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The Incredibly (un)True Adventures of Two Slayers in Love:

Veni Vidi Vici Vegas

by Oralfxatn

Okay, hit me (love tap!)
Summary: Part 2 of series. Faith and Buffy spend Valentine's Day in Vegas. Hot sex and romance ensues. Oh, and a chick fight over Faith by B & C.

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"ROADTRIP!!" Xander and I exclaim, slapping our hands together in a high-five.

Buffy and the rest of the Scoobs just smile at our inanity.

The Watchers Council had phoned up Giles, notifying him that the annual International Wicca Conference was bein' held in the United States this year. And, of all places...Las Vegas, Nevada.

I love Vegas!

But there were two things that kinda dampened our enthusiasm though.

One, Oz couldn't go with us. He had an out-of-town gig that weekend, and he couldn't let the rest of his band down. And two, it falls on Valentine's Day weekend.

Not that I minded, mind you, but I kinda think Buffy's idea of a romantic weekend would be at a secluded country Bed & Breakfast, not at some fast paced city that's known for its loose slots and looser women.

I love Vegas!

But we were definitely better off than poor Red. She had to choose between the most prestigious magick conference in the world or spendin' time with her honey.

"No, it's cool, Will. You should go," was Dog-boy's response.

He's an understandin' guy, that Oz.

No way I'd be away from my girl on that weekend!

No sooner had we decided to go, when my mind started formulatin' a plan.

Yeah, I'd make it work.

So Xan and I started goin' over all the details. Mostly about the road trip itself; cus once we were in Vegas, we were on our own.

Oh, and the best part is Giles got the Council to fund the entire trip. Not a small trick, if you ask me. Everyone knows how tight they are. I'm pretty sure they all squeak when they take a shit.

So the only thing we needed to worry about was a little pocket change.

Besides, I plan on makin' bank at the roulette tables.

"I don't see how, Faith," Buffy says to me, "Last I recall, you need proper identification proving you're of legal age."

I grin at her.

"Oh, come on, B. You don't think I have that covered?" And I flash them all my fake I.D.

I pass it around the table so they can all take a good look at this masterpiece. It's a beauty.

Xander lets out a slow whistle.

"Wow. That's great, Faith. Where were you when I needed one of these babies?"

"I don't know, Xan," I say, "but it's a criminal offense anyway, and it would've put you at risk."

"Oh, but it's okay for you," Buffy states dryly.

"Well yeah, B. I can take care of myself."

Xander gives me a look.

"Uh...not that I'm sayin' that you can't, X-man," I say quickly.

Xander puts his hands up, "No. No, that's okay, Faith. I'm sure I earned that comment."

We all stop to remember an incident that happened last year; involvin' a liquor store, a bottle of Asti Spumanti and a rather laughable fake I.D.

I could get over the lame I.D., but a bottle of Asti Spumanti?

I mean, if you're gonna get busted, it better be worth the hassle.

When the I.D. finally gets to Buffy she raises an eyebrow and says:

"Faith Knight?" Questionin' my choice in fake last names.

"Yeah, B. Like in 'shining armor.' "

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Yeah, she digs me.

Buffy and I are gettin' along great.

After we did the symbolic ride into the sunset, we came back ready for a fresh start. We got back to our old routine, but with a few major changes. When we train, it's easier, more light-hearted. We can really focus on gettin' our moves down and pushin' each other to the next level. We're not weighed down by all of that sexual tension.

And when we patrol at night, I really try to work on my rage. Not the fact that I have it, but what it causes me to do. Like the fact it puts myself and the people I care about in danger. Buffy had said she could deal with my rage issues if I promised to keep it all in perspective. You know, either lose myself in the screams of a vamp as I'm smashin' his face in, or make sure my friends are out of harm's way.

It made sense to me.

But my favorite change is what happens after we patrol.

Oh, and B's back to cookin' for me. I love it.

Now there's no question about me comin' inside or not. Mickey D's is a thing of the past. After we're done patrolling, we usually walk everyone home, and then take the long way back to B's house.

Well, goin' back the long way is my idea...

...see, I still have a few cards up my sleeve.

We walk back holdin' hands; talkin' about things we've done or would like to do. When we get to her front porch, I always give her a kiss on the forehead before going inside.

For good luck.

I don't know when I started this, or why I even say it's for good luck, but I just do it.

It feels right.

B still likes to see me blow on the fork, so her food is still always hot and super steamy. I told her I would still blow on it for her, that she didn't have to take the enamel off my teeth, but she just pouted and said it wouldn't be the same.

"Okay, B. Whatever makes you happy," I blow on the fork in her hand, "but it's really startin' to damage my tongue," I add off-handedly.

I open my mouth and wait...I watch her process this information as she holds the fork in front of me.

I win!

She hands me a cold glass of milk instead, and she starts blowin' on the fork herself.

