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Hokey Pokey

by Kelly Smith


Rating: NC17
Set season three. But kinda different. Angel doesn't come back to spoil the fun. Everyone is really nice. All grown ups are just super understanding... and there's pretty much no angst. Frolicking Fuffy fun. That's all.
For Elaine Martin. Cos some days suck and it all just comes down to what can make ya smile. Today sucks, and yes, she makes me smile.

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The Bronze was rocking. People were packed in and the music was thumping, the air hanging heavy with the scent of energy, excitement and in some cases lust. The gang were there, it was Friday night, of course the gang was there. They had their usual comfy spot, hanging off and lounging on the sofa’s, high in spirits, finding the fun.

Faith was commandeering the group, telling tales not only of slaying, but also of her conquests… scanning the room for fresh meat, rating those she had already discarded. She wasn’t being mean, she was only being honest, and her friends were hanging off each of her words as if she was some great explorer telling them of countries far away and exotic, places they were yet to go to. She liked being the centre of attention. It was still all new to her, the hanging out with people, learning to trust people and sometimes she had to kick herself just to check she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t though. It was all true.

She shifted herself now. Attention had waned for a minute, everyone was focusing on Xander, listening to him tell the story of the time he almost managed to almost get Cordy to almost let him get inside her pants. She hadn’t though. Faith was sure of that… she could spot a virgin from a mile away… especially the young hormone enthused male of the species. And Xander was a virgin for sure. She’d bet her last dollar on it.

She surveyed the little gaggle of friends. Willow plonked to the left of Xander and Buffy perched to his right. Willow’s eyes shining with laughter as Xander assured her that he could indeed get a new girlfriend if he wanted one, he just wasn’t in the market for one yet. Wanted to stay single for a while, check out the scenery. Consider his options.

He fixed his usual longing gaze on Faith. Allowed his eyes to travel her curves, to linger on the flesh she had uncovered… to imagine just for a second, that he would one day be able to go there. He knew he wouldn’t… but still, didn’t hurt to look. He looked at Buffy often enough, and now looking at Faith was also part of his daily routine. Sometimes he looked at Buffy and Faith and imagined them together. And sometimes he got cramp in his wrist.

The atmosphere changed around them as the band made their way off of the stage. It had been a good set, nothing unusual, but good enough for the Bronze. Oz stopped at the bar and then made his way over to the sofas. To his girlfriend. He looked at Willow, took in the way she was glowing with mischief, her face so solemn as she nodded her head up and down at Xander’s words, but her eyes belying the truth. The amusement in them was plain for all to see. As he threw himself down on the vacant sofa, Willow played adoring girlfriend and made her way to his lap. It was kinda cute. Everyone looked away as their tongues were reacquainted though… it was a show they had seen enough times before to lose interest.

“So Oz, my guitar stroking friend, what’s the story from the stage..? Any hot chicks you’re looking to pass my way? Maybe some groupies looking for a little bit of action?”

They all rolled their eyes, desperation in a guy was never attractive.

“I think the groupies are only interested in the ‘actual’ band members.”

He saw the disappointment as it crossed Xanders face. Sought to soften his words.

“But I’ll keep my ear to the ground.”

Buffy chimed in.

“Maybe YOU could play an instrument?”

“Yeah B… but I think there’s only one kinda instrument that he knows how to play with, ain’t that right Xan?”

“You could always play it for me Faith, give it a retune…”

He fixed her again with his longing look, noticed the sexy smile play out across her lips, the wiggle of eyebrows she looked his way.

“In your dreams? Every night?”

“Not EVERY night…” he thought about that as he said it, felt himself colour. “…more of a err… weekend treat.”

“Guess your lucks in tonight then V boy, come dance with me, I’ll show ya some moves.”

They made their way to the dance floor, her immediately pressing up to him, letting him know everything he was missing, probably never gonna have. It was a fun show to watch, one that kept the others amused.

“Hey Buff, you think she’ll ever put him out of his misery?”

Buffy considered that one. She knew Faith pretty well now, kinda knew what she liked, what she went for in a guy… and she didn’t think bumbling virgin was gonna cut it. Also..? She didn’t really think she’d be happy if Xander and Faith did hook up. It just seemed a bit… wrong. Not for any reason, not because she liked to have Faith as HER friend, almost exclusively. No. It was just… wrong.

“I dunno Wills, I doubt it… but then it is Faith. Is there any guessing what she’s gonna do next?”

“Why try?”

“Huh?” they both looked to Oz. Hoped for elaboration.

“Well, the way I see it, Faith is an enigma… it’s half of her charm. Why try and ruin that. Just settle in for the ride.”

He lent back into the sofa, removed his eyes from the show and went on to contemplate other things. He liked Faith. Faith was cool. Didn’t see a need to analyse that. So he didn’t.

“But what do YOU think Buffy? Do you think Faith would sleep with Xander?”

Buffy let her eyes travel Faith’s flesh, let it linger on the places that Xander was trying to find purchase, felt herself giggle as Faith expertly handled him. Moving around him like a snake, coiling her body, but then sliding out of reach as soon as he went for something too intimate.

“Nah… she’s not got that look, ya know?”

“Look? She has a look?”

“Oh yeah. She has got one hell of a look! She just fixes you with it, lets her eyes kinda… I don’t know ‘penetrate’ you, and then the tongue, she does that thing where she moistens her lips, just a little teeny bit of saliva, sitting there, begging to be…”

Buffy caught herself just in time. Naughty Faith thoughts were PRIVATE Faith thoughts. No need to share with the gang, after all… not like it did any harm. A little girl on girl in the head, did not a bad girl make.

Willow had been carried away by Buffy’s words though, by the intensity of them, by the far away look in her eyes as she spoke them. And now she wanted to know.

“To be what..? WHAT!”

“Uh… wiped! Yeah. Begging to be wiped.”

Buffy looked down at her drink, couldn’t face Willow’s inquisitive stare, couldn’t miss Oz’s knowing grin. But Oz wouldn’t say anything, he NEVER said anything.

