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Chapter 5- Fucked Up

"Eat up, babe, I'll go get you more to drink," Faith said, giving Buffy a peck to the cheek and taking her empty glass from her. She went into the kitchen where the others were eating, and obviously had just stopped talking about something when she walked in.

"S'up, ladies?" She greeted them as she went to the refrigerator to get more juice.

"Are you gonna tell her, Faith?" Dawn asked.

"'Course I am, D. As soon as I get this glass of orange juice. Is that cool with you?"



"Cut it with water," Harmony instructed.

"Got it, Harm. Thanks. Believe me, no one wants a repeat of `OJ Spewing Buffy'," Faith laughed.

"Can I ask you why you're doing this, Faith?" Dawn asked, still insisting on getting Faith to talk about it. Which she had tried since the moment she found out about Faith's plans the night before.

Faith put the carafe of juice back in the refrigerator and turned to look at Dawn.

"He could be the father of the baby, and I want to get to know him a little. He's got another kid, who he's bringin'. I thought it could be good for all of us."

Dawn looked impressed, but she recovered quickly, "And what happens if he's not the father?" Sounding like she had just made the smartest point in the world.

Faith smirked at her, "Then I'm a happy motherfucker with a beautiful wife and baby, and another great friend for life." She picked up the glass of juice and started to leave the kitchen, turning back and adding, "And for the record, if he is the father, then I still have a beautiful wife and baby, with another great friend for life."

Dawn was left standing in the kitchen looking at Faith as she left, once she was out of the kitchen she smiled at Jana, "She's got it covered. You have any more of the palačinky? I liked the ones with the red fruit on top."

"You mean strawberries?" Harmony said sarcastically as she patted Marcus' back to get him to burp.

Dawn narrowed her eyes at her and stopped herself from sticking out her tongue again.

Chao walked over to Jana who was making some more of the crepes for Dawn, and whispered into her ear, "Sexual tension much?"

"Definitely," Jana smirked as she looked back over her shoulder at Harmony and Dawn giving each other heated looks, before going back to paying attention to what she was doing on the stove.



"Here's your OJ and water, B."

"Thanks," Buffy said and put her plate on the coffee table, she sat back and rubbed her satisfied stomach.

"You want any more? I think Jay was making some more for Dawn."

"Oh, no, I'm really good right now," Buffy patted the space beside her. "Come sit, sexy."

Faith put the glass of orange juice on the coffee table and sat next to Buffy who snaked herself into Faith's arms.

"Happy, B?" Faith said, smiling down at Buffy.


Faith's bottom lip came out in a pout.

"What?" Buffy asked. "You're not happy?"

"Could have used a bit more sleep, but I'm not complainin'."

Buffy narrowed her eyes, "There's something on your mind…"

Faith leaned forward and picked up Buffy's glass of orange juice, silently asking for her permission to take a drink. Buffy gave it.

After the drink was taken she put the glass back on the coffee table and then gathered Buffy back in her arms.

"There's someone comin' with Giles and them, actually two someone's."

"Really? Who?" Buffy looked up at her puzzled.

"I…I asked Gunn to come with them, he was over in Germany doin' a movie, and I invited him."

Buffy's face looked non-descript, if not a little puzzled at what she just heard.


"'Cause he seems like a decent dude, and I thought if maybe he's the father of the baby, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to get to know him."

Buffy smiled at Faith, and then her face took on a more serious look.

"You do realize he wanted to date me after our scene."

"Yeah, I realize, and I'm puttin' all that kinda shit to rest for him too."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna let him know the deal."

"How? Oh Faith, I really don't want to see a fight here, it's been peaceful and lovely…"

"B, there ain't gonna be no fights here, I promise. You got my word on that."

Buffy looked into Faith's face, trying to gauge for sincerity. After a few moments she was satisfied and pulled Faith down for a kiss.

When it got hotter than was expected, Faith gently broke the contact.

"B, we can't start that up right now."

"Come take a shower with me…"

"I already took one…"

"Take another."

Just then the doorbell rang and they were startled from their lustful gazes.

"That'll be them, babe, I'll have to take a rain check on the shower."

Buffy pouted.

"No pouts," Faith scolded. "Let's get you upstairs, don't wanna let Gunn see you all sexy in that nighty or there will be fights," Faith joked.

Jana came out from the kitchen to answer the door and saw Faith helping Buffy up the stairs.

"I can make it upstairs by myself, baby," Buffy said. "You go be there for your guests. I'll be down in a few minutes."

Dawn had also come out of the kitchen and took over helping Buffy up the stairs, "I'll make sure she doesn't tumble, you do as she says," She said to Faith.

Faith nodded and waited a moment before opening the door.

"Hey! There they are, the ragtag bunch of Bern. Whazzap, G-man?!" Faith exclaimed and grabbed Giles in a bear hug.

"My dear, Faith!" He returned the hug with gusto. Normally he was very reserved emotionally, but when it came to Faith and her insistence on hugs and kisses, he put that reserved behavior aside. 

"Fred, glad you could make it!" Faith said, ending her hug with Giles and accepting a hug and a kiss from Fred.

"Wes," Faith extended her hand out while still being hugged very tightly by Fred and he took it in both of his hands and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"I'm so happy you guys could be here, finally!"

"Oh, we are too! You have no idea," Fred said, excitedly.

"Where's Gunn?"

"His son saw a bicycle out by the lane and wanted to look at it," Giles said.

"Oh, the red one? Yeah, that's for him," She beamed. "While he's here anyway, thought he'd enjoy that."

"He, as you would say, `went apeshit nuts' over it and had his father get out and inspect it with him," Wesley said with a smile.

"I called Olie last night and had him get the reddest one in town, heard the kid likes red."

"Let's go down and see him, he's so adorable," Fred said, breaking her hug with Faith, but keeping an arm around her shoulders.