Not that B has experienced my tongue completely yet. We still haven't gone past second base.

Well, depending on who you're talkin' to, that is. See, sometimes we find ourselves just makin' out. Anywhere. I mean, not usually in front of people, we like to have a little privacy, but sometimes that happens too. Anyway, we'll be makin' out, gettin' all worked up and wicked horny, just tonguing it up and stuff. We've been doing "above the waist" stuff since she came to the motel that one morning.

Over and under our clothing. And seein' as she saw me without a shirt on, it was only fair I got to see her without one too.

So, okay. I guess over, under, and without any clothing. But sometimes I get a little carried away and I start rubbin' her through her pants...and sometimes she lets me slip a finger inside.

For like a whole minute.

"What's wrong, B? Don'tcha like it?" I ask, breathin' heavy.

"Uh...um...yeah, I like it," she pants, stopping my finger with her hand.

"So what's the problem?" I lick her ear.

"I'm not ready to go all the way yet."

"B, that's only third base," I say.

"No, Faith, it isn't."

"How so?" I ask.

"Well, you know, seeing as we're both girls, and there is no penis involved, third base is really a home run for us."

I guess she forgot about Richard.

But I let her slide for now.

Besides, when she realizes what a home run is like with me, she's gonna kick herself for stoppin' me at third.

Anyway, lately I've noticed the food isn't half as hot as it used to be. And just to be safe, she makes sure that the milk is always nice and cold. But since I've taken one of her joys away, I compensate by leavin' more drops of milk on my bottom lip. So I can lick it off nice and slow. You know, have her focus on my tongue…

I'm gettin' in them pants in Vegas if it kills me.

No, B hasn't experienced my tongue in that way yet. But she pretty much knows what to expect.

See, I'm a firm believer in the school of thought, that you can tell what a person is like in bed by the way they use their mouth when they're kissin' you.

And I don't just mean oral sex, although that's a given.

Another reason why she knows what it will be like, is because is we tell each other. In complete detail.

Our "sit-ups" have morphed into some wicked nasty hard-core phone sex.

Here is how it goes.

We hang out all day. We kiss, we touch, and we flirt. We meet up later for patrol. We kiss, we touch, and we flirt.

And if it's an extra busy night?

Well, that just heightens everything. Each kiss, each touch, each flirtation is amplified...yeah, those nights are really fun. Okay, so we get in her house. We kiss, we touch, and we flirt. I blow on her fork and I lick my lips. She gets a glazed look on her face...and then we make out.

I mean some serious tongue-on-tongue action.

And that's when I try to slip it in.

After a minute or so of B lettin' me finger her, she makes me stop. So I do. But it's already too late, 'cus now she's horny as hell.

"Faith..." she breathes into my mouth.

"Hmm?" I respond.

"You have to stop...uh..."

"Mmm...stop what, B?"

"Ooh...that," she says.

"Mmm...what? This?" And I suck a nipple.

"Oh god...uh...no..." she whispers.

"What then?" I ask, as I slide my knee between her legs, pushin' my finger deeper inside of her, rubbin' my palm against her clit.

"Uh....that," she groans.

"This?" I push harder.


"Okay," I say, pulling my finger out.


"I'm still hungry. Make me something else to eat?" I say, as I get up and leave her on the couch.

"No, I think you need to go home now."

I act stupid.

"Why? Don'tcha wanna cook me something?"

She gets up and pulls me to the front door.

"No, you need to go. Now."

"Uh, okay. Sure, B. Can I have a kiss first?"

She goes to give me a peck, but I pull her into me and start really kissin' her. I put my hand up her shirt and start massaging her breast. I grab her ass and position my thigh against her groin.

I grind a little.

I smile as I feel her reach behind me; but a second later, I'm shoved out the door, flying backwards, past the steps and onto my ass on the walk-way.

Ooomph. Ouch.

I look up at her surprised.

"Go. Now."

I get up, dustin' off my ass. I get to the sidewalk and I hear her yell:

"...and HURRY!"

I grin and start sprintin' toward the motel. B's sure gotten to be a real horn dog!

I get to the motel and I can already hear the phone ringing. I leap up the stairs and let myself in.

"Hello?" I answer breathless.

"What took you so long?" B asks annoyed.

"B, I left ten minutes ago."

"Well, you're late. You got home yesterday in nine."

Oh my god. What have I created?

Heh-heh. I love it.

"You all comfy yet, B?"


"Okay, give me a sec to wash up, and I'll be right back with you."

"Hurry up."

Oh my god.

I strip off my clothes, wash up, and jump into bed. I pick up the receiver and I hear B breathin'.

"Start without me?" I grin.

"…yeah...you were taking too long."

She's crazy.

"Well, I'm here now," I say, putting a finger in myself.

"So what am I doing to you?" she breathes.

"No, B. I wanna know what I'm doin' to you first."

When Buffy and I have phone sex, we like to describe what we're receiving from each other.

