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by Mac

"Undercover Lovers" Challenge:

Rating: NC-17
Dedication: To Maddy – without her I couldn't do what I do.
Summary: A 5 Year Slayer-Academy Reunion – Buffy calls on Faith's exceptional skills in a time of need – fun and games ensue.

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Buffy POV

"Ok, great, so that's 74 confirmed." I skimmed through the list as Willow looked over my shoulder.

"Yes, confirmed, Buffy. Doesn't mean people won't just show up." Willow looked at me with a knowing expression on her face. "You remember what happened last year?"

"Yes, Faith tends to just appear. I told her that if she just decides to appear this year, that she isn't coming. There won't be enough rooms on the boat during the cruise."

Willow sighed. "Buffy, you should just make sure there is a room for her, you know she'll turn up just to bug you."

It was another 5 year reunion, only the second one so far. 5 years since the second ever graduation from the Academy. 10 year reunions were too long for Slayers. Although there were now thousands, Slayers still tended to have a shorter life span due to the nature of the calling. The reunion involved a three day cruise from Cork to Acle Island, with a couple of stops along the way and
then heading back to Cork. Then most Slayers went to the airport and flew off to their respective destinations. I sighed, really not looking forward to this year's reunion.

"Buffy, I think we should talk about Satsu-" Ah, Willow, reading my mind again.

"What's there to say Wills? She's coming, she has a plus-one, I'll deal." I started putting away all of the pieces of paperwork for the reunion.

She looked at me thoughtfully. "Aren't you curious to find out more about this plus-one business?"

I shrugged. "It's been a year, she's entitled to move on."

"I know Buffy, but it's been a hard year for you, and if you decide you can't make it, you know we can always get someone else to fill in for you."

"I have saved the world more times then I care to remember, I have died... three times? Or was it four? I am not afraid of Satsu's plus-one."

"I just think you need to be prepared that it's someone she's romantically involved with. And you need to be ok with that, Buffy."

"I don't need to be ok with anything." Willow looked hurt, damnit, I tried to backtrack. "I'll be civil though, of course."

"That's all I'm saying. Now, I'm late for my lecture on Magiks 101." We left my quarters together and headed down the hallways to class. "I just feel like this is the one time of year when we get to see everyone, I don't want there to be upset, fighting, war, and then bad magics. Not good for the partying Buffy, and I would like for there to be some partying. It's been too long, we could waste away here. You know that."

"I know Wills, I know." We hugged quickly. "Ok, I'll catch you later."



I stood in front of the mirror, patting down my dress and frowning. I really didn't want to look frumpy, or out-of-date, or past her best. Satsu was quite a bit younger, and her plus one probably was too.

I wasn't too modest to admit that I looked good: fantastic shape, great ass, great breasts, which this dress (and padded bra) definitely showed off well.

I sighed. The break up with Satsu had been painful, having stayed together for four years, even living together. Satsu constantly had issues with my lack of "opening up". I slept with her! How much more open could I be? Satsu just argued with me repeatedly, telling me she felt I wasn't there with her most of the time, and that I always seemed to be off somewhere else.

Last time I saw her was at a mission briefing six months ago. To say it had been awkward was an understatement.

I thought she was single when I saw her last, infact I was almost convinced she was, but when I received her RSVP complete with a plus-one, I had almost gotten sick. I never thought Satsu would move on, I suppose I'd always hoped that Satsu would dutifully remain mine forever.

I mean, I'm Buffy right? People don't just get over me and move on.

Satsu apparently could, and did.

I left my cabin, and locked the door. Ahh, the honeymoon suite, not that I had anyone to share it with. Sometimes I wonder if I'm gonna be alone forever... it's too scary and depressing.

I walked out to the deck, to where the Slayers were all milling around, and the crew were getting ready to lift the passenger bridge and set sail. I quickly spotted Willow, and went over to her.

"How many?"

"All 74 Buff - how excellent is that?"

"Fantastic - I always expect a no-show or two, but that's excellent, great news."

"Yeah - we're leaving in 5 minutes so I've been told."

"Did Satsu-"

The sound of screeching tyres down by the docks stopped my train of thought entirely.

"HEY! HOLD FUCKING UP!!" Faith. I shared a look with Willow. The crew halted what they were doing and waited. The rogue slayer was hanging out the passenger window of a black Porsche Caymen. She got out as the car screeched to a halt and blew a kiss back inside. "Thanks for the ride Christie, call ya sometime."

"It's Kirsty!"

"Sure it is, babe!" She slammed the door and ran up to the ship, just before they raised the passenger bridge.

I watched closely as the car pulled off, it was driven by a woman with blonde hair.

"B! What's up! It's been months!" She moved to high five me, and when I didn't reciprocate, she shrugged. "You're looking rather fetching today, it must be said." She winked and eyed me up and down, never failing to make me blush so slightly. Damn her!

I shook my head. "Faith - you didn't reply to the invite. What did I say to you last time?"

"Yeah I know, I know B, but c'mon! I bet it's an awesome surprise!" She spun around, her long, flowing brunette locks falling easily around her shoulders. She was wearing smart, fitted black trousers and a tight black top, with a silver chain belt around her middle. "I'm bringing the fun to the party."

I raised her eyebrows. "Sure, Faith."

Willow stepped in. "Faith, there's no room for you - all of the rooms are fully booked. Not that I don't want you here, in fact, it's brilliant that you're here, it's great! See! Yay! But ya know, don't want you sleeping on deck and not having a bathroom and ya know... stuff like that..."

She gestured dramatically. "Seriously, I have slept way worse then on a couch, I'll find one somewhere - it'll be cool!" Someone caught Faith's eye. "Yo!! Roxy!! Wait up!" She made to move off, gave us one last glance. "See you guys at the dinner!" And then she was gone.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Willow.

"Well Buff, I did say-"


We shared a laugh and walked in to mingle with the girls.


Later on…


"... together we stand as Slayers... and we will continue the good fight against evil, together. Thank you."

I stepped down from the podium as people stood up to applause and cheer me. I smiled politely. Just delighted that the worst was finally over. I hate, hate, public speaking. Sucks. Willow still suggested I take public speaking lessons now that I was "Head Honcho"... not something I was too interested in considering I avoided it at all costs.

Actual teaching was different of course. I could stand up in front of a group of 100 slayers and show them how to fight... give them a motivating speech before battle... brief them on some big-bad which was about to come. But ask me to stand up in a formal setting and talk? So not cool.

I walked back to the table as people sat back down, music came on and food was served. Faith was squeezed in between Willow and I. I managed to pull a favour with the kitchen to make her an extra meal.

I had already spotted Satsu and her plus one, who was a gorgeous, petite blonde. Earlier I saw Satsu doting on her from across the room, bringing her drinks, food, having fun.

How dare she have fun with someone else in front of me?! She clearly wanted me to be jealous. How shallow of her. I'm not even jealous. She so failed. Hah!

I scoffed out loud and Faith turned to look at her

"You want me to fuck her up?"

I started. "Fu- who?"

"Satsu and her house pet?" Faith looked sincerely into my eyes - freaking me out ever so slightly. I guess Faith had spotted me glancing over in Satsu's direction. I'll never forget how Faith had been a prominent support figure for me when Satsu walked away. But, true to Faith-style, she had flown off when it seemed like I was finding my feet again. During the nights when she tried to help me through the pain, the tears, and the anger, Faith had sworn to her that me would slit Satsu's throat – all I had to do was say the word.

"No Faith... no, I'm sorry... I just..."

Faith held up her hand. "Don't B, really. I understand." She shoveled the last few mouthfuls of food on her plate and pushed it away from her, belching.

I rolled my eyes. "Do you think she's pretty?"

Faith's eyes landed easily on Satsu's other half, and she paused ever so slightly before opening her mouth to respond, which she never got a chance to-

"You do!"

Faith looked slightly panicked, trying to come up with a good response. "B, I think she's a hottie, it doesn't mean she has two brain cells to rub together." Faith shrugged. "Besides, the fact that she's with her is a huge compliment." We watched as Satsu kissed her girlfriend.

"Compliment?" How on earth is it a compliment?

