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Tribadism...the Fuffy Guide for Beginners!

by Kelly Smith


Dedicated: Ok. Right. This here little piece of ficcage is my Birthday gift most early to the loverly Elanus Martin. Twas inspired most inspiringly by the good woman herself, and what can I say..? I couldn't afford the shoes! If it is nonsense... lay the blame firmly at her door for putting idea in my head, however unknowingly.
Notes: For the aforementioned Miss Martin: Hmmm. Who knew that yesterday's harmless e-mail, would lead to this, huh? And look... no virgins or woolly lambs in sight. Also... I think this is two very original, all for you pieces of fic you have now, so I guess I wanna re-iterate Oral's earlier comments and ask... when oh when shall your pen be put to paper again? Cos my birthday went by 4weeks ago now... and alas my inbox is still empty :( Happy Birthday!! I knew you wouldn't be able to wait!!

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Two months.

That's how long she had been here now. Sunnydale. The place that dreams are made of.

Well... if you dreamt about the nightly slaying of demons and vamps... and a short blonde, hot as fuck, straight as ya like Buffy Summers.

That was exactly what Faith dreamt about. Nightly. Sometimes daily. Always frequently.

Buffy Summers. Even the way the name rolled off of her tongue made her want her. Made her want to roll her tongue all over the girl in questions tight little body.

But she couldn't. Because Buffy was straight. Is straight. No bending. Nothing.

She tossed away the end of her cigarette, ran her hands through her dark hair and pushed herself up from the position she had been occupying on top of one of the gravestones.

She was sick of the frustration. Sick of the teasing. Sick of seeing every single night, the one thing she wanted more then anything... but knew she would probably never have.

It was driving her crazy. All the innuendo, and what for? Buffy didn't have a clue, or if she did, she had a damn good way of hiding it.

Well all that was going to change. She wouldn't rest on her laurels... it wasn't in her nature.

Want. Take. Have. That was who she was... and she was tired of pretending any different.

She would tell Buffy. She would tell her what she wanted, and damn the consequences! Nothing could be worse then the way she felt right now, endless wanting without an end in sight.

And it was with that thought that she headed off to find her sister slayer. Her fantasy wrapped in sugar coated pastels.

She found Buffy leaving one of the many cemeteries that littered the scenery of Sunnydale, talking away to herself, seemingly oblivious to anything going on around her.

Faith decided that she would creep up on her... teach her to pay more attention to her surroundings, be more aware of the things that...

"Hey Faith."

"Damn it! How did ya know I was there B?"

"The clunking of the boots gave it away. I swear they make more noise then stilettos!"

"Wouldn't know, stilettos never were my thing..."

'Unless some hot chick is reclining on my bed wearing nothing but them' she silently added to herself.

Buffy surveyed the dark girl closely, taking in the standard outfit of tight leather pants, even tighter 'barely there' top, and of course the clunking chunky boots of a biker.

"I don't know Faith, I think stilettos would go great with that ensemble, add a touch of girlyness to it all."

"You like girlyness, B?"

"Well I AM a girl, Faith, it would be strange if I didn't like it."

"So you do like it?"

Buffy just looked at her and shook her head. So often she was confused by Faith, never quite knowing the point that the girl was trying to get across.


They walked together for a while, heading in the direction of Revello Drive, the direction of Buffy's home. Not really talking much, but not in complete silence either.

Faith was working hard to build the courage to say something... anything other then the normal throw away comment that Buffy was so skilled at ignoring.

As they reached the front door, she knew that this was it. This was her moment. Her moment to say something... anything.

"So, B..."


"I was kinda wanting to ask you, or to tell you that... erm..."

Buffy watched the way her friend was struggling to find words. That wasn't like Faith. Normally she had a great deal of words, not all good words... but words none the less.

"Do you want to come in Faith? Maybe get a drink, something to eat?"

"No!... I mean, I just wanted to tell you that I'm a..."

She wanted to 'come out' and say it.

'I'm a lesbian B. A horny as hell, frustrated as fuck, lesbian. And I want you. All of you. I want to touch you, taste you, take you. I just want you, god damn it! I WANT YOU!'

But she couldn't. In this moment she just couldn't risk the rejection. It wasn't that she was a weak person, but she sure as hell wasn't gonna leave herself open to outright dismissal.

"You're what, Faith?"

"Oh fuck it! I'm a...I'm a tribade, Buffy."

"A what?"

Buffy ran through all the words she knew in her head. She was sure she had never heard this one before... maybe it was a Boston thing?

