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Chapter 6- Maybe This Time

"Faith, what are you doing?" Buffy looked at her in surprise. "Why do you have that gun?"

Faith didn't immediately answer, she was trying to concentrate on shooting straight and true.


"Relax, B. I told ya, I have to kill these union guys down at the docks."

Buffy's brow furrowed as she watched the screen.

"What kind of game has you doing that?"



"Grand Theft Auto Four."

Buffy stood there looking just as puzzled as before.

"So you're just killing these computer guys for pleasure, and you can't help me?"

Faith sighed as she saw her character Niko get killed by the guys she was trying to pursue. She put the game on pause and looked at Buffy.

"Well aren't you all sexy in that nightie," She winked at her.

"Oh please, I look like a cow and you know it."

Faith jumped up and hugged Buffy from behind, "Mmmmmm-moo, baby."

Buffy tried to shove her off when she heard the moo part, she had been basking in the sexy feeling she got from her as she ground into her ass, but then she had to go and mess it up with the sound of a cow.

"Don't try to get rid of me, I was just jokin'," Faith whispered into Buffy's ear and it made her shiver. She relaxed back into Faith's arms again.

"I thought you were going to help me do some wash."

"Why you gotta do wash right now? Can't it wait until I come back from fishing with Gunn and Benji tomorrow?"

"Because you'll be tired," Buffy snuggled back further and ground her ass on the bulge in Faith's pants. "And I thought we could ya know…"

"Don't tell me…"


Faith thought better of what she was going to say, she knew full well why Buffy wanted to `do wash' in the basement. Most everybody was in their rooms, sleeping or trying to go to sleep. Dawn was now staying in Jana and Chao's room, since she wanted to be closer to Buffy, and they were staying in Faith's old room. So Buffy felt more comfortable having sex in the washroom at night than upstairs in their bed.

"Nothin', you got your stuff ready?"

"It's in the basket near the door."

"Lemme shut down the PlayStation and I'll be right with ya," Faith tried to turn to move, but Buffy turned quickly in her arms and clung to her. "B, if you want me to help ya bring the basket downstairs, I'll have to move."

"I know, I just want to hug you a little more."

"Awww, you're gettin' all mushy, it's `cause the baby's close to bein' born."

Buffy nodded, "Just a few more weeks."

"Like three the doc said, right?"

"Yes," Buffy leaned up slightly, placed a kiss on Faith's neck and then rested her head on her shoulder.

"You feelin' okay, B?"

Buffy nodded.

"C'mon," Faith said, and tried to disengage from Buffy gently. "Let's go downstairs."

Buffy finally allowed herself to be moved and she waited patiently while Faith packed up the controller and turned off the game system and the TV. As soon as Faith was done with that, however, she snaked her arms back around her tightly.

"This'll be interestin'," Faith said with a laugh as she picked up the basket of dirty clothes with much difficulty since Buffy was clinging to her side. "You're okay with this?"

"Perfectly fine," Buffy said as she tightened her grip on Faith.

"Sure, I guess if we pitch down the stairs, I'll break your fall. No probs."

"Oh, hush. I thought you were such a big daredevil. Fearless and all."

"Don't you worry `bout that, I don't take chances when it comes to my babies," Faith said, carefully negotiating the stairs with the basket and Buffy. It was very precarious however and she got an idea. She set the basket down on the steps and let it slide down to the bottom of the landing by itself.

"Buffy!" Dawn yelled from her room and came running out.

When she saw what was going on from the top of the steps she let out a derisive snort.

Faith looked back up at her, "We're goin' to do some wash."

"Yeah, okay," Dawn said sarcastically.

"Yeah. Okay." Faith said in a way that showed they didn't want to be messed with.

Dawn sighed and walked down the stairs, easing past them and then picking up the basket.

"I'll bring this down for you, so you don't wake up the rest of the house with thinking Buffy's launched herself down the steps."

"Thank you, Dawnie," Buffy said, sweetly.

"Yeah, thanks, D."

Dawn ran down ahead of them and put the basket in the washroom, she was going to suggest that she just wash the clothes for them, but she knew the real reason they were going down there to do wash at this time, and she didn't want to be that much of a bitch. She was aware she was acting that way because she needed to get laid. She realized it when she had almost kissed Harmony while they were coming back in from sunning themselves. `Graham had better get time off soon and get over here.' She thought as she made her way back upstairs.

"Thanks again, Dawn," Buffy said as Dawn passed by her. She stopped her progress and leaned in to give her a kiss.

"Buffy, you don't have to kiss me every time I do something for you…you're getting all mushy again."

Faith laughed, "Just gotta go with it, D. I think it's the hormones."

"Will you two stop talking about me like I'm not here?!"

Faith put her hands over Buffy's ears and said, "She's too easy."

Dawn snorted, "In more ways than one…have fun `doing the wash'."

"Hey, I heard that!" Buffy yelled up at her retreating sister, then narrowed her eyes at Faith.

"What? What'd I do?"

"Just help me downstairs and let's do some laundry."

"Mmm, yeah, baby. I love when we do laundry together," Faith said, while grinding herself into Buffy's hip.

Buffy was going to protest and say that they were now only going to do laundry, but she wanted Faith too much to deny herself that pleasure.

Her hormones were going nuts.

When they got down to the basement, Buffy sat on the steps and watched as Faith put the clothes in the machine.

"This makin' you wet, huh?" Faith said, as she held up an oversized T-shirt and tossed it into the machine.

"Oh yeah, baby, you know I love it when you do the wash," Buffy bit her lip and looked like she was about to pounce.

Faith laughed and pulled out another item of clothing, a pair of shorts. She held them up and then did a sexy little dance, before eventually tossing them into the machine as well. After she did the same with the other things that were in the basket, she looked over at the stairs, Buffy sat glossy-eyed and staring at her like she were food.

"Come here," Buffy beckoned with a husky tone and her forefinger.

"Hang on, babe. I wanna wash these too," She said as she took her pants off and waited for the reaction from Buffy.

"Hey wait…are those…those are my panties!"

Faith pulled up her shirt, trying to give the impression that she hadn't realized she was wearing Buffy's underwear, but succeeding in only enhancing the fact that she was wearing the smallest pair of bikini style panty bottoms known to man or woman with a penis.

Her erection was well defined by the front panel and stood proudly, well above the waist band.

"Really?" She asked innocently, twisting so she could get a better look at it from both sides. "Shit, I thought it felt a little constricting…"

"Constricting?! How exactly? You're not even in them!"

Faith dropped her pants further and turned to show Buffy her ass.

"How's that look from back there?"

Buffy didn't answer for a few moments, her tongue seemed to have swelled. Faith's ass was pretty perfect, and she obviously had spent some time tanning, probably while Buffy napped.

"It…it looks…"

Faith turned, "How about now?"

Buffy's eyes narrowed further.

"Come here," The tone of her voice made it clear that she didn't intend to be teased or argued with any longer.

Faith shuffled over to Buffy with her pants still around her ankles. When she in front of her, she made to take them off but Buffy stopped her.

"No, leave them," She said, and pulled Faith forcefully by her hips to stand directly in front of her.

"Okay…" Faith said, a little breathless with anticipation.

Buffy leaned in and pulled Faith closer to her by the front panel of her panties, she let out a small laugh at the absurdity of Faith's erect penis trying to stay contained in the small material.

"When did you put these on?"

