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"Now I'm stronger, now I'm comin' through
Straight on, straight on for you"


It took Faith forever to find her room and when she finally did, she felt nothing but relief. She knew Buffy wouldn’t be dropping in, not when her new honey was a bloody and bruised mess like she was, so that made her borrowed room a place where she could hide, at least until morning. Then she was going to talk to Giles about taking off because there was no way she could stay, not after that train wreck.

She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled off her boots, thinking about how she’d almost lost control of herself all because somebody else had gotten there first…again. It made her think back to when she’d eagerly tried to stake Angel just because he’d returned from the dead and had a lock on Buffy’s heart.

Obviously she still had some issues…like being a mental case as well as a big time fool on top of it. She knew there was no chance for her with Buffy, there never had been and there never would be. All she was doing now was tossing aside years of hard work and she couldn’t afford to. It was the kind of stuff she had to hang onto…for her sake and everybody else’s.

At least she had a plan now. She was going to stay safely tucked away in her room by herself and calm down. That was the absolute smartest thing to do and she was already on her way to doing it. She was just going to sit quietly and…The door flew open, bouncing off the wall so hard, it slammed itself shut.

“What the hell did that mean?”

Faith stood up:

“Get the fuck out of my room.”

“Answer me.”

“Means just what I said. You’re all high and mighty, lecturing me on how to behave while you’re busy playing favorites and fucking the troops.”

Buffy flushed, from anger or embarrassment, Faith had no way to tell for sure.

“You don’t know anything about me, about the situation here.”

“No, just know you’re scratchin’ your itch with somebody you’re supposed to be guiding and teaching. What is she, sixteen? Where I come from we call scum like you kiddy diddlers.”

Buffy slapped her hard enough to stagger her.

“What I do is none of your business.”

“Yeah, heard that before from the other side, but I think when you’re bangin’ a kid, it’s everybody’s…”

Buffy slapped her again, and this time Faith lost her balance and sat down awkwardly on the bed. Buffy’s eyes looked like she was out on patrol:

“Satsu is twenty-one, you goddamn bitch.”

Faith stood up, refusing to rub her cheek and jaw even though they hurt like hell. Buffy’s handprint was clearly visible from the last slap.

“Wow, good for you, B. She’s legal, alive, so what’s the deal? She some kinda demon between the sheets? Gotta be somethin’ special to get you to open up that precious…”

“Shut up!”

Buffy stood still except for her hands which kept clenching and unclenching.

“Who are you to judge me and my sex life? You’ve had way more partners than either of us can count, and don’t tell me it’s the gay thing because no way have you not had your share of girls.”

Faith stood and walked over to the dresser, trying her best to get back in control of her emotions. She felt like crying, but no way would she allow that, especially not in front of Buffy, and for sure not when it was over this.

No one spoke, and then Buffy decided someone had to:

“We just talked things over less than an hour ago and we agreed to try and cut each other some slack. Why are you attacking me about this? Does it bother you that much to see me happy for a change?”

Faith was facing the dresser and hanging onto it tightly to prevent herself from turning around. The cracking noise could be heard right after Buffy claimed to be happy.

“Faith, do you hate me that much?”

“Just get the fuck out of here. Go back to your lover and…”

The softness that had been creeping its way into Buffy’s voice was gone, just like that:

“Goddamn it, you always pull this crap! You’re the one who refuses to let us be friends, the one who won’t let go of the past. You’re all, ‘Let’s let bygones be bygones, B’, then you start beating the hell out of…”

“That’s right, Buffy, that’s exactly how it is. Now why don’t you go comfort Bitchsu in your extra special ‘Buffy’ way and get the fuck outta here?”

“So this is it, Faith? This is all there’s ever going to be between us? Because I don’t get it; why would you want it like this? Why can’t you just…”

The dresser broke apart as Faith turned to face her:

“Get the fuck out of here and leave me alone!”

“No! We’re going to have this out, once and for all.”

“Why? ‘Cause you say so? Well fuck off, I don’t take orders from you, not for a long time.”

Buffy laughed her eyes revealing her pain and confusion:

“What a crock, you’ve never taken orders in your life.”

“Bullshit, I been takin’ plenty of orders! I...”

“Right, from my Watcher as you two bond while ‘saving’ girls just like you.”

“Well somebody’s gotta, you sure as shit can’t…or won’t.”

