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Chapter 7: Crush

A few days after the blow up in her office Faith still found herself running on high emotions.  When Buffy finally followed her out that day the blonde refused to speak or even look in the direction of the dark slayer.  Once they reached Robin’s office the head slayer basically dismissed the brunette and that was the last Faith had seen of Buffy.  Deep down she thought she’d feel relief at not having to be put on the spot to answer for Ashley but really she felt anger and sadness; two emotions the blonde slayer often brought out in her.

“Why the long face?”  Turning from the game room’s window Faith found the interrupter of her thoughts to be Robin.  “Normally when I find you here at two in the morning you’re cussing out Ms. Pacman and her inability to escape those ghost things trying to eat her, but instead you’re staring out into the dark.”  Joining the slayer by the large window Robin gave his friend a nervous glance.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.”  The brunette claimed while continuing to stare out into the night.

“Really?  So you just enjoy looking at the training field when it’s empty and lit up at night?”  Questioned the watcher.

“It’s not empty.”  Faith simple stated.

“Are some of the girls trying to break curfew?”  Asked Robin trying to see what the slayer spotted.


“Then what is it?  Willow set up barriers protecting the school from anything none slayer/human.”  Seeing the calm exterior of the girl beside him Robin tried to relax the tension that suddenly rose up.

“It’s B.” 

“Oh.  How long has she been out there?”  Inquired the watcher.

“Two hours.”

“How long have you been watching her?” 

“Two hours.”

Looking from the brunette to the figure, which he now knew was Buffy, walking toward the field doors the watcher gave his friend a worried look.  “How’d you know she was out here?”  He asked knowing that question would more likely be answered over why she was watching.

“Just did.”  Faith answer while locking her gaze on the blonde about to enter the school.

“Well if you just knew she was there, does she know that you’re here?”  Even though he couldn’t see, the blonde had stopped in her movement and had turned to look in their direction for a second before walking into the school.

“Probably.”  The brunette slayer answered finally turning from the window and walking out of the game room.



“Shut up Dawn!”  The blonde with bright blue eyes laughed at her cousin.  “She is not creepy!”  Turning her head to try and hide the blush that had snuck up on her the younger cousin looked to the head of the class to see her other cousin still speaking with the teacher.

“Listen, all I am staying is that throughout this entire class every few minutes Ashley kept glancing in your directions.  That’s a little creepy.”  The slightly older girl shrugged.

“Okay, if you saw her looking in our direction, doesn’t that make you creepy for staring at her during class?  I mean, she’s a slayer, she probably felt you looking at her and kept turning to see who was looking at her.”  Even though the blonde partly wished her own logic wasn’t true she really just wanted to get her cousin to let this go.

“Um, no.  The only reason I looked her way is because I kept noticing her looking at you out of the corner of my eye.  After about the tenth time in two minutes she did it is when I started looking right at her.  The more I looked right at her the less she seemed to do it.”  Countered the ex key.

“Well maybe since I told her you were going to be her watcher she is curious about you and that’s why she kept looking this way.  Seriously she stopped so this is not a big deal.”  Seeing that Buffy was finally done talking the blue eyed beauty started to stand.

“She was not looking in this direction, or our direction, she was looking at you, only you.  Ever since you guys came back from the bathroom Monday, she just full on stares at you whenever we are in one of her classes.  What did you guys do?”  Dawn’s curiosity was one of the main reasons being a watcher has always seemed like the best job for her.

“Nothing.  Honestly we didn’t even speak on our way back.”  Even though she doubted her cousin was going to believe her, Spencer was telling the truth.  As soon as she walked out of the restroom the blonde had no idea how to act around the slayer.  She was positive that something happened right before she went to the bathroom but that was as far as it went.  Spencer was attracted to the brunette slayer and had also noticed the constant glances but what she didn’t know is if she could handle what any of it meant.

“I can’t deal with this right now.”  Her voice seemed dispirit and her pacing would have been another clue in her overload of emotion but the voice on the other end of the phone simply laughed.  “I’m serious Ky I’m freaking out.”

“Sorry Ashley but I’ve seen girls do this over you not the other way around.  You are human after all.”  Sisterly love was not all it was cracked up to be.  “Sorry.”  She continued to laugh.

“Kyla please don’t make me rethink having you here.”  Ashley threatened.

“Oh please you know you are going crazy without my upbeat personality and encouragement.”  Both girls smiled and knew the other was smiling into the phone.  “Truthfully Ash this is kind of awesome.  I have never heard you so worked up over someone you’ve barely spoken to.  It makes me happy to know you have finally found some.”

“Ky, you do realize we have barely spoken and she barely looks at me.”  The sadness in her sisters voice made Kyla say something she’s never said before.