Faith just mentally kicked herself. 'A tribade?' God knows why she had dragged THAT word up from the edges of her sub conscious... but she could run with it... IT certainly gave her a way of telling Buffy what she wanted, without telling Buffy much of anything.

"A tribade Buffy... ya know, into tribadism? In fact B, I wanna tribadise with you!"

"Okaaay..." Buffy's face showed nothing but confusion. "Ya know I'm lost right? As in I have NO clue whatsoever what you're talking about."

"Look it up... Let me know."

"Look it up?"

"Jeez girl, are you slow? On the internet or something... that's what you and Red do right? Look things up on the internet?"

Buffy was becoming more and more lost by the second. She wasn't really into the internet, that was Willows thing, the only time she went near it was when they were researching demons.

"Is it a demon thing, Faith?"

The dark girl laughed long and loud.

"Something like that, B. Something like that."

"You know your mental state worries me sometimes?"

"Worries me too, but I live with it."

"I'm gonna go in now... but I'll be sure to look it up, get back to you... ok?"

"You do that."

And with that she turned and walked into the night. Soon Buffy would know, and then SHE would know. Because knowing was what she needed to do. One way or another she HAD to know.


The following day, Buffy found herself at Willow's house, catching up on some much needed study time. Saving the world was a great and worthwhile pass time... but it sure was hell on the grades. She had lots of catching up to do, and a math test to cram for as well.

All thoughts of Faith were banished from her mind... at least up until the point that the books were put away and the computer was switched on.

"Oh!... Wills, there was something I was supposed to look up... uh, something Faith said, something she wanted to try with me... if I could just remember what it was..."

"Knowing Faith it's either crude or illegal... probably both!"

"Hey, she's not THAT bad. She's just, well... she's..."

She thought of all the things that Faith was, all the things she knew about her...

"...ok, she's THAT bad!"

They laughed to themselves as they waited for the computer to load up.

"So what was it Buff?"

The blonde girl wracked her brain trying to remember... triba... tribal...


"Tribalism... you sure Buffy?"

"Yep." She nodded her head vigorously, she was SURE that, that was what Faith had said... or something like that. "She said she was 'tribal'... and that she wanted to 'tribalise' with me."

"What does THAT mean?"

"I don't know... first I thought it was a Boston thing, you know? Then I thought demons... but I don't know, maybe it's a slayer thing? She wants us to do something tribal and slayery?"

Willow looked at her best friend bemused. She wasn't always glad at the amount of time she spent with the other slayer, she often felt left out, but she could understand it... to a point. They were both slayers, so it stood to reason that they would share a unique bond... also she wasn't so sure she wanted to be included in this 'tribalism' thing.

"So I'll look it up then, yeah? See if we can't track down exactly what it is she wants to do with you."

"Thanks Wills, you're the best!"

"I know, I know."

They settled down in front of the computer, and set to finding all they could about tribalism... Buffy felt particularly close to her sister slayer... often 'extra' close, whatever that meant, and if this was going to help strengthen their bond, then she was all for it.


They didn't take long to track down what it was they were searching for. A few quick taps of the keys, and Willow was well on her way to googling all sorts of info on tribalism.

"I guess it must be a slayer thing, hey Buffy?"

"What's it say?"

"Uh... something about existing in tribes, tribal mentality... erm, tribal exclusiveness and tribal characteristics. You see? It's gotta be slayer related, yeah?"

"Certainly looks that way. I guess Faith wants us to try and bond more, really get to know each other as slayers, get really close and all... although, what do you think tribalising means? You think we have to paint markings on ourselves?... I hope she doesn't wanna get tattoos...mom would freak!"

Willow nodded sympathetically. Mrs Summers certainly would freak if Buffy got a tattoo, also... Faith was a tattoo kind of girl, but Buffy was far too... straight laced? To get a tattoo.

"So what ya gonna do, Buffy?"

"Only thing I can do Wills." She quickly considered her options. She was glad that Faith was reaching out to her, wanting to explore their connection, and she certainly wasn't gonna shy away from what the other girl wanted. Nope! She would throw herself into this 'tribalism' thing, and she would make sure that she enjoyed it.

"I'm going to ring her and invite her over for dinner... Mom's away at the moment, so we have the house to ourselves. I'll make buffalo wings, finger foods you know, and I'll even buy some body paints, just in case she does wanna do that kinda stuff... do you think she wants to do that stuff, Willow?"

"No idea. I'm not really on Faith's wavelength... but I say go for it, whatever she wants, if it isn't illegal... why not? What's the worst that could happen? Singing round the camp fire?"

They both got faraway looks in their eyes as they contemplated Faith leading the campfire pow-wow. It really wasn't what they would expect from Faith, but then she always was full of surprises.