"Yeah, B, c'mon, she looks like you." Faith knocked back her drink. "Girl has a type."

Oh my God... I stared at Satsu-plus-one properly, really seeing the similarities now. That must mean... well it wouldn't definitely mean... but it would mean something right? Satsu has perhaps replaced me? With a less-impressive version... of course.Faith waved a hand in front of my face.

"Yo, B, you still with me here?"

"Yeah... I just realised, that's all." I took a deep breath. "Do you think she thinks of me when she's with her?"

Faith's eyes glazed over for a moment while I stared at her, she seemed a little lost. She shrugged. "Probably."

I glanced around the room, people were now moving around the room since dinner had ended. Satsu and plus-one had moved too, still fawning over one another. I frowned.

"Buffy, seriously you should just go over and say hello, break the tension." Willow cut in.

"I just - I'm angry that she's flouncing all over that - bit - whoever she is, and it's like she's rubbing it in my face." I pouted. "I bet she wants me to be jealous, Will, I'm not even jealous."

"Yeah, so I noticed, not even a little bit of jealousy coming off you." The red head nodded, insincerely.

"Oh yeah B, you're really working the non-jealousy look. Green is so your colour." Faith was heavily knocking back the beers, she was getting progressively drunker. She leaned in towards me and I could smell the alcohol on her breath. "Look B, forget her ok? She was a cunt to you, and I'd fucking beat her and her girlfriend to a bloody-pulp if you so much as made the gesture. It makes me mad that you're even thinkin' about Satsu. Dude, she left you!"

I felt burned. "Yeah she did Faith, I haven't forgotten but sometimes you can't help how you feel."

Faith stood up quickly, slamming another empty beer bottle back down on the table, beside the seven other empty bottles. "Well, I think you should try and help it B." She moved off, and I quickly lost sight of her in the full room.

I turned back to the rest of the gang and we chit-chatted until the Willow saw some students she wanted to catch up with and Xander ran off to the bathroom. I played with the label on my drink bottle, waiting for people to return when -

"Buffy! How are you?"


"Oh – hey Satsu, good, how are you?" I tried to smile, I tried to smile genuinely, but I just knew I probably looked like an over-eager beauty pageant queen.

"I'm great – do you mind if we sit? This is Kyra, my girlfriend."

The smile never faltered on my face, in fact, it became even more strained. Like a Beauty Pageant Queen who found out she didn't win.

"Please do, sit! Nice to meet you Kyra."

Satsu and Kyra took two seats at the table. Satsu leaned across towards me, raising her voice so I could hear her above the music. "So, how's life? I hear you've been doing well with the academy."

Keep smiling, keep smiling. "Oh yes, life has been great actually!"

Satsu's smile was far more genuine. "Oh great Buffy, I'm so pleased to hear that! You have no idea how worried I was coming here, especially with Kyra."

"Worried! Pfft!" I scoffed and laughed a little too loudly. "You had no need to be worried about that at all, of course I've moved on."

Satsu's eyes lightened up. "Oh! That's great - are you seeing someone?"

Oh shit. I have to be seeing someone, I can't NOT be seeing someone, how much would I look like a loser if I wasn't seeing anyone? I scanned my immediate area quickly. Willow was fawning over one of her students, Xander was walking away, Faith had reappeared at the table behind them and was shoving about 4 different types of hor d'oeuvres in her mouth. "Yes! Actually, Faith."

"Huagh - gack!" Faith's eyes widened as she stared at the me and started choking. I patted her on the back gently and smiled even wider.

"Oh." Satsu looked surprised - and a little annoyed.

I quickly shot Faith a glare - the sort of glare that make rottweilers whine.

"It's still kinda new - not a lot of people know yet." I said, trying to explain away the shocked reaction from Faith.

"You're not kidding." Faith muttered quietly. I knew that Faith would never let me look bad in front of Satsu.

"Well... I suppose I can't say I didn't see it coming... I kinda thought she was the reason we weren't able to fully be together."Faith snorted, choking once more. I felt my heart thudding in my chest, what on earth was she talking about? "Wait. What?"

"Oh ya know, you guys always had that "chosen two" thing, you are both the original. I thought you guys would understand one another more. I always kinda felt like I didn't understand you fully Buffy, ya know? I'm glad you have someone who does."

"Oh... right, I see."

Kyra tugged on Satsu's sleeve. "I really wanna dance baby, can we dance?"

A look of love took over Satsu's face as she looked down at Kyra, "Sure baby." She glanced back at me, barely even looking at me. "I'll catch you later Buffy."

I heard Faith's move behind me, she was chomping loudly on yet more hor d'oeuvres. "B... whach cha fuch?"

"I know, I know, I have no excuse, except I need you to play along..."

"Play along?" She swallowed her mouthful. "With what?!"

"With you being my girlfriend."

"Seriously B, how old are you?! I can't believe you're doing this! Satsu - she must have been a great fuck!"

"I just..." I sighed, my shoulders dropped. "I don't want her to think I'm some lonely loser who can't move on."

Faith's eyes softened and she gave me that look, which I had been dreading would come from Satsu. The sympathy look.

"Aww, B... now that's not true... any girl/guy would have you!"

I glared at her. "I don't want sympathy! That's the worst kind..."

"Buffy!" Willow's voice sounded kinda angry. "So, when were you going to tell me about you and Faith?""Damn, Shitzu moves fast."

I shot Faith a dirty look.

"Willow, I know I know... Satsu was all "Ooh look at my girlfriend... and how's your sad life?" and I just jumped!"

"On Faith?!"

"She was closest!" Faith looked hurt. "No offence."

"So, what's this I hear guys... when were you gonna tell me?" Xander put his arms around our shoulders.


Later on…


I tried to take Faith's hand and was rudely rebuked. I hissed at her. "You need to show some kind of affection toward me."

Faith sighed. She wanted to pull tonight, one or two of the slayers had caught her eye, and now they were 5 years older? They were 5 years hotter.

"B, even as a real couple, I'm not a "hand holder"."

"You mean you wouldn't even try for me?"

Faith sighed once more and reluctantly took my hand. My small hand in Faiths felt nicer than I expected.

"There ya go, B."

I smiled at her, Faith's eyes momentarily glazed over.

"Oh! Satsu's looking." I hissed. "Do something couply!"

Faith grabbed me around the waist, and hoisted me on to her lap, my legs were spread around her hips.

"Faith!!" I hissed even louder, but realised I wasn't really in the position to fight with her. "This is far too slutty to be couple-y!" Faith's hand slid under my shirt and up my back, the feel of her hand on my skin made me shiver."Whatcha gonna do B? Push me away? Oh that would look great in front of Satsu wouldn't it?" Faith just realised how much power she held over me in this situation. Great.

"Fine. Is she still watching?"

Faith very subtly leaned into my clavicle and glanced towards the Asian slayer. She pressed her lips against my skin. I couldn't help but tense as I breathed in sharply. Faith slowly brought her lips up to my neck, to my ear, all the while keeping eye contact with Satsu.

"She's still watching."

"You're taking advantage of this situation." My voice was husky and it made Faith smirk.

"B, this is what you wanted me to do." Faith breathed into my ear, she watched as goosebumps appeared on Buffy's neck.

"I think you're taking it a little far..."

"You mean, you don't want this to be genuine looking?"

"I do -"

"You realise we may have to kiss?" Faith laughed, a low sexy laugh.

"Right now?" I squeaked.

"If you wanna, B, but looks like Satsu is sufficiently jealous. She's gone."

I was off Faith's lap, and away from those soft lips, in a split-second. I sat down heavily on the chair, and folded my arms, glaring at Faith.

"What? Why you giving me cold shoulder?" Faith smirked. "You can't just say "Yes be all over me!" and then "no, don't too much!""

"I'm a girl, Faith, deal with it."

Faith laughed, I could feel my face burning.


Later on…

We both stared at the bed, feeling uncomfortable.

"Look B, we're both girls and from what I know, girls share beds all the freaking time. This is no different."

"I know that Faith."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Nothing... it's just... I dunno."

"B, we have slept on the same couch a few times... kinda the same thing."