That way, when we're finally together, we already know what the other one really likes. I've learned a lot about Buffy this way. It's a really good learning tool. Kinda like that commercial, with a twist.

"Hooked on PhoneSex," we like to say.

"Um...you're kissing me...there."

"B," I say.

"What?...oh...I mean, you're ...um...licking my ...pussy."

Don't get me wrong. The phone sex is great...

...if I can get her to talk dirty to me.

"Come on, B. You've done it before," I remind her.

"I know. I just forget sometimes."

Buffy still gets a little embarrassed. Oh, she loves it when I talk trash, but she freaks herself out when she does it.

So I did it for her one time.

"Yeah, B...uh...and then...uh...you slip your finger in my cookie...and...suck...on my nubbin."


"You've got me so warm, I...uh...just want you...to...spread my bottom...oh...and...penetrate me."

"Very funny, Faith," she said.

"What B? Doesn't that get you all warm? Isn't your cookie all dewy, now?"

"I do not say 'dewy'."

"Sorry, damp, then...or moist."

"Okay, I get it. I'll try harder."

No. It's better when I start.

"God, B...I love it when you rub your tits all over me...your nipples are so hard...oh...and I love...when you put one...in... uh...in my...pussy...and get…it...all...wet...and...then...put it...um...in...my mouth."

"Yeah?" she breathes, "What else?"

"When you...hhff...fuck me...in the ass...with...your hot, pink tongue," I tell her.

"And..." she interrupts, "I love it...when...you suck my clit and fuck...my pussy...hhhff...at the same...time."

Yeah. That's my girl.

It's not always as stilted as that. We normally have a pretty good flow. Once I start off, she usually follows suit pretty well.

"...and you're just fucking me, Faith. Fucking me hard. And it's making me crazy. I can feel your fingers inside of me and my pussy just cries for you. I'm so wet. Your fingers going in and out of me feels so good. Can you hear it, baby? Can you hear my pussy making those nasty little noises? It's because of you, Faith. You're doing that to me. You're making me feel this way. I need your mouth on me. I want you to taste me. I want you to feel my wet hole against your face and drown in me. I want to reach down and feel your neck and face all sticky with my come on you. I want you to lick my clit and put two fingers in my ass and ride me. Can you do that, Faith? Can you ride me? Oh, god, Faith, you fuck like an animal! You're so good. You're so good. And you're mine, Faith. You belong to me. No one else gets to feel this way with you. No one. I want you to sit on my face. I want you to bury it with your pussy...uh...oh yeah...just like that, baby...like that...fuck my face just like that...you make me so horny for you. You taste so good, so sweet...You're mine, Faith...your fingers, your tits, your ass, your pussy, and your mouth. You belong to me. Is that right, Faith? Do you belong to me?"

Uh, yeah I do.

When B lets loose, she lets loose. Like I said, I've learned a lot about B this way.

"Faith?" she says, after we finish.

"Yeah, baby?" I answer.

"I want to spend the night with you tomorrow."

I raise an eyebrow. Oh?

"Faith? Is that okay? Can I come stay the night?"

"Well, sure B. What's the occasion?"

"Well, us, I suppose. I mean, I know that we're not an occasion, but I'd like for it to be."

"I'd love for you to come over, but why now, B? You've never wanted to stay before."

"I just need something afterwards. I want you to hold me. I want us to sleep together."


"No," she reads my thoughts, "I don't mean sleep together, sleep together. I just mean sleep together."


"Sure, baby. That would be cool. But you know, I can hold you and all, but I'm kinda unclear about the 'afterward' part. After what? We can't have phone sex if you're here."

"Yeah, I know, Faith. We'll figure it out."

I don't know about this, but I'm game if she is.


Buffy is just so...affectionate. All day long she's been hangin' on me and sneakin' kisses. Every once in a while she'll cop a feel. I'm not complainin', but I just don't know what to make of it. She's not usually this obvious. At one point I bent over to do...I can't remember what, but I suddenly feel her hand slide down the crack of my ass as she caresses my left butt cheek. I straighten up in surprise; and she turns me to face her, stepping up on her toes to give me a deep kiss.

"Oh my God, Buffy. Get a room!" Snaps Cordelia.

Buffy breaks off the kiss and faces Cordy.

"Already got one, thanks," she smiles sweetly, "What room are you in again, Faith? Oh yeah. Room 'Y' don't you eat your heart out."

God, she can be such a bitch sometimes...

...but that was funny.

"Oh, you slay me, Buffy. Keep your night job," Cordy returns.

Hey, Cordy's pretty good too...

Oh. I get it.

Cordelia hasn't been around much lately.

After we tied up "loose ends"- -which we really didn't, if you ask me-- she kind of opted to stay away. Then she went to Acapulco for three weeks and she just got back. She brought us all back souvenirs, and herself a killer tan. She brought me back a lei --which kind of confused me, cus I thought she had gone to Mexico-- and she got Buffy a little plastic crab.

