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Chapter Three

Buffy placed one last kiss there, then slowly and softly made her way back up Faith's body. She couldn't keep the smile off her face when she saw that her partner was out cold. She wasn't in a daze, she wasn't just resting her eyes for a second, she was sawing logs, complete with sound effects and drooling.

Yep, she was dead to the world and Buffy was more than a little proud of herself. She happily snuggled in, pulling the covers up and over both of them. She was going to savor this rare moment of intimacy and just enjoy the chance to relax and be close to the woman she loved.

She'd never told Faith that she was in love with her, not in those exact words, but it wasn't a secret. It was something they both knew, yet in most ways it hadn't made the slightest bit of difference. Faith was determined to keep their relationship right where it was, and she refused to let it go any further.

The whole thing would be ridiculous if it wasn't so serious, but it was serious, at least it was to Buffy. She wasn't a particularly patient person nor was she all that good at waiting, but she was being patient and she was waiting for Faith. There wasn't much else she could do except walk away, and that was not an option she was prepared to go anywhere near.

The latest stage in their long running relationship had started the night of Willow and Kennedy's engagement party, nearly seven months before. The gang had all been out celebrating and Buffy had become drunk after downing just two margaritas. She'd ended up drinking six, collecting the festive little umbrellas in a pile in front of her, and Faith had been charged with getting her home safely.

She'd actually volunteered, it wasn't like she was going to be missed. Although there was no outright hostility, no matter how long it went, Faith never quite felt like she fit into their little clique. It was still a private club, a tight family unit that didn't seem to want to open up for her, although to be fair, they'd all sort of tried that once and it hadn't gone well for anyone.

As the party had started heating up for real, it became clear that Buffy was all partied out. Faith offered to look after her and everyone seemed happy with the idea, so the Slayers headed off into the night as the celebration kept right on rolling. She had to slip her arm firmly around Buffy's waist to prevent her from wandering away, and Buffy responded to the forced intimacy by leaning her head into Faith, her own arms wrapping around her in turn.

They walked back to the Faith's apartment, looking for all the world like two lovers out on a moonlight stroll, and Buffy kept sighing these little sighs and moaning these little moans the entire journey. Faith found herself seriously relieved when her building came into sight, anxious to peel her companion off of her and get her safely into bed...alone.

Faith had decided to lead them to her apartment because it was closer than the Scooby compound and she had two bedrooms, one of which figured to be the perfect place for Buffy to sleep it off in peace and quiet. She knew the morning was going to bring with it one helluva headache, and she also knew that "Slayer Central" wasn't the most peaceful place in the world, especially when your name was "Buffy Summers".

When they got there, Faith tried to steer her to the bedroom, but Buffy wanted something to eat. It wasn't a bad idea to get something besides tequila in her stomach, so Faith asked her what she had a taste for. That was when the real trouble started:

"Okay B, whatcha got in mind?"

"Pancakes! Can we have pancakes?"


"With syrup."

"Well yeah, can't have'em plain."

Faith got her seated at the small kitchen table, then went to work on the food, pulling all of the necessary ingredients from the refrigerator. She grinned big when she saw she had plenty of eggs:

"Guess I'll whip up a few for me too."

It wasn't long before she had the batter mixed, pouring a pancake- sized amount carefully into the pan.

Buffy sat there watching her every move and trying to make small talk, but her head seemed a little on the fuzzy side. Still, she wasn't going to give up without a fight:


The chef didn't turn around as she flipped the pancake:

"Yeah, B?"

"You have a great ass."


Faith shoveled the pancake onto a plate, buttered it, grabbed a fork and the syrup, and sat everything down in front of Buffy.

"Hot off the griddle. Dig in."

Buffy poured the syrup, only it wasn't coming out. She looked to Faith for help, but she was already busy making more pancakes.


"I know, great ass here."

"No, I mean, yes, but no."

"Okay, glad we got that all cleared up."

