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This Little Girl

by Leia



Summary: Faith finds that Buffy's life has changed dramatically since the last time she saw her.

Chapter 1

Buffy's POV

"Ok, stop it." I sighed, pushing my face against her stomach.


"Annie, I'm serious." I tried, sitting her back down.

"Nope," she said, struggling to get up again.

"I'm not wearing those shoes. Uglyyyyyyyyy," she yelled.

I sat her back down again, shifting my weight from one knee to the other, "You will sit down," I said, putting my hands on her knees, "You will try these shoes on," I told her pulling the shoe on her left foot, "And you will like it." I said, standing up. Both shoes were on her feet now.

"Whatever," she pouted.

"Good. See how much easier it is when you go along with your mother."

"Whatever," she pouted again. She was smiling, though.

"You might want to stop listening to your Aunt Dawnie," I picked her up and swung her around. "Cause the 'whatever's' are starting to get on my nerves."

She nuzzled her face in my neck, "Sorry mommy," she said pulling back to look at me. She smiled, "but the shoes are still ugly."

I followed her eyes down to her feet. "Ok, you're right," I said, sitting her down. They were ugly.

After pulling the offending objects off her feet, I took her hand. "Hey, mommy," I looked down at her, "You sure are pretty." I waited. "Way pretty."

"Yes," I said. She wanted something.

"Prettiest mommy in the whole world."

"I am?"

"Yep," she nodded. "And you know what pretty mommies do?" She asked.

"What," I asked.

"Buy their pretty daughters ice cream."

"Do they?" I smiled, "What kind of ice cream?"

"The good kind."

And that was my daughter. The good kind. I was supposed to know the difference. Of course, I did. "Ok, let's go."

"You are the bestest mommy ever."

"Mommy?" I heard the voice behind me. "Holy Shit." There was a whisper. "Mommy?"

I turned around slowly, Annie pulling on my arm. I would know that voice anywhere. "Faith?"

"How's it going B? Or should I say, Mommy?"

Faith's POV

Holy fucking shit. It's B.

I saw the little girl first. A little dark-haired munchkin leaning over the shoulder of a very familiar light-haired frame.

I waited and listened. "Way Pretty."

Hah. That kid wanted something.

"Yes," I heard her voice. Buffy Anne Summers.

That kid. That voice. Jesus H. Christ.

Mommy? She turned around. "Holy Shit." Did I say that out loud? "Mommy?"

She looked at me. Yep, B it's me. "Faith?" She asked, after she had found her voice.

"How's it going B?" She still seemed stunned. "Or should I say Mommy?"

Buffy's POV

Faith, ever the smartass. Faith, standing in front of me, with her hands on her hips.

Faith staring at me, waiting for a response.

God knows I didn't have one.

"Hi, I'm Annie," oh, what the hell? Why does she talk to strangers? "You're a slayer." Always matter-of-fact.

Faith quirked an eyebrow, before taking her little outstretched hand, "Faith. The Vampire Slayer." She did a little bow, "At your service, Annie."

I found my voice, "Yes. She knows about slayers. And she can sense them."

"My mommy was the original slayer. One girl in all the world. Then she got drowneded. Then Kendra. But Mommy said Kendra had a stick up her…" I clamped a hand over her mouth.

Faith tried not to laugh, "A stick up her what, B?"

I went to respond but Annie got there first. "And so Kendra got killed by the crazy vampire," She turned to look at me, "What was her name?"

"Drusilla," I said. I should have really shut her up. I needed to sit down. I needed a drink.

"Dursill…Drusill…"She shrugged her shoulders, "Anyway, she bit Kendra. Then Kendra died. Then there was a psyc…" Whoops. Hand over the mouth again.

Faith was surprisingly still smiling, "Well," she did the little bow again, "Psycho slayer at your service."

And my daughter's, whom Willow swears is a five year old genius mind you, eyes go very wide and she states, as if she has just met Santa Claus, "Cool. You're…"Hand permanently over mouth.

I felt a headache coming on. I turned to Faith. "What are you doing here?"

She looked at me, the smile fading. "Just passing through." She gestured to Annie, as my traitorous daughter smiled at her, "How old is she?" She whispered.

