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Chapter Nine- A Certain Blonde Drops A Bombshell

"Faith, can you go get some more ice? We're out."

Faith tried not to feel a stab of anger, but she did and she felt sorry for it.

"Sure, Glor." A pained smile was plastered on her face. "Anything else while I'm in the kitchen?"

"No, just the ice is fine…unless you need something, baby?" Glory asked Gunn as she sat on his lap and kissed his head.

"No, I'm good," He said as he squeezed Glory around her waist and leaned in for a kiss.

"Okay, I'll be right back." Faith looked at the loving display with a little bitterness, but didn't let it show. "Enjoy yourselves."

Faith walked into the kitchen and Buffy immediately picked up on her mood.

"What?" She asked Faith.

"What, `what'? I'm gettin' ice for Glory, she said they're out."


"Yeah, her and her honeybunny," Faith said sarcastically. Then said almost to herself, "I guess it was them that threw this party, them that invited half the kids in town and flew some of his classmates and their family out here so Ben would have a good time…"

"And you're upset about that?"

"No…" Faith said, realizing how she just sounded and tried to calm herself down. "I just mean…she acts like I'm the fuckin' caterer, a little respect would be nice."


"What?" Faith stopped what she was doing and looked at Buffy.

"Baby," Buffy said soothingly. "I know what's bugging you…"

"Oh yeah? What, you're psychic now?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes but didn't back down.

"You told me this morning that you're worried, you've been tense ever since."

"I told you already. That's not on my mind, you gonna let it drop now?"

The tone of Faith's voice cut into Buffy more than Faith had meant it to.


"Finish getting the ice, Faith." Buffy said sharply and went back out to the party.

Faith went to follow Buffy outside when Dawn came in from the dining room carrying a bottle of Irish whiskey.

"What's going on?" Dawn asked.

"Nothing, D."

"Don't tell me `nothing', Faith."

Faith looked at her incredulously, "You Summers women, you really…" She stopped mid-sentence shaking her head with a smirk on her lips.

"What? `We really' what?"

Faith looked at her more seriously, "Dawn, leave it, I've got it under control."

"Faith, why can't you let me in on things? I might be able to help."

Faith sighed and walked closer to Dawn, bringing her hand to the side of her face, "You've done enough for us, Dawnie." Dawn leaned gratefully into her touch. "You've been wonderful and I'm so thankful…but…"

Just then there was a cry heard from upstairs, Isabelle was up.

A few seconds later Buffy came in from the deck and looked at Dawn standing so close to Faith.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothin', B. Dawn's just tryin' to make sure things are copacetic. I'm gonna go see what Belle needs; can you bring the ice outside?" Before Buffy could even answer, Faith was already up on the second level of the house.

Sensing that her sister and Faith needed to work something out, Dawn said, "I'll bring the ice buckets out, Buffy." And then disappeared quickly out to the back deck.

Buffy looked at the bottle of Irish whiskey that Dawn left on the counter and then towards the stairs Faith took. She made her decision and went upstairs.

"Such a good girl, my IzzyB," Faith was talking to Isabelle. "You did a good one. Yes you did! Okay, girlene, I'll just wash my hands and we'll go see Mommy for some food, okay Belle? Okay, honey?"

"Mommy's here," Buffy said as she walked into the room.

"Oh good, she's got that look in her eyes."

"Which one?"

"The one that says, `I'll tolerate you `cause you're funny and you clean me, but if you don't get my Mommy I'm gonna pull all your hair out and make you look like Gnarls Barkley.'"

Buffy laughed and picked up Isabelle out of the crib while Faith went into the bathroom to wash her hands.

When she came back into the room her face broke out in a wide smile, the sight of Buffy breast feeding and quietly talking to their little girl always made her feel like she couldn't contain her happiness.

Without saying a word she perched herself on the end of their bed and watched, enthralled.

Buffy could feel when Faith came back into the room and could tell she was watching them from afar. It made her smile, but she didn't look up.

After Isabelle had her fill and was ready to be burped, Buffy stood up and put the burping cloth over her shoulder. Faith got up and walked over to them. She first placed a soft kiss on her daughter's head, lingering for a little bit, then looked at Buffy.

"I love you," She whispered and then leaned in for a kiss on the lips. When it broke, she kissed Isabelle's head again. "I love you too." She said to the back of her head.

Buffy leaned in and kissed the side of Faith's cheek. Her heart felt full.

Isabelle let out a small series of burps and her parents laughed and congratulated her on a job well done. Faith took her out of Buffy's arms and did a quick diaper check.

"Yep, she's wet."

"Like clockwork."