"Fred, did you get taller?" Faith asked as they walked down the front walkway.

"The doctor says I'm still growing," Fred giggled.

Faith laughed, "It seems like it."

"No, these boots are new, and the heels are epic."

Faith stopped walking and pulled back a little to admire Fred in her dress with the thigh high boots.

"Damn, girl, Wesley is one lucky dude." She winked at Fred before adding. "Bet he loves wearing those around the house." she then resumed walking with Fred's arm still around her shoulders.

Fred laughed, "Stop teasing him, I think he's getting a complex."

"Hey, there's my little man!" Faith exclaimed when she passed the truck and saw Gunn and his son admiring the bike.

The first thing anyone noticed about Gunn's son was the mess of blonde curls that cascaded from his head to almost his shoulders, and his skin was a light brown tone. It was obvious his mother had been white.

Faith smiled and bent down to him, "Hey there," She put her hand out to him, "My name's Faith, what's yours?"

The small boy looked up at his father who nodded his head, he then turned back to Faith and took her hand.

"My name's Benjamin. Nice to meet you, Ms. Faith."

"Aren't you such a cutie," Faith deepened her smile at him and stood up straight, then addressed Gunn. "Hey, man," She extended her hand for a shake. "I'm glad you could make it on such short notice.

"I'm really glad you invited us, I'm done with the movie and we were thinking about doing some sightseeing."

"No better place than the Alps," She winked at him and then looked at Benjamin again. "C'mon, you wanna go for a ride, little man?"

"I have to use the restroom first," Benjamin said, looking at the bike longingly.

"Well, then let's get you inside, you can use the toilet and then we can go ridin'."

"Really, Ms. Faith?" Benjamin's face brightened.

"Yeah, man. And you can call me Faith," She said as they walked hand in hand back to the house.

"Okay, Faith, and you can call me Ben or Benji, everyone does."

"You're such a cutie, Ben," Faith said, beaming. She looked up at the house and noticed the curtain over Buffy's room quickly swing back over the window.

`I hope that's not because she's mad or somethin'.'



"Hey, B? Where are ya?" Faith was startled as a mess of blonde hair and limbs hurtled towards her as she got into the room she was sharing with Buffy. She braced herself for the impact and it knocked her into the wall. "What the—"

Her words were cut off by Buffy kissing her deeply, desperately.

When she could get a breath Faith asked, "B, what's, what're you doin'?"

Buffy was trying to work her hand down into Faith's pants.

"B…we…" Faith groaned as Buffy was successful in getting her hand around Faith's cock.

"I saw you outside with Gunn's little boy, and you were so good with him…"

"Oh, Jesus, and you got all hot again?"

Buffy nodded her head and then rested it on Faith's shoulder.

Faith laughed, "I'm flattered, baby, but we just can't do that right now…mmm damn, and it's not `cause I don't wanna, I just…"

"I know, you've got to entertain. I'm not gonna make problems…but later…"

"You gonna come out? I promised Ben we'd go ridin', but then we're gonna have lunch on the back deck."

"Of course I'll be there, I just wanted to rest a little more, Dawn helped me take a bath."

Faith placed a sweet kiss on the top of Buffy's head, and whispered, "Damn, I missed you gettin' washed by Dawn? What was she wearing?"

"A muumuu, ya sicko."

Faith laughed, it was their new running joke of asking each other what they were wearing and then thinking of the least sexiest thing to wear and calling each other sickos.

"Damn, that was probably still fine, I hope you recorded it," Faith winked at her, removed Buffy's hand from her underwear and then moved away quickly before she could be slapped or pinched.

"You're lucky I need you for sex…" Buffy narrowed her eyes at Faith.

"Ooh, low blow, baby. I like it. C'mere, gimme another kiss and then I gotta run, Ben just needed to use the bathroom, then we're gonna try out his bike."

"Was that what you were all hush-hush with Olaf about? Did Vi even need to be taken there to be groomed?"

"Oh yeah, she definitely needed that, but I had him look for the bike for me, `cause I was busy…you know..." Faith smiled a lascivious smile.

"Fucking me?" Buffy smiled the same way and let her hand trail down to her crotch area.

Faith's eyes zeroed in on its journey and she groaned, making Buffy's smile deepen.

"You're gonna kill me, girl…"

Buffy's face took on a pained look and she took her hand quickly away from her crotch.

Faith noticed the movement and she looked puzzled at Buffy, "You okay?"

Buffy nodded, then shook her head.

"What is it, babe?"

"What you just said about…"

"Oh that?" Faith said dismissively. "Just a figure of speech, sweetness." She sidled up close to Buffy again. "You can kill me every night, and every mornin' I'll try to die again the same way."

Buffy smiled and leaned up slightly to give Faith a sweet kiss.

"Aren't you such a cutie…" She said and it reminded Faith of what she was supposed to be doing.

"Gotta go, B. You nap and when we come back I'll come up and getcha."

"Sounds wonderful," Buffy leaned in for another kiss and Faith found it hard to wrench herself away.

"Keep it moist for me," She winked at Buffy as she was leaving and made her way downstairs, finding it very difficult to walk with the crotch of her pants feeling incredibly tight.

As she got to the bottom of the steps, Dawn, Chao, Jana and Harmony walked by wearing bikinis.

"Where you guys going?"

"Out back, we're gonna soak up some sun," Chao said, looking down at the front of Faith's pants and then smirking at her. She quickly closed her eyes and concentrated on losing her boner. It only took a few seconds and she opened her eyes to Chao looking disappointed, "That's a damn shame." She shrugged and joined the others outside.

Faith went to the door that led out to the deck, "Hey, where's Marc?"

"He's napping," Harmony said as she put her sunglasses on and made herself comfortable on the chaise lounge.

"But I was gonna go take Ben out on his bike."