Buffy shook her head disbelievingly:

“So what, Faith, a few months of doing what you’re told and suddenly you’re all reliable? ’Tell you what, you do the homework and I’ll copy yours’.”

Faith’s head snapped up as she glared at Buffy in a fury:

“Life’s gone on since Sunnydale, Buffy. Maybe you oughta try letting it go for a change.”

“Really? Well what should I do, Faith? Run away like you did?”

Faith looked surprised:

“What the fuck are you talking about now?”

“You’re the one who left. Not me, you. I stayed and you just took off without a word to anyone.”

“Fuckin’ liar! I told Giles.”

“And what about me? I thought we were trying to build something together, but you just left without bothering to say a thing to me.”

Faith hurled the piece of broken dresser she still held in her hand right past Buffy’s head. It exploded into splinters as it smashed against the stone wall.

“I asked you, Buffy, and you made it way clear you weren’t interested. So tell ya what: you fucking haul the guilt for that one.”

“Me? Do you have a concussion?”

She stepped closer to Faith, practically shaking with rage:

“I stayed, Faith. I’m here right now. I’m the one who built something new while you just took off because what? You couldn’t stand to have any responsibility?”

“I’m not fucking talking about staying to...Christ, just get out of here. Go back to her, got my blessing, alright? I’m pulling out tomorrow and then it’ll be back to how you want it.”

Buffy flushed again, her voice coming out in a pained fury:

“Don’t you dare tell me how I want it, you’ve never had the first clue about what I want…God, Faith, how can you talk about leaving again? You’re here because you’re needed, doesn’t that mean anything to you at all?”

“I’m not explaining shit to you, Buffy. You don’t wanna listen anyways, you never have.”

“So you’re the selfish bitch and somehow that’s my fault? Poor you, always so misunderstood. Let me get the violin.”

Faith could feel her temper boiling over, could feel herself ready to yell out everything, and that was the last thing she could afford to do.

“Fuck this and fuck you.”

She headed for the door, but Buffy slid into her path.

“You’re not leaving until we finish this.”

“Get out of my way.”

“Make me.”

They stood toe to toe and it was Faith who broke first. She let out a frustrated scream and went back to her spot by the newly demolished dresser.

They went through another tension packed silence, and finally after a heavy sigh, Buffy’s voice came out all soft and at a loss. The intimacy of it sent a shiver through Faith that she did her best to suppress.

“Faith, why does it feel like we’re talking about different things?”

“What, I gotta figure out your fucked up mind now? Don’t think so.”

Buffy was staring and it didn’t take long before it began making Faith nervous, so nervous she found herself pacing in a tight, narrow area that was getting smaller because whether she meant to or not, Buffy kept edging closer.

“I know I have to be missing something here, just tell me what it is.”

“Look, I’m not one of your Scooby pals, okay? Not interested in making everything nice and easy for you.”

“Could you stop trying to make me mad and just talk to me for a change?”

Faith stopped pacing and faced Buffy, eye to eye:

“Why are you even in here? Aren’t you supposed to be eating Asian tonight?”

Buffy saw red and closed the small distance between them.

“Shut up, Faith.”

“Or what? Gonna beat the shit outta me? Gonna shove a knife in my gut, then act all surprised you had that in you? C’mon B, give us a kiss.”

The sound of Buffy’s shocked gasp seemed loud to Faith, and she could easily read the hurt that crashed across her face. She knew full well that horrible night was Buffy’s weak spot, and although she felt bad for striking at it so viciously, Faith needed this to be over with. If it had to end with Buffy beating her to death, whatever. Just as long as she stopped talking and left.

“I don’t know why you want to hurt me, Faith, but I’m not going to hit you. If this is the relationship you want us to have, fine. I’m sorry that me looking for a little happiness, a little comfort makes you so angry.”

Faith turned around as the tears began welling in her eyes, and Buffy shook her head as she walked slowly to the door. She stopped with her hand clutching the doorknob and then turned back once more to look at Faith:

“I know it’s complicated between us, but I always thought one day we’d be able to have something more than this. Clearly you don’t want that, you want us to keep doing the same thing over and over again, well I can’t. I don’t want to do this with you anymore.”

“No, you wanna do anybody else.”

Uttered through clenched teeth so quietly, Buffy wasn’t sure what she’d heard.


“Just go, Buffy.”

Her hand let go of the door knob as she walked back over to Faith:

“What did you just say?”

“I asked you to get the hell outta here.”