“Normally I don’t believe in adding to your ego but you’re Ashley Davies.  Girls throw themselves at you all day.  Trust me she knows you exist, and is probably feeling and thinking the same thing.  When I come down next week I’ll check her out for you.”  The younger sister said “I’ll even have Aiden hit on her just to make sure she is playing on your team.”

“Alright thanks but you guys need to be really careful and not obvious at all.  This girl is the cousin of the slayer in charge.”

“I didn’t know Faith had an young, blonde, and sexy cousin.”  Kyla said surprised.

“She doesn’t.  I’m talking about the Buffy, the slayer who is in charge of everything and everyone.”

“Damn Ashley.”

“She is also my potential watcher’s sister.”

“DAMN Ash, what are you getting yourself into and don’t answer that you dirty minded girl.”  Kyla laughed “Seriously though I miss you and I can’t wait to see you next week.”

“I can’t wait either.”

“How much longer do I have to wait?”  The blonde asked the school’s head watcher.  “I’ve been here for about a week and I still don’t have Ashley’s file.”

“Well, Buffy, I seemed to misplace it.”  Robin shifted uncomfortably “Since the field is so close to my office and there was all that construction going on I had to work from different areas.  Things have been moved and I’ve been working since the summer began to get organized.  Once I find her file I bring it right to you.”

“Hey, Robin, I’m used to shit talk from Faith so lets cut the crap.  You’re anal, that’s why you are the watcher in charge.  Ashley was a senior which means she should have left the school in May and been assigned a watcher.  She is still here, you all decided you want Dawn for her, and I’m just finding this out.  Now you can’t find her file and everything I run into Faith there is Ashley.  Find the file.”  Without even waiting for a response the blonde slayer turned from the watcher and moved to leave the office.

“Where are you going?”  Robin asked.

“I think I know who the mastermind behind all of this is and if you can’t give me the file then I’m just going to tell Faith I want a little one on one with this girl.”  The angry blonde stormed out of the head watcher’s office and into the head slayer’s office in what seemed like seconds, even though the offices are in ways apart.  “Is this just another game to you?  I mean I get that you hate me, I understand okay, but I never thought you would mess with even one of the slayers here.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”  Asked the school’s head slayer, clearly confused on why Buffy had just stormed into her office yelling.

“Robin can’t find Ashley’s file.  The guy who organizes his pens by color is forgetful on where he put a senior’s file.  Why is she still here Faith?  Why do you want Dawn involved?”  Desperation was all over the blonde’s face and body language when she started pacing the office.

“Buffy, “ The pause caused the blonde to stop.

“Don’t.  Don’t come up with some half ass excuse.  If you won’t tell me then she will.  Saturday morning I want a one on one with Ashley.”  The blonde demanded.

“B this is a school not a police station.  We just don’t interrogate people over curiosity.”  The brunette tried to calm the blonde.  “Just give us a little more time and everything will be answered.  It’s summer, we’re not as organized, and your visit basically threw us off track.” 

“Yeah, it must come as a big surprise that I would be interested in something that has to do with Dawn.”  The blonde slayer answered sarcastically while turning to leave.

“Hey.”  Faith called out to the Buffy as she was leaving.  “I don’t hate you.  I don’t think I ever did.”  Moving out of her seat Faith walked around to the front of her desk.  “I don’t think you ever hated me either.

“Faith,”  The blonde’s pause caused the brunette to move into her personal space.  “Stop trying to distract me with this to forget about Ashley.”

“I’m not.”  The brunette answered while inching even closer. 

“Then now is not the time to talk about it.”  Buffy spoke as she glanced down at the floor.

“Then when are we going to talk about it B?  I saw you last night.  I saw what you were doing, and I know you know I saw you, but you didn’t stop.”  Lightly grasping the blondes chin, Faith lifted Buffy’s head and locked the blonde’s with her own.  “Why didn’t you stop?”

Minutes passed and neither slayer moved an inch.  Their glazes were locked on each other.  Slowly Faith’s thumb started to caress the chin it held and both girls’ breathing seemed to increase but no one moved.  Movement meant the moment would stop and reality would once again come between both slayers.  As usual for the pair the blonde was the first to move.  Silently she turned and broke their gaze.  Then she lightly took hold of the hand that had been stroking her chin and gazed at it as if it was a foreign object.

“B.”  Faith’s voice sounded desperate but no other words were able to leave her mouth because the blonde had leaned forward and kissed the brunette.  It wasn’t a rough kiss but a sweet gentle kiss full of warmth.  Pulling back so their lips were only inches apart both girls kept there eyes closed.

“We will talk but not now.”  No longer feeling the blondes breath against her lips, Faith opened her eyes but all she saw was an open door.

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
Cause I've tried and tried to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going away-ay-ay
Going away-ay-ay



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