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Chapter 14: Love In This Club Pt. 2 (Remix)

"Why are we here?"  Kennedy complained for about the seventh club.  For the last two hours the annoyed brunette found herself sitting at a crowded bar surrounded by young, overly-hyper Slayers. When Faith had suggested the two of them go out and have some fun, she didn't expect to be here; she expected to be having fun.

"Damn, Ken, I thought you loved going clubbing."  Faith spoke while looking everywhere around them as if she was trying to seek someone out.
"Hell yeah, I love clubbing—but we aren't clubbing.  Clubbing is going somewhere with a twenty-one crowd and up.  Clubbing is going to a hot place with my hot girl and I work her all over the dance floor while they're playing some banging music.  What you have me doing is coming to some teen club where the drinks are overpriced and the girl are untouchable, not that I would touch any of them, but I feel old just looking."  Looking down at her fifteen dollar Sex on the Beach, the short brunette let out a sigh.

"Okay I get it, you're bored and we'll leave in second, geez.  I just like swinging by here on the weekends to make sure the girls are behaving."  Although Faith does make sure her girls are being good, that rarely is the reason she comes here.  Faith is well aware of Ashley's "player" reputation at school, and just wanted to make sure things never got out of hand. Jealous Slayers can be very dangerous.

After about another thirty minutes and the third Hannah Montana song, Faith decided to put Kennedy out of her misery. Giving the very annoyed Slayer her best smirk, the two downed the last of their many shots –which were needed by the second Hannah song— and took their leave.  Even though Ashley's calm behavior around her sister and best friend was what ultimately made Faith feel like she could leave, if she had waited just a few more minutes the new arrivals probably would have made her stay the entire night. Even Kennedy wouldn't have bitched and moaned.

Walking into the club and going straight over to the DJ booth was Dawn Summers and Spencer Carlin, sister and cousin to the one and only Buffy Summers. Rolling their eyes at the horrible music, the two quickly made their way over to the DJ, and luckily for both the girls and the crowd, Dawn knew the Slayer playing the bad music and easily convinced her to spin some better tunes with a dirtier beat.

While the majority of the club noticed the change to better music, three occupants were more focused on the two people responsible for the change.

"Damn,"  Kyla said slowly as she stared off into the distance.  Currently the short brown- haired girl was hanging out at a booth with her sister and their best friend.  "Are they actually wearing those clothes or is that shit just painted on."  Normally when the two cousins walked around campus they were wearing girly-yet-comfortable attire—but not tonight. 

Tonight these girls were dressed to kill in tight shirts and short skirts.  How did they convince Buffy to let them out of the house?

"I'll be right back; I want to see if they feel as good as they look,"  Before the two girls could stop him, Aiden was already on his feet and walking over to the two sexy cousins.

"I may have to slap him for this,"  Kyla said as she watched her friend start up a conversation with the girls.

"I'll hold him for you."  Was the first thing Ashley has said since she first saw Spencer walk into the club.  Ashley always knew Spencer was breathtaking, but instead of treasuring her like a queen, mentally Ashley had very dirty things in mind for Ms. Carlin and her skimpy outfit.  Although the sisters knew Aiden was trying to charm the cousins, it was fun to watch them laugh and think his cheesy come-lines were jokes.  It didn't take long for defeat to show up in his body language, but instead of being upset by the rejection and stomping away, Aiden turned back to his table and made an obvious gesture for the cousins to follow him.

"I hope you both didn't miss me too much, but I brought back guests."  He said sounding pleased with himself, as though that was the goal from the beginning.  Before anyone even had a chance to blink, Kyla immediately got out of the booth and gave Aiden a little push to sit down.  As soon as he did, Kyla pushed his shoulder so he would move to the center of the booth.  In her next move Kyla sat down and moved in leaving the spot at the edge of the booth empty.  Smiling up at Dawn, the shorter of the Davies sisters patted the spot next to her indicating she should sit down.

When Dawn looked over at Spencer, clearly wondering where she was going to sit, Ashley moved pretty quickly to do just as her sister did.  Scooting further into the booth, she left her side at the edge empty and looked hopeful toward Spencer.  Without giving it much more thought the cousins took their places next to the very happy sisters.  If it wasn't for the sigh, all four girls probably would have forgotten about the now lonely guy sitting in the middle.

"So ladies, "Aiden spoke up while leaning forward.  "I have to say I'm surprised you're sister let you out of the house dressed like that. I heard she was pretty uptight."  Though the other two girls at the table were just as curious as he, they rolled their eyes at the way he phrased his question.