Buffy moved closer:


Faith couldn’t keep it in anymore, not the tears and not the words:

“You’ll fuck anyone, won’t ya, B, just as long as it’s not me.”


“Vamps with and without souls, wooden soldiers, guys that anybody can see are scumbags from a mile off. Now you’ll even fuck another woman. I got the message loud and clear, okay? Just leave me the fuck alone, I’ve had enough.”

The look on Buffy’s face was one of disbelief:

“What are you talking about?”

Faith angrily swiped at the tears rolling down her face:

“What the fuck do you think I’m talking about? How much fucking plainer can I make it?”

“Faith, I don’t…you like boys. How could you…”

“Yeah, well you like boys too, but here ya are doin’ a girl. Shit happens, Buffy.”

Buffy was clearly stunned, and the look of shock on her face only made Faith angrier:

“Gonna stand there now and pretend there was never anything between us?”

“Yes…I mean, no…I just didn’t think…”

“What about when I asked you? I said it as point blank as I could, asked if maybe one day you’d feel somethin’ for me and you said, ‘No’.”

“What? When? You never once…”

Faith’s tears had stopped, but now they began brimming in her eyes again:

“Before I left! I asked you if you thought we could ever unmix the signals and you just laughed and said, ‘No’.”

Buffy suddenly seemed to compose herself:

“Well yes, of course I knew there was an attraction, but I wasn’t going to be just another notch on your…whatever people like you make notches on. I don’t just do casual…”

“Shut up! You are so fucking full of it, when don’t you do casual? Soldier boy’s the longest you ever went and all you were doing was screwing him.”

“I loved Riley!”

Faith’s laugh was filled with scorn:

“Yeah, right. Tell me, Buffy; are you ever honest with yourself? Maybe all alone at night when it’s quiet, ever look somethin’ in the eye and call it what it is?”

Buffy moved closer, her face furious again:

“God, just how insane are you? You’re going to lecture me about honesty? You must be kidding.”

“Oh yeah, Princess, this is a fucking laugh riot. Fact is, you’ve never done it with anybody you loved, not more than once. Never. Fucked Spike blind, but you didn’t care about him. Soulboy, well we all know that tragic tale. What about the little prick you had in college? That was…”

“You’re such a hypocrite! I‘ve heard all your stories, ‘Get some, get gone’. You’re the ‘Queen of The One Night Stand’ and you’re nothing but proud of it, so where do you get off…”

Faith leaned forward, almost screaming in her face:

“But I never pretended to be anything else, did I, Buffy? I didn’t waltz around like I was better than everybody, like I wasn’t a first rate slut. But you, oh man you were always so above it all. Little Miss Pure, but even your lame-ass decoy was fucking a goddamn demon ten seconds after she got off the plane in Rome. She had to be convincing and you’re such a whore what else could she…”

Buffy’s slap this time was a punch and it sent Faith tripping over the remains of the broken dresser and stumbling back into the wall where she crashed to the floor.

“I’m done with this, with you…do you hear me? I’m through! If we ever had a chance, you blew it, so you live with that. There’s a reason you always fuck things up, it’s because that’s exactly what you are: a fuck-up. You wanna blame me for it anyway? Do it, I don’t care anymore. Go to hell, Faith.”

And with that Buffy headed for the door. Her hand reached out, but before she could make her escape, she found herself being grabbed by the wrist and spun around:

“You’re not leavin’ ‘til we settle this, your words.”

“It is settled. Now take your goddamn hand off me.”

Faith’s eyes were nearly black. Her grip on Buffy’s wrist was painfully tight and her words were escaping from her in a snarl:

“You don’t get to just walk outta here after dumping all this shit on me. You’re in it up to your neck too, so stop trying to pretend it’s all mine.”

“Let go of me before I…”

“Make me.”

Buffy’s free hand came up, but Faith caught it, slamming it hard against the wall as she shoved her backward.

Their faces were mere inches apart, muscles straining as furious black eyes stared intently into enraged green eyes.

It was Faith who spoke first, her voice sounding out loud and clear:

“You fucking bitch.”

She kissed Buffy, who instantly struggled and tried to turn her head. Faith merely pushed harder and followed, refusing to let those lips go anywhere without hers on top of them. She tightened her grip when Buffy tried to pull loose, and then Faith roughly thrust her tongue into Buffy’s mouth.