When they saw the gift, Xander and Red almost started choking, trying to keep from laughing. Giles just wiped the tears from his eyes and cleaned his glasses. Oz smiled.

"What's the matter, Cordelia? Jealous, much?" Buffy taunts.

"Oh, please. You don't think I realize all that groping was for my benefit? You're so transparent, Buffy, I can see right through you. Which is a good thing, cus I like what's behind you. Hey, Faith. You're looking good. Been working out?"

Everyone's eyes have been movin' back and forth between them. All eyes were on B now, as the ball had bounced back into her court.

Oh...and on me. Since I was right behind her.

Buffy just stares at her, and then she turns to look back at me like I did something to encourage that remark. She shakes her head at me and leaves the room.

Poor B. She's not always so quick with the comebacks.

I look at Red, and she makes a motion with her head for me to go after her.

And I do.

As I leave, I hear Xander say sarcastically:

"Well, it's certainly good to have you back."

"Right. Like she wasn't asking for it," Cordelia replies smugly.


I run outside, expectin' to see the back of her head as she turns around the corner, but instead I run smack into her.

"Uhhh," I say, as I bounce off of her.

"I have to ask you something, Faith," she says.

"Yeah? What's that, B?" I ask, as I rub my shoulder.

"Have you thought about being with Cordelia?"

"Uh, no, B," I lie, "I'm with you."

"I know you're with me. I asked if you thought about her."

Okay, she caught me.

"Um, maybe once, B...or twice," I cringe, waitin' for it.

"When? Lately?"

"No, B. After that night in the cemetery, that's all."

"That's all? Not since then?"

"No, B. Not since then." Which is true.

She pauses for a moment and says, "Okay, Faith, I believe you. Now let's go to mine and pack for tonight."

That's it? Oh, praise the merciful gods.

We go to B's house to pack an overnight bag. That way we can go straight to mine when we're done with patrolling. We had told the gang earlier that we wouldn't be walkin' them home tonight.

"And why's that, pray tell?" Xander had to ask.

Cordelia paused in mid-flip of a magazine page, but never looked up.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Buffy said, lookin' right at Cordelia. Cordy resumed flipping through the magazine.

I'm startin' to regret that phrase.

"Nah, Xan. We just got other plans, is all," I offered.

Red and Dog-boy gave each other a knowing look.

"Right, then," Giles said, changing the subject, "I trust you children have made accommodations for Las Vegas next week?"

"Yep. All done, Giles," Buffy said, "Mom booked us two rooms at Caesar's Palace. She did want me to ask you if the Council would reimburse her for rooms like that..."

"Um, yes, Buffy. I assured the Council that the Econo-Lodge was indeed booked for that weekend. I also reminded them that since Willow had been good enough to agree to represent them this year, that a bit of prestige would be in order."

We all smiled at Willow, who blushed but beamed proudly.

"Nothing but the best for my girl," Oz said softly,  squeezing her hand.

"Yeah, Giles," I said, "The only thing left is a car rental. Think you can help us out again?"

Cordelia interrupted.

"Take the Beemer," she said flatly.

We all turned to look at her.

"What's that, Cordy?" Xander asked.

"I said, take my Beemer. Daddy got the Mercedes out of the shop. I won't need it."

Xander, me, and Red all exchanged excited looks. Not so much, Buffy.

"Well, that would be great, Cor," I said, "It'll keep a little extra spending money in our pockets."

"Exactly," she replied.

Buffy said nothing. I looked at her, and she just shrugged.


"Okay, we're all set then," Xander said, happily, "All we need now is some road trip munchies."

"Beef jerky," I threw out.

"Beer-nuts," Xander added.

"...and trail mix for B," I said, and smiled at her.

She smiled back.

"And fruit roll-ups for Will," Oz said.

Red grinned at him.

"Very well. Yes, Buffy, please advise your mother that I will have the Council cut her a check posthaste."

" 'Posthaste'...Cool." Buffy and I said together.

We've finished patrolling, and we're on our way back to mine. We're sort of rushing, and I'm not sure why, exactly. I'm sure gonna miss our phone sex.

But, Buffy in my arms, all night, more than makes up for it.

We get inside of the room and Buffy is on me. She's got her hands everywhere, tuggin' at my clothes and at her own, kissin' me the whole time. Soon we're both down to our underwear.

Black lace for me, and...deep green lace for her.


Her emerald eyes just jump out at me. Fuck, she's sexy.

She finally stops attacking my mouth long enough to whisper:

"How you feeling, baby?" she rubs my stomach.

"Uh, you know. Five by five, B."

"Good," she smiles at me softly, "Why don't you start eating the pizza, while I get ready?"

While she gets ready?