"Yeah but... it's not this time."

Faith sighed while I squirmed awkwardly. "Is it because we're pretending to be together B? Cos if it is, if you wanna make it more comfortable we could... seal the deal so to speak." She shrugged, and attempted to look nonchalant, but I could see a smirk playing at the corner of her lips.

"Oh ha ha Faith, very funny."

"Who said I was joking?"

"Well, you clearly got laid last night, so it should be out of your system

"Clearly? How do you figure that one out?"

"Kirsty? Or Christie?" I sat down in one of the arm chairs.

Faith perched on the edge of the bed. "Why do you assume I fucked her? How do you even assume that I fuck girls?"

"Don't you?" Drink made me bold, now I was asking questions which would lead me to danger territory.

Faith did look slightly taken aback. "Yeah, and so do you." She spat out almost defensively.

I laughed. "What do you think I'm going to say Faith? Na-na-na-na-naa-na, you have sex with girrrls!"

She smirked at me, looking a little sheepish. "Yeah ok, I see your point." She stood up from the bed, and slowly paced around the room. "So we're just two girls, who each have sex with girls but-" she spun around to point her finger at me "- never with each other, and we're going to share a bed for the next few days, and pretend that we are hopelessly, desperately in love with one another,
so much so that we convince the rest of the boat that we are a genuine couple... all so you can strike jealously deep into the heart of your lost love!"

I looked slightly horrified. "For starters, she's not a "lost love", I just wanna see her get a little jealous, she seems to have moved on rather smoothly. It's upsetting. I'll admit it." I stood up and moved into Faith's personal space, I raised my hand and ran a finger down her cheek. "And, you also need to make it seem that you are head over heels for me... I need you to treat me like I'm your queen."

Faith's eyes glazed over for a few seconds as my finger continued it's trail down her neck.

She spoke so softly that it took me a few seconds myself to understand what she said. "Ya know, B, it would come across a lot more genuine if you'd let me fuck you."

I recoiled back swiftly delivering a slap to her cheek.

"What?! I'm just saying..."

"Well, just say all you want, it's not happening."

Faith laughed, grabbed her bag and headed towards the bathroom. "Whatever Blondie, you'll come crawling to me soon..."



Faith POV


Blonde hair all over my face when I wake up, a warm leg up and wrapped around my waist, and a strong smell of Buffy surrounded me.

My hand moved down to her thigh, and I held the warm, soft skin in my hand, almost pulling it tighter to me before I realised what I was doing.

Fuck this.

I slowly slid myself out from under her sleeping form, and glanced at the clock:

Definitely fuck this.

I glanced down at Buffy, all spread-eagled and soft looking.

I really do wanna fuck that.

I shook my head, I needed to burn off some energy. I slipped out of the room and headed down to the gym, where I realised I was not the only early morning riser.

Kyra was on the cross-trainer pumping away, and dripping sweat. She'd been here for some time.

"Morning..." My voice was croaky. "You're up early."

Kyra jumped and spun around, taking her headphones out of her ears. "Oh hey! I'm not the only one it seems."

"Yeah, couldn't get back to sleep... "

"Well, I'm just quite conscious about my body... I mean Satsu is a slayer after all, I don't want to be feeling too insignificant beside her."

I laughed.

"You haven't got anything to be self conscious about... trust me..." I jumped on the treadmill beside her and started running at full speed. Kyra faltered slightly on the crosstrainer, and I berated myself for being so forthcoming. I can't forget that I'm supposed to be with Buffy.

"You think so?"

I nodded. "Yeah girl, you've a pretty sweet body."

A blush covered her face. "Thanks."

"So you and Satsu been together a while?"

She snapped back to reality. "Oh ya know, a few months or whatever."

"Oh yeah, that's cool."

"How about you and Buffy?" Her breathing started to get a little laboured from the exertion.

"Well yeah, few months, ya know, about the same."

We stayed silent while we both continued our routines. I could feel her watching me out of the corner of her eye and it made me question her dedication to Satsu. But then again... I am me and well, I'd probably give myself the eye too.

Especially considering I was running at full sprint and not even breaking a sweat.

Damn I'm good.

"I can't believe you can run so fast and not even be breathing hard!" Kyra laughed incredulously at me.

"I'm just blessed with good genes!"

Kyra smiled and continued her exercise.

I jumped off the treadmill feeling much better. "Well, I'll catch you later Kyra."

"See you."

I could feel her eyes on me as I left the gym. Interesting.


Later on…

"Well, I'm just sayin', she was happily giving me the eye... just makes me wonder about her dedication to Shitzu, ya know?"

Buffy nodded, grinning away. "Perhaps all isn't ok in paradise!"

We were sitting around a table in the dinning room having a buffet lunch.

Willow frowned. "Buffy I don't understand why you care, I mean, you're over Satsu right?"

"Yes of course I am Will, I mean, that goes without saying, she left me right? Why would I want to get back with her?"

"Well it's just curious as to why you're so interested in her relationship with Kyra."

"It's normal curiosity. Isn't it?"

No one jumped up immediately to respond, and Buffy's face dropped.

"It is!" I jumped in before Buffy could say anything. Everyone turned to look at me. "I mean, to a certain level it is. You don't wanna get back with her, so that's all cool, just make sure ya know, it stays healthy."

Buffy folded her arms and pouted.

I could see Satsu and Kyra over the other side of the room, sitting close together and smiling. I put my arm around Buffy's shoulder, and pulled her close to me. I could see the Scoobie's faces all melt in a little smile. Yeah yeah, so cute and all that.

"What? I gotta keep up appearances right?"

"Of course, Faith... it's just... you guys look so cute together." Willow beamed.

"Yeah yeah Willow, keep it to yourself... I'm still all tough and stuff..."

"Well it would be interesting to see how today goes - perhaps seeing them together and maybe we might see some cracks in their relationship..." Buffy mumbled, staring into space. "I mean, not like I want to get back with Satsu or anything, like... not even a little bit."

"So what you mean B, is that even if Satsu came to you and said that you were all she wanted, you still wouldn't get back with her?"

Buffy looked up at me. "I still wouldn't get back with her."

That made my heart start beating out of my chest. And made me feel exceptionally confused. I shouldn't be excited about that? Why should that make me feel excited at all? I just don't understand...

I mean, sure... perhaps I've always had a little girl-crush on Buffy, but that's normal, right? I mean, she's Buffy! Everyone has a crush on her. I just would never admit it. B would never let me live it down.

"Faith?!" Buffy was looking a little alarmed, I realised I was staring at her, and in particular at her mouth.


"You're staring at me!"

"B, we're a couple now, I'm allowed look at my girlfriend. You freaking out about it makes it look not as genuine as it should be Buffy." I frowned at her, but quickly grinned. "Besides, one of these days, I'm gonna kiss you so hard and you're going to have to go along with it, because everyone will be looking." I laughed heartily at Buffy's horrified expression."You will do no such thing Miss Lehane."

I could see the rest of the Scoobies watching on in amusement.

"You just try and stop me when I launch at you. Gotta keep up appearances B. As it is, I gotta go for a walk, stretch my legs and all that... so honey... I will see you in a few hours." I leaned down, and pursed my lips expectantly, closing my eyes. When I didn't feel anything for a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked down at the blonde. "Appearances B?"

"I don't know where your lips have been!"

"Well, start getting to know your girlfriend B, I'll give you a run down of each and every crevice if you like. But before we do that, you better kiss me or the neighbours will start talking and we don't want that, do we be?" I nod my head ever so slightly in Satsu's direction. I could hear Willow and Xander muffling their giggles.

Buffy sighed, forced a smile, leaned up and put her lips so gently on mine. Before she could move backwards, I put my hand behind her neck and pressed my lips firmly on to hers. She gasped into my mouth, opening it slightly and I had to bite back a moan at the feel of her soft lips.

At Buffy Summers' soft lips.


My heart began to go wild in the space of a split second and I pulled back quickly.

"Uhm... hehe... so yeah, going to... over there now... see ya guys..." As I walked away, I watched as Buffy touched her lips and had a dazed expression on her face. I could also see Satsu and House Pet Kyra looking up at me with mixed expressions on their faces.

