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Some Things Matter More

by Frass


Summary: Sequel to Cupid Can Kiss My Ass
A/N: This one’s for my Boo. Also, Chapters 7-11 are a flashback to right before and after Faith and Buffy got together. It’s when Faith finds out about Buffy and Satsu for a "Faith Finds Out" challenge. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the season 8 comics.

Listen to the Music

Chapter 1: Doesn’t Suck To Be Me

"Faith, are you coming with me later?"

Does she expect a real answer? I mean, she leaves these opportunities wide open for me, how can I resist?

"Hey, pervert, I know you're thinking of at least a dozen ways you can answer that question, but all I need is one. Then I can scoff and you can laugh and we can move on to your real answer."

"How do you know I was thinkin' perverted thoughts, B? I might have been thinkin' of my schedule for today. Goin' through the calendar on my Outlook. Ya know?" I act all innocent and hurt.

She snorts all knowingly, "How do I know you're thinking perverted thoughts?" She starts using her fingers to count each point. "Because today is a day that ends in ‘Y'. I saw that little smirk you had on your face, it's the naughty thoughts smirk. You love to turn anything I say into sexual innuendo. The only time anything is scheduled on your outlook calendar is when Giles sends you a meeting invite that you haven't deleted yet..."

I hold a hand up to stop her, "Ok, ok, smartass. What time do ya hafta be there?"

"They said by 5:30, so anytime before then is cool."

"And how’re we gettin' there?"

"I thought we'd take the subway, no need for the car just to go pick up the tickets."

"Are we patrollin' after the game?"

"No, Giles has Rona and Kennedy on duty tonight."

"Good, I'm glad you told him not to put her with me."

"You're gonna have to deal with her sooner or later Faith. We can't all just draw the short straw because she gets under your skin."

"Well, I didn't mean that I wouldn't patrol with her ever again, I just didn't wanna do it so soon."

Buffy steps up and draws the shower curtain back. I don't know why, it's not like she can't see me, we have one of those see-through curtains. She pulls me out from under the shower spray and water goes rushin’ to the floor. I'm about to complain when I see the look in her eyes.

"I can't stand watching all that water cascade down your body and not do something about it." She growls before pulling me into a heated but wet kiss. Suddenly, the kiss is broken and I'm shoved back into the shower and the curtain is roughly pulled closed. Buffy's already out outta the room when I regain my bearings.

That horn dog, it must be a week before her period. She always gets that way the week before. Damn! I better get in double-sex overtime for the next week, because I'll be goin' solo for a few days once the red tide is in. Ms. Tightly Wound doesn't like to do anything durin' her period.

She's all, ‘Ick, Faith. No, don't even think about it. Ewwwwwwwwww!'

And it's not like I'm even askin' to go down on her, I just wanna give her a handjob, help ease the cramps and the bitchiness a little and get a lil' love in return. But all I get is ‘No'.

Oh well, her loss. I finish shampooin' my hair and marvelin' at her weird ways.

After I'm done, I go into the bedroom and Buffy's gettin' dressed, she already took her shower. I wish she'd have waited for me. I love our shower time together.

"You're sure you don't mind Will and Xander coming with us? I mean they're your tickets."

The radio station's prize was 4 tickets, not just the two I thought it was. That's pretty fuckin' sweet.

"Nah, not at all, B. Who else am I gonna ask? Andrew?"

"Not unless you wanna sit there explaining why the ball is orange, what pattern they used for the net and why they can't play ‘keep away' until the last second and win by ‘one basket'."

I chuckle. "I take it you watched a game with him."

"Not me. Xander. We heard about the whole thing in detail the next day."

"Xander's a freakin' saint. I can't believe he let Andrew move in with him. I'd hang myself after the first Star Trek marathon."

Buffy stops foolin' with her bracelet and looks up. "Don't even joke about that kind of thing Faith, somehow these things have a way of becoming true, and I just couldn't stand that."

"What me hangin' myself?"

"No, him moving in here."

She runs out of the room before I have a chance to throw a pillow at her.

