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Chapter 10- Born This Way

"Is she still out there?"

"No, Wesley took her back to the Inn, she was a little shaken."

"I'll say, Faith went all psycho on her, I'd be a little shaken too," Dawn said.

"Dawn, don't be so sarcastic. Faith's protecting her family, you know how much that means to her."

"Buffy, I do know how much that means to her. All I'm saying is she should listen to the facts before she goes flying off the handle. I mean, didn't Anya say that Fred `unwittingly' befriended Cordy when she was a man?"

Buffy didn't answer for a few moments, then said, "You're not in our shoes, you don't know what it's like for us."

"You can use that excuse for the porn thing, but not this. I do know what it's like to be a part of this family."

"You'll see when you have kids."

"Oh, you're playing the `kid card' now? I didn't realize that would come out so soon."

"Dawn, stop giving me shit…I'm tired, it's been a long, hard day."

"Speaking of long and hard, where's Faith?"

Buffy glared at her sister for several long moments then asked, "Why do you have to do that?"


"You know what, don't play dumb. You say stuff like Faith is only identified by her genitals. You're no better than those people who think she's just a piece of meat."

"Hey, I'm not the one out there practically whoring myself in those movies!"

Buffy slapped Dawn's face and they both stood there looking at each other, stunned. Dawn for saying something she didn't mean and Buffy for resorting to violence that quickly.

"Buffy, I have Faith calm and responding to me now," Giles came into the kitchen and immediately stopped in his tracks, he could see there was something going on. "Is something the matter?"

"We were just talking."

"Yes, talking," Dawn raised her eyebrows and rubbed at her cheek.

"Perhaps we should all retire for the night. I saw Faith to her room and I'm about to join Wesley and Fred at the Inn…Buffy, I wonder if I could have a word with you?"

"I was just leaving," Dawn said and made her way quickly out of the kitchen.

"Dawn…" Buffy said in an apologetic tone, but Dawn didn't stop and let her explain, mostly because she felt like the biggest jerk at that moment.

Buffy sighed as the door to the kitchen closed.

"You had words with one another?"

Buffy let out sigh, "Words and a slap."

"Yes, I noticed the…" Giles was pointing to his own cheek, a little embarrassed for Buffy.

"I know, it's crazy. She said something very hurtful but I feel terrible about hitting her. She and I have never hit each other, before…If you can believe that."

Giles gave her a reassuring smile, "I certainly can believe it, Wesley and I went for years without getting into one of those wrestling matches with which boys usually assert their masculinity." 

"You had a fight with Wesley that led to more than just dry British humor?" Buffy asked.

"Well…you see, wingtips had just come back into fashion and he was wearing my latest pair…" Giles let the sentence trail off, he was acutely aware of how stupid he sounded just then, and how close he was standing to Buffy. He cleared his throat and backed up a couple of steps.

Buffy smirked, she remembered Faith telling her that he and Diana had watched her movies, but she didn't feel like making him squirm. She was really worried about Faith, and she suspected he had information about her and the whole situation.

"I'm sure it was quite a fight."

"I broke his collarbone in three places."

"Remind me never to mess with your shoes," Buffy was genuinely surprised about what lengths Giles would go to protect his shoes.

Giles just stood there blushing.

After a few moments Buffy asked, "Faith's okay now?"

He nodded, "She's very sorry for the way she reacted. She and Fred have been close for a good many years and this undoubtedly will put a strain on their relationship."

"Does she still think Fred helped Cordy?"

Giles looked at Buffy and indicated to a stool that was in front of the kitchen island.

"Perhaps you should sit down and I'll tell you about it."

Buffy looked puzzled, but sat down without a word and watched as Giles paced for a few steps while he gathered his thoughts.

"You see, a few years back, Cordelia had come to our facility and asked for us to give her an operation, but when I examined her to determine mental stability, there were several red flags that surfaced…"

"I'll say," Buffy mumbled.

"Naturally we declined to be the hospital to perform her operation, but apparently she must have paid someone a very handsome price, because the work she's had done is exceptional."

"You wouldn't say the work done on Fred was exceptional?"

"Well, Fred's always had the slight body and facial structure, if you saw her before the change, you really wouldn't have noticed a difference. Slight mustache maybe…"

Buffy tried to picture that, and surprisingly could. She concluded Fred would have made a very pretty man.

"So, Cordelia…you wouldn't have pictured her as a woman before the change?"

"Not on the surface, no," Giles said, looking like he wanted to say more but thought better of it.

"Are you going to tell me something like Cordelia was Faith's father? `Cause if you do that, Giles, I might have to faint."

"No, no, nothing like that. I just…"

"You `just' what?"

"I can't help but thinking it was my fault for turning down Cordelia for the surgery in the first place…"

"Are you kidding me, Giles? You think this is all your fault? No one can beat themselves up over this. Cordelia and Angel are psychotic people who get off on being able to manipulate others. They love the destruction they cause. Anyone would be foolish to think they were at fault for…" Buffy looked into his face and saw the small smile on his lips, she smiled and closed her eyes. "I get it."

He didn't say anything, just stood there with the wry grin on his lips as she let what he did for her sink in.

"How did you know I was blaming myself?"

"Faith told me you have a tendency towards self-flagellation."

Buffy looked horrified and clutched at her abdomen, "Faith told you about my gas? I-it's only since the baby's been born…"

"Oh, no! No," Giles smiled reassuringly, "It means you atone for your sins, whether real or perceived, by hurting yourself."

It was Buffy's turn to smirk wryly, "Gotcha, Giles." She winked at him.

He turned slightly pink.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed…"

"That I didn't go to college? Yeah, well, I get that a lot. You know what's funny though?"


"This feels like déjà vu, like we've done this kinda thing a thousand times before."

"Oddly enough, I know what you mean," Giles smiled.

"So, now what?" Buffy said after the silence had stretched on for a few moments. "How can Faith make it right with Fred? What does Cordelia being a man before have to do with any of this?"

"I daresay, I hope nothing, but we'll have to look into a possible revenge situation."

"You mean, like just because she was turned down for the operation by you, she wanted to get revenge so she used Faith for that?"

Giles nodded.

Buffy's eyebrows furrowed, "But why? She got her operation."

"I don't know, as I said, we'll have to look into it."

"It makes no sense to try and ruin someone else's life."

"Sociopaths don't think like you or I."

Their conversation was stopped by Isabelle's cry, it could be heard through one of the many monitors they had around the house.

"This is a lot to think about, Giles. Do you mind if I ask you more about it later?"

"Certainly, I'm going to get back to the Inn. Please call if you need me, time is of no importance."

Buffy stepped closer to Giles and hugged him tightly. It happened so fast he didn't have time to even think of stepping back out of her reach. He was stiff at first, but then he hugged her close to him.

"Giles, I'm so happy Faith has you to confide in and to care about her."

"I was just about to tell you the same thing."

Buffy let out a small sob and Giles pulled away to look at her, "Now, don't cry, please…because I'll start up and that's just not done in my culture."

