relaxed.

Musta been so damn good, it knocked me out after.

Too bad I can't remember.

And who is this chick?

The only blonde I know who-


I turn my head to look at my surroundings.

Yep, B's bedroom.

What happened?

And why is her hand between my legs???

Did she give me some? I do feel really relaxed. Wait, she gave me some, and I can't remember it???

Oh, fuck no, Faith. You fucking loser.

I stare at the back of her head and move back a little.

Her arm is down behind her and her hand tucked firmly between my legs.

I wonder how long it's been there, and how long I've been rubbing on it?

Oh man. She's gonna wake up and have a wet finger. Or two.

Nah, the whole damn hand is gonna be wet, cuz now I'm really turned on!


What's that I feel? Buffy's hand is moving?

Does she think she's touching herself?

Oh, that feels nice.

Buffy Sex Fantasy #26 in progress, folks.

I bite my lip to keep from moaning.

Oh man, please don't wake up yet...come on...a little more...a little more...

Man, my panties are soaked, I can smell it!

I can smell it and...the shampoo from her hair.

The shampoo from her hair and my pussy scent mixed together...

I never thought I'd smell those two things at the same time...

Uh...uh...oh. Man, this is better...than...I...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhh.


Oh my god, did that just happen?

I guess it did.

Damn, I'm sleepy.

I inch closer to her and bring my nose to her hair.

I inhale softly.

And a calm creeps over me like never before.

I drape my arm around her and sigh...

...and feel myself drift gently back to sleep.



Ohhhhhhhhh...ohh...ohh...oh god...ohhhhhhh...


That was close.

Faith never woke up even a little the other two times when I touched her.

Or touched myself.

God that was sexy.

I wonder what she thought when she found my hand between her legs?

She probably thought it was an accident and that she's getting away with something.

Fine by me. Cuz now she's got her arm around me.

Third time's a charm.

I pull my hand out slowly from between her thighs and reach behind to gently pull her closer to me. I take her hand and nestle it firmly between my breasts.

Finally...I can sleep now.



I wake up to the smell of coffee and burnt toast.

"Dammit!" I hear B's voice from downstairs.

Her bedroom door is wide open and I'm on top of the covers in my underwear.

Great. I bet Joyce had a real good time with that sight.

Man, do I feel sticky. Did I start?


Fuck yeah. Buffy got me off while she was sleepin'!

Little Buffy Summers givin' Faith the old touch-n-feel.

She's probably freaking out, cuz she's got pussy on her fingers.

My pussy.

Heh heh.

I'm hungry.

So hungry in fact, I'd take a tub of that popcorn she made me.

I look at the clock. Okay, Joyce must be at work by now.

Let's go eat.

I look around for something to put on, when Buffy comes up the stairs with a tray in her hands and a smile on her face.


"Hey bedhead, I made you breakfast," she says.

"Oh hey, B. That was nice of you. Um, what happened, did I pass out on you or something?"

"Something like that. You said you were tired and I guess the massage put you to sleep," she smiles, putting the tray on the bed.

"That musta been some kick-ass massage, B. I feel really relaxed."

"Yeah, you seemed to like it," she says with that small smile again.


"So how about you? Did you sleep okay with me in the bed? Sorry if I snored or took all the covers," I say, looking at her.

"No, not at all. I slept fine, and you kick off all of the covers."

"I do?" I grin sheepishly.

"Yep. I'm sure you've heard that before," she says looking away.

"No, can't say as I have," I tell her.

"Oh? What about the second part of H & H ?" she asks, now looking at me.

"What about it?"

"Don't they complain, or haven't you been getting any?"

"I never spend the night, B, and yeah, I'm still gettin' some. I told you yesterday, remember?"

"That's right, you did," she says, looking away again.

"Um, is my shirt dry?" I ask.

"No, it must have shut off in the middle of the night. I just turned it back on. Now get back in bed and eat your breakfast."