"You better run, Princess!"

I finish gettin’ dressed while Buffy's in the kitchen makin’ coffee.

"Sweety, I'm gonna go get the mail downstairs, I'll be right back!"

"Ok, babe!"

I go into the kitchen and pour the coffee into our mugs, I realize I have this goofy grin on my face. Things have just been going so well these last few months. Topped off by my proposal to Buffy two days ago on Valentine's Day.

There used to be a time when all this would scare the livin' shit out of me and I would ruin it on purpose so I didn't have to wait for the day that it would all go down the shitter.

I still get moments of doubt, but I've learned not to let them rule my life. I realize after almost two years Buffy actually does love me, she's not just pretending so she can dump me and get the ultimate revenge.

Don't fuckin' laugh. That horrible thought had my stomach in knots for the first six months. I drove her nuts with always questionin’ why she loved me.

One day she just flat out said:

"Faith, you ask me why I love you and all I can tell you is this. For the first time in years I've been able to breathe again, and I didn't know it but I still had a death wish. Nothing was ever as good as it was in heaven or wherever I was when I died. Being in love with you, I haven't had that same wish to die. To protect people yes, but not to hope that a vamp or demon would get a lucky break one day so that I could go back to wherever that was. I know this is hard for you to believe, but I love you. I. Love. You. Faith. With all that I am. I can't think of any other way to make you believe or accept that, other than beating the snot out of you. But if that's what it's gonna take then let's go."

And she got in a fightin' stance. After that day my fears subsided and I started to really enjoy bein' with her. I wasn't always thinkin' of when or how the shit would hit the fan.

I still get that feelin' of waitin' for the other shoe to drop, especially when things are goin' really, really good, like now. But I get through ‘em.

Buffy comes in with the mail and I look around the wall of the kitchen. She's lookin' at a letter and has an adorable frowny face. Probably some bill she thought she paid.

"Everything alright, B?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. This letter came for you, it looks like it was forwarded to an address in Boston, then to the Old Council's address in England and finally here. God that's weird. It was mailed over a month ago."

"Who's it from?"

"Do you know a Dee Gennaro?"

Oh shit. I think I heard that other shoe just drop.

How could I feel blindsided by this? I was just thinkin' how things can suddenly turn to shit, and now I'm surprised that it's headin' south.

I play it off. I don't want to think about what that letter could be sayin'.

"Not that I can remember. Probably someone I pissed off. Could be an old high school friend tellin' me how she's all married now and has ten rugrats. I'll open it later."

Buffy's eyes narrow, she can smell the bullshit from a mile away. But the thing about her that works so well with me is she doesn't press, she knows eventually I'll come clean, but that I need a while to process stuff on my own. Don't get me wrong though, she'll be hurt my first instinct was to lie to her, and I really have to stop doin' that.

I don't know why that's my first reaction. It's like a defense mechanism I can't fuckin' get rid of.

"Here's your coffee, honey." I put the sugar in my voice and smile a sweet dimpled smile.

She's so gonna kick my ass in about a day.

"Thanks," She comes into the kitchen and accepts the mug I have held out to her. "Mmmm, coffee." She's got that yummy look on her face and I get a delicious feelin' in my stomach. The heat I feel is slowly travelin' south and I better stop starin' ‘cause I'm gettin' myself in trouble here and if I try to make a move on B she's gonna kick my ass even harder later.

"Ok, so, plan is?"

"We go to see Giles, he's the only one we haven't talked to about our engagement. I want to tell him face to face. We should do some training while we're there. Will and Xander said they'd meet us downtown at the station when we pick up the tickets and we can go to the restaurant together."

"Sounds good. What time's the tip-off?"

She just blinks at me and I chuckle.

"What time’s the game start?"

"Oh, they said at 8."

"Awesome, this is gonna be such a great day!" I pull her into a hug. "Thanks so much, B!" I kiss her and go to put on my boots.

I make sure to take the letter with me and put it in the inner pocket of one of my jackets. I just can't deal with it now.