“She has a look… and her mouth needs wiping… so she won’t sleep with Xander cos she isn’t wiping her mouth… is that right?”

“Something like that Wills, something like that.” she didn’t raise HER look from her drink, wanted the subject closed.

Xander and Faith chose that time to give up the disco fever, to rejoin their friends, to seek out refreshment. This time though, Faith found herself sat next to Buffy. Found black leather touching soft pastels and felt the charge that it produced. Not static charge. Something more. Something that made her pull extra hard from her bottle, taking in more liquid to douse the flames of desire.

“So what did we miss? What hi-jinx ensued whilst I was giving Faith a few pointers on the dance floor?”


“Nothing B?.. Too busy watching the show right?”

“You wish Faith, but believe it or not, I do have lots of things to occupy my mind other then you.”

“Like what?”


“Well… like what B? You spend every night with me. See me most days. Ya probably even dream about me at night…”

“I do NOT!”

“Slayer dreams girlfriend, don’t get your panties in a wrangle…”

The gang looked on as the banter ensued. They were used to it. Mostly they enjoyed it. Sometimes it came to blows, and even then they sometimes enjoyed it. Especially Xander.

“Faith. You do not get my panties in a wrangle, my panties do not even know you exist!”

“Wanna change that?”

It was like watching tennis. Back and forth, back and forth. Only the approaching jock seeming to end something that could of kept going forever.

He cleared his throat loudly as if to get their attention. Xander cast him a withering glare, but it didn’t distract him, didn’t keep him from pursuing his goal.

“Uh… Faith..?”

She didn’t look up, was now trying to beat Buffy in a thumb wrestle. Who was patrolling which cemetery rested on this result.

The guy tried again. A little louder. A little more desperate.


This time she looked up, still squashed Buffy’s thumb hard as she did. Multi tasking was her thing.


“I err…”

“You err… what?”

She wasn’t making it easy for him. Didn’t need to. She knew what he wanted, what he wasn’t gonna get. She didn’t do return visits, didn’t need the drama… and the testosterone laden boy man in front of her wasn’t likely to change her mind.

“I uh… did you wanna dance?”

She released Buffy’s hand, though not before she gave it a quick squeeze. She wanted Buffy to know she wasn’t going anywhere, had no intention of running off and getting laid, leaving all the slaying to her. Yeah she had won the thumb war, but slaying with Buffy was cool, gave her a buzz. Kinda made her happy.

“I might go and dance in a little while. Why?”

“I just wondered if maybe you would want to dance with me?”

She looked him up and down, considered her options. Yeah he was buff, packed in all the right places… but still. No.

“Not really, but gee… thanks for the offer.”

She relaxed back into the sofa as the guy made his retreat, tail tucked firmly between his legs, his pride on the floor being trampled on by the crowd.

“Ya really know how to cut a guy down don’t ya?”

They had tried to ignore the interaction, but it was kinda hard when it happened right in front of them.

“Ah, he deserved it. He lasted less then ten minutes… and those ten minutes..? Lets just say he didn’t rock my world.”

“So what did he score?”

“I don’t keep score on EVERYONE Xan!”

They all looked at her, brows raised.

“So really… what did he score?”

She let out a laugh, glanced across at the guy, at the girl he was now working his charms on.

“I won’t embarrass him, but lets just say…” her gaze again went to the girl he was pawing. “…the chick he’s trying to cosy up to..? SHE scored MUCH higher!”

You could have heard a pin drop. All the mouths of her friends were now hanging open. They knew that Faith was a connoisseur of all things sexual, that no guy was safe around her tempting curves and full on personality… but girls? And since when? And why had no one mentioned it sooner?

Buffy was the one that finally put words to thoughts. Kind of.

“You… with her… and she… and you… huh?”

“Close your mouth B, you’re starting to drool.” She shot her slaying partner a look, a wink, a hint of what she wanted. “And yes. With her, and she, and me… uh huh.”

“Did you video it, take pictures… for posterity?”

“Not this time Xan, but next time for sure.”

The looks amused her. She hadn’t said it to shock… she just didn’t see the need to keep it a secret. So she fucked girls sometimes..? Hardly front page news.

Oz was the only one who didn’t look totally freaked, like nothing could really faze him. Ever.

“Can I recommend a digi cam? Less embarrassment at the developers.”

“Thanks Oz, good call. I’ll bear it in mind.”

Willow had now switched her open mouthed look of shock to Oz.

“Digi cam?”

“Makes sense.”

He lent forward and closed her mouth, she was too cute when flustered.

“Look guys, as much fun as this is… me and B, we gotta get a groove on.” she stood up, held her hand out to Buffy. “Whaddya say girlfriend, ready to motor?”

“Uh huh.”

She stood up to follow, but her knees felt kind of weak. SHE felt kind of weak, all over. Faith slept with girls? The Faith from her naughty thoughts slept with girls?

“Well come on then, I don’t think the dead are gonna wait for us to rise.”

Buffy shook her head clear, put on her slaying persona.

“I’m with ya Faith.” she looked back. “Guys, Will, I’ll see ya tomorrow, right?”

No one answered. They just nodded. Lots.


And with that they left. Off to do their duty in keeping the world safe.

Willow followed them with her eyes, all the way to the door, still lingering as if she could read what was going on. If anything was going on.

“I…” she turned her gaze back to Oz. “…I can’t believe that Faith is…”

“An enigma?”

She nodded her head sagely.

“Yeah. An enigma.”


The slayers had settled on the idea of patrolling together. Yes it took twice as long, but it was Friday, there was no school tomorrow, and it was always nice to have the company. Plus… Buffy had something on her mind. Like a dog with a bone, something she couldn’t let go of, something she wanted to know. It was hard to work up the courage though, when she felt so strongly that she had a vested interest in all the answers.

“So what’s up with the silence tonight B? Normally I have my fingers in my ears about now, trying to drown out the sound of the crazy chat.”

