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Filthy Girls

by Abykitten

Rating: NC17
Summary: What I think SHOULD have happened in the basement during Dirty Girls ;oP
Where I send it! ;oP If you would like it for your site, please ask and we can haggle a deal *winks and grins*
Authors Notes:
This is my own little idea of what SHOULD have happened in the basement during Dirty Girls This is also my first threesome fic, so I hope to hell I didn't manage to confooz everyone ;oP To add insult to injury, this is the first 'boy sex' I have written in many moons, so please forgive any mistooks on my part :o)
Dedication: To KhiDax for pushing me to write this, even though I bitched and moaned the whole time I was Thank you sweetie :o) To Mari, my beta babe and friend.

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Spike and Faith both looked up when they heard someone clearing their throat. They had been caught up in the conversation and didn't notice Buffy coming down the stairs into the basement.

"Well, isn't this cosy?" Buffy drawled giving both Faith and Spike a look that could kill.

"Yeah, well me and Boston here were just catching up," Spike answered, flicking his cigarette butt to the floor.

"I didn't know you two had met," The blonde slayer said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well, actually Blondie here didn't remember, but I think that might have something to do with the fact I was kinda you shaped the last time we saw one another." Faith grinned, winking.

Buffy's eyebrows shot up into her hairline, her eyes widening at the innuendo Faith had just made. The younger woman noticed the look of horror on Buffy's face and burst out laughing.

"Shit! Relax, B, you should see your face! We didn't do nuthin'."

Spike chuckled and shook his head, "She's right, Slayer, nothing happened.. mind you would have loved it to after her little speech," he grinned, his mind going back to that night at the Bronze. It had taken him all of his willpower not to go after the woman he thought was Buffy. The only thing stopping him had been the fact that he knew she would stake him. Bringing himself back to the present he saw the look of relief and something else cross Buffy's face.

Faith had noticed this too, 'was that disappointment I just saw there?' she thought to herself. She was certainly getting some mixed messages from the older woman. She looked between Buffy and Spike noticing the almost palpable tension between them. All of a sudden it hit her like a slap to the face.. these guys had been fucking one another and that was how Blondie knew so much about her sister slayer and her new lack of up-tightness in the sex department.

Grinning to herself, Faith moved from the cot where she had been sitting with Spike and walked towards Buffy, almost like a cat stalking its prey. "Ya know, B, you seem a little disappointed about that fact," she said, her voice husky. "Would you have enjoyed it if I had used your body to ride him at a gallop?"

Buffy swallowed convulsively, watching as Faith circled her, coming closer with each step. She could feel the brunette's breath tickle her neck and ear as she whispered, "would it make you jealous if I told you I still wanted to do it?"

Buffy's knees almost buckled at the rush of desire that shot through her body. She knew she shouldn't be feeling like this, but the thought of seeing Faith and Spike together was one of the most erotic images she had ever imagined. The thing that was frightening her most, though, was just how much of her desire was directed toward the dark slayer.

Faith sensed Buffy's arousal. She could see the blonde's pupils had dilated, her breathing had become shallow, but most of all she could smell the older woman's scent, the sexual smell that was uniquely Buffy. Taking the last step forward, Faith pressed herself against Buffy's back, her hands running up the other slayer's arms to her neck before letting her fingers tangle in the blonde tresses.

Bringing her mouth to Buffy's ear the brunette whispered: "What do you want, Buffy? Tell me, cause it's the only way we can make it happen," she said before catching the sensitive lobe between her lips and sucking.

Buffy gasped, her head falling back onto the taller girl's shoulder. She moaned as Faith continued to suck on her earlobe before starting to kiss her way down the blonde's neck. "I.. I.." she whimpered before losing all control and spinning to face the younger girl. Grabbing Faith and pulling her closer, Buffy growled: "I want you both... NOW!"

She pulled Faith's face toward her own and kissed her with a deep, almost violent passion. The young slayer was momentarily taken aback before she mashed her lips against Buffy's in the almost brutal kiss. Her tongue pushed against the older woman's lips demanding entrance to her mouth.

Buffy parted her lips willingly, letting Faith's tongue take control. Her hands tangled into Faith's dark curls, holding the young woman exactly where she wanted her. Pushing her body against the dark-haired girl's, she felt Faith's hands grab at her buttocks, bringing their hips into alignment.

Faith ground her pelvis against Buffy's, causing the older girl to moan and break the kiss. She took this opportunity to look over Buffy's shoulder at Spike, who was still sitting on the cot, to see what he thought of this entire situation. She could tell by his dilated pupils and straining erection that he was turned on, probably more than he had ever been in his entire existence. She crooked her finger at him to let him know it was time for him to join them.