"Charles said he'd stay behind, he and Fred seem to have struck up a friendship."

"Okay," Faith shrugged, she was a little disappointed.

"I'll be coming out with you, Faith. It'll give us some time to talk."

Faith smiled at Giles, "Awesome, thanks, G. Let's go." She stopped for a moment and called out to Gunn. "Hey Gunn, is there anything I should know for Ben?"

Gunn came out of the den and gave his son a hug and then looked at Faith, "Nope, just that he's a daredevil, but other than that he's a really good kid."

"He's not allergic to bees or nothin'?"

"Nope," He looked down at his son. "You be good now, you hear, Benji? No jumps."

"Awww, Dad."

"No, jumps, son. Okay?"

"Alright," Benjamin agreed, but clearly didn't like it.

"Back soon," Giles said to Wesley who nodded in approval. He then offered his arm to Faith who accepted it.

They walked arm in arm out of the house, with Benjamin in tow.

After Faith affixed the bike helmet to Benjamin's head and knee and elbow pads to his respective body parts, she kneeled down and gave him instructions.

"Okay, Ben, we'll be walking right behind you, don't go too fast, and always stay on the right."

"The right, got it, Ms. Faith."

"Good, and just call me Faith, little man."

"Sorry, I forgot," Benjamin said, contrite.

"Don't pout," She groaned. "You don't know what that does to me…or maybe you do. Have you been talking to Buffy lately?"

"No, Faith, I haven't met Buffy yet. Daddy said she might be having me a brother or a sister."

Faith's stomach dropped and she looked at Giles who frowned, she kept her composure though and smiled at Benjamin.

"That's right, she could be, now you be careful, little dude. Remember what I said and don't go too fast down the path."

"Okay, I won't!"

Benjamin took off at a steady pace, and Giles and Faith had to walk briskly to keep up with him at first, but then he slowed down and they were able to walk comfortably.

"I guess it's right that Charles should tell Benjamin about the baby possibly being his brother or sister…" Giles trailed off.

"You don't sound convinced there, G-man."

"Not entirely, no." He hugged her closer to him as they walked.

"I don't know, I think maybe I'm not givin' this guy enough credit. If I were in his position, I might do the same thing."

"Faith, I am so proud of you."

"For what?"

"For the person you've become, of course. You've come a long way since you first came here."

"Oh, God, why you gotta remind me?"



Office of Rupert Giles, 2004.

"Faith, I'm Rupert Giles," Giles said, extending his hand to her. She just stood there and shrugged, looking at his outstretched hand. When it became apparent she wasn't going to take his hand he sat down on his chair. "Faith, do sit, please." He indicated to a chair opposite of him.

"I'm gonna sit, but that's all you'll get me to do, you got that?" Her strong Boston accent made the edge to her voice even harder.

Giles looked a little stunned, but he smiled, "Of course, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I just thought we could have a chat."

Faith sat down, giving him an untrusting look. When he met her eyes, she looked away and pulled her shirt over the crotch of her pants. Giles noticed the movement and discreetly made a note in his book.

"Faith, would you like something to drink or eat?"

She shrugged, despite being very hungry. She hadn't eaten anything since the night before on the flight over to Switzerland.

"Do you like nuts?"

Faith's legs involuntarily closed, and she fixed her shirt straighter over the front of her pants.

Giles held himself from writing another note in his book, she would have picked up on it. He put the pad down.

"W-we," He cleared his throat. "We have some Linzer tart."

Faith looked at him like he told her they had puke in a cup.

"It's a very lovely spiced hazelnut pastry with…no?"

She was shaking her head.

"There's a St. Moritz nut tart, it's paired very well with some…no," He said, looking at her expression.

After they sat in a tense silence for a few minutes, Faith said, "You got a burger?"

Giles was thinking and she had mumbled her words so he didn't quite hear, "I beg your pardon?"

"Burger, ya know, buns, meat…maybe some cheese."

"Oh, yes well, I'm sure we can call down to the kitchen and they'll be able to make something. We have some very lovely Neufchatel cheese that I'm sure…you've probably never heard of either."

"If it smells then I don't want it."

"What type of cheese…fair enough," He decided to let it go, and went over to his desk to call down to the kitchen. "Would you like some potatoes too?"

"What, like fries?"


"Damn, I'd love some, if they're regular fries. Not like…wussy fries or nothin'," Her face became lighter, then she frowned. "But whatever."

Giles smiled, the passion with which she had showed for the fries, in the few moments before she let her guard back up, gave him hope.

"I'll make sure they're quite manly fries."


"Ah yes, can someone have the chef prepare a cheese burger, light on the smell, and some rather masculine French fried potatoes. Faith, what do you want on the burger?"

"Lettuce and onions, no pickles…wait, pickles on the side."

"Any condiments?"

"Ketchup and mustard, but none of that…"

"Right, no wussy mustard, I think I get what you like," He gave her a wink and a smile and told the person on the other end of the phone the rest of the order. "And bring up and array of tarts. Oh a-and some tea for me, please. Earl Grey, yes. Cheers." Giles hung up the phone and smiled at Faith.

She didn't look up at him.

"It'll be all done in about twenty minutes, Faith."

Faith shrugged again.

After a few more minutes of silence, Giles picked up his pad, turned the page, and started to sketch Faith, she didn't even seem to notice, and if she did, she certainly didn't care.

Giles let the silence stretch on, he figured he'd wait to pose some of his questions until after lunch. Thankfully, the food didn't take too long to arrive, apparently burgers were on the menu, and pretty popular, just not with Giles.

One of the waiters from the cafeteria brought the tray over to Faith. It was a pretty upscale cafeteria, the cover that was over the food reminded her of something she'd seen in movies when the really rich people would order room service.

