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New Desires

by Naughti

Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Buffy and Faith dive into a kinky, dark relationship with each other. Written for an LJ challenge.



Chapter One: Rituals

Buffy Summers.


Green Eyed.




The Good One.

Faith Lehane.


Brown Eyed.




The Bad One.

It started out as a simple one night stand. A heat of passion that turned into much more. Buffy realized that the pain Faith bought with her pleasure was intoxicating and she couldn't get enough of it. A push against the wall, a sharp tug of the hair, long nails digging into soft hips and a nip against the neck. The feeling was amazing.

A simple one night stand turned into a nightly meeting after a patrol. The feel of Faith's leather pants against Buffy's smooth, naked skin. The little raw marks the rough rope would leave on Faith's wrists. Sticky, sweaty, sweet, dirty, nasty, naughty, salty, sugary, kinky. Faith and Buffy were born.


Chapter Two: Biting

Faith slid her hands up Buffy's thin blue t-shirt. The more petite Slayer had smaller breasts that fit perfectly in Faith's hands. One of her hard pink nipples was quickly caught between Faith's calloused fingers and was now being rolled back and forth. Buffy closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan and wrapping her legs around Faith's waist. The bigger, brunette Slayer moved her hand down Buffy's warm belly.

Buffy let her legs drop back down in order to let Faith strip them off her. While Faith busied herself with the zipper and the button, Buffy took her chance and allowed her lips to brush across Faith's bare shoulder. Faith never wasted any time and had already been naked by the time Buffy arrived. The soft brush of lips made Faith shudder for a moment but she didn't lose her concentration. Gently Buffy sank her teeth into her counterpart's sharp shoulder. That's when Faith lost her concentration.

Her fingers fell away from Buffy's zipper and her body went slightly limp. The damn blonde Slayer had finally figured out the one thing that made Faith go weak. The one thing that sent Faith into pure ecstasy. Buffy moved under the slightly larger girl, allowing her teeth to sink in even more. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to leave a few marks and a nice bruise a little later.

A huge wave of lust and desire washed over Faith and she quickly ripped Buffy's clothes off her slender body. She wanted her now. She wanted to make the other Slayer arch her back up in anticipation of an orgasm and feel each of her muscles tighten. She wanted those warm juices to fill up her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. Buffy had released the lion.

Faith pushed Buffy away making the blonde girl's teeth reluctantly leave her shoulder. Faith's warm mouth sucked on each pert pink nipple before she moved down her belly, hovering over her pussy like a cat ready to pounce on its prey. Buffy barely had time to react as Faith buried her face between her legs, quickly seeking out all the good spots. Her mouth wrapped around Buffy's swollen bud causing the petite blonde to let out a loud cry of pleasure and arch her back up. Faith bit down on her clit, rolling it back and forth between her teeth.

Buffy's short nails dug into Faith's bare shoulders before she exploded into an orgasm. Just as expected and just what she longed for, those sweet juices filled up her entire mouth all the way to the back of her throat. Faith couldn't help but take a deep swallow and grin like a Cheshire cat. The brunette crawled her way up the blonde's body and laid down on top of her.

"Mental note, bite Faith more often," Buffy said out loud with a grin.



Chapter Three: Blood Play

Buffy had bled many times before. So had Faith for that matter. A split lip, a punched nose, stab wounds, scrapes, even nicks while shaving their legs. The girls were no strangers to blood or pain. Both of those things held a lot of power for them. It let them know that they were still alive.

Faith wondered if this is what a vampire felt as she lowered her burgundy stained lips to the small wound she had made on Buffy's neck. Did they feel this intoxicating rush or hot burning desire as they sucked on the blood of their victims? Well, Buffy wasn't her victim, she was more than willing to have Faith sink her canines into her soft, tender flesh. Sure it hurt, but the pleasure that came with it was totally worth it. Faith lapped at the wound with her tongue, the coppery taste of blood traveling all over her taste buds.