Buffy looked in the bottle and she could see the syrup. She tried shaking it harder, squeezing it harder, and finally with one big Slayer effort, she had syrup.

It was in her hair, on her face, her hands, her shirt, her lap, the table, there was even some on the wall behind her.

"What the fuck?!"

The small explosion had Faith whirling around holding her spatula like a stake, and the sight had Buffy giggling like...well, like a drunk.

"What the hell did you do?"

Buffy finally managed to stop laughing, and her face became deadly serious. She leaned forward as she looked around, motioning Faith to come closer. She held her hand up alongside her mouth as she whispered out the side of it:

"I slayed the syrup. It was evil syrup...Hellmouth syrup."

Faith couldn't help but laugh:

"Yeah, well it was also the only syrup, so unless ya wanna rub the pancakes all over yourself, you're shit outta luck."

"I don't get it. Is that some kind of inna...inwen...innuendo?"

"No, just sayin' ya look like Aunt Jemima."

Buffy raised a hand up to her cheek and it came back coated with syrup. Her tongue flicked out for a taste:

"Yep, that's Aunt Jemima...or maybe Mrs. Butterworth. Hey, how come all the pancake experts are women?"

Faith turned off the stovetop and moved the pan to a cool burner.

"Don't know, must be like a Slayer thing."

"Ooh, that'd be fun! Me and you against Aunt Butterball...no, she's the turkey lady."

"Alright, need to get you into the shower."

Buffy's face was indignant:

"What? I already showered right before we went out! I do take care of my personal hygiene, you know!"

"I know that."

She tried to gently pull her to her feet, but Buffy wasn't budging.

"Hi, Gene...Who's ‘Gene'? I'll bet he was some really, really clean weirdo."

"Probably. Listen B, normally you're perfectly clean..."

"And I smell great too."

"And you smell great too. But right now ya got syrup all over you, and that shit's sticky."

Buffy got a "holier than thou" look on her face as she prepared to correct Faith, but when she first tried to brush her hair back from her face, her hand stuck to it for a few frantic moments. When she finally managed to pull loose, she mustered as much dignity as she could:

"You know, I think I should take a shower. I seem to have syrup all over me."

"That's a great idea. Right this way."

Faith led her down the hall to the bathroom, again with her arm around her waist. Buffy leaned in close, sighing contentedly:

"Yeah, keep walkin' now."

"Look at all the stars."

"They're beauties. Here we are."

Faith turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature, and helped her undress. Buffy almost fell getting in, then lost her balance as she stood perfectly still under the water.

"B, ya gotta be careful, okay?"

"I'm trying, but this room seems a little unstable."

When she slipped again, Faith stripped down to her underwear and got in with her.

"Okay, let's get ya cleaned up and into bed."

Buffy smiled and Faith looked away, doing her best to focus on her job and not all the tantalizing skin on display.

"Stop flirting, F."

"I'm not."

"You have such beautiful eyes."

"Yeah. Okay, let me get the shampoo. Stand right there and just let the water..."

Buffy's lips were on Faith's, her hands wrapped tightly behind her neck and pulling her down into range.

At first there was no reaction, then their tongues began to dance and mingle, and someone groaned. Buffy jumped up and locked her legs around Faith's waist, knocking her slightly off balance. She managed to right herself, but then Buffy's hands dove into her hair as she rose up to take control of the kiss.

Faith staggered again, her back slamming against the shower tiles. Buffy's grip was Slayer tight and Faith couldn't avoid the insistent tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. Oxygen was becoming a serious issue as the water poured over them, but Buffy couldn't have cared less, not when she owned Faith's mouth.

After a brief but intense struggle, Faith finally managed to wrench her lips away, but she couldn't exactly pull back. Buffy was wrapped snugly around her everywhere, and she was now busy rubbing herself against the bare skin of Faith's stomach, her mouth nibbling along enticingly wherever she could reach.