"I'm very happy for the both of you. Any idea when you'll have the ceremony?"

"Not yet, we haven't really talked about all that." Buffy looks at me nervously.

I smile at her and wink.

"Probably in a year or so, make sure we have all our ducks in a row. We're gonna need to have a big shindig. If that's what B wants, o'course. It's her day."

"Why isn't it your day, too?"

"'Cause you've been probably dreamin' of this day forever, B. I never thought I'd ever be in a relationship let alone one that would lead to marriage, so I don't have any dreams."

"You haven't had any dreams about what you'd like our day to be like when we got married since we've been together?" Her voice is raisin' an octave.

Uh oh. I forget sometimes that Buffy is a total girl and would be thinkin' of this stuff all the time. Except when she's kickin' demon ass o'course.

Giles clears his throat and removes his glasses. He has an awkward smile on his face and looks like he's tryin' come up with something to help diffuse the situation.

Time to do some damage control.

"Well, I was just sayin' that you'll probably have ideas that you've wanted to put into play for a long time. I'll help you plan it B and it's gonna be our day, but I'm not gonna have any kinda beautiful ideas that you'd have. Ya get me?"

"Yeah, I do." Her face is softer and she leans forward in her chair to give me a kiss. "So we'll start planning soon."

Phew, I feel like I just dodged a cannonball.

"Yep. I might have an idea or two on the color of the bridesmaids dresses." I hope I come up with somethin' before she calls me on it.

"Oh, really?" She looks impressed. "Just so long as it's not green, Xander's were green and we all know what happened there."

I chuckle and give her a quick kiss. I glance over at Giles and he looks grateful that there wasn't an argument.

"Should we train?"

"Yes, perhaps it would be best if you two got in a spot of training. I've procured some new weapons I'd like to get your opinion on."

"New weapons!? That's kick ass!!"

Buffy rolls her eyes. "Are you gonna be that excited about planning our wedding?"

"Yeah, 'specially if there's weapons."

"What would a Slayer's wedding be without them?" Buffy says sarcastically.

We get in a couple hours of training. Giles showed us the weapons and taught us how they could best be used. Damn they were fuckin' off the chain! I can't wait to get a chance to use ‘em. Of course we have to train with ‘em a few more times before he'll let us take ‘em into the field. God forbid we use ‘em incorrectly.

I wonder if he's always had that giant stick up his ass. I mean we've heard about Ripper and stuff, but how could you go from bein' totally badass and rebellious to bein' an old grandma type?

I try to picture myself with glasses, drinkin' tea and with a book permanently attached to the end of my nose. I just don't see it.

It's 4:30 and we're waitin' downtown for Will and Xander outside the radio station. We could just go in and get the tickets but Xander wanted to meet the people from the station.

He probably knows he might see me punch that DJ dude in the throat for pervin' on B. He likes watchin' the fights, it's almost like wrestlin' or that American Gladiator shit to him.

I don't know if I'll do anything to the DJ. We'll just hafta see what kinda shit he says.

I look over and see Buffy shiver and pull her closer to me.

"Should we wait in the lobby, baby?"

"Good idea, let me call Will and tell her we'll be inside."

I'm kinda disappointed because I'd rather snuggle all close with her, but I don't want her to suffer out here just because I'm mega horny. That training at Giles' got me really worked up, what else is new right? B and I were gettin' hot and heavy in the shower we took together, but then she noticed she could hear others through the wall, full on body blushed and that was the end of that.

We walk around the lobby lookin' at the pictures of celebrities that have been to the station and stuff and then take a seat on the couch. Buffy snuggles in close to me and I'm so happy I'm grinnin' like a motherfucker.

We're goin' to see a basketball game!! Celtics vs. the Knicks. There's just so much about today that's fuckin' awesome.

We don't have to patrol later, we're gonna go to a nice restaurant before the game, Kennedy's not here, B promised she wouldn't fall asleep before we got to take care of the hornies and I get some snuggles while we wait for the Wonder Twins. I could skip and do a jig, but I'm not a total loser so I don't.