Before Buffy could say that she would do it, Faith had Isabelle on the changing table, and started to remove the wet diaper.

"Faith, why don't you let me change her anymore?"

Faith shrugged and continued to talk animatedly to her daughter while getting another diaper out of the cupboard above the table.

Buffy moved behind Faith and put her arms around her.

"Is it because I can't do it correctly?"

"No, nothing like that, B. Right, Belle? Mommy's good at changing your diapey, right?"

Buffy chuckled against Faith's back.

"What's funny? You see somethin' funny around here, Belle?"

"You saying `diapey'."

"Should I call it a nappy, like Giles and Wes?"

"No! God no."

"Well then what?"

Buffy moved slightly to the side so Faith would see her face.

"I just think it's cute, and…I don't know…"

"You can tell me. What?"

"Well, I know you're not tough as nails, but somehow I never pictured you ever saying things like `diapey'. Like it never would cross my mind for you to be all cutesy like that."

Faith thought that over for a little and then gave a shrug with one shoulder.

"Never thought I'd ever have a family that didn't want to see me d…well, let's just say that wanted to see me."

Buffy hugged Faith harder. She knew what she meant.

"I think it's cute, and it makes me so happy. You make me so happy, Faith."

Faith smiled at Isabelle and snapped her onesie back into place.

"There ya go, babe. All done, you ready to go party?"

"Oh wait, I want to dress her up."

Faith handed Isabelle to Buffy.

"You doll her up, I'm gonna go wash my hands again."

"Don't forget to use the lotion after or else your hands are gonna get all scaly."

"Tell me about it, I feel like a freakin' gecko half the time."

After Buffy had Isabelle dressed in a nice white summer dress with a soft wild flower pattern on it, and lace socks to match, and Faith had applied sufficient lotion to her hands, they went back downstairs and joined their guests on the deck.

"Hey, there they are!" Gunn shouted.

Joyce exclaimed, "Look how beautiful!"

"Hold it," Wes said, holding up his hand and made them stay where they were while he took a picture of the young family.

"I wanna picture too!" Ben said, running over to Faith and grabbed her around the waist to have his picture taken with them.

It was as if they were the stars of the party. Everyone was smiling at them.

Faith got the feeling that they had just been talked about, but in the good way, before they walked out on the deck.

In fact, that's exactly what had taken place. It started with Harmony wondering where they had found the picture that was on Ben's cake. Dawn explained that Faith had taken it when they were on a picnic in the hills. Buffy had alerted Faith that Ben was unknowingly posing in the most precious way while looking at a butterfly on one of the wildflowers that grew on the hill, so Faith picked up her camera, and quietly snapped off about a dozen pictures. They used the best one out of those for the image on the cake. That discussion had Glory saying how thoughtful Buffy and Faith were, and how wonderful it was of them to have this party for Ben.

Then it all steamrolled from there: Each person was pointing out some act of kindness or something special about Buffy and Faith that they were grateful to them or admired them for.

Chao was eternally thankful that Faith let her stay in her house after she got together with Jana, Harmony seconded that sentiment. She pointed out that the help from both of them with Marcus was making it possible for her to help Xander recover from his addiction, and to get him through his jail time in the hopes that he could eventually be a father to their baby. Gunn said he felt so inspired by their relationship that it made him want to be a better boyfriend and finally try to get Glory to settle down with him. He was also thankful that Ben had such a stable environment to stay in during the times he had to work.

By the time Buffy and Faith had come out on the deck with Isabelle, everyone was "feeling the love" for the couple.

Giles, having drunk a couple of glasses of wine, was feeling especially proud of Faith's journey, and he stood up and raised his glass in a toast.

"I know you both are looking at me like I'm crazy, but I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you both for your hospitality and for letting us share in your wonderful lives. I'm very proud to call Faith my daughter…"

"G…" Faith started to interrupt him but he wouldn't let her.

"No, now Faith, you know how hard it is for me to get going like this, so let me just get it out."

Wesley handed Faith and Buffy glasses of their own.

"Thanks," She said to Wesley, then to Giles. "It's sweet, but you don't…" She started to protest and Buffy silenced her by squeezing her tightly around the middle.

"Thank you," Giles nodded to Buffy. "Now where was I?"

Faith sighed and looked at her glass, "You were proud."

"Oh yes, I am so deeply proud to call you my daughter, despite the fact that biologically I'm not really your father, and physically not being old enough at the time of your birth…"

"G, speed it up, by the time you're finished Belle's gonna be old enough to give birth."

Buffy gave her a pinch on her side for that comment and she jumped slightly.

