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Chapter Seventeen: Outdoor Sex

Buffy's pink mouth parted in a loud moan as her bare back scraped against the wet green grass. Dawn was approaching, she could tell by the brilliant blue and orange that the sky was turning. She and Faith had finished up a hunt in the local graveyard. Needless to say that a good fight got them all worked up. Faith had insisted that they fuck on the battleground.

Buffy had been hesitant at first,but she had changed her mind the moment Faith's lips had crushed against her own. The two ended up on the wet grass with Faith's nails clawing at Buffy's clothes. The blonde's hips had bucked and twisted in eagerness to be stripped bare. Those nails dug into her soft flesh as she used her toes to push Faith's pants out of the way. What a sight if would have been to have seen the two stark naked slayers fucking amongst the gravestones.

Faith rolled Buffy's hard little bud back and forth between the pads of her fingers. The sun was rising steadily in the sky now and it warmed Faith's exposed shoulders and back. Buffy's chilled hand cupped Faith's full breast, squeezing it every now and then. The warmth spread down, down, down Buffy's belly as another moan escaped her parted lips. Her back arched up as she let her hands slid down Faith's arms and she gripped them tightly. It was underneath the warm sun that Buffy Summer's came.


Chapter Eighteen: Submissive

Buffy let out a soft hiss as Faith yanked her head back with a tight grip on her blonde hair.

"Beg or you won't get what you want," Faith ordered as she trailed a finger down the petite slayer's cheek.

Buffy struggled to submit. Faith, besides Angel, had been the only person that had managed to gain power over her. They both struggled for power,but Faith always succeeded.

"Beg, slut," Faith ordered as she yanked Buffy's head back even further.

A soft whimper escaped Buffy's lips.

"Please, fuck me," Buffy begged in a whisper.

"Much better," Faith smiled as she let go of Buffy's hair and patted the top of her head.

"Wait…let me fuck you instead,let me give your pleasure," Buffy whispered.

"I like the sound of that," Faith grinned as she pulled Buffy up and gave her a hard kiss.

Buffy moved her lips to Faith's shoulder,sucking on the flesh before she moved her mouth down. Faith closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as Buffy caught one of her nipples between her teeth. The tender nub was moved back and forth between the sharp canines before Buffy let go. Faith leaned back against the dresser, using her elbows to keep her balance as Buffy's tongue lapped at her sex.

"You taste so good," Buffy purred against Faith's moist thigh.

Faith let out a soft moan in response. She rested one leg over Buffy's shoulder as the blonde slayer lapped at her wet slit before wiggling her tongue up. The brunette's head dropped back as she licked her lips. Buffy's tongue twisted around inside of her for a few moments before she wiggled it out. She used her fingers to spread Faith's outer lips wide and pressed the tip of her index finger against Faith's clit. Faith's hips bucked with pleasure.

"Come for me, I want to taste you," Buffy whispered.

"Don't order me," Faith hissed and Buffy blushed.

"I'm sorry; please will you come for me?" Buffy asked.

"That's much better," Faith smirked.

Buffy pressed her clit again,this time succeeding in making Faith come. She buried her face between Faith's thighs and cleaned her up.

"Delicious," she smiled before resting her cheek against Faith's leg.


Chapter 19: Oil

Buffy arched as the hot oil dripped onto her bare stomach. She moaned softly as Faith gently massaged the oil into her taut stomach. Faith's hands always knew which areas of her body to work. Patrolling would usually make her sore after awhile. Luckily her love knew how to take care of her.

"So slick," Faith purred against her hip bone as she slid her tongue over Buffy's pubic bone.

"It feels lovely," Buffy said as she moved her own hands over her slick stomach before tangling her fingers in Faith's hair.

Faith's dark hair tickled her flesh as her lips brushed against Buffy's thighs.

"You feel so good," Buffy purred.

She loved moments like these where it was just her and her lover. Their naked limbs would tangle over the sheets. They would let their walls down and be vulnerable with each other.

"I love you," Buffy whispered,not caring if Faith would return the words or not.

Chapter 20: Piercing

"All clean," Buffy smiled as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.

"Too bad,I liked you covered in oil," Faith sighed as she pulled Buffy close and gave her a kiss.

"I know,but it makes me all sticky," Buffy said as she traced Faith's cheek with her finger.

"I have a surprise for you my love. I think you'll like it," Faith grinned as she took Buffy's hand and led her back into the bedroom.

On a small table near the bed,rested a needle, a burning candle,a bowl of ice cubes, a nipple ring and a bottle of cleaning alcohol. A smirk crossed Buffy's face.

"Oh I like it," Buffy grinned as she pulled off the towel and lay down on the bed.

