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Chapter Nine: Spanking

"Dammit B! Don't storm off just because you got your panties in a twist," Faith growled at her lover and colleague.

"I do not have my panties in a twist!" Buffy said, spinning around to face Faith.

"Yes you do, stand still and I bet I can undo them," Faith smirked.

Buffy let out an exasperated scream and shoved Faith as hard as she could. Having Slayer strength helped. The brunette stumbled back in the graveyard, tripped over an above ground root and fell onto her ass. Buffy found this amazingly funny and held her belly as she laughed. She ended up falling to the ground too, but on her side. Faith merely rolled her dark eyes.

"It's not that funny," she said.

"Yes it is. You fell right on your ass. I thought you were supposed to be so graceful," Buffy teased as she regained her composure and her breathing returned to normal.

"Hey even the most graceful people can have clumsy accidents," Faith shrugged.

"So you aren't mad at me for laughing at you?" Buffy asked softly.

"No, I'm not, it was funny, I probably would have laughed too. I am, however, pissed that you shoved me and the fact that you've been acting like a big brat for the past couple days," Faith replied, giving Buffy a serious look that sent little shivers up the blonde Slayer's spine, knowing she was in for a punishment.

Faith and Buffy had been in a slight argument a few minutes before until Buffy had decided to act like a child and storm off. Faith hated that because she wanted her lover to be able to confide in her. She didn't mind the fights; they happened. What she did mind was that there was clearly something on Buffy's mind and she wasn't sharing it with her. Faith had worked hard to provide them both with a safe environment since they began dabbling in BDSM. She didn't want it all to come crumbling down because Buffy refused to share with her.

"Come here, blondie," Faith said, crooking her finger.

"I don't wanna," Buffy whined, her submissive side coming out and she scooted further away from Faith.

"You know that if I have to chase you that it's just going to make it worse," Faith told her.

Buffy let out a whimper, but didn't move yet. Both struggled for dominance on rare occasions, but Buffy was more content on being the submissive. She enjoyed the control Faith had over her and she knew everything the other girl did to her was out of love and respect. Right now Buffy was begging for a good spanking. Faith could sense that Buffy needed to let her walls down and spanking her was probably the only way that was going to happen. Contrary to most thinking, Buffy was the one who kept more things inside. She needed to share though; that's the only way she could work through her problems, she had to share and let Faith help if she could.

"I'm going to count to five," Faith said, dealing with Buffy in the way she would deal with a naughty five year old child that just didn't want to listen.

"One…" Faith said.

The blonde Slayer still didn't move.


Still nothing.


She saw Buffy's limbs slowly stretch and flex.


Buffy was smart enough to not wait until her lover and her mistress got to five. She really did feel like a naughty little child, but she actually enjoyed it. It sometimes felt good to play a part that you don't get to use all the time. Buffy crawled over to Faith, forcing a pout onto her face.
"That's not going to work and you know it," Faith said, but she couldn't help but smile.

"I know, still thought I'd try," Buffy said, moving closer to Faith and sitting down in her lap.

"We're going to do this here if that's alright," Faith said, tenderly stroking Buffy's face and hair.

Buffy nodded silently. Faith rearranged her so she was now face down over her lap. The blonde Slayer's tight black yoga pants were quickly pulled down to her ankles. She had gotten into the habit of not wearing underwear of any kind when she was with Faith, it just made things easier. The first slap was firm and it stung. Buffy jumped, letting out a soft cry of surprise.

It didn't take long for the spanks to fall quicker and harder. Buffy squeezed her eyes shut tight, allowing herself to cry and let it all out. The stress of slaying, school, her mom, and the past with Angel had all been catching up with her. It had gotten too much for her to handle. She should have been open with Faith, she should have waited to get to this moment, even if it was helping. Faith stopped spanking Buffy when she heard her cries turn into sobs and knew that the girl was finally letting it all out. She fixed Buffy's pants and pulled her up, cradling her in her lap.

"Let it all out my love," Faith whispered into her ear.

It took awhile for Buffy's tears to finally subside, but Faith didn't mind. She loved holding her love almost as much as she loved fucking her. Buffy pressed her damp face into the crook of Faith's neck, brushing her lips lightly against the soft skin.

"Please…" Buffy begged.

A wry little smile formed on Faith's face and she pushed Buffy onto her back. Always pleasure after the punishment. She achingly slow pulled Buffy's clothes off, caressing her taut, naked body and pinching those pink nipples. She lowered her mouth, catching one of the hard pink buds between her sharp white teeth.

"This body is all mine," Faith growled as her mouth moved down Buffy's stomach and hovered just above her already wet slit.