"When I got out of the shower, ya know…when Fred…" Faith drew in a sharp breath as Buffy smoothed her hand over her cock.

"When Fred what, baby?"

"W-when…oh fuck that feels good, your hands are so soft…"

"When Fred what?"

"Oh, when sh-she said the deck was on f-fire."

"But it wasn't on fire, was it?"

Faith nodded, and let out a breath.

"It was?" Buffy sounded puzzled.


"What's on fire, Faith?"

"M…my cock…"

"You want me to help cool it down? I mean, I'm not sure we should be doing this…seeing as how you work for me…but I want to help. So hard."

Faith opened her eyes and looked down at Buffy, her cock twitched at the naughty grin she had on her face. She could tell Buffy wanted to act a little racy, kind of like they did when they were in a movie.

"Well, I r-really should be getting back to work, Ma'am."

"Take a break, I insist."

"But if I don't…" Faith stopped talking and groaned as Buffy leaned in and licked Faith's shaft from the bottom to the top. She sucked in her breath sharply when Buffy blew air on her throbbing member. "Oh my, God."

"You seem tense…I can help with that…"

"I'd like that, Ma'am. I'd like that very much."

"I'll bet," Buffy winked. "But Faith, you should know something about me…I like it rough."

Faith reached down and held onto Buffy's head.

"I think I can manage that."

She waited for Buffy to put the head of her cock into her mouth, and then pushed forward quickly. Buffy pulled rather than pushed on her hips, so she knew that's exactly what she wanted. She kept up the quick rhythm and groaned loudly when Buffy tightened her throat muscles. She stopped for a moment and left her cock in her throat, just feeling the amazing sensations that Buffy's talented throat were creating on all sides of her shaft. Even the tip of her cockhead was getting some wonderful jolts by the way Buffy kept swallowing. If she knew Buffy didn't have to sleep eventually, she'd stay like this for hours.

Finally after a few more moments she pulled back out of Buffy's mouth, a trail of spit and pre-cum had formed at the end of her penis and was attached to the tip of Buffy's tongue. She swirled it around the shaft and leaned up a little to massage the tip with the flat of her tongue. Buffy was a phenomenal cock sucker.

"Can't get enough, can you?"

Buffy gave a quick shake to her head and impaled her throat again on Faith's hard cock, bobbing her head back and forth rapidly. The speed at which she did that caught Faith off guard and she had to steady herself by holding onto the banister and keeping one hand at the back of Buffy's head.

She continued to moan and groan loudly as Buffy picked up speed and didn't seem to be stopping.

Chao had just lifted her head up for the second time from between Jana's legs, "You see," She whispered. "I said that wasn't you that I heard."

"Oh who cares, so they're doing it in the next room, just keep doing what you were doing!"

"But, Jay, I wanna see, it sounds…" She stopped speaking just as she heard a short yell from Faith. "Is she coming so soon?"

"No, that's not her coming yell," Jana said with confidence, then looked at Chao apologetically. Chao, however, was turned on and didn't mind that Jana had so much inside information on her ex.

"I wanna go see," Chao said, with a mischievous look in her eyes.

Jana tried to stop her, but before she could catch her she was off the bed and cracking the door a bit, to look out. She had a good view of the stairs, and could see Buffy sitting on them while Faith was thrusting in and out of her mouth. She turned back to the bed with an excited look and gestured for Jana to come to see.

Jana whispered, "I've seen it before, besides you shouldn't spy, it's not polite."

Chao closed the door quietly and whispered, "If they didn't want to be spied on they'd have kept it behind closed doors." She then cracked the door and resumed watching.

After every twenty strokes or so, Faith would pull out completely and give Buffy a chance to catch her breath, and Chao was amazed at how Buffy never seemed to be in distress. Usually when a girl gave this kind of a blow job, she'd be gasping for breath after a few thrusts, and you would be able to see the stress in her face. The only way you would be able to tell Buffy was being fucked in her throat, is that Faith's penis was glistening with her saliva, and there was some on her mouth.

Chao looked down and saw Buffy's hand between her own legs, working her clit furiously back and forth as she continued to fuck her mouth on Faith's dick. They were taking turns on who would be the aggressor, Faith would put her hands on the back of Buffy's head, and fuck fast and furiously into her mouth, then pull back and Buffy would take over.

Faith let out another yell and pulled her head back to look up at the ceiling. Chao could see a sheen of sweat on her forehead and face, her own pussy spasmed at the raw sexuality she was witnessing. She thought for sure when she saw Faith's head go back, that she was coming, but when she pulled back, she still saw her cock as hard as ever. She was just about to turn back to Jana to comment when she felt herself being pushed out of the way.

"Hey! No fair, I was watching…"

"Well, if I'm not going to get any play myself, I might as well look and get a thrill," Jana said, as she peered out of the crack in the door.

Chao pouted, but was unsuccessful in drawing attention to herself, Jana was truly caught up in the hot sex on display by her former lover and Buffy. She felt a twinge of jealousy that was almost like a punch to the stomach leaving her breathless. It was largely unexpected, but if she were truthful, she'd never given up hope that when she went to California at Cordelia's insistence, that she and Faith could be together again. Even though she had already been with Chao at that time, they weren't official, and she figured if Faith was single it might work out. Since then she had fallen in love with Chao, which is why she felt blindsided by the jealous feelings.

Jana reached down and tried to pull Chao up by her tank top.

"What?" Chao asked from her position on the floor, she had gotten on her hands and knees and was watching from between Jana's legs.

"Let's give them privacy," Jana said and then straddled Chao's head. "And you promised me an orgasm by your tongue."

Chao looked disappointed that her free show was taken away, "Okay, but if I do this, we gotta use the strap after."

"Shut up and put that tongue to good use," Jana smirked, she was grateful that Chao wanted to use the strap-on though, after seeing Faith fuck Buffy's throat, she felt she needed it.



Faith undid the buttons of her shirt and tossed it onto the top of the washing machine, she'd put that in with the rest when she got the chance. She was currently trying her hardest not to come in Buffy's mouth.  She wanted to fuck her in every way possible and really build up a big orgasm before that happened. Buffy seemed to want the opposite to happen, and was working hard at getting Faith to pop. Now, she was stroking her balls while working her tongue on the underside of the shaft as she bobbed her head up and down at an alarming pace.

Faith took a gamble on Buffy wanting to feel a little dominated, sometimes she didn't go for that kind of behavior and she got her ass handed to her. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those nights.

Faith pulled back and made Buffy look up at her.

"I don't know what you're playin' at, Ma'am, but I'm gonna fuck you good and hard now, I hope you weren't plannin' on walkin' much tomorrow."

Faith helped Buffy off the stairs and then stepped out of her pants. Being as careful as she could she "roughly" pushed Buffy over towards the table they used to fold clothes on. It was just the right height that Buffy didn't have to bend over too far, but she could hold herself up by her arms, as Faith placed her cock at her wet hole.

"How do you want it?" Faith breathed into Buffy's ear.

"Hard and fast," Buffy answered breathlessly, she turned her face and they shared a deep kiss, groaning as Faith slipped her cock into Buffy's hole.

Buffy had to brace herself as Faith started her fast pace in and out of her dripping pussy. Faith helped hold her up by snaking her arms around her torso, and pulled her back towards her. She quickened her pace, so Buffy would climax fast. Even though Faith was having a lot of fun, she knew Buffy's legs would only be able to hold her up for so long, especially with that amount of sexual euphoria flowing through them making her limbs shaky.