Buffy managed to smile, but sadness crept back into her face as she spoke, "I'm sorry, it's just that she's had such a hard life, and for this to happen, on top of everything else…"

"We'll help her through it," Giles said reassuringly. They hugged once more and then Buffy left.

He mused about what good fortune it was for her to come into their lives.



"Did she need to be fed?" Buffy asked as she went into the room, Faith was just finished changing their baby.

"Yep, she needs her midnight snack," She said, but didn't look into Buffy's face. "Isn't that right, IzzyB?"

Faith again left Buffy to feed the baby while she went and washed her hands. Then took up her usual seat on the bed and watched the two from afar.

Buffy was a little startled when Faith started talking, normally she just sat there quietly and watched them.

"You know why I don't let you change the diapers anymore?"

Buffy shook her head.

"Because of that," Faith pointed at Isabelle feeding from Buffy's breast.

Buffy briefly looked puzzled, she thought maybe she was going to say she was jealous.

"I can't do that," Faith continued. "And I figure, that's me and Belle's bonding time, you know? Little bit stinky, but it works. Plus, keeps you free to just come in and feed her and then when you're done you can get your clothes resituated while I change her again. See? Win, win."

Buffy smiled, "You're so thoughtful."

"I never thought you were a bad diaper changer, B."

"I hope not."

"I uhhh…" Faith trailed off and looked down at the floor.

"What, Faith?"

"You know…I'm sorry," She shrugged as she got up and went over to the window, looking out. "Fred's scared as fuck of me now." She turned around and looked at Buffy and the baby. "Sorry for the language."

"Fred's just shaken, that's all."

"But she should never have to be treated like that, Buffy. She's done nothing but help me, she's been my inspiration. I violated her trust like someone off the street who wanted to show her what being a real man was like."

Understanding bloomed on Buffy's face, "You protected her from someone like that."

Faith didn't answer right away, she just turned back to the window and sighed.

"He was a big motherfucker, kinda chunky but hella strong. Not long after she had her operation, she was gonna meet Wes at a restaurant. I went there as a surprise; happened to be walking down an alleyway when I saw this guy with Fred pinned to the wall…" She stopped speaking for several moments, then shrugged, "I'm no better than an abuser."

"Faith, that's not true, you were protecting your family. You thought she was in on the conspiracy."

"I let my anger get the better of me, Buffy. Who knows what would have happened if she had been in on it?!"

Buffy didn't know what to say to that, she feared if she defended Faith against herself, that it would agitate her and they said they would never raise their voices around the baby if it could be helped.

Finally she said, "Who knows what any of us would have done. Jana would have probably leapt over the love seat and pulled her hair out."

Faith laughed, "You're right, she would have."

Buffy heard a sigh of relief come out of Faith and watched as she stretched out on the bed to relax. She could see her steady even breaths rising and falling rhythmically and was happy that she'd be finally getting some decent rest.

It was about fifteen minutes later that Isabelle was finally satisfied and falling back to sleep so Buffy gently moved her away from her nipple and checked her diaper.

"Yep, just like your mommy said," Buffy whispered.

Faith was up and off of the bed, gently taking Isabelle from her and over to the changing table. She just shook her head and let out a small laugh while re-situating her clothes.

Buffy was at her dressing table brushing her hair when Faith came out of the bathroom rubbing lotion on her hands. She stood behind her and their eyes met in the mirror. Without a word Faith bent down and kissed the top of her head, then stripped down to her underwear and slipped underneath the covers of their bed.

Buffy got up and picked up the clothes Faith left on the floor, she was about to say something about that when she realized that Faith was fast asleep.

She went over and made sure Isabelle's blanket was not tangled, and that the little girl was sleeping on her back. Then got into bed, watching Faith sleep.

After a few minutes she kissed her on the forehead and shut the light. She lay back thinking of Cordy and Angel. She felt a wave of nausea hit her, and had to sit upright in the bed to stop herself from being sick.

"Hmmm?" Faith felt the movement and heard Buffy groan.

Buffy was breathing deeply, then said, "It's nothing Faith, go back to sleep."

Faith didn't listen and sat up, putting her arm around her.

"You thinkin' about what I did?"

"No, I was just thinking about how I'd like to get those two in a room, and not in the good way."

"You feel sick?"

Buffy was rubbing her stomach.

"I got nauseous thinking Angel."

Faith kissed her on the side of the head, "Don't think of shit like that, we all were fooled. Dude must have been born from the devil."

They sat there taking comfort in each other's presence. After a few minutes Buffy turned to Faith and gave her a kiss on the lips. A few chaste kisses led to something deeper, and before they knew it they were engaged in a full blown make-out session.

Buffy reached down and rubbed the front of Faith's underwear. She wasn't surprised when Faith put her hand on top of hers and pressed it harder into her crotch. She was however, when she removed it and squeezed it in her own.

"B, not tonight, is that okay? I just wanna hold you and kiss some more."

Buffy's smiled. A lump was caught in her throat so she just nodded. She loved Faith more than ever.

They stretched out on the bed and continued to kiss and whisper lovingly to each other.



Early the next morning, Buffy was awoken by Isabelle's coos. Faith would be up tending to her joyfully, while she waited on the bed, listening to the soft noises of her family until Isabelle was brought to her for feeding.

It made her feel very special, and happy that Isabelle and Faith got to bond as well.

Buffy stretched languorously as she waited for Faith to bring her the baby. Her eyes narrowed when she heard Isabelle cry, Faith must have pinched her.

She turned around and looked towards the crib.

Faith wasn't standing at it.

"Izzy, what's the matter baby?" Buffy got up and picked her up, kissing and hugging her. She spoke in soothing voice. "Good morning, sweetheart. Where's mommy? Hmm?"

Buffy listened for sounds, trying to gauge where in the house Faith might have gone off to.  

The baby cooed and started to nuzzle against Buffy's breast.

"You're a hungry little girl, aren't you?" She smiled. "Let's get you fed…but first…did mommy change your diaper?" Buffy lifted her to do a sniff test. "Whoo, no, that's a winner."

She went about changing her daughter's diaper, thinking that any moment Faith was going to swoop in and take over. After two failed attempts, she finally had some semblance of a diaper on her child.

"We'll just go look for Mommy really quick, huh baby? Then I'll give you breakfast. Sound good, Izzy?" She placed a soft kiss on her head and could smell Faith's scent on the baby. Her heart skipped a familiar beat as it always did when she smelled Faith, but it started to sink closer to her stomach after each room she looked in for her turned up empty.

She really hoped she hadn't taken off for the mountains again.

As she sat at the kitchen table, she noticed a note propped up on the vase holding the wildflowers Faith had picked for her the day before.

She saw that the outside of the envelope was made out to her and her heart seized for a moment, then she reached across the table to take the put it in the pocket of her robe. She would read it later.

"Let's get you fed, baby." She said to Isabelle and readied her breast for feeding.



"Did you check this bag yourself?"