Buffy arched up in pleasure as Faith's warm tongue plunged into her. They were in the open air, in the open space, fucking. They didn't care. It was just about the two of them being together, being in the most intimate way with each other. Fuck the world. It didn't take long for her warm juices to fill Faith's mouth.

"Remember, B, you can always let go with me," Faith whispered into her ear before crushing their lips together.



Chapter Ten: Leather

Buffy peaked her head out from underneath the hotel blanket. Faith was standing to one side of her, wiggling her way into some pants. Buffy reached out and touched the smooth, soft leather.

"Morning, blondie," Faith grinned, sliding her hands down the supple leather and let it rest on top of Buffy's.

"I like you in these pants, but I find myself wanting to rip them off you and fuck you senseless," the blonde grinned, her blue green eyes sparkling with mischief.

"I think we can arrange that," Faith said as a dark, smoldering look crossed her face.

Faith could never deny that she was a creature that sometimes fed off sex. It was a mind blowing experience to her when it was done right. When she was with Buffy, well it was done more than just right. It was amazing, magnificent, out of this world if you would. Buffy's nimble fingers did a spider walk up Faith's leather clad thigh before she tugged the zipper down and popped the button open. So much for getting dressed today, Faith thought to herself with a grin.

Buffy took her sweet ass time peeling those pants of Faith's pale legs. She loved how the material would cling to her every curve. Faith was more blessed in the endowment area then Buffy was. Sometimes Faith forgot just how strong the slender blonde Slayer could be. She remembered when she felt her half naked body being tugged forward and onto the bed. She blinked, trying to register what just happened when she felt Buffy's eager, warm mouth press against her sex.



Chapter Eleven: Locked Up

 Faith's jail cell was very chilly that night. Her whole body shivered as she curled up into a little ball on the old, worn mattress. Prison was never glamorous, not even the state run ones. Faith had spent most of her life battling her demons and running away. She had made the tough choice to finally stop. She had made the choice to try and repent for all her wrong doings. She missed a lot of things in prison, her freedom, good food, warmth, a nice bed, but most of all she found herself missing Buffy.

Her sweet blonde goddess who was so warm and smelled so good. The angel who had not rejected her at first. The one who was glad to have someone fighting by her side. Buffy had been quick to turn against her though. Faith couldn't help that she was drawn to the bad side so easily. Their lies were sweet and filled with false promises. All Faith had ever wanted was to belong.

Her dark eyes grew heavy and a few moments later her lids fluttered shut, sending her into a deep sleep. She clutched her knees tightly against her chest and let out a ragged breath as she allowed the dreams, well more like nightmares most of the time, flood her mind.

Buffy?" Faith asked softly, her lips dried and cracked.

Buffy's warm hand reached out and cupped her face, spreading a pleasant feeling throughout Faith's body.

"I'm here," Buffy smiled.

"Do you forgive me?" Faith asked softly, pressing into her touch.

"Of course I do. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Buffy pulled Faith to her feet with one swift movement before their lips intertwined.

Faith shivered in her sleep. She let out a soft whimper mixed with a moan. She yearned for this dream to be real. She felt caught between her dreams and reality.

The kiss broke and Buffy's fist connected with Faith's cheek. She felt the bruise begin to blossom. Faith whimpered and covered her injured face.

"What the hell, B?" she asked, shooting daggers at her former lover.

"I said I forgive you, Faith, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be punished for what you did. Bad girls get punished," Buffy growled at her.

She could have fought back easily, but she couldn't bring herself to. Deep down she knew that Buffy was right. She deserved to be punished. Faith groaned in pain as Buffy's fist crushed her nose and the blood flowed out. Buffy's feet connected with her ribs and she howled in pain.

Bright white stars danced in front of her vision as the pain surged through her body. The blood flowed freely. The violence soon stopped and Buffy lifted her body up with such tenderness that Faith didn't believe it was the same person.

"My poor, broken, dark angel, let me fix you now," she cooed, bending her face down and licking the blood away from Faith's broken nose.

Faith trembled. All the pain and blood vanished. Buffy's fingers felt like light little butterflies as she stripped the brunette's clothes off before twisting her nipples.

"Now it's time for the pleasure," she smiled, a warm glow seemed to radiate from her now.

Faith moaned as Buffy's fingers twisted around inside her wet core. It was just like old times. Pain mixed with pleasure. It was what made their relationship. It was what Faith thrived on. It was what she longed for.



Chapter Twelve: Ice

 Buffy let out a loud grunt as the hit the hard ground. She could feel the bruise start to form on her back, but she ignored the pain because the wound would heal quickly. She kicked her legs up which put her into a squatting position. With expertise, she swung her right leg into a kick, sending the vampire's leg sprawling from underneath him.