"Mmm...you taste so good...should have put you on the pancakes."

"...B, we need to get you into bed."

"After. I wanna do it right here first."

Her lips sucked hard on Faith's neck, making them both moan.

"We're not gonna do it anywhere. You're drunk."

"I'm not that drunk."

"Yeah...you are."

Buffy whispered directly into her ear:

"Not so drunk, I can't make you come."

"Jesus B, right now you just breathing in and out'll do the trick."

So Buffy did just that, all along Faith's neck, her tongue following behind until she was back at her ear.

"You've got goose bumps, did you come?"

"Okay, we're gettin' outta here."

She maneuvered around until she could turn off the water.

"But F, I'm still all sticky and wet."

Faith didn't say a word as she headed for the bed with Buffy still clinging to her. She was biting and licking, pushing and sliding, and Faith knew the wetness she felt on her skin wasn't all water.

Buffy wasn't happy with their change of location, and she pretended to pout, a sight that had Faith's heart pounding:

"But baby, I thought you were going to clean me up."

Faith leaned down to lay her on the bed, but Buffy didn't let go. Instead she pulled Faith down on top of her.

"Mmm...that's better."

"Okay B, that's enough of this. Fucking let go of me...Now!"

The harsh tone meant to intimidate, had the opposite effect. Buffy laughed all low and sexy, tightening her grip as she began wiggling her hips:

"Ooh look, it's the scary Slayer."

Then her mouth was back on Faith's, all hot and wet as she rolled them over until she was on top:

"Come on, F."

"...Not gonna fuck you when you're wasted."

"I might be tipsy, but I'm not wasted."

"Yeah? Well I see different and..."

Buffy's hands slid under Faith's underwear, her fingers tugging and squeezing a nipple as her other hand swirled and groped intimately under her panties.


"Mmm...you're so wet."

"...We were...we were in the shower."

Buffy smiled:


A high-pitched squeak burst out of Faith, followed by a groan as Buffy entered her:


"You're wet pretty deep inside. I'm thinking that's because of me, not the shower."

As she began thrusting in and out, Faith grabbed her and stood up. Buffy clung to her, refusing to let go, but that worked to Faith's advantage this time. She began spinning in circles, going faster and faster until Buffy began moaning.


Faith ignored her until she felt her limbs go slack, then dashed into the bathroom just in time for Buffy to vomit the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

After several long minutes, she was done. Faith got her cleaned up, helped her brush her teeth, gave her some aspirin and water, then carried her back to the bedroom. She got her into an oversized t-shirt, tucked her in, and turned off the bedside lamp.



"I think I drank too much."

"I know. Aspirin and water will help."



Buffy was asleep before Faith cleared the doorway, and she stood there for several minutes just staring.

"Always wanted her in my bed. Must be some fucker's idea of a joke."

She made her way into the guest room and waited for sleep to claim her. It never did.

The next morning Buffy lurched out of bed to find Faith seated at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.


"Hey, B. Grab a seat. Want somethin' to drink?"


"How ‘bout some orange Gatorade."


Faith got up and filled a glass, then grabbed the aspirin bottle on her way back to the table.

"Here ya go. Know ya don't like to take pills, but...."

"Right now, I'd take heroin if you said it would stop my head from pounding."

Faith smiled, her face full of sympathy:

"Been there. Take four."

Buffy shook out the tablets shakily and with the help of her Gatorade, she got them to go down. When she was sure they were going to stay there, she started talking:

"So um...did I do anything embarrassing last night?"

"'Embarrassing'? Not really. Hey, better sip, not gulp."

She sat back down and picked up her newspaper:

"Let me know when ya want some toast."

Buffy didn't exactly turn green at the thought, but she was definitely not her normal color:

"Toast is food, right?"

"Far as I know."

"Maybe later then, like next week."

Faith chuckled:

"Helps to get somethin' in your stomach, B."