"Me next," Buffy purred, lightly touching her now gently bleeding bite mark and pushing Faith on to the hotel bed.

"Never waste any time, do we Slayer?" Faith smirked, reaching up and squeezing Buffy's small breasts.

Buffy gave her an equally devious smirk in return. She lowered her mouth to Faith's neck. She sucked softly at first, then began to use her teeth. She felt Faith let out a sharp moan and dig her short nails into Buffy's naked back as the blonde Slayer slowly sank her teeth into Faith's flesh. Buffy felt the skin break and the sweet coppery taste of blood filled her mouth. She had tasted her own blood before, but never someone else's. It was weird and somewhat nasty, but oh so good. Orgasmic good.

Once she had her fill of blood, the two Slayers tangled their bodies together in pleasure. Hard kisses. Nipples hardening. Pussies growing damp with pleasure. Clits swelling.

Buffy reached her peak first, as usual. It always took Faith a little longer to get off. She needed the right spot to be touched and then she would explode into an earth shattering orgasm.

"Let me," Buffy whispered into the brunette's ear.

Faith had been working furiously at bringing herself off, but it wasn't working. Buffy pulled Faith's hands away and slipped two fingers up the brunette's hot, wet entrance. It didn't take long for her to find her clit. Buffy pretty much knew were everything was located on Faith's body by now. She pinched the engorged bud with her fingernails and Faith let out a loud cry as she had her orgasm. See? A little blood and pain never hurt anybody.



Chapter Four: Voyeur

"What are we doing?" Buffy whispered as she followed through the dark woods.

"It's a surprise," Faith replied with a smirk on her face.

Buffy sighed, but kept her thoughts to herself. Sometimes Faith surprises were a little bit on the wild side. They came out of the woods and Buffy followed Faith down the street. She let out a little shiver and pulled her jacket tight.

"Don't worry, I'll warm you up soon enough," Faith said.

"Faith, what are we doing?" Buffy hissed as she followed Faith through someone's backyard.

"Having a little bit of naughty fun," Faith replied, pulling Buffy behind some bushes a few feet from a downstairs window of the house.

Buffy opened her mouth to protest but Faith quickly silenced her with a hard kiss. Buffy closed her green eyes and let out a soft moan. Faith could taste the sticky sweet cherry lip gloss the blonde Slayer was wearing. She pulled the smaller Slayer between her legs, opening up Buffy's jacket and squeezing her small breasts through her thin shirt.

"Just watch," Faith whispered into her ear before quickly flicking her tongue across her lobe.

Buffy's mouth formed a little O of surprise as her eyes came started to focus on what was going on inside the house. A man had his wife or girlfriend, Buffy didn't know, it could have been hooker, bent over an arm of the couch. She could see how hard he was gripping her hips as he slammed in and out of her. Faith unzipped Buffy's jeans and pushed them along with her cotton thong down to her knees. Buffy let her head drop back onto Faith's shoulder as two fingers wiggled up her pussy.

"I bet you wish that was me and you right now, huh? Me wearing a strap on, you bent over the couch as I fuck the hell out of you," Faith said, rolling Buffy's clit back and forth between her fingers.

"God yes!" Buffy moaned as she watched the man slam in hard one last time and the woman toss her head back as she came.

She kept her eyes in focus as she started to have her own orgasm. Suddenly some lyrics from The Rocky Horror Picture Show filled up her head. In another dimension with voyeuristic intention, well secluded, I see all. That seemed to fit this moment perfectly. Faith used her hand to cover Buffy's mouth while she came. The blonde Slayer was always loud and she couldn't risk their cover being blown.

"I liked this surprise," Buffy panted, smiling up at Faith.



Chapter Five: Blindfold

"Do you trust me?" Faith asked as she secured the blindfold over Buffy's eyes.

Buffy took a deep breath before answering.

"Yes I do," she said, very sure of the words she just uttered.

"Good," Faith replied, pushing Buffy down onto the bed.