Buffy waited nervously on the sofa for Faith to arrive. She was glad that she was doing this, but still she was a little nervous, Faith could be kind of wild and she was worried about what she would have to do.

Her musings were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

She rose slowly and made her way to open it.

"Hi Faith, glad you could make it." She smiled her largest welcoming smile, it wasn't often that she invited her sister slayer around for food, and she wanted to put her at ease.

"No problem, B. Although I was a little surprised, kinda planned on Bronzing tonight, but home cooked food, who am I to say no?"

"I got finger food, that ok?"

"I'm all about the fingers, just show me the way..."

The dark haired girl wasn't sure why she was here. She kinda hoped it was something to do with what she had said the previous night... she hadn't been able to stop thinking since she had said it, and now that Buffy had invited her over... well she was hoping that things were gonna have a damn good outcome!


They sat and ate in silence, both of them too busy pushing the food into their mouths to worry about keeping conversation going, but as soon as the last piece of chicken was gone from the plate, Buffy was keen to discuss how they were going to cement their closeness and strengthen their bond.

"So Faith... about what you said..."

"Huh?... oh, yeah, about that..."

"Don't be shy. I think it's a great idea, and yes, I don't know exactly what you wanna do, but if you want to tell me, show me... whatever, well then I'm sure we can make a go of it."

Faith just sat in open mouthed astonishment. Sure she had hoped for a good outcome, had even prayed for a good outcome, but never in her wildest of dreams had she thought that Buffy would be THIS keen, this open to experiment.

"You sure, B, cos well, ya know... when I said it, I meant it and all, but I didn't think you would uh... want to, right? So if you wanna think about it more...?"

"No Faith! It's a great idea. I want to be closer to you, it's important to me."

"It is?"


Faith couldn't stop the wicked ass grin that spread across her features... she felt like all her birthdays had come at once, like Christmas had come too... hell any minute she was gonna cum!

She made her way over to where Buffy sat, all swaying hips and confident strut.

Buffy for her part just sat mesmerised. There really was something... tribal? about Faith. The way she stalked, like a jungle cat, the predatory gaze in her eyes, the fluid movement of her limbs...

"I've waited ages for this, B..."

Faith's words broke her from her spell.

"You have? Cos you know you could have mentioned it sooner... Giles will probably think it's a great thing, getting more in tune, getting closer together. He could probably work out some uh... tribal things for us to do, you know, cos Giles loves his rituals and that..."

"Giles? You wanna talk to the G-man about this?"

"Well, if you want to, if you don't want to, if it's just between us... I can do that too. I just, well I don't know much about tribalism Faith, and I bought some body paint, just in case, I even bought marshmallows, in case you wanted to make a fire..."


The younger slayer was beyond confused. She thought Buffy had been saying that she wanted to, well... fuck. Not that she wanted to toast marshmallows.

"Marshmallows, for the fire, if you wanted a fire... as I said, I'm new to tribalism, I don't really know what to do, maybe you should tell me?"

"What the fuck is 'tribalism', B, and why the fuck are you going on about it?"

Now it was Buffy's turn to be confused. This was Faith's idea after all, and now...? Well now she was acting like she didn't have a clue.

"Faith! It was your idea! Last night, outside... remember?" she tried to recall the other girls words...

"...I'm tribal... into tribalism... I wanna tribalise with you? Isn't that what you said?"

She wanted to scream. She abso-fucking-lutely wanted to scream. Buffy had totally got it wrong. Beyond got it wrong. She should have known really... no way she would ever want to do the other with her. Not straight as ya like Buffy Summers.

"You're an idiot, B."

"Huh? I'm an idiot? Is it the paints... cos I wasn't sure, but Wills thought it was a good idea. Or is it the marshmallows, cos if you don't like them that's ok, I mean they were only cheap, it's hardly worth calling me names over..."

"Shut up... Please?"

"Shut up?"

"Ya got it wrong, B... I never said I was into fucking 'tribalism', I don't even know what tribalism is... I said 'tribadism'."

"And what's that?"

"Nothing the hell to do with marshmallows, that's for sure." She couldn't come out and tell her for all the same reasons as last night. "As I said, look it up and let me know... but I'll write it down this time, ok? No more mistakes."

"Sorry, Faith... I really did think you said tribalism, and with us being slayers, I just thought you wanted to get closer, but if you don't... well I can deal, I mean I want to, but if you don't want to..."

"I do. Want to. But not like this.... God, you are such a dork, Buffy. Just check it out and let me know."

With that she made her way to leave. She didn't wanna eat and run... she really wanted to 'eat' and stay, she wanted an 'all you can eat buffet' or 'Buffy', but that wasn't on the menu, and she couldn't pretend like something wasn't up if she stayed.