"Come on, baby. Come for me."

Almost on cue, Buffy started crying out as her pussy spasmed violently around Faith's twitching member. Faith was herself on the verge of coming, but she held herself back. She knew Buffy could take a little bit more, and she felt like giving her something really special.

As Buffy came down from her high, she could feel Faith's arms tighten around her, holding her upright still and whispering in her ear.

"You want me to fuck your ass, baby? Would you like that?"

Buffy's throat was dry, she could only whimper and nod. She was still breathing heavily and shaking slightly from her recent orgasm, but Faith's suggestion was making her breathe harder and she felt that delicious anticipation spread from her stomach to her ass.

"Mmm, good, `cause I wanna come in that ass. You gonna let me do that, honey?"

"Yesss," Buffy hissed and ground her ass back into Faith, and impaling her cock further in her pussy, sending an aftershock through her vaginal walls and making Faith bow her head for a moment to groan.

"God fucking damnit, B. Your pussy is like fuckin' heaven," She managed to say without grunting, even though her teeth were gnashed together in her effort not to come.

After a few more moments, Faith pulled out and Buffy felt slightly empty for a moment, until she felt Faith scoop some of her wetness and work it into her asshole providing some lube. As Faith worked on her ass, she kept sliding her cock back and forth between her pussy lips, making sure to give her some pleasure to her still pulsing clit, in order to make her relax. They hadn't done anal in a month or so, and she didn't want Buffy to be tense.

"You ready for me, babe?"

"Yes, Faith, please fuck me…fuck my ass."

Again, Faith had to close her eyes, the dirty talk coming from Buffy's mouth, especially what she had just asked her to do was almost too much. She positioned her cockhead at Buffy's tight hole and pushed slowly. When she felt the head of her penis work its way in she stopped for a moment. Her cock was throbbing, the veins pulsating strongly. She blew out a breath through her teeth.

"Oh God, Faith, you're so big in there…"

"Is it too much?"

"Never. Keep going," Buffy felt the delicious burn of the muscles being stretched to their limits, she almost wanted to laugh, it felt like she had won something.

Faith kept up her slow entrance into Buffy's asshole, both of them relishing the feelings it was creating. When she was in to the hilt she stopped again, waiting for Buffy to get used to her size. She didn't have to wait long, before Buffy was moving herself back and forth on her hardness, dictating the pace. Faith just held onto her hips and let her do what she needed, when Buffy's hips started to slow, she took over, holding her upright again and pumping into her fast.

"That's it, Faith…just like that baby, oh don't stop. Don't you fucking…oh don't stop!" Buffy cried out, her pussy pulsing with every stroke of Faith's turgid flesh passed her sphincter. She could feel herself about to come again, and she knew it was going to be big, she only hoped that she wouldn't wake the whole house when she did.

Faith's pace was increasing, and she could feel she was about to come. She latched her mouth onto Buffy's neck to stop herself from being loud, but it only helped Buffy become louder because of the sensation overload. Faith put one of her hands on Buffy's mouth and let her suck on the proffered fingers in an attempt to quiet her. It wasn't a moment too soon, Buffy had been trying to hold onto the sensations in her ass as long as she could, but as Faith bit down into the flesh of her neck, sparks flew behind her eyes and her ass contracted. It was just a small contraction at first, but then her pussy exploded when Faith brushed her clit with her other hand, wanting to feel the reaction to Buffy's pussy. They bucked against each other, with abandon, their bodies slicking off of each other.

Faith could feel Buffy's legs shaking, and she knew she wouldn't be able to stay on her feet much longer, but that really wasn't the issue because she would just help her stay on her feet and then carry her. What was the issue was the fact that when she came, she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to be quiet. She could feel the contraction deep within getting stronger and bubble up until it was one big pulsating wave of pleasure that crested and then exploded all too quickly.

Too quickly because even though she had figured out how she was going to stop herself from shouting out, she didn't get the time to actually put those plans into use.

"Oh FUCK! Buffy!"

Buffy's ass was still contracting around Faith's throbbing dick, she was sure she could feel the strong pulses as it pumped jet after jet of semen into her. She didn't even care if Faith woke Jana and Chao, she figured they were probably getting off on the sounds of their lovemaking. And it wasn't as if she hadn't been woken by their vocal praise for each other's sexual prowess many nights before.

It was a minute or so before Faith's mind came down from whatever stratosphere it had launched into. Despite the fact that she needed to sit soon, Buffy patiently waited and basked in the lingering pulses she felt from Faith's slowly softening cock.

"I'm here with ya, babe," Faith said with an obviously dry sounding mouth. "I'll help ya in a sec. I just…I can't move just yet...fuck, that was awesome!"

Buffy leaned her head back onto Faith's shoulder made a kissing noise. Faith turned her head slightly and kissed the side of Buffy's face.

"I love you, B. So, so much…"

"I know, and I love you too…let's go upstairs now."

Faith slipped her cock all the way out of Buffy's ass and used a washcloth to clean them both up quickly before helping Buffy into a robe and then trying to pick her up.

"Oh, fuck…"

"Faith! What are you doing?! Don't…no, you'll hurt yourself!"

"Damn…you didn't look that…"

"Don't say it."


"I'm carrying about thirty extra pounds, Faith, what do you expect?"

"For me not to be such a wuss."

"I'd rather not be chucked down the steps and have this baby early."

"Oh fuck no…that's not gonna happen on my watch," Faith took Buffy's arm and put it around her own shoulders. "Lean on me, I can take it. I just can't pick ya up."

Once back in their room Faith helped Buffy to rest on the bed and then went to get a basin to give Buffy a sponge bath before stripping off her clothes to take a quick shower.

"I'll be right back, sweetheart. Don't fall asleep on me, now."

"I'm will," Buffy breathed out sleepily.

Faith chuckled, "Yeah, I can hear that."

She stepped into the warm spray and let out a measured sigh, stretching her neck muscles and listening to the creaks and pops.

`I've come such a long way, and it's only gettin' better with each passing day,' Faith thought as she started washing herself. She soaped up her still-vibrating-with-pleasure cock and smiled, thinking about what she and Buffy just did, and what they would most likely do in the morning. Sleep wasn't really a priority for her these days, she figured you only went through a few of these kinds of events in a lifetime.

And besides, she surmised, she'd have plenty of time to sleep when she was dead.



Chapter 7- Have A Little Faith

Buffy rolled over and smiled when she saw Faith sleeping next to her. She didn't remember falling asleep, and was briefly worried that she had fallen asleep during sex, but looking at Faith's sleeping form, the memories of the previous night's love making came flooding back.

She turned on the bedside lamp, wanting to get a better view in the early morning darkness. Faith wouldn't be bothered by it, she slept like the dead.

After a few moments she reached out and caressed Faith's tanned and toned skin, sighing because she knew they'd really have no time this morning, to talk or cuddle…or do anything else their bodies desired. Glancing at the ever present morning hard-on that Faith had, she involuntarily swallowed: it sure was a wonder. All hard and warm…so alive. Her bladder made her think twice about waking Faith up with kisses to her shaft, and she groaned as she slid out of the bed; making her way to the bathroom.

`God, Buffy, hold it together. She'll be back later today.'

As she got back into the bed, after she had relieved herself and washed up, she looked over at the clock, 6:32 said the display. Faith had said since they were only going to the stream near the house to fish, that they didn't need to leave too early, but she knew from experience that Faith liked to get down there for at least nine, so they could all have fresh fish for lunch.