“Hard to put your fingers in your ears with a stake in your hand.”

“Oh my god… she speaks!”

“Oh my god… you’re an idiot!”

“Lame comeback B, I’ve always been an idiot.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

The beginnings of ‘conversation’ were broken into by the distant sound of screaming. The sound of panic.

“Did you hear that?”

“No B, I had my fingers in my ears.” She rolled her eyes at her partner. “Of course I heard it!”

They set off at a sprint, almost racing, one taking the lead and then the other pushing a little bit harder to overtake.

“Come on Faith… try and keep up…”

She shouted it over her shoulder, teasing. Playing.

“I like the view back here B… plus… saving my energy, gonna do ya on the home straight.”

As they closed in on the sounds of struggle, Faith did indeed take the lead, was the first to encounter the sight of a vampire getting ready to take an early supper. Went for him immediately, pulling him away from the girl, letting loose a torrid flow of punches as she beat him into submission. It was so much fun, she loved it. Loved the feeling of her body working to it’s limit. All her muscles straining as she brought out her best.

Buffy was just watching. Had assured herself that the girl was ok, looked on amused as she ran off at full pelt, not even stopping to say ‘thanks’. Like that was any surprise. They very rarely did. And now she was just watching. Watching Faith.

She always pushed it that little bit further. Didn’t just beat her opponent, but truly whipped their ass. Sometimes she felt like maybe Faith was showing off for her. But then Faith showed off for everybody. It was who she was.

The vamp was almost done. Much more and he would be begging for someone to stake him, Faith was toying with him, putting him down, letting him get back up, over and over.

“You gonna be done any time tonight Faith?”

“You got places to be?”

The vamp took the opportunity to try and rise again, to maybe sneak away. Not a chance. As soon as Buffy spied him upright, she released her stake, hitting him straight in the chest. Bullseye every time.

“That’s one more for me!”

Faith stood there open mouthed. Disbelief etched across the features of her face.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”

“It’s kinda what I do… I’m Buffy… the vampire slayer. Sound familiar?”

“But B… that was my kill. God, I pounded the crap out of him and you take the kill. Hurts me.”

“It only hurts you cos it puts me in the lead. I think that’s four to three for the night?”

She wanted to scream. Couldn’t believe it. Faith couldn’t give a shit who had won for the night, she only gave a shit that she had worked herself up and had no end. No result. No release. Made her antsy as hell.

“Fuck the numbers B, you stole my moment. Jeez, now I’m gonna be on edge all night, not able to sleep… might even have to go back and get the jock… ten shit minutes are better then no minutes.”

“You’re joking me?”

“Am I smiling?”

She wasn’t. Buffy could feel the vibes coming off her. Noticed the way she was fidgeting, rocking on the balls of her feet, eyes darting, looking for something, looking for anything. Finally they settled on her. Fixed on her. Penetrated her.

“Ya know B…” she stalked towards her, depositing the smallest amount of saliva across her lips, making them shine, glisten with promise. “…as it was you who’s made me all urgh with the tense, maybe it should be you who helps me unwind.” she raised her eyebrows, lent in close, could feel the way that Buffy’s breathing had stopped dead, could see the rapt attention in her eyes. “What do ya say? Me and you..?”

There was a question.

“I uh… me..? And you? Releasing tension?”

“Sounds good to me… you up for it?”

“Up for it?”

“You gonna answer every question with a question?”


“Oh god… I’ve broke ya!”

She relaxed her body, lent back from Buffy. She didn’t wanna scare the girl, had big plans for the girl. Big BIG plans.

“Come on, I’ll walk ya home.”

Buffy did feel kind of broken. She would have to be dumb and stupid not to feel the sexual tension in the air, but she always felt it. Often went home from patrolling with Faith, and worked the hell out of her tension. On her own. In her bed. What Faith had just offered? That had been far too close to what she wanted to even let her form a proper sentence. And now the moment was gone. But Faith was gonna walk her home. Meant she still had the time to quiz her about the other. About the thing.

“You’re gonna walk me home? That’s kinda sweet Faith.”

“I am sweet.”

“Uh huh.”

“I am!”


“You don’t think I am?”

“I think you’re lots of things.”

She left it there. Didn’t need to tell Faith what she thought she was. The other girl also left it, perhaps happy with the answer given, maybe aware of the deeper meaning.

As they made their way towards the Summers house, Buffy plucked up all of her courage to bring about the words which would form the question that she wanted to ask.

“So Faith?”

“Yes Buffy?”


“It’s ya name isn’t it?”

She grinned. Teasing Buffy was just too much fun.

“But you call me B. Never Buffy… and at first, yeah, it annoyed me… but I’m used to it now, it’s familiar. I like it.”

She smiled at Faith. She did like it. It was theirs.

“Women… so hard. Always changing their minds. Next week you’ll be shooting me glares for calling you B!”

“No I won’t! I never shoot you glares, not anymore… often.” she stopped her walking, they were almost there. Still had to ask the question. “You know what you said earlier Faith?”

“No. What did I say?”

“About the girl. With the jock, you said that she scored much higher then he did…”

“What about it? You got a problem with that?”

Faith didn’t think that Buffy had a problem with that. She was a pretty good reader of people… thought that if Buffy had a problem it was most likely a little bit of jealousy. She’d seen the looks, felt the gazes. The heat. She had plans for Buffy Summers.

“NO! Not a problem, not at all, not even close to a problem… I was just… I just wanted to…”

“To what B? Finish a sentence all in one go?”




“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Teasing Buffy was fun. Trying to follow Buffy’s line of thinking was hard.

“I want to know.”

“Helps if ya maybe tell me what ya want to know…” she knew though. She WAS a good reader of people. “…cos I can’t tell ya, unless you tell me.”

“About the girl.”

“You want me to rate her for you..? Don’t tell me you’re thinking about going there B? Wow… sure shocked me.”