Faith thought of giving the woman behind the counter a smart assed answer, but she didn't. After all, she was only doing her job.


She already felt like a huge asshole for leaving her family but apparently not enough of an asshole to have stayed.

"Enjoy your flight," The woman smiled and handed her the pass.


As she sat there alone in the boarding area, she thought of her family. She figured Isabelle would be hungry by now, and she was thankful she had the foresight to change her diaper quietly before she left. That way the baby wouldn't have woken up in the middle of the night to have her diaper changed and Buffy wouldn't have seen her packing. She thought of Isabelle always wanting her diaper changed like clockwork, it appeared she took after Buffy in that regard, always wanting her clothes to be impeccable. Including her diaper.

Faith smiled a little with that thought. An older woman sitting across from her caught her eye and smiled at her.

"Going home?" The lady asked, a British accent evident in her voice.

"Kinda," Faith said.

"I've got business in L.A. otherwise I'd not be up at this God awful hour," The woman said.

"Yeah, it's way too early," Faith felt a little uneasy, her voice reminded her of Diana and if she didn't know any better, she would have thought she was her sister.

"I know I shouldn't be talking to strangers, but I was sat here for ten minutes looking at someone so forlorn and then your face just brightened, and I thought I should comment. I have a tendency to do this, to speak too much when I'm nervous. I hate flying you see, can't stand it for the life of me and I don't know why I do it, but there it is." She waved her hand to indicate she knew she was being silly, but she couldn't help herself.

"Do I know you?" Faith couldn't help the question, as much as she had tried to not think about who this woman could be, she failed.

"Gwendolyn Post. Mrs.," The woman said and stood up to extend her hand out to Faith. "Nice to meet you."

Faith took the woman's hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you too, I'm Faith."

"You see? We both have made a new friend. I'll wager you didn't think that was possible this early in the morning."

Faith smiled, this woman's peppiness was kind of infectious.

Gwendolyn went and sat back down across from her. Silence fell between the two, but Faith could see from the corner of her eye that she was about to ask another question.

"When I asked if you were going home, you said `kinda', is Switzerland your home now?"

Faith nodded, "Just had a baby girl, so we decided to stay here for a while."

"Oh, congratulations! What a wonderful thing. How old?"

"Four months," Faith smiled proudly.

"How precious, and look how your figure has gotten back into shape so quickly. Oh to be young again!" Mrs. Post looked a little puzzled, "It must be hard leaving her, even if she does happen to be with her father…it's still a hard thing for a mother to leave a child…" She trailed off and looked to be in another world, so Faith didn't try to correct her.

After a few more silent minutes they started boarding the plane. Faith smiled and let Mrs. Post go in front of her.

"How kind," She smiled back at her.

As she walked down the aisle, she noticed Mrs. Post, sitting in her seat, smiling.

"We meet again."

Faith let out a small laugh, "I guess so."

They were both seated across from each other on the aisle, towards the back of the plane.

"I hate flying, but do you notice, in airplane accidents the one section that's mostly kept intact?"

Faith nodded, "The tail."

"You plan your seat that way as well?"

"Nah, I go for whatever. Unless I'm traveling with someone and they wanna sit in a particular spot."

"Well, I could give a dither about first class, I'd rather be alive then get steamy face towels."

Faith laughed, and thought of Diana, she would have said something like that.

The attendants went through their routine of showing everyone where the emergency exits, and how to use their seat cushion as a floatation device.

Faith whispered across the aisle, "If this tin can goes down over the ocean, I doubt there'd be any seat cushion left, let alone anyone alive to use them."

As the attendants went around checking compartments and making sure people had their seatbelts fastened, Mrs. Post whispered back across the aisle, her face looked a bit ashen.

"Faith, do you mind if I sit next to you?"


"Well as I've said, I'm terribly afraid to fly and…"

Faith moved a seat over and indicated to the one she just vacated.

"Thank you, dear girl."

Faith's heart fluttered, it's what Diana used to call her. She stood up abruptly.

"Ma'am, please you should be in your seat."

"Faith?" Gwendolyn looked up at her frightened, she thought something was wrong with the plane.

"I just, I had a…fuck…"  She sat down and re-buckled her seatbelt, noticing an air marshall poised to reach into his jacket and pull out a taser.

This was not the way she wanted to spend her morning.



"Oh my God! Why does it have to be this early?" Dawn asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Buffy was just finishing feeding Isabelle and getting her into burping position. She took care in covering as much as her shoulder as she could with the cloth.

"Why do you have to be up this early?"

"I heard noises."

"You mean me singing?"

"Singing? I thought maybe pigs were being slaughtered," Dawn said.

"Dawn, don't be an…" Buffy trailed off, she was going to say `ass', but she remembered Isabelle was with her. The little girl let out a healthy burp.

"Good girl," Dawn said to her animatedly.

Buffy kissed the side of Isabelle's head and patted her back gently.

"That was a good girl, now let's go get you changed."

"You're seriously gonna try to change her?" Dawn laughed. "You know you'll get her on the changing table and Faith'll come swooping in."

Buffy got up from her seat at the table and pushed the chair back in, she cradled the baby's head as she walked towards the stairs.

"Faith's not here."

The austere manner in which Buffy said that sentence put a chill through Dawn's bones. She followed her sister up the stairs asking questions.

"Where is she, Buffy? Did she leave you again? What happened? Did you fight?"

"Dawn, back off please, let me get Isabelle changed and then I'll talk to you."

"Will you? Or will you just say that to get me to shut up?"

"No, I'll say `shut up' to you to get you to shut up. Now, go downstairs and make some coffee."

Dawn stopped in her tracks and put her hands on her hips.


"You're drinking coffee now? Did you want a shot of Bailey's in it too?"

Buffy sighed, "Dawn the coffee is for everyone else, I'm gonna have some warm milk. I'll be down after I give her a bath."

"Okay, but you better not make excuses for her, Buffy," Dawn said as she descended the stairs.

After the bath and as Buffy dressed Isabelle into a fresh onesie, she could see the little girl was yawning. She had been falling back to sleep while she was feeding her, and she was right on track for a mid-morning nap.

As she set her down in her crib, Buffy couldn't help but think of how much she reminded her of Faith at that moment. The little baby struggled to stay awake valiantly, but her resistance was futile because within moments, she was sound asleep.

She gently kissed her daughter's nose, then walked over to sit on the bed. She put her fingers around the letter, and pulled it out of her robe slowly. She was nervous.

Nervous about how bad she'd have to kill Faith for what she was about to read. She paused as she heard Isabelle sigh in her sleep and it made her smile.

"Faith, you have that little girl in there to thank for not wanting to find and kill you right now," She thought.

As she read the letter, the smile was back on her face, despite her earlier thoughts of murder.

After reading it for the third time, Buffy put the letter away, got up and checked Isabelle, set her face into resolve and went down to face her sister.



"Faith, far be it from me to pry, but why did you stand up earlier?"

There had been an uneasy silence between Faith and Mrs. Post for almost the whole time the `fasten seatbelt' sign remained lit.