Buffy’s eyes flew open and she renewed her efforts to pull free, but Faith held on. Her tongue probed and explored, stroking and gliding as it tasted every inch of Buffy’s mouth. Her body pressed tightly against Buffy’s, pinning her to the wall and preventing any chance of escape.

Buffy fought to keep her tongue still, but Faith insistently teased, lifting, then twirling her own around it. Before she understood how, Buffy’s tongue was mingling with Faith’s, dancing in tandem and giving back every bit as good as it got.

Faith moaned and sucked that tongue into her own mouth, and Buffy felt something beginning to build in her. She strained to break free again; she didn’t want whatever was happening to happen. She didn’t want the knowledge that was pounding against her defenses to come to her, but it didn’t seem to matter. It was seeping through anyway and she couldn’t stop it.

She lost her train of thought as Faith bit down hard enough to hurt, and when she let out a pained cry, Faith took advantage of her distraction. She spun Buffy towards the wall and pulled both of her hands behind her back. Faith held them there tightly with one of her own, smashing her body against Buffy’s, her mouth at her ear:

“This is it, B, me and you. Nobody and nothing’s standing between us, there’s no more reason to pretend.”

She laid tiny kisses along Buffy’s neck, making her shiver even as she squirmed to free herself. Faith ignored her struggles to break loose, nipping lightly, then harder on Buffy’s ear lobe and making her moan out loud.

“Can’t keep waiting while you fuck everybody else in the world. I’m yours, B. I’ve always been yours, just been waiting for you to get that.”


She slid her free hand in between Buffy and the wall and began torturing her nipples. She was rubbing and rolling and squeezing way too hard for anyone else to enjoy, but for the woman under her control, it was just right.

Buffy’s head fell back on Faith’s shoulder, her breath escaping from her in loud bursts of air. Her eyes were closed tight as the physical and verbal onslaught continued:

“Tell me your pussy’s not dripping right now. Tell me you’re not turned on, that your heart’s not pounding like it never has before.”

There were no words as Faith undid Buffy’s pants and slid her hand into the wetness:

“You can’t deny this, B. You’re begging for me.”

The sound of Buffy’s strangled groan had Faith quickly spinning her around and marching her roughly over to the bed. Buffy lurched forward as her pants fell around her thighs, so Faith let go of her hands and lifted her up into her arms.

She kissed Buffy hard, nearly devouring her mouth, and when they parted, Buffy’s fist hit Faith on the side of her face making her head snap back. She laughed and slammed Buffy down hard onto the mattress, staying on top of her all the way. After a brief fight, she was able to restrain Buffy’s hands above her head with one of her own.

Faith unbuttoned her own jeans and with one hand, awkwardly pushed them down to just past her ass.

“Let go of me.”

“So, that the plan? Gonna try and make out that I’m raping you? I’m not raping you, you gutless bitch, and we both know it. I’m taking what’s mine and so are you.”

She smirked as she let go of Buffy’s hands, her point more than made when Buffy stayed just where she was. After giving her a few seconds, Faith ripped Buffy’s pants and underwear in half, yanking them out from under her and tossing them aside.

As she slid down the bed she managed to kick her own pants to the floor, and then she was poised right at Buffy’s center When she looked at her, Buffy was raised up on her elbows, looking down with eyes that were still disbelieving, yet full of lust and desire. Their gazes met, neither looking away or moving…and then Faith was on her.

On her, in her, Faith was everywhere and Buffy could not escape her. Faith was taking her…powerfully, roughly, passionately and completely, and Buffy was already coming.

She screamed out, her whole body seeming to join in, but Faith never even slowed. She licked and thrust and sucked and bit, giving Buffy everything the moment was. It was all there, everything that Faith felt and she couldn’t stop herself, not for anything. She was where she’d always belonged, and Faith wasn’t leaving, not until she’d had her fill.

Buffy’s cries didn’t lessen, they somehow did the impossible and increased in volume. Never had she felt so possessed, so out of control, so wild and so alive. Her hands reached down and tangled in Faith’s hair, urging her on, and Faith responded by moving faster and with even more force.

Buffy’s lost track of everything: where she was, how long it’d been. The only thing she knew for sure was that for the first time in her life she was “Buffy”, the Slayer and the woman, and it felt like nothing she’d ever known.