"Five years, two months, and thirteen days." Annie answered for me. "Wills says I am very smart for my age, just like she was. She also says my mommy is smart. But not in school. Cause Dawnie says Mommy blowed up the school." She giggled. Oh for the love of god, shut up. "She's not cool like you were. Dawnie says you were cool. I could feel you when you walked up. Did you really swap bodies with Mommy? That is so funny. How did you do that? I want to swap bodies with a monkey. Mommy won't let me climb trees. Or Willow, cause she does cool magic and has red hair. Do you know my uncle Xander? He's a pirate."

"Calm down, Annie," I said. I was so cool. I was the coolest thing going.

Faith's mouth slowly formed an O, looking back from me to her, "Five years?" She asked. I could see mind twisting the years. "Five years two and half months." She was talking to herself, doing the math in her head. She looked to me slowly, her face draining color. "How is she…" She couldn't seem to finish the sentence? "Spike?"

Annie looked up at me. "Spike what? What's a Spike?"

"Ugh. Gross," I spat out before I could stop myself. Both of the girls raised their eyebrows at me. "I mean, no," I looked to Faith, "It wasn't…god no." Fuck. I could see Faith's face. The color was coming back and it was red.

"Not that I expect much different B. But how did you do it without me knowing?" She leaned in, whispering in my ear. I could feel the anger against my neck. "Who else did you let fuck you?"

Faith's POV

You know, I've been slapped in a lot of places, but never in the mall.

And I wasn't going to take that. I couldn't help it. It was instinct. I went to hit her back. She grabbed my hand. "First of all." She gestured to her daughter, "Slayer child equals slayer hearing, so watch your mouth." She still had my hand, "Second of all, I'm not sure what you are trying to imply, but I'd take it back."

I didn't really fucking care if the kid could hear me or not. I looked down at her. The smile was gone and she was watching her mother and me like a fan at a tennis match. I decided not to notice. "I don't care. I'm not taking anything back. Buff."

I felt a tug on my sleeve. "Hey Faith, wanna eat ice cream with us?" I looked back down at the kid. Huh?

Buffy's face had grown redder. "I don't think that's a good idea. Do you Faith?" I think she would have growled if the munchkin hadn't been standing there.

I couldn't help myself. "Know what B? I love ice cream." I reached down and scooped the kid up, "In fact, there is nothing I like more."

"Cool," Annie said. She put her arms around my neck. "I knew you would come back to see me." She said. "I wanted to see where I got my pretty hair color," She giggled, running her hands through her black locks. "I got Mommy's green eyes, but I got your black hair, didn't I Mommy?" She asked, turning her body towards B.

I tried not to drop her as I turned to Buffy. She looked like she was gonna faint. "Annie. Maybe you should not talk so much."

I situated her on my hip, still staring at Buffy. "What the fuck is she talking about?"

Annie giggled. "Mommy was right. You got a potty mouth."

Buffy had gotten back her spunk, "Don't be fucking stupid Faith. That isn't possible."

"Oh, Mom, you got a potty mouth too," Annie exclaimed, pulling on Buffy's shirt

I sat the little girl down, and knelt beside her. I put my hands on her shoulders looking her in the face. She had Buffy's eyes. But that was it. Why the hell had I not seen it earlier? Cause it was impossible? Jesus. When had that stopped shit from happening? Impossible was my and B's middle name. "I can't…" I stood up. "Oh my god…" I couldn't feel my legs. This was too much. The kid was looking at me. She was getting tears in her eyes. Fuck she was gonna cry. I smiled weakly at her. "I'm sorry." I turned to B, "this is too …I can't…Damn B…How? Why didn't you…" I was backing up. Well at least that was the last thing I remember. Cause next thing I know I was rubbing the back of my head. Jesus, had I …

Annie was hovering over me, looking me in the eye. Nope wasn't a dream. I tried to rise up. "That was cool," she said, rubbing my forehead, "You fainted."

What the fuck?

Chapter 2

Buffy's POV

I should have tried to wake her. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen Faith look like that. Kakistos maybe? Hah, that was funny. Annie would probably scare the shit out of Kakistos as much as she scared Faith. She could talk a vampire to death. In fact, I knew of a few who said they would run themselves onto stakes if she would just be quiet. Have to say, she did come in handy every once in a while.

"Mommy, Mommy, she fainted," Annie said, squatting down and getting very close to Faith's face.

I should have pulled her away. Faith wasn't the friendliest being when she woke up, but Ann looked so cute leaning over her like that, rubbing on her forehead. Plus, she was as quick as lightning and could anticipate a move faster than both Faith and I combined. I guess it pays to be the daughter of ….Wow, did I even want to go there?