Faith took a while before answering, "I don't know."

"I understand," Mrs. Post stood up and started to move back to her original seat, the sign had just been shut off.

"Wait, Mrs. P. You don't have to sit somewhere else…it's just that…You reminded me of someone I was real close to and I uh…I've had someone manipulating me recently. I thought for a second…it's stupid."

"No, Faith, I'm stupid for prying, really. I just thought you had second thoughts about sitting so close to a stranger."

"It's not like that, seriously. It's not good for me to be all caught up in my thoughts right now."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," Faith gave her a confident smile and the nodded her head towards the aisle. "Look, they're bringin' food now. Relax. Stay awhile."

"Alright," Mrs. Post gave a bigger smile and sat back in her seat comfortably. "So, you mentioned you had just had a baby, for months ago."

Faith nodded, "Yep."

"I still can't get over how your figure can look that good already."

Deciding not to go with the instincts that kept her closed off, Faith opened up, "Well, ya see…it goes like this. I didn't have the baby, my girlfriend did. I mean my fiancée."

"Oh," Mrs. Post said, then added, "Ohhhh, okay."

"I hope that's not gonna be a problem, the food cart is about to block you in."

"Oh dear me, no Faith, it's fine."

"Are you sure? You look a bit flushed."

"Well, that's the British in me. You know, in matters involving talk of sex. I'm perfectly fine with lesbians and gays, I have many friends, many close friends…and a brother who are gay."

"Cool. So my fiancee's the one who had the baby."

"Do you have a picture?"

Faith's face lit up as she reached in her pocket for her phone. A few quick swipes on the display and she held out the phone to Mrs. Post.

"Oh, how precious!" She held the phone a little closer to Faith. "You know…I can see a…" Mrs. Post didn't finish her thought.

Faith had a bemused look on her face, "Here," She reached over and pushed the screen to the right, another picture appeared. This one was of Buffy holding the baby and smiling at the camera.

"This must be your fiancée."

"Yeah, that's Buffy."

"She's very lovely," Mrs. Post handed Faith back the phone. "You have a wonderful looking family, Faith."

Faith put the phone back in her pocket.

"Thanks, even though I don't deserve it right now."

"How so?"

"I'm leaving them to go to L.A. to do something I feel I need to do."

"Is it destructive?"

"Could be, if I let it."

"Well, Faith, who better than you would know what's right for yourself? If you act responsibly, then there won't be repercussions for your actions. If you don't well, then you have to live with them, right?"

"No, you're right. That's why I need to do this. It'll be better for everyone if I get this off my chest."

"I wish you luck in your endeavour," Mrs. Post put her orange juice glass up in a toast and they touched glasses. "Cheers, Faith."

"Cheers, Mrs. P."



"Don't even try to defend her this time, Buffy."

"Defend who?" Chao asked as she walked into the kitchen from downstairs. Jana was already at the table, talking to Dawn and she shot Chao a look. "What?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes at her sister, then looked at the other women, "Chao, Jay, Faith has gone to see our Uncle in L.A."

"When?" Chao asked.

"What?" Dawn wanted her to repeat it.

"She left very early, she said she'd call when she got in."

"And that's it?"

"What more should there be?"

"You're just letting her get away with it?"

"Dawn, I'm not doing this with you."

"Buffy, I love Faith, I do, but this time you can't let her get away with walking out."

"She didn't walk out."

"Oh, so she just decided this in the middle of the night, after she almost killed Fred?!"

Jana and Chao got up from the table.

"We'll just be…"

"No, Jay, Chao, please stay," Buffy said quickly.

"You're sure?" Jana asked.


"Please, help me talk some sense into my sister."

"What do you want me to do, Dawn? Tell her not to come back?"

"No, you know I don't want that. I just want you to admit that she needs help."

"She realizes that, and I think that's why she went to L.A."

"Oh, so you don't also think that she's going over there to get herself in trouble?"

"No, I don't. She told me she wouldn't."


"In the letter she left me."

"Letter, huh?" Dawn scoffed. "She didn't even have the decency to tell you to your face."

"She has something she wants to do…"

"And what if that something is trying to kill Cordelia?"

"Kill Cordelia?! Do you hear yourself?"

"Why? She didn't stab her before?"

"Dawn, why don't you try and give her a break, try and be on her side a little?"

"Buffy, no one's on her side right now!"

Buffy narrowed her eyes at Dawn and spoke with conviction in her voice, "I'm on her side. And that's enough."


"I said that's enough, Dawn!"

Buffy left the kitchen with Dawn trying to quickly follow her, but Jana quickly stood up and held her back.

"Dawn, Dawn, Dawn," Jana said rapidly to get her attention. "What are you going to do?"

"Talk some sense into her!"

"Not like that."

"But, Jay, you said yourself…Faith was wrong."

"That's before I knew that Buffy had a letter, and that she believes Faith won't try anything stupid."


"I know you want to protect your sister, but she's a big girl. Besides, we trust Faith."

"Like we all trusted, Angel," Dawn said meanly.

Jana was surprised by the slap she gave Dawn.

"What the…" Dawn said, completely stunned and rubbing her face.

"Jay…" Chao got up and pulled her girlfriend back.

"Don't you ever compare Faith to Angel again. What he did…" Jana made a spitting sound towards the ground. "I will spit on his grave for eternity."

"But…my face…and Buffy last night…" Dawn started to tear up. "Is my face that inviting?"

Chao realized what she was saying, "Buffy slapped you last night?"

Dawn nodded.

"You're worried for Buffy, Dawn…"

"And the baby…"

"And the baby, yes. But I think you're underestimating her trust in Faith. I think you need to just trust your sister's trust."

"Say trust once more and I'm gonna slap your ass," Dawn said, evidently not kidding.

"You know I'd like it," Chao said and gave her hug.

"Hey!" Jana protested.

"Don't worry, babe," Chao said to her as she backed off of Dawn a little but still kept her arm around her. "I'm just getting a cheap thrill."

After a few moments Jana walked up to them, and looked at Dawn's cheek.

"Dawn, I'm sorry, it was a reaction, I didn't even think…"

"Nah, it's okay. I'm getting that everyone loves Faith. A lot," She rubbed her cheek again. "But can you guys please stop picking the same cheek?"

Chao shrugged, "You gotta become friends with a left handed chick."

"Harmony's a lefty."

They laughed.

"Group hug?" Dawn asked.

"With two hot chicks? Yes please!" Chao said, and Jana playfully slapped her on the ass.

"Mmm, bondage too, now we're talkin'!"

As they hugged, Chao said to Dawn, "You know you're gonna have to go apologize to your sister, right?"

Dawn sighed, "Yes."

"Don't ever go against the family in front of strangers again."

"Is that from the Godfather?"

"Totally," Chao said as they ended the hug.

"You're such a dork," Dawn said as she twisted her hair up into a bun on the top of her head. "Wish me luck." She said as she headed towards the stairs.

"Good luck!" Chao and Jana said at the same time.