Her lower body lifted and she almost threw Faith off as she practically exploded into the most intense orgasm of her life. She screamed out incoherently, words had no meaning except for the one that emerged loud and clear from out of the garbled cries:


It went on and on forever, maybe for the rest of her life, and although Faith slowed, she did not stop. She skillfully extended it out until Buffy had nothing left to give, until all of the jolts and quakes and shudders had stopped. She was done, totally spent, and then Faith was moving again.

She kissed her way back up Buffy’s body, tasting that taste mingled with the sweat that coated the golden body she couldn’t get enough of. She traveled slowly, sliding Buffy’s shirt and bra up roughly, then stopping for a few minutes to learn just how hard Buffy’s nipples could get and just how much she could take before she began pleading and begging.

Faith took her time, her lips and teeth and tongue caressing and biting, delivering pain and pleasure over and over again until it was all so mixed up, Buffy no longer knew what she was begging for.

When she had been reduced to a quivering, babbling mess, Faith’s laughter rang out as she once again went on her way. She followed along a leisurely route, but when she at last drew even, she gently pushed the wet hair back from Buffy’s face and kissed her tenderly:

“You fucking bitch.”

Then the kiss changed, becoming harsh and wild as Faith again took what she wanted.

She tore Buffy’s shirt from her body and tried to get rid of her own. With a frustrated growl, Faith broke the kiss to rip off her shirt, tossing it to the side where it was quickly joined by Buffy’s bra. She then recaptured Buffy’s lips, biting down hard when their breasts touched. Buffy yelped, but Faith’s tongue was already delicately turning her pain into a sigh of pleasure.

Faith entangled their legs and Buffy moaned as their skin slid smoothly together. Faith made a few adjustments and sat up, pulling Buffy with her as she began gliding along slickly, rubbing their centers together with an intensity that soon spiraled out of control.

Buffy felt it again so quickly, it seemed to her as if she were bursting into flames. Her arms wound around Faith, she moved as close as she could get, and her lips sought out Faith’s for some devastating kisses of her own.

Buffy came as they kissed, her body clenching tightly, her strong embrace making Faith groan loudly from the exquisite pain of Buffy nearly crushing her. But Faith didn’t pull away, she moved closer, pushing Buffy back to the mattress and pressing her firmly to the bed. She sped up her thrusting, her mouth kissing almost violently along Buffy’s neck and shoulder.

The force with which she was moving, coupled with the pace she’d set, had Buffy breathless and wrapping her legs around Faith’s waist in self defense. That change in angle had them both moaning, and it wasn’t long before Faith began grunting as she drove on even faster. Her kisses never stopped, her thrusts never eased, and then finally with a loud, hoarse cry, she was coming and taking Buffy right with her.

Faith bit down hard on Buffy’s neck, right where Angel’s mark was, and her whisper although faint, was crystal clear to Buffy:


She collapsed, her full weight sprawled on Buffy, her breath relentlessly blowing out of her to land along the side of Buffy’s face.

No one said anything, neither of them moved. Buffy was trying her best to recover, wondering where her Slayer strength was as she tried to do something, anything, but couldn’t quite summon up the energy. Her legs were still tightly clasped around Faith’s waist and she couldn’t seem to get them to let go.

It was Faith who finally unhooked them, reaching around behind her back to yank off Buffy’s shoes and then quickly pull her legs apart. Buffy whimpered at the sensation, and somehow that simple noise was their undoing. Faith lifted herself up and violently flipped Buffy over onto her stomach.

She lay back down, her length covering Buffy’s completely. Her wet center began moving slowly back and forth over Buffy’s ass while her rock hard nipples grazed tantalizing across her back. Her hands trailed lightly up and down Buffy’s arms, but when Buffy tried to turn over, Faith’s hands quickly turned hard and trapped her to the bed.

Faith’s voice was a low growl that was spoken directly into Buffy’s ear, sending shivers down her spine with every word:

“This how it felt with Satsu?”

Her lips kissed Buffy’s jaw.

“Even Angel couldn’t make you feel like this.”

Buffy tried to lift her hands again and this time Faith responded by biting the back of Buffy’s neck and tightening her grip until it hurt.

“You don’t move ‘til I say so.”


Her body pressed Buffy even further into the mattress, and Buffy’s hips began trying desperately to shift as she was more turned on than she could ever begin to understand.

“Nobody can make you feel like I do and you know it.”

Her movements became faster, the pressure pushing Buffy even further into the mattress, and with a sharp, short yell, Faith came again.