"Very well, I just wanted to say, I'm proud to call you daughter," He pointed his glass at Buffy. "And when you two join in matrimony, I will be proud to officially call Buffy my daughter as well."

Everyone agreed and toasted them with their glasses.

After watching Buffy down her glass, Faith said, "That better have been grape juice."

"The doctor said I could have one glass of wine."

Faith looked at her glass again, "Well, I should be having grape juice, that's for sure." She handed her full glass back to Wesley.

"But you gotta toast, Faith," Ben handed her his glass. "Here, have mine, it's got peach in it."

"Oooh, my favorite, thanks buddy," She smiled warmly at him before downing the rest of his drink and then handed him back the glass.

"You're welcome," He beamed proudly as he looked at his empty glass.

Faith and Buffy both laughed at the cute look on his face and Faith reached down to tousle his hair.

"Did you like your presents, little man?"

"They were the best! I think this was better than Christmas last year, and Christmas was awesome!"

"Wow, that good, huh?" Faith asked. She was happy that he had a good time.

"But you know what the best part was?"


"Having my mom and dad together and everyone here being happy," He said sincerely.

Buffy looked at him with blurry vision and a wide smile, she quickly hid her face in Faith's shoulder before she started to cry in earnest. The way he said it wasn't pretentious or cutesy, it was matter of fact and heartfelt and made her instantly think of how Faith's home had been broken. Whenever she thought of how good it was to have her parents together, her heart always broke for Faith.

Faith cleared her throat before speaking, "That's what it's all about, Benji. I'm proud of you for figurin' that out at such a young age."


"Yep, it took me until very recently to figure out that family is all that matters."

Ben hugged her other side and then tugged on Buffy's dress.

"Don't cry, B." He said. Then smiled when Buffy looked at him and added, "We're gonna have cake now."

Buffy nodded at him, smiling, but continued to cry silently, the lump in her throat was too large for her to speak at that moment.

Benjamin tickled Isabelle's foot and ran off in the direction of his parents as the little girl squealed.



Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

As the music started up, Buffy felt a pair of arms snaking around her stomach.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

"Now that the kiddies have gone home, the adults can party," Faith said in a sexy whisper. "I want some more of what you gave me this mornin'."

Buffy shivered, she had been thinking the same thing practically the whole evening. It was no secret that watching Faith made her hot, but watching Faith interact with children, and doing it so expertly, well that just measured off the charts.

"We have guests," She managed to say before she said what she was really thinking.

"They won't miss us. `Sides," Faith tightened her grip around Buffy's waist. "A couple of them might like to join in if they knew what we were gonna do."

"Faith," Buffy bristled and moved to get out of her embrace.

"B, I'm kidding," She said with a smile and pulled her back into her. "Don't leave."

Someone turned up the music, and Faith began swaying to it, with Buffy still stiff in her arms.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

After a few more moments, Buffy gave up being upset at Faith's foursome suggestion and relaxed back into her, moving to the music with her.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

"Mmm," Faith moaned into her ear. "There's my girl."

Glory looked at the sexy picture they made and smirked from where she was sitting on the couch.

"How about we make this an encore of the Wolf movie?"

Giles coughed, and Faith looked at him smiling, but said to Glory.

"I don't think so, Glor, tonight's just gonna be a twosome." She kissed Buffy behind the ear and said, "Right, baby?"

Buffy just smiled at Glory who smiled back, accepting defeat.

"C'mon, B, come with me." Faith nipped at her earlobe and the double meaning of her words wasn't lost on her. Especially when she felt Faith's hardness pressed up against her ass. "I'll be downstairs, trying to pre-treat this shirt `cause I got some chocolate ice cream on it." She said, mischievously and then left Buffy swaying to the music on her own.

Glory looked at her knowingly and then nodded towards the direction Faith walked, giving her approval with a wink.

Buffy looked around the room again, everyone was having a good time, but she felt guilty for thinking about leaving them to go off and have a quickie with Faith.

Just then her mother came out of the kitchen.

"Buffy, dear. You better go down and help Faith, she tried to shove a whole scoop of chocolate ice cream in her mouth and it ended up on her shirt."

Buffy sighed, and shrugged at her mother.

"That's just like, Faith."

"Well, she asked if she should rinse it under hot water. I don't think she knows what she's doing."

"You're right, I better get down there," Buffy said, trying to keep a serious look on her face.

As soon as she got down the steps, she was ambushed from the side by a half naked Faith and dragged off towards the bedroom.

"Faith," She said, trying not to laugh too loudly. "I'm trying to help you with your shirt."

"Fuck the shirt, it's in the garbage already."