Springing up from the cot like he just had a fire-cracker shoved up his ass, Spike moved towards the two women. Wrapping himself around Buffy from behind, the vamp kissed Faith, letting his tongue skim across her lips before dipping inside to taste the dark slayer. There were times he had wondered if the stories the others told about Faith's blatantly sensual sexuality were true, but now he knew they were and it made this time all the more thrilling.

Buffy moaned and pushed herself back against Spike, feeling his erection poke her ass. She could almost feel it throbbing through both their pants and knew that Spike was more than ready. Pushing her head between Faith and Spike's, Buffy kissed the younger woman in front of her and then, tilting her head back, she let the blond vampire capture her lips. She moved between both of them, first grinding against Faith before pushing back into Spike. She was more turned on than she had ever been and the sounds emanating from her partners only served to spur her on.

Buffy knew as much as she wanted both Faith and Spike, there was something she wanted more.. to see them together. The thought of watching her former, and soon to be again, lover taking her dark counterpart drove Buffy wild and she felt a rush of moisture gather between her legs.

Stepping out from between the two, Buffy motioned for Spike to continue his oral assault on Faith's mouth. Her need to see both of her lovers naked grew with each moan and whimper she heard from them. Moving forward she decided to start with Spike first, after all, he was only wearing his pants. Reaching her hands around his waist Buffy unbuttoned Spike's trousers, running the palm of her hand over his erection as she did so, before pulling then down to reveal his perfectly sculpted buttocks and deceptively muscular thighs. She had always loved the fact Spike wore no underwear; it turned her on thinking of him naked beneath his clothes.

Helping the blond vamp to step out of his pants, Buffy then turned her attention to Faith. Pushing herself against the younger girl's back, she reached down to the hem of the red tank top Faith was wearing. Pulling it up little by little, Buffy let the backs of her fingers trail along the brunette's warm, smooth skin. She could feel Faith shivering beneath her touch, knowing that it was both her fingers and Spike's tongue which were arousing the younger woman. Bringing the tank up over Faith's breasts made Spike break the kiss and it gave Buffy the opportunity to divest the younger slayer of her top all together.

Both Buffy and Spike marvelled at the beautiful woman before them. Her skin was a light olive tone, flushed over with the pink glow of arousal. Her breasts were firm and ample, topped by dark pink nipples which stood at proud attention. Her stomach was nicely rounded and womanly with tight muscles just below the surface. Her long neck and powerful shoulders led down to well-sculpted arms, one of which sported her trademark tattoo.

Kissing her way from Faith's neck down to the top of her jeans, Buffy reached around the young woman and did the same to her as she had done to Spike moments earlier. She gasped as she pulled the dark Slayer's pants over her hips, seeing for the first time that Faith chose to go commando too. Kissing the beautifully rounded ass before her, Buffy was assaulted by the heady aroma of Faith's arousal. Breathing deeply, she took the scent into herself, memorising the mouth watering smell.

Buffy let her fingers trail up from Faith's neat ankles over her muscular calves and up to her powerful thighs, before closing the final distance and running the tips of her fingers over the young woman's sparse but soaked curls.

Faith gasped at the first touch of Buffy's fingers against her sex. How long had she wished this could happen? Too damned long. Now it was happening and she could hardly believe it. Slayer lust began to cloud her mind and she growled deep in her throat, letting both Buffy and Spike know it was time for them to take this to the next level.

Looking down at Faith, Spike knew what she wanted and he picked the younger Slayer up, carrying her to the cot before laying her down. Seeing the young woman laid out before him, wet and ready, caused Spike's cock to jump with anticipation.

Faith moaned looking up at Spike's naked form. She had never done a vamp before but if they were all this sexy she'd have to rethink her position on it. Putting her palms face up she waited for Spike to make his move.

Seeing the dark slayer in supplication sent drove Spike crazy and he laid himself over the beautiful woman he was about to take. Feeling her arch up into him was almost too much for the blonde vamp. It had been a while since he'd been with someone, especially when a person was as willing as Faith.

Faith gasped at the first contact of Spike's body against her own. She needed this so badly, it had been almost two years since she'd had something other than her own fingers inside her and the thought of Spike's cock driving deep into her made her pussy muscles contract. She arched up against the vampire, trying to show him with her body just what she needed, but he was for none of it, instead he slipped down her body till he was between her legs.

Spike's nostrils flared as he lowered his head to Faith's mound. He had tasted Buffy often and thought there would never be as taste as sweet, but after taking his first lick of the young slayer's juices, he knew that this was equally as good. Deciding he didn't want to waste any more time, Spike pushed his tongue between Faith's nether lips and thrust it up into the bucking Slayer.

"Oh, Fuck!" Faith gasped, her hips rising from the bed. Grabbing a hold of Spike's head she held him exactly where she wanted him, her soft cries letting him know he had hit his target.