She really loved living here, it was so peaceful and serene. Eventually, she knew they would move back to Los Angeles to be close to her family, it had already been decided, but they would come back here a few times during the year to spend holidays and just to get away. She looked forward to that already.

As she stretched and sighed, she felt the bed move next to her. Before she could even think to turn to look and see if she was waking, Faith was up and on her, moving carefully to nestle in between her legs.

"Faith!" Buffy cried out, stunned.

"Mornin', baby…" She said, hoarsely, moaning a little from grinding herself on Buffy's crotch, holding herself up on her arms so she wouldn't put too much pressure on Buffy's stomach.

Faith leaned down and gave Buffy a sensuous kiss that left them both breathless.

"You were just gonna let me sleep, weren't you?" Faith said, continuing to pepper Buffy's face and mouth with kisses.

"Faith, you didn't have much sleep, and you need to get up in an hour…"

"I'm already up," She wiggled her eyebrows.

Buffy had to laugh, "Yeah, I don't think that ever goes down."

"State the obvious much?" Faith asked, sounding more like a Valley Girl than Buffy ever did.

Buffy went to roll over, a little peeved at Faith making fun, but she wouldn't let her.

"Get off brute!"

Faith stopped trying to hold Buffy in place and looked at her sincerely, "Really?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes, "What did you want to do with me?"

Faith puckered her lips and blew a kiss to her, then licked her lips slowly, biting the lower one.

`Oh God, I'm so easy,' Buffy thought. `She could look at me like that, then ask me to jump off a bridge and I'd probably do it.'

"I want to make you feel good, baby."

"Yeah? How?"

Faith sat back on her haunches, rubbing Buffy's legs, reaching higher up onto her thighs as she went. It made Buffy's heart beat harder and her throat grow dry. She started to automatically close her legs but Faith stopped her.

"C'mon, B…why can't I go there?"

Buffy shrugged, lately she had started feeling self conscious about her body.

Faith sat back again, looking a little disappointed.

"What?" Buffy asked, trying to look innocent.

"What…is it `cause your belly's big?"

Buffy looked guilty and Faith knew she had gotten it right. She knew she had to stop this sort of thinking and feeling, before it got out of hand.

Faith slid her hands up Buffy's night dress, again Buffy had started to close her legs, but stopped when Faith bypassed her crotch area and put her hands on her stomach, caressing it.

"Ya know, I used to feel that way about myself…"

Buffy's heart clenched, she hated to think of Faith ever feeling like she was a freak.

"But it took the love of a really great woman…the greatest, to make me see that even though I might be one of a kind, or different, that I was pretty normal."

"Diana showed you that, didn't she?"

Faith nodded somberly, but with a slight smile on her face.

Buffy held back a sob and managed to whisper out, "You're an outstanding person, Faith. I can't believe I'm so lucky to have you in my life."

"Can I make you feel good, B?"

Buffy reigned in her sadness and let the horniness take over her senses. She was pretty convinced now that this feeling wasn't due to just her pregnancy. A look or a touch, or just the thought of Faith could make her feel this way before. It was just easy to blame it on being pregnant.

Faith smirked as she pushed Buffy's nightie further up her legs, and over her hips. This time Buffy made no move to stop her. She winked at Buffy and leaned down to give her swollen belly a sensuous kiss.

Buffy reached down and put her hand in Faith's hair, sighing.

"I love everything about you, Buffy," Faith said, placing gentle kisses around her belly button. "You're so beautiful, don't ever hate your body."

"Faith," Buffy cried out in a sob that she couldn't control. She tightened her grip on her head and held it in place on her stomach. "I love you." She let out in a strangled whisper.

Faith smiled against Buffy's stomach and continued her way down towards her pubic mound.

She settled herself in between her thighs and cupped her hands under her ass, bringing Buffy's pussy up close to her face, and took a deep breath.

"Mmmm, like fuckin' peaches dipped in honey and sugar."

Buffy sighed, her hand still on the back of Faith's head, "I use that peach body wash you bought me."

"But the honey and the sugar is all you, babe," Faith took a short tentative lick and moaned. "God fucking damn." Her dick throbbed violently, and though it wanted a quick release, she was going to be good for Buffy and wait patiently for her turn.

"Fuck that feels so good, Faith," Buffy moaned and pulled Faith's face a little closer to her pussy.

Faith smiled slightly before leaning in to take longer, harder strokes on her outer lips. That made a long, sensuous moan issue from Buffy's throat and her hips started to squirm.

"Your pussy's so hot, baby," Faith whispered, after licking in between Buffy's lips and rimming the sweet hole of her pussy.

"Faith, please, put your tongue in…" Buffy was close to begging. Her hips really started to squirm as Faith licked her clit hood rapidly, seemingly fascinated with the way Buffy's pussy was responding to her tongue. It was quivering and shaking, almost like it was begging for release, just as much as Buffy was with her words. "I wanna come, Faith, please make me come all over your pretty face."

Faith lifted her head and looked at Buffy writhe around, trying to get some more friction from her tongue.

"Oh, don't worry about that, sweetness, you'll come like a wave crashin' to the fuckin' shore."

Buffy growled in frustration as Faith let go of her ass, carefully set her legs down on the bed and then sprang up to go over to the nightstand next to the bed.  She let her head roll to the side, her pussy spasming as she saw Faith's cock twitch and bob in the air.

If she weren't so out of her mind with horniness and her stomach weren't so big, she'd slide along to the side of the bed, pull Faith to her, and suck her off for a few minutes then back up on the bed and spread herself in front of her, hopefully making her so hot, she'd take her quickly.

But as it was, Buffy could only cup her breasts, and pinch her nipples; waiting as Faith fumbled with something in her drawer.

Buffy's eyes narrowed. Was it a condom she was trying to take out of the package? Wouldn't that be a waste?

Finally Faith was able to successfully get what she wanted out of its holder and she went over to the stereo.

`Oh, it's a CD,' Buffy thought. Which was weird, because she didn't even realize Faith had a CD player.

"Sorry, B. I…this song…" Faith said, haltingly. She was trying to get the disc into the player and having trouble because her hands were shaking, she was too excited to be able to play this song while they would be making love.



"Faith, have you seen my Serge Gainsbourg CD?" Diana asked, looking around the shelves in the living room. She scoffed at Faith who was watching a movie and eating popcorn with her feet up on the coffee table. "What have I said about your feet on the coffee table?"

"They look cool there?" Faith said, mischievously, but also a little scared that she'd find out she had swiped her CD. Mainly because of the reason she used it.

"They most certainly do not `look cool there'. Take them…thank you," She said as she saw Faith putting her feet on the ground. "Now, have you seen my CD?"

Faith stuffed some more popcorn into her mouth, hoping that she'd get frustrated enough waiting for her to finish what was in her mouth and just give up asking her. Finally, with Diana still standing there looking at her, she shrugged her shoulders.

Diana sighed, "Giles and I wanted to listen to that on our way to the restaurant…oh well, no worries. We'll listen to that tart he loves so much…"

"Anna Nicole Smith?" Faith inquired with an innocent smile, she purposely got the name wrong to give Diana a little chuckle.

She succeeded.

"Oh you precious girl. No, not that tart, the one that plays the violin, Anne Sophie Mutter."

"I was close…"

"Yes, yes you were," Diana said, still shaking her head and laughing to herself.