I hoped I hadn't just blown it.

I'm sure a normal couple doesn't react like that after a kiss.


Buffy POV


"Hello, earth calling Buffy... is anyone home?" Xander waved a hand in front of my face.

"Yeah, what is it Xander?!"

"So was that your first kiss?"

"Oh shut up... it's Faith, it doesn't count."

"Is that why you're all red and flustered?" Willow smiled.

"I am not, I'm just embarrassed, I mean, everyone saw that... she could have at least made it a little more subtle."

Xander grinned. "You did leave yourself open to a bit of Faith-teasing. I mean, asking her to be in a relationship with you?"

I saw Satsu approaching the table with Kyra, and I tried to silence Xander by widening my eyes and pursing my lips.

I learned a lesson, that doesn't work.

"You asked Faith to be in a relationship with you?" Satsu was grinning.

Xander literally jumped in his seat. "Oh well ya know, not ya know... I mean before they were together, together, Faith wasn't forthcoming and well, Buffy begged a little-"

To say I was mortified does not adequately describe how I felt.

"What Xander means is, that Faith didn't want a relationship, but Buffy felt they could give it a go."

Xander nodded, grateful for the "get out of jail free" card.

"Oh yes they did, it's quite a wonderful story, I should really tell you about it sometime. Heart wrenching, full of soul... very touching." Xander stuttered.

Satsu looked annoyed, and Kyra was slightly taken aback. "Very nice I'm sure Xander, so we were just wondering if you guys would like to hang out in the swimming pool, perhaps have some drinks at the bar?"

Swimming pool was heated, and had a greenhouse-like covering. Ireland is not well known for it's wonderful weather, so on a cruise ship, no point in having one outdoors.

"I'll see if I can grab Faith, and we'll meet you there!" I forced a bright smile, which faltered into a grimace as they walked off. I then shot a death stare at Xander, who, quiet rightly, was looking terrified.

"Don't need to say anything Buffy, I've already shut up and will kick myself in the ass as soon as you break my leg for almost blowing everything."

I frowned. "I'll meet you down at the pool in half an hour."


When I walked into the pool/bar area, a few slayers were scattered around the bar having a few drinks, I quickly spotted Satsu and Kyra who were standing by the pool staring down at someone who was clearly on a mission to set a new world record.

Of course, it was Faith.

She was power swimming laps, so much so that she hadn't even realised that she had most of the people in the bar staring at her.

I stood beside Satsu and Kyra as we all stared down with perplexed expressions on our faces.

"I'm pretty sure I've never seen you swim like that." Kyra said to Satsu, without even glancing at her, she was completely fixated on Faith's powerful body driving through the water.

Satsu looked horrified. "I could beat her if I wanted to."

I laughed then, Satsu turned to look at me. I realised my reaction could probably be classed as bitchy, and I regretted it. "I mean, well... it's not funny but you know... Faith - she's pretty powerful Satsu."

"More powerful then me, you mean."

"I don't mean it like that."

"Well, Buffy I guess you wanted a better model really, didn't you?"

Kyra looked shocked at Satsu's reaction and she held her arm. "Sat-"

"No, you think I'm not as good as Faith? That's was this is about isn't it? That's what that little comment was about wasn't it? That's what-" She glanced at Kyra and thought again about what she was going to say.

That's what our break up was about it, wasn't it?

If only she knew the relationship with Faith wasn't even a little bit real.

Satsu threw her towel to the ground and dived in. Faith was half-way up the pool when Satsu hit the water. As Faith had been swimming for quite sometime, she wasn't focused on speed, and was actually taking a rather leisurely pace.

Satsu reached her quickly. One one of Faith's strokes she glanced to the side and saw Satsu approaching.

"Oh hey Satsu, how's it goin?" She paused in mid-flow, and Satsu glared at her and powered on past.Faith was no idiot, she could spot a challenge when it swam past her. Only problem was, Faith had been in the water quite a bit longer than Satsu and by the time she realised Satsu was racing, she was already coming back past Faith. I watched as the realisation dawned on Faith's face and she started swimming again.

Satsu didn't really ever stand a chance. But I think Faith felt sorry for her. So I watched as Faith slowed her pace slightly to make Satsu think she was in front for a few laps. By this stage everyone who had been at the bar were now taking an interest into what was happening in the pool.

They were starting to cheer too... I don't think anyone was cheering for either slayer in particular, but there was nothing like seeing two slayers competing. The power display made it rather addictive. Xander, WillowWhen it came to the point where Satsu looked as though she was about to lap Faith, the brunette slayer kicked into gear and began to really power into the water. Satsu could only watch as Faith drove forward, pretty much leaving her behind.

Satsu tried to push forward, but her efforts were futile, Faith lapped her easily and then quickly jumped out of the pool. She flipped around and sat on the edge of the pool, letting her feet rest in the water. I could see the water drip down her back, as her muscles flexed under her skin.

Oh God, I wanted to have sex with Faith.

Oh no, this wasn't good, at all... this really wasn't good. My eyes moved from the muscles on her shoulders, up her elegant neck, to her gorgeous brunette wavy hair, to her smile, complete with her dimples. God, she was beautiful.

It hit me so hard, almost like I had been winded. I held my hand up to my chest and stepped backwards. Willow moved towards me, looking concerned, her attention brought away from the cheering.

"Buffy are you alright?"

"I can't... I need to go Will..." I spun around and headed straight towards the door. As I pushed out and into the hallway I could hear Faith's voice directed towards Satsu, but I felt like it was for me.

"Don't play with the Lion, little Cub..."


Later on…

It was the kiss. That's what it was, it was the kiss that made me have that reaction. I mean, of course Faith is attractive, everyone has a little part of them which finds that girl attractive.

I'd never really considered her... well, maybe I had... it hadn't been for sometime and I guess it's me, and it's not like -

I sighed.

Even my thoughts weren't making sense. First my feelings and then my thoughts.

I hurried down the hallway and into the cabin. As I closed the door behind me, the captain made an announcement over the intercom.

** "As we approached further south along the Irish Coast we seem to have been met with a bit of adverse weather conditions, please try to stay seated for the next while. We may experience some choppy sea conditions, so if any of you are prone to seasickness, the shop on board sells tablets which should help with this." ** The captains voice faded out as I felt myself going pale.

Choppy waves?


And as if on cue, the boat started to rock a little more intensely, I quickly sat down on the bed. I didn't know what to do to make myself not feel the waves. It was as if the captain had since brought attention to it - and now I was feeling. Perhaps if he hadn't said anything at all, I would have been fine!

The ship lurched slightly and I ran into the bathroom.



Half an hour later...

I felt as though I could cry. I was wrapped around the toilet bowl, my make up smudged over my entire face, my stomach still forcing me to retch and gag. My nose was stinging and tears were streaming down my face.

The one thing I was glad for at this point in time?

That no one could see me in this state.

A heave of the ship forced my stomach to heave once more, and although I could have sworn there was nothing left to throw-up... my stomach proved me wrong.

I leaned my head against the wall of the bathroom, thankful for the cool tiles against my face.


Now, I could really cry.

And of course, I started to cry, I grabbed some toilet tissue and buried my face in it.

A gentle knock at the door. "B... are you ok?"

I sobbed. "No!"

"I got you some sea-sickness tablets... I remember you told me ages ago that you can't handle choppyness and boats and shit, and well I thought I'd get you some pills just in case you were feeling crappy."

Her sweetness didn't help with the bundle of confusing feelings driving through me.

I started crying full on, and Faith opened the door. Her face took on a look of sympathy as she saw me crumpled on the floor.

"B! It's ok!"

She dropped to the floor and wrapped herself around me, gently holding my back to her front as she gently wiped my hair back from my face, and dabbed at my make up with some fresh tissue.

"It's ok, the captain reckons it won't last too much longer... come on, I doubt there's much left in your stomach, you wanna go to bed? Lie down for awhile? I'll get us a movie and some water."

I sniffled and nodded, she carefully and gently picked me up and carried me to the bed, placing me down on the soft comforter. I quickly took the sea sickness pills, and changed from my clothes into my pyjamas.