It took her a minute, but then Faith’s mouth moved down to caress along Buffy’s shoulder. She took her time, barely there as she used her lips and tongue until she had Buffy trembling almost constantly.

“You wanna pretend for the rest of your life?”

The delicate kiss just beneath Buffy’s shoulder blade had Buffy crying out and squirming.

“Go ahead, but right now…”

Faith’s hands reached underneath to roughly fondle Buffy’s breasts, her body still keeping her pinned.

“…you’re gonna face it.”

Faith got up to sit on her knees, pulling Buffy back tight against her as she did. Buffy tried to turn towards her, but Faith kept her right where she was. One hand continued teasing and tormenting her breasts while the other slowly tortured its way down into the wetness that seemed to be pouring from Buffy.

“Oh God…Faith, I…I can’t.”

Faith’s whisper replied instantly:

“Yeah, you can…I’m gonna make ya.”

She showed no mercy, driving into Buffy hard and fast, and Buffy could do nothing but go with her. Faith kept at it, then pushed Buffy until she was down on her hands and knees with Faith leaning on her from behind.

She rubbed herself along Buffy’s back and ass, never once letting up on the pounding thrusts as two fingers became three. It wasn’t long before Buffy began coming again, and Faith pulled out and slid under her from behind, slamming Buffy down to greet her waiting tongue.

Her scream echoed around the room and Faith held on tight as she was once again just as close to Buffy as she could get. She offered nothing but a brutal ecstasy, there was nothing else for Buffy except Faith’s knowing mouth, a mouth that was giving her the most intense experience of her entire life.

Buffy’s whole body was moving in sync with Faith, following her every move, existing only for Faith to do with her whatever she pleased. Buffy Anne Summers was experiencing the fuck of her life, and she was completely lost in the moment.

She came again, and this time made all the others look like they’d been mere warm-ups for the main event. Her body went ramrod stiff, her mouth opened as she screamed, but no sound came out. Her thighs tightened around Faith’s head and her hands grabbed onto Faith’s hair like she was determined to tear it free. She began rocking faster on her knees, her movements speeding up as she pressed down even harder, her orgasm exploding through every atom in her body.

Faith could barely breathe, but she didn’t care. She pushed herself in even further, wanting to feel every spasm, every tremor, every inch of the woman she was so totally possessing. Her tongue thrust in and stayed as hard and deep as she could make it go. Her fingers dug into Buffy’s hips and pulled her down as close as she could get her, then held her in place with an iron grip.

Buffy’s orgasm went on forever and when it was finally over, she collapsed down onto the bed with Faith still holding on tight. She didn’t want to, but Faith made herself ease up. She loosened her hold and edged out, gasping for air as she finally drew all the way clear. She saw that Buffy was facedown on the bed, out cold, and where Faith came from that was considered a good fucking, well done. It also meant she had to stop.

Her hands were shaking as she ran them delicately over the golden body she’d just ravished. For years she’d dreamed of doing just what she had done, and it was hard for her to believe it had actually happened. But it had, and all of the bruises and bite marks, all of the smells and tastes, all of the sounds Buffy had made as Faith took her, well, they offered up all the proof anybody needed.

She stood, her body still tingling as she looked down at Buffy, still ready to possess her again, still ready to claim what she wanted with everything she had. She pulled the blanket and sheet back on one side of the bed, then lifted Buffy gently and placed her on her back. She covered her up, then walked around and got in on the other side. She snuggled in, hooking her leg over Buffy’s and laying her arm just under Buffy’s breasts.

She let her hand skim lightly along the beautiful skin underneath her fingers and she rested her head on Buffy’s shoulder. She placed feathery kisses everywhere she could reach, inhaling a delicious fragrance that was all Buffy, and she knew she was just as close to heaven as someone like her was ever likely to get.

She smiled, her body so relaxed that her eyelids were already trying to close, even though she didn’t want them to. She nuzzled in closer, so close she could hear the steady heartbeat, feel the faint breath on her head as Buffy slept the sleep of the blissfully satisfied.

Faith gave no thought to the future, she didn’t think about the consequences of what she had done. All she could think about was how for the first time in her life, she felt at peace. Her heart and soul were filled with nothing but happiness, and it felt so damn wonderful, she was amazed that she’d somehow managed to survive for so long without it.

Faith Lehane was finally alive and it was beautiful.

“You fucking bitch…You fucking perfect little bitch.”


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