"Faith! I bought you that shirt when you got out of the hospital."

Faith quickly softened her voice, but kept moving Buffy quickly through the room Jana and Chao now shared, and into the bathroom.

"It's the best shirt you ever bought me, and I love it."

"So much that you threw it in the garbage?"

"It's in the sink, I just said that so you would forget about it, sorry baby."

"I forgive you," Buffy said as she started to fumble with the belt of Faith's jeans.

"Not so fast, girly." Faith loved nothing more than to tease Buffy until she reached her breaking point, so she set out to do just that. She turned her around and pressed her up against the wall.

"Faith, please…don't tease…I've been watching you all day, just fuck me."

"Oh, you've been watchin' me all day, huh?"

"Yes," Buffy breathed.

Faith reached under Buffy's dress and pushed her panties down to her knees, she cupped her pussy and moaned into her ear.

"Mmmm, that's wet, baby. Did you get like that because of me?"

Buffy nodded.

"What made you hottest? Was it when Ben hit me while swingin' for the piñata?" She asked with mischief in her voice.

"Oh yeah," Buffy moaned. "I wished I was the stick."

Faith laughed, and then pulled her hard cock out of her pants, "I got your stick right here, babe."

As she pressed her bulbous cockhead to Buffy's pussy lips from behind, Buffy pulled slightly away and said firmly over her shoulder, "I wanna ride you." 

Faith backed up and let her turn around.

Buffy pulled Faith's hips to her and then hopped up on them, trying to climb higher so that Faith could slide her big, thick cock in her hot, wet pussy. Faith put her arms around Buffy and lifted her higher, she could feel Buffy take hold of her cock and guide it to the right spot.

As soon as the head was at her hole, Buffy sank down so that Faith was snuggly sheathed inside her.

They both groaned from the feeling they gave each other. Neither of them moved for several moments except to kiss frantically.

Faith moved them over to the wall, and pressed Buffy's back into it, pulling away from her at the same time. Buffy pouted slightly, she was enjoying their kissing immensely.

Faith looked at her intensely and took Buffy's face into her hands, then smoothed her hair off her forehead and brought hers to rest on top of the slightly sweaty, but smooth skin.

"I could stay here all night with you like this, Buffy. It feels so fuckin' good."

"I know, Faith," Buffy agreed. "I don't want to move."

"No?" Faith smirked.

"No, except for the yearning need to come really fast that's making me wish you'd fuck me hard, I'd like nothing more than to stay here forever."

"When you put it that way…" Faith let her words trail off, but her hips started a slow, undulating rhythm that had Buffy making a familiar breathy squeak in her throat.

Neither of them got too loud during this fast and furious fuck. They just kept staring into each other's eyes as Faith powered faster and faster into Buffy's quivering hole.

When the sensations started to become more than they could bear, they started to nip at each other's skin, breathing sharply between small kisses and whispered endearments.

Finally, Faith took Buffy's face between her hands again and whispered, "Fuck," slowly, as she came deeply inside Buffy's grasping hole. She repeated the word over and over as she felt Buffy's own orgasm take over, still plunging her trembling cock into Buffy in the same slow movement she started with.

Buffy pulled Faith closer to her in a crushing hug with her arms and her legs, and captured her mouth in a needy kiss.

"Oh, fuck!" She exclaimed when it ended. "I needed that," She said trying to catch her breath.

Faith put her hand on the back of Buffy's head and pulled her mouth to her again. She groaned into the kiss as she felt her balls contract, pushing out another round of semen into Buffy's already filled hole.  

Buffy pulled back from the kiss when she needed air, and said, "I'll never get enough of the way you make me come." She shivered and leaned down to kiss Faith's shoulder. Her pussy was still pleasantly shocking her with strong pulses.

For a few more minutes they just stayed where they were, then Faith moved Buffy over to the sink and sat her down. Buffy tightened her legs around Faith's waist, not letting her move away. She settled her head on Faith's shoulder.

"I know we have to go back up, but I just want to stay here for a minute longer."

"Alright, sweetheart, but I'm gonna have to sit. My legs are shakin'."

Buffy threw her arms around Faith's shoulders and became dead weight.

"Oh, okay, c'mon sweet-thang. I'll carry you," She kept her close as she picked her up so they stayed connected in one key area, and sat down on the closed toilet lid. "Oof, good thing I got the soft lid cover, feels comfy."

Buffy leaned down for another kiss, she felt Faith stirring inside her pussy and smiled slightly as the kiss ended.