The younger Slayer writhed, her head whipping from side to side. She had her legs up over Spike's shoulders now, giving him more access to her most intimate opening. Panting and growling, Faith opened her eyes to see Buffy beside the cot, the blonde's breathing coming in gasps as she fumbled with her clothing. The sight turned her on even more and she pushed her hips hard against Spike's face, while telling Buffy with her eyes that she needed her too.

Buffy felt as if she were going to explode, she needed to be with Faith and Spike but her traitorous fingers would not allow her to get out of her clothing. Finally, on the verge of tears, she ripped her shirt and pants off, not caring whether they would be ruined or not. Left standing in only her bra and panties, Buffy reached behind herself unhooking the fasteners which held the now too restrictive garment on her body. Shrugging it from her shoulders she let it fall to the floor.

Faith practically drooled when she saw Buffy's small pert breasts released from their confinement. She had seen them before but never in this kind of situation and certainly not as they were now, heaving and flushed with arousal. She wanted so badly to taste them, take them between her lips and suckle on them like a newborn. Faith whimpered as she watched Buffy lower her panties and step out of them, her senses assaulted by both the sight and the smell.

"Buffy, please, I need to taste you," the young Slayer ground out between clenched teeth. Spike's tongue on her clit was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm and she wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out.

Hearing the desperate need in Faith's voice, Buffy stepped over to the top of the cot where the dark-haired girl's head lay. Opening her legs, the blonde let Faith get her first look at her dripping sex. It was all the brunette needed and she grasped Buffy's hips pulling the older woman down onto her face. She breathed deeply, letting Buffy's scent wash over her before letting her tongue drag across the blonde's vulva. The first taste of the woman she loved almost sent Faith straight into her orgasm and the young woman knew that it wasn't going to take much to push her over the edge. Grabbing Spike with one hand, while continuing to hold Buffy's hip with the other, she pulled sharply on the vamp's hair letting him know she wanted him inside her and now.

Taking his cue from the rough yanking Faith was doing on his hair, Spike once again moved up the young woman's body till he was positioned between her legs. Seeing the look of sheer abandonment on both the Slayers' faces, he knew the end was near and so plunged almost savagely into the brunette.

Faith's back arched off the bed and she bit down on Buffy's clit causing the older Slayer to scream out in ecstasy. They began to move as one. Spike thrust deeply into Faith while she licked, sucked and ravaged Buffy's slit. The tension was becoming almost unbearable. The room was filled with grunts, moans, gasps and whimpers, as well as the smell of sweat and sex.

In an effort to keep herself upright, Buffy leaned over Faith resting her hands on Spike's shoulders. He was close, she could feel the muscles rippling in his back and could hear the soft gasping moans he made just before he was about to come. She was close herself, knowing it would only take that one last sweet movement to make her climax.

Faith sensed and felt how closer her lovers were to coming. God knows if she hadn't have willed herself not to, she would have already. It had been far too long. Making the final moves, the brunette upped the pace thrusting against Spike, digging her nails into his buttocks as she pulled him closer to her. She needed the pressure on her clit and knew his pelvic bone would do the trick. She pulled Buffy further down onto her face, wanting to bury her tongue as deeply inside the blonde as she could. Needing to drink everything Buffy had to give, she pulled the other woman further down. Using her chin to push forcefully against her lover's clit, Faith thrust her tongue deep inside the other woman.

It was the last straw for Buffy, she couldn't hold back any longer. The amazing things Faith was doing with her mouth, as well as the sight of Spike thrusting into her dark-haired lover pushed the blonde over the edge and she cried out, her body shaking with the force of her release.

Hearing Buffy call out their names and feeling Faith's walls clutch at his member, Spike pushed into the younger woman one last time, spilling his seed deep with her. Not knowing who to call upon he merely wailed 'Slayers!' at the top of his lungs.

She couldn't take it any longer, the feel of Spike's cock pulsing his come into her as well as her face being flooded with Buffy's sweet, sticky juices pushed Faith the last distance she needed. She arched off the bed, her keening cries filling the room.

The three lovers spasmed and trembled against one another. It had been the most intense orgasm any of them had ever had.

Spike moved first, rolling off Faith to lay by her side cupping her breast and nuzzling her hair. Feeling Buffy almost collapse the young Slayer held out her hand to her new love, pulling her down onto the cot beside her and the blonde vamp. Buffy lay half on the cot, half on top of Faith her hand coming to rest over the one Spike had on the younger woman's breast. She smiled sleepily and contentedly at both of them.

"That was...wow," she murmured, looking into the face of her lovers.

"Wow doesn't even begin to cover it, pet." Spike breathed, leaning over to kiss the blonde.

"You're damned right it was wow," Faith grinned, "after all, it's me you were with," she said cockily.

Buffy and Spike both grinned before chuckling at the dark Slayer's ego trip. Thing was though, she was right.


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