"Uh, sure. Okay, B." She pushes me gently onto the bed and straddles my lap. She opens the box and takes out a slice. She brings it to her mouth and blows on it, lookin' me dead in the eyes. She begins to slowly rub the lower half of her body against my lap and thighs.


She takes a small bite, blowin' hot air through her teeth. She's lookin' at me so deep I can feel her in my head. She takes the slice away from her mouth, and feeds it to me. I take a bite, never losing eye contact. She smiles at me. Then she runs her fingers down my arm and picks up my hand and brings it up to take the pizza from hers. She gives me another soft kiss and says:

"Be good." And she grabs her bag by the door and heads into the bathroom.

I'm still sittin' at the edge of the bed where B left me. The pizza slice is uneaten and back inside the box.

I hear the curtain being drawn back, and the sound of the shower turnin' on. I can hear her moving around, but her movements are quiet. A few minutes later the door opens, and she leans into the doorway.

A warm glow of candlelight spills out from the bathroom, casting soft shadows against her silhouette.

She's naked.

It's kind of hard to breathe.

She stands there for a moment, and then turns to go back inside. I get up, takin' off my underwear, and follow her like a drugged person. Buffy is already in the shower, her figure outlined behind the curtain.

She has placed candles everywhere. Tiny little votives that cast a soft light, even though there are many of them.

It's beautiful.

I pull back the curtain and look at her. Her hair and face are already wet from the spray, and she runs both hands over her head, pullin' her wet hair back behind her...she looks at me.

I enter the shower and close the curtain behind me. I take her into my arms and we kiss. The hot spray against my back pushes me closer to her, and I can't stop myself. I start running my wet hands over her, touchin' her skin, feelin' the silky softness of her.

Her body is amazing. Small perfect breasts...lean flat stomach...and soft round hips that mask the solid muscle I know lies underneath. Her curves are all woman.

My woman.

I can feel her watchin' me through the steam. She takes my hand and squeezes a dab of liquid soap into it. She brings my hand and draws it against her, starting on her chest, spreadin' my hand over her breasts, stomach, and to her pussy. She rubs my hand against her, causing the soap to froth up and foam over my fingers and her soft pubic hair. The fragrance of the soap and the steam mix, and a subtle combination of peaches and vanilla fills the air.

She takes my hand and slips my finger inside of her.

She feels so soft and hot...she takes it back out, and then places more soap in my hand. She brings it to my pussy and begins movin' my hand, rubbin' it against me, and then she maneuvers it so that she's able to slip my finger inside myself.

She holds my wrist and starts fuckin' me with my own hand.

She leans her head down and licks the water off my nipple, then places her lips on it and sucks...oh...god...I reach in between us and tease her nipple with my thumb. She moans into my breast.

I pull my hand back and grab the back of her head, pullin' it backward so she can look at me.

I push her head so her lips smash against mine, and I suck on her tongue. After a moment, she pulls back and takes my hand away from my pussy, and raises it to her mouth. She runs my finger across her bottom lip, and then slips it inside, sucking it.

I reach down with my other hand and try to enter her, but she steps back. I look into her eyes and I see a gleam.


I take her hand and bring it to her pussy, sliding two of her own fingers inside herself, and start pumping her with them. She releases my finger from her mouth and puts it back inside me, doing the same. I move forward, leanin' her against the shower wall, pulling her hand up to run it up and down her slit, and then plunge her fingers back inside hard.  She does the same with me.

She catches my lower lip with her teeth and sucks on it, then jabs her tongue into my mouth and lets it go crazy.

She pulls back suddenly and whispers

"I love the way you fuck me, Faith." And I come.

Short, hard, and fast.

"Uh, B..." I groan and lean against her, putting all my weight on her.

She reaches down with her other hand,  grabs my wrist, and helps me fuck herself. She's moving my hand so fast that I'm slammin' her fingers inside of her, faster and faster, harder, and then she says

"My clit, Faith, oh my god, my clit." And I pull my hand upward and feel her fingers slide with mine, and I rub her whole hand on her clit, my fingers laced between the tops of hers.

She starts to come.

"Yeah, B," I breathe, "Come for me, baby."


Moving her hips, she jerks against me, movin' back and forth as she finishes. I hold her tight until she's done.

I lower us into the tub, pulling her close to me. I kiss her face as the cool water bounces off of us.


"You're such a pig, Faith." Buffy says, as she eats a slice of pizza.

We're back on the bed, and I just got done cramming five pieces of pizza into my mouth. I'm startin' on my sixth.

I look up with my mouth full, and mumble, "Who, me?"

"Yes, you," Buffy says, "You're the only pig here. I left Mr. Gordo at home."

I swallow the last bite.

"I can't help it B, that shower made me hungry."

"I know, baby, me too. It was a nice shower though wasn't it, Faith?"

"Uh huh."

"The shower is our friend," she jokes.

"Yep, B. I don't think I'll ever look at the shower in the same way again."

She raises an eyebrow.