"Hey Mommy," Annie looked up at me, when I made my way to Faith and bent over checking her pulse. She brushed my hand away from Faith's neck, "She's breathing silly, see," She pointed to the rise and fall of Faith's chest, "Why did she do that?"

Out of every scenario I had imagined Faith and Annie being introduced, I had never imagined this. I had been prepared in my head. Easing Faith into her supernatural parentage. I wasn't expecting Annie to even be with me, much less blab it all out like that. Of course, why had I expected anything less? I didn't want to tell her that Faith didn't know about her. I'm sure she could tell anyway. She wasn't stupid. In fact, she was very very smart. Still, no reason to hurt her feelings. Plus, Faith had decided to play the swooning drama queen in the middle of the children's shoe department and other people were starting to make their way over. "She does this all the time," I said to Annie, standing up. I not so carefully nudged her with my foot. That should wake her.

"She's waking up," Annie said, still rubbing her forehead. "Hi," she said, looking Faith in the eyes. "That was cool. You fainted."

Faith sat up a little, still looking like she had landed in an alternate universe. She rubbed her eyes. "Um..hi."

Yep, Faith. Keep rubbing those eyes. Our daughter's not going anywhere.

Faith's POV

How much could one kid look like me? "You're gorgeous," I said before I could stop myself.

I heard B smirk above me, "Gee, conceited much? It's like looking in a mirror, huh?" She said.

Smartass. She gave me a hand and pulled me up. I think people were starting to stare at me. I still felt the overwhelming urge to escape. Unfortunately, I think that is exactly what Buffy wanted. And there was no way in hell I was going to do anything she wanted.

Annie was pulling on my hand and I looked down at her. "Still want to get ice cream?" She asked, big green eyes smiling at me.

I tried my mouth, and found that I could smile back. "Would rather have a drink, but I'm thinking you're too young. So ice cream it is." I took her hand and made my way passed B. I turned to see her standing there, mouth hanging open, "Coming Mommy?"

I could feel Buffy behind us as we walked out of the store. I was hoping we wouldn't have to walk far because I still was having trouble feeling my legs. Apparently the ice cream shop in the mall was a couple of stores down. Fortunately, the kid had a pretty good memory. "Come on Faith," she pulled on my hand, "It's over here."

"Shouldn't we wait on your mommy?" I asked, nonetheless letting her pull me along.

"Can't you feel her?" She giggled. "She's mad. She likes to pout."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Really? Seems like I remember that."

"Wills said she was the biggest pouter she had ever met."

I laughed again. It was easier listening to her chatter. She was talking about Xander. How his eye looked really weird when he rolled it around in the socket. I took it he had a glass one now. Then she said Kennedy was teaching her martial arts. That she had let her stake a vampire, when B wasn't around. "Oh, but don't tell Mommy," she said as an afterthought.

"Remind me to kick Kennedy's ass when I get back," I told her.

She smiled up at me, "Are you coming back with us?"

What was I thinking? I could feel B walk up as she asked. Was I going back? I had no idea.

"I'm sure Faith has somewhere to go," she stopped abruptly, nearly running into me.

"Really?" Annie asked.

I turned around sharply, a fake and sinister smile plastered on my face. "As a matter of fact B, I have nothing to do. Nada. Not a thing. It's certainly a good thing I ran into you or I would have been screwed."

She looked like she could have slapped me. At least she kept her violent tendencies at bay this time, "I would tell you to watch your mouth again, but apparently you have no idea how to talk around a child."

Wow she could be a bitch, couldn't she? I chose to ignore her, "This the place?" I asked looking down at Annie.

She nodded up at me, "Yeah, come on," she said dragging me in behind her. I heard Buffy huff behind me.

"Which flavor do you want?" Buffy asked Annie. "Uncle Angel said you finally tried the Bubblegum flavor last time."

Uncle Angel. Make me puke. Uncle Angel. I so should have fucking hit her. "I like Rocky Road," I said, making a face at her, "Bubblegum sucks."

She smiled, and nodded at me.

I winked at her, and scooped her up sitting her on the counter next to the cash register. The girl behind the counter smiled at her, "You look just like your Mommy," she said, ruffling Annie's hair, "Same hair color." She looked at me, "Same smile."

"Ugh," Buffy spat out, "I don't want anything. I'll be over here. Can I trust you with her?"