"I knew you would."

Faith straddled her as she picked up the long,straight needle and held the tip over the flame. Buffy took a deep breath as she watched her. She liked any sort of pain when she had discovered the vast amounts of pleasure that could come with it. Faith always bought her to new heights and she was sure she was in for a treat tonight. Once the needle was sterile, Faith picked up the ice cube and rubbed it over Buffy's nipple until it had melted into a puddle and the pink nub was rock hard.

"Are you ready?" Faith asked.

"Do you have something I can put in my mouth?" Buffy asked.

Faith picked Buffy's shirt off the floor and stuffed into the blonde's mouth.

"One, two, three," Faith counted as she pierced the tip of the needle through Buffy's nipple.

She had watched a few professionals perform this procedure at a parlor and she had practiced a few times on pieces of fruit. Buffy let out a soft moan of pain as she bit down on the cloth of her shirt. It was painful and yet titillating at the same time. The pain was a dull thudding feeling now and euphoria was passing over Buffy's body as Faith hooked the ring in.

"How does it feel?"Faith asked as she pulled the shirt out of Buffy's mouth and tugged gently on the ring.

"Simply amazing," Buffy smiled.

Faith wiped a stray tear from the corner of Buffy's eye as fingers worked at her wet opening.

"You are so wet my love. You loved that."

"I did," Buffy panted as Faith's fingers slid into her.

Her thumb pressed lightly against the tight bundle of nerves hidden between her folds as her other hand pulled on the ring again. It sent a jolt of pain through Buffy's body and caused her to arch. It was truly delicious.

Chapter 21: Dildos

"Suck it," Faith ordered as she pressed the tip of the six inch purple dildo against Buffy's lips.

Buffy obediently opened her mouth, allowing Faith to push the dildo deep inside. A soft gagging noise escaped from the back of the blonde's throat before she settled down. She clamped her mouth the jelly like plastic in order to coat the shaft with her salvia.

"Good girl," Faith praised as she kept a tight hold on the base and slowly pumped it in and out of Buffy's mouth.

Buffy moaned softly as the tip hit the back of her throat again.

"You like that don't you, slut?" Faith asked and Buffy just nodded her head,keeping her mouth shaped in the perfect O as she sucked.

"You love having a cock shoved in the back of your mouth, but I know that you love it shoved up your pussy and your ass," Faith smirked as she pulled the dildo out in a swift movement.

"Mmm, I do," Buffy grinned,her green eyes growing dark with passion.

"On your knees, bitch," Faith ordered with a snap of her fingers.

Buffy rolled her naked body over on the bed before pushing her knees into position and kept her upper body resting against the bed. Her ass was pushed high in the air,which gave Faith perfect access. The dildo was slick with Buffy's spit.

"Where should I put it first?"Faith asked as she ran the tip of the dildo down Buffy's ass.

"Mmm,wherever you want," Buffy moaned as she wiggled her ass,which earned her a few sharp slaps.

The slaps left the skin of Buffy's tanned ass hot, raised, and pink. The tip of the dildo pressed against Buffy's tight asshole.

"Mmm yessssss!" Buffy cried out happily as she closed her eyes and let the softest of whimpers as she pressed her face into the sheets of the bed.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking this tight little ass," Faith grinned as she ran her fingernails down the pink marks she had left on Buffy's ass.

It took a little more work on Faith's part to move the dildo in and out of the tight hole, stretching it out with each swift movement. Every time it would move out of Buffy's ass, the blonde would whimper at the loss. She didn't like the empty feeling it left. Her first orgasm came and Faith removed the dildo.

"Onto your back."

Buffy rolled onto her back and Faith pressed the blonde's knees back to her shoulder. Thank God for slayer flexibility. Buffy hooked her arms around the bends of her knees to keep them back for Faith. The tip of the dildo pressed lightly against Buffy's slick opening.

"Please!" Buffy begged through a hiss.

Faith obliged and pushed the dildo into Buffy's wet sex. The blonde's whole body shook with a second round of pleasure.

"Good girl,you like this don't you?" Faith smiled as she moved a finger down Buffy's slit before resting the tip on Buffy's clit.

"L…love it," Buffy chattered as her green eyes fluttered shut.

Buffy fell silent as the heat began to build up in her stomach. It spread all the way up her chest and down to her loins as the trembling increased.

"Have t…to c…come," she panted,but even uttering those words had been a struggle.

"Come for me then."

Buffy parted her pink lips before a loud moan escaped. Her arms grew tired from holding her legs back so she allowed them to drop as she shook into her orgasm. Faith removed the dildo and lightly rubbed her hand over Buffy's trembling stomach as a smile crossed her face.