So she went.

Buffy was more confused then ever. There was something about the way Faith had looked at her, had stalked her before... It had made her feel... peculiar. Yes, that was it. The way she had looked at her, letting her eyes roam all over her body, looking like she was mentally undres... WHOA! Not having that thought.

Whatever 'that thought' was going to be.

Instead she turned her attention to the phone, immediately ringing Willow to discuss their next course of action.


The next day found the girls in front of the computer again. This time though, Buffy had her scrap of paper that Faith had scribbled over.

"What does it say, Buffy?"

"I uh... I'm not really sure, Wills." She turned the paper the other way trying desperately hard to decipher the girls scrawl. "I know it's not tribalism though, so that's a start, right?"

"Right! Great start."

Willow couldn't help but wonder at how forgetful Buffy was being, it almost felt like she was forgetting on purpose... like she didn't WANT to know what Faith was talking about.

"So what do you think?"

Buffy handed the paper to the red head, maybe she could read it.

"It says triba... dism? What's tribadism? Is that even a word?"

"I don't know, Willow, hence the need to look it up..."

"Oh, yeah... looking it up..."

As was the way the night before, it only took seconds for Willow to bring up the information that they needed.


"Oh? What's 'oh' mean? Is it bad... is it illegal?"

Willow was just staring open mouthed at the computer screen. She had to keep blinking, to keep checking that yes, the words did say what she thought they had said.

"It's uh... it says..."

"Come on Wills, it can't be THAT bad, spit it out..."

"Ok, just remember you asked." She steeled herself to read from the screen in front of her. "Tribadism... erm... lesbianism, uh... sex by rubbing."


Buffy immediately made her way to the computer, she had to read for herself, to assure herself that what she thought she had heard, was what was printed on the screen.

And there it was. In black and white.

Tribadism: Lesbianism; sex by rubbing.

"Uh... I, wow... I..."

"Did you know, Buffy?"

"Know? What? I..." She couldn't think. Faith was a lesbian? But what about the stories... about the guys? "I'm confused Willow."

"I guess it's not that big of a surprise, I mean I've seen her looking at you, I don't know, I just thought she was... jealous maybe, but now it makes sense... she 'likes' you."

"She's a lesbian."


"A lesbian."


"A lesbian?"

"Buffy... it's ok you know. You don't have to like her back, and it's not a disease... you can't catch it."

"You sure... because yeah, you say that now... but what about when I start shaving my head, and wearing dungarees and Birkenstocks, what will you say then Willow? Will you tell me then that it's not catching?"

Willow shook her head. Her friend was having a melt down. She could kind of understand it, but it wasn't really that BIG of a deal. So Faith was a lesbian? So what? Maybe when she grew up she might be a lesbian... although with Oz, maybe not.

"Buffy, calm down. The last I heard you couldn't get it from sharing cups, or toilet seats... I think you might even be ok to hold her hand... if you wanted to..."

"What about toothbrushes, Will?"


"Uh-huh... cos this one time, last week, we were slaying and she got this vamp, but he was on top of her and the dust, it got all in her mouth, and then we were meeting you guys at the Bronze... and well, she came to mine and borrowed my toothbrush."


Buffy thought back to the time. To the feelings she had, had after the incident. The next time she had used her toothbrush... thinking about how it had been in Faith's mouth, and now it was in hers. It had made her feel... peculiar. Lots of peculiar.

"I don't know, I just... well after, I kinda... maybe, well I guess I..."


"What if I'm a lesbian too, Willow?"

She couldn't help it. She had to laugh. Buffy just looked so silly standing there, worrying about being a lesbian.

"Then I guess Faith will be happy!"

"Not helping!"

"Sorry. Look, do ya wanna search for more stuff... see if it says anything else about this uh... 'tribadism'?"

"Why not, right?"

They continued looking for what seemed like ages. Both of them were almost walking encyclopaedias on the subject by the end of the evening.

"Check this one out, Buffy... 'when two women press their vaginas together, by entwining their legs'. They really know how to make something sound sexy, don't they?"

"What's that one say Wills." Buffy was leaning over, her attention caught by the word 'genital'. "It's gotta be hot, if it say's genital, right?"

They both laughed out loud as they clicked to enlarge the screen... although the websites were very informative... they weren't what you would ever call HOT!

'Tribadism involves rubbing your genitals against another person's genitals or other body part. Many lesbians enjoy tribadism because they can involve their whole bodies. Also called "humping", tribadism can involve straddling a partner's leg, pubic bone or any other body part. Many women can orgasm just from this stimulation.'