“Faith! Will you just shut up, for a minute.” this was it. She wanted to know. “I want to know… what it’s like. What sleeping with a girl is like.”

The hugest grin lit Faith’s face. She could happily talk about sex all night. And talking to Buffy about girl sex..? Oh yeah. Fun to be had.

“Why ya wanna know B?”


“You’re researching girl sex? For what? Snyder got you doing a project at school? Man… if I’d have known I would’ve let Giles enrol me!”

“No… I just, I’m curious ok?”

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Well… how do you… what do you…”



Her mind flashed her images of everything she had done. Everything she did. The touch of pussy, the taste of pussy. It all assaulted her memory. But she didn’t think Buffy was ready for that yet. She would edge her in slowly. Tease her up to the point of wanting. It was her plan.

“Hmmm… it’s kinda like that kids song B, ya know the one… ‘you put your left leg in’” she mimed the action, looked to Buffy in all seriousness.

“Sex with a girl is like the Hokey Cokey?” it wasn’t really the answer that she had expected. She wanted more… something to fuel the fantasy. Release the tension.

“Not quite B… but kind of. More of a ‘Hokey Pokey’ thing, but the directions are all there if ya just listen to the words.”

Now Buffy mimed the action of putting her leg in, looked at Faith quizzically.

“I don’t get it.”

She held up her hands, wiggled her fingers in front of Buffy’s eyes.

“You put your finger in. You pull your finger out. In out, in out, shake it all about, do the hokey pokey and ya turn around… and that is what it’s all about!”

Her face shone with amusement. Her eyes with mischief.

“Nice Faith… you write that all by yourself?”

Her words may have dismissed the little ditty, but her mind refused to. ‘Faith’s fingers in, Faith’s fingers out, in out, in out…’ that’s pretty much where her mind was resting. And the tension in HER body was building. Responding to her mind. Responding to Faith.

“Unfortunately B, I don’t own the market when it comes to loving the ladies… lots of people hum that tune, don’t you worry.”

“Right. I’ll listen out for it.”

“You do that.”

She turned her back on Faith. Made to walk away, to go home. To go to bed. She threw her last comment over her shoulder. Gave Faith something to think about.

“I WILL do that!”

It made Faith smile. Anticipation was great.

It was hard to concentrate on anything, when your mind would only think about one thing. And Buffy certainly now had a one track mind. Faith. And her little ditty. Ever since that night, it was ALL she could think about. Had rushed home, foregone the usual low fat yoghurt, gone straight to her bed, thrown all her clothes off and practiced her own self satisfying version of the song. Of course in her head she wasn’t self satisfying. It was Faith satisfying… her satisfying Faith. It had been a long night.

She’d only seen Faith once more over the weekend. During the day, at the store. She’d been shopping with her mom, bumped into Faith… almost literally. Her mind on other things.

“Whoa there B, you got a problem with your eyes?”

“No Faith, she’s quite alright, perhaps a little absent in the mind, getting one word out of her today is hard… maybe she’s coming down with something…”

“Oh, hi Mrs S…” she smiled serenely at Buffy’s mom, it was always good to get the parents on side, and Joyce was always inviting her over, feeding her up. “…I know what you mean about Buffy… maybe she IS coming down with something…”

She turned her gaze back to the girl. “…is that it B? You ‘going down’?”

Buffy choked. Then she blushed and finally she had managed to mumble a word or two about maybe a cold. A little fever.

“You do look a bit flushed B, maybe you should get to bed. Bed always helps me when I’ve got a fever.”

“That’s a good idea Faith. Buffy when we get home I want you up to bed!”

Buffy rolled her eyes at her mom, shot a glare at Faith.

“It’s for the best B, don’t want you under the weather. I felt a little low the other day… who knows, maybe you caught the fever from me?”

She winked as she said it, let Buffy know exactly what she meant. Said goodbye to Joyce and went on her way. As she retreated though, as Buffy watched her back get further and further away, she could just make out the whistled tune that floated back down the aisle. The hokey cokey. She should’ve known.

And since then she hadn’t seen her once. Had cried off patrolling due to her ‘fever’. Had stayed in bed and tried to wrestle her thoughts away from Faith. But they wouldn’t be wrestled, were stuck fast. And now it was Monday. Back to school. Back to the world. Back to Faith.

She had tingled as she dressed for school, took extra care in picking an outfit. One of her little skirts, her long boots. If Faith wanted to play, then hell, she’d give her a fever.

She just hoped she could pull it off, hoped she could even look at Faith without all her new wants, new desires, being there for everyone to see. For Faith to see. Over the weekend she had kind of got used to the fact that everything she had been thinking about was now a distinct possibility. But she was still wary. Still unsure. She wasn’t like Faith… didn’t just do things because she wanted to. She had to think it out first, had to be sure that it wasn’t just something she wanted, but was maybe something she needed. She was almost there. And now it was Monday.

The library was empty when she arrived, just Giles bustling about, straightening a few books, getting ready for another week of school on the Hellmouth.

“Hey Giles.”

“Ah Buffy…” he peered at her as if checking she was fine. “…how’s the fever? Faith came around on Saturday, said she had seen you, that you looked a little… hot?”

“Hot… Faith said I looked ‘hot’?”

“Yes, rather strange term to describe a fever, but she elaborated, said you wouldn’t be patrolling. That your mom had you bed bound.”

“Yeah… I’m fine now though. Hundred percent rested and raring to go!”

Willow and Xander walked through the doors at that exact moment, saw the exuberant display that Buffy was performing for Giles.

“Hey Buffster… looks like our girls all mended.”

“Yay to no sickness!”

She looked at her friends, felt a pang of guilt for lying, saw Faith making her way into the library, forgot everything. Saw as her eyes lit when they rested upon her.

“B… you’re better! Fever all gone..? All taken care of?”

“Thanks Faith, the fever is fine. And yes, I’m all taken care of.”

Their eyes locked together, involved in their own silent conversation. About wanting, about needing. About desire.

“Hey slay girls..? Don’t be zoning on us, it’s only Monday morning!”