Faith made her laugh almost all the time, having her here was a Godsend for both of them.

"Hey, Doc, if I find your CD I'll put it in your room."

"Thank you, sweetheart. Now, come, give mummy a kissy."

"You're such a Brit."

"Is that supposed to be an insult? I'm British you know."

"Shame really," Faith said in an excellent mimic of Diana's voice.

"Oh you!" Diana said, not being able to hide her smile.

Faith walked over, pretending to shield herself from an attack, "You're not gonna hit me again are you?"

"Only with this," Diana leaned in and placed a loving kiss on her cheek.

Faith blushed a deep red and looked down at her shoes when Diana had pulled back from the kiss.

"Oh, dear. I've marked you." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a kerchief, one of the monogrammed ones Faith had given her for Christmas the year before.

`Here, they're crappy.' Faith had said as she handed Diana the package Christmas morning.

"You're not gonna hock a loogey on that and try to wipe my face again, are ya?"

"No, lesson learned on that one," Diana said, her eyebrow slightly raised. "Hold still," She said as she removed the lipstick mark on Faith's cheek.

"What time will you and G-man be back?"

"Hopefully before one am, but probably not earlier than twelve. We're meeting with the father of the boy I told you about. He simply refuses to take no for an answer."

"He still wants Giles to lie about not being a nut and clear him for the surgery, huh?"

"Yes, but we won't be swayed, no matter how much money is involved."

Faith laughed and Diana narrowed her eyes, "What's so funny?" She felt a little affronted by her young charge thinking she was lying.

"You're probably the only doctor in the world who has said that."

Diana looked a little sad at Faith's jaded attitude, "No, darling. There are still good people out there."

Faith smiled at her and made to say something but stopped herself.

The doorbell rang before Diana had a chance to ask what she was going to say.

"That'll be Giles," Diana said, reluctantly going to answer the door. She knew whatever Faith had started to say was important, she could see it in her eyes and she also knew that now someone else was here, she'd never say it.

"Hello, Darling!" Giles said, cheerily.

"Why so happy?" She asked as she accepted a European style double cheeked kiss from him. "You do realize who we're going to be seeing, yes?"

"Yes, well, I'm happy to see you though, I'll become more sullen when we get to the restaurant."

That made Faith smile. She really liked to see two people so in love.

As Diana and Giles chided each other about what their guest would expect of them, Faith went and got Diana's coat out of the closet. Giles reached out to take it from her so he could help Diana into it but she stopped him.

"I got this, G."

Diana and Giles looked at each other quickly but didn't make a big deal out of it, Giles had to turn away to smile.

Faith held the coat open and Diana slipped one arm into it, and then the other. Beaming from ear to ear.

"Thank you, Faith. We'll be back soon, I've left a casserole in the refrigerator, and money on the counter if the recipe lied to me."

Faith laughed, "Oh, is that what happened to the bacon last weekend? The package lied to you?"

"Yes, of course, why else would it have burned when I didn't want it to?"

That made Faith laugh even harder. Diana may have been a brilliant doctor, but her cooking skills weren't enough to get her a job making fries at McDonald's.

"Have a wonderful time you two," Faith said as she shook Giles' hand and accepted another kiss on her cheek from Diana.

As Diana was taking her hand off of Faith's arm to turn and go out the door, Faith put her hand on hers and stopped her.

"Yes?" Diana asked, hoping this was the moment she'd choose to tell her what she needed to.

"I…damn…this was so much easier in my head…" Faith's eyes flitted to Giles and Diana picked up on that.

"Rupert, would you mind waiting for me in the car?"

"Not at all, I'll warm it up. Goodbye Faith," He said with a smile before going down to the car.

Faith nodded at him and then looked back into Diana's eyes before looking down at the floor.

Diana put her finger under Faith's chin and brought her face level again, so that she would look into her eyes.

"What is it, dearest?"

Faith smiled, she always thought Diana sounded like Emma Thompson, and that last question was no exception. She had just made her watch Sense and Sensibility a few days before, and Emma's character, Elinor, had said almost exactly those words in that way.

It also brought her bullshit walls down like nothing else.

"I just wanted to say, thanks for everything. And I hope I meet someone as wonderful as you are when I'm ready."

Diana's eyes welled up with tears in spite of herself, she tried to be less emotional around Faith, because that tended to set her on edge, but she couldn't help it. That was the most wonderful compliment she had ever received in her life and the fact that Faith said she'd be ready at some point to be with another person in a relationship wasn't lost on her one bit.

It was what they'd been working towards, what she'd been hoping for and it was coming together nicely.

"Thank you for saying that to me, Faith," She leaned in for another kiss and was happy when Faith didn't try to shrink from it.

"Now you better not keep G-man waiting," Faith said with a chuckle, "I hear he turns into a pumpkin at ten."

"Ten? You mean midnight, surely."

"No, ten. You know how old Grampa Giles likes to turn in early."

Diana let out a hearty laugh and left the house, shaking her head in amusement all the way to the car.

No matter how bad the meeting at the restaurant with the high paid, spoiled father of a spoiled child went, Diana would speak glowingly about that night for the rest of her days.

Faith also felt good about herself. Good enough, in fact, to partake in another self loving session, while watching Buffy in one of her latest videos and listening to the song she found to be so sexy that she couldn't help but swipe the CD of Diana's it was on.



Faith settled back between Buffy's legs as the music started playing.

Buffy sighed as she felt the insistent tongue lapping at her outer lips, then quickly dipping in between and vibrating as its owner moaned at the taste it yielded.

Je t'aime…Je t'aime...Oh, oui je t'aime!

Moi non plus

The fact that the song was in French didn't puzzle Buffy for long, but the fact that Faith seemed to plan this particular song, for this particular moment did pique her curiosity.

Oh mon amour...
Comme la vague irrésolu
Je vais, je vais et je viens

Faith continued her measured assault on Buffy's pussy, lashing over her clit and dipping down to plunge the tip of her tongue into the entry way of her hole, with the practiced knowledge of what would give Buffy the most pleasure.

Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Et je me retiens

Je t'aime…Je t'aime...Oh, oui je t'aime!

Moi non plus

The music filtered through the carnal haze that seemed to be swirling around Buffy's head, and it only added to her heightened pleasure. The singers were obviously singing about sex and Buffy knew what `Je t'aime' and `Mon amour' meant. Plus, the fact that Faith thought it important enough to play it while they made love gave her a delicious feeling in her stomach that spread to her already buzzing-with-pleasure pussy.

Oh, mon amour...
Tu es la vague, moi l'île nue
Tu va, tu va et tu viens

Entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Et je te rejoins

Je t'aime…Je t'aime...Oh, oui je t'aime!

Moi non plus

As Faith's mouth locked onto Buffy's clit, the woman in the song started to sound like she was almost coming. Buffy's hips shot up off the bed and she came with a shout.

Oh, mon amour...
Comme la vague irrésolu

"Oh Fuck! Faith!" She continued to moan and whimper as wave after wave of pulsing pleasure passed through her pussy.

Je vais, je vais et je viens  

Faith was equally vocal as she lapped up the cream that Buffy's pussy was issuing.

"Mmmm," She let go from her throat continuing to plunge her tongue in and out of Buffy's wet and grasping hole.

Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Et je me retiens

The woman in the song started to breathe heavier and Buffy's pussy let out another aftershock. What they were listening to was tame compared to any porno she had seen or been in, and yet it made her feel ten times sexier.

