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Chapter 13:  Make Damn Sure

"Could you at least pretend to care?"  The blonde Slayer was angry; anyone within hearing distance would be able to figure that out.  To an outsider it would seem funny to watch such a small thing pace back and forth while yelling at the brunette before her, but to those who know her they would see this scene and try to stay as far away as possible. 

"So do you plan on answering me at some point in life?"  Getting right into the brunette's personal space is usually dangerous for those who are uninvited, but Buffy tends to be the exception to most people's rules.

"Honestly, I really don't give a shit."  If the red-headed witch didn't quickly place herself between the two hot-headed Slayers one can only wonder if their words would have come to blows.

"Okay now, Buff I think you need to take a step back and have a breather."  Lightly placing her hands on her best friend's shoulders, Willow gave her a light shove to snap the blonde out of her glare.  "As for you Kennedy, I may not be as upset as Buffy but I am unhappy with you right now.  You should really know better than to make this so personal and actually talk to Faith about the case.  Now you are too involved to be non-biased and actually help us."

Crossing her arms over her chest the red head gave the brunette Slayer her own angry glare.  However, being such a bubbly person has made the frown on the witch's face very unintimidating and it's causing the young Slayer to hold in a smirk.  She knows if she smiles now that would only piss off her girlfriend and possibly cause a knock down blow out with the blonde.

"Listen, Will. I get what you and big bad Buffy are trying to say, but Faith is my friend and I will be her friend first before I am the Council's lap dog.  If you two think I am too involved now to work against her than sweet, all the better for me, but don't think this isn't personal for you all as well."  Though she was speaking to Willow, the brunette kept her eyes lock on the blonde.  "This is Faith you guys are building a case against, it's personal for everyone."  But especially personal for you, Kennedy's eyes seemed to say to Buffy.

"So since I am free of this whole investigation I assume I can go hang out with Faith?" 

Not waiting for an answer the brunette Slayer turned to leave, but before she opened the door she turned back to the red head.  "See you later?"  She asked in a way that sounded like "please don't be mad at me".

"We'll be busy working."  An angry Buffy answered for her best friend.  Trying to ignore the glare she was receiving from the blonde, Kennedy continued to stare at her girlfriend, waiting for her to answer.  When she got no response she just rolled her eyes in an unsurprised manner and left the two women alone.

"I feel like this is turning into an us-versus-them type of situation."

"Just relax Ash; they are just mad that Ken doll decided to switch teams, if anything she is the one in deep shit now."  Faith laughed while giving Ashley a playful smile.

"Excuse me?"  Kennedy said while glaring at the other two brunette Slayers.  "I didn't switch sides.  I am not on anyone's side, consider me Switzerland."

"Okay then Swiss Miss, if you're so neutral then how come you're hanging out with us wrong-doers instead of Ms. Perfect and your girl?"  Faith asked while putting her hands behind her head as she lay on Ashley's bed.

"I would hang with them too, but currently Buffy is pretty pissed at me for seeing your point of view and Willow's probably not going to talk to me until Buffy has calmed down, which kind of pisses me off."  The unhappy Slayer replied with a roll of her eyes.

"I don't get it."  Ashley started to say as the older Slayers gave her their attention.  "If Kennedy works closely with the Council and she understands what happened, then why don't they take that into consideration?  I mean, I am sure they trust and respect her, shouldn't they think about that before they act?"  The seriousness in the young Slayer's tone changed the entire vibe of the room.

"It doesn't work like that kid,"  Faith said to Ashley.  Unsure about how best to explain the way the Council worked, the ex-rogue shot the other experienced Slayer a "please help" look.

"The reason I really do see myself as on neither side is because I get both point of views,"  Kennedy began, "Faith and I have been friends since the fall of Sunnydale and I get how she thinks.  In her own way Faith was doing what she thought was best to protect you, I think they get that too."  Pausing, Kennedy let her words sink into Ashley.

"Still, just because it's Faith and that's how she is, just isn't enough for them.  Everyone has to follow the same rules and deal with the consequences.  They aren't out to get you though, trust me, I have worked closely with them since they were set up and even though the rules are in black and white they treat each case differently based on the individual."  Even though the other two Slayers looked at her waiting for more details, Kennedy knew she couldn't say much more.

"If that is how it is, then why are they so mad at you?"  The youngest of the three Slayers asked.  "I don't mean to pry, I'm just trying to understand."

"Oh that's an easy one."  Kennedy's said smiling. "Buffy is just mad that I'm cool with Faith.  She is taking this really personal and I sort of called her out on that.  Willow has never really been that big of a fan of my friendship with Faith, so she is just going to use Buffy's anger as an excuse to be mad at me."  The casual tone she spoke with seemed to lighten the atmosphere.  "Actually, if I want to get any this week, I better not give her any more reasons to be pissed and it's getting late."  Without saying much else the silver- spoon Slayer, as Faith refers to her, gave a little wave and took off.