Faith smiled at her, she knew what she was thinking and winked at her. She then ran her hands up Buffy's dress and removed her bra. As Buffy pulled her dress the rest of the way up her body and draped it over the towel rack, Faith smoothed her fingers over the skin on display, and pulled her bra straps down her arms, helping her take it the rest of the way off.

"Beautiful," Faith said sincerely, looking at Buffy's swollen breasts, then up into her eyes. "You're so fuckin' beautiful, B." She stopped for a few moments, and looked at a loss for words. "I don't even know what to say."

Buffy pulled her in closely and whispered near her lips, "I think you said it perfectly, baby." Then leaned in a millimeter more and kissed her deeply. She started an up and down movement on Faith's lap, and felt her cock fully harden inside of her.

"Mmmm, damn…" Faith breathed out when Buffy gave her back control of her mouth. "Ride `em, cowgirl," She said wiggling her eyebrows.

Buffy threw her head back and moved her hips sensuously, while Faith held onto her so she wouldn't fall back too far. After a few moments, as she rode up and down Faith's cock, Faith pulled her closer and captured a nipple in her mouth, slightly biting and then latching on and sucking earnestly. She simultaneously rolled Buffy's other nipple between her fingers, drawing out delicious moans from deep within her throat.

As Faith sucked harder, Buffy's moans became louder and her pussy started to strongly spasm, Faith took that as her cue to take over driving for a while. She didn't remove her mouth from her breasts though, she just moved between the two, sucking and biting, eliciting more moans from Buffy.

Finally, after a few minutes, Buffy cried out, her clit exploded while Faith was rolling it under her thumb. Faith just sat back and let the sensation of Buffy's strong contractions around her dick bring her off again. It wasn't as explosive an orgasm this time around, but it lasted longer. She pulled Buffy's hips down and made her stay right where she was as her pulsating cock blasted one long stream of semen into her quivering pussy after the next.

Buffy fell slightly forward after her orgasm started to taper off, and kissed Faith on the forehead.

"I love you, Faith," Buffy gushed. "You're so wonderful to me, I'm so happy with our life, and Belle. I couldn't be happier."

"I love you too, Buffy, more than I can say. Belle is such a good girl, just like you…"

"And you," Buffy whispered and pressed a soft but lingering kiss on Faith's forehead.

"Yeah, when she gets all mad," Faith laughed.

Buffy pulled back and narrowed her eyes at Faith, "Oh, and I don't get mad? She can't take that from me?"

"God damn, B!" Faith pointed at her. "You look just like her when she's not done eating and you put away your boob…like when you go answer the door…"


They both laughed at the memory of their daughter getting upset over not getting enough food.

After a few moments, Faith said, "Sorry, B."

"For what?"

"For gettin' pissy earlier. All day, actually."

Buffy leaned down and kissed Faith's cheek, "I know you're sorry, and you know you don't have to get like that."

"I can't help it, I know I said I wasn't gonna worry, and I know you told me that we'll deal with it no matter what, but…" Faith stiffened even thinking of it.

"Don't get all tense, baby. I just got you relaxed."

"I know, but…"

"Faith, please, I told you. Things will be fine."

"I guess…"


"I just have this feelin' she's gonna drop a shit bomb and everyone's gonna get dirty."

"Well, there's a visual you don't think of every day…" Buffy said wryly.

"I'm sorry, babe, but it's…I just…I don't feel good about it, that's all."

"I don't know. It might be bad, but I think we can handle it," She said confidently. "Whatever it is."

"Ya think?" Faith asked.

"I do," Buffy said and they kissed sweetly for a couple of minutes.

Faith sighed, her heart started to feel lighter. Finally, sadly, after a few more moments, she brought them back to reality, "It's been like a half an hour, your mom'll think you started sewing me a new shirt or somethin'."

"Can you please not say `your mom' while you're semi-hard penis is still buried in my pussy?"

Faith jutted her hips up slightly into Buffy, "Your hot, wet, pussy." She corrected with a wink and a mischievous smile.

After they teased each other for a few more minutes, they helped each other clean up, and found Faith another shirt, then made their way back upstairs.

Dawn smirked when she saw them come up from the basement and took a couple of animated sniffs of the air.

"What's that smell? Pancake batter?"

"Dawn, I will have no problem killing you and stuffing you down a drainpipe," Buffy warned.

"Oooh, that's a good one, the other day it was in the back of a garbage truck," She smiled sweetly at her sister and handed her a glass of water. "I'll bet your throat is sore."

"Not even, so there."

"Oh," Dawn looked at Faith who narrowed her eyes, "Then I bet your tongue is sore, hmm?"