"Are you saying I'm 'Psycho' or something?"

"Well, B. You did get a little nutty in there," I say, as I reach for another piece of pizza.

She slaps my hand away.

Now I raise an eyebrow.

"Save some for later," she says.

"Later?" I ask.

"Yeah, later," she murmurs, as she clicks off the bedside lamp.


Buffy is lying against the headboard fingering herself.

"Faith...stop," Buffy breathes.

"No," I murmur, and continue what I'm doin'.

"I...uh...mean it...stop."


"Oh...um...that's cheating..."

"No..." I whisper, "It's not."

We had started up again. Buffy was leanin' up against the headboard and spreading herself, runnin' her fingers up and down her pussy, lookin' at me.

I crawled up to her and got between her knees and leaned over her, lowering myself so my stomach was resting on her hand. I could feel her fingers movin' under me. I kiss her lips, and then move down to take a nipple in my mouth, my hand massaging her other breast.

"Oh yeah, baby. That feels good."

I suck harder, takin' it between my teeth and biting it a little. I rub my face on it, and then move to suck on the other nipple.


I lower myself and begin to slide down her body, her finger still movin' fast beneath me. I slide down until my face is between her legs, and I watch her rub herself.

"Stick it inside," I say, and watch as her finger goes in.

"Fuck yourself," I tell her, and she does.

"Faster," I say, as I breathe in her scent.

I watch as her finger moves in and out. She's so turned on.

Her pussy is dripping, and her fingers are covered in it. It's started to seep down the inside of her thighs, and I can smell it.

It fucks me up.

I run my tongue along the side where it's spread. She shudders.

I begin to lick her, moving up to the hollow part on the inside of her thigh. She tastes so good. Vanilla, peaches...pussy...



I move my face closer to her pussy, and press it against her finger.

I breathe in.


I begin to lick her finger as she's rubbin' her clit. I grab both her legs and spread them wider. I suck on her knuckle.

I use my teeth to pull her finger up, and she slips it into my mouth. I close my lips around it, and move my head back and forth, letting her finger slide in and out of my mouth. I release her finger, and she's rubbin' herself again.

"Put it inside. Use two," I say.

She does.

"Take them out, put them in my mouth."

She does.

I move my head, her fingers slide in and out. I release.

"Fuck yourself."

And she does.

"Fuck my mouth." She puts both fingers in, and slides against my tongue.

I let go and bury my face in her pussy.

She pushes my head away.

"No," she says.

I groan. I move up, linking my arms under her knees and pull backwards, sliding her down the bed and flat on her back underneath me. I wrap her legs around my waist and kiss her. I press my stomach into her pussy and start to move.

I can feel her slick against me.

We rock back and forth as she moans into my mouth.

"Buffy..." I whisper, "Buffy, I want to eat you."

She shudders.

"No," she whispers back, movin' her pussy against my stomach.

"When?" I ask.


I bury my face in her neck and start movin' faster. She puts her fingers in my hair, and scrunches down hard on my scalp.

"Uh...I'm...close...Faith...uh...uh...don't stop..."

I keep movin', and I feel her legs tighten around me; she comes rubbin' herself hard against me.

"B?" I say, looking down at her when she's finished.

"What, baby?" she says, eyes closed.

"I don't think I can take it much longer."

She opens her eyes.

"Are you saying this was a mistake?" she asks, worry in her voice.

"No, B, of course not. I'm just sayin'," I mumble.

"Soon, Faith," she whispers, "I promise."

And she pulls me over and takes a nipple in her mouth.


We're so happy, it's almost sickening.

Buffy has stayed the last three nights with me, and each time it just gets better and better.

I could get used to this.

If our sexual tension had been lost on everyone else before --besides Cordelia, that is-- this new development has certainly not.

" 'Animals strike curious poses...' " Oz sings softly.

" ' ...they feel the heat, the heat between me and yooooou.' " Xander and Willow finish loudly, grinning like idiots.

I always liked that Prince song.

Yeah, we reeked of it.

Cordelia blandly looks at her nails and says:

"I see you took the Ferrari out for a spin, Buffy."

"Yeah, something like that, Cordy," Buffy smiles, not mad at all.

Ferrari? What are they talkin' about?


I grin, liking the comparison.

"Well, good for you. It's nice to know someone's getting a little drive time in this hole of a city."

"Maybe you need to find yourself a new set of keys, Cordelia," Buffy suggests helpfully.

"No, that's okay, Buffy. I think I'll hold on to the set I already have."

Buffy stops smiling.

Oh god. What's happening? The mood has suddenly changed.

"Outside, Cordelia," Buffy says, "I want a word with you. Now."

Buffy and Cordelia glare at each other for a moment.

"Fine," Cordelia says finally, getting up to follow Buffy outside.

The rest of us just look at each other.

"Chicks," Oz murmurs, under his breath.

Xander grins.