"Hi guys!" Willow says all breathlessly. Buffy jumps up and rushes over to her and they hug like they didn't just see each other yesterday.

Fuckin' cracks me up.

"Xander!!" I rush over to him and pick him up in a big bear hug like he was my long lost brother.

He starts gigglin’ like a girl and gets all swoony, immediately understandin' and playin' along with my joke. "Faith, dear heart! How long has it been my sweet? Since 8 o'clock yesterday?! Tell me sweetheart, tell me we'll never leave it so long to glance upon each other, ever, ever again!"

I put him down and hold him at arms length. "No, never, my one-eyed stallion!" The penis implication wasn't lost on him and he chuckles like Beavis.

I'm about to do a Butthead laugh when I feel a smack at the back of my head and let go of Xander to rub at where my man handlin' woman hit me. I turn to her and she and Willow are glarin' at us.

Willow comes over to me and gives me a hug while Buffy goes to do the same to Xander.

"Oooh, Will. This hug is gettin' me all worked up. You sure your girl won't mind?"

She tightens her arms around me and fuck if she isn't squeezin' the breath out of me. Damn mojo, she's usin' it to increase her strength.

Before she can pop me like a grape I manage to gasp out, "Got it, uhhh huhhh, Red. No huhhhh makin' fun huuuuh of huuu-hugs."

She eases up on the squeezin' and then gives me a lingerin' kiss on the cheek. I look over at B with raised eyebrows and she's got a huge grin on her face that says ‘Don't mess with my witch-y best friend who's happy that we're engaged.' I smile back at her and she knows I get it.

We talk a lot with facial expressions, it's funny but I guess it's just instinct. I can look over at her and know exactly what she's thinkin' and she can do the same to me.

But the difference between us is sometimes she's able to hide her true thoughts from me. I can't do that with her. I've tried and it just ends up really bad for me ‘cause she knows I lied. Sucks.

After our re-acquaintance scene we tell the receptionist we're ready to go pick up our tickets and she dials someone up on the phone.

About 5 minutes later some chubby blonde guy comes into the lobby all smiles. I have to admit he looks kinda cute.

Like a big teddy bear with skin.

"Are you Buffy?" He asks Willow.

"Nope," She says slightly embarrassed. "Sh-she is." She points to B and the DJ redirects his attention.

"Wow, you're a cutie! Boy, if I wasn't married and you weren't engaged, oh the possibilities!" He cracks himself up as he reaches out to shake her hand. "I'm Tanker."

The fuck kinda name is "Tanker"? Probably ‘cause he's built like a tanker truck.

He spots me as he's shakin' B's hand like it's a limb on a money tree. "And whoah, ho, ho....this must be Faith!"

I nod and extend my hand.

"Well darlin', I can see why Buffy'd want to win those tickets for ya." He winks and I squeeze his hand a little hard. What can I say? I'm cheap like that. His eyes go a little wide and whatever else pervy he was about to say just died on his lips. "Who are your friends?" He smiles and clears his throat nervously.

"That's Willow, and Xander. Our best friends." I finally let go of his hand and he shakes it out. B glares and I give her my innocent shrug that says ‘What? He's a wuss, that my fault?'

"Nice to meet you both." He shakes their hands gingerly. I must have squeezed too hard. That'll fuckin' teach him. If you could see my lip it's in a definite pout ‘cause B's all dissaprovin'.

I'm such a baby sometimes.

"C'mon, I'll take you up to meet Sheri. She and I waited to meet you guys. So did most of our crew. We were just so taken with your story, it's really great to hear that kinda thing these days." He babbles as we make our way up to their studio.

He opens the door for us and immediately I see some older blonde chick. She's really good lookin', I'm stunned.

"Sheri, here are Faith and Buffy!" Tanker announces us like we're guests on Jay Leno.

Sheri is impressed with us, you can tell. She's like an open book. Right off the bat I can tell she's in a relationship that's goin' no where. And I can also tell she's curious.

I put my arm around Buffy as Sheri comes up to us.