Buffy read the words in her head as Willow attempted to read them out loud...

"Oh my god, Wills... and to think Faith wants to do THIS with me?!"

She read the words again in her head. No they weren't hot words... but she could feel her temperature rising, something about Faith wanting her that way... peculiar.

"Are ya gonna?"

"What? Am I gonna what? Do IT... with her. With Faith... I uh..."

"Oh wow... you're going to aren't you. You're gonna tribadise with Faith!"

She couldn't answer. She KNEW that her answer should be an automatic NO, but well... it wasn't. She just didn't know. She didn't think she was a... lesbian, but then she hadn't thought that Faith was either, so who knew.

"I uh... I dunno Wills. I guess I need to speak to Faith, right? Maybe she's joking... you know what Faith can be like?"

"She isn't joking."

"How do you know?"

"I don't know... I can't explain it, hadn't really thought about it too much before. But I just KNOW she is a lesbian. Like I can feel it or something...whenever she comes into a room, it's like a little thing goes off in my head. I used to think it was because, well, bad vibes or something... but now it makes sense. She's a lesbian. I just feel it."

And she did feel it. And what did that mean?

"Look, I'm gonna go. I need to think, this is all too much for me. I need to slay, need to work this out... maybe I'll see Faith..."

"Just remember Buffy, it's not a disease... and you CAN hold hands!"

"Thanks Buddy, remind me to hold YOUR hand next time you have a crisis!"

"But I'm not a lesbian Buffy... why would you wanna hold my hand?"

The blonde girl just shook her head and left the room. She had SO much to think about. So many questions buzzing around in her head. Certainly some things were making more sense. Feelings that she had been having, and had just dismissed as 'slayer vibes'... she could realise them for what they were now. Feelings for Faith. But what did that mean? And most importantly of all... what did Faith want from her?

Was it just about the... uh... tribadism? Or was it more? Did she have feelings too?

There was only one way to find out, and find out she would.

She would hunt and slay the vamps... then she would hunt and talk to Faith.

It was a plan.

Finding Faith wasn't so hard. She just followed the grunting to the nearest cemetery, and sure enough, there she was.


For the first time ever she appraised her from the point of view of... well she wasn't sure what... but from a point of view she hadn't considered before.

The gentle yet firm curves of her body. The tightness of her clothes. The way her hair fell in messed and tousled waves around her face. And her face... well, wow? Her eyes, so dark and deep, and beautiful? And her lips... they looked so soft, so tempting, so absolutely kissable.

She shook the brand new thoughts from her head and made her way to talk to her... sister slayer... her friend?


"B! I was just thinking about you, didn't expect to see you tonight, what ya doing here?"

"Oh you know... I just fancied slaying."

"YOU fancied slaying? You of the 'slayings just a job' fame... you shitting me, B?"

"I can fancy slaying, Faith, I can fancy ALL kinds of things you don't know about!"

"You can, can ya? Like what... maybe a full fat yoghurt over a low fat? Cos I gotta say, that's some fast living you got going for ya girl!"

"Ha ha. Always so amusing."

"I try."


They both stood looking at the other, trying so hard to read the thoughts that were running through each others minds.

"So really, B... what ARE you doing here?"

"I was looking for you."

"You were?"

"I was."

"Well I guess you found me."

"I guess I did."

Faith didn't know what to think. She knew what she hoped, she knew what she wanted, but she sure as hell didn't know what to think.

Had Buffy researched her word of the week?

Is that why she was here? Maybe to tell her to get over it. To get lost.

Maybe to tell her that... what? That she wanted the same?

She wouldn't believe that. Couldn't believe that.

"So are you nearly done with patrolling? Cos if you were, maybe we could... I don't know, maybe we could go to yours, and talk."

Now she really didn't know what to think. Buffy wanted to come back to hers. And she wanted to talk.

"Uh... yeah, whatever, B. I guess I can be finished. Not much happening tonight, couple over in Restfield, but everywhere else is dead."

"Again with the amusing!"

Faith dusted herself off from the spoils of the night, and set to walking back to hers with Buffy at her side. She couldn't be sure, but a couple of times, maybe, out of the corner of her eye... she could've sworn that Buffy had been about to take her hand.

Buffy wanted to hold her hand?

She wasn't really a holding hands kind of girl, but if Buffy wanted to hold it? Hell she'd let her hold ANYTHING! It was almost a disappointment when the contact was never quite made.


It didn't take long to get to the motel. It didn't take long to get anywhere in Sunnydale.

"So you wanna drink, B?"

"Yes, I guess. What have you got?"