"Ok B, I know you may initially think this is a tasteless choice of movie, but hear me out - it's called `Overboard'..."

I groaned. "Faith-"

"Wait, it's not really about boats! And I think you'd like the story, give it a chance, if you hate it we'll turn it off."

I sighed and nodded. "Come on then, put it on!"


Faith POV

Half way through the movie and B was seriously laughing. She was loving Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel's interactions.

"Good movie huh B?"

The waves were less choppy and we could barely feel the ship rocking anymore. So B was munching on some fries and a couple of pizza slices.

Love room service.

"Hah, yeah, definitely a funny movie."

By the end of the movie she had fallen asleep, her back propped up against the wall, her hand was in a half-full bag of popcorn resting on her stomach and her head was resting against her shoulder.

Fuckin' cute.

I stood up and cleared all the rubbish off the bed, flicked the tv off and moved over to Buffy. I took her hand out of the popcorn bag and her eyes flicked open. She looked up at me - she looked exhausted.

"Ready to sleep B?"

She nodded and scooted down in the bed. I ran my hand through her hair and smiled down at her sleepy face.

Fuck, I was getting so whipped and this wasn't even a real fucking relationship.

At least if I was getting regular pussy I would be able to justify my complete and utter total sappiness.

I needed to get laid, badly.

This stupid pretend relationship with Buffy was making me soft, and making me look bad.

I considered going out and stalking someone on the boat - making them my prey. Getting off, and then coming back to Buffy. But then... hopefully whoever I slept with didn't spread it about - cos then I'd get in trouble.

Fuck this really was like a real relationship.

I started to head towards the door when I head Buffy call out to me.

"Can you stay with me tonight?"


I paused. "Yeah, sure."

"Mhmm." I could hear her getting comfier in the bed, settling in to the duvet.

I had my hand on the door handle. My clit was throbbing and I needed to get laid. I could feel my shoulders drop as I turned around to look at her.

It didn't help the situation in my pants. I knew she was wearing shorts, a tight vest, her hair was all ruffled, she just looked so sexy.

I just wanted to bury my face between her legs, suck and lick her clit, make her cum drip out of her hole and have her cum into my mouth.

Damn I wanted to have sex very fucking badly.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and into some shorts and a t-shirt, flicked off the light and slipped into bed behind Buffy. I could feel my heart pumping in my chest, between my legs my clit was aching. Now I was having visions of putting Buffy on her hands and knees and eating her out from behind.

"Just relax and go to sleep…" Buffy grabbed my hand and pulled my arm so it wrapped around her body. She tucked it under her breast, and I couldn't help but squeeze it gently. Buffy's body flinched. "Faith!" She laughed softly. "Behave and go to sleep."

I tried to control my breathing and just relax but it wasn't happening.

B could tell too.

"Are you ok Faith?"

I grunted. "Yeah."

"What's wrong? You seem very tense, a bit wound up."

I sighed. "I'm just a little frustrated B, full of energy, I don't normally do the sleeping thing without the actual sex bit first. And even then I don't normally do the sleeping thing with anyone. I leave straight after."

"You know Faith, I really couldn't ever imagine just sleeping with someone and then going straight afterwards. It just doesn't work for me. I prefer knowing someone, knowing everything about them, it makes the sex and intimate stuff a lot more… well, intimate."

I subtly breathed in her scent at the back of her neck. Fuck she smelt so good.

"Yeah, well, when you let people in they tend to hurt you. I do the preventative thing, and don't let them in. I get what I want, and leave."

"Doesn't that suck? Don't you miss out on the exciting part? The part leading up to the sex? All that tension and excitement in getting to know someone."

"B, when I wanna get off, I couldn't care less about someones good and bad parts, all I wanna know is whether or not their body parts work and if they do, if they're sufficient enough to service me." I squeezed her body close to me. "Beside, I'm getting a taste of the exciting stuff right now… all this getting to know you is getting me all kindsa excited. We gonna fuck soon?"

"Faith!" Buffy cried out and struggled against me playfully. "Stop being so vulgar, you'll never woo anyone with that frame of mind!"

"Hah! Ah B, still focused on getting me to `woo' someone. Never gonna happen twinkie."

She was quiet for a few moments. "You've been woo-ing me pretty well."

I paused. "Well, is it working?"


I stiffened. I didn't expect such a clear and honest response. I run my hand from her breast, to her cheek and gently pull her head towards me. I lower my lips to hers, and so very softly press my lips against them.

B stiffened initially, but then she gasped and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Buffy's hand ran up my arm, and I slid my hands down to her stomach and slid them under her t-shirt.

Buffy gasped again, each time it fired me up so much more, I could feel the ache practically burning between my legs.

I pulled her on top of me, her legs fell easily on each side of my hips, my hands slid across her back, touching the smooth skin and pulling her body firmly against mine.

This was possibly the best kiss I had ever experienced in my life, perhaps B was right about getting to know someone first.

A thrill of excitement ran through me as I felt Buffy's hips subconsciously press down onto mine, and I could feel the flood of wetness between my legs. I could smell her all around me, feel her blonde hair touching my shoulders, her soft lips on mine.


Then she pulled away, and my first thought was how cold it was without her warmth.

"Oh my God…" B gasped, breathing hard. "We so shouldn't have done that."

Fuck, that stung like a cunt.

"Yeah, jeeze, what a bad idea…"

"We're just getting carried away with this whole relationship thing."

I scoffed. "I know right?"

There was an awkward silence for a few moments, neither of us knew what to say.

"Maybe we should go to sleep now?"

"Yeah sure." I rolled over on to my side.

"Are you… ok?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"

"Ok, good."

The sooner I was off this fucking boat the better.

Next Morning

The second last morning on this fucking prison-boat. Thankfully I didn't wake up wrapped around Buffy this time, infact I was on the opposite side of the bed.

And now I was back down at the gym pounding away on the treadmill.

Fuck her.

That was all I could think. That was all I could hear. Typical me just going straight for the anger – rejected again, I should be fucking used to it by now.


"Kyra… how are you?"

"Yeah great!" She hopped on the cross trainer again. "I really enjoyed your show

"My show?"

"In the pool."

"Oh… heh, well, that was just Satsu being her normal competitive self." I kept pounding on the machine, not once breaking a sweat. "Always feels like she has something to prove that girl."

"I can't believe how… powerful you were in comparison to her."

"Well, she is only a slayer…" I could see Kyra's eyes lighting up. "I'm an original. She needs to accept I'm always going to be more powerful than her."

"Mmm, yes powerful." Her strides on the crosstrainer were slowing down as she seemed to day dream. "So do you get affected the same way she does after she slays?"

I laughed. "You bet, Kyra."

She beamed, she seemed delighted that I remembered her name. "It must be so much more worse for you."

"I wouldn't know."

"Well, I guess you and Buffy work well together then."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I just think I can't actually satisfy Satsu because I'm not a slayer. Sometimes if she's having sex with me, I think she probably wishes I was more like Buffy instead of just a normal human, with normal human abilities. I wish I had more stamina too. I mean, I've asked her if she minds that I can only keep up so much, and you know, I just think I'm not enough for her."

Now, I loved having sex with standard people. I had only had sex with one other slayer before, one of the newbies, and it was definitely more exuberant. But I still loved sex with `humans'. Something nice and comforting in being more powerful. But then again, that was me.

Every slayer is different.

"Well K, it's like this. Each slayer is different, each one likes different things. Honestly, I enjoy fucking people, because they're soft and susceptible. So I enjoy it. I can't vouch for Sats."

She went red, and stared into space again. "Yeah, fair enough. Thanks for
telling me."

I switched the treadmill off and headed for the door.

"You going tonight?"


"Oh the dance thing?"


"Nah, it's not my scene."

"But it has free drink!"

I laughed. "I'm totally there."

Buffy POV

So Faith had been missing for pretty much the whole day, I was pretty sure she was avoiding me.

So last night was a bit of a surpise.

Was it really?

It was a nice surprise. I think. Well, I regretted it. I think.

