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Chapter 6: Liar (It Takes One To Know One)

"So what do you want to do first? We can go sit in on some of the classes, walk around campus, go visit Robin-"

“-why don’t we start with being honest?”  Buffy interrupted. 

Caught off guard, Faith leaned by in her chair while crossing her arms.  “I don’t know what you're talking about.”

“Really?  Is this how you want to start things?”  The older Slayer walked closer to the brunette’s desk.

“It’s early B, I don’t feel like playing games.  Just tell me what you’re talking about and stop being cryptic,”  the slightly younger Slayer argued.

“I didn’t come here to fight with you, stop being so defensive-”

“-then why did you come here?”  Faith cut in.

“To find out why you are being so 'cryptic'.”  The blonde answered back, using air quotes, which almost caused Faith to smile at the cute display.

“You’re still talking in circles, B, and last time I checked I wasn’t a mind reader.” Faith countered.



“Ashley!  Keep your focus and your right up.”  Vi yelled from mid field.  Normally the Art of Defense was Ashley’s favorite class, it was the only hour of her day where she could cut loose and no one would tell her to hold back.  Most days Vi barely acknowledges her, because she is so focused throughout the class on her opponent, that the teacher only butts in to tell her when class is over; or on one of her bad days, that she is going too far.  Today, however, the brunette has heard her name repeatedly called upon.

“Ashley!”  Once again her name has been spoken after being punched in the chest for the umpteenth time. 

“Keep your right up! UP!”   Vi throws her hands up while walking over,  “What’s up girly, usually you’re my best student.  It’s like ever since you walked onto this field your mind has been somewhere else.”

“Yeah sorry, I just can’t seem to focus today.”  The younger Slayer spoke trying to ease her teacher's worry.

“Okay, why don’t you just take five.  Go to the bathroom, take a breather, then come back.  We still have plenty of class time left.”  Giving the brunette a light pat on the shoulder, Vi turned back to the rest of the class. 

Angry.  Ashley was pissed.  Turning her head to the sidelines, she glances at her distractions.  Sitting in the sun with a taller brunette, the blonde goddess was laughing.  Laughing as though she had no cares, no problems.  It’s only been twenty minutes since class has began, and all Ashley was able to do was sneak peeks at the blonde with deep ocean-like eyes as her goddess chatted away.  Not once did she look in Ashley's direction.  Whatever feeling this girl was causing her was frustrating.



This was all so frustrating.  Faith hated feeling like she did something wrong and that’s exactly how Buffy was making her feel in this moment, accused.  Buffy didn’t know.  She didn’t see. 

“What about Ashley?”  Faith sighed.

“Everything, I want to know everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I am here to check out the school, you guys are due for inspection.  But I’m also here for her.”  Sliding into the seat in front of the brunette’s desk, the blonde leaned back, waiting for a response.

“If you’re that interested in her, then go read her file.  I’ll take you on that tour you seemed all excited about, and we’ll swing by his office.”  Slowly getting out of her seat, Faith noticed the blonde has yet to move an inch.  “B, you coming, or are my seats that comfortable?”  The brunette smirked.
“Don’t play me, Faith.”


“I swear I’m not messing with you!”  The taller brunette laughed with her blonde counterpart.  “Vi just runs at this demon, stabs him, and starts to do a happy dance right as he is falling to the ground.  The whole time Buffy is yelling at her to move, and Vi is just dancing and singing that it’s dead and she is awesome.”

“Then what happened?”  The blonde continued to laugh.

“I got slimed.”  The girls stopped and looked up at the Slayer they were just talking about.  Looking at each other, the girls once again broke out into giggles and the red-headed Slayer even joined in.  “That day I learned the wonderful lesson that you need to kill and move on, because hanging around could land you in sticky situations.”  As the group continued to laugh, the blonde and brunette moved so they could stand with the teacher.

“So I see you guys were paying attention to my class.”  The red-head bumped shoulders with the ex-Key.

“Sorry, Vi, but Spence was just asking how long it’s been since you and I last hung out, and then we started reminiscing.  Plus we have the whole summer to see you whip these girls into shape, so no big.  Please don’t tell Buffy.”  Dawn looked at Vi worried.

“Oh Dawnie, relax.  You have too much on me, for me to ever tell on you.”  A look of mischief passed between the girls.

“Sorry to break up the love fest, but is there a bathroom near here?”  The blonde asked with a bit of embarrassment.