"Beer, JD... that's pretty much it."

"You don't have anything softer?"


"That would be great."

She watched as Faith ran the water from the tap. She didn't really know why she had asked to come here... to talk? But what to say?

'So... you're a lesbian then Faith? Lovely! You know, I think I might be having feelings of a lesbian nature towards you, and I'd quite like to try that whole tribadism thing you mentioned, but well... I'm scared and I'd like to know that maybe I mean something to you other then some genitals to rub against.'

She was sure that, that was a beautiful speech, but there was no way that water was going to give her the courage to say it.

"So B... Buffy, what did ya wanna talk about?"

"I... well, I guess the tribal thing."

"The tribal thing? I thought we covered that, right? I didn't say 'tribalism'."

"I know. And that's it."

"It is?"

"Yeah. I want to talk about the other thing."

She couldn't help the redness that spread up her neck and over her face. She felt so out of her depth here. Faith was all about the 'wicked cool', and the getting some... Buffy was all about the one time with Angel that all went terribly wrong. Definitely out of her depth.

As for Faith, well, she was suddenly nervous as hell. This was it. She had wanted to know and now she would.

"The other thing, B? You mean the tribadism?"

"Yes... tribadism."

"Ok... so you looked it up then? You know it's not a slayer thing?"

"No, I mean yes, I looked it up, and I know it's not a slayer thing... it's the other thing, about you, and being a...uh, you being a... you're a... erm... you like girls. Right?"

"It's called a 'lesbian', B. And yes. That would be me."


She wanted to say more. She really wanted to ask the bit about feelings and whether she was just genitals for Faith's genitals to rub against... but she couldn't release the words.


Faith was waiting. Buffy said she wanted to talk, and now she was just sat on the bed looking everywhere but at her.


Her eyes still wouldn't raise.



"Look at me."

And finally she did. Slowly. Looking at her like she had in the graveyard. Seeing so much more then her eyes had ever seen before.

"Tell me Buffy... why are you here? Cos I'm all done with the telling you stuff, now it's kinda your turn. I need to know what you think."

"What I think?"

"Yeah... what you think. What you want."

Faith was moving ever closer to the girl sat on the bed. She didn't know what she was going to say... but something in her was calling to her to move. To be closer.

"What I want?"

"If ya just gonna keep repeating me, B... I'm gonna start saying some pretty funky stuff."

Buffy considered the fact that maybe that wasn't such a bad idea, she couldn't get her brain to engage just now, maybe Faith leading the way, would give her the confidence to voice her thoughts. Maybe her desires? Did she have desires?

Looking at the beauty coming closer and closer to her on the bed, she was certain she had something. Coiled in the pit of her stomach, she could feel it slowly unwinding... reaching out, wanting to touch.

Willow had said it was ok to hold hands... so she reached out a hand. It was easier then talking. Easier then telling.

"I... wow, I'm kinda lost for words... I just don't know what to say..."

Faith looked down at the hand reaching out to hers, heard the confusion in Buffy's voice. It pulled at every string in her heart, made her want to embrace her. To caress away her confusion.

She sat down next to her, looking at the hands who's fingers were now embracing.

"It's ok, B. I know this is all kind of a shock right? And I don't expect you to be all 'Yay!' about it... I just wanna know that you're cool with it, and maybe... I don't know... maybe..." She still couldn't do it, she couldn't ask her outright if Buffy had feelings for her, if she wanted her. The thought of rejection, even though they were sat on the bed, staring into each others eyes... lost in each others eyes... fingers entwined, it was still too much.

"...fuck it! Now I'm lost for words."

The silence that hung in the air only cocooned them further in the moment.

Everything just stopped, everything except for the intenseness with which they seemed to be looking at each other, the tightness with which their fingers were seeming to grip.


"Yes, Buffy?"

"I think I want you to kiss me."

"You think?"

"I think."

No more invitation was needed. Faith wasn't gonna wait for confirmation, the thought was enough for her.

She leant slowly forward, closing the gap between her lips and Buffy's lips, ever so gently touching her mouth to the prize she had so long been coveting.

The kiss wasn't long or passionate, it was slow and inviting. A suggestion of what was on offer... if Buffy wanted it.

"I..., uh. That was nice, Faith."

"It was?"

She smiled and she nodded. It WAS nice. And she was having those peculiar feelings again... only more so, and kinda centred around her groin area, spreading a warm feeling throughout her body.

Her mind was stuck on peculiar. Her groin was rushing towards the rubbing. If it could speak it would surely be screaming 'TRIBADISM... LESBIANISM... SEX THROUGH RUBBING!!!!!!'