She sat there unmoving as he placed it on the coffee table in front of her. With a flourish he removed the silver cover and smiled at her, making a sweeping gesture with his white gloved hand indicating the food.

She wanted to shrug, but the delicious smell from the food had already reached her nose, and her stomach growled.

"Ah, thank you, Luke. You can leave everything here, I'll ring down when we're done."

"Very well, Mr. Giles." He bowed to both of them, but Faith didn't even look at him, her eyes were fixed on the luscious looking burger.

Giles closed the door after Luke left, and fixed himself a cup of tea. He decided not to take the seat opposite Faith, it was too close to her and her food. He wanted to give her a little bit of privacy.

"There you are, Faith. Dig in."

She was broken out of her trance and looked up at him, he smiled at her as he took his seat at his desk and then made himself look busy by going over his notes.

She looked back at the plate in front of her, there was an obviously juicy burger, sitting on the most perfect bun she'd ever seen, smothered in the most delicious looking cheese, and topped with fried onions and very leafy green lettuce. Her mouth watered. There were also very delicious looking pickles, and unbelievable fried potatoes. There were also some straw-like looking fried onions that she hadn't ordered, but instinctively knew she was going to love. She noticed something that looked like coleslaw and made a face. She'd never liked her mother's coleslaw.

She quickly glanced up at Giles and saw that he was engrossed in his work.

Taking the cloth napkin from the tray she unfolded it, and thought about putting it over her lap, but the angle in which she'd be eating wouldn't really leave much on her lap, so she tucked it into her button down shirt.

As she tucked into the burger, she found that the juices were threatening to run down her arms, so she had to bend a little awkwardly over the table to eat. Giles, who had been secretly watching her, smiled. He had heard the reports of her shocking upbringing and knew that it wasn't going to be easy talking to her. But he instantly liked her, having been a bit of a rebel in his day, he felt a kinship towards her.

"Wha?" Faith asked him, her mouth full of burger and fries.

Giles had been so busy thinking about Faith, that he hadn't notice her stop eating and look at him looking at her.

"Uh…er nothing, Faith." He looked away for a moment and then looked back at her brightly. "I-I was just thinking how wonderful it must be for you to have this opportunity."

She stopped the progress of the burger mid-way to her mouth and then put it back on the plate and sighed. It was almost as if she was lamenting having to leave her best friend. Without another word she took the napkin out of her shirt, wiped her hands on it, got up and walked to the door.

Giles was left dumbfounded as the door closed behind her.



"Rupert, calm down, she's still on the grounds," Diana said into her phone.

"How do you know?"

"I'm looking at her outside my window, she's outside having a cigarette. Dare I ask what happened?"

"All I said was that it must be wonderful for her to have this opportunity."

"Oh Rupert," Diana sighed.


"Why even bring up this `opportunity'? She was signed over to us by her parents, for us to study and she knows it."

"But Diana, we'll be providing her the best education, free room and board…"

"About that…"

"What? We're going to be charging her?"

"No, I'd like for her to come and live with me."

"What? Why?"

"Because, I have no children and I think that this would be good for the both of us."

"You don't know her…"

"You're right, I don't know her."

"How can you know that she'll be fit to live with…th-that she'll even be interested in living with you?"

"She's not an animal, Giles. She's a child, and I think it's time she had a stable home."

Giles sighed, he knew she was right, but he also knew that some of the people that came over to be examined by them were less than stable. Even though he felt a kinship towards Faith, he knew from reports that she could be extremely aggressive and moody. He didn't necessarily hold it against her, since she was largely abused, but that didn't mean he wanted his girlfriend living with her at this early stage.

"Can't you wait until we've had a proper chance to evaluate her? You know what happened last year…"

"Giles, I have a feeling about this child, and I won't be talked out of it."



Again he sighed and sat down heavily in his desk chair, he pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking again into the phone.

"Very well then, I'll talk to Merrick."

"I've already talked to Dr. Merrick and he's approved of the arrangements."

He rolled his eyes, "Why even tell me your plans at all?" He said, perturbed.

Diana's voice softened a few degrees, "Because you're my snookums and I share everything with you. Dinner tonight, Darling?"

"I think I'm, as the Americans like to call it, `being played' right now."

"Oh, don't be a stogy old person…"

"Won't you be entertaining Faith?"

"Well, she's fifteen, I think she'll be able to be left alone…"

"Are you mad? Leaving her alone in your house? Diana, this is…"

"Relax, Rupert. Frederick has decided to stay at my place for a little while too, before he has the surgery."


"You know what I've always said what I provide Rupert."

"Room and board to those that have been unconscionably wronged."


Giles laughed, "One day they're going to canonize you and a hundred years from now you'll be called St. Diana."

"Patron Saint of Transsexuals, Cross dressers, and the Transgendered, I'll take that. But let's hope I won't be canonized for at least another seventy five years, Darling. I hope to live a very happy, healthy and long life…annoying the devil out of you," She let out a small laugh as Giles grumbled.

"I'll pick you up at eight."

"I'll be wearing my finest couture."

"We're eating at the cafeteria, my dear. Did you know they had the most delicious looking burgers?"

Diana smiled. Giles needed to get out more.



As Faith stubbed out her cigarette, she was approached by a very elegant looking woman with the prettiest brunette hair she had seen, besides her own.

"Hey, s'up?" Faith asked as the woman looked like she was a bit shy.

"Are you, Faith?"

Faith looked at her puzzled, there was obvious something different about this girl.

"I guess my rep has preceded me all the way over here," Faith grumbled.

"Not really, well, apart from the fact that someone named Faith, fitting your description was coming here today."

"Someone I don't know, I presume," Faith held her hand out for a shake.

"My name's Frederick."

Faith's eyebrows went up in surprise, that's what was different about this woman…she was a man.

"Nice to meet you, Fred. You a doctor or a student?"