I smile, "Okay." I say, and slide back under the covers.

She comes to the side of the bed and places the tray across my lap. She sits next to me.

She takes a cloth napkin and places it on my chest. It slides off.

I grin.

"Was that to catch crumbs or to cover the girls?" I ask.

She blushes.

"Neither. For the drool, wise-ass," she deadpans.

"That's cuz you look so good in the morning, B. You make my mouth water."

"Eat, Faith."

I smile and look at the tray in front of me.

Wow. It looks really good.

Toast, not burnt, bacon, eggs, potatoes and fruit.

And a thin vase with a rose in it.

"Damn, B. Is your mom home, still? I hope she didn't freak out when she saw me almost naked sleepin' in your bed."

She looks offended.

"She didn't see you, she left early this morning. I made the breakfast."

I raise my eyebrow.

I hold the toast up to check the other side. Nope, not burnt.

She looks at me.

"Uh, no, B. It's just I heard you cursin' in the kitchen and I thought I smelled burnt toast."

"No, that was a pot-holder that caught on fire and I burned my finger."

She holds it up.

"Aww, B. When you were cookin' for me? Here, let me kiss 'it' and make it better."

She lets me take her hand and place a kiss on her finger.

She smiles at me.

"Oh!" she says, jumping from the bed, "Your coffee and juice!"

And she runs down the stairs.

Okay, now this was livin'.

I got me a hot blonde, gettin' me off and gettin' me food and feedin' it to me in her bed.

I could put up with that.

I rub my hands together and dig in.

Fuck, this is really good. She really does have talent.

I think about her hand between my legs...

Hell yeah, she does.

She comes back upstairs while I munch on the toast and cram a piece of bacon in my mouth. I nod my head and smile at her, chewing.

"You like?" she asks, putting the juice and the coffee down.

I grunt and keep eating.

She sits next to me again, careful not to spill the liquids, and then takes a piece of bacon and looks at me.

I nod my head, okay. Sure have a piece, have six, I think she cooked me a pound of it.

I swallow and then take a drink of juice.

"This is fucking great, B. Thank you. Did you eat yet?"

"No, that's okay, I'll get something later."

"No way, Buffy. Come here, slide your ass next to me and eat some of this," I say, patting the bed beside me.

"Okay," she smiles at me.

I lift the covers so she can slide in next to me; I lift the tray.

She leans back against the pillows.

I put another piece of bacon in my mouth and I take the napkin from my lap and tuck it in her shirt.

She smiles at me.


She takes the piece of bacon that's hanging out of my mouth and eats it.

I swallow.

"We can share what's on the plate, B. You don't gotta take the food outta my mouth," I tease her.

She takes what's left in her hand and puts it back in my mouth.

She wipes a crumb off my lip.

"Your lip looks better. Does it feel better?" she says, running her finger lightly across it.

"Yeah, B. Everything feels better. My lip feels better, my back feels better, my...everything feels better," I catch myself.

"Everything?" she asks softly.

"Uh, yeah. I should spend the night more often," I joke.

"Maybe you should," she says, just as softly.

I get nervous.

I shove some toast in my mouth.

She looks at me.

Okay. I take a piece of toast and pile some eggs and bacon on it. I hold my other hand under it as I bring it to her lips.

She looks at me as she opens her mouth; I feed it to her slowly.

A piece of egg falls off the toast and lands on her napkin. I reach to wipe it off and my hand is shaking.

My hand is shaking?

"What's wrong, Faith? Why is your hand shaking?" Buffy asks quietly.

"Caffeine, B. I need some."

I grab the mug and bring it to my lips, steadying my hand.

I gulp.

"Faith, be careful, it's hot!"

No shit, it is!

I quickly put it down and grab the juice. I gulp, spilling it on my chest and stomach.

She looks at me.

"Well, at least it's not on your shirt. Maybe that's how you should drink all of your beverages from now on. Shirtless."

I grin.