I was all over the place about it. My first reaction was that we shouldn't have done it. At all, not even a little bit. Because it was Faith. Like, Faith who has been with everyone. Well, not everyone… but she gives the idea that she has been with a lot of people.

But she did kiss very well.

And my heart practically exploded in my chest.

And I'm pretty sure I was exceptionally attracted to her. But that's what was freaking me out. And then to kiss me? While I'm already having confusing feelings? Well that's just not right. And very unfair! I didn't get a chance to think. And now Faith was ignoring me.

Definitely avoiding me.

I had been in the cabin for most of the evening getting ready to go to the last night's celebration.

And I couldn't zip up my dress.

I was about to reach for the phone to call Willow, when I heard the door open. I looked up and Faith walked in, avoiding any eye contact with me.

"Faith! Where have you been! I needed your help in deciding what to wear!"

She looked up at me and faltered for a moment. "B, you look amazing."

I blushed.

I was so into her, I really valued what she thought.

Goddamnit. I'm so smitten.

"Can you do up the back of my dress?"

Faith slowly slid up the zipper on the back of my dress. She paused, like she wanted to say something, or wanted to do something. I wasn't sure.

"I'll be ready in about 5 minutes B, give me a sec."

She grabbed a handful of clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. True to her word, she emerged 5 minutes later with a tight black top, and tight black jeans on, make up done and hair wavy and sexy looking.

"Faith, you look really beautiful."

She smirked at me. "Yeah yeah B, let's get going ok?"

"About last night-"

"Lets not talk about it ok? It's pretty clear that it was just getting carried away with everything."


"Not now B, ok?"

I could have sworn her eyes teared up, but she turned away quickly and headed towards the door. As she closed the door behind us, she took my hand, kissed me on the cheek and we walked towards the main hall.



Faith POV

10 drinks down.

Kyra seemed to be hanging around me a lot.

And helping with me drinking.

Buffy was sort of hanging around me, but I was kinda still giving her the third degree. I didn't mean to, I was just bitter about last night, and it wasn't helping that she looked so fucking sexy and she wasn't really mine.

Then again, I was thinking of all the things I could make her do. She still wanted to hold up the pretense of a relationship with me in front of everyone It would be too late to back down now. And besides, how bad would it look in front of everyone if we broke up.

I won't be made a dickhead of.

Even if I do hate relationships, I won't become the victim of a fake one.

"Faith… have another shottt!" Kyra was waving another sambucca in front of my face. In one quick swipe I downed it, and slammed the shot glass on the counter – shattering it in the process.

The bar-tender looked none-to-pleased.

As he approached me, I was getting ready to take him, when Buffy came over and pulled me away.

I looked down at her, and consequently down her top.

"Fuck B, you look sexy tonight. Can't believe you dressed up for me."

"Faith you need to pull yourself together and sober up!! Don't get kicked out and sent back to the cabin ok?"

I focused in on her face, while everything else blurred.

"Can I have a kiss?"

Buffy flushed red, but I could see Satsu standing not too far away and I knew B knew she was there too. She was also watching our interaction pretty closely. She moved against me and tilted her head upwards. I closed my mouth around her lips and kissed her so softly and tenderly.

I could feel people watching.

I could feel B's heart beating such an insane rhythm. I could sense her arousal increase.

Now I wanted to fuck her right here, in front of everyone.

I pulled back and kissed down her neck, and then up around her ears. Her nails dug into my back through my top.

"I know you want this B, I know you do. I don't know why you fight it."

She pulled away from me.

"I'm going to go and mingle, try not to cause too much destruction. We'll talk more about this later."

She looked flustered as she turned and walked away. I looked around and saw Kyra almost glaring at me.

Fuck that girl, she really was turning into a single-white-female stalker chick. But then again, the ache in my pants was seeing her as a means to a very happy, wet end.

The fact she looked like Buffy from behind was giving me many happy fantasies which I would happily act out with her.

She walked over to me and grabbed my arm.

"Come on Faith, I think we should dance."

Dancing was a nice, PG-13 word. What she was doing needed some sort of NC-17 word. She was pretty much dry-humping me on the dance floor. And fuck it felt so damn good.

I just kept thinking about how I needed to be keeping up appearances for Buffy, but Kyra was making it very hard.

"Mind if I take this dance?"


Kyra was ignoring her.

Red gave a quick flick of her wrist and Kyra was out of the way and stumbling slightly over to my left. Red took her place.

"Ok, look Faith. I realise that you and Buffy aren't ya know, a real you know-know, but I really think you should tone it down with Kyra. Satsu and Buffy will kick your ass and I really wouldn't be able to disagree with their reasons."

I pulled Willow off the dance floor. It was too awkward dancing with her. Sort of like dancing with an Aunt who is trying to be cool. It wasn't working for me.

"But Red." I whined. "She's totally asking for it!"

"It doesn't matter, she's dating Satsu."

I sighed.

"And you are dating Buffy!"

"I know, I know."

"Speaking of who, she's talking to Satsu now as we speak."

That would explain why Kyra was all over me, no Shitzu to play with.


I glanced over at where Willow was looking. The table where we all sat at the first night. Buffy and Satsu were sitting close together, laughing and smiling.

"I think they're perhaps getting some closure, clearing a few issues. It will be good for both of them."

Deep down, as much as I hated it, I did agree.

"Fine. Besides, there's nothing going on with me and Kyra, as far as I'm aware her and Satsu are very happy."

She gave me a knowing look and walked off.

I glanced over again at B talking to that cunt. I seriously couldn't understand why B would even give her the time of day. I was there when she left Buffy, because she couldn't `open up' to her. B gave her so much, and she took it all. Just because she didn't share every feeling wasn't a proper reason to break up with someone.

I had to help Buffy through her depression after Satsu… and for them to be laughing and smiling just like they were when they were together? It was enough to make me see red.

I wanted to cause destruction. So badly.

I spun around, ready to leave the main hall where people were dancing on the dance floor, and it felt like everyone was about to get laid but me.


She was standing right in front of me.

"Faith, I have something to show you… come with me…" She was smiling and laughing as she pulled my hand. We exited the main hall and went down a few different corridors.

She pulled me into what appeared to be a janitorial closet.

"Kyra, what – "

She kissed me, full on, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I would be lying if I said I didn't kiss back, I did at first. She took my hand, pushed it under her skirt and against her panties.

Fuck she was wet.

I pulled back.

"You're so wet –"

"It's you, you make me feel this way." Her hips were pressing down so hard against my hand as she ground against it back and forth trying to get some friction. "I want you to fuck me. Hard. I want to feel a real slayer fucking me."

"Satsu –"

"She's nothing Faith."

She pressed my fingers against her hole. The material of her panties was saturated.

"She's your girlfriend, Kyra. That's something."

"Would you change your mind about it if I said we weren't together?"

"No because you're clearly together."

"But what if we weren't?"

"Look, what are you getting at? I don't play `pretend' Kyra, so even if I pretend you're not together, I know you actually are!"

She grabbed my face with both her hands. I realised my hand was still between her legs, touching her pussy through her panties.

"Faith, we're not together. Satsu simply wanted to pretend so Buffy didn't think she was a loser and hadn't moved on from their relationship."

"Oh, ok." I continued rubbing her over her panties. "Wait, what?!"

Kyra giggled, while burying her face into my neck. I pushed her back, putting both hands on her shoulders and looking her straight in the eye.

"You guys aren't actually together?"

"No, silly."

"And Satsu is still into Buffy?"

"I don't know. Probably." Kyra tried to get closer to me. "Faith, I've seen how you look at me, I've watched you. I know you want to fuck me. It's ok, I won't tell anyone."

I flashed back to Satsu and Buffy laughing at the table. I had to tell Buffy, it just seemed so important that she knew what was going on. And I hated the thought of Satsu seducing Buffy.

"I gotta go K, sorry, maybe in another lifetime. But not this one."

I ran out of the janitorial closet and back out in the hallway. If only I had actually paid attention to which what Kyra had brought me. I followed the noise of the hall, and burst in through the doors.

People stopped dancing and turned around to look at me – I looked over to where Satsu and Buffy had been sitting, but I couldn't see them there anymore. I scanned the room quickly, and I couldn't see them anywhere.