"Patient, I have an appointment with Dr. Dormer in a few minutes."

"Good luck, I just left a `session' with Dr. Giles."

"Rupert's a good man, a little stuffy."

"A little? I bet if he farted, stuffing would come out of his ass."

Fred couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Where you from, Fred? I can tell you're from the states, but can't place your accent."


"Texas, really? I wouldn't have thought that."

"Most people in Texas didn't think so either, they thought I was from another planet."


"Have you seen me? I'm a woman born in a man's body."

Faith narrowed her eyes and looked away. She spoke softly but Fred could detect bitterness, "Yeah, got no idea what that's about."

Looking to change the subject Fred asked, "I can tell you're from Boston…you a fan of the Red Sox?"

"Does the Pope discreetly look the other way?"

Fred laughed and Diana smiled from behind the window in her office.

That was the first time she'd seen Frederick smile in about a year, and it was definitely the first time she'd ever seen him laugh like that.

Most transsexuals who were this close to having the life changing surgery preferred to be called a woman, or referred to as `she' and `her', but Frederick insisted that while he still had a penis, he would be referred to as a man. Giles had deemed this perfectly normal, as it was not out of self-hatred, but in odd deference to his parents, who had kicked him out of their house at the age of twelve. Frederick was definitely someone to be admired. He was currently in his second year of university, while most of his class back in Texas were entering their senior year of high school. If they made it that far, that is.

"What clued you in that I was from Boston?" Faith asked. "Was it my wicked cool accent?"

"Nah," Fred looked away to hide the grin from his face before turning back innocently to answer. "It was that dejected look of a Red Sox fan."

"Hey, look whose talkin'! We're goin' all the way this year, baby. I guarantee you that. Two thousand four is our year."

"How'd the American League Championship work out for you guys last year?"

"Hey! How'd A-Rod work out for you guys? Fuckin' wuss is goin' to the Devil's team."

Fred smiled, it was easy to get Faith riled up, and he certainly was going to have fun doing it. He sat on the wall and listened to Faith expound on all the ways the Red Sox were going to kick ass in the coming year. Life was looking up, and after the year and a half the entire hospital had, it was about damn time.



Six months later

Faith entered Giles' office for her regular appointment, uncharacteristically she started off by talking right away, "Hey, G-man. Fred gets his surgery today, huh?"

"Yes, Diana is leaving to get prepped now."

"Fuckin' weird…"

"What is, Faith?" Giles asked, uninterestedly and didn't look up from the paper he was reading on his desk. Although he was very interested in what she had to say, for the last six months he learned that she mainly opened up when attention wasn't called to her.

She walked over to the window right next to him and watched the people walking outside.

"I don't know…I'm kinda…I feel…sad."


"Here I was trying to cut mine off a couple years ago, don't want anything to do with it, and I'm sad that he's doin' the same thing to his. Only without the rusty box cutter."

Giles discreetly made a note in the pad he had underneath the paper.

"Ya know?" Faith asked.

"Sorry, beg pardon?"

She turned around and looked at him, he hadn't changed his position since she entered the room.

"How the fuck did you ever become a doctor dude? A fuckin' `premier gender psychologist' no less. You never fuckin' listen when I talk."

Giles looked up from the paper, "You were talking about Frederick."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "What're we gonna call him now?"

"I think he asked that he be called, Fred."

"Well, that's…girly…not."

"They are his wishes."

"Damn. Forgot to wish him good luck."

"He'll be fine, and then you'll be able to see her in a couple of days."

"Dude's a good guy," Faith's voice broke and she turned her back again. "He's like...everything I wish I were."

"And I think I've heard him say the same thing about you," Giles smiled, he too was beginning to get emotional. This was the first time Faith had really opened up and said how she felt about anyone, least of all herself.

He could see Faith wipe what must have been tears from her eyes and heard her snort, "Whatever, dude. Sox are playin' game one of the Series tonight. I'm gonna blow this session off, okay?"

Giles watched as she left the room.

"Okay," He said when the door was shut behind her. He smiled. An overwhelming sense that things were going to be okay made him sit up straight and puff out his chest. "Okay indeed."



Present day

"I wasn't that bad, Giles."

"Faith, you took out three windows in my office, the second day you were there."

She hung her head in shame, "You didn't have a burger ready for me." She lamely tried to joke.

Giles hugged her tighter to his side. "Who knew ground beef would tame the beast?"

"Uh, duh. Like everyone in civilization." Faith said, very sarcastically and they shared a laugh.

After Ben got tired of riding, they made their way over to the little park by her house and sat on benches as they watched him play in the sand.

"Should I be worried about this Gunn dude?"

"What do you feel?"

Faith laughed, "Always playin' the fuckin' doctor."

"Faith, your instincts are quite good, I want to know what your gut feeling about him is."

She sighed and nodded before answering, "I have a feelin' he's into blondes," She let out a short laugh and indicated towards Benjamin who was happily playing with another boy whose parents had stopped their hike on his insistence so he could play.

"What about his character?"

"It's weird, I don't really feel any bad vibes at all. Other than he digs Buffy and tried to get a date with her after our movie together."

"Did he continue to try to contact her after he was rebuffed?"

"If you're askin' if he stalked her after she said she didn't want his chocolate weiner on a personal level," Faith smiled at Giles' uncomfortable look at her crude language. "Then the answer is no, he didn't."

"But you have a feeling that will all change if the baby turns out to be his."

"In his mind, maybe."

"And Buffy's?"

Faith leaned forward and placed her head in her hands, and her elbows on her thighs. She was quiet for a long while.

"Who knows…we haven't really talked about it much, I mean she says not but…"

"Oh dear."


"What have you been doing?"

Faith looked back at him, "You took your heart medication this morning."

"I do not have a heart problem and you know it."