Buffy let out a soft oof and waited for Faith to make the next move. The blindfold was something she was very used to. Giles had covered her eyes in training before and Faith had covered her eyes plenty of times during sex. Maybe it was the fact that she was a Slayer, but all of her senses were heightened when she couldn't see. She let out a soft moan when she felt Faith trace her fingernails down her back and over her ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

The petite blonde let out a little shiver when she felt Faith run her tongue down her ass crack. It was dirty, but it felt good. Faith pushed Buffy down a little more, so her shoulders were pressed into the bed. Her warm, wet tongue circled Buffy's opening, making the walls of her sex contract already.

"Always eager to get down to business," Faith smiled, digging her nails into Buffy's hips before plunging her tongue inside.

Buffy let out a loud moan into the sheets as Faith's tongue twisted and wiggled inside of her. When Faith found her hardened bud, she pressed the tip of her tongue against it as hard as she could before catching it between her teeth. She pulled and rolled it between her teeth making Buffy cry out in pleasure and tremble into orgasm. Faith held onto her hips as she calmed down and lapped up all her sweet tasting juices. She reached forward to remove the blindfold, but Buffy stopped her.

"No leave it on please, I want to wear it for the rest of the night," Buffy said in a breathy voice.

"As you wish," Faith grinned, giving her a hard kiss.



Chapter 6: Dominant

"You belong to me Slayer. Mine, all mine," Faith whispered into Buffy's ear, flicking her tongue quickly across her lobe before yanking her head back by her hair.

Buffy let out a soft grunt and felt her nipples harden beneath her flimsy tank top. Faith tore the shirt away and pinched each erect nipple.

"God yes, I'm yours, all yours," the smaller blonde girl moaned.

"Yes you are," the brunette smirked, pushing Buffy forward onto her stomach and wiggling the pants down her slim legs.

Buffy had gotten in the habit of not wearing underwear and her musky scent filled the air.

"Naughty little Slayer," Faith teased, rolling Buffy onto her back and pushing her knees back as far as they could go.

"Your naughty little Slayer," Buffy smiled up at her.

Buffy belonged to her. She was under her control. In the begging both girls fought for dominance, but in the end it was Faith who ended up winning. Secretly, Buffy didn't mind giving up control for a few nights a week. It was a well welcomed release that the blonde craved. She closed her bright blue-green eyes as Faith's fingers plunged into her core. Release was so close.



Chapter 7: Handcuffs

Faith roughly shoved Buffy into the wall, pressing her hard against it as she kept her hands pinned behind her back.

"Fuck!" Buffy swore, struggling to catch her breath.

Faith licked the petite blonde's ear and smirked.

"Now, now, there is no need to use such language. I know my baby likes it rough," Faith whispered into her ear, pressing her groin against Buffy's ass.

Buffy moaned softly and automatically pressed her ass against Faith. Faith buried her fingers into those soft golden waves and tugged on them.

"Wait here, don't move, don't turn around. I'm serious or I'll make you hurt," Faith growled, letting go of her lover and walking to the dresser.

Buffy panted softly and pressed her forehead against the cool wall as she waited for the surprise that her lover had in mind. She heard Faith return. She felt the cool metal of handcuffs lock around her wrists. She moaned softly.

"I knew my baby would like it," Faith smiled, pulling Buffy around so she could face her and stroked her soft cheek.

"Baby loves it," Buffy grinned, her nipples getting hard and straining against the thin material of her silk tank top.

Faith circled her finger over the covered erect nipple.

"Good to know," Faith said, slipping her hands under the shirt and squeezed Buffy's breasts.

She tugged on the hard nipples while Buffy pulled her arms, straining the metal cuffs and making herself wince in slight pain. Faith moved her hands down Buffy's warm stomach before tugging the zipper of her black pants down to her knees. Her little blondie wasn't wearing any panties.

"Naughty," Faith scolded her, moving her warm hand between Buffy's legs and cupping her already wet sex.