"Thank you," Buffy whispered as she opened her eyes back up.

"Welcome baby," Faith replied as she lowered her head and gave her lover a passionate kiss.

Chapter 23-Cross Dressing

The skirt Buffy was wearing barely covered her backside. She wore nothing underneath and from where Faith was standing, the brunette could see every flash of tanned,bare skin. It made her mouth water. The knee socks and Mary Jane shoes were just a bonus, a reward for Faith for agreeing to do this. Faith had to admit that she was pretty into it now, even though she hadn't been at first. As if on cue, Buffy dropped her book onto the floor of the empty library and Faith dutifully came to her rescue.

"Let me help you, miss," Faith smiled and she bent down to pick the book up.

"Thank you, kind sir," Buffy said as she stood up and smoothed down her impossibly short skirt.

Faith's thick dark hair was pulled into a tight bun and the rest of her hair was slicked down with gel. Her dress was masculine. She was wearing tennis shoes, men's jeans (which were much too big on her even with the cinched belt), and a buttoned up white shirt. The real surprise lay beneath the pants.

"I'm always eager to help a lady in need," Faith said and she leaned against the counter with one arm.

Buffy took in Faith's appearance and she felt the dampness trickle down her exposed thighs. The tiny wet stream sparkled in the sunlight shining through the windows and it caught Faith's eye. She cocked an eyebrow.

"It seems that you might need help in another area," she suggested.

Buffy's tanned cheeks turned pink and she pressed her thighs tightly together. She turned around and slowly lowered herself over the table in the middle of the library. The skirt rose up her hips and showed off her bare ass and dripping wet sex. She spread her legs so Faith could get a good view.

"Help me, kind sir," Buffy whispered and she turned her head around to peer over her shoulder. Faith was sure that if she actually were a man that look on Buffy's face would have gotten her hard.

"Yes of course, my good lady. I am at your service," Faith grinned and she unzipped the pants while she walked over to Buffy.

Faith pushed her pants to the ground and kicked them off, leaving the shoes on. She was wearing a strap on harness beneath and had the dildo taped to her thigh. She gently peeled the tape away from her skin and attached the black dildo to the harness. She grabbed Buffy's hips and the blonde was already soaking wet so she could slide in with ease. Buffy let out a loud moan and her muscles clenched around the plastic.

"Oh god!" Buffy cried out happily as Faith began to thrust in and out.

Faith leaned down and tugged Buffy's lobe between her teeth. She began to move her hips harder and each slam inside the blonde hurt slightly. It was a good pain and Buffy longed for more. It didn't take long for her to come, her juices soaking the plastic that was now resting inside of her.

"Did you enjoy that my sweet lady?" Faith asked.

"Very much so my kind sir," Buffy smiled.

Chapter 23: Age Play

The sight of Buffy in pigtails, sweet, little, pink panties, a white tank top and a stuffed rabbit tucked under one arm was enough to make Faith's mouth water. Giles wrapped an arm around the blonde's slender waist, pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.

"Faithy wants to play too. She's a good girl now, daddy," Buffy cooed in a soft voice while she snuggled close in his arms.

Giles adjusted his glasses and peered over at the brunette.

"Is she now? "he questioned, a hint of disbelief in his voice. Faith couldn't blame him, she had been a very bad girl for a long time. She was still bad, but she wasn't going to be sticking a knife in an innocent anytime soon.

"Mhm," Buffy smiled and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

"Is it true, Faith? Do you want to be my good little girl as well?" he asked.

"Yes…daddy," Faith said, tripping over the last word. It didn't sound right coming out of her mouth just yet.

"Come here then," Giles said, his commanding voice made her shiver.

Giles sent Buffy over to the couch with a soft smack to her bottom. She let out a soft giggle and flopped on the couch. Faith took tentative steps towards Giles. He reached out his hand and pulled her close. He slipped his fingers under her chin and lifted her head up. She squirmed under his powerful gaze and at the same time, welcomed it.

"If you want to be my little girl than you will have to obey me, do you understand?" he asked seriously.

"Yes, daddy," Faith whispered.

"If you don't you will be punished," he stated and she just nodded her head.

"Good girl," Giles smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead. It made Faith sigh. She was beginning to see the warmth and love Buffy got from this relationship.

Faith was beginning to crave time with Giles. It made her feel safe, loved and wanted. She never knew her father and the relationship with her mother had never been the best. She was slowly building up a family and she wasn't ready to lose it.