She lowered her voice, "We've been fuckin', G. Like non-stop. The woman is insatiable. Then she fuckin' cries over the last square of paper bein' left on the toilet roll. Her hormones are all over the place."

"So bringing up Charles and that…"

"Would be like me drivin' my car into a brick wall on purpose. Fuckin' stupid."

"But Faith…"

"It's not all that bad, Giles. She knows I'm gonna be there for her no matter what. We've talked about us bein' a couple no matter what. I mean, fuck, I'm gonna marry her as soon as she's recovered enough and the time is right for it."


"I just…bringin' up what Gunn's deal or angle might be wasn't somethin' I wanted to bring up. I mean, with the time she had with Angel, how could I bring up that the potential father of her kid might be a psycho."

"Do you know that for sure?"

Faith looked at him smugly, "Do you think Fred would be able to tell?"

"Oh…Ohhhh," He said as the light bulb went off in his head. "Is this why you invited us here?"

"No, it's why I invited him here, for the most part, and Fred said she'd help out."

 "I see, well, I think you've thought this over pretty well."

"I fuckin' hope, man. Didn't have a lot of time, Oz mentioned Gunn was in Germany finishing up a shoot there, I called him and here they are."

"What happens if you know…"

"The shit hits the fan?"


"Then we deal with it, but I really don't think it's gonna come down to that."

"I whole heartedly trust your instinct."

"I missed you, G," Faith hugged him and made his glasses go askew. "I fuckin' love ya."

"Well there we have it," Giles said, just a little embarrassed at this public display in front of strangers.



When they got back to the house, Ben was sleeping in Faith's arms, and Giles was pushing the bicycle beside them. Faith waited on the porch as Giles put the bike away, so that he could open the door for her. She heard the sound of Buffy's laughter and looked through the open curtain of the window. She could see Gunn laughing and smiling, with his hand on her stomach.

Faith's stomach dropped again.

"There we are," Giles sauntered up beside her, his voice in a whisper. "Let me get that door for you."

"Thanks, G."

As soon as she walked through the door Buffy beamed at her, she didn't call out to her because she noticed Ben was sleeping in her arms.

"You tired him out, huh?" She whispered at Faith.

"Yeah, he's had a big day. I think a nap is in order…for Giles, and then…"

"Oh, Faith, honestly," Giles said, perturbed.

Gunn still sat with his hand on Buffy's stomach, and Faith kept her cool.

"You wanna take him up to the guest room?"

"Nah, handing him over will probably wake him. Besides, I want to feel that kick again."

Faith smiled and said, "Okay, be right back." She made her way carefully up to the guest bedroom. `You wanna feel a kick, dude, you keep actin' like you're on a date with Buffy.' She thought, then chastised herself.

She placed Ben carefully on the bed, and then set out to taking his shoes off. She gave him a kiss to his temple and watched him sleep for a bit. Trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.

"Hey," Buffy's whispered voice behind her startled her out of her thoughts. "Isn't he precious?"

Faith turned to look at her, and smiled, "About as precious as you."

"You're such a charmer."

Faith beamed, then her brow furrowed, "How'd you get up here?"

"I'm not a cripple, Faith. But Charles helped me."

Again, Faith's stomach clenched.

"He's a good guy," She said, her voice emotionless.

"Why don't you come to our room, we can talk better in there."

Faith looked back on Ben, and gave him another kiss to the temple, she pulled the covers over him lightly.

They left the room and Faith kept the door slightly open, just in case he called out for anyone.

"Kid's such a good boy," She said as she walked into the room with Buffy.

"He is, and his father's not so bad either. He's so funny. Have you ever talked to him?"

Faith shrugged, "Couple of times while we were on the set, he seemed pretty decent."

"I'm so glad you did this for us, Faith. At first I thought you were kind of nuts, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. You're so thoughtful."

"Hey, what can I say? I'm the best."

"Humble to boot."

"Humble? Oh yeah, I can kick humble's ass, that's for sure."

Faith sat next to Buffy on the bed.

"I'm so tired, Faith."

"I thought you rested earlier?"


"What'd you do you naughty girl?" Faith said with a smirk on her lips and mischief in her voice.

"Well…Will called and I…"

"Oh, Jesus, Buffy. You talked for all that time?"

"How could I resist?"

Faith grumbled but didn't say much more, she knew Buffy hadn't spoken to Willow for a while so she let it slide.

"You know what I realized?" Buffy asked.


"Watching you with kids really makes me hot," Buffy said seductively as she reached down and rubbed Faith's leg.

"B, these days watching me fall down the steps makes you hot," Faith said, not meaning to sound irritated, but not able to help it. "What's the diff?"

"Fine then…" Buffy moved her hand off of Faith's leg and folded her arms across her chest.

Faith smiled, she actually loved when Buffy was a little put out. It made it a challenge for her.

"So like, when I'm changin' a diaper…do you wanna touch yourself?"

"Faith don't be stupid now."

"How about when I'm heatin' up formula?" She turned towards Buffy and pulled her arms apart. "Will you wanna bend over the sink for me?"

"We're not gonna be using formula, at least not for the first six months if at all."

"So when I'm thrustin' in ya from behind…does that make you hot?"

Buffy's eyes narrowed with desire.

"You're cheating."

"I know," Faith said, unbuttoning her shirt. She stood up and made sure the door was locked.

"W-we have to be quick, Faith. You're supposed to be grilling."

"Wes' got it covered, he's a master," Faith said as she bent down and kissed Buffy, while simultaneously removing her clothes.

When all that were left were her socks, she moved over to the chair and put a towel down, she sat on it and reached out her arms for Buffy.

"You want me to sit on you?"

"C'mon, babe, sit on me…" She said, her voice a throaty whisper. She had her stiff cock in her hand and she was pumping it up and down.

"Oh, God…"

"Hurry, B, like you said, we don't have a lot of time."

