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Official "Love Games" Challenge Rules & Guidelines

(as posted to my Yahoo Group)


This is a love triangle (or rectangle) challenge.

Basically, one or both girls (Buffy and Faith) are involved (or about to get involved) with another person, and I want to see some sparks fly. I mean, emotions, all sorts of them, and what it causes them to think and do.  I'm especially going for some sort of jealousy bug here.

Why? Cus I think it's hot. It's one of my favorite elements in a Fuffy fic, and when it's done right, I really can't get enough of it. Of course I'd love to see our girls get together in the end, but that's totally up to the author.

In my perfect world, the 3rd party is primarily a catalyst for Buffy and Faith to confront their feelings.

Also, when I say love triangle (or rectangle) I don't mean 3 way (or 4 way) sex scenes. However, if you can include some sort of emotional impact that the event may cause either girl to go through, then by all means, have at it. I was going more for the traditional love triangle idea, but if sex is where you want to take it, I'm sure all sorts of creative things can come of it.

The Basics

1. Must be Buffy/Faith Centric
2. Season 4 or after, please. I'd like them to be adults
3.Any rating, AU, and Crossovers allowed
4. Must be new, and/or never posted before
5. Posting begins on December 6th, and NO SOONER (here or elsewhere)
6. Must be completed and posted by January 31st, MIDNIGHT, PST to qualify

Mandatory. Must include these two things:

1. The line "I want to kiss you" from Buffy to Faith or vice versa. No variations.

2. A nightclub scene where both Buffy and Faith are present.

And then any 5 of the following:

1. A drunken confrontation

2. A fight

3. Angry sex (think passion, please, not rape)

4. Bed Linens

5. Lipstick

6. A lost  or misplaced article of clothing

7. A cigarette lighter (car or otherwise)

8. A man's shoes, belt, or wallet

9. Lingerie

10. Breakfast in bed

11. Twitter

12. Satsu

13. A tense or awkward group scene/situation between the principle players (ie, sitting at a dinner table, at a party, in a car, etc)

14. Calling someone by the wrong name

15. Someone seeing something they weren't meant to see


1) Subject Line Example

Subject: LGC "Two's Company, Three's a..." (1/?)

2) Heading Example

Challenge: Love Games
Title: "Two's Company, Three's a..."
Author: Oralfxatn
Rating: XXX

Summaries, Dedications, Disclaimers, and Author's Notes are optional


LGC Prizes can be seen HERE in the Photos section.

One winner for each place (1st, 2nd, & 3rd). Any ties will result in a separate poll. Sorry!

In Closing:

I realize the holidays are pretty busy for most of us, so I kept that in mind when I came up with the time frame. Hopefully it's not too much and it's not too little, because I'd really like for a lot of people to participate. And that means writers, readers, and reviewers alike, because submitting a challenge entry is not the only way you can participate. I have prizes for our loyal list reviewers too!

So December 6th, my lovelies. Let the Love Games begin!


PS: And to our incredible List Crier, will you start a daily countdown beginning December 6th?  You know I appreciate you!! :x :x :x


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