But it couldn't speak, so it rather settled for feeling uncomfortable, hoping against hope that soon the brain would catch up.

They kissed again, more forcefully this time, laying their bodies the length of the bed, allowing their hands to come apart and start exploring the areas that their eyes knew so well, but that their fingers were yet to be acquainted with.

When those fingers began to search for places hidden by clothes, it was against sense and reason, that Faith was the one to stop. To question the outcome of what was happening.

"B... god that feels good, wait..."


"Slow down, yeah?"


"Mmmm...uh, seriously, B... just a minute, ok?"

Buffy's brain woke up just as Buffy's groin was screaming. For a minute there she had been lost. Everything had just felt so right, that she had given in to it... not wanting to think about what was happening, just desperate to let it happen.

"I don't wanna do this, I don't wanna rush into something if you're not sure... I need to know that you want this, that you need it." She gazed into the green eyes that were staring at her... "Tell me, Buffy... please, tell me you want this."

Did she want this? She knew her body wanted it... but did SHE want this? She hadn't thought it through, that was for sure... hadn't even voiced her worries, asked her questions.

"I... Faith, I have to know what THIS is? Do you... is it, urgh... do you have feelings for me, Faith? Or is this, I don't know... am I just uh... genitals for your genitals to rub against?"

Faith couldn't help it. She was laughing before she could of stopped it.

"OH MY GOD!... Holy fuck, B... please tell me you didn't just say that? Oh man, where did ya get such a potty mouth from, huh?... rubbing my genitals against yours? That is some HOT shit you're talking there..."

The distraught look on Buffy's face, let her know that her laughing and teasing wasn't what she had been hoping for in response. She took a deep breath and tried to still the humour that was bursting to be released.

"Sorry, Buffy... I didn't mean to laugh, but god, what websites did you look at? I should've got you a video... I knew it."

"Shut up, Faith."

"Aw come on... I'm only teasing, I'll stop, don't be mad, alright?"

Buffy was quickly starting to feel like a fool. Yeah she may not know all the right words, but this was so new to her, she didn't know what to say... how to say it, and she had only wanted to know what Faith's feeling were for her... not to be ridiculed.

She went to raise from the bed, but soon found herself being held prisoner in a tight embrace.

"Stop... I'm sorry, really... I'm a shit, and I'm sorry."

"I meant what I said, Faith... the wanting to know if you have feelings?"

The dark slayer cast her memory back to every single night she had lay dreaming, fantasising, wishing, praying, hoping beyond all hope, that maybe someday... oneday, anyday, that Buffy Summers might love her.

Did she have feelings? They were all she had.

"I, Buffy... god, I hate this shit..."


"Oh, no! Not this shit..." She gestured to the closeness of their bodies on the bed.

"...wait, this isn't shit, I mean the talking... I'm not good at the talking, at the saying stuff, saying the right stuff..."

She was trying so hard to make her mouth produce the sounds she wanted it to, but it refused... it had spent years learning not to reveal it's secrets, it's weaknesses... and even now, confronted by the one thing it wanted to consume, it still refused to work.

"...what do I feel?"

She reached between them and brought Buffy's hand up to her chest. If she couldn't tell her what she felt, she could show her.

"I feel you Buffy, in here."

Buffy could feel the steady beat of Faith's heart beneath her hand, and it was all she needed to know. Everything she needed to know.

She leant forwards to bring their lips back together again, to seal the moment with a kiss.

"In that case, I want you Faith. Will you show me? I WANT you to show me."

The dark slayer had never heard words so beautiful. Now she truly did believe that all her birthdays, Christmases... hell, throw in Easters as well... that they had all come at once. Never had she wanted anything as much as she desired Buffy, and never before had she really gotten what it was she wanted.

She slowly undressed the older girl, her fingers releasing skin from their clothes and her lips following her fingers with feathered caresses. Each new part uncovered, a new part needing to be kissed, to be loved.

From her feet, to her calves... the inside of her thighs, each inch of Buffy received the attention of Faith's mouth.

She giggled quietly as Faith's tongue traced patterns across the expanse of her navel, sucked in her breath as it skimmed across her chest to suck on her neck, released soft moans of pleasure as it travelled back down to draw aching nipples into her mouth.

Faith was making her feel as she had never felt before.

Not just across her body, but also in her heart. It was all so intense, so real.



"I..., I want you to...oh, Mmmmm... I... oh god, Faith..?"

The younger girl stopped her ministrations to Buffy's breasts, to hear what it was she wanted to say. Anything that Buffy wanted, ANYTHING... she was ready to do it.

"Tell me baby, what do you want?"

"The thing... the tribal thing? Will you do that? Can we do that?"

