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by Mac


Rating: NC-17
Righto there people, long time, no stories, well here's the completion of one for ya, enjoy it. Please email me with what you think. Been outta action for a long time, so tell me what ya think of it. This is for Lisa for doing my website, and for Cindy, ma little star (ps, loved chatting with you btw!) and for Gina, wherever you are... :)
Summary: Wanna know what Buffy is really like? Wanna know what she really thinks? Wanna know if her assumptions are right?

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I think it's the way she walks.

The way she moves her hips, subtly adding a swing to her arms, not like a march, but a gentle swagger.

It makes her look, tough, seductive and carefree all at once.

It's endearing.

But I wouldn't tell her, because I'm sure she knows already.

But she can walk around a room as if she owns it, as if she is the one who pays the bills, who works her ass off to get money.

I can't understand how she does it. How she can even have the nerve to do it.

I hate the way she looks at me and it's like she can see into my soul. It's like she can see what I'm thinking before I've even had a chance to think it. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

So I try to keep walls up when I'm around her. I try to keep myself guarded. But she's so good at it herself that she can spot it a mile away, she asks me what's wrong, why am I acting strangely, why am I lying?

Because I'm afraid you'll see what I'm thinking about.

Because not all my thoughts are about righteousness, virtue, morality, and about how to save the world.


And sometimes I need that wall to hide behind so I can be myself for a while. Not be the Buffy that everyone expects, that Faith expects.

She thinks she knows me so well.

She knows nothing about me.

All that talk from Wood about how he will be a 'surprise'.

Yeah, I hear it all the time, he still tries to convince her that he can be different from all the other men in her life who used her body and moved on.

He probably can be different.

I don't think he can surprise her, though. I think he'll bore her and I think she'll break his little heart because she has a short attention span.

It's just how she is.

She knows that too. I can see it in her eyes when he's trying to court her. That humouring look, that says 'You are little more than fodder to me'.

I see something deeper in her eyes when she's watching me.

She thinks I don't know it, that I don't sense it and that I don't realise she's watching every little movement I make. I catch her watching me after slaying, when we come back late and sit in the kitchen eating.

The way she watches my spoon as it goes into my mouth, the way she watches my tongue as I lick my lips slowly, teasing her.

She gets a spaced look, a dreamy look that means she's somewhere else completely, probably a big bed and yours truly.

I'm not trying to seem over confident, or arrogant, or presumptuous, but I think I can read the signs after almost four years of knowing her.

Well, obviously not four years consistently.

She sleeps in my room, always on the floor.

I ask her to sleep in the bed with me, there's enough room for the two of us Faith, and it's a lot softer and cosier than the floor.

She just grunts some sort of reply.

It's fine. I'm ok.

Always the martyr.

I didn't think she could possibly change, but two years ago if I had said that, she would have jumped right in making some sexual innuendo.

When I wake up in the mornings, she's always gone. Usually outside to practice her... well, whatever it is that she does.

Maybe she tries to find her inner peace.

Tries to keep her cool when she's surrounded by teenage girls, jumping up at her, whining to her, in awe of her. Nearly worshiping her. I wonder if she's ever considered even for a moment what she would do if she could have her pick to take and fuck.

Want, take, have.

Get some, get gone.

I know she wouldn't be like that with me.

Not that I'm even considering that.


But she would want it all if she could have me. She wouldn't want a one-night stand; she'd want me forever.

I can tell, sometimes I tease her after slaying.

I get her just a little worked up so that she spends that extra long in the bathroom 'brushing her teeth' before she comes into my bedroom.

She's easily teased after slaying. All I have to do is press my body up against her, just slightly so I'm barely touching her, from the back of course so my breasts are touching her back. I look over her shoulder, feigning interest in what she's doing. She stumbles over her words.

"B-B uh, it's j-just the pa-paper."

Or, my personal favourite, I start tickling her and we have a tickle fight falling around the house, laughing, and trying to keep quiet so we don't wake Willow, Kennedy, Dawn, Wood and whoever else is trying to sleep. We fall into the living room; I fall on to the ground so she's sitting astride me, her fingers mercilessly attacking my side. I start moving and rocking my hips against her, her legs are on either side of my hips and I see her eyes scan over my body as it writhes and bucks under her.

Her breathing quickens just slightly and her facial expression takes on a look of agony.

Then she pushes off me.

"Damn, I'm starved B, how about you?" Her eyes keep darting back to my stretched out, mussed up form on the floor. She has that look in her eyes which just says I Want To Eat You Up, I Want To Ravish Your Body.