"Chick fight! Damn, you're my hero, Faith."

We all move quickly to the window.

Buffy and Cordelia stand facing each other. The words exchanged apparently already heated. A few of them drift through the window.

"No, you listen..." Buffy exclaims, pointing a finger in Cordelia's face, responding to whatever was said.

Words like "mine" and "get over it" come through.

Cordelia interrupts, now pointing her own finger in Buffy's face. Her words drift over.

"You wish" and "rank amateur" and "...if I felt like it."

Both girls are shouting, fingers jabbin' the air close to each other's faces.

Buffy's words:

"Better than being a skank professional" and "Faith doesn't seem to mind" and "...so what's stopping you? I know you feel like it."

Both of their faces are full of fury, eyes blazin', chests heaving.

Fuck. They look hot!

Xander nudges me with his elbow. I nudge back.

Cordelia's words:

"...tired of being with a rookie" and "finally wants a pro"


"...you'll see. It's just a matter of time."

Buffy snaps, and her arm swings back to slap Cordelia's face.

Cordy catches it before it connects.

"What did I say about touching my face? Don't make me have to kill you," Cordelia says with venom.

She glares at Buffy a bit longer before dropping her hand and walking away.

"I hope you enjoyed the peep show," she tosses casually, as she walks past the window.

Buffy glances over and sees five faces lookin' at her. Giles had come up during the last part of the confrontation. She looks at me and then leaves.

This can't be happening...again.

I turn to go after her, but I catch Red's look as she's starin' at me.

She looks confused and...curious.

"What?" I question.

She catches herself, and then quickly slips into resolve face.

"This is bad, Faith," she says seriously, but lookin' at Xander.

His grin freezes and his elbow stops pokin' my ribs.

"I know, Red," I say.

"Buffy told me you tied up loose ends. But if that's what loose ends look like after being tied up, then I think you need a thicker rope."

I know she's bein' serious, but now I picture myself tying Cordy up, and a grin splits my face.

I can't help it.

Red's eyes widen at me.

"Faith, I mean it. Stop whatever you're thinking," she admonishes.

"Yeah," says Xander, "Get your mind out of the gutter. Mine's already there for you, remember?"

"Fix it, Faith," Willow says. Oz and Giles nod in agreement.

"I will, Will," And I go to walk out the door. Before I actually leave, I sneak a peek at Willow's face.

It's still curious, but it's a thoughtful look now.

And she doesn't look confused at all.

I walk up to Cordelia as she's sipping a cappuccino at the espresso bar.

I had walked around for a while, tryin' to figure out what I should do. I decided I needed to find Cordy to set a few things straight.

It wasn't going to be easy.

"Hello, Faith," she says, putting the cup down.

I pull up a stool at the table.

"Mind if I join you?" I ask.

"Not at all," she replies.

Using both hands, elbows on the table, she blows into the oversized cup as she brings it up to her lips. Her eyes are downcast, and I can see her long lashes as she looks down into her mug. She blows at the foam for a while, and then raises her lashes to look up at me.


She's a master of subtle flirtation. A mere look, a casual touch...I can feel her seduction creepin' all over me.

She waits.

"Um..." I start, "...I...um..." And finish.

She raises an eyebrow.

"Yes?" she says softly, putting the cup down.

"Um...that little show was something else," I mumble, wondering if she would mistake my meaning.

"Yes, it was, wasn't it," She states, not givin' anything away.

"Um...yeah. But I gotta tell ya. As hot as it gets me, seeing two honey's fightin' over me-"

"-go ahead, you should flatter yourself," she says sarcastically, cutting me off.

"Well, how can I not, Cordy? Xander and I were practically creamin' our jeans at the window."

"Yeah, Xander," she scoffs.

"Whatever, Cor. My point being, is that I can't have you baitin' Buffy like that. It just isn't right."

"Well, maybe I wouldn't bait her so much, if she'd stop throwing it in my face."

"She's just insecure, Cor. She doesn't mean it."

"Really? What's she insecure about?" she asks pointedly.

Suddenly I feel someone come up behind me. I look over, only to have the waitress brush her breasts against my face as she reaches across to wipe at the table.

"Hey, Faith," she purrs, "Can I get you something?"

"Um, mo fanks." I muffle into her tits.

She pulls back smiling at me.

"You sure?" she asks suggestively.

Oh, no...not now.

I look around and I see a couple of guys staring at us, mouths open. Embarrassed, I look at Cordy, who seems very amused.

"Listen, Twinkie." Cordelia says, "Just get her what I'm having and stick it on my bill. Now run along and leave us big girls to play...go on now. Get."

The waitress looks at Cordelia's fake sweet smile and then back at me. I can tell she's wondering who this bitch is.

She was probably expecting Buffy.

She narrows her eyes suspiciously, and then leaves to get me my coffee.

"Well, I guess that answers my question," Cordelia drolls.