"As lame as this may sound, Ken doll is right and its way past curfew."  Faith commented while looking at the clock on the wall.  "Try to get some sleep okay?"  After getting a nod from the young girl the darker half of the Chosen Two took her leave.



"What's a nice girl like you doing in a dark and empty hall?"  The voice from the shadows caused Spencer to jump from being startled.

"God Ashley, did you forget I'm just human?  Thanks for scaring the crap out of me."  Though she wasn't really angry, the young blonde did lean against the wall to catch her breath.

"Sorry, I guess living here makes you forget that not everyone can sense you coming a mile away."  Trying to put on her best smile the brunette Slayer slowly walked up to the blonde to stand by her side.  "So you never answered my question.  Why are you standing here all alone in the dark and creepy hallway so late at night?"

"Um, we, um just finished helping Buffy with some stuff."  Spencer answered unable to look at Ashley.

"Oh."  The Slayer understood instantly.

"So um, why are you out in the creepy dark hall alone?  Don't you have curfew or something?"  While she was curious, more curious than she'd like to be, about what the brunette was doing; Spencer also hoped this would be a good change in direction for the conversation.

"Are you going to tell on me that I'm breaking curfew?"  Though Ashley meant that to sound playful she couldn't help the little bit of anger that leaked through.  "Sorry."  She said when she saw the hurt look grace Spencer's features.  "I couldn't sleep so I thought that a walk might help me clear my mind."

"Oh."  Was all Spencer could say.

"I'm not a bad person, Spence."  The way Ashley spoke to her sent shivers all over Spencer's body.

"I know,"  The blonde said while moving closer to the brunette.  Slowly the two invaded one another's personal space.

"Spencer!"  A yell came from down the hall.  Looking to see who called her name, Spencer saw her cousin walking quickly toward her.  Turning her head back toward the brunette Slayer the blonde with stunning blue eyes was saddened to see the Slayer had disappeared.

"Hey Spence, sorry I left you here so long."  Dawn said.

"It's no problem, did you find Buffy?"  Though she wanted to know the answer to her question, Spencer's thoughts were still revolving around another Slayer.

"No, I wonder where she is."



"Oh God."  A moan could be heard coming from the pitch black game room.  As for inside of the game room, the moans were seldom but the sound of accelerated breathing could be heard from one wall to the other.

"Stop, we need to stop."  The plea was quickly followed with another moan as the smaller figure covered in darkness had her neck slowly licked and suckled on.  "No, wait, get off of me, Faith."  This time there was no request as the angry girl followed up the command with a shove.

"Oh come on, B, you were having just as much fun as I was."  The brunette smirked at the blonde while slowly licking her lips.  When no instant reply came from the blonde Slayer the ex-rogue once against began to close the space between the two.  "You knew I would walk by here on my way home.  You knew I would feel you in here and that I would find you standing in the dark, all alone.  All alone, standing in front of the window where you watched me and I watched you."

When the slightly older Slayer turned to try and block out what the other girl was saying, she immediately felt the brunette press up against her back and strong arms wrap around her front.

"What's the matter B, afraid to get your hands dirty?  Afraid to just cut loose and do what feels good?"  As each word left Faith's mouth her hands slid up Buffy's abdomen and cupped the blonde Slayer's breasts.  "You know as well as I do that this feels too good to ignore."  Faith knew Buffy's resolve was about to crumble as she felt the blonde's entire body shiver from just licking the shell of her ear.

I ordered a frappuccino. Where's my fucking frappuccino?

The strange voice followed by the chorus of Jay Z's Dirt off Your Shoulder caused both girls to snap back to reality.  Pulling out of Faith's arms the blonde Slayer went over to her coat and pulled her cell phone out of one of the pockets.

"Hey Dawn….yeah..no…I'm on my way."  Pausing for a moment the blonde looked back at the brunette.  "I just got caught up in something but I'm done so I'll be right there."  Staring intensely into the other Slayer's eyes when she said I'm done, Buffy tried to get her point across.

"B."  Faith said as she broke eye contact and started moving toward the other girl.

"No."  A hand shot up stopping the ex-rogue in her place.  "We aren't going to do this, especially right now with everything that is going on.  This road is familiar and I am not willing to just close my eyes, walk down it with you and end up being the bad guy again.  I'm still mad at you."  Buffy said as she went to leave the room.

"Yeah, you must be wicked mad what with the way you were shoving your tongue down my throat."  Faith could give a bitchy attitude just as good as was given to her.

Pausing at the doorway Buffy kept her back to the dark Slayer.  For moment Faith expected the older girl to turn around and slap her or at least yell but what she did was worse, Buffy just sighed and walked away.  Once again Faith found herself in the dark game room, alone.




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