"No problem, B. How about you?" And I spill a little juice on her napkin, watching it soak through.

"Faith! You're the one with the drinking problem, not me!"

I spill some more on her.

"No, B. Really, it's no problem."

She looks a little annoyed with me and I grin wider.

And then she takes her shirt off.

What the fuck?? That wasn't supposed to happen!

My eyes go wide as I stare at her breasts.

Her breasts, in the bed, next to me, and next to mine.

"What, Faith? They're just breasts," she says sarcastically.

"Yeah, B, but they're yours," I tell her.

"Yes, and those are yours," she says, looking at mine.

She's looking at my tits and she's not even looking away.

Okay, what about that lump on my forehead?

"What about that lump on my forehead?" I ask.

"It's gone," she says.

"Well, you have one on yours," I say, as I reach up to smack her.

She grabs my hand and laughs.

"Eat your breakfast, you retard. It's almost cold."

Me and Buffy, shirtless, eating breakfast in her bed.

Am I dead?

Uh, yeah. I really am.

"I think I'll go see if my shirt is dry now," I say, lifting up the tray.

I put it on her lap and get out of bed, not looking at her.

I feel so fucking naked. Where are my pants? Oh, there.

I yank on my jeans, she had left my socks on, and sit down to pull up my boots.

She looks at me as she eats another piece of bacon.

That fucking little smile on her lips again.

"Okay. You need me to go get it for you?" she asks sweetly.

"No, B. I know where the laundry room is. Uh, thanks for everything, okay?"

"Okay. I'll see you later for patrol then?" she asks.

"Sure. What, no meeting today?"

"Nope. It's a free day, just patrol."

"Oh, okay. Sure, see ya later then," I go to walk out the room.

"What? No kiss on the cheek? After I made you breakfast in bed and made...everything...feel better?" she says to my back.

I scowl and walk back to the bed.

She offers me her cheek and I kiss it, she smiles and sticks a piece of bacon in my mouth.

"Don't want you complaining I left you...unsatisfied," she explains.

I give her one last look and then run down the stairs.

She's gettin' too good at this.


Since it was a "free day", I decided to go for a run.

After I left Buffy's place, I swung by the motel to change my clothes and find some old running shoes. I don't really do it that often, but I figured I needed to do something to keep myself occupied.

It would be hours before I saw Buffy again.

I realized I could still have been there, almost naked, with B, in the bed, eating breakfast.

But I also realized that the fact I wanted to be there so much was the reason why I shouldn't.

It's getting kinda tricky.

Yeah, a long run should clear my head up too.

So I throw on some shorts, slip on some shoes, and I hit the pavement. I start out slow and then pick up the pace. I'm moving at a fairly fast clip.

I run through the park. I run by the lake. I run across UC Sunny D. I run past a group of whistling jock-heads...I slow down to jog backwards by the girl's cheerleading squad. Hey, Chinese splits. Nice. I think I know that girl. I look closer. Long legs, blonde, nice rack...yep, I do. I wink as she waves at me.

"FAITH! Wait!" she yells.

Oops. No can do...I turn around and keep running. I'm running so much I feel like I'm Forrest fucking Gump...

...and I'm running from my Jenny.

I head back to the motel.

I throw my sticky self onto the bed. I'll shower later.

Me and B.

Just like carrots and peas...

Fuck it. I always did play with my vegetables.


That fucking little smile.

Look at her, all smug-like and pleased with herself...

Like she beat me or something. Well, think again, little girl.

Okay, sure. She surprised me a few times. I can admit that.

Taking my pants off and taking off her shirt.

And what's with the Enigma shit?

Not that I really needed it, but I used that myself one time to get some chick into the sack.

Just who does she think she's dealing with? I'm Faith, for god's sake.

Besides, I'm not the one with some love poem tucked under my pillow, and it wasn't my hand between her legs.

