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Why You're The Girl

by Dafmeister (aka Dafydd)



Rating: Suitable for kids and those of a nervous disposition
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox and a bunch of other people who aren’t me. No infringement of copyright is intended blah blah blah…
Authors Notes: Just something that came to me in an idle moment. Completely un-betad. Set at some point after Buffy and Faith met. Too big to be called a drabble, but too small to be a proper fic. Maybe a frabble?

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“What do you want to do tonight?” Buffy asked.

Faith shrugged. “I don’t know. Movie?”

“Yeah, why not. You got something in mind?”

“Nah, lady’s choice.”

“Okay, seriously,” Buffy said, with just a hint of annoyance. “How come I’m always the lady in this relationship? You’re a girl too, you know.”

“You noticed? What gave it away?” Faith replied with a smirk, glancing down at what she obviously thought was the clue.

“Har har,” Buffy shot back. “Come on, why do I always have to be the girl here?”

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah, I really want to know.”

“Okay.” Faith paused for a moment, just for effect. “What’s the girliest pair of shoes you’ve got?”

“The sky-blue strappy sandals,” Buffy replied, sensing a trap. “The ones with the little pearls around the buckles.”

“And what’s the girliest pair of shoes I’ve got?”

Buffy stared at her feet and muttered something inaudible.

“I can’t hear you…”

“I said ‘whichever pair of boots you cleaned last’,” Buffy repeated, glaring.

“There you go.”


The End



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