That predatory look, which is so hot on Faith.

She tries not to, but her eyes give her away all the time.

"Starved?" I ask her with an eyebrow raised.

"What's your point B?" She asks with an eyebrow raised. "Yeah, I'm famished, alright?"

"If you're hungry-"

"Then you must be too." She cuts in before I can finish.

I look at her seductively as I'm still laid out on the floor. "Oh yes..." I murmur. "I really, really am."

I stand up and her eyes are glued to my face, trying to comprehend exactly what it is I'm saying. She gives up and physically pushes past me into the kitchen.

She only gets physical like this when she's filled with unresolved tension from slaying. The ones that got away will cause an underlying need in her body. I know, I feel it too. I'm just better at masking it then she is.

She's just so obvious at times.

I follow her into the kitchen and watch as she swings open the fridge door with an unnecessary force, her muscles ripple and her whole body gives off an aroma that's distinctly Faith with a hint of the death and destruction that we caused tonight.

I press my body behind hers, my breasts press into her back. Her soft sigh gives her away, and I know that if I slide my hand over her crotch she would not push me away.

"Mmm... so what looks good?"

I make sure that my breath gently caresses her ear and I see the goose bumps rise on her neck and all down her arms. I feel her lean her body weight against the fridge, the muscles in her arms flex from the combined weight, and her head drops down as she breathes in deeply.

After all the wrongs she has committed in her life, she's trying to make good, she's trying to be righteous.

She's trying to be like me.

She clearly doesn't know me.

"I uh... I don't know... what-what-what..." She stops.

I giggle softly. "Are you ok Faithy?"

My voice right by her ear is driving her crazy with lust and I know she's fighting so hard against snapping; she's shaking and panting just slightly.

"I'm fine B."

She pushes away from the fridge and I step back, she slams the door shut. The loud bang makes me jump.

"There's no need to be violent Faith."

"Whatever B, it solves nothing, right?"


She starts slowly walking towards me; her eyes seem to be alive as they scan over my body. I think I made her snap.

"Faith? Are you ok?"

"No, B. I'm not fucking ok." She hisses in a quiet, angry voice. "Here I am, all worked up from slaying, all I can think about is how nice it would be to fuck a nice, soft and warm body and you actually have the nerve to tease me."

I knew it wouldn't take much.

I look up at her with wide and innocent eyes, knowing that it will affect her in all the right ways. "I... I'm not... teasing you Faith..."

"I'm not fucking dead!" She practically screams at me, then suddenly her body is against mine and pressing into all the right places, then she whispers almost menacingly into my ear. "Maybe you'd like me better that way."

I slap her hard across the face and I try to pull away from her but she grabs my wrists and holds me in place, she's laughing at me.

"I don't find this funny Faith. Let me go!" I struggle against her again, not realising until a few moments later that my movements are simply firing up her body and making her more turned on.

"I find it funny. Tryin' to be all innocent, tryin' to make me think I was goin' crazy. Did you think you would be able to tease me forever? Did you think I wouldn't demand more from you?"

"You can't demand something from me that I'm not willing to give you."

"True, but you're willing B."

"What? I am not!"

Her eyes are crazy, she's breathing hard and it's like she's trying to mould our bodies together.

She laughs. "Oh yes, you are."

"I am-" She slams her thigh into my pussy and I groan and roll my head back. "Uunnh..."

"Ok, I'll prove it... " She moves forward and bites my neck gently, her tongue tickling the skin. Before I know it, she has her hand down my pants and between my legs and she's slowly sliding her finger between my lips and gently circling my hole.

"Uuuh... Faith- stop... " I gasp into the kitchen, my harsh breathing and her hand moving between my legs are the only sounds that can be heard.

Suddenly her hand is gone, and I fight against moaning in annoyance at the loss. She holds the hand between our faces and it's evidently obvious that indeed I am willing. I take her fingers and spread my arousal over her lips, her body shakes and shivers against mine.

"What about Robin?" I ask her.

"What about Robin?" She asks back, slowly licking her lips. "Was there a wedding that I didn't know about? Cos he sure as hell don't own me." She pushes her hand between my legs, making me spread my legs more. "Do I sleep with him at night? Do I fuck him anymore? Do I think he's different than any other man to cross my path?"

She pushes three fingers inside me, it stretches me but in such a satisfying way, much more satisfying than a low-fat yoghurt. My eyes roll up in the back of my head as I try to stay grounded. "Uhhnnn Faith!"