"Boy is she gonna need it," Chao said out of the corner of her mouth.

"I heard that," Dawn said, over her shoulder.



"Faith, did we schedule…" Warren was clearly shocked that Faith was standing in his office.

"No, just stopped by to say hello to Oz, he in?"

"You just missed him," Warren got up quickly and walked over to hug Faith. "Oh my God, I can't believe you're here! Can I hug you?"

"Sure," Faith shrugged.

"I'm so happy to see you!"

Faith was taken aback by his reaction. He always was a good guy to her, but she never figured he really thought about her too much.

"Yeah, you too, man."

"We heard about your accident. Are you okay?"

"Fine, and that was no accident."

"No, my God, I know. It was all over the news. They came and interviewed us…well after the cops did. They thought Angel's kid worked here."

"You ever know that he had a kid?"

"No, who would have thought, huh? The guy could barely tolerate people. He never mentioned he had a son…" Warren's eyes got big. "Can you believe how old he was?"

Faith's heart jumped as she heard a loud shriek and a thump. She turned just in time to see Andrew about to blindside.

"Oh…all right…"

"Faith! I can't believe you're here!"

"I just checked into my hotel, and I decided to stop by."

"Remember that scene you and Buffy did after the whole SuperMoan shoot?" Warren asked.

Faith finally was able to extricate Andrew from around her waist, but kept his hands clasped together and looked at her with a huge smile. You could tell he could barely contain his excitement.

"You're not gonna pee are you, buddy?"

"No, well…yeah, I better go. Don't leave!"

"Here," Warren gave her a disc.

"Oh man, was this the scene we did for that real rich dude?"

"Right after the SuperMoan shoot, hot off the presses."

"You're not gonna release it are you?"

"Well, not without that guy's consent. He still technically owns the rights, but we thought the principals should have it."

"Cool," The packaging was plain blue, with a monogram on it. Apparently it wasn't the first time this guy had ordered a special scene and paid handsomely for it.

"Did Buffy and the baby come with you?"

"Nah, they're back there, I'm only here for a couple of days."

"Well, take her a copy, we've got a few."

"You're not worried about this getting out on the `net?"

He shrugged and gave her a smile, "Why worry? It'll give our stars some exposure. That was a fucking hot scene."

Faith nodded her head. In the aftermath of what went down with Cordelia raping her, she had forgotten all about the special scene that she and Buffy did together.

"Well, thanks, man. Tell Oz I said hey."

"He's gonna be so bummed he missed you. Will you be back again soon?"

"Hopefully, we wanna bring Isabelle to see everyone."

"That would be so sweet, we have her picture everywhere."

Faith looked around the room and sure enough, there were copies of the picture they had sent.

"We figure she was probably conceived in one of our videos, so we're pretty proud."

"Well, not quite…more like in the bathroom afterwards."

"Just give us our moment of pride!"

"You're twisted, Warren," Faith said as she hugged him. "Take care, dude."

"You're leaving?!" Andrew practically shrieked again.

"C'mere, Andy. Gimme a hug and a kiss, I have to go back to the hotel. I'm beat."

"Oh poop," Andrew sulked but accepted the invitation anyway. "You have to come back soon!"

"I know, I will."

"We miss you guys so much!"

"I know, we miss you too."

Faith was flabbergasted when Andrew abruptly ended the hug, spun her around and shoved her towards the door.

"Now, get out!" He said with a dramatic cry. "Don't look back."

Faith looked back to see Warren punching Andrew on the shoulder.

"You really should be in movies, Andy."

"I know, but Warren keeps telling me my penis is off color."

"I do not! I don't even see his penis!"

Andrew whispered conspiratorially, "He likes me to take him by surprise…"

Faith laughed and shook her head, "Bye guys!"

"Dude, now she's gonna think I'm gay!" She could hear Warren shout. "Not that that's a bad thing…" He added, probably because Andrew pouted.

"They're fuckin' funny," She mused to herself as she got back in her rental car and headed for the hotel.



"Someone wants to talk to you, Faith…" Faith could hear a fussy baby on the other end of the phone.

"Awww, IzzyB, you're tired, I can hear it. You're about to go to bed, huh?" She checked her watch, it would be about eight there. "Mommy gonna sing to you? I bet she is, baby."

"What're you saying? You should see her face."

"I'm telling her you're gonna sing to her."

"Awww, she loves my singing, `cause she's smiling."

"Tell her I won't be long, B."

"You mean it?"

"I promise."

"Good, I believe you. It's early for you there, are you going to sleep now?"

"Just a little nap, then I'm gonna call your Uncle."


"Hey, you know what Warren gave me?"


"A copy of the scene we did for that guy."

"Which…oh…the one with Gunn."

"Yeah, with you two being married and me comin' over for the game."

"Wow, I had forgotten about that…not the sex though."

"No, not the sex at all. You know, I always thought that I got you pregnant in the bathroom after that scene in SuperMoan, but now that I think about it, fuck this was probably the one."

"Could have been, who knows? We had a lot of unprotected sex during that time, Faith."

"I better go."


"You sayin' things like `unprotected sex' and you're about to put the baby down to sleep. You know what we'd be doing right about now."

"Remind me again why I shouldn't take Dawn's advice and kick your ass to the curb?"

"'Cause I'll be back in two days to scratch that itch, baby."

"You better."

"Oh, don't worry."

"Just go watch the scene, Faith…"

"How did you know I was gonna watch that? I just said I was gonna take a nap."

"'Cause I can hear that hard-on straining your jeans," Buffy practically purred into the phone.

Faith smoothed the material over her bulge, it definitely had grown since she started talking to Buffy.

"Mmm, you know me so well, why don't you go put the baby down and…"

"No, this is your punishment for not telling me your plans, and for thinking I wouldn't have let you go."

Faith groaned, and Buffy knew it wasn't a pleasurable sound.

"You made your bed…"

"But Buffy…"

"No, I have to go, besides, you've got that movie…" She lowered her voice and spoke seductively into the receiver. "All I have is my hot, wet, tight pussy. Ooooh, Faith, it's so fucking juicy…love you. Bye."

Faith could hear the click of the phone on the other end of the line and she groaned again.

"Jesus…" She rubbed the front of her jeans harder.

After a few minutes she got up off the bed and went over to the TV/DVD combo they had in the room of the hotel. She slipped the blue disc into the player and watched as the screen crackled to life.

Buffy was smiling at the camera.

"Hey, you must be Faith," Buffy said as she extended her hand. "I'm Buffy."

"Yeah, Gunn told me all about you, it's nice to finally meet you."

"Good things I hope?"

"Only the best," Faith smiled and watched as Buffy walked back into the living room. Checking out her ass as it moved under the tight short skirt.

"Charles is in the kitchen, the ice-maker stopped working."

"I'll go say hi," She said, disappointed she had to leave Buffy. "See if he needs any help."


"Hey man, what's up?"

"Faith, hey! Glad you could make it. Did you meet Buffy?"