And the fact that B masturbates still kills me. Oh, okay, it turns me on. But that she'd do it while I was sleepin' in the bed with her?

Or maybe she forgot I was there....


Okay, ready for round two...


I lose my usual position in the rear and move past the gang to walk next to Buffy. She's up front...as usual.

Anya looks a little miffed, having worn some butt-hugging jeans for my benefit.

I toss her a bone.

"Nice ass," I say over my shoulder. She beams at me.

"Hey, 'B-B'," I grin at Buffy, bumping her with my hip.

"Hey, 'F-F'. What are you doing here? You know it's safer if one of us watches the rear."

I wind up and throw my first punch. I say:

"Yeah, I know. But lookin' at Anya's ass is getting me wicked horny and stuff, so I thought maybe you and I could switch for a while."

"Oh?" she says, glancing back at Anya.

"So whadda ya say, B? Is that cool?"

She looks pretty annoyed.

"Yeah, okay," she says finally.

"Thanks, B, You're a life saver," I joke. "Maybe that way I won't get so distracted."

She gives a tight smile, "Happy to help," she says.

We trade positions.

Anya seemed momentarily perplexed, confused by the sudden change. But she got over it. As long as there was someone to look at her ass, she really didn't care who.

I look back at B as Anya wiggles her ass.

Buffy rolls her eyes.

Save it, An. You're wasting your time. She'll be looking at my ass soon enough.

I throw the next punch. I turn back around and give her my best strut.

I count.

One. Two. Three. Four...


And she's on the mat!

"Oow!" says Red, clutching her skull.

"Oh my god, sorry Willow!" Buffy says, holding her lip.

"I told you it was worth it, Xander," Anya smiles smugly. "I knew these pants would pay for themselves some day."

"Before you start, Willow, yes, I was looking where I was going, but I got something in my eye for a second," Buffy says quickly.

Yeah, like my ASS.

"Ya know what? I'm starting to think it would be safer if neither of you watches the 'rear'," Xander puns.

Anya sighs.

"Oh, alright, I'll do it. My ass seems to be a hazard to everyone but me. Xander's not to be trusted, and as for those two..." She looks at Red and T,"...well, I think we all know what I mean."

"Anya, I resent the implication that all lesbians would be attracted to your ass," Willow retorts, rubbing her head.

"Oh, did I do that? Sorry, I didn't mean all lesbians, I just meant you two..."

She thinks for a moment.

"...and Faith, of course. Oh, and Buffy now, too."

"What?? Anya, I am not a...I was so not looking at your ass!" Buffy huffs.

"You have a cut on your lip and Willow has a bump on her head," Anya says, pointing out the proof.

"Oh, come on, B. Come out, already. You can't be a closet Anya-Ass-Lover forever. Look at me. I'm all open about it...and I feel kinda proud too," I grin at her.

Anya tugs on Xander's sleeve, "I really like her, Xander. And she's so honest too."

Xander shakes his head.

"In fact, Xander. Remember that thing you always keep bringing up?" Anya says.

Xander's eyes go wide. He starts to blush.

"Uh, no, uh An-" he stammers, objecting.

"Oh, sure you do," Anya interrupts. "About bringing in another girl to be our orgasm buddy? Well, I think I'm ready now," she states happily looking at me.


"So, Faith," she continues, "What are your plans for tonight?"

Xander looks embarrassed...but he's not objecting now.

He's such a horn dog...I told you we understood each other.

"She's coming back to my house to help me fix my lip," Buffy says abruptly.

I look at her. I am?

"Yeah, Buffy. May...maybe Faith can kiss 'it' and make it better," teases Tara.

"Kiss what? What is Faith going to kiss of Buffy's to make it better?" Anya says irate, "I'm sorry, Buffy, but Xander and I saw her first, and she can kiss us and make it better."

Anya looks at me, "I know you've been with Xander, but you've never been with the both of us. Have you ever had an ex-vengeance demon? We can be very creative, can't we sweetie?"