"The answer is obviously no, B... I do what I like when I like and as quick as I like..." She leans forward and drags her tongue up the length of my neck as she slides the fingers in and out of me. "Or as slow as I like."

She starts thrusting into me really slowly, her whole arm rolling gently but firmly with the movement. I squirm against her hand, trying to get her to move just a little quicker, but she refuses, my eyes slowly close from the sensations. She thrusts into me frustratingly slowly, but when she does thrust her hand into me she uses such force and she reaches so deep inside me that it actually makes my breath hitch each time she does it.

"Oohh... uungh.. Faith... harder..."

I open my eyes and I'm surprised to see Faith staring intently at me, her dark eyes seem to be searching mine. Or watching every emotion play in my eyes. She's not disappointed. A satisfied smirk plays on her lips. She leans over to my ear and teases it for a second.

"Does it feel good B?"

She pushes into me so hard that I can't breathe for a second. She's fucking me so hard, but so slowly. It's driving me almost crazy. She flexes her fingers inside me and I groan loudly.

"Shut up Faith... don't be - uh! - don't be pig-headed..."

Her face reveals all her own emotions, and I feel entranced as I watch her. She pushes her knee behind her hand, penetrating me deep inside my pussy. All I can hear is my ragged breath and a wet slapping sound each time she fucks me. She keeps her hand buried inside my pussy, while her palm rotates in tight circles around my clit.

"You're so wet B... " She flexes her fingers again as they remain buried inside me, I actually think I'm going to die from the sensations. "So fucking wet around my fingers, do you know how good it feels to be buried inside you? Look at me!" I look into her dark eyes and she moves forward and kisses me violently, pushing my head back with the force of the kiss. She pulls back and she's breathing heavily. "It feels amazing B... I can feel you pulsing around my fingers, I feel like I'm a part of you, I feel like I was born to do this to you..."

With her other hand, and with the leverage of her knee, she pushes me up onto the counter. She tugs down my trousers, and stares intently between my legs for a few seconds. She slides her hand out and I look down, amazed at the sight of her hand covered in my wetness, I moan desperately in arousal.

I haven't been this aroused in quite a while.

Her pupils dilate in arousal at the sight and I see her whole body tense in an almost violent need to conquer, claim... own. She looks like some kid who just opened a Christmas present and got exactly what she wanted. She roughly drives her hand back between my legs again and I arch towards her, thrusting my breasts in her face. With her left hand she rips open my shirt, the buttons scatter all over the kitchen.

"Faith..." I moan huskily into her ear and I watch as goose bumps appear all over her neck, shoulders and arms. She grunts and quickly moves forward to close her mouth over my nipple. The sensation is too much and not enough at the same time, my mouth hangs open as I gasp and pant and dig my nails hard into her skull. Her fingers caress my inner walls and I thrust my hips forward, crying out.

"Oh Faith... fuck me... fuck me... "

She pulls my shoes, socks, trousers and panties from my legs as she continues to toy with my nipple, she flicks it with her tongue over and over, fucking her fingers in and out of my pussy in rhythm. Without any warning she suddenly drops to her knees, pulls my pussy against her face and her tongue is suddenly inside me.

"FAITH!!!! You - you... oh God! You... Faith..."

I Buffy, You Faith.


Her tongue slides inside my cunt, right into my hole without any exploration first. My whole body tenses and I shake against her mouth, she growls in response as she eats me voraciously. She's fucking ravenous as she pounds her tongue in and out of me, I'm barely able to breathe. All I can think is her name, and the sensations that are flooding my body.

This is the best sex since... since... since I can't remember.

I gently run my hands through her hair as she thrusts her tongue into my pussy. Normally I'd be embarrassed at the sounds my body is making, but Faith finds it a turn on. That much is obvious. Each time I moan, or each time there is a... loud... wet slapping sound (for want of a better word) she growls and pushes her face further into my pussy. Her tongue fills me and fucks me so satisfyingly.

Suddenly she moves away from me for a second. She spreads my lips with her fingers and gently blows cool air on my overheated pussy.

"Uhhhhhhnnnn Faith - oh God... Faith... touch me... my clit... please... oh God..."

She smirks up at me, I can see my arousal around her lips and chin and I feel myself become ten times wetter. Faith, on the floor, between my legs, her face covered in my wetness is something I never even imagined I'd see.

But there she is.

Big bad Faith.