"Can I just say, ‘We'll see'?"

"Sure, just say the word."

Then Faith was gone behind the paper and Buffy sat there staring at her, or at least where she thought she was located.



"How did I end up in your room?"

She tossed down the front page and casually grabbed the sports section:

"Closer to the bathroom for ya and I didn't have the spare bed made up."


The newspaper opened, and once more she was hidden from view.

"Fuck! Fuckin' Sox lost again!"


Faith bent the paper down to look at her over the edge:

"Sorry, didn't mean to shout. Just that the Red Sox got swept by the goddamn Yankees."

"And that's bad?"

Yeah, it's bad. Lost a three game series."

Buffy had no idea what she was talking about, and with her head pounding like it was, she knew she had no real hope of figuring it out:

"Faith, I know it must be a sport, but please, have mercy."

Faith rolled her eyes:

"Baseball, B. Sorry, forgot you were hung-over and retarded."

"Hey, no fair picking on ‘Pitiful' Buffy."

"Yeah, okay. Guess it's not your fault nobody can drive in a run."

She went back to the paper, grumbling under her breath about the lack of a good clean-up hitter and the "way crappy" relief pitching. Apparently she wasn't very impressed with the "piss poor" defense either, especially up the middle.

Buffy waited a few minutes until all was quiet on Faith's side of the table before she apologized:

"I'm sorry."

Faith peeked around the paper:

"No big. Consider yourself lucky you're not a Sox fan, although gotta say when we finally won and shoved it up Ruth's ass..."

"I'm talking about last night."

"Hey, was a happy night for Red and ya got hammered. Had the extra bed, so no problem."

The paper went back up, and Buffy sipped her Gatorade. The silence stretched out for a couple of minutes, and it wasn't all that comfortable, at least not on Buffy's side of it.



"I remember last night."

"Yeah? How funny was that when Kennedy..."

"I mean, when we got back here."

The silence returned, and she could hear Faith clearing her throat:

"...How much?"

"All of it, I think."


"So, I'm sorry."

The paper was still up, and Buffy wanted to see her face.

"Don't worry about it. We're cool."


"Jesus B, what?"

"I was wondering if maybe you could look at me."

She heard a sigh, and then Faith folded the paper and tossed it down onto the table.

"Look B, last night was nothing. You were drunk, and that's it. Not like you pull that kinda shit all the time, so ya get a free pass. I got no problems with it or you, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you for not...um...you know."

"Sure. Let me get ya that toast now."

After that there was no more talking, and it wasn't too much longer before Buffy went home and crawled into her own bed. She ended up sleeping the rest of the day and her hangover away, and by the time patrol rolled around, she was feeling great. Slayer healing was nothing but a good thing.

It turned out to be an extremely busy night with no real time to talk, and that was just fine with Buffy. She was still more than a little embarrassed, and although Faith was behaving exactly as she always had, Buffy wasn't all that anxious to get into what she'd done. She was hoping they could both just forget about it and move on.

They concentrated on the slaying, and the big event of the night came when they finally found the nest of Hadigar demons. It was quite a fight to wipe them out, and when they emerged unscathed and victorious from the tomb, Buffy turned to give their standard high five.

Faith charged her, slamming her hard against the wall of the crypt. Hands quickly became entangled in the strands of golden hair, and lips began delivering the most bruising kiss Buffy had ever received. It hurt, but it also felt good, and Buffy eagerly attempted to return some of the fire that was coursing through her body.

It went on for a long time, and it was Faith who finally stopped. She kept her body leaning into Buffy's, her hands staying wrapped in her hair as she rotated her hips slowly and seductively.

"I want you, B...so much I can barely stand it."

"Then take me."

Faith's groan came from down low in her throat, and then her lips were back. Her tongue pushed its way in, forcing Buffy's to follow along, and her hands untangled to slide downward until she found the rock hard nipples that were waiting for her. She caressed and pinched, running her fingers back and forth until Buffy began shaking.