They whipped their eyes away from each other, fearing slightly the truth that was shown. Faith didn’t do needing. She did wanting, did taking. But not needing.

“Yeah Buffy, it’s Chem first period.”

“So I shouldn’t zone why?”

Willow looked at her distraught. Couldn’t understand the blatant disregard for all things academic.


“I’m joking Wills. I’m focused. Fully focused. Show me a periodic table… I’m Chem gal!”

As the bell went to signal the start of the torture, the three school friends went to make their way from the library, mumbling goodbyes to Giles, to Faith. Buffy had to look back though, yeah she was focused… on Faith!

“You gonna be here at lunch?”

“Don’t got no where else to be.”

“I’ll see ya then?”

“I expect so.”

She infuriated her sometimes. Could never just interact like a normal human being. She rolled her eyes at her, went to leave again.

“Hey B?”

Stopped again. Looked back again.


“You’re looking good, I like it.”

And she smiled. And she went to Chem.

Giles looked on amused. Cleaned his glasses. Made a brew. It looked to him like a couple of slayers he knew were maybe getting closer then friendship. It didn’t worry him. They would be a good match. Buffy could give Faith the stability and calming influence that she obviously needed, and Faith could give Buffy… well. What she needed.

He went to take her out a cup of tea. To talk about the patrolling at the weekend, to generally make conversation. He spent a lot of time with Faith, one on one. Enjoyed it. She had a sharp mind, sharper wit, and an unmatched zest for life. A delightful girl. When he got there though, he found her with her head in her arms, snoozing lightly, and the most perfect little smile playing out across her lips.

He chuckled quietly to himself. Oh yes. Definitely closer then friendship.

She had been there at lunch. Sitting at the table, boots resting where the books should be, engaged in heavy conversation with Giles about the likelihood of Godzilla being based in fact. The keen mind, which she hid from most, was always apparent when she was engaging with her watcher, she found him cool for an old guy, like the father figure she’d never really had.

When the others had walked in she’d quickly brought the discussion to an end. She wasn’t knowledge girl to them, she was fun time Faith, had a rep to live up to.

“So how were classes guys? Learn anything?”

“Yeah… I’m never gonna make it to college!”

“Don’t sweat it Xan, me and you can hang out why these guys flog the books.”

He smiled like he liked that idea, one on one time with Faith was something he craved. Often.

“And how will he live? Eat? Drink?”

“Ah come on B, don’t rain on the parade… we’ll get by. We can always come to yours if we get too destitute, let Mrs S look after us…”

“Oh right, so your grand plan for life is to camp at mine and eat leftovers? Gotta say Xander, maybe you should go for some home tutoring, cos Faith’s plan..? Not too hot with the planning.”

She wasn’t meaning to be harsh, she just didn’t like the thought of Faith and Xander planning on all that alone time together. SHE was making plans for Faith. And they were a lot more substantial then the one that Faith was making for herself. At least a lot more fun.

“But in essence it was a good plan, right Buffy? Me and Faith camping at yours like a couple of vagrants… what more could you want?”

She just looked at him. Withered him with her eyes.

“So what did you and Giles get up to today? Lots of the ol’ booky goodness?”

“You joking Red? The only books I read are comics or porn. The odd TV guide…”

Willow and Giles shared a look, one which said they both knew the truth, that they saw behind the façade. They also let it go though, knew that Faith needed her image to make herself feel comfortable. Safe.

“Read any good ones lately?”

“Porn..? Not really, I just look at the pictures ya know?”

“I uh…” Xander coloured red, couldn’t help it. It was as if Faith always knew just how to get to him. “…I meant the comics.”

She’d winked at him, turned her attention to the quiet Buffy. Wanted to focus on her for a moment.

“You alright B? Seem a bit quiet… you sure you haven’t still got the ‘fever’?”

“Nope. No fever here, just brain dead from learning.”

Faith let her eyes do the talking. And the walking. From the very top of Buffy, to the very bottom of Buffy, and all the way up again. Slowly. Intensely.

“You sure about that B… you’re still looking pretty hot to me.”

Buffy could feel the heat rising, had felt it from the moment that Faith had fixed her with the look, ran her eyes all over her. It felt like she had been consumed, she almost wished she had.

“I uh… thanks?”

They shared the moment that Faith had wanted, before everyone else had broken back in. Stolen attention and shared laughs. They’d still had glances though, surreptitious meetings across the table top. And when the bell had rung to signal that the torture of lessons was back to claim them, Buffy had had to make herself rise from her chair, to break the contact. Had wandered away almost without a word to anyone.



“You sure you’re okay girl, definitely seem to be spacing more then normal…”

“No I’m good. Fine. Gooder then fine.”

“You wanna train after school..?”

She went to nod her head, to signal her absolute approval, but then she had remembered… her head frozen before it had even began.

“Damn! Can’t. I’ve got a stupid algebra test tomorrow, Wills is coming over to cram. But I’ll see ya for patrol… if you wanted to do it together..?”

“‘It’ B?… you planning on spicing up slaying? Gonna keep those boots on for the occasion?”

A secret smile was offered to Faith, she hadn’t meant to… had meant to do shock and outrage, all the things she normally did to Faith’s comments. But she hadn’t. She’d smiled. It had spurred Faith on, encouraged her.

“You want me to pick you up at your house? I’ll swing by about seven? That do ya?”

“You’re gonna pick me up Faith… like…” she wanted to say it. Really wanted to say it. She could feel her fear of the unknown rising up to choke her words though, would have to spit them out, and fast. “…like… likeadate?”

“A date B? You’d date me?”

Her tone had lost abrasive and coarse. Had found soft and vulnerable. It was something Buffy hadn’t heard before, not from her… it was nice, made her feel safer.

“What can I say? I have good taste.”

There was no answer to that. Just a look. A retreat. And then an afternoon to work out what the fuck she was gonna do come seven o clock tonight. She’d never considered that Buffy would want to date, had just hoped for a tumble… a build up of pressure that eventually had to burst. This was all new to her. A new plan to be made. A bigger plan.