"No, Dawn. If you must know my dick is sore, from giving it to your sister hard and fast twice, once up against the wall and once on the toilet."

"What's on the toilet?" Joyce said as she came into the kitchen, she only caught the very end of what Faith had said.

Her two daughters squeaked, "Mom!"

Faith smiled broadly, Buffy shot her a warning look, and she shrugged innocently.

"That new cover I bought for it, it's really comfortable, I was just telling Buffy and Dawn, they had a home sale the other day at that place down town."

"Oh, that little cute store I was asking you about?"

"Yup," Faith said.

"Oooh, I'd like to go there, will you take me?"

Buffy's eyes widened.

"Anytime, Joyce, you just let me know…and I'll take you there," Faith said with a suave smile.

Just then the doorbell rang and Dawn pretended to be greatly interested in who was out there.

Joyce followed her and Buffy shot daggers at Faith as she passed her, "You are so dead."


"You know what…"

"It's Anya," Chao said from the window.

Faith's heart sank down to her stomach. She was hoping Anya would have forgotten about their meeting, but when she saw her being greeted by Jana, she knew she wasn't that lucky.

"Hi Faith!" Anya waved cheerily to her, she and Buffy had appeared from the kitchen.

"Hey, An," Faith said, moving over to where she was. They did the European double kiss and then Faith reached out for Buffy's hand. This would be the first time she and Anya met each other face to face. With Anya's schedule taking her away most of the year, she wasn't in town for the past couple of months for the birth of the baby, or the drama of Faith's shooting. "Now I know you've talked to Buffy over the phone, but I'd like to formally introduce you to her."

Anya gave Faith a big smile, then accepted Buffy's outstretched hand, quickly pulling her into an embrace. She looked at Faith as she was physically sizing up Buffy. She gave Faith a "thumbs up" and an animated wink.

Faith just shook her head.

"It's very nice to finally meet you, Buffy," Anya said when she finally let her go.

"You too," Buffy looked at Faith slightly puzzled; she just shrugged back at her.

"Is the little one asleep already?"

"Yep, she goes down like clockwork," Faith said proudly. "Eight o'clock every night."

"She's so beautiful, the pictures probably don't do her any justice and I bet she sleeps like a dream."

"We're very lucky," Buffy said, nodding her head.

"Do you mind if I go up and see her? I'm leaving again tomorrow, and I just want to look."

Buffy looked at Faith, who nodded. "Sure, she's in our room, I'll take you up."

"That would be lovely," Anya smiled and waited for Buffy to ascend the stairs.

Jana walked over to Faith and whispered, "I see she's the same. All business and cagey. Like a snake."

"She's a lawyer, it's their M.O," Faith mused.

"You better go up and help Buffy, you know how Anya can get with the questions."

Faith looked up at the ceiling for a few long moments, then went up the stairs as Jana suggested.

She looked in on them as they whispered above the baby's crib, Buffy turned around to Faith and smiled, Anya gave her a slight wave.

Somehow Faith knew that this wasn't just a light hearted visit, it wasn't even because of the text she had received from her in the morning, she knew it was going to be a bombshell from the way Anya was acting since she arrived. If the news had been no big deal she would have spoke to her on the phone about it, or even just pulled her into another room, after saying her hello's, and told her then.

Apparently the dread that was filling Faith became evident on her face, because Buffy asked in a whisper, "Are you okay, honey?"

"Fine, B," She replied tightly.

Anya looked at Buffy, and then back at the baby in the crib, nodded as though she made a decision and then walked out of the room, indicating that they should follow her into Dawn's room.

"What's up, An?" Faith asked even before the door was closed, her stomach was churning and she couldn't take the wait.

 "Sit," She commanded instead of answering Faith's question. "Please." She added quickly.

"Do you want us to roll over and play dead too?" Faith said snappily, as she slowly sat on the bed.

Anya turned and looked at Buffy, "How well did you know Angel?"

Buffy's face turned puzzled, "Uhhh," She was clearly taken aback by the question.

"You know, Angel, the man you were married to?"

"Hey, An, back off," Faith bristled. "You're comin' at her like she's on trial."

"I'm sorry, I'm still stuck in lawyer mode. I've been arguing a case all day."

"You had court on a Saturday?"

"Traffic, I was caught speeding, I had to defend myself."

Faith shook her head and laughed despite her feelings of needing to defend Buffy.

"What about Angel?" Buffy asked, slightly irritated. It was her stomach's turn to start churning.

"I was just wondering how well you knew of his background?"

"Besides the lies he told me about every aspect of his life?"

Anya nodded.

"Absolutely nothing that wasn't a lie."