"Well, Buffy knew we wanted to go out and have some fun, but all she made up promise was that we would come here instead of trying to get into the twenty-one and up places.  As for the wardrobe, she is working late tonight and then plans to do a patrol. So if we time it right, we'll get home before she does and she never has to know."  After sharing  their plan with the small group, Dawn gave Spencer a smirk; the duo having done this many times in the past.

"I must say I am really impressed."  Kyla said as she leaned more toward Dawn, there was very little personal space between the two at this point.

"Good, I do aim to please."  Everyone at the table, minus Aiden, could hear the double meaning in Dawn's words and the look she was giving the smaller brunette seemed almost private.  "So you guys want anything to drink, it's on Spencer and me?"  When Dawn broke her eye contact with Kyla to speak, the young Davies sister looked dazed and confused.

"Sure, I'll help you guys get them!"  Aiden volunteered excitedly and completely oblivious to what just transpired between the two girls.

"If he keeps trying to cock block me, I may have to kick his ass."  Kyla said once Dawn, Spencer, and Aiden left for drinks.

"Oh calm down, Kyla, we both know he has no clue these girls aren't into him.  I would feel bad for him if Spencer didn't look so good tonight."  Turning around to look where the others were, Ashley saw the blonde she was talking and thinking about leaning on the bar in front of her.  Though Aiden was talking to the girls while they waited for drinks one could easily tell the girls weren't listening.  Instead the brunette Slayer could tell Spencer was listening to the song by the way she was moving her hips to the beat.

The only reason Ashley even blinked while watching the blonde's backside is because Spencer suddenly stopped. When the Slayer's eyes slowly travelled up her hips, she saw the blonde was looking over her shoulder directly at the brunette.  Ashley thought she should feel guilty for looking, but that feeling never came. Instead she felt hot.  Staring straight into the bluest eyes she had ever seen, Ashley gave the blonde a suggestive smirk.  Smiling back the smirk she was given, Spencer once again started to move her hips to the beat while maintaining eye contact with the brunette.  The only reason Ashley's private show stopped was because their drinks were ready.

When the three came back to the table, Kyla once again made Aiden sit in the middle.  Apparently satisfied with his time-only with the two hotties and his alcoholic drink, he barely complained when sliding in. 

"Aid, this doesn't look like our usual drinks."  Kyla announced before even trying what was in front of her.

"I tried to get the usual, but they only let me get my Cosmo. They said they knew what to get you guys."  Aiden quickly explained.

"Oh yeah," Kyla smirked in Dawn's directly, "did you pick out my drink?" 

"Well, Aiden did say you tend to enjoy vodka and tonic but I had something else in mind."  Dawn spoke as if they were the only two in the club.

"So what did you get me?"

"A Screaming Orgasm, and trust me you'll love it." 

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Ashley turned to Spencer with a glance at her drink and a questioning look for the blonde. 

"It's a Buttery Nipple, one of my favorites."  The blonde replied with a smile that meant more than words.

"Do you want to dance?"  Ashley suddenly asked.

"Definitely."  When the pair turned to tell the others they were going to dance they noticed two of the table occupants were missing. 

"They just left."  Aiden shrugged when they looked in his direction.  "Think they still want their drinks?"

"You can have all of the drinks, Aid; we're going to hit the dance floor."  Ashley said as she and Spencer stood up and took off.

When the girls hit the floor it was packed with people, but neither girl seemed upset about how close they were going to have to dance with each other.  Words seemed irrelevant when the blonde with stunning blue eyes and the brunette with super strength moved together.  Each move seemed so intimate, so special, every time one of them would roll their body into the other, it was as if matching the perfect puzzle pieces together.  The brown-eyed Slayer felt how right this was. Regardless of her past, Ashley knew this feeling was more than anything she's ever felt before.

"I want to kiss you,"  She whispered in Spencer's ear when the blonde pressed her back against the brunette's front; and the more this goddess grinded her ass into Ashley, the harder it was for her to think.

"We shouldn't,"  Was the response the Slayer received.  Unable to control herself, she spun the other girl around to face her.

"You want to kiss me."  There was no cocky undertone in Ashley's voice as she stared into Spencer's eyes.

"You can't always have what you want."  The blonde spoke as her eyes traveled from the brunette's eyes to her lips and back again.

"You can have me."  With that said, Ashley slowly moved forward and lightly brushed her lips against Spencer's.  Just as she was moving her head back the blonde jerked forward and initiated a long, hard kiss with the Slayer.  Not wanting to stop the best kiss she ever had, Ashley wrapped her arms around the girl in front of her and pressed their bodies against each other.  The kiss could have gone on forever, neither girl seemed to notice the people moving around them, but forever belongs to no one.