Where the fuck had they gone?



"Where's Buffy and Satsu?"


"Where are they Xander?!"

"Satsu wanted to show Buffy something – I think it was photos or something?"

Fuck – I bet Satsu was trying to get her claws into Buffy right at that moment.

"Xander, I'm going to ask you very slowly, and only once, so answer me. What one is Satsu's room?" I grabbed his shoulders and stared intently into his eyes. He looked terrified.

"I, I think it's room 364?"

I was gone before he could even flutter an eyelid.

Buffy POV

I didn't know what I was doing. But I knew it felt familiar. Satsu's smell, the touch of her skin, the way she kissed.

It reminded me of all the good times we had.

We were lying on her bed, kissing, I knew that we shouldn't have been, I knew I felt bad about Faith… and I guess a small part of me felt bad about my body-double Kyra. Her hand slid under my dress, she touched me around the top of my thighs, teasing my skin, making my thighs shiver and shake.

Then the door broke in.

I broke away from Satsu.



She looked hurt. I glanced at Satsu, she was smirking, and then back at Faith.

"I just-" She stopped and swallowed, her eyes focused on Satsu's hand between my legs. I quickly pushed Satsu's hand away and sat up in the bed.

I quickly stumbled out of bed and towards her. "It's not –"

Faith's eyes closed for a split second and when she opened them all the hurt was gone and it was replaced by a look of complete anger and hatred.

"It's not what it looks like? Well, fuck you B." I flinched. "Ya know what? I wanted to tell you that Satsu and Kyra were a fucking joke, it wasn't real, any of it, it was all to make you jealous."


"Yeah B, that's what it was all about. I don't know why I even gave a fuck about you, I don't know why I did this." She spun around, and straight back out the door.

"Faith – stop!" I went to head after her.

"Buffy, just leave her, do you really care that much about her? She doesn't deserve it." Satsu called out to me.

"You know what Satsu, I don't wanna hear it."

"You're no better than me Buffy."

I ran out into the hallway, but Faith was nowhere to be seen.

Fuck. I am no better than her.

I ran down to the big hall, where the party was, and burst into the room. Everyone on the dance floor turned to look, and then continued on dancing. Xander came over.

"Have you seen Faith?"


I grabbed his shoulders and spoke lowly, and firmly. "Have you seen her Xander?"

"No I haven't at all – not since she came in here looking for you and Satsu."

She must have wanted to tell me. God, I felt bad. Why is it things like this have to happen to make you realise and to confirm how you really feel?

I ran around the entire ship, and didn't see her once. I ran into Willow and explained everything to her. She was very amused that Kyra and Satsu's relationship had been a farce, and it was for the same reason that I had with Faith. However, when I told her I felt more for Faith then I had originally realised – she had a "duh" look on her face.

"How is it you didn't know that Buffy?"

"What, did everyone else know?"

"We've been trying to get you guys to see it since before Satsu."

I sighed. "Next time Will, a heads up would be nice."

I continued searching around the ship for Faith and she was nowhere to be seen. I had no choice but go back to the cabin, avoiding everyone else at great cost. As I laid in bed, I began to cry. Faith was my best friend, aside from Willow, I could speak to Faith about things, I could be more open about things too, she got me in a different way.

She got me in a way that no one else ever could.

I cried, and waited for her to come back.

Faith POV

I stood outside the cabin door. I knew she was upset, I knew she was hurting. I couldn't do this. I couldn't feel this way. This is exactly why I never got close to anyone that I wanted to have sex with. Too many feelings got in the way. It wasn't worth it.

I leaned my head against the door frame.

I cried tonight. I didn't cry. It wasn't me. She made me cry, she made me hurt.
Fuck her.

But the one thing I did know, was that now, like with all relationships, I needed closure. And I wasn't going to get it out here.

I opened the door slowly and quietly. Buffy was lying on my side of the bed. She knew it was me.

"Faith, I looked everywhere for you."

"I didn't want to be found."

"Well, isn't that just the story of your life."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I leaned against the wall and folded my arms. All the lights in the room were off, it was pitch dark, but as with slayer senses, I could work out more then the average eye could.

"It's supposed to mean exactly what I said. You'd rather hide for the rest of your life, then open yourself to another person."

"Ya know what B, quit your bullshit. You know exactly why I'm pissed off. You made me look like a fucking idiot. Without sounding like a girl, I was pretty sure we were going somewhere."

"We were, I could feel it, but… with all your talk about not wanting a relationship… I couldn't… I just couldn't do it."

"Why the fuck not?"

"I was scared!" She shouted at me, finally out of the bed and walking around to me.

"Scared of what, B? You've fucked vampires!"

She turned away. "Scared of you hurting me, I didn't want to lose you."

"You don't even want me B, you never have done. You used me, and made me look like an idiot in the process."

"How did I make you look like an idiot Faith, how?"

"You just did!" I practically scream in her face.

"Did I make you realise how much you really felt for me?" Buffy moved close to me. "Did that make you feel like an idiot? Because you realised you wanted more then just a normal quick fuck?"

"B, you made me be in a relationship with you and then you fucking made me look like a dickhead."

"I cheated on you?"

"No." Fuck. "Yes. I don't fucking know."

"It felt like I was really cheating on you, didn't it." Her body was against mine and I roughly pushed her back on the bed.

"Yeah, it did." I stalked around the room.

"You didn't like it, did you?"

"I fucking hated it." I glanced down at her, she was still wearing her dress from earlier, she hadn't changed. Her legs were open, a clear path to what I wanted to bury my face in, to what would make me feel so much better.

"We have something Faith, something more than you like to admit."

"We don't, B we have nothing."

"Kiss me then, and tell me once more we have nothing." She had tears in her eyes, but I have to admit I felt slightly better at seeing her hurt. I was still cut.

I quickly moved on top of her, I grabbed her behind her neck and kissed her hard. It riled me up. It made my heart beat rapidly, it made me want her with every fiber of my being, and it made me wonder why we hadn't done this before.

Like we should have been doing this forever.

I ground my leg inbetween hers, she gasped into my mouth and rocked her hips back and forth against my leg. She wasn't wearing any panties, that was for sure. Fuck she felt so hot and wet against me. Her tongue slid around mine as she pulled mine into her mouth and sucked on it gently.

"Uhnn, fuck B. I love touching you…" I gasped and pressed harder into her. "I want to make you come."

I watched as Buffy's eyes dilated, and I felt her pussy throb against my leg. I kissed her hard again, sliding my hands under her dress and swiftly pulling it off.

"Faith, God… so sexy…"

Her naked body was laid out beneath me, and all of a sudden I was feeling very possessive. I wanted to mark her as mine, I wanted her soft skin to bear the marks of me, so no one else would ever touch her. Buffy was mine. I quickly took off my own clothes so my skin was against her hot, soft body.

"Fuck B, you feel so good."

She raised her legs up and wrapped them around me, I could now feel her pussy against mine, streaking her wetness over my clit. Buffy moaned in my ear, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, goosebumps covered my body and I shivered.

That was possibly the sexiest thing I had ever heard in my life.

"Faith, I need you." Her voice was hoarse and gaspy. It got me so wet, I knew my own wetness was dripping down onto her pussy. I kissed her deeply, passionately, and ground my pussy down hard against hers. Her body rocked against mine.

"I'm going to suck my wetness off your clit B."

She inhaled sharply, and nodded. I slid slowly down her body, kissing and gently biting her nipples on the way down her body. Her hips jumping up each time and pressing against me, aching for some sort of friction for her swollen, wet pussy. I settled myself between her legs, and breathed in.


I just gushed.

She smelt so fucking good.

I moved my hands to her pussy, I noticed my my fingers shaking as reached out and touched her. Her wetness was everywhere, all over her pussy, her thighs and down to her ass. I ran my tongue along her thighs, sucking up her wetness, down her ass cheeks, and then I closed my mouth over her swollen, aching clit. It was glistening with both of our juices.

"Oh God!! Faith!!" Buffy shouted out, bucking her hips onto my face. Her hands gripped onto my head, her nails digging into my skin. She held my head and rode her hips against my face.