"How old is he?"

"Oh, well, that's probably the only thing he never lied about. He's thirty."

Anya's eyes narrowed, she felt for Buffy. She couldn't stand men who lied, and it seemed Angel did nothing but lie.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, Buffy, but he lied about that too."


"He's much older than that, in fact, he's so old that he has a son about Faith's age. Well, had a son."

"What?" Buffy repeated. Her head started to feel like there were bubbles floating around her brain.

Faith stood up and got in front of Anya, she grabbed her forearm.

"An, quit it with the cryptic shit and tell us what you know," Her voice was low and mean.

"Faith, you quit it with the man-handling." She wrested her arm from Faith's grip. "Go sit again." She indicated towards the bed while rubbing her arm.

"Cut the dramatics," Faith spat back, as she took her seat next to Buffy; she put her arm around her for comfort.

"Point taken," Anya replied and pulled a chair over to sit in front of them. "I'm sorry, Buffy."

"It's okay," She looked a bit shaken, and as though she was still trying absorb the information about Angel having a son. "Wha-What do you mean, `had a son'?"

"It was tough piecing the information together, but the man who shot Faith was Connor, Angel's son."

"What?!" Faith shouted.

"Faith, keep it down," Buffy said sternly. Isabelle's crib would be right behind the wall they were sitting in front of.

Faith looked as though she wasn't listening, but she lowered her voice when she spoke next, "How are they just finding this out now?"

"The records of his birth were completely falsified, and his fingerprints had been altered. We had to wait for the results of the DNA test."

"Why would Angel's son want to kill Faith?"

"Angel asked him to."

"What the fuck is this dude's problem?"

"You ruined his life."

"I ruined his life?!" Faith raised her voice again. Buffy put her arm on Faith's leg and squeezed. "Sorry." She continued quieter but no less stern, "He's lucky I didn't fuckin' end him. And so what? He gets his kid to come after me? Why would his kid do it?"

"It seems he would have done anything to please his father. He was always trying to measure up to him."

"So fuckin' twisted!" Faith put her hand in her hair and thought a moment. "Was he under Cordelia's thumb too?"

"It's still being investigated, but we think so."

"Jesus fuckin' Christ…" Faith trailed off.

Buffy finally spoke, "How old is he really, Anya?"

"They're not completely sure, it looks like he had some experts forging documents for him, obviously." She looked at Buffy and tried to soften what she was about to say, "They say he's in his fifties, probably closer to sixty."

Buffy put her hand up to her mouth, she felt as though she was going to be sick.

"How the fuck is that possible?" Faith got up from the bed and started to pace. "I mean, you slept with the guy, B. His body didn't look old, right? I mean shit, his face didn't look that old either."

"He didn't spend much time in the sun, did he Buffy?"

Buffy looked at her for a few long moments and then shook her head, "Even," She stopped and cleared her throat. "Even when we were on vacation, he preferred to get drunk all day and stay in the room."

"I don't think he drank as much as he wanted you to think he did."

"Well, it made it difficult for us to have sex..."

"He suffers from erectile dysfunction," Anya stated. "Quite common in men of his age."

"Isn't that somethin'?" Faith asked. "Why the fuck didn't he just take Viagra?"

"The psychiatrist said it was some sort of pride thing. Like, he'd be admitting defeat if he took a drug to give him a hard-on."

"I started to think he was gay," Buffy said quietly, almost to herself.

Anya looked at her like she was about to say something and then stopped.

"Anya, what?" Buffy asked, she had caught the look, Faith was still busy pacing.


There was a quick knock on the door and then Dawn opened it, "Sorry, guys, I need my sweater. I also heard Belle fussing." She said as she made her way over to her closet and took out her sweater. "Everything okay?" She asked as she noticed the puzzled looks on Buffy and Faith's faces.

"Everything's fine…Dawn, is it?" Anya put out her hand for Dawn to shake and Dawn nodded as she took her hand. "Sorry I barged in here without so much as a hello, you and I spoke on the phone a couple of times, I'm Anya."

"Yeah, hi…" Dawn said as stood shaking Anya's hand. She indicated to Buffy and Faith. "You're not upsetting them are you?"

Anya leaned in a little and whispered, "I'm updating them on the case. A lot to process."

"Oh," Dawn whispered back. "Should I leave?"

"No, Dawn, stay," Buffy said. "Anya, can I check on our daughter?"

"Sure," She said, finally letting go of Dawn's hand. She turned towards Faith and said, "There's more."

"We'll wait until Buffy comes back," Faith said, her voice sounded hollow.