I turned to look at her, "I am her Mommy aren't I?" I said, smiling at the girl behind the counter, "We get that all the time. Two Rocky Roads."

"Sugar cones!" Annie said.

"In sugar cones," I added.

Buffy's POV

I will kill her. I am as fast as lightning so it shouldn't be that hard. I looked over to where they were getting their ice cream. Faith was fucking smiling like the cat that ate the canary and Annie was eating it up. They looked like carbon copies of each other. And wasn't that just great?

I know what people may think. What were you thinking Buffy? Why didn't you tell her? Ok, so I knew. I knew when she left. What was I supposed to say? 'Hey Faith I'm pregnant. Potent strap-on, huh? Or should I change my name to Mary and book a trip to Bethlehem? Which do you think?' Really, do you think that would have gone over well?

Maybe that is why I pushed her away. Or is that the right word? Pushed? I don't think so. Let her go may be more accurate. I didn't stop her. I knew she wanted me to. I could tell by the way she looked at me when she left. But I didn't say anything. Hell I was fucking freaked out. And why was she so goddamn proud?

So what? Where did she go? Where had she been for all these years? Not a word. We hadn't moved. She could have easily found us. And here she was. Back in LA. Not looking for me. No mam. Instead she was hanging out in the mall. We just fucking ran into her. How bizarre was that? Ha Ha Buffy, this is your life.

"Take a bite, Mommy," Annie rubbed her ice cream in my face.

"Damn it, Ann, " I said. She stiffened. "Oh shit I'm sorry. Really baby." I reached out to push a piece of hair behind her ear. "Mommy's just tired."

Faith had stopped eating her ice cream. She looked apologetic. It was fleeting. "Hey. Big day, huh?" I don't know if she was talking to Annie or me so I just nodded. "So where do you guys live?"

Where do we live? Fuck you Faith. "Where do you think we live? Where did we live when you so conveniently left?"

"That's not particularly fair, is it B?"

I looked to Annie. She had ice cream on her nose. "Why don't you go get a napkin over there?" She smiled and toddled off. "Not particularly fair?" I asked turning to Faith, "I'll tell you not fair. It's not fair to be stuck cleaning up after you. It's not fair handling your messes, while you just run off into the night like a coward. It's not fair raising a child by myself. We fucking passed fair a long damn time ago."

Faith clinched her fists, "How the fuck was I supposed to know that was going to happen?" She whispered in a low growl, "Is that your shtick, B? The fucked over single mom? Cause who the hell is going to believe that?"

Annie was walking back over to us. I knew we couldn't finish this here. But I wanted to finish it. I'd been waiting over five years to tell her what I thought. "We are at the Hyperion. Same place we've been since you," I looked to Annie who was watching me. I decided to choose my words carefully, "had to leave. If you want you can come over tonight."

Annie looked to Faith, jumping up and down. "Are you coming? Are you?"

Faith smiled at her, "You betcha your bottom dollar, Annie."

Annie gave her a quirky smile. "That's pretty old. Everyone says that. I know the whole song "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" I'll sing it for if you want?"

Faith smiled at her. Ever the fucking comedian. "I can't wait."

Bending over, I whispered in her ear, making sure that Ann couldn't hear me. "Show up tonight." I felt Faith smile, though I didn't see it. I continued, "Cause if you lie to her, I'll have no problem hunting you down and breaking your fucking neck."

I rose up smiling sweetly at her. She smiled back, gritting her teeth. "I don't doubt it for a second B," she growled out at me. And then she did something that made me want to hit her. Made me reconsider running out of the mall when I had the chance. She bent down and kissed my baby on the nose, "See you tonight baby doll."

Faith's POV

Well, well, well. How did I get here? Standing outside the Hyperion hotel. I could feel them both inside. It was wicked weird.

One minute I'm minding my own business and the next I'm running into B in the mall. With a kid. With my kid. A kid she gave birth to. With my hair and my smile and apparently my intelligence. Hehe. Thank god for that one.

Ok, I'm being hard on B, but fuck. How was I supposed to know? Seriously? There are a whole lot of things I thought Buffy was when I left, but I assure you that pregnant was not one of them. Maybe I should have a DNA test? Yeah right. Anyone can look at the kid and tell she's mine. Hell she's way more mine than B's if you just go on looks and not the painful childbirth thing. And, by the way, gotta tell ya, glad I avoided that part of it. A baby and no pain. Not to mention no body changes. Not that the princess's body actually changed. Except to get better. I mean, she still looked …ok, not going to go there. Not gonna think of that skirt and how she scrunches up her nose when she gets mad. Or how hot she is when she crosses those little arms across her chest and sticks that bottom lip out. Do you know what I would do when she used to stick her lip out like that? Jesus, she couldn't get me off of her. Same old B. I've always either want to fuck her or kill her. Right now I was leaning towards the killing.