"Good work, B," Faith grinned as she spun the stake around in her hand like a drummer would with their sticks and stab him right in the heart.

He was turned into a big cloud of dust. Buffy grinned and Faith offered her an arm. She gratefully took it and used its help to stand up.

"You hurt?" Faith asked, brushing a golden lock out of Buffy's eyes.

"Just a bruise on my back, nothing serious though," Buffy replied.

"Mmm poor baby, let's get you back to my place and I'll take care of you," Faith grinned, leaning in and gently nipping at Buffy's ear.

"Knowing you, I'll probably end up more bruised," Buffy chuckled, lightly brushing their lips together before they walked back to Faith's hotel room.

"Strip," Faith commanded as she opened up the mini fridge and pulled out an ice pack. She always kept well stocked.

Buffy pulled her tank over her head and unclasped her bra. She didn't need to be fully naked for this, but she wanted to be. Once she was nude, she perched herself on the edge of the bed.

"Good little B," Faith praised as she sat behind her blonde lover and pressed the ice pack against the middle of her back.

Buffy took in a sharp breath of air when the cold object connected with her bare skin. Faith kept the pack in place with one hand as she used her free hand to gently knead out the tension between Buffy's shoulder blades. Buffy allowed her light eyes to close and her pink nipples grew hard. She had grown used to the cold ice pack and the throbbing in her back from before had ceased. What she needed right now was Faith along with some good, hard loving.

"Feel better?" Faith asked as she pulled the ice pack away and wrapped her warm hands around Buffy's waist, letting her head drop onto her shoulder.

Faith's brown hair fell down Buffy's bare skin, tickling her slightly and a low happy purr was emitted from her throat.

"Almost," Buffy whispered as she buried her face into Faith's thick, dark hair.

Faith dropped little kisses along her shoulder and neck. When she reached the spot just below Buffy's ear, she bared her teeth and caught the taut, tender flesh between them. Buffy moaned happily and found Faith's right hand, guiding it down her belly and towards her sex. Faith's fingers combed through the soft brown curls, teasing Buffy until she found her wet slit. With the bruise forming in the spot Faith had been biting on earlier, she pushed her fingers up Buffy's eager pussy with such ease and grace.

"Ooooohhhhahhhoooahh," Buffy moaned as she arched slightly in Faith's arms.

Faith slipped her fingers out just a bit, spreading apart Buffy's lips as she searched for the hidden treasure. It didn't take long for her to find the hard little bud, which she pinched.

"Ugh!" Buffy cried out, reading for her sweet release.

Faith bit down on her shoulder as she rubbed Buffy's clit back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as slowly as she could. The painful teased was almost too much for Buffy. She heard herself scream with pleasure as she came almost violently.



Chapter Thirteen: Clamps

 Buffy's breathing was ragged as she struggled against her bonds. They were so tight and not even with her Slayer strength would she be able to break them. She was blindfold and naked with her wrists tied tightly together with coarse rope. A small whimper managed to escape.

"Shut up!" the harsh voice ordered and her bare bottom was smacked with a riding crop, leaving a cruel sting.

Buffy bit her lower lip hard to keep from crying out. It was too hard though and the skin broke, allowing the ruby liquid to trickle down her chin.

"That's much better," the female voice praised, leaning down and rubbing the area of skin that she had just punished tenderly.

Buffy tried to continue her scared act as Faith caressed her skin, but that was proving to be hard now. She had suggested this scene and she needed to keep in character. She loved how intense Faith could be. She let out a soft hiss of air as she felt the sharp teeth of the metal clamp bit into her nipple. The weight was heavy and it pulled her breast toward the floor. She was wet already.

"Such a good little slut you are," Faith whispered into her ear as she twisted Buffy's free nipple between her fingers, making the blonde moan in pleasure.

"In fact, I bet you are wetter than a lake for me right now," she grinned, dipping her fingers into Buffy's dripping wet sex.

Buffy wiggled slightly since she was still tied up so tight and was rewarded with five sharp slaps to her bottom. Faith ran her finger down Buffy's slit before she pushed it up her.

"Yes," Buffy moaned.

"Quiet! Or you won't get any more pleasure, just more punishment!" Faith said harshly.

Buffy wisely shut her mouth as the nipple clamp pulled and tugged, leaving her with a pleasant, throbbing pain. Faith's fingers worked their magic inside of her core, making her walls contract and stretch while she milked her for every ounce she was worth. Buffy shuddered and bit down on her already bruised lip to keep herself from coming.

"Come on, my little slut, come for me," Faith whispered into her ear, her teeth nipping at the lobe.