Her head lowered and her mouth sucked and bit through the shirt in her way. Buffy inhaled sharply and pulled her closer, and Faith's hands began seeking a way under as she wanted nothing more than to feel skin beneath her fingertips. The heat was pouring from Buffy, scorching Faith right through the material, and she needed to feel it burning her, needed to feel...

With a superhuman effort, she raised her hands up to a more neutral area, hanging on tightly to Buffy's shoulders:

"B, ya gotta understand."


"This isn't the start of some big love deal. I wanna fuck you, but that's it."

"I understand."

Faith grabbed her head, searching her eyes intently:

"I don't wanna hurt you, B, so we gotta be clear. This is lust, not love."

"I get it."

"For real? ‘Cause I..."

"God Faith, shut the hell up!"

Buffy spun her around, slamming her face first into the marble wall, and Faith had no time to react before she felt the delicious sensation of Buffy rubbing her body along hers. She began trembling when she heard the whisper at her ear:

"I remember what you felt like..."

Faith could do nothing but moan.

"How hot and wet you were inside."

Faith's eyes closed and her head flung back to rest on Buffy's shoulder. Her breath blew out from her in ragged gasps as Buffy's mouth attacked her.

"So tight, so perfect...I want back in there."


"Do you want that too?"

"Oh fuck..."

"Do you, Faith?


Buffy's hands reached around, her body still pressing Faith into the wall. She eased off slightly and slid her hands into the narrow gap to unbutton the annoying jeans that were in her way. One hand stayed where it was, gliding along through the wetness while the other traveled back up to pay some attention to Faith's breasts.

"See? It wasn't the shower...it was all me."

There were no more preliminaries, no more foreplay. This moment had been coming for years, and that was all the preparation either of them needed.

Buffy entered her roughly, and Faith screamed out. Buffy stayed where she was, and when the more violent tremors subsided, she began moving. In and out, slowly at first, pulling almost clear and gradually returning just as deeply as she could go. Then two fingers became three, and she began picking up the pace.

Faith was talking, but she had no idea what she was saying. Buffy's other hand had joined in the fun and was providing just the right amount of pressure to Faith's clit while she rubbed herself against Faith's ass, matching her movement for movement. Her gasps and whimpers fell tumbling into Faith's ear each time they moved, and it felt like they were going to explode into flames.

"Wanted this...forever."


"To be inside you...to make you come."


"Come for me, F...I wanna feel it...I wanna feel you."

She fought to hold it off, not wanting it to end, but then Buffy began almost slamming into her. Her tongue licked along her neck, and when she bit down hard, Faith lost all control. She came like a fucking maniac, and she took Buffy right with her over the edge.

They stood there, Buffy leaning heavily on her while Faith leaned heavily against the crypt. The only sounds in the cemetery were the sounds they made as they tried to get their breathing back under control.

"Fuck me."

"I think I just did, and I'm going to again...just as soon as I can feel my hand."

"Never come that hard before."

She started to turn, but Buffy wasn't moving yet.



"Surely you've noticed by now?"

"Noticed wh...B!"

"I'm thinking since I'm still there..."

To Faith's embarrassment, her legs actually buckled.


Buffy's voice was so sexy, it sent shivers down Faith's spine:

"Is that your G-spot?"

"...Yeah, think so."

"Well now, this is exciting. I mean, I've never found one before."

She wiggled her fingers, making Faith cry out.



"Could call...this...abuse."

Buffy laughed and began stroking steadily:

"Looks like you're enjoying it though."


"Cat got your tongue?"

"...Good pussy joke here...but just can't...think."

Buffy whispered her next question:

"So tell me F...harder, softer, faster, slower?"


In just moments, Faith was coming again, but this time Buffy pulled out and turned her around. As soon as Faith looked like she knew where she was Buffy's mouth moved in, her kiss tender, but still full of passion.