Still, crudely speaking here, if pure fucking can get someone pregnant, than I was really not surprised. I couldn't keep my hands out of her pants long enough to eat a decent meal. Not that she was complaining. She wanted it as bad as I did. Sometimes more. God, I loved…I loved fucking her. Cause that's all it was, right?

I think about her though. Being all alone and pregnant. Why the fuck didn't she tell me? Did she think I would leave? She didn't fucking know me at all. Not at all.

And what's with the name? Annie? Talk about conceited. Naming a kid after yourself. Bet B would have a coronary if she knew my middle name was Anne too. How funny is that? On the other hand, I couldn't really blame her. The kid looked just like me.

But, I wasn't sure how I was supposed to do this. I didn't want to be a deadbeat…um, mom, I guess, but how did I proceed? 'Hey B, can I have the munchkin every other weekend?' Wonder how she would take to that? Probably kill me where I stood. And was that what I wanted? I mean, I couldn't deny the feelings she stirred in me. God, I've got a kid, right? That's so weird, but it felt…I don't know…good too. Still, how was I supposed to handle it?

I had a feeling whatever I was going to do; Buffy was going to fight me the whole way. But she pushed me away the first time, even if I have to admit she didn't push very hard. Hey, but this time, she can push all she wants. She can push until she pops her eyeballs out of her head. Cause I don't think…no wait; I know…I'm not going anywhere.

I started to knock on the door, when it burst open, "Faith…" My name never sounded so disgusting.

"And you are?" Who was this blond bitch and why was she spitting my name out like it was dirt?

"Monica," she stood in the doorway. A slayer, I could feel it coming off her in waves. "Buffy's girlfriend."

Well, isn't this about to get interesting?

Chapter 3

Buffy's POV

What am I going to wear? Seriously, Faith was due here sometime tonight. Dumbass that I am I forgot to give her a time, and I was worried about my wardrobe. And not the metaphorical fire that Xander and Angel breathed when they found out she was coming. Nor the literal fire Wills conjured up. I think she forgets how strong she is. Everyone else was, well, edgy to say the least. Not that anyone disliked Faith now, or even blamed her for what happened. But I think Angel's word centered around 'Unstable, and you can't just spring surprises on her like that.'

Well I didn't just spring it on her, did I? How the hell was I supposed to know she was going to be at the mall? I hadn't been keeping tabs on her for the last five years.

Then I heard it, "Buffy's girlfriend." Oh fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Monica. I am so dense. Well, I forgot that little tidbit didn't I? One look at Faith and I'm like, girlfriend, what girlfriend?

I breezed down the stairs just in time to see Faith walk in the door. She had on a pair of low-rise jeans and a tight white T-shirt. Her hair was a little lighter than I remember. Maybe she got highlights. "B's girlfriend?" Oh, shit. "Funny thing. Our B didn't mention she had a girlfriend."

I looked to Monica to see how she'd react. She was pulling her shoulder length hair into a bun. A look of nonchalant indifference crossing her face, "Well, you surprised her I'm assuming. She probably just forgot." She reached her hand out to Faith, "We'll try this again. I'm Monica Wells, and you are… Faith I presume. Nice to meet you."

Faith stared at her hand like it was on fire. "I know you're a slayer. What are you going to do? Throw me over your shoulder?"

Monica put her hand back down and moved to let Faith in. "I was going to shake your hand. Please come in."

Faith gave her a stare that would've injured her, if Faith had been a witch and not a slayer. Ok, time to intervene.

"Hey Faith," I said, walking down the last few stairs. "Glad you could make it."

The look of anger in Faith's face flashed away to something else when she looked at me, but it was gone quickly as the old mask came back up. "What's the what, B? Where's the kid?" She asked looking around for Annie.

Faith was looking at me, but Monica answered, "Everyone is in the game room."

Faith cocked an eyebrow. I had to admit, I was wondering too. "Why is everyone in the game room together?" Faith asked.

Monica just shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk towards me. "Wills said it would be easier if everyone could just get this over with," Monica answered me and not Faith.