"The tribal thing?"


"You got it, B... I'm gonna show you tribal."

Faith raised her body up and laid it the length of the girl underneath her. Using her legs to nudge open her thighs, to make the space for her to settle down against her, to push against her, press against her.

She was already hot, and she was already wet. Nothing had turned her on as much as the way she had been licking and tasting Buffy's body, but all that was to change.

The way she felt when their heated pussy's finally came into contact, she thought she might break into song, she thought she might die, she thought she might have just been born.

Buffy beneath her was feeling the same. She gasped when Faith reached in between them to spread open her lips, as her finger ran along her slit, coaxing her open... and then their clits were touching in the most intimate of ways, there was no movement, not yet. Just touching. Two centres pressed together, the wetness mingling from one to the other.

"God, Faith... that feels so good..."

And the rest of her words were lost as Faith struck up a rhythm. She slowly started to grind her pussy up, to meet the one pushing down on her. It was crazy, there was nothing else... just the feel of them sliding so exquisitely against each other, straining so hard against the other.

Buffy reached her hands round to run across Faiths back, to trail her nails down her skin, causing her to buck harder into her, making her moan louder against her ear...

"B... oh yeah, that's it baby..."

...finally reaching her firm ass, gripping her muscles, pulling her harder against herself. It was almost as of she wanted to take all of her inside, it just felt so good, she wanted more... she gripped harder, pulled harder, pushed harder...

"Give it to me Faith... please... I need you..."

Faith bore down as hard as she could, it almost hurt the force with which they were rubbing against each other... but the friction was so sweet, and she wanted Buffy to cum, needed Buffy to cum from this... because she was going to. She could feel it now, building up somewhere deep within, rising up to find release, straining to break free...

"B... fuck it... ah... I'm gonna cum... I can't..."

Those words were the last thing Buffy would remember, before she as well became lost to the sensations. She brought up her legs and wrapped them tight around Faith, bringing them closer then ever, her fingers still digging into her ass, her pussy still grinding as hard as was possible against the other girl...

"That's it Faith... cum with me... fuck, Faith... fuck... god..."

They both screamed as the reached their release, hanging on tight, not letting go, never letting go. Neither of them had ever even come close to what they were feeling now. Didn't even know it was possible to feel this.

As their movements finally stilled, as their breathing slowly began to return to normal, their mouths sought each other out for a sweet kiss, a kiss that reaffirmed everything that had just happened.

"Buffy... that... wow."

They were the only words that Faith could form. She had more words to say. Important words to say... and soon she would say them. But right now? Right now it was just, wow.

Buffy had words too. And she had wow. She felt shy, she felt nervous, but Faith had shown her. Had held her hand against her heart and told her she was there... had taken her body, and shown her with that as well. She gathered her courage, and opened her mouth to express what it was that Faith had shown her.

"Faith..? I uh... I love you, Faith."

It just felt so right to say it.

If Faith had felt wow before, now she was wow and then some. Not only was Buffy Summers in her bed, Buffy Summers had told her she loved her. She could die happy knowing that... but first, first it was time to let her mouth speak.

"I love you too, Buffy... always, I love you."

They kissed again. They kissed many times. Just the beginning of kisses that would never end. The beginnings of kisses that would last forever.


The next day Buffy was late for school. She didn't mean to be, but how could she not be?

Leaving Faith's bed was the hardest thing she had ever done. But she was going back there. Later. So she would deal.

"Hey! Buffy... I called you last night, lots. What happened? Did you tell her, did you ask her... what did she say, did you freak... did you hold her hand?"

"Morning Wills. Yeah... I held her hand."

"That is SO sweet." Willow smiled a beaming smile at her friend, it was good to see her happy again. "So... do ya think that you might be... ya know, a 'lesbian' now too?"

Buffy thought to herself. Was she a lesbian? She didn't know. Didn't care. She was Faith's, and that was all she cared about.

"I dunno, Wills... lets just say I'm a 'tribade'. Yeah?"

"Oh my god! You did it didn't you? Sex through rubbing?... you really did it!"

"Yes Willow, and then some. I guess you could say we got 'tribal'!"

They both broke out into laughter as they made their way to their classes.

Buffy with complete happiness. Willow wondering if maybe she wanted to join the tribe.

Faith just lay on her bed, inhaling the scents, smelling the perfume that Buffy had left cloaking the room. The smell of sex. The smell of her.

She rolled over and looked at the clock. Closed her eyes, and set to dreaming about the time that her very own birthday cake would be coming home.She had LOTS more things to show her. Tribal initiations. Yeah she was dreaming alright.

The End



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