“I told you to go earlier,”  Dawn tsked at her.

“I know, but I didn’t have to go then, I was just keeping you company.”  Dawn glared while sticking out her tongue.

“You still don’t like to go to public bathrooms alone?” Vi smirked, “Yeah, there is one in the school that isn’t too far.”  Looking behind the girls, Vi’s eyes seemed to lock in on something.  “Hey, Ashley!  Wait a second.”  Turning around, the girls glanced over and noticed the Slayer they had ran into earlier about to enter the school.  “She's taking a bathroom break, so she can just show you where it is and take you back so you don’t get lost.”  Following the red-head, the girls walked over to the brunette Slayer.

“Ash, since you’re on your way to the bathroom, can you take Spencer and bring her back?”  Looking at the group of girls, the brunette Slayer just nodded and stared at the blonde. 

“Cool. Dawn, I’ll be right back.  Try not to get the teacher in too much trouble; she does have an example to set.”  Minus Ashley, who kept glancing at the blonde, all the girls laughed. 

“I promise nothing.”



“What the hell is that supposed to mean,”  The blonde seemed pissed,  “What do you mean, I promise nothing?”

“Come on, B, let’s be real with each other for once.  Whenever we get around each other we always have the best intentions, but someone always gets played.”  Locking eyes with the head Slayer, an unspoken tension seemed to fill the room and wrap the Slayer up in an uncomfortable blanket.  “I can’t promise you something that’s seems near impossible.”

“I don’t think now is the time to go there.”  The blonde answered back while breaking her gaze from the other Slayer. 

“Yeah I heard that one before.  Now let’s go get Robby to get you that precious file.”  Without looking back Faith walked out of her office and into the hall.  Realizing the blonde Slayer was not behind her, the brunette Slayer leaned against the wall directly outside of her office.  Part of her was waiting for Buffy to come out and the rest of her was trying to steady her emotions.  It was a risky move throwing out her feelings like that to distract the other woman from asking more questions about Ashley, but in the moment she knew Buffy was ready to ask things she wasn’t sure how to answer.  Better to bring up something the blonde still hasn’t answered for, then to watch everything she has been working toward blow up in her face this early into the visit.  Plus now she knows the blonde is still affected about what had happened.


All the brunette Slayer wanted to know was that the blonde was affected; that she was feeling this, whatever it was.  In the two minutes that it took them to walk to the bathroom, all Ashley was aware of was the blonde's presence, each foot step, every intake of breath, and in the moments she really concentrated, the beautiful beat of the blonde girl's heart.  It scared her how sad she felt that each beat was so steady while her own raced at how close they were.

“So,” the blonde, clearly uncomfortable with the silence, started “does it suck having to be in school all summer or are you enjoying the extra practice?”

“Um, I guess it’s good and bad.”  Great, now that this blue-eyed beauty is going to be here all summer with her.  “Better than last year.”

Pausing in her steps, the blonde turned toward the Slayer.  “Last year?  Dawn told me that this is just for juniors.”

Uncomfortable to be within inches for the blonde and not being able to reach out and touch her, Ashley turned away from the piercing blue eyes and continued walking.  “Yeah it is, but at graduation Faith asked me to stay the summer, I think it has to do with your cousin.”  Even with her Slayer reflexes, nothing prepared Ashley for the blonde's skin suddenly touching her own.

“Oh my god!  You’re the Slayer Buffy is here about.  That is so cool, I can’t wait to tell Dawn.”  Realizing she was still touching the brunette, Spencer turned her head to hide a blush and moved her hand back to her side.

“Here we are.”  Looking up, the blonde realized they had finally reached the bathroom.  “I don’t actually have to “go”, I just needed to clear my head so I’m just going to wait here for you okay.” 

“Okay.”  Glancing quickly at Ashley before she went through the door, Spencer gave just the tiniest of smiles.  “Be right back.”

Once the door closed, Ashley’s legs finally gave out and a smile graced her face.  Sitting on the floor across from the bathroom door, Ashley hummed to herself.  The tune was sappy and ridiculous but the Slayer didn’t care.  All she cared about was the quick intake of breath her blue-eyed goddess took when they had touched, and how the blonde’s heartbeat almost matched her own when their eyes locked in that last glance.  Now she knows this dream girl cares, and that’s both exciting and terrifying. 




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