Tu va, tu va et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Et je te rejoins

Je t'aime…Je t'aime...Oh, oui je t'aime!

Moi non plus

"Faith, come up here," Buffy finally manage to gasp out when her spasms had subsided.

"Je t'aime, B."

"I know, come up here and let me kiss you."

Faith slid up on the side of Buffy and kissed her, letting her suck on her tongue to get a good taste of herself, as was their custom after oral sex. Especially after Faith gave it to Buffy.

Oh mon amour...
L'amour physique est sans issue

As they kissed, the music still played, the two lovers getting more and more pleasure from each other as they sang.

Je vais, je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins

"B, I wanna entre tes reins." 

Buffy chuckled, "What does that mean ?"

"I wanna come inside you? I dunno, it always made me think of that though," Faith whispered hoarsely.

Buffy's pussy jolted with another shock of pleasure and she nodded, spreading her legs open in invitation. Faith wasted no time in accepting the gesture. She scrambled up over Buffy and kneeled on the bed in between her legs, pulling them up so that Buffy's ass was slightly off the bed.

Et je me retiens
Maintenant viens!

They both groaned as Faith slowly inserted her hard cock into Buffy's pulsing pussy. The rhythm she affected was one they both knew well. It was meant for the quickest release for both parties involved.

"Faith, maintenant…viens," Buffy's four years of French paid off in that one sentence, she had realized what it meant.

 Faith let out a loud grunt and let go into Buffy's quivering pussy.

"I'm coming, baby," She groaned and fell forward, placing kisses on Buffy's cheek. "I can't help it…"

"Come, Faith, let it out," Buffy whispered reassuringly. She locked her legs around Faith's and pulled her closer.

"The baby…" Faith started.

"We're fine," Buffy assured. "Keep fucking me as you come," She pleaded.

Faith gladly obliged, her cock was still pumping her juice into Buffy, but it wasn't shrinking in the slightest. She started up a sensuous rhythm, knowing if she ground into Buffy just right, she could get those little whimpers that she loved to hear out of her.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for those high pitched squeaks to come out of Buffy's throat, as Faith pounded into her with short, sharp strokes.

Buffy let out a long, low moan as another less urgent, but equally powerful orgasm rolled through her pussy.

"Fuck, baby, your pussy is squeezing me so hard. I'm gonna come again."

"Do it, Faith! Fuck me!"

Faith dropped her forehead down to Buffy's and looked into her eyes as she picked up her pace.

"You want it?" She narrowed her eyes at her.

"Yes," Buffy gasped.

"Tell me," Faith said, and then licked out at Buffy's face with her tongue.

"Come in me again! I want it!"

That seemed to kick Faith into overdrive, and her pace quickened.

"Oh, fuck, Buffy! So good, that pussy is so Goddamned good!" She yelled as everything in her seemed to shoot out of her and be absorbed by Buffy. Not only her come, but her heart and soul.

Faith rolled off of Buffy and onto her back. Keeping a hand on her still throbbing penis.

Buffy saw that and bit her lip, still overwhelmed with lust. The glistening member was obviously still pulsing with pleasure and Buffy knew from experience that it would still emit a couple of spurts of come from the tip, if stimulation was kept up on it.

Feeling naughtier than she had felt even after what they had done the night before, she slid down and pushed Faith's hand away from her cock, pulling her hips towards her.

"B, what…oh fuck!" Faith said as Buffy's mouth sucked her pulsing dick inside the warm, wet cavern.

Buffy immediately started a quick up and down rhythm with her head and soon reaped the rewards of what her efforts had intended.

Faith sent three long blasts of come to the back of her throat, which she opened her throat muscles for, allowing them to slide right down. Neither of them believed in possession, but there wasn't anything else that could describe what happened to them in the next few minutes. Faith took Buffy's head in her hands, sliding one hand down to her neck to hold her firmly in place as she fucked her mouth and throat without stopping for at least five minutes.

Buffy's pussy trembled and quaked with numerous aftershocks of pleasure and the longer this face fucking went on, the more pleasurable the tremors became.

Faith let go of Buffy's head with her right hand, although she kept her fingers around her neck, not to choke her with, just to feel the muscles stretch each time the tip of her bulbous cock passed the back of her tongue and moved into her throat.

With the fingers of her right hand, Faith trailed them through Buffy's sopping pussy and down to her asshole, which had also started to shudder.

Buffy groaned as she felt two of Faith's fingers penetrate her back passage. Faith showed no signs of stopping her cock and set the same pace for her fingers in Buffy's ass. Each time her throbbing dick bottomed out in Buffy's throat, her fingers hit a spot in Buffy's sphincter that she had affectionately named "The B spot", partly because it was her nickname for Buffy, but also because it was short for "The Brown spot", because it was in her ass. In all of the movies she had done, and all the women she had been with before Buffy, no one else reacted the way she did to that spot in their ass being rubbed.

After a few more strokes in her throat and in her ass, Buffy couldn't take it anymore, her legs trembled as her sphincter violently shuddered and throbbed around Faith's fingers.

"Fuck it!" Faith yelled and came strongly down Buffy's throat, eliciting another appreciative moan from her.

After a few minutes of not knowing her own name, Faith opened her eyes to the devastation on the bed. That's the only way to describe what she saw when she looked down. Buffy was on her side, still panting and cupping her pussy from the monster orgasm she had from Faith fucking her throat and her ass. The bed sheet had mysteriously been pulled from its moors under the mattress. The pillows and comforter were nowhere to be seen, and she suspected they both looked like they something had exploded on the bed.

In effect, it had.

"Faith," Buffy whispered. "Are you awake?"

"Mmm, yeah," Faith managed, with a very parched sounding throat.



"My ass is still contracting," Buffy moaned slightly.

"Oh fuck, B. Don't tell me that, you're makin' me hard again."

"No way," She laughed.

"You doubt me?"

Buffy looked over at her crotch and sure enough, Faith's dick looked like it was springing back to a semi-hardness.

"Never…" Buffy said, trailing off as she thought about the song Faith had played. "Baby, what was that song you were playing?"

"Oh…just somethin' that reminded me of you."

Buffy looked puzzled, "Really? When did you first hear it?"

Faith blushed slightly and smirked.

"Tell me," Buffy said as she shoved Faith's hip slightly.

"It was…I was home…and Diana was listening to it. She really liked it, especially when things were getting hot and heavy between her and Giles."

Buffy's brow furrowed.

"Things weren't always hot and heavy with them?"

"Uhhh…well, I guess they might have been heavy, but they were kinda conservative…until they stumbled onto my porn collection…"

Buffy's eyes went impossibly wide, "Faith, you told me your porn collection…"

"Why do you think Giles coughs and fidgets when you move close to him?"

"Oh my God! They watched my videos?!"

Faith shrugged, "Every once in a while I'd notice one missing, but then the next day after I got back from school it'd be there again."

"Holy shit!" Buffy exclaimed, horrified.

"Relax, B. I doubt in their wildest dreams they'd figure you'd come into my life like this. I don't think Giles was gearing up to meeting you one day. You just helped spark a few fires for them."

"Faith he saw me blow a lot of guys."

Faith nodded with a wry smile fixed on her lips, "A lot. Sometimes three at once."

Buffy groaned and rolled over facing away from Faith.

"B, you're seriously upset by that? I mean Christ, your priest probably saw you take it up the ass from a chick with a dick when our movie came out."

"I don't have a priest and you know it," Buffy said dryly.