"You like it," Buffy replied, licking her pink lips.

"I do. Now I want you to look me in the eyes. You break your stare and I will punish you," Faith said seriously as her dark eyes locked on to Buffy's bluish green ones.

Buffy's mouth parted in an O as two fingers were plunged up her pussy and violently twisted around inside of her core. Not once did she break eye contact with her lover, not even when she came.


Chapter 8: Virgins

Faith growled in frustration. She had always been torn between light and dark, the good and the bad, the black and the white. She knew she could never fully be both, no matter how hard she tried. She could never be the complete bad ass who could sacrifice everything in her path. She could never be the perfect model of Slayers, i.e. Buffy Summers. Buffy Summers. The one person who could completely get under Faith's skin.

It all happened at a training session one night. Faith kicked the punching bag hard, almost sending it off the chain. Buffy raised an eyebrow and walked over to her.

"Careful there, tiger, don't bring the whole building down with you," the blonde smirked.

"Don't worry, B, I'd let you know before I did any serious damage," Faith panted as she walked over to the table and took a swig from her water bottle.

Buffy wrapped her hands and began to punch the bag once it had stopped swinging around in the air. Faith hopped up onto the table and watched her Slayer in crime. The blonde had all the right moves. The way her body could twist and turn was titillating. Faith licked her dry lips and wondered what her friend was like in bed. Was she vanilla? Nah, couldn't be, she had dated a vampire after all.

Buffy had been one of the rare people to not treat her like a total outcast. Faith had liked that. Now the two had shared plenty of words and had their moments where they had been at each other's throats, but they still remained friends. Faith wasn't sure about the other people in Buffy's little gang. She didn't trust them very much at all. Buffy stopped her punching routine and hugged the bag as she caught her breath. Faith couldn't take it any longer.

"I want you," she told Buffy simply.

"What?!" Buffy asked, looking up at her and not sure if she had heard Faith correctly or not.

"I want you. I've wanted you for a long time. I watch you…the way you fight, the way you move…it drives me crazy. You, Slayer, are the one person who can get under my skin. You're the one person that doesn't make me afraid to open myself up to you," Faith explained, hopping off the table and walking over to Buffy.

Buffy narrowed her light eyes and crossed her eyes.

"And what if I don't want you? Maybe I'm not into girls," she spat, taking a step back as Faith got closer to her, but deep down she was secretly intrigued by this aggressive move.

"Then I'll just have to change your mind, won't I?" Faith smirked, backing Buffy into the wall and pressing her body tightly against hers.

Buffy drew a ragged breath and looked into Faith's deep, brown eyes. She shivered a bit.

"Then I guess you better hurry before I lose my patience," Buffy replied with deep intensity in her voice.

Faith grinned and then crushed her lips against Buffy's. The blonde responded with a soft moan and returned the kiss, letting her tongue slide into Faith's mouth with ease. Faith's hands grabbed Buffy's hips, forcing their bodies closer together. Buffy reached her hands up and got her fingers tangled in Faith's dark curls. The two kissed for a long time before Buffy pushed Faith away.

"I want to be on top," she panted.

"Not a chance, blondie. I'm always on top," Faith replied, her nipples growing hard.

Buffy growled, lust and desire pumping through her veins, and she grabbed Faith, kissing her hard again. She pushed them both down to the floor, her body on top of Faith's. Faith didn't like this at all. She was always in control. She didn't like the feeling of losing it. Buffy was just in the moment and when she got to that point she became highly aggressive and wanted to be in control of everything.

Faith used all of her strength to push Buffy off and roll her onto her back. She climbed on top of the blonde Slayer and pinned her arms to the ground.

"I am always on the top," Faith told her seriously, with such intensity and desire for control in her eyes.

"I understand," Buffy said softly as she felt a shiver rush down her spine.

She was thrilled with the power Faith was having over her. It reminded her of the nights she had spent with Angel. He had control over her and it wasn't until now that she was reminded of just how much she missed it.


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