"Man, when you said she was beautiful, I thought you were bluffin'…she's smokin', dude."

"I'm a lucky guy."

"Never thought someone like you would settle down, she must be special in ways other than that great ass of hers."

Gunn smiled mischievously, "You know it. But seriously, Faith. She's a really sweet girl. I just…"


"Well, we've been trying to get pregnant…and…"

"And it ain't workin'?"

Gunn shook his head, "No and I think it's me. I'm gettin' desperate. `Cause I think if I don't deliver she's gonna get tired of me and leave."

"Why the hell do you say that? She seems like a really sweet person."

"I don't know…she is sweet, I just…look at her dude."

Faith cracked open the kitchen door and could see Buffy bending over the coffee table, filling up the snack bowl.

"Yeah, I am looking at her," Faith said, in almost a whisper. Buffy's panties were peaking out of the bottom of her skirt. She could see the outline of her labia through them.

"I'm gettin' kinda desperate. I even thought of maybe lettin' Spike knock her up."

"What?! Ew, man. That guy is like ancient, I doubt he could get it up."

"I don't know what to do, Faith…"

She thought for a moment, "What's up with the ice maker?"

"It's leaking, I don't want it to warp the floors."

"Can't you call a plumber?"

"We're broke, the wedding cost a shitload."

"Damn, man. And I was just gonna suggest a sperm doctor…"

"You think I'd consider Spike knockin' her up if I could afford one of those?"

"I see your point."

"Don't worry about this in here, you just go enjoy Buffy's company. Sorry I won't be out there for a while."


If Faith didn't know that Gunn didn't know she had a dick, then she would have thought for sure this was a set up. When he cursed as the line he just put back in spit water on him, she figured he wasn't messing around.

"Is everything okay in there?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, your man's got it all under control…hell of a guy…"

"He is…"

"So, who's playin' today?" Faith indicated towards the TV.

"I'm not sure, I thought you knew…"

"Naw, the Pats have a bye week, so I didn't really pay attention to the line-up."

Buffy picked up the remote and pressed a button, "Cardinals and Arizona…"

"Uh, the Cardinals are Arizona, B," Faith realized she just gave Buffy a nickname without her permission. "You mind if I call you, B?"

"No," Buffy said, smiling. "I don't mind."

Faith licked her lips when Buffy looked away, she liked what she saw. She was conflicted though, Gunn was her co-worker, and a nice guy. She didn't want to do that to him. Besides, Buffy would probably flip out if she saw what she had in her jeans.

Faith looked at the info button again, "So, the Cardinals are playin' the `Bucs."

"And who would they be?"

Faith looked at her like she might be playing games, but saw in her face she wasn't.

"The Tampa Bay Buccaneers."

"Oh, okay…I'm so dumb."

"No you're not, you just don't watch football."

"Charles is always trying to get me to watch, I just don't like all that violence."

Faith watched as one of the Arizona wide receivers was slammed by a Tampa safety and coughed up the ball, she looked at Buffy, "I see what you mean."

Buffy laughed, "I mean, I know it's part of the game, but…I don't know, I like some gentler things."

Faith raised her eyebrows, "Yeah? You don't like rough things all the time?"

"No…" Buffy blushed, she could see the spark between her and Faith happening, but she wasn't sure, so she tried to look interested in the game. "The guys in red just scored, well, the red and the gold…is that gold? More of a burnt umber…"

Faith sat fascinated with Buffy's thought process, but looked quickly back at the screen as she turned to look at her.

"Yeah, that's Tampa."

"The `Bucs, right?"

"See? You're learnin'," Faith spotted a book on the coffee table. "Hey, is that your wedding album?"

"Yes, would you like to see it?"

Faith would rather have stuck a pen through her eye than look at the wedding album, especially not when it would have pictures of this fine honey and her friend at the happiest moment of their lives.

"Love too," She managed a sincere looking smile.

In one smooth moved Buffy jumped up, grabbed the book, and sat next to Faith while simultaneously opening the album on her lap.

The closeness of Buffy and the way her cleavage looked caused Faith's semi-hard-on to harden to a full erection. She was surprised there wasn't a knock caused by her bulge hitting the cover.

With each turn of the pages, Buffy leaned over a little further, pointing out her hair in one shot, or her garters in another.

"You took a pic in your underwear?"

"Why not? I wanted every part of my special day photographed."

"Oh, yeah? How about your special night?"

Buffy blushed instantly, but Faith was relieved that she was also smiling. She hit Faith on the knee.

"Ow! That's my bum knee!" Faith yelped.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Buffy instantly started rubbing Faith's knee.

Faith was kidding when she said that about her knee, but she didn't have the heart to deny her body the feeling of Buffy's touch.

"Is that better?" Buffy asked.

"A little," Faith said, sullenly.

"I'm sorry, Faith."

"S'ok, you didn't know," She felt like a pervert so she added. "Lemme see the other pics."

Buffy was slow in taking her hand off Faith's leg, and her eyes lingered on hers a beat too long.

"I've never done anything like this before…"

"What? Look at pictures of your wedding with someone?"

Buffy leaned in and kissed Faith.

If Faith's penis stiffened with a little rub on her knee, her whole body stiffened with the passionate kiss that Buffy just gave her.

"B…" She said when the kiss ended.

Buffy sat there stunned with her hand up to her lips, "Oh my God…I don't know why…"

"Wow…" Was all Faith could say.

"I just…you're so…I couldn't…"

"Wow…" Faith repeated.

"Don't leave, Faith. I promise, I won't do that again."

"Can't promise I won't," Faith said as she came to her senses and grabbed Buffy, crushing her lips to hers and making the book fall to the floor.

When they broke, panting, Buffy realized the album had fallen, "Oh," She said as she bent to pick it up and set it on the coffee table. As soon as she put it down, Faith pulled her back to her and kissed her hard, their tongues dueling for dominance in each other's mouths. Faith needed a touch of skin and pulled Buffy's blouse up a little to feel the skin around her stomach and sides.

"Ohhh, Faith, that tickles…" Buffy said, pulling out of the kiss and resting her head on her shoulder. Just then a noise was heard from the kitchen and they broke apart. Buffy pulled the wedding album down on her lap and opened it.

"See? I was pushing the cake in his…"

"Hey sweetie, who's winning? Oh man, she's got you looking at that book?"

Faith put her hands up and smiled.

"I know, she shows it to everyone…got me in there with just my boxers on, said it would be cute. Don't show her that one, Buffy. We work together and that would be all kindsa awkward."

"Yeah, that would be," Faith said, not making eye contact with Gunn.

"Hey, babe, you need anything from the store? I gotta run out to the hardware store and get a new line, and maybe a clamp or two, and some advice on how to replace them," He added with a laugh.

"You want me to come with?" Faith asked.

"Nah, I don't wanna ruin everyone's day."

"Well, you wanted me to go pick up that pizza you like so much, while you and Faith were watching the game, remember?"

"Oh yeah, damn, that's some good pizza. They'll be busy this time of day, but the messed up thing is they don't take orders over the phone, you gotta take a number."