"Well, I'm really fucking glad Red feels the need to stage a goddamn intervention, but I'm not particularly in the mood for the family loving thing."

"Nobody asked you what you were in the mood…" I could feel the blood boiling near my face. I was going to hurt her before the night was over. Monica put her hand on my shoulder, stopping me from going on. She had her back to Faith and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. "Calm down baby. It's okay." She whispered in my ear.

Slayer hearing. I know Faith heard her. My eyes were locked with Faith's the whole time. I could see her muscles tense in her throat. She looked like a cat, ready to pounce. Mon was a slayer, but she wasn't Faith. What Faith didn't know was that Monica wasn't trying to get to her. She wasn't like that. She was the opposite of Faith – she was controlled.

She turned to look at Faith, a genuine smile on her face. I broke my gaze with Faith to look at her. She was truly stunning. Not Faith, but then, no one was. "I'll get you a drink," she said to her, still smiling, "What do you like?"

I watched Faith's emotions play across her face. So quick no one else would have even registered them. She settled on indifferent. "Jack and Coke. If you got?"

She never took her eyes from me. I couldn't stop staring at her. Stop looking at her Buffy, I told myself.

I could feel Monica's eyes switching back and forth watching the silent communication Faith and I had going. She finally broke the silence. "I think we can do that," she said, making her way into the game room. "I'm assuming you wanna drink too B?" Mon asked.

She called me B. She does that all the time. I should have told her not to…Jesus Faith's face had gone from slightly pink and flushed to red and angry. Her fists began to clinch and I knew if I didn't intervene this would rapidly turn into a painful evening for everyone involved. I walked over to her, putting my hand on her arm. "Whatever's convenient," I said over my shoulder to Monica. I smiled at her and turned back around. I heard her walk out of the room.

"Faith…" I started.

"She. Called. You. B." She spat out. She shrugged off my arm almost violently and stalked her way away from me.

Well this was going swimmingly, wasn't it?

Faith's POV

That blond, freakishly tall, smiling bitch had called her B. I know that is what I heard. Buffy had her hand on my arm. Get the fuck off of me. I turned around when I didn't feel B behind me. "Coming B?" I drawled the name out, rolling it around my tongue.

Buffy shock her head and stared down at the floor. I saw her heave a pretty heavy sigh, before looking back up at me. When she did, her lip was sticking out. Great. The infamous pout. "Please try to be civil."

Civil? What the fuck? I walked back over to her, putting my hands on her elbows. Put the fucking lip in B, it isn't working. "Civil?"

She was chewing on her lip now, fluttering her eyelashes. Looking up at me with a look that used to turn my knees to jelly. Notice I said used to. "Please?" She breathed out questioningly. She had moved as well. Almost indiscernibly, but still I felt it. She had stepped a little closer to me. I could feel the heat coming off her in waves.

I wanted to say fuck you, blondie. I swear it was on my tongue. But I just stood there, staring into her eyes, holding her arms. She wasn't trying to escape. "Please?" She tried again, even softer. I could feel the word against my neck, as she had gotten bolder with her movements, scooting into my arms, until her breasts were flush against mine. I couldn't see her face now. It was in the crook of my neck. She leaned her head back a bit, so I could see her eyes again, and then she smiled. Just a bit, but it was a real smile.

I closed my eyes. I could smell her. Did she have any idea how much I wanted …Fuck. I needed to calm down. "Ok Buffy," I said. Goddamn, that came out way huskier than I meant for it to.

I felt her breathe escape on my cheek, as my voice raked over her. I couldn't help it. I really couldn't. "Fuck B," I breathed, pulling her closer. I could feel the rise and fall of her chest. Her heartbeat quickening. I said it again, "Fuck B…I've…" Her lips were quivering now. Not because she was going to cry, but because she wanted me. I knew her.

Before she could stop me, I brushed my lips against hers. So soft the first time. I concentrated on being soft and kissed her again. Don't fight me baby. Please don't fight me. I repeated it over and over in my head. Maybe she could read my mind, cause she didn't. She didn't do anything at first, and then I felt her mouth move. Kissing me back. Still so soft. We kept our bodies stock-still. Just our mouths were moving.

"Mmm," she moaned. So very quiet and yet it was enough. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and pulled her to me. She pushed her hands in my hair and began kissing me back. Harder.