"Anya, can I get you anything?" Dawn asked, she wanted to break up the doomed feeling she was getting from everyone in the room and remind Faith that a great party had taken place and was in fact still going on.

"Just some club soda if you have it, thanks."

"Sure, I'll be right back."

Dawn left and quickly ducked into Faith and Buffy's room.

"Hey, is she okay?" Dawn asked as she looked at the crib.

"She got tangled in her blanket, she's fine now, sleeping like Faith."

Dawn smiled at the sweet faced little girl.

"Buffy, what's up with the news?"

"I'll tell you later."


"Angel had a son."

"What? When? With who?" Dawn asked rapidly. Misunderstood realization suddenly dawned on her face. "With Cordelia?!"

Buffy shook her head, "I don't know who his mother is. But he tried to kill Faith."

"He what?! When?!"

"Dawn, your voice…"

"Sorry," She moved Buffy into the part of the room that held Buffy and Faith's bed. "When did a child try to kill Faith?"

Buffy let a momentary smile break out on her face at the absurdity of what she was about to say, and also for Dawn's misunderstanding of the facts.

"The guy who came through here and shot Faith while she was fishing…"

"But that guy had to be about twenty or twenty five." Dawn said, her brow knitted in confusion. "Did Angel have a kid when he was like ten?"

"Angel is ancient, Dawnie. He's like sixty."

"What?!" Her voice rose despite her trying to keep it down.

"It's true."

"That motherfucking, motherfucker, what the fuck?"

"Dawn, calm down, you'll wake, Belle. I have to go back in there, she said there's more."

"Wait, I'm going to get Anya something to drink. Wait for me, please. I want to be there."

Buffy agreed, "Hurry."

Dawn left the room quickly and Buffy stood in the same spot, wringing her hands, and trying not to burst into tears. She never felt more strongly in her life that she had brought this all on them. If she hadn't thought Angel was cute, and then hadn't fallen for his bad boy ways, none of this would be happening to them now.

Dawn popped her head in the door, "C'mon, let's go back in there."



"They've been up there for about ten minutes now," Giles said, looking at the ceiling.

"I hate to leave without saying goodbye, but Benji's all tired out and I don't want to get back to the Inn too late," Glory said.

"I'm sure they won't mind if you left your parting message with us, I'll be sure to give it to them as soon as they're finished."

"Okay, well, tell them that we can't thank them enough, and that we'll see them tomorrow. Breakfast is on me and Gunn and that's final."

There were hugs and goodbyes, and then a door upstairs was thrown open making a loud bang. Both Buffy and Dawn's voices were heard straining to keep quiet, but also trying to call to Faith who was currently flying down the stairs.

Without so much as an explanation she had Fred up against the living room wall and was looking at her like she was about to murder her. She kept looking from one eye to her other.

"F-Faith…" Fred could hardly get the name out; Faith had her forearm across her windpipe and was pressing harder.

For a moment everyone stood stone still, they weren't sure what they were witnessing. Glory and Gunn stood in the doorway and had puzzled smiles on their faces, thinking it was some kind of a joke, but Wesley was pulling at Faith's arm.

Dawn and Buffy raced down the stairs and were shouting at Faith, with Anya closely behind them practically screaming, "I said, unwittingly!"

"Wh…F-Faith…" Fred tried again to speak.

"Faith, let go of her," Wesley said sternly. He wasn't as wimpy as he looked, but he was having a hard time pulling Faith off of his girlfriend.

"Everyone, back the fuck off!" Faith said to the room, then looked back into Fred's eyes again. "When did you know?" She asked, finally. Her voice sounded as sharp and as dangerous as a knife's edge.

"Faith, you're hurting her and scaring your guests," Wesley tried to reason with her.

"I'm only talkin' to my friend here," She sneered.

Fred looked frightened. Her face was starting to turn red. Faith didn't let her go, but eased a bit on the pressure to her windpipe.

"I love you, Fred, but if you fucked me…"

"Faith," Fred cried out. "P-please, I don't know wh-what you're asking m-me…"

"Did you know her before?"



"Before wh-what?" Fred's voice was shaking, she had never seen anything as frightening as the look in Faith's eyes.

"Before she became a woman," Faith spat out.

The collective gasp from the room was almost deafening, and then immediately afterwards you could have heard a pin drop from the other side of the universe as Faith continued to stare Fred down.


But that's just how the story unfolds
You get another hand soon after you fold
And when your plans unravel in the sand
What would you wish for if you had one chance
So airplane, airplane sorry I'm late
I'm on my way so don't close that gate
If I don't make that then I switch my flight
And I'll be right back at it by the end of the night

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now



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