The date had never quite happened. She had arrived at Buffy’s, looking her best, dead on seven. Had smiled sweetly at Joyce, had made her way up to Buffy’s room… had seen her and Willow still embroiled in the finer intricacies of that which is algebra. Had known that it wasn’t gonna happen, not tonight.

Buffy had looked pissed and apologetic, had tried with her eyes to relay to Faith just how much she’d rather be slaying with her then doing math with Willow… but sometimes other things HAD to come first.

Faith had hung around for a while, tried to get the girls to lose focus on the books, but it just wasn’t happening. Every time she had managed to distract Buffy’s attention, Willow had clucked and moaned until again she buried her nose in the books. In the end she had split. Had told Buffy that she would patrol alone, do both their share. Wasn’t like they couldn’t do it another time. It was only slaying.

When Buffy had shown her to the door though, had called her back from the garden path, had seen her mom hovering so leaned up to whisper in her ear… that’s what Faith was thinking about. Her words.

“And no Faith… it wasn’t only slaying.”

They had her all kinds of worked up, all kinds of wanting. She so badly wanted to go out and get laid… so knew that she shouldn’t. It was tearing at her. Her mind was saying one thing, her body the other… she was sat outside the Bronze now, debating whether to go in, knew that if she did it would probably end up with a nameless face staring up at her from her bed. Didn’t want that. Wanted Buffy.

The doorman was throwing her curious glances. He knew her. Everyone knew her, but he’d never seen her so reluctant to come in.

“Hey lady, you coming in or what?”

She walked forwards. She walked backwards. Stopped and stared. Listened to the sound of the base as it thumped through the walls of the building. It was calling to her. Summoning her. Making her place one foot in front of the other, making her throw the doorman a cocky wink as she sauntered past. She’d just dance. There was no harm in dancing.

It was kinda quiet, the crowd thinned down from the weekend, maybe the studious types were all at home studying for their dumb algebra tests. She didn’t care. She was only here to dance.

And dance she did. Hard. Fast. And extreme. It was like she made love to the music, let it rip through her body and dictate her movements, caressing her limbs into a sensual display almost wasted on the Monday night Bronze. She would’ve danced all night if she could, loved it, loved the release… loved the feel of people trying to touch her, trying to hold on for the ride and being cast aside.

She’d smoozied in between a couple now. Was facing the girl, all hotness and curves, letting her hands wander her body, the guy pressed up behind her, holding on to the tightness of leather, sliding his touch across her ass. She was so hyped. Her skin tingling, energy coursing through her veins, everything was reaching a crescendo. The slaying combining with the dancing combining with the beer. She wanted to explode, implode. She wanted to fuck.

As the music span her around, tossed her from one partner to another, new hands, new hold, she felt it. The buzz, the warmth. The answering hum that her body always supplied to Buffy’s. It was all there, which meant that SHE was there. Somewhere.

She slid herself from the grips that looked to keep her and travelled her eyes across the crowd. Across the dance floor, around the pool table, flitting from face to face, trying to narrow down the feeling, find a direction. And then she was walking, gaze locked in, like a homing missile, heading for the bar, wait… no, detouring, heading for the bathroom. The girl just in front of her… so close to touch, so near. She wanted her. Was having her.

When Faith walked through the door, she found her there. Waiting. Expecting. Leaning back against the far wall, a hint of a naughty smile playing across her lips. For a moment Faith couldn’t speak, couldn’t even begin to find the words. The way she was feeling, the charge rushing through her body, it was all looking to Buffy, asking her for release. Begging her for release. When Faith finally opened her mouth the words which came out were laden down with desire. Hoarse and heavy.

“Hey B… wasn’t expecting to see you tonight. The algebra finished..? You all done.”

Buffy shook her head no, she hadn’t finished. Had lied to Willow, had said she wasn’t feeling too well again, didn’t want to fib, had to fib. From the moment she had said goodbye to Faith her body had been admonishing her, asking why she wasn’t going to join her partner in slaying, in adventure. In everything.

“I… I felt bad about leaving all the slaying to you… so I fibbed to Wills, told her I wasn’t feeling so good…” she flashed the naughty smile again, Faith was hooked. “…told mom I was resting, and here I am! Although I gotta say, knocking off early to go dancing..? Not in the slayer handbook!”

Faith had been encroaching on her space all the while she was speaking, moving ever closer, her eyes boring into her, holding her in place. Making her words come out breathy, her heart rushing to race.

“Not in the slayer handbook..?” As Faith reached her prize she placed her hands on the wall, either side of Buffy’s face, never breaking the contact with her eyes. “Tell me girlfriend… is this in the handbook?”

She hadn’t planned on kissing her, not here, not now, but she couldn’t help it. She took in the expression in Buffy’s eyes, the way her lips parted ever so slightly the closer she got. Knew that she wanted it. Was determined to give it to her.

She went softly at first, but it wasn’t enough, lust was ordering that she claim the girl, that she invade her mouth with her tongue, back her into the wall and press hard up against her, grind into her as flesh crushed flesh, trace a path to her neck and nip at the delicate skin she found there. It was all so heady and erotic, and she was losing it. Wanted Buffy. Wanted her now.

Buffy was wanting too. She could feel Faith’s thigh as it ground between her legs, causing the sweetest of friction, her panties to dampen in response. Could feel her teeth as they scraped across the skin of her neck, her tongue slipping out to caress each nip, driving her wild. It all felt so good, so sexual… it was calling to parts of her that she had never known existed.

She brought her hands up to run through Faith’s hair, to lift her lips again to hers, to duel with her tongue in a battle for possession. Faith’s hands were wandering to places they’d only ever dreamt of going, were teasing up the edges of Buffy’s shirt, jerking as they touched naked flesh, cruising across the tautness of stomach muscles until they reached the edges of fabric, a barrier.