"Your mom and dad do, besides, it's never bothered you before…"

"But those people…Giles…Wesley…they matter to you," Buffy sighed.

"And they know you matter to me, and they know what I do, you think they think worse of me?"


"Fuck the buts, B…" Faith couldn't help but smile at the way that sounded but she kept on. "Are you catching senility in your pregnant state? Can that be one of the symptoms? You're the one that taught me no matter what you do you're still a good person. And that porn isn't a deviant profession. I looked up to you for that."

"I know…it's just…"

"Stupid is what it is."

"Hey! Don't call me stupid," Buffy twisted her body to look at Faith.

"I will, when you're acting all dumb," Faith said, another wry smile on her lips.

"Seriously, Faith you're treading on thin ice."

Faith shook her head, "How did we get here?"

Buffy narrowed her eyes at her.

"Don't look at me like I'm nuts, how did we get into this argument?"

"You were telling me about the song."

"Oh yeah, right."

Buffy was still curious about the song, so she pushed her bubbling anger back down and asked, "So it was a love song that Diana liked?"

"It's a sort of love song."

"What do you mean, sort of?"

"Well, the woman is saying she loves the guy, and he's trying to convince her that sex is all about pleasure. Ya know, no strings attached."

"You know French?"

"Un peu," Faith winked at her.

"Me too, well, Willow tried to drill it into me, but it just wouldn't stick."

Faith smiled mischievously, "Maybe she was using the wrong kinda drill," She said, as she made her penis jump.

Buffy let out a laugh and closed her eyes, blushing.

"You know, I love that about you, probably the most thing…" Faith said as she scrambled up and onto her stomach, pulling herself up to Buffy so they were face to face.

"What?" Buffy breathed out.

"That no matter what you've seen in life, that you're not jaded, and I can make you blush with the stupidest innuendo."

She then leaned in and gave her a sensuous kiss. They made out like that for a few minutes, until a digital alarm softly beeped in one of the rooms down from them. Presumably Gunn's.

Faith groaned, "Gotta get going, baby."

Buffy sighed, "I know."

"I'll be back before you know it, and we'll have some excellent brook trout."

"I can't eat a lot of fish."

"You can have a couple of ounces, besides, the barbeque sauce Chao makes to go with this…man, it's fuckin' killer!"

"Is it the same as the one she does for the ribs?"

"Slightly, but this one is more…I don't know, it's just more!" Faith was clearly excited about the sauce.

Buffy's brow furrowed.

"You okay, B?" Faith looked concerned.

"Fine, I was just thinking," She said as she tightened her grip on Faith.

"What?" Faith asked as the silence stretched on.

"I don't know…it was something Fred said last night, about being grateful she found a brilliant doctor to make her the woman she always knew she could be."

"Yeah, Diana was the tops in her field," Faith sighed sadly.

"Did you ever ask her to give you the surgery too?"

Faith shrugged, "Crossed my mind once or twice, but…as soon as I started loving myself, and then ya know, loving myself, I didn't really think about it again." There was silence between them for a moment. "You know how I feel, if I didn't have it we probably would never have met."

Buffy rubbed her stomach, the baby was kicking and making itself known.

"Oops, we woke her up," Faith whispered.

Buffy smiled as Faith leaned down and gave her stomach a kiss.

"Funny, she was sleeping through our whole lovemaking."

"That was straight up fuckin', wasn't it, bub?" Faith asked, her stomach point blank.

"Faith!" Buffy scoffed, mad at the language she used to talk to the baby with.

"Oh, like you didn't let out a stream of F words while we were doin' the do?"

Buffy lowered her voice, "But she was asleep."

"You were just pretendin' weren't ya, Junior, pickin' up some pointers for when you're older, right?"

Faith had her hand on Buffy's stomach and both of them felt the strong jolt as the baby kicked almost the exact same spot that Faith had her hand.

"I got a high-five!" Faith exclaimed with a stunned but happy look on her face.

Buffy just shook her head, she couldn't win.

Oh, the baby's teenage years were going to be fun.



Buffy walked down the path that led to the stream, she had Giles in tow. She figured if he was going to practically be her father-in-law that she get to know him better. Plus, he needed to get over the fact that he had watched her pornos to spice up his and Diana's sex life, so she figured a walk was in order.

"I'm so glad you guys came, Mr. Giles. Faith was talking about your visit non-stop for over a week."

They walked at a comfortable pace with Buffy hanging on to the crook of Giles' elbow.

"Yes, well, we're equally glad to have been invited. Each of us have been so busy, it's nice to be able to get together all in one location. This house has always been serene and free from bad memories. I'm glad Faith found peace here."

"I'm glad too, it's been wonderful."

"Will your parents come when the baby's born?"

"Yes, they're planning on flying over in a week, just to get settled in before the big day."

"Splendid. I'm sure that will help ease the jitters."

"You have no idea," Buffy said rolling her eyes and holding tighter onto his arm. This was nice, walking with someone who meant a great deal to Faith. It made her feel a part of the family.

As they got closer to the stream, Buffy could see Ben casting his line in the water, just as Faith had shown him.

"Isn't he walking a little too far out?" Buffy commented.

Faith's back was to her but Gunn could see her walk up. She caught his eye and motioned for him to not call attention to their arrival. Faith would be thinking that Buffy was taking a nap, and she wanted to surprise her.

Buffy saw Faith motioning to Ben, presumably about how far out in the stream he was getting and Gunn was watching her walk with Giles, Faith finally seemed to get his attention.

"What was that?" Buffy heard a sound like a single firecracker exploding.

Giles was about to answer, but they both saw Faith fall into the water.

What happened next seemed like slow motion to Buffy, but in fact, with a quickness no one knew she possessed, she was running down the rest of the one hundred feet or so of the lane and jumping into the water.

Giles was fast on her heels but he couldn't catch her from launching herself into the brook.


Gunn had realized what happened and pulled Benji back to where he was and then lay down with him, protecting his body and making sure his face wasn't in the water. He also laid partially over Faith, trying desperately to stem the bleeding coming from her abdomen.

Just then someone ran, almost floating through the air it seemed, across the stream and up the other side of the bank, towards the house, a dog giving chase to him. Another figure, lumbered through the stream, surprisingly fast for the vastness of his frame. As he got up and over the next bank, he kneeled down, steadying the weapon he had previously strapped around his back and used the scope to target his mark.

The gun went off a quick rapport that sounded like a bark. Birds flew up from the tree they were nesting in, and a few moments later Vi came sauntering back, signaling to Olaf that there was a man down.

"Good girl, Violet," He murmured, reaching out to pet her. Vi dutifully went up to him, then looked past him to the stream, she suddenly moved like she had been shot out of an AK-47.

Giles was yelling for Olie to call and get help.

"Skit!" Olaf said, cursing in Swedish. He immediately felt in his pocket for his phone, and tried desperately to keep it in his big hands, it felt as slippery as a fish. "Ja," He said into the phone, as soon as he was able to dial." I need the rescue! Down at Faith's place, at the back in the stream. We have casualties!"

He closed the phone after hearing that they were bringing a team of rescue people and ran down to the stream.

"Faith! Faith!" Buffy was hysterically calling for Faith, but she wasn't answering. It did appear that she was mumbling. Gunn held her to his body, his hand inside of her wading suit, trying to keep as much pressure as he could on the wound.

"Charles!" Olaf yelled to him. "Where is she hit?!"