Kneeling on the floor between my legs, covered in Buffy juice.

And fucking loving it.

She moves forward and her mouth is on my clit.

"OH FUCK!!" I clench my teeth in an effort to fight off the impending orgasm, and then bite my bottom lip as she gently suckles on my over-sensitive clit. My nails dig into her skull as I pull her face harder against me. Her breath begins to burst against my pussy. I look down and I see she has her hand in her trousers and she's fucking herself earnestly. I moan and groan and whimper as she continues her onslaught.

She sucks a little harder on my nub and I arch my back, my breasts thrust out again, my nipples seem impossibly hard and sensitive. I tweak my nipple and explode into her mouth. I gyrate my hips against her mouth as she sucks harder still and the orgasm spreads out through my body.

"Oh Faith... oohhhh... that's... that's.... uuhhnnn..."

I fall back against the counter, my legs automatically lock around her back, holding her tight against me, she drives two fingers inside my clutching inner walls and my body jerks off the counter for a second and then I come again.

"Faith... Faith..." I suddenly feel this absurd urge to tell her that I came again, when I realise that of course she fucking knows.

My walls are clutching so tightly around her fingers that she can barely pull them out to thrust them back in.

She must fucking know.

She suddenly pushes so hard into me and then bends her fingers inside me. My body rises off the counter at the feeling. She grunts into my pussy and I see her body shaking and her hips pumping forward before I fall back onto the counter. She moans as the orgasm subsides in her own body.

Then she pulls the fingers inside me in and out, while they're still bent, she laps at my clit with the flat of her tongue and I feel another orgasm build up. I pound and shake my hips against her face, gasping and panting into the kitchen, finally I come for the third time in such a short period of time. It's the strongest of the lot.

"Again!! Fuck!! Faith!!! Oh God... OH GOD!! OOHHH!"

She fucks her fingers into me really hard as I come and gently grazes her teeth off my clit. My body thrusts and rocks against her face for ages until I collapse against the cool counter top. My body still twitches.

Faith climbs seductively up my body, licking her fingers as if she had just eaten a steak and she continues to look at me as if I were her meal. She licks the side of my face and then leans in to my ear.

"Mmm... you taste luscious Buffy..."

Then she's kissing me.

She's watching me as I pull on my clothes. I can't even risk going upstairs naked, just in case someone decides to take a trip to the bathroom. Her eyes move over my body, and I can feel them sweep over my breasts and my stomach and it's like I can actually feel her caressing me.

Well at least I know we haven't finished yet.

She hasn't swept off with an air of indifference.

Cos I was terrified she would do that.

I couldn't even imagine what I would do if she just left me, it doesn't bare thinking about. She couldn't.

She's always wanted me, she's not gonna run off now.

Not like she did with Xander... or Cordelia for that matter, but not a lot of people know that.


Guess they do now.

Yeah, Cordy cried for days, all of her sheep thought she was crying over some football jock. I knew better.

Faith had told me proudly one night after slaying.

I think she phrased it - "Guess who I fucked today in the Girl's Locker-room in your school?"

When she said Cordelia's name, I didn't believe her. So she took out her 'spanky pants' that she wears when she's cheerleading. I almost died of shock.

Then she said something like - "You wouldn't believe how wet she was B, she was creaming all over my hand... and my mouth. Seems like driving stick isn't quite fulfilling for Queen C. Wonder what Daddy-Dearest would think?"

I wasn't really thinking of her 'Daddy-Dearest'.

All I could think of was Cordelia lying on her back on the benches with her Cheerleading skirt up around her waist while Faith went down on her, driving her tongue inside Cordelia's pussy, then gently sucking her nub so Cordy would wrap her legs around her back and pull her in closer.

Not that it turned me on or anything.

"B... God... you're still so wet..." Faith moans against my neck as she pushes me against the door of the kitchen and reaches down my trousers again.

"Faith - up... oohh... up..." I can feel her teeth gently nibble along my neck.

"Oh... up?" She drives two fingers inside me and I yelp in surprise.

I slap her arm. "Up the fucking stairs..."

"Oh." She pulls out of me and then just walks off.

I stare after her, dumbfounded for a few seconds, before I quickly move after her.


We stand in my room.

All of a sudden she's nervous.

The Great Faith, conqueror of many bodies - in battle and in bed - is nervous.

"C'mere..." I sit down on my bed and gesture for her to sit beside me. My pussy is aching in that completely satisfying way, I've been fucked and I want more.

Her swagger is gone.