Buffy obeyed.



Chapter Fourteen: Shaving

 The bath water was warm and smelled like lilacs. Buffy slipped into the delicious water and let it lap gently at her naked skin. She closed her eyes and relaxed, hearing Faith move around in the bathroom. She heard the gentle scrape of the razor as Faith checked to make sure that it was sharp enough. Buffy trembled at the sound. Faith sunk into the water and pressed her lips firmly against Buffy's.

"Ok, B, let's get you all nice and smooth," she whispered into her ear.

Buffy kept her eyes closed so she could enjoy all the sensations. The shaving cream was cool against her skin and the first scrape of the razor, almost sent her over the edge. Faith drew the blade down in a thin line, the sparse hair disappearing into the water where she rinsed it off. Those damn pink Daisy razors didn't do a damn thing in these situations, so she had opted to use an honest to goodness old school barber shop razor. She could fell goose bumps pop up on Buffy's arms, that weren't immersed in the water.

Faith made Buffy get on her hands and knees next. She wanted to get all the hair, she wanted her lover to be smooth and silky. Once Buffy was shaved, Faith squeezed her lover's sex, making Buffy moan loudly.

"Yeah, it feels good doesn't it?" Faith cooed into her ear, giving it a few more squeezes before rubbing her fingers against the slit.

Buffy pressed all her weight into her hands and opened her eyes back up. Faith's fingers were slowly rubbing circles over her hard little bud.

"B, come on, come for me," Faith growled, pulling her fingers away from Buffy's clit and pushed them hard up her sopping wet entrance.

All Buffy could do was comply.



Chapter Fifteen: Candle Wax

 Faith arched her back up as the hot wax dripped a squiggled pattern onto her belly button.

"Ahhh," she hissed.

Buffy smiled as the wax began to harden. She slid her hands up Faith's hips, her fingers inching closer and closer to her belly button. Her short nails gently peeled the cool wax away while the candle was left burning and dripping on the table. Buffy lowered her head, her lips caressing the still warm spot on Faith's belly. Faith's slender fingers tangled in the blonde locks.

"My Faith, my sweet, dark Faith," Buffy whispered against her bare skin as her wet lips brushed against Faith's pubic bone.

Faith's tongue darted out to wet her own lips while Buffy's warm mouth lowered its way down her body. The soft moans started as Buffy's tongue darted at Faith's opening, teasing the poor brunette into an insane state of wetness.

"B," she moaned, yanking on those soft blonde strands to urge her further along.

Buffy's tongue paused its ministrations for a second, making Faith whimper at the loss of contact. The whimper caught in her throat turned into a loud moan as the blonde's tongue plunged in without warning. The sweet pleasure was building up in Faith's body and Buffy's fingers were creeping up her thighs, spreading her folds apart in search of the hidden, little bud. The slightly rough pad of finger circled around the bundle of nerves, bringing her closer and closer to sweet release.



Chapter Sixteen: Whips/Paddles  

Buffy's fingers were quick in undoing Faith's tight leather pants. Faith's heart felt like it jumped into her throat, not from fear, but from the fact that she was extremely turned on. She was usually the dominant one, but when Buffy took on that role and made Faith submissive, it was an experience that Faith never forgot. It was a rare opportunity and one that she savored. With the pesky leather pants and thong out of the way, Buffy had access to Faith's entire bottom half.

"My bad girl needs to be punished," Buffy stated as she tapped the round leather paddle against the palm of her hand.

"Yes, miss, she does," Faith whispered as passion flashed through her dark eyes.

The first smack landed against her damp inner thigh which made her hiss in pain. It was delicious pain though.

"Spread your legs," Buffy commanded and Faith did as she was told.

The smooth leather caressed her damp sex. Faith allowed a soft moan to escape through her lips. Those moans were music to Buffy's ears. The blonde took hold of the brunette's arm and lead her to the bed.

"Over," she ordered.

Faith bent over the bed, lifting her hips slightly to Buffy would have perfect aim. The first slap caught her off guard. The warm sting traveled to the deepest pits of her body. Buffy varied the pace and intensity of the spanks to keep Faith's focus on the situation at hand. She could smell her lover's warm scent filling the air.

"Just a few more, my bad little girl," Buffy said, dragging the smooth leather down Faith's crack before giving her bottom a nice, hard smack.

Faith's skin was a dark pink and she received a few more smacks before she felt Buffy's tongue lap at her opening. The blonde Slayer's nails dug into the smooth flesh of her hips. Those sharp white teeth grazed against her clit, sending vibrations through Faith's body. It didn't take long for Faith to reach her peak of pleasure.



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