She looks at Xander for confirmation.

"Um, An..." Xander says.

"Like the time we hooked the hose up to the bath and stuck it up your-"

"ANYA!" Xander yells. He puts his hand over her mouth.

"She has Turrets...excuse us, everybody," Xander leaves dragging Anya off again.

I raise an eyebrow.

"Well, that's the most interesting offer I've had in a while," I say smiling.

Buffy's not amused.

"Well, go after them then. Don't let my lip get in your way."

I grin at her.

"Nah, B. Your mouth needs attention. Besides, your lip would never get in my way."

"Oh my goddess. Does everything have to be about sex?" Red says exasperated.

"No..no, Willow, it doesn't have to be," Tara says turning away.

"Tara, no! That's not what I meant. I didn't mean you, baby," Red walks after her trying to explain.

Guess Red's not gettin' any tonight.

"Look what you started, Faith," Buffy says, turning away also.

I grab her elbow.

"What B? I didn't start anything. You were the one staring at Anya's ass."

"I was not looking at Anya's ass, Faith, and you know it."

"No? Then what were you looking at?" I ask her.

"I told you, I got something in my eye."

"Oh, that's right. You got 'something' in your eye."

"Quit it, Faith. I've got one nerve left, and you're on it."

"Fuck, B. I was just playin'."

"I'm tired. I'll see you tomorrow." She removes her elbow from my grip and heads over to hers.

"You don't need any help with that lip?" I call after her.

"No, I'll manage. I always have," she says, not turning around.

Well, this turned out all wrong.

Fuck 'em all. Well, except Tara, of course.

And I head back to mine.



I'm back in the tree.

Many hours have passed and I still can't get to sleep.

I found some chick and I got her off, but I wouldn't let her touch me. I just finger-fucked her in the alley by my motel.

I hope I didn't hurt her.

I went back upstairs hoping it had gotten out my aggressions, but it hadn't.

Fuckin' Buffy was still running through my mind.

She can sure dish it out when she wants...and she can usually take it.

But tonight was different. And normally it wouldn't bother me either, but again, tonight was different.

So I threw on some clothes and went to her house.

I've been sittin' in the tree for about a half hour now.

Buffy's lying in bed and I can hear soft music coming through her window. Which, by the way, she had left part way open. And the music was Enigma again.

She musta fallen asleep listening to it. I wonder if it reminds her of me?

I'm calmer now. Watching her sleep always does that for me.

But I'm still agitated. Something inside me feels unsettled.

And now I can't even have a smoke to relax me, cuz she's got her fuckin' window open.

I watch her for a few moments and then I find myself climbing onto her roof. I don't know why, and I really don't care. I just know I need to get closer.

I squat on the roof, my nose practically pressed against her window, when I see her stir. She looks at me and I stare back. She has a soft smile and she murmurs something, and then she sighs before turning away.

She's talking in her sleep.

That's so cute.

I wonder what she's saying?

The next thing I know, I'm climbing through her window and I'm sitting on her bed.

And I'm not even nervous.

I sit there for a while and then I begin to stroke her hair. She murmurs softly again and I hear her say my name.

I lean in closer to listen.

"Take off your mask, Faith..." she whispers.

My mask?

I lean in even closer. I put my ear to her lips and it brushes against it.

Her eyes open sleepily and I pull back slightly to look at her.

"Mmmm, better...but you can leave your cape on."

And then she kisses me...so I kiss her back.

I'm not stupid. We like sleeping Buffy, remember?

My tongue finds its way into her mouth and she moans.

Or was that me?


She's sighing and I'm moaning and she pulls back to look at my shirt.

"No fair," she mumbles. "I'm naked, you're not."

She's naked? I pull back the covers. Well, I guess she is...


I start pulling off my clothes. I lean back in to kiss her every once in a while.

"Happy," she smiles softly, closing her eyes.