Wonder why that is?

She sits down and her eyes dart around my room. She spots Mr Gordo and picks him up. She tosses him in the air a few times.

"Wonder how much this little guy gets to see every day B?" She examines him in her hand.

I laugh softly. "A lot."

"Gotta admit something..." She looks at me seriously and my heart starts beating harder in nervousness.

"I'm way jealous." Her face breaks into a huge grin.

I smile. "Well think about what just happened in the kitchen... Mr Gordo certainly doesn't get to do that now, does he?"

"I should hope not!" She looks at me in mock horror, then she speaks a little quieter. "Feels kinda weird that I'm competing against a stuffed pig."

"You're not competing against anything." I place my fingers under her chin and tilt her head towards me, I lean down and gently kiss her lips. Her hand moves behind my head and she holds me in place while the kiss becomes deeper and our tongues start caressing each other. We kiss for a few long minutes, her hand goes down to my waist and she starts to gently tickle her fingers along my skin. I feel my muscles flex and ripple under her touch. My breathing becomes shakier.

"Faith..." I moan against her mouth.

Her hand goes up to my breast and she gives it a few caresses. I pull away and stand up. I pull off my top and then approach her, this time I sit astride her on the bed. Her eyes light up and she scans over the position our bodies are in. She looks appreciative. Very appreciative.

"B... you look so hot..."

I just tug at the hem of her shirt and I pull it over her head. I free her breasts from her bra and toss that to the floor. She looks at me, a little startled by my quick impatient actions. I push her so she's lying down on the bed and then I start to lick and suck her nipples.

She arches her back off the bed and gasps my name.


Her hands drive into my hair, holding my head closer to her breast. Her breath comes in short gasps, and her body trembles beneath me. I slide my hand between her legs and cup her pussy over her trousers and caress her there.

"Uh... B..." Her hips move with my hand, her gasps and the way her body is reacting to me is driving me nuts.

She reaches down and unclasps her jeans. "B... please... I'm gonna..."

I slide my hand inside her jeans and I find out quickly that she's not wearing any panties.

"Faith!" I gasp against her breasts.

She's soaked, so very, very wet. I'm a little scared cos I've never done this before, but then I realise it's very like doing it to myself, just opposite! So I slide two fingers inside her wet channel. It's so silky, smooth, and it's clenching around my fingers, pulling them in deeper.

Ok, it's nothing like fucking myself.

This feels... amazing.

She throws her head back on the bed and groans loudly, her hand drops and she digs her nails into my arm. "Oh god... oh B..."

I pull them out and then quickly thrust them back in again, watching her, amazed at her reaction to me. I kiss her slender neck and gently suckle on the skin there. Her other hand is clinging onto my back. I slide my leg between her legs and realise I can push my hand into her pussy with much more force now with my leg behind my hand. We thrust together on the bed, our bodies moving in rhythm.

We kiss passionately as I quicken the pace. My palm firmly caresses her throbbing clit, her wetness soaks my hand and I can slip in a third finger, it's very tight but her body can take it.

"Uuhhnnn... Buffy... Buffy... oh God Buffy..."

"Faith... you like this Faith...?" I whisper into her ear. "You're so tight around my fingers..."

"I'm so close... Buffy... oh my God..."

I thrust into her and stay there, my palm focuses on rubbing and caressing her clit, she comes as we kiss deeply, she moans into my mouth and then breaks the kiss. Her walls clench so unbelievably tightly around my fingers, her walls clench and unclench over and over as her hips shake and thrust.

When the spasms slow, she starts squirming.

"B... take your fingers out... you gotta! I can't take it!"

I push into her a last time, her mouth drops open and she moans loudly, before then taking my fingers out.

She pulls me to her and we kiss deeply, she rolls me over on the bed and begins to take off my clothes.

I wake up around five-thirty, and look to see she's gone from the bed. I hear her in the bathroom, she comes out fully clothed. She sees me awake and stops like a deer caught in headlights.

"I'm going out." She mumbles, not looking at me and pulling on her boots.

"Oh." She's being weird about it.

I watch her walk around the room and gather some things.

"Why... why are you going?" I look up from my position in the bed, her eyes scan over my naked breasts and I see some of that hunger rise again from within her. A short, sharp feeling of fear hits me in my stomach, fear of rejection.

"Cos I'm wicked B, and you can never be like me." She looks directly at me as she speaks quite calmly and slowly.

She leaves quietly, and closes the door.But it's ok, cos I know she's lying.

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