God I had forgotten what she tasted like. I used to kiss her for hours. When she would pull away to catch her breathe, I would kiss her cheeks, her neck, her eyelids. Anything to keep my lips on her. I wanted to devour her.

She was getting bolder now. Her hands sliding down my back. I wasn't going to think about that chick that answered the door. How all those people were in the next room waiting on us. I wanted to stand there forever, holding her.

She was making little gasping noises in my mouth. God, I missed that. I pulled her to me. Fuck this, I had to have more. I slid one leg between hers. She had on a skirt. I felt her press down against my jeaned knee. Just a bit. "Oh," she said against my mouth.

I seriously started considering whether or not I could fuck her right there before anyone caught us. In fact, I didn't give a flying fuck if they did catch us or not. The sounds coming from that sweet, wet mouth, the feel of her pressed up against me, the slight movements she was making against my leg was enough to make me sell my soul. Fuck those asses in the next room. Except…

"Mommy," We both heard Annie at the same time. Buffy jumped a goddamn mile away from me. She rounded the corner as I was wiping off my mouth on the back of my hand, "Faith!" she exclaimed, "I didn't think you were really gonna come." She ran to me and wrapped her arms around my legs.

Buffy stood back and nonchalantly twisted her skirt back in place. She was not looking at me, choosing instead to stare at a spot over my left shoulder.

I bent down and scooped Annie up, "I said I was coming, didn't I?"

She giggled and nodded, "I told Mommy you would keep your promise to me. She didn't believe me though."

I cocked an eyebrow at B. She was still looking away. "I guess everyone is waiting for us." She said, to no one in particular.

I kissed Annie on the cheek. She wrapped her arms around my neck. "I don't care who is waiting for us. I came to see you, didn't I?" I asked, kissing her nose.

Annie kissed me back and then pulled back to look at me, "Wanna see my room, Faith? It's really cool." She seemed almost shy when she said the last part.

I sat her down and grabbed her hand, "Course I do, silly. Lead the way."

She lost her shyness and began to pull me towards the stairs, "Come on then." I followed her. I could feel Buffy at our back, still staring away from us. Annie stopped and looked around me, "Are you coming Mommy?"

Buffy jumped, Annie's voice startling her out of her reverie. She looked to her slowly, avoiding my stare completely. "Umm, yeah, sure. I'll be up in a minute…Just let me…Let me go tell the others…I…yeah, just give me a minute." She looked at me then, trying to hold my gaze.

"Take your time twinkie," I said, winking at her, "I'm not going anywhere."

She lowered her eyes at me, and I could see the flash of anger before she looked away. "I'm going to find Monica. Tell her we're upstairs." She looked at me again, "Don't go anywhere else," she turned her gaze to Annie, "Ok, Ann?" The question went to Annie, but was directed to me.

"Don't worry Mom," I said. "We're just going to look at her room." Fuck you, B. I'm not going to steal your kid. Jesus. What did she take me for? Go find your blond bitch and tell her you were humping my leg a second ago.

She narrowed her eyes at me again, "Well I know that you wouldn't go anywhere, Faith," she said, and then gestured towards Annie, "but she can talk you into doing things that you would never actually dream of doing." She looked back to me, "Guess she gets that honest, huh?"

I forced myself to smile back at her. "Well, it'll get even better. Before long she'll be just like me and people will be throwing themselves at her feet." I winked at her, "No talking needed." I bent down and picked Annie back up, hoisting her on my back, "Wanna a piggy back ride?"

She squealed. What a great noise. "Yeah!"

"Well come on. Your Mommy looks like she needs to collect herself. Apparently something got her all worked up."

Annie looked over her shoulder at Buffy, who was fuming. "Hey, Mom, put that bottom lip in. No pouting tonight," She giggled putting her face in my hair.

I would've turned around, but I didn't want to drop the kid. And I could hear B's indignation, even if I couldn't see. "Whatever," Buffy said, huffing her way out of the lobby.

"This is fun, Faith," Annie said, as I galloped her up the stairs. "You are way cooler than everyone else here."

I laughed, putting her down when we got to the top of the stairs. I bent down in front of her, and looked her in the eyes. "Want me to stay?" She nodded vehemently. "Good. Cause I could never leave you now."

She put her arms around my neck and hugged me, "Promise?" She said, staring back at me.

Jesus, those really were B's eyes. I got lost in them for a moment. She nudged me with her elbow. "I promise, baby doll," I said, hugging her back.



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