So much she wanted to touch Buffy, to feel her skin against skin, to slide her hand under her bra and run her palm across her breasts. So perfectly sat there, just waiting for her touch. But not here. Not Buffy. It was more then that.

It took everything for her to pull herself away, almost gave it up as she heard Buffy’s whimper from the loss of contact, her exhaled moan as her mouth was released. And the way she looked..? Fuck it was hot. Her lips bruised and raised from the heavyness of the kissing, faintly red, begging for more.

She placed her forehead against the other girls, closed her eyes, prayed that she could find composure, that she could keep it when she looked at her. Slowly opened them, took a deep breath, hoped her voice came out steadier then she felt.

“Fuck B… that was hot.”

Buffy’s head was spinning, lost in space. Found in Faith. She hadn’t come here looking for this, had just wanted to see her, maybe talk. But the way she was feeling now, the way her heart was pounding, threatening to break out of her chest…that told her that maybe she had come here needing this. That yes. She needed Faith. She spoke to agree, to affirm.

“MORE then hot.”

“Fucking hot.”

“Heaps better then algebra!”

They laughed at that, throaty, both still on the edge, threatening to touch each other again. To lose it in the bathroom of the Bronze.

“You wanna get out of here?”

She wanted to add an invitation to hers. Her body was screaming out an invitation to hers. But she didn’t wanna push. Didn’t wanna blow it.

“I guess so…”

Buffy wanted more. She was holding herself tense to stop from reaching out, her hands wanting to reach up and caress, to bring Faith close to her again, press into her again. But she also had to go home. Her mom would freak if she knew that she had lied. Had snuck out. Gone to the Bronze.

“Where do ya wanna go B?”

“Where do I ‘want’ to go..?” she showed her with a look, the hunger shining naked in her eyes. “…I ‘want’ to go with you…” she let disappointment tinge her features. “…where do I ‘have’ to go..? Home.”

“You sure?” she didn’t want her to be sure.

“I have to Faith. My mom will kill me if she catches me out. I‘ll be grounded for ever… possibly longer. She doesn‘t like fibs… darn pesky woman!”

Faith allowed a small laugh to escape her lips. It masked her frustration, she felt like she was gonna pop. Half of her just wanted to throw Buffy to the ground and fuck her senseless, show her everything and more about being with a girl. The other half wanted to fuck her harder… to lose herself in flesh, feel Buffy around her, feel her inside of her. To have her so close, matching her desire, it was crazy, insane…and that she had to let her walk away, to leave desire unfulfilled… beyond crazy and insane.

“You want me to walk you home again B?”

“I could get use to this ya know.”

“I told ya… I’m sweet.”

“Hmmm… not just looking for a goodnight kiss at the door..?”

“Are you gonna give me a goodnight kiss at the door?”

“Guess you have to wait and see.”

She let a teasing smile grace her features causing her nose to wrinkle just a little. Faith pulled her head back, ran eyes across Buffy, admired the look.

“Anyone ever told you how cute you are B?”

“No one that I cared to listen to.”

“Well I think you’re cute, fucking cute.”

“You’re kinda cute yourself Faith.”

Her eyebrows almost hit the ceiling, disbelief tainting her smile.

“I might be many things B, but I don’t think cute is any of them… maybe hot, definitely sexy… but cute? Never.”

“Whatever Faith…” she giggled to herself. “…you ready to walk me home now? Ya big ol’ ball of cutness!”

She feigned outrage. Mock indignation.

“I won’t walk ya B.”

“I won’t kiss ya F.”

She shook her head, laughed a little.

“Ok… ya got me…” she put her hand out, pulled Buffy towards her. “…lets go girlfriend.”

The walk home took ages. Everything looked kind of new, all the old sights becoming new sights. Silly conversations and silly games breaking into the silence which spoke their desire. They had gone through the park, ended up playing about on the swings, seeing who could go the highest, jump the furthest, chased each other around the obstacles, laughing, carefree.

It didn’t seem odd to be doing it in the middle of the night, they were used to the night time being their time. The lack of people making the most public of places become the most private of places.

As they reached the last leg of their journey, the path leading to the door of Buffy’s house, silence fell over them, the carefree disguise slipping away as their time came to an end. They both came to a stand still, Buffy twiddling with the edge of her top, Faith intent on kicking her boots into the sidewalk, dislodging a stone.

“I guess this is it then.”

“I better go in, I’m sure mom’s in bed by now… but it’s not worth risking the grounding…”

“It’s not?…” she let her hand join Buffy’s at the edge of her top, just slid the very tip of her fingers underneath the fabric, skimmed so slightly over burning flesh, felt it tighten in response. “…cos it feels kind of worth it.”

Buffy breathed in deep, urged herself to keep a lid on it. “God Faith…” could feel the girls fingers brushing fire across her skin. “…you know what I mean.”

Their eyes met, their mouths met. The goodnight kiss.

It was suffocating them again, taking everything but the kiss away from them, no air, no need to breathe, just a need to keep kissing, to keep feeling the feelings, to want, to take, to have. Neither of them noticed the sound of the door opening, a new pair of eyes to bear witness to what was happening. A pair of eyes that didn’t look too happy. Pretty far from happy.


They didn’t hear, didn’t need to hear, were focused only in the other, on the head rush, the body rush.



They came apart suddenly, sound breaking through, making Buffy’s head spin to face her mom, her unimpressed look.

“I think you should be saying goodnight to Faith and getting inside, don’t you?”

“I… uh… right.”

She looked to Faith, raised her eyebrows in a ‘you might not ever see me breathing again’ kind of way, and whispered a goodbye.

Faith didn’t know what to do, whether she was sposed to say anything, to sink silently into the cracks in the sidewalk. In the end her mouth’s need to move won out.

“Bye Mrs S… I’ll uh, see you tomorrow in school B?”

Buffy went to speak, but her mom got there first.

“You might do Faith. Goodnight.”