I was in heaven, total fucking heaven.

I glanced up from between her legs, she locked eyes with me and then tossed her head back and forth as she continued to grind into my mouth. I could feel my own hole clench at the feel of her pussy against my face. I eased back slightly and sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue, feeling her clit throb and pulse in my mouth and her wetness drip out against my chin.

I moved back for a second.

"I'm going to fuck you."

"Uhnn God…"

I quickly spread her pussy with one hand, groaning at the sight of her hole clenching, making her wetness drip out around her ass. With my other hand, I gently pushed two fingers into her dripping channel. She felt so tight, hot and wet around my fingers. I sucked tightly around her clit, and felt her hole clamp down in response.

"Fuck, Faith… Oh God… you're going to make me come."

I started to rapidly flick her clit with my tongue, her hole tightened so much around my fingers drawing me inside her, her hips were thrusting against my face uncontrollably.

"Faith, uhhnn Faith… oh God… please… I'm gonna… uhhnnn suck it… please…"

I sucked down hard on her clit. She gripped onto my shoulders as her body went stiff, her pussy started to rapidly clench and pulse around my fingers, she cried out with each clench of her pussy.

"Uhhn oh uhhnn I'm coming oh God…"

I pushed my face harder against her pussy, feeling her clit jump and throb in my mouth as I felt her wetness gush out against my hand. I moaned as I felt her pussy throb against my mouth. I pulled away for a second.

"Can you come again?"

Buffy shook her head.

"We'll see B."

I curled my fingers inside her, keeping away from her clit for the moment. Her eyes flew open as her hand grabbed my arm.

"Oh Faith! Jesus!"

I kept them curled and began to slowly pull my fingers back and forth out of her hole. I watched as her clit got harder and harder, and my fingers get wetter and wetter. I continued this for a few minutes and her hips began to jump around a little as I watched her clit start to throb.

"I need your mouth… please…"

Her voice was so gaspy and sexy as she begged, her eyes locked with mine. I kept eye contact as I lowered my mouth to her clit. The minute my tongue touched her clit she started to come again. Her body twisted and shook, I stayed sucking and flicking her hard little clit.

I moved my mouth back and watched as her hole clenched slowly.

I looked up at her. "Fuck B, I wanna make you come again."

Buffy POV

Seeing her look up at me with my come glistening on her chin, a look of absolute desire in her eyes, made my pussy clench again and she grinned.

"That's so sexy B, fuck."

I felt her take her fingers out of my hole, and then she lowered her head down. I felt her lips around my hole, and she gently slipped the tip of her tongue inside me and sucked my wetness out.

Well this was a new sensation.

I gasped and pushed my hips against her face again, feeling myself get wetter and wetter as her mouth continued to suck on my hole. God, even thinking that feels rude, let alone experiencing it.

"Oh Faith, kiss me…"

She pulled back from my pussy, staring down at it intently, before moving up my body. I pull her mouth down to mine and kiss her softly.

"You know, I have wanted this for the longest time."

"Well, now you have me." She grinned down at me. Her pussy was pressed down firmly against my hip, she almost had a look of pain in her eyes. She very clearly needed to come.

I slid down her body, making her go on her hands and knees, while I slid down under her.

"I want you to fuck my face Faith, is that ok?"

She started breathing hard as she looked down under her body, my head was now positioned under soaking wet pussy and all she needed to do was lower her hips and I could suck her clit. She nodded and finally she gently lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I wrapped my mouth around her clit and began to suck firmly.

"Uhhn fuck!! Buffy! Oh holy fuck…"

Her wetness immediately dripped down my chin as she began to slowly fuck my face. I raised my hands up to the top of the back of her legs, and spread her pussy from behind. I ran my finger down her ass and to her hole, which was clenching rapidly.

She wasn't going to last long.

I gripped the top of her ass, pulling her down against my mouth, she began to thrust harder against my face, her clit was throbbing in my mouth, her wetness dripping out of her hole.

I moved my finger down her ass again and pressed it against her hold.

"Oh fuck B, inside me, push it inside me… fuck."

I slowly slid a finger inside her, then a second one. Then I began to fuck them in and out of her hole in time with her thrusting, while pressing my thumb against her ass. Her hips began to jerk against my mouth as her thighs began to shiver.

"Baby, please… make me come, I need to come… oh God…"

I began to quickly flick my tongue back and forth over the tip of her clit. Her hole was tightening around my fingers as she was getting closer and closer to coming. She kept herself propped up on her elbows as she pressed her hips down against my face, she'd look down under her body at me from time-to-time. The sight of me being to submissive under her, only set to turn her on more.

All of a sudden she tightened so hard around my fingers I thought they might break, she ground down hard against my face, and then her hips fucked against my face rapidly as she started coming.

"Buffy, I'm coming, fuck I'm coming in your mouth… ohhh God… uhnnn uhnnn, fuck!"

I gripped on to her hips as she rode out her orgasm against my mouth her hole pussy throbbing and pulsling into my mouth, when she had calmed down she pulled me up and lay me down properly on the bed. She gently lay her own body down on top of mine, our pussy's pressed against one another, she kissed me softly.

"I think I love you B, I think that's why it hurt me so much to see you with her. And it scares me so much." She whispered into my ear as she continued to rock her body against mine.

"I know I love you Faith, I have done for years, I just didn't realise exactly that I was actually in love with you." I whispered back, my breathing becoming slightly laboured as she continued to thrust and slide softly against me. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I don't have an excuse, I really don't want anything to do with her, and that's what it made me realise."

Her hands slipped down to my ass as she ground her pussy harder against mine.

"I will fucking kill her if she comes near you B, don't you even fucking tempt me."

I gasped as her hard clit began to slide over mine, as she pushed down harder.

"I won't Faith."

She drove her hips harder and harder against mine as she kissed me deeply. I ran my hands down to her ass, and up her back gripping on to her. Faith's hands gently squeezed my breasts and played my nipples. She continued kissing me, thrusting into me, driving us both closer to our orgasms.

"B, uhnn I'm gonna come…"

"I'm so close…" I breathed against her ear. "I love feeling your wetness all over my clit, I love it…"

Faith fucked her hips against mine. "I'm coming, ahh fuck… oh ah uhnn fuck…"

I came then too, feeling her clit throb against mine was enough to send me over the edge. She collapsed on top of me, nuzzling into my neck softly.

We fell asleep holding one another.


Next Day – Faith POV

So I don't do relationships, right?

Well, apparently for the right person I do. I was sat, at the breakfast table, literally cuddling Buffy in my arms, feeling her strawberries and cream.

Xander and Willow looked pretty turned off, but hey, I didn't care.

"I would say get a room, but we all know you did that last night. The whole ship heard."

B nearly choked on a strawberry and I threw a fork at him.

"Careful Xan, or I'll get your other eye."

"Yeah yeah Faith, I'd like to see you try."

We all laughed.

"So, things with Satsu and Kyra?" Willow asked.

"Never even existed."

We glanced over to another table across the room, Satsu and Kyra weren't even looking at one another. I scoffed.

"Fuckin' funny."

Satsu was frequently looking over with a look of total jealously on her face.

"So when's the next reunion? At least you won't ever forget your anniversary Faith, right?"

"Exactly Xan, I'm definitely going to be going to the next one, especially if I get laid like that every time." I got an elbow in the ribs for that one.

"Ha ha Faith, we'll see about that."

She leaned down and kissed me, full on the mouth, no goading this time.

Xander and Willow threw strawberries at us. "Gross guys!"

"Stop being jealous, as far as I was aware Red, you were just waiting for us to both get it on with one another." I raised my eyebrow. "So ya know, go be joyous."

I slid my hand beneath Buffy's skirt, she was wet, fuck she was awesome. She giggled and pushed my hand away.

"Actually, both of you go be joyous, I'm going to be joyous with B here."

"See you a bit later guys!" We stood up to leave and I purposely moved us around towards Satsu and Kyra.

I wrapped my arm around B's shoulders and kissed her on the forehead, her hand wrapped around my waist.

Life was good.


The End



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