"Looks like somebody's got a weak spot."

"Know what they say, B."

"What's that?"

"Payback's a bitch."

"You think?"

"I guarantee it."

They smiled at each other, the fire already building again.

"Can I make a suggestion?"

"Sure, B."

"Let's take this to your place."

Faith's smile was almost scary, and the sight of it turned Buffy on even more than she already was.

"Great idea ‘cause I'm gonna need all kinds of privacy."

"Really? What exactly are you planning on doing?"

They linked hands and started jogging toward Faith's apartment.

"I'm gonna take you in every way you can imagine."

"I don't know, I can imagine quite a few."

Faith laughed, the sound pure sex:

"Oh B, I am so gonna fuck you up."

And she had. Buffy came so many times she lost count, and by the end, Faith had reduced her to a quivering, sweaty, exhausted, sex toy. She was just about dead, and she couldn't have moved if an apocalypse had come roaring into town.

When she awoke several hours later, she rolled over with a smile to greet no one. Faith was gone and Buffy knew she'd been gone for a while. She wasn't surprised, it wasn't like she hadn't been warned.

She wasn't exactly hurt either, although she was delightfully sore, but it didn't make her happy that Faith had left her alone. Still, she wasn't a child, and she'd known right from the start what she was getting herself into. Lying there all alone in Faith's bed, she knew she wouldn't take back the night for anything. If it was just the one-time thing that Faith swore it was, well at least she'd had her...and way more than once.

She didn't see Faith again for five days, and when she did it was at 2:30 in the morning. There was a knock on her door, she opened it, and Faith never said a word. She just grabbed her and kissed her, and Buffy didn't complain in the slightest, despite the fact that she could have sworn she would have.

They went at it until the sun began rising, and Faith apparently took that as her cue to get dressed. She got out of bed without a word, and Buffy watched as she began pulling away:

"So you're leaving?"

Faith's voice held not a scrap of emotion in it, her face showed not the slightest flicker of an expression:


"Okay, but would you mind telling me why you came back for more?"

Faith never even looked at her as she walked to the door:

"Fuck this. Ya don't want it, stop spreadin' your legs."

Then she was gone, and Buffy was pissed.

When she showed up three nights later, Buffy let her in. They kissed and when Faith growled with pleasure, Buffy stepped back and punched her to the floor:

"You listen to me, you selfish bitch. Don't you ever talk to me again like I'm your whore."

A couple of minutes passed in a tense silence and then Buffy walked over to sit down on the bed:

"We can either discuss this like adults or you can go find some slut to fuck with. Your choice."

Faith stood up slowly, walked over to a chair, and sat down. Buffy said nothing and waited, and after a while Faith started talking:

"First, that fucking hurt. Almost busted my jaw. Second, I'm sorry. No way should I have talked to you like that. Third, I wanna work this out. I don't wanna hurt you, B."

It was obvious that Faith was truly sorry, and Buffy didn't see the point in staying angry. She blew out a deep breath and relented:

"Come here."

Faith got up and walked over to the bed:

"I really am sorry, B."

"I know you are."

Buffy patted the mattress next to her:

"Sit down, I promise I won't hit you again."

Faith smiled slightly:

"Man, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that."

"So why did you come back? I thought it was just supposed to be a one-time thing."

"Me too...but shit, B, I couldn't stop thinking about you. And it's not like you're involved with anybody. And the sex is so fucking great...I was...well I was thinking maybe we could..."

"Maybe we could what?"

Faith looked uncomfortable:

"Look, I don't wanna piss ya off again, but I don't know any nice words for what I'm trying to say."

Buffy squeezed her hand and tried to look reassuring:

"If you're being honest with me, I'm not going to get mad, Faith, no matter what words you use."

"Yeah? Okay then...Uh...Well...I was thinking maybe we could be fuck buddies."