"You want me to go get the pizza while you go get the stuff from the hardware store?" Faith asked. She was hoping he would say yes, but also praying he would say no.

"Oh, no. You stay here, I'll go get the pizza and stuff. Shouldn't be but an hour."

"Are you sure?" Faith asked, trying to give herself an out.

"Yes, I'm sure, you guys have fun here. I'll be back."

"Okay, honey," Buffy stood up and went over to give him a kiss. He offered her his cheek.

"Don't want to get all sweaty from your kisses when I gotta go in public," He said to Faith with a wink. "If you know what I mean."

Faith laughed, and felt a little odd at his comment, she thought maybe he was setting this up. That thought sure made it easier to do what she did when Gunn had finally left.

After Buffy closed the door, she went over to the couch again and sat next to Faith. They sat there not trying to look at each other or touch, but that only lasted a few minutes.

As the game went into the second quarter, Faith put her hands up Buffy's blouse and cupped her breasts in her hands. She kissed up and down the side of her neck and then pulled her bra underneath the straining flesh. Once they were free, Faith bent her head further to capture a nipple in her mouth while Buffy held her blouse out of the way.

"Oh, Faith," Buffy exclaimed.

"B, forgive me, I just can't fuckin' resist you…" Faith said before attacking the other nipple.

"I know what you mean, I feel it too…"

Faith couldn't get enough of touching Buffy. Soon she reached under Buffy's skirt and stopped when her fingers reached the outside of Buffy's panties. She gave Buffy a questioning look and Buffy nodded her consent.

"Oh my God you're so wet…"

"How does that feel?"

"Oh, fuckin' awesome, so wet and hot, Jesus, B! Your pussy's on fire!"

"Kiss me," Buffy said and pulled Faith closer to her by the collar of her shirt.

They kissed deeply for a few minutes while Faith kept up her ministrations to Buffy's pussy. Then Buffy sat back and enjoyed the sensations.

"Oh Faith, yes…oh…put them in…"

Faith groaned as the doorbell rang, "Don't answer it."

The doorbell didn't stop and then they heard banging and someone calling out Gunn's and Buffy's names.

"Oh God, it's Spike."

"That old dude?"

"Yes," Buffy sat back deflated. "I stupidly told him that we'd be having the game at our house, but then we didn't invite everyone else, Charles told me he just wanted you to come over."


Buffy nodded, "I can't just leave him out there."

"Yeah, you can."

"Faith, trust me, this guy never goes away. He's like a puppy always following me around. I think he likes me or something."

Faith sat back heavily and muttered, "Who wouldn't?" Then she added, "Okay, let him in…"

"We'll find a way…" Buffy said to her.

"Yeah, sure." Faith said, not very convinced of that.

"Hey, Spike," Buffy said, squirming a little as she greeted him.

"Afternoon, Luv," He said and leaned down to give her a kiss.

She offered him her cheek as he was clearly going for her mouth.

"You brought beer, thanks."

"Yeah, well…just a little," He said as he tried to hand her the two cases of beer. Faith stood up and took them from him. "Well hello there, didn't know Buffy had a friend with her."

"Name's Faith," She nodded her head at him. "B, you wanna show me where to put these?"

"Spike, make yourself comfortable, the remote's on the coffee table. Faith was just gonna help me in the kitchen."

"Here," Spike went for the case of beer and Faith thought he wasn't such a bad guy after all, until he opened the case on top and took a bottle out. "Thanks, Luv."

Buffy rolled her eyes and closed the door, as Faith made her way to the kitchen.

"Have some snacks there, Spike. Faith and I are going to make some more. We'll be a few minutes."

"Take your time, Luv."

As soon as Buffy got into the kitchen she was mobbed by Faith.

"Wait…Faith, wait a second…"

"Why? You want him to come in here to get another beer in a few minutes and catch us? We gotta be quick."

"No, I don't, which is why I want you to wait," Buffy said, pushing Faith's hands away. She filled a bucket from under the sink with ice, and put four beers in it. Faith added two more.

Buffy took it out to the living room and set it on the coffee table, "Here you go Spike, it might take a few minutes longer, but it'll be worth the wait."

Faith saw as he checked out Buffy's ass, her eyes narrowed.

"You're so sweet to me, couldn't be sweeter if you were my own sister…" He licked his lips as he let his eyes trail up and down her body.

"Be right back, Spike," She said and turned with a flare in her step.

Faith could see him smiling and touching the front of his pants, and she would have been a little mad if she didn't see Buffy rolling her eyes as she made her way back to the kitchen.

"I'll put the stuff I had prepared earlier in the oven now, it's wings, they'll take about twenty to twenty five minutes." Buffy hugged Faith and whispered, "I can't wait to feel how wet your pussy is."

"Uhhhh," Faith said, not sure what she should say now.

"What? You're shy?" Buffy looked surprised as she whispered. "Oh, is this your first time?"

"Having sex?"

"With a woman."

"No, always been with women."


"I uhhh…"

"You didn't shower?"

"Buffy," Faith tried to yell without getting loud. "Stop."

"What then?"

"C'mere," Faith grabbed Buffy's hand and pulled her towards the kitchen table, she sat down and made Buffy sit on her lap.

Buffy's eyes narrowed, "Is that? Are you packing?"

"Yes, and no. Listen to little Miss Innocent looking…'packing'," Faith laughed.

"Yes and no?"

Faith took Buffy's hand in one hand and pulled her zipper down with the other, she then pointed to her crotch and waited. Buffy hesitantly put her hand in the opening.

"Oh, it's so hard…and so warm…and so real…"

Faith closed her eyes, waiting for the rejection.

"Can I see it?" Buffy asked, pulling her hand out of Faith's jeans.

"Sure, if ya want."

Buffy stood up quickly and watched with fascination as Faith unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the material apart, leaving only her underwear visible. She then reached in and pulled her penis over the waistband.

Buffy gasped and her hands instantly flew up to her mouth.

"Everything okay in there, Luv?" Spike asked from the couch.

"Yes…I just burned my hand," Buffy lied, her eyes still glued to Faith's crotch area.

"Run it under cold water…does you up a treat."

"Thanks, will do," She answered, then lowered her voice. "How?"

"Born this way," Faith shrugged.

Buffy stood seemingly unable to move. Faith started to put her genitals back in her underwear and zip up her jeans.

"Don't," Buffy said, finally able to speak. "Please…I want to…" She got down on her knees in front of Faith and pulled her hands away from her fly. "I want to…" She leaned in and placed a kiss on the shaft.

Faith let out a soft groan that soon turned louder as Buffy licked up and down her re-hardening cock.

"Buffy," Faith whispered, "Buffy…"

Buffy pulled Faith's erect penis so the eye was pointed at the ceiling, reared up and impaled her throat on Faith's dick."

"Buffy!" Faith couldn't keep the shout down. She had enough sense to remember Spike was in the next room. "Hand me that towel, quick!"

"You sure you girls don't need any help in there?"