When the need to breathe became too great, the pair separated but remained wrapped around one another.  Ashley wanted to speak, she wanted to tell Spencer everything in that moment, but standing there, staring into the other girl's eyes, Ashley was lost and could barely remember her own name. 

"Spencer!"  Completely shattering their moment, Dawn came running up to her cousin.  "Spencer, it's almost two, we need to leave before Buffy gets home."  Though obviously worried about getting caught by her sister, the two girls could tell by Dawn's messed up hair and lipstick she was probably flustered for another reason as well, and when Kyla showed up a second later looking extremely pleased with herself as she eyed the taller brunette, the other reason was pretty clear.

 "We'll call you."  Dawn yelled as she grabbed Spencer, pulled her through the crowd and out the door.

"I think I'm in love,"  Kyla sighed as she turned to walk back to their table.  Ashley barely acknowledged her sister, especially since she seemed to fall in love on a weekly basis.

Right now all Ashley could do was stare longingly at the door.



Chapter 15: Echo

While girls night out seemed to last not as long as Kennedy would have liked, it was certainly too long for Faith. It wasn't as though the older Slayer had a horrible time with the girl she would consider her best friend; she just wasn't in the mood to go out.

The only reason she had left campus to begin with was because she couldn't stand being there while Buffy and Willow rifled through her things. Her plan had been to slay some vamps, get good and drunk at one of the local bars, and then call it a night.

Of course then she ran into Kennedy. And since she mentioned everyone was going clubbing, she decided to check up on Ashley. She also figured if she had to suffer through bad music, she was making Ken go with her. But once she had determined there'd be no trouble from Ashley, she was going back to her original

However, getting rid of Kennedy was harder than she thought. Once they had left the club, Faith tried to back out of meeting up with the others, but when she saw the dejected expression on the younger brunette, Faith quickly changed her mind.

Even though her friend put up a tough front, Faith knew Kennedy was still hurting from the fight she'd been having with the redhead. Taking a deep breath, the ex-rogue put her plans on the back burner and went clubbing with Kennedy for a few more hours.

As soon as the a.m. started to come around, Faith felt she had done her time and told the group she was leaving. As she started to walk away, Kennedy showed up at her side saying she guessed should probably be heading back too.

Though the older Slayer knew her friend wanted to stay longer, she also knew she had a good reason to leave. If she stayed, the others would eventually ask her questions about Willow, and Faith doubted that Kennedy wanted the whole school knowing that the witch wasn't very happy with her at the moment. The two walked back to the school in silence, both obviously in deep thought. But as they parted ways, Faith was quick to leave the campus once again.

Finally back on track with her original plans, Faith stood in the middle of the cemetery eager for her first vamp of the night to cross her path. After almost thirty minutes of waiting, a presence finally alerted the Slayer's senses.

However, it wasn't a vampire.

"Hey B, what's a pretty girl like you doing in a dangerous place like this?"

"It didn't seem so dangerous until now."

Faith assumed the look the blonde Slayer was throwing her way was probably meant to be a glare. The ex-rogue should have been offended by the other girl's look and words, but she was more interested in the distance Buffy seemed dead set on keeping between them.

"Ouch, B. You know just how to sting me." The brunette intoned sarcastically as she rolled her eyes and took a few forward steps toward the girl. When Buffy took a few backward steps of her own, a smirk graced Faith's lips.

"Why are you backing up, B? I don't bite," Pausing for a moment, the dark haired girl licked her lips, "Actually, I think we both know that's a lie."

Although she didn't want to seem weak in front of Faith, Buffy quickly broke her eye contact with the younger girl. Moments like this frustrated the older Slayer to no end. She's supposed to be stronger than this, she's supposed to be the leader of the Slayer world…but when Faith looks at her like that, she doesn't even know how to be.

"Do you actually want something, Faith?" Buffy needed to end this.

"Can we talk?" It should have been easy for the older Slayer to say no.

"About what?" But she just couldn't.

"Everything?" Faith asked as if she were a child trying to get away with breaking her mother's favorite lamp.

Everything covered so much ground that Buffy was terrified to say yes. She didn't come here for Faith, but as the days kept passing she wondered if that thought would stay true.

"Talking never really works for us," The blonde spoke as she turned to leave.

"That's because we never tried before. I'm tired of watching you walk away from me, B." As strong as her voice sounded, Faith was shaking on the inside and it really didn't help when she heard Buffy laugh in an unhappy manner to herself.

"Yeah, it must be pretty hard for you. I am just so sorry." The sarcasm dripped from each word Buffy spoke and when she stared down Faith, her normally stunning eyes seemed to harden with great anger. "I mean really, to just put yourself out there and be rejected with almost no explanation must be like a slap in the
face. How do you even find the strength to look at me?"