Never in her life had Buffy ever imagined anyone making such an offer to her.

"'Fuck buddies'?"

"Yeah ya know, no strings. I mean, eventually you're gonna meet somebody and that's cool. When it happens, we'll just go back to how it was before, no strings, no drama."

Buffy was clearly thinking it over:

"So we'd have sex regularly, with no strings."

"Right. Well, ‘cept it is us, B. I mean, there's always gonna be some kinda strings whether we want'em or not, just the way it is. Plus we see each other every fucking day, so..."

"Unless you decide to just take off."

Faith looked almost sad:

"...Can't compromise on that. Gotta go when I gotta, and I'm not changing that for anybody, not even you."

"Okay, well I have a ‘nonnegotiable' too."

Faith smiled:

"Just one? Great, let's hear it."

"I don't want you having sex with other people while we're together."

"Ya mean like a threesome?"

Buffy laughed because Faith was genuinely confused:

"Well yes, no to the threesome. But what I mean is, if we do this, I don't want you sleeping with anyone but me."

"Oh...Uh, got us a problem."

"Let me guess, you already did?"

Faith was looking everywhere but at her:


"I see."

"Do ya? ‘Cause I didn't know you were gonna..."

Buffy smiled, Faith looked so cute when she was nervous.

"I don't really understand this, Faith. It's not my usual way of doing...whatever it is that we're doing. But I do know that I like being with you, and I know I'd like to keep being with you. I can give you space, but I have to know that you're not having sex with anyone else. That's what I need from here on out to make this work."

Faith stood up and began pacing. She said nothing for a long time, clearly lost in thought. She finally came back and sat down, looking Buffy right in the eye:

"Never done the whole monogamy trip before, but not like I've ever really come back for seconds either. I can try, B. Maybe I can do it."

"Well that makes us even. I mean, I've never been anybody's ‘fuck buddy' before either."

"Yeah well, guess there's some pretty dumb ass people in the world."

Buffy had to laugh. Faith saw their impending arrangement as the ultimate compliment, and in a strange way, Buffy did feel flattered.

"Okay, so I just need you to promise me you'll tell me if you can't stick with it."

"I promise, B. I'll give ya the heads-up if I'm gonna screw it up."

Buffy stuck out her hand:

"Then we've got a deal. Wanna shake on it?"

Faith pushed her back down onto the bed:

"Rather fuck on it."

"My, you do have a way with words."

"That's 'cause I got a flexible tongue. Here, let me show ya."

But that was then, and this was now. They'd been together for seven months, Faith hadn't slept with anyone else, and Buffy knew that they were in love. Faith however, refused to go anywhere near that topic, no matter how gently Buffy tried to take her there.

It was aggravating, it was upsetting, but Buffy wasn't going to give up. Faith had to be so tired of running by now, and she was staying longer and longer each time they were together. Her face always looked so miserable when she finally forced herself to leave, and the stupidity of it all made Buffy mad while at the same time it broke her heart.

But here in the moment, her lover had made a critical error, a couple in fact. She'd let Buffy come to her room, and she'd fallen asleep. Yep, Faith's fuck buddy was wide awake and in her bed, all snuggled up just like a real girlfriend.

Talk about a scene on the way. Well Buffy wasn't going to think about that now. Now was for simply enjoying just how soft and warm and beautiful the woman she loved was as they cuddled together after another mind-blowing lovemaking session. Faith was going to completely freak out no matter what Buffy said or did, well short of leaving anyway, and since that wasn't something she was even remotely considering, why should she waste these precious moments worrying about it?

She lifted her head, placed a gentle kiss on Faith's breast, and then settled down to listen to her heartbeat. This was heaven, and she knew you had to enjoy it while you could because no matter who you were, there was always somebody coming along to pull you back down to Earth.

Well, whatever. She was going to live it up while she could, she'd deal with the craziness later. God, Faith was so warm...and she felt just like home.



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