Joyce pulled her daughter through the door and marched her to the kitchen. Switched on the kettle to brew up some of Giles’ soothing tea and turned her eyes onto Buffy. She had some questions, sure as hell wanted answers.

“I take it you’re feeling better then Buffy?”


“Oh sorry… I thought you told me you were having a lay down, couldn’t study with Willow anymore because you felt under the weather?”

“Oh… yeah. About that…” she cast her eyes down to the floor, couldn’t take her moms disapproving glare. “I… uh, I felt better… thought maybe I should help Faith with the slaying…”

“Do you slay demons with your tongue Buffy?…” she poured two cups of the camomile tea, placed them on the side and took a seat. “…because I’m sure Giles never mentioned that as part of your training routine.”

“Right… well, I didn’t… we weren’t…”

“You had finished slaying?”

“Yes! We finished slaying and Faith was just…”

“Checking for cavities?”

“No!… I mean… we weren’t, we didn’t plan on…”


Buffy finally raised her eyes to look at her mom, couldn’t believe the teasing glint in her eye, had thought she was going to be crucified.

“You’re not angry?”

“Buffy…” Joyce softened her tone, pushed a cup along the side towards her daughter. “…of course I’m angry. You lied to me. You lied to Willow.”

Buffy felt the guilt as it rested on her shoulders.

“I’m sorry.”

“People always are when they get caught.”

She sat herself at the counter next to her mom.

“I didn’t mean to lie… I just, I didn’t wanna hurt Willow’s feelings… I know I was wrong. I…” she didn’t know what to say. How could she explain to her mom the need to go to Faith. She barely understood it herself, didn’t think her mom would ever understand. “…I’m sorry.”

“You know you’re grounded right?”

She nodded her head. Grounding was better then crucifixion.

“Now about Faith…”


“The girl you were kissing on the front doorstep Buffy… that was Faith yes?”

“Yeah… Faith.”

She was dreading this. Could feel her face flush under her mothers scrutiny.

“So how long have you and her been… err… what exactly ARE you doing? Are you dating her?”

“I…” She wasn’t sure. Hadn’t discussed it, been too busy kissing. “…we… I don’t know.”

“Well you looked quite friendly.”

She raised her eyes to meet her mom’s again. Didn’t find disgust there.

“Are you mad with me?”

“For kissing Faith?”

“Uh huh.”

Joyce found a smile which was only for Buffy. A mom’s smile.

“Of course I’m not mad… surprised..? A little. But not mad Buffy…” she reached forward to tuck a stray wisp of hair behind her daughters ear. “…I wish you could speak to me, to tell me what was happening in your life, but I understand. I was a teenage daughter once too, you know…” she allowed a little smirk to settle on her mouth. “…and kissing girls? Lets just say that you’re not the first Summers woman to experiment with the fairer sex.”

“Mom! You don’t… please don’t tell me things that I’ll be scarred for life from hearing.” She was in shock, her mom was implying that she had kissed a girl. Maybe lots of girls. It was… ewww.

“Yet you insist on scarring me with shows on the sidewalk?”

She didn’t have an answer to that, sipped at her tea instead.

“So what’s going on then? Is it just…lust? Or do you have… feelings for her?”

“Mom, I really don’t wanna have the birds and bees and lust talk okay? Just… we haven’t, we aren’t… I only kissed her tonight.”

Joyce smiled in understanding. “So that’s why you HAD to sneak out.”

“No!… well, maybe. A little.”

She flushed with embarrassment, it felt so weird having this conversation with her mom. NEVER wanted to have it again.

“It’s ok Buffy… I’m not going to torture you anymore. Not tonight anyway. I have an early start, you have school…” she drained the last of the tea from her cup. “…lets get ourselves to bed…” she offered a stern gaze Buffy’s way. “…and this time lets try and stay there ok? We’ll finish this discussion tomorrow.”

“Ok mom. And I’m sorry… about the lying.”

“You have lots of time to repent whilst you’re grounded, I can use some help at the gallery.”


“Sarcasm before bed will give you acid tummy.”

Buffy rose from her stool, gave her mom a hug.

“Night mom.”

“Goodnight Buffy.”

She made her way to the stairs, was already dismissing all her moms words in favour of her Faith thoughts. She had a whole lot of new ones to think over today. New feelings, new sensations. New everything. As she took her first step to climb to her room her mom called out again.

“What IS that tune you’re humming?”


“It sounds familiar… I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere.”

Buffy smiled to herself as she realised what it was. Wasn’t surprised. Doing the hokey pokey with Faith was foremost in her mind.

“It’s nothing mom… goodnight.”

She washed, changed and got herself into bed, was just preparing to find some self fulfilment when she heard the tapping against her window. No one had visited her window since Angel the year before. It startled her for a minute until her mind realised who it was. Faith.

She was stood down below tossing up stones. One after the other in a constant stream. Buffy lifted the window, just avoided a pebble in the eye, quick reactions saving the day.


“Hey B… ya made it then. No serious injuries?”

She did a little twirl in front of the window, affirmed for Faith she was all in one piece.

“Nope. Nothing suffered other then extreme embarrassment.”

“Your mom saw us then?”

“Oh yes… caught the full show. Wanted to talk to me about lust…”

Faith narrowed her eyes, ran her tongue out across her lips. “You feeling lusty B?… ya want me to come up?”

“Yes… but no. My mom would freak. I’m already grounded for lying… hate to think what she would do if I started smuggling sexy slayers into my bedroom.”

Faith’s eyes lit up at that. Buffy had called her sexy.

“I’ll see ya at school tomorrow yeah?”

“Sure thing B… you wanna get there early? Do some training?”

“I think mom’s going to work early, I’ll get her to drop me off. About seven?”

“It’s a date.” She wiggled a little wave of goodbye to Buffy, turned on her heel to make the walk home. She couldn’t stop herself from looking back every now and again. Looking at Buffy who was looking at her. She was still crazy horny. Still craving a fuck. But it seemed like she had a reason to wait now. Something worth waiting for.

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