"I didn't walk away from you. Walking away implies someone is there watching you leave, and you were already checked out at that point." Faith didn't want a fight but she would take whatever Buffy would give.

"Did you expect me to beg? Or to ask you to give it all up so you could stay and resent me?" It was hard to tell if the blonde Slayer was more upset or pissed-off. "But that doesn't really matter, because we both know you still would have let."

Sometimes in a make-or-break fight the answers aren't worth saying. Half the time people just fight to be right even if it means losing the bigger picture, and that's where Faith found herself. There in that cemetery --surrounded by their shared destiny but torn by their shared lust, or maybe that more important
all-consuming thing-- she saw the crossroads that she and Buffy were at. She would never be right, for one person's reasons are just another person's excuses, but she found comfort in knowing the same goes for the older Slayer. What it ended up coming down to for Faith, was what seemed much more important than being right.

"I blamed you for my life," She began, "The years before I met you and a good chunk of the ones after that night outside of the Bronze were spent in anger. It took me a long time to get to the point where I didn't want to hit you every time I saw you. Majority of that is not your fault, but it's still hard."

"I know what you're going to say-"

Faith interrupted Buffy before words could come out her the blonde's opened mouth.

"I didn't know you for the majority of my life, but unlike you I actually knew of your existence. Happy girls with nice families, families that you could count on, and then I was a potential hearing about the great Buffy Summers who saved everyone and slayed all the big bads. All of that shit were issues I had to deal with, and I have, but damn it, B, I wanted you to save me so bad, but instead I got a knife in the gut."

Though internally Buffy resented the younger girl's words, she couldn't find it within herself to vocalize her turmoil.

"At the end of the day I wish I could change what happened, but knowing the type of person I was, I saw the same outcome happening every time. Maybe I just expected more from you then I did myself. We were kids, and though it took me a long time, I know I can move past all of that…I just need to know if you can."

It was a risky move for Faith. Everything she thought was just laid out on the table and she had no control on what Buffy's decision would be. Her only satisfaction was finally letting it all out with no bullshit getting in the way.

A shrieking fire alarm sort of noise filled the overwhelmingly dark room, waking the sleeping blonde from her very peaceful slumber. Quickly sitting up in her bed and scrambling around for her phone, the young girl with blue eyes noticed her cousin/roomie was nowhere to be seen.

"Hello?" She mumbled into the phone.

"Hey sexy, you miss me?" The husky voice instantly woke Spencer and sent tingles all over her body.

"Hey Ashley. Not that I mind, but, um, how did you get my number?" Though she felt stupid for asking the question, she was pretty curious.

"Well babe, if you look you'll probably see that your cousin is currently not sleeping in the bed next to yours." Even though Spencer was a bit creeped out, she was even more curious as to how Ashley knew that.

"How did you know that?"

"I'm outside your window," Since the brunette soundly completely sincere, Spencer quickly looked to her window only to see the night sky, "Ha ha, I'm just fucking with you," Ashley laughed from the other end.

"Oh good. I sleep naked and I didn't want you to get a peek yet."

"What?" The other girl said like she choked on her tongue.

"Nah, I'm just fucking with you; but how did you know Dawn wasn't in the room with me?" Truth was Spencer actually slept in her bra and boy shorts, but she didn't think Ashley earned that information yet.

"Damn, too bad...anyway, before they came and found us, Dawn and Kyla exchanged numbers and Kyla called her as soon as we left the club. While she was waiting for a cab with Aiden, she handed me her phone and Dawn gave me your number."

When she heard silence from the other end, Ashley continued on. "I figured if she was up talking to my sister, then I should call you up and keep you company. Do you mind?"

"Of course I don't," Spencer finally replied after making Ashley sweat it out for a few moments, "So are you already back at the dorms?"

"Uh-huh. I waited till I got back to call. Figured I might get caught sneaking in after curfew if I made too much noise." Ashley had literally just walked in the room when she had dialed Spencer's number. "So, if you don't sleep naked, what are you wearing to bed?"

"Sorry Ash, but I don't think you've earned that type of information." Not yet at least.

"I'll share if you share." Eager to have something exciting to share, the brunette started undressing for bed as she talked on the phone. It was so sexy for her to hear Spencer's voice as she peeled different articles of clothing off her body, until she too was in a skimpy bra and boy shorts.

"Nice try," Spencer laughed.

"Fine," Ashley finally gave up, "But I can't promise my dreams won't have you in something skimpy or maybe nothing at all."

"Neither can I."




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