"Nah, Spike, you just enjoy the game! I've got this," Faith was amazed at the control she showed in her voice, as Buffy continued to swallow her dick, seemingly down to her lungs.

Faith couldn't help but pump for a few strokes, before bringing Buffy off of her throbbing cock. She saw lust and desire in her eyes, and a little bit of annoyance.

"We don't have much time, I'd love to fuck your face all day, baby, but I want that pussy more."

Buffy snapped out of her trance, "Okay, wait."

Faith groaned.

"Just a second!" Buffy whispered loudly. She wiped the spittle off of her mouth and walked to the kitchen door. "Spike, it's a little hot in here with the oven on, I'm gonna prop this door open."

"Whatever you need, dear heart. You know this game's actually pretty bloody good. The guys with the bird on their heads won't go down without a fight. `Course they're sissies for needing pads, but we can't all be manly."

"Says the eighty year old, limp dick," Faith mumbled. She whispered to Buffy as she watched her jam a wedge under the door to prop it open. "Check to see how much beer he has left."

Buffy did a quick glance, "Three."

"Go give him four more…hurry," She said as she fisted her cock. She closed her eyes and the picture of Buffy bobbing up and down on her erection was still burned behind her eyelids.

Buffy did as she was told quickly, then quicker yet ran back to where Faith was sitting and positioned herself above Faith's thighs, in the reverse cowgirl position.

"You see that mirror there on the side of those cabinets by the door?"

Faith looked out and could perfectly see most of the living room in that mirror, especially where Spike was sitting.

"Clever," She said as she poised her cockhead below Buffy's hole. "Sit down, B."

"Oh Faith…that's so big…" She said as she slowly sunk down on her stiff rod.

"You're so Goddamned tight and wet."

"Charles likes to fuck me with friends in the next room. It was his idea for the mirror…this way…harder…we can see if Spike tries to come in, and we won't get caught."

"Ohhh, that's it, work those hips, B. I take it…mmm…Spike's one of your regular patsies."

"I told you…oh fuck yes…he…he's like a lost p…oh my god…puppy."

"Speakin' of puppies, I wanna make you howl."

"No, we have to be quiet…please, I like trying to be quiet…makes coming so much better."

Faith pulled Buffy back into her, and squeezed her breasts in both hands as she powered her cock into her dripping pussy.

As Faith strokes became faster and faster, Buffy had to put her fingers in her mouth to try to stop the sound from coming out. By the time her first orgasm crested, she practically had her whole fist in her mouth.

Faith pulled Buffy down fully on top of her and just held her hips as her pussy contracted violently around her dick. Her hard cock throbbed in sympathy and wanted nothing more than to bury her hot come inside of her, but still felt bad about Gunn. She figured to give Buffy another orgasm and then come on her pussy, rather than inside of it.

As Buffy came down out of the clouds, Faith pushed her to stand up and then shuffled her over to the kitchen island, bending her over the top of it and started a powerful rhythm. Buffy wanted to rear up and kiss her, but Faith kept pressure on her torso, keeping her down on the counter, rubbing and massaging her back and shoulders.

After a few minutes of this pace, Buffy could feel another orgasm building, she didn't even have time to think about putting her hand in her mouth as it ripped through her being. In a moment of passionate abandon, she kissed and licked the countertop as her pussy continued to throb, pulse, and get fucked powerfully by Faith's hard cock.

The one powerful instinct she had as Faith continued to fuck her from behind, never went away, and finally she couldn't take it, she reared herself back when she felt Faith's hands come off of her and twisted slightly.

"You wanna kiss me?" Faith whispered, holding herself back a bit.

"Yes, I want to kiss you," Buffy said, not caring for Faith's teasing.

Faith pulled out of Buffy and turned her around, helping her up onto the counter and reentered her pussy unceremoniously. She then captured her mouth in a hungry kiss.

After a few more minutes of power strokes from Faith, Buffy locked her legs behind Faith's back just as she sensed she was about to come. Faith couldn't pull out, she was going to come and she was going to come inside Buffy.

"B, gonna come."

"And I also want to kiss you while you come inside me," She tightened her grip around Faith's waist and plunged her tongue into Faith's mouth as she came. Faith's orgasm managing to spur her third.

"Oh fuck, you should see this!" Spike said from the couch. "They blew their whole load on that one play."

"We're coming!" Buffy yelled.

"No rush, Luv. I can pause if you'd like."

"Sure," Faith said, trying not to pant. Buffy nibbled her neck as she continued to pump her load inside of her.

A few minutes later Faith and Buffy re-emerged from the kitchen with the pan of wings and some more beer.

"Oh, beautiful. I'm so hungry. Funny how just sittin' here, watchin' the game and drinkin' beers makes you hungry. Eh?" Spike asked.

"You ain't kiddin'," Faith said, tearing into a couple of wings at once.

"Got the pizza," Gunn said coming in the door. They all greeted him and he told them not to get up. "Brought ice too, the guy at the hardware store said it would be really complicated. Said I should shut off the line and call a professional."

Spike smirked as he checked out Buffy's legs and ass again, she was over tending to Gunn. Making sure he had a beer and some wings.

"Thanks, babe. You guys have a good time?"

"It was great," She smiled, then blushed as she looked at Faith.

"Luv, think you got some lotion running down your leg…" Spike whispered to Buffy as she started clearing some of the bottles around him. "If I didn't know you were in there with another bird, I'd say it looked like something else."

It was Faith's turn to look at Buffy's leg, watching her semen trickle down it, her eyes bugged out a little.

"Yeah, sweetheart, you have a lot of streaks…" Spike said.

"I'll be right back," Buffy said, excusing herself.

Gunn smiled at Faith and indicated towards where she just retreated.

"Isn't she great?"

Faith smiled right back, "The fucking best, man." As she chugged her beer she thought, `Can't wait to tap that ass next.'



The movie faded to black on Faith's face smiling face, right before a scene around a water cooler started up.

"Did you hear? Buffy had her baby," One of the office people said to Faith.

"Oh yeah, Gunn's not in today, I figured that might be why."

"Yeah, a little girl. He emailed a picture earlier, we should put out an announcement to the floor."

"You're right, I'll tell Kendra, she likes making those announcements."



"Faith, come quick," Faith's assistant Kendra said. "Oh no, I put out the picture without checking it."

"Why, does it have…" She lowered her voice. "Boobs in it?"


"It's not a picture of the birth is it?"

"No," Kendra said as she clicked on the email she had just sent out to the entire floor. "That baby is white!"

The movie faded out again on the stunned face of Faith, narrowing until just her soft brown eyes were left in the shot.

A voiceover of Kendra's Jamaican accented English was heard, "Look at those soft brown eyes the baby has. Uh oh. There gonna be some trouble up in here boy."

Faith smiled and shut off the T.V., she was glad that movie hadn't been given to her when she and Buffy were awaiting the birth of Isabelle.

Finally, after a long day of travel, she rested her head on the bed, pulled the blanket over herself, and fell asleep. 


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