Buffy started to take off her sundress and Faith stopped her, "Leave it on, just take off your panties."

"Okay," She said breathlessly, standing up and removing her underwear.

"Gimme," Faith said. Still fisting her hard shaft in her right hand, she reached out with her left hand, and Buffy gave her the panties. "Mmm," Faith groaned as she took a sniff and squeezed her cock harder, making her moan deeper.

Buffy watched Faith get herself off with rapt fascination, her pussy started to throb in sympathy and her hand made its way to underneath her dress.

Faith's eyes opened and she tossed the panties away, she gestured to Buffy for her to walk over, then pointed at her cock and winked.

Buffy turned around, and shuffled herself backwards, while Faith put her legs together so Buffy could get hers around them.

When Buffy was back far enough, she squatted and then Faith took over, positioning her cockhead at Buffy's entrance, and then pulling her down the rest of the way, taking care not to make her lose her balance.

Both of them groaned as Buffy's hot, wet channel was filled with Faith's throbbing cock.

"Now don't move, baby. You let me do all the work, just put your legs up over the arm of the chair."

The arms were low enough that Buffy didn't have to contort her body into an uncomfortable position, and Faith could pound into her with ease. Besides the spooning, this was their most frequent sex position.

"You gotta be quiet, baby," Faith managed to grunt out, Buffy had been moaning a bit loud.

"I…I'll try," She whispered. "Oh fuck it's so good, Faith. I can't believe I'm gonna come so soon."

"Let yourself go, baby. I gotcha."

"Oooh," Buffy took her legs off of the arms of the chair and sat fully onto Faith's lap, squeezing her thighs together. "Mmmmmm," She moaned as her orgasm rolled through her. "Oh, fuck, so good," She leaned back into Faith who pulled her back tight against her and waited. She knew Buffy wasn't done yet.

As soon as she felt Buffy's pussy spasms die down a little, she helped her put her legs back over the arms of the chair and started fucking into her slow.

"Faith, I want to kiss you…"

"Later, baby. Right now I wanna fuck you slow, and finger your clit," Faith said as she snaked her hand around the front of Buffy, sliding her fingers down her pelvis and following it further down to finger Buffy's hardened nub. It hadn't disappeared after she had her first orgasm.

Faith once again found an angle and a rhythm that had Buffy hurtling towards her second orgasm, especially with the attention she was giving to her clit, her pussy was clenching violently around Faith's throbbing cock, within minutes.

Outside the room Jana was ascending the stairs to change her clothes. She spotted Gunn outside the guest room, seemingly watching his son sleep.

"Hey, Charles. He's still sleeping?"

"Yeah, he'll probably be out for a couple hours. He's a good napper."

"He'll be so hungry, no?"

"Oh yeah, he's a good eater too."

Jana could hear moans coming from Faith and Buffy's room. She smiled knowingly at Gunn.

"I see a couple people are having their own form of rest."

"Huh? Oh…oh that? Uh, yeah," He said, sounding a bit dejected.

"We have a baby monitor if you want to use it, then you can go down to the deck and still listen."

"To them?" Gunn said, surprised.

Jana shook her head, stifling a laugh, "No, to Benjamin."

"Oh, okay, yeah…I was gonna say…"

"You were gonna say, `Hell yes', they're sexy and they go at it like rabbits. You should hear them when they think no one's home."

Sweat started to bead on Gunn's smooth forehead.

"You said something about a baby monitor?"

"Yes, let me go get it from Harmony's room," She said, smirking as she went past him.

"Jeeze," Gunn said under his breath and put his hand over his heart. The sound of Buffy coming to her third orgasm was making him hard and he closed his eyes to try and block it out. But when he closed them, all he saw was him on top of her, fucking her until he came inside of her.

"Here you go," Jana said, showing him the monitor. "It's already on, just put it by him on the nightstand and it's good to go. The other one is in the kitchen, we'll take it out to the deck."

"Wonderful. Thanks," He said, turning away from her to hide his bulge.

Jana smirked and commented silently, `This house never gets dull.'



Buffy collapsed boneless against Faith, whose cock was still jerking and twitching in her pussy. She took her legs off of the arms of the chair again and twisted slightly so she could reach Faith's mouth.

"I might not be able to move, Faith," Buffy breathed out after their kiss broke.

"Don't look at me, babe. I'm stuck to this chair."

Buffy giggled, "Mmm, that was so good, honey."

"It was all you, that sweet pussy was vibin'."

Buffy's pussy clenched at Faith's words.

"Ya see?" Faith asked, laughing.

"I guess we better get cleaned up," Buffy said, reluctant to move.

"Any day now…" Faith said, waiting for Buffy to make the first move.

"I'm tired," Buffy whined.

"Okay," Faith sighed and lifted Buffy off of her. Her penis slipped out with a plop and made them both laugh.

There was a soft knock at the door and Buffy stood up quickly on her own.

"Buffy, Faith?"

"Yeah, Fred, we'll be out in a minute."

"Okay, because Wesley almost burned the deck down."

"Oh Jesus!" Faith exclaimed and carefully moved Buffy out of the way before sprinting into the bathroom to take a very brief shower.

Before Buffy had even gotten to the bathroom, she was jumping out and toweling off rapidly.

"Gotta get out there, baby. I wonder what the fuck he did."

"Calm down, Faith. We can't have you making me all hot and bothered by falling down the stairs."

"Ha, Ha, B. I'll have Fred help you down, okay?"


Faith practically jumped into a fresh pair of jeans and quickly put on her other clothes and ran out of the room.

Fred popped her head into the room.

"Fire gets her moving every time."

"Wes didn't almost burn down the deck?"

"No, I just wanted to see how fast she moved."

Buffy laughed, "Oh, Fred, she's gonna kill you."