"Where I have my hand! In the abdomen."

"Rupert! Take Buffy and Benjamin to the house!"

"No! I'm staying!"

"Buffy, it would be…" Giles started to say and was stopped by her look of warning.

Her jaw was set and her fist was clenched at her side, "I'm staying with Faith." She said through her teeth.

Giles quickly looked at Olaf who nodded, not happy but acquiescing.

"Take the boy, don't go on the path," Olaf warned.

Giles gave his assurance, he surmised that the shooter was felled by the bullet from Olaf's gun. So he would make sure to take Benjamin over the grass, and through the trees up to the house.

Olaf slung his rifle over his back, and slid down the bank into the water, making his way over to Gunn and Faith.

He felt her neck for a pulse and looked stricken for a moment, until he finally felt a faint one. He acted quickly.

"Pull her up out of the water as much as you can. I'm going to apply pressure to your hand, keep it over the wound."

Buffy was holding one of Faith's hands and periodically kissing it, asking her to please stay with her. It broke Olaf's and Gunn's hearts to hear her ragged pleas.

"Let's get her over to the grass. Do you think you can manage to get up the bank?" Olaf asked Gunn.

"Yes, I can make it."

`What about Buffy,' Olaf thought, but just then the rest of the people from the house came running down to the water. Most were hysterical and asking what happened.

"Wesley!" Olaf called. "Please, help Buffy up the bank."

Wesley wasted no time in jumping down into the water, even though he had a suit on, and helped steady her, but she still clung to Faith's hand.

Olaf was going to ask that she let go while they got Faith up to the top of the bank, but thankfully she let go on her own, he didn't want to have to be insistent with her.

Wesley was forced to support all her weight as she slumped against him.

"There, there, Buffy, it'll be okay. She'll be okay."

Buffy moaned, it was clear she was under extreme duress, and it was taking a toll on her.

Dawn was the next person to jump into the stream, to help calm her sister.

At first Dawn thought the blood staining the front of Buffy's white summer dress was from helping Faith, then as Wesley hoisted her carefully up into his arms, she noticed a fresh trickle making its way slowly down her leg. She put her body in front of them to stop Wesley from going any further.

"Dawn, please step aside, or maybe you hold her legs while I…"

Dawn wasn't listening to him, she lifted the bottom of Buffy's dress up above her knees.

"Surely you can hold her legs without having to…"

"Wes, she's bleeding."

"What?" He looked at her puzzled.

"I think she's bleeding from…"

"Oh dear God," He said as he looked at Buffy's face. "She's going into shock." He said urgently.

Thankfully within a matter of minutes the rescue team showed up, they quickly discerned who needed immediate medical attention, and who was just in an emotional state of shock.

Both Buffy and Faith were transferred to gurneys, and the medical team worked on them as they waited for the Medevac helicopter to land.

Gunn sat exhausted and covered in blood, but refused any help from the medical team.

"Help them," He said as he waved an attendant off. "This isn't my blood."

Magnus, one of Faith's friends from her time in the partying scene in Switzerland, signaled over to Olaf.

"We'll take them both in the helicopter, there's room, but no one will be able to attend with them."

"Ja, we'll follow in the car."

"Good. She's lost a lot of blood, Olie. They both have, the pregnant one should be okay, although we'll have to see about her baby. Faith though…" He said gravely.

"Don't say it!" Olaf snapped making Magnus backed down. "Get them to the hospital and hurry!"

Giles was standing with Dawn, he had come back to watch the helicopter take off with both Buffy and Faith loaded inside and she had immediately jumped into his arms for solace. She turned her head into his chest as the wind kicked up around them.

It was decided that Giles, Dawn and Wesley would go to the hospital, everyone else wanted to go too, but for practical reasons, they would be needed at the house, to field any calls coming in from LA and other parts of the world as the news hit that Quentin Travers' niece and her fiancé were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Dawn sat in the hospital waiting room beside herself, she didn't even know how long it was that she sat staring at the metal doors that they took Faith and Buffy behind.

Giles and Wesley were talking in hushed tones amongst themselves in the corner. Both leaning up against the wall, their arms crossed in front of their bodies. Trying to make some sense out of what just happened.

Jana was shown the waiting room and rushed over to Dawn who at first looked at her without seeing, and then threw her arms over her shoulders when she realized who she was.

"Liebchen, I came, I couldn't stay away."

"Thank you, Jay…oh thank you so much…" Dawn said, tearfully as Jana sat in the chair beside her and pulled her into her arms more.

"The others are still at the house, they can't even…no one knows what to do…" Jana said, with an equally distraught voice.

After a few minutes of Jana and Dawn comforting each other, Jana noticed Giles and Wesley standing beside them, rubbing their backs.

They both stood up for a group hug, but were stopped by the opening of the metal doors.

A haggard looking doctor came out and stopped in front of them. He pulled his cap off and dabbed his sweaty forehead with it.

"Are you her father?"

"Yes," Giles said, answering without hesitation.

"She had a baby girl."

Dawn yelped in surprise and Jana hugged her close again.

"How is she?" Giles asked.

"They're fine. Mommy is a little out of it. We'll put her under sedation in a moment so she can rest better. In the end we had to take the baby, we could not stop the bleeding and they both would have perished."

Everyone except Giles gasped, but he looked no less surprised at hearing that, his face was ashen.

"The baby is being cleaned now," The doctor continued. "And you'll be able to see her in the window down the hall in about twenty minutes. We're putting her in an oxygen tent for a few hours. She's premature, but still a good size, I think she'll be fine in no time. Tomorrow, perhaps, you'll be able to hold her." He smiled.

Giles walked forward another step and asked quietly, "What of the other woman who was brought in?"

"The transgendered?"

Jana could feel her stomach clench at that, Faith was so much more than just a label to describe her sex. She imagined it would have been as if she was involved in an accident and the doctor came out and told her family, "The vagina bearer is okay."

"Faith," Giles corrected sharply.

"Is anyone from her family here?" The doctor realized quickly that he had sounded a bit callous in his description.

"We are all her family," Wesley assured him.

The doctor nodded, "My colleague, Dr. Linsdorf is working on her. She's still alive," There were audible sighs of relief at that statement. "She's fighting for her life very valiantly. However, it will be some time before she's out of surgery. I'll have an attendant let the doctor know you're waiting to hear, he'll keep you updated as soon as possible."

 "Thank you, Doctor." Giles reached out and shook his hand. "Thank you so very much."

"You're welcome. A nurse will come out and tell you when you can see your granddaughter."

Giles smiled at that thought and thanked him again.

He turned to the others, "All we can do is wait."

"I didn't even think of the possibility of Buffy having the baby now…Oh my God! My parents! I have to call them!" Dawn started to run to the attendant's desk and Jana called her back, holding out her cell phone.

"You have to use it outside, but it'll make international calls. Your parents number is on speed dial."

"Thanks, Jay!" Dawn said as she took the phone and ran outside.

"I better go look after her," Jana said and excused herself from the room.

Wesley and Giles looked at each other.

"There you have it," Giles said, mustering the famous British stiff upper lip.

"Can I just break tradition and say: Fucking hell, Rupert! What the fuck is happening?! Who would have shot Faith?!" His voice broke as he yelled and Giles went over to him, grabbing him in a hug.

"There there, Wessles." He said, using the nickname he gave him when he was just a child, and patted his back comfortingly. "We'll find out, we'll find out and they'll pay. With interest."



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