Buffy's white panties were decorated with pandas. Two white ribbons were secured around her pigtails. Giles took great care in grooming his girls. Faith's dark hair had been styled in a French braid. She was wearing a pair of ruffled white panties and a white cotton shirt that rested just below her cheeks. The chocolate clung to the corners of Buffy's mouth that was twisted into a devilish grin.

"Want some?" Buffy offered, holding out her finger that was caked with cookie dough.

Faith hesitated. Giles wouldn't be happy with them eating sweets before dinner. She had been a good girl for him for so long. Now she wanted to misbehave.

"Sure," Faith grinned and sucked Buffy's fingers into her mouth. It tasted so good. Giles cleared her throat and both girls jumped.

"Come here," he ordered and both sheepishly scurried in front of him.

"So you've decided to be naughty girls for daddy today, hmm? "he asked, removing his glasses and setting them down.

"Yes, daddy," Buffy grinned, wriggling with excitement.

Giles pulled over a chair and sat down. He took hold of Buffy's arm and she let out a delighted squeal when he pulled her face down over his lap. He gave her bottom a few smacks before peeling her panties down. He set to work smacking her bare bottom. With each reddening of Buffy's tanned cheeks, Faith grew wetter and wetter. She was dripping by the time she was over her daddy's knees. She found herself arching into each blow, yearning for more. Who knew that punishment could feel so good?

"Do you like being my naughty girl, Faith?" Giles asked, caressing her red, burning ass.

"S…sometimes daddy," she confessed.

Giles chuckled.

"I do too, my love, "he said and with that said he lifted her up into his arms.

"Buffy follow, "he commanded and Buffy happily crawled behind him. He placed Faith on the bed and pulled off her shirt. His large warm hand cupped her full breasts, making her tremble. Buffy crawled closed and pressed her face against the back of his leg. She wanted to play too.

"Come on, love," Giles said softly and pulled her up to join them. Once Buffy was stripped, Giles dipped his hand between her thighs.

"Buffy, go down on Faith," he instructed.

Buffy purred happily and she began to lap at Faith's soft, sticky folds. Faith closed her eyes and reached down, tugging on one of Buffy's pigtails. Giles slipped his fingers inside of Buffy and she moaned happily against Faith's flesh. His fingers pushed up to her hilt and his thumb began to rub light circle over her clit. Buffy began to nip at Faith's swollen bud and made little growling sounds while she did this.

"Play nicely, Buffy," Giles scolded and smacked her red ass as a reminder. Buffy pouted, but obeyed. Her pout was deadly.

Faith's body began to shake with the pleasure that Buffy was slowly building up. Giles pressed his thumb a little harder against Buffy's clit and the slender blonde came faster than she expected.

"Good girl," Giles praised.

"F…Faith hasn't come yet," Buffy panted.

"What's wrong, little girl?" Giles asked as he climbed up on the bed next to Buffy.

"D…don't know," Faith whispered. Buffy was usually able to make her orgasm so she wasn't sure what was so off now.

"Buffy, go up by her. Kiss her and play with her nipples," Giles said.

Buffy moved slowly towards her lover and captured Faith's lips into a passionate kiss. As Faith slid her tongue into Buffy's mouth, Giles slipped one finger up her wet folds. Faith moaned into her lover's mouth and her muscles clenched around Giles's finger.

"Good girl," he cooed and he slipped up another finger. Buffy's hand began to knead Faith's breast and her finger circled around her nipple. Once the bud was hard, she began to move it back and forth between the pads of her finger. Giles scissored her puffy lips apart with his fingers and Faith arched.

"She's close, daddy," Buffy grinned before nibbling on the soft flesh of Faith's neck.

"I know, sweetheart."

With a gentle touch, he pressed against her clit and Faith lost all control. Pleasure racked her body and a wave of exhaustion passed over her after she came. She could feel her body being moved around and soon she was snuggled between Buffy and Giles. She squeezed Buffy's hand tightly before whispering her final words for that night.

"Thank you, daddy."

Chapter 24: Knife Play

Faith felt her breath catch in the back of her throat. The cold steel against her trembling flesh made hr stomach clench tightly. The blindfold over her dark eyes restricted her vision. Buffy dragged the knife across Faith's erect nipple. It nipped at the tender bud and Faith cried out softly.

Every sense,minus Faith's sight, was intensified. She could hear her ragged breathing and the knife scraping against her flesh. She could smell her own desire and the coppery scent of blood. She could taste the fear. Her body could feel everything. The next slice sent her over the edge.

"Buffy!" she screamed as she titled her head back.

Buffy's hand cupped Faith's dripping sex and the knife slipped from her hand. The loud clang made Faith jerk with pleasure again. She could feel the blood oozing down her flesh and it made her collapse in her lover's arms.


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