"It'll be fun. You need any help?"

"I want to get into the bath."



"Ah, I see," Fred said, and then wrinkled her nose. "Or rather I smell."

"You're terrible."

"The eighth month is certainly a…"

"Horny one," Buffy finished for her.

After drawing her a bath, Fred helped Buffy off of the bed and then turned away while she stripped.

"Fred, you can look, ya know. It's not like you and Wes haven't seen this body a few times, or so Faith says."

"She's such a tattle tale," Fred said, turning around. "Oh my word, they're so big now!" She said staring at Buffy's chest, then realized what she had just said. "Not that they weren't—"

"Fred, I knew what you meant."

Fred sighed relieved and sat on the toilet seat cover.

"Charles is a nice man," She said, looking at Buffy for her reaction.

"He's really sweet, I'm glad he brought his son here."

"Faith's really going out of her way to bring everyone together and make them comfortable with this situation."

"I know, she's been really great," Buffy said, washing her arms.

"You do realize, Charles loves you."

"What? Charles?"

"Loves you. Or at least he thinks he does," Fred added.


"It's apparent, but I think Faith is going to talk to him tomorrow. She mentioned something about taking him and Ben fishing."

"Fred, do you think it'll be a bad thing?"

"Not if they don't clean them by the side of the stream, that'll make them smelly."

"No, I mean, do you think Faith will hurt him or vice versa?"

"I doubt it, Faith's not one to get violent, unless provoked, and Charles thinks he can win you over with his charm, not violence."

"Did…did he tell you that?"

"No, I read people, Buffy. It's what they don't say that tells you everything you need to know."

"What am I…"

"I'll see you in my office, bright and early Monday?" Fred winked, then picked up the loofa, "Can I do your back for you?"

Buffy nodded, stunned.



In the morning, Faith walked out to the back deck where Jana had served breakfast. Since Gunn and Benjamin were going with Faith to the stream, they had stayed in the guest bedroom.

As soon as she stepped out onto the deck, she saw Buffy and Gunn talking, Ben was in his father's arms. A scene from the future popped into Faith's mind and she couldn't help from feeling a little sick.

Last night as she was listening to Buffy sleep, doubt crept into her mind. `What do I have to offer her? He's got the proven sperm. Dude's an alright guy. Got a fuckin' adorable kid. Why am I wishin' it's mine? If B wants him when their baby is born, what am I gonna do? Step aside, that's what I gotta do.' And other self destructive thoughts.

"Hey, baby," Buffy smiled at Faith as soon as she spotted her. "We were just talking about you."

"Oh, is that why my ears are burnin'?" Faith smiled. "Hey, Benji, you ready to go fishin' my man?"

"Yes!" Ben shouted with a fist pump.

"I got some special boots just for you and your dad, these are attached to rubber pants, they don't let the water in."

"Wow, like my ski pants don't let the snow in."

"Exactly, buddy," Gunn said and kissed the top of his son's head.

"My momma bought me new ski pants last year, but Daddy said I'm too big for them this year."

"Yeah, you probably grew so big, you grew right out of `em," Faith said with a wink. "You guys ate?"

"Yes," They both answered.

"Alright, go use the bathroom if you need to, we're gonna head out."

"You're not going to eat?"

"I had a banana, I'll bring something to go, I don't really feel hungry right now."

"You don't?" Buffy asked, disbelievingly.

"Nah, I'm really more tired than hungry."

"That's `cause I tired you out," Buffy said with a laugh.

Gunn set Ben down on the deck and told him to run along to the bathroom, he'd be right up.

"I could offer my services in that department," He said with a sincere smile at Buffy.

Faith was about to answer, but Buffy was quicker.

"Sorry, Charlie, but unless we're doing a movie together, I can't take you up on that offer. Faith's the only one that gets the privilege of having me tire them out."

"I respect that…you sure you don't wanna film it then?"

"Chuck," Faith said, and he smiled at her.

"My bad, I was just joking, for real, Faith. You're not gonna kill me out there now, are you?"

"Might kick your ass a little, but not in front of your boy. I have respect."

"Oh that's nice of you."

They started to walk off of the deck and Buffy called Faith back.

She pulled her into a seering kiss, that left Gunn shaking his head as he went back inside.

"Mmm, damn, girl. Now I don't wanna go."

"I love you, Faith," Buffy said, and rested her forehead on Faith's. "It's you, me and the baby. You hear me?"

Faith looked into her eyes, "I hear you loud and clear."

"Have a good time out there."

"We will," Faith kissed Buffy's nose.

"No fighting."

"We won't," Faith kissed her nose again. "Promise."

"I'm gonna hold you to that."

"And you can, `cause I know you'll `withhold' something else."

"Oh, no, never. I wouldn't be able to stand it."

Faith laughed, "You crack me up, baby. Seriously. No shame in your horny game."

Buffy squeezed Faith's ass, "None at all."

"Oooh, shit, I better go. Got a date with some fish."

"Be good."

"Always," Faith said, and planted another hot kiss on Buffy's mouth.

As Buffy watched Faith walk into the kitchen she sighed, `Don't kill each other, please.' She thought.



"Hey, Ben. Don't wade out so far, buddy. Just stay right next to your Dad."

"When's your friend coming?"

"Who, Olie? He's supposed to be coming soon, he had my dog for the past couple of days. His wife groomed her."

"He's gonna fish with us a little?"

"Maybe, but he's definitely gonna pass through here to get to the house, so we'll see him no matter what."

Gunn looked around a couple of times.

"Ben…don't go out so far, stay near us. Gunn if you let him wade too far…"

Faith looked down at the hole that had just formed in her wading suit, blood was pouring out of it.

"Gunn?" She asked.

He stood with a smirk on his face.

The stream around her was rapidly filling up with blood. It was the last thing she noticed before everything went black.



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