"What question?" I ask, forgettin' our conversation.

"What she's insecure about."

"No, Cordy. B knows that girl doesn't mean anything to me."

"Oh..." she says, "...but I do?"

Ahhh, she's good.

Okay, no more fun and games. Time to set her straight before someone loses an eye.

I reach across the table and put my hand on top of hers, ignoring the whistles from the two tables beside us. Cordy throws them a withering glare, and they all shut up, finally lookin' away. Sorta.

I see them peekin' from time to time.

"Of course you do, Cordy." I say, brushing my thumb across her hand.

She doesn't say or do anything for a moment, watching me run my thumb across her knuckles. Then she entwines her fingers with mine, placing her thumb underneath my hand.

She looks down for a second and I see her long lashes again.

"What then?" she asks looking back up at me, tracing her thumb lightly against my palm.


I trap her thumb with my own.

"Please, Cordy, you have to stop," I plead.

"Why, Faith?" she whispers.

"Because I'm only human, and you're fuckin' killin' me," I groan.

Right then the waitress returns, and she slams the cup down on the table.

Drops of hot liquid splash across my face and onto our hands. I look up at her, one eye closed, as the foam collects on my eyelid. I squint at her as she stares down at our entwined fingers.

"Nice move, Grace," Cordelia says.

"If that's all..." the waitress says, ignoring Cordelia, "I'll be back at the register. It's not my turn to wait tables today anyway."

"Um...yeah, that's all, Candy. Thanks." She leaves, bumping into Cordelia on the way.

Cordelia laughs.

"Candy? Candy?" she exclaims, "That's just perfect. The only name more Bambi than that is Buffy."

I pull my hand away from hers and grab a napkin. I wipe at my face as she wipes off her hand.

She looks at me, all serious again. Her tongue moves slowly across her lips, licking a tiny drop of foam that has landed there.

"Stop it, Cordy," I say firmly. I can be serious too.

"Stop what?" she asks, knowing full well.

"Stop the seduction. Your vibe is crawlin' all over me, and I just can't take it."

"Really, Faith?" she says, and the vibe stops. "That's just too bad. This thing between us isn't going to go away just because you say so. It's getting worse and worse every time I see you. And don't bother denying it, because you'll simply be insulting the both of us."

I remain silent.

"Good. At least you're not denying it," she says quietly. "Don't you think about being with me?" she continues, "Doesn't it drive you crazy wondering what it would be like...or am I the only one?"

"I'm with Buffy," I murmur, lookin' at the table.

"Oh god, Faith. Not you, too. Don't start acting stupid like the rest of them."

I can't look at her.

Of course she's right. I've thought about it ever since Buffy brought it up the other day. I can't help it.

When someone puts something in my head, I play with it.

But it's nothing serious. I don't plan on doin' anything about it. It's just a warm little fuzzy I allow myself from time to time.

A girl's gotta have a hobby.

"I'm with Buffy," I say again.

"You know, whatever, Faith. I know what you're trying to do and it's not working. Trying to piss me off is not going to change anything. But I will give you this. If you can get Buffy to stop throwing it in my face, then I'll promise to stop baiting her. I'll try. But other than that, I promise nothing. This is just the way it is between us, Faith...so live with it. I have to."

And she pushes herself away from the table and walks up to the register.

I throw a few bills on the table and leave the other way. As I near the last table, I hear a guy say:

"She must be nuts. I'll have one of each, please." Looking at Cordelia and Candy at the register.

"Ooow!" My elbow connects hard with his head.

I hear his friends laughing as I stroll out the door.


Buffy's not at home.

I went to her house after leaving Cordy, hoping to do some damage control since I obviously wasn't able to fix anything.

B's gonna be hurt, and Red's gonna think I didn't really try.

I did try.

But the only thing I succeeded at, was stopping myself from acting on Cordelia's vibes. Because her seduction did work. I was tempted.

If it wasn't for Buffy, I'd have been all over her like a second skin.

You think I can tell Buffy that? You think I'm proud of that?

Joyce looked surprised when I showed up.

"I thought she was with you," she said, "You girls aren't fighting, are you?" she asked, accusingly.

"Uh, I'm not sure," I replied.

"Well, fix it."

Great. Another one.

Then she looked at me like she just knew that whatever it was, musta been my fault.

I swear. I'm always the one in trouble.

When I get to the motel, I see Buffy sittin' on the steps. I walk up and sit next to her.

"Hey, B," I say, "Whatcha doin' sittin' out here on the steps?"

"Waiting for you."

Oh. Duh.

"Why didn't you let yourself in?" I ask.

"I dunno. I didn't wanna invade your space, I guess."

I put my arm around her, and she leans into me.

"Our space, Buffy. I made you a key so you'd use it."

She doesn't say anything.

"You wanna go in?" I ask.

"Okay," she says.

I put my arm around her waist and we go into the room.

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