I give her one more kiss and then get up to make sure the door is locked. Don't need Joyce gettin' an eyeful.

I climb back into bed and take her in my arms. She melts into me.

She's so soft...and warm. My heart begins to race.

I allow my hands to become gently acquainted with her curves and my mouth regains possession of her lips again.

Regains possession. How lame, but that was exactly what it was doing. My kisses started out soft, but were now getting deeper, getting more heated. I moan into her again. I can't help myself.

I knew if I kept at it, I'd risk waking her up.

But it was a risk I was willing to take.

I roll her onto her back and crawl up on top of her, moving my hands to caress her nipples. I kiss her deeper...

...and feel her wake up.

Her light gasp into my mouth had alerted me and I opened my eyes to see her staring at me.

Those deep pools of green.

But I'm ready this time. I'm not gonna get sucked in.

I work my fingers into her hair and pull her head back, forcing her to look up at me.


Maybe a toe was in the water, but I swear, that's IT.

I feel her soft hands run up my sides and then down my back, caressing my hips and my ass. She pulls me closer and wraps her legs around me.

Locking me with her gaze, she moves against me. I can feel her soft pussy lips part beneath her pubic hair. She's rubbing herself on me, coating my stomach with her moisture.

I move my hand down to touch it.

I bring it back to my nose and inhale deeply before placing my fingers in my mouth. Buffy's eyes widen for a moment and then narrows again. She lifts her head to kiss me, sucking on my lips and on my fingers. We can both taste her pussy. So sweet.

I remove my fingers and lick her lips. I lower myself to take a nipple in my mouth; I suck and tease it with my tongue. She rubs harder against me. I reach down to still her, moving my mouth to her other breast before sliding under the covers and licking my way to her pussy. She groans. She puts her legs around my shoulders and then takes her fingers to spread herself for me. I suck on her fingers and lick at her clit. I put a finger inside and fuck her.

"Huuuunnhh....Faith," she whispers.

"Mmmmmmmm, Buffy," I moan back. I slip in another finger.

I lick and pump my fingers in and out of her slick opening.

Each stroke, each lick, each tremble causes more of her nectar to spill out. I don't usually talk like that, but that's what it is.

Nectar and Ambrosia. Food of the gods.

She made me feel like one.

She moves herself against my tongue, aiding me with her climax.

"Baby...Faith..." she gasps.

My clit twitches.

And I lick and fuck her until she slowly stops riding my face and gently pushes my head away.

She puts her hand in my hair and pulls me up by it.

She looks at me deeply and then kisses me with a groan.

She breaks the kiss and gives me a look. She slides underneath me, pulling down hard on my ass.

Fuck me, she's gonna lick me...Buffy Sex Fantasy # 3.

I quickly move forward on my knees, pulling myself upright and grabbing hold of her headboard. I look down as she stares up at me. Fuck. A thrill runs through me and I feel myself getting wetter. She feels this too, and opens her mouth to taste me.

She closes her eyes and eats me.

Lips, teeth, tongue.

Buffy's tongue is on my clit...Buffy's tongue is on my clit.

I grip the headboard tighter and throw my head back.

I groan, sliding against her mouth.

"Uhhhh...fuck, B..." I whisper.

She grips my ass with her hands, pulling me closer.

She licks and licks...and licks. I can't take it.

I'm gonna come.

I try to break away, but she holds my ass firmly. She quickly takes one hand and massages my breast and then pinches my nipple.

Oh fuck.

I come with a flood and she laps at it, licking me, drinking me in. I fall back down to rest on her face. I'm shaking.

She caresses my body, touching my breasts and rubbing my stomach. She slides her hands over my hips and pushes me up gently, sliding her head further down and licks at my pussy, then towards my ass. I jerk again slightly and then pull away.

I crawl under the covers and meet her at the foot of the bed.

She's wiping her chin and she's looking at me.

"I..." Love you, I think. But I catch myself.

" 'I' know," she says before kissing me.



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