"Very nice to meet you both!" She shakes B's hand and then looks over to me. I can see a hint of a blush on her face.

She digs me.

Well ain't that somethin'? I feel B stiffen under my arm, she's not happy but her face doesn't show it at all. Sheri looks at me more fully and turns to shake my hand too. I give her a quick but firm shake, don't wanna be too rude, I hate those handshakes that are like shakin' a dead fish. All limp and shit.

"It's so nice to finally meet both of you." Ya said that already, Sheri. Nervous much? "We were buzzing about your story for the last couple of days, you're like celebrities around here now." She smiles with a hint of shyness.

Must be our slayer presence she feels, I wonder if she knows about slayers. Maybe her sister's one or somethin'. There's a thought.

They introduce us to their crew and for the next hour they show us how the studio works. We get to do our own promos for the radio station. Mine was badass to the core.

"Hey, whassup? This is Faith and you're listening to the only radio station that doesn't have a DJ in jail for public drunkenness. 92.3 WMOP."

Buffy's was cute, "This is Buffy, [pause], yes that's my real name. Gosh, rude much? Anyway, you're listening to 92.3 WMOP where the music is hot and the talk is cheap. Very cheap."

I doubt they'll be used for anything, but it was cool that they let us do that. They played ‘em back for us and Buffy was blushin' as red as a tomato and sayin' her voice sounded stupid.

I sounded like a lunkhead but a wicked sexy lunkhead, so whatever. B thought it was great and that's all that matters.

Finally, they give us our tickets and explain that we're gettin' a luxury box to ourselves.


Xander let's out a whoop and an air punch and I pick him up and twirl him while doin' a jig, then I throw him up in the air and catch him a couple of times while he squeals, again, like a little girl. But this time it's for real.

Buffy and Willow look fuckin' mortified. Sheri, Tanker and the crew look like Jesus came back and walked on the water in the huge aquarium they have in the studio.

I let Xander down and we bow our heads sheepishly.

Fuck man, I'm such a dork sometimes.

Oh whatever, this is fuckin' HUGE! I skip over to B, grabbin' her hand and swingin' it happily. She loves when I act all excited, she was just worried at my display of strength in front of strangers.

"You must work out," Tanker says with a grin and an impressed wink. "Like every waking minute." He gets this intense look on his face.

I blow it off.

"Faith was exposed to radioactive Goop as a kid. She's like the Hulk." Xander jokes. Willow punches him in the arm.

After a few more awkward looks Buffy saves the day.

"You said something about taking pictures?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot! C'mon gather round, we'll take pictures for our wall."

After the pictures and promises to keep in touch we leave the studio.

We've got reservations at a nice Steakhouse at 6:30. It's not too fancy but it is really popular, so we don't have to dress up but you do hafta call ahead.

It's too cold to walk so we squeeze into a cab and Buffy hangs on to me for dear life. She'll never get used to NYC cabs. Bein' this close to B and all warm and still horny is messin' with me.

She forgets about her fright long enough to catch the look on my face.

"Later, baby, ok?" She whispers into my ear and that doesn't help my situation.

"When later, like now?" I grin.

"Awwwwww, look at how much in love they are." Willow gushes. "It's soooooo cute!"

Buffy grins at her friend but I can tell she's tryin' not to play our happiness up too much because she knows that Red and Ken are still havin' problems. They haven't said anything to me and I think it's because they know if I find out somethin' like Ken cheated her ass is grass.

"Thanks, Will. I don't think Faith likes to be thought of as cute though."

"Oh, but she is, soooooo soooooooo CUTE." Willow's makin' fun now. Witchy Bitch. Heh. It's ok, I like her so she gets a pass.

"Yeah like a fluffy bunny!" Xander says and then everyone goes quiet. They're thinkin' about Anya. Didn't really know the chick but I know Xander is still broken up about her.

I try to lighten the mood. "I'm about as fluffy as a lizard."

Buffy takes my hand in hers and rubs it. "Your skin does get scaly when you don't moisturize."

And just like that we're back to jokin' and ribbin' on each other. Sweet.


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