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by Tidal Wave

Pairing: Buffy/Faith NC-17 (Underage sex)
The story: Pre Sunnydale time. The Summers are getting divorced, Buffy is in New-York with her father for now.
Author's note: Buffy’s POV. It’s the first time I ever wrote from a POV so I hope it won’t suck too much. Oh and also, the thoughts are solely Buffy’s (lol), not mine, I love New-York like it’s my hometown so don’t take anything bad ok? Peace.
Beta Reader: Raven
Website: http://site.voila.fr/slayerslegends


Here I am again, 25th street. Damn I got lost again. I don’t understand; these fucking streets all look the same in this fucking town! If Dad had brought me here yesterday I wouldn’t have been late for my first day in this high school, and I would know where to go to today! He knows I have no sense of direction. Just like mom… How I wish I was there with her. Anyway, hey, that’s the street, ok, watch, 15 minutes left…. gotta hurry, entrance’s over there and I am yelling “hey!!” for what good it does. Now let's check, my pockets and bag, everything’s still close, I haven’t been robbed, this skater girl just… well I dunno, she grabbed my waist and shoulder and passed by me.

“Hey you!” I yell at her, she turns around and winks at me, she’s pretty. OK what was that? Pretty? Must be New-York City’s sky; air around here makes you weird. Oh, she’s going inside. Guess I’m not the only one late then, better hurry now. I’m in, what room is it first? 415. Now where would that be? As if a high school isn’t big enough, they have the junior high school within this one. Now I’m screwed, by the time I reach the classroom it’ll be time for the next one… Anyway…

Lunch time. FINALLY. Luckily I was a little late this morning, cause I just thought this morning would never end. I'm gonna head to refugees camp feeding base, it should be the name of it. It is so big it can’t be named a cafeteria, as for the food, I’m sure they don’t get anything better in Africa so… stop being sarcastic Buffy, that’s what my father told me yesterday when he came home at 11 something. Wonder what it is that takes him so long to do every day, his hours are from 6 to 11. It’s like he doesn’t want to see- ok stop now. That is negative thinking. Ok food, focus…

I’m watching all these teens, so many of them and no one has even as much as spoken to me once, I’m sure they don’t even know I’m new, not that I mind. It’s just… It’s like another world here. In LA, when someone new arrives, it’s like big news and everyone is buzzing around trying to find out the newcomer’s darkest secret or such. No one cares here, more in a ‘no one mind other’s business’ kind of way, which is good in a way. I don’t have to hide anything that way or act weird or anything. Might be a good thing, it's helping me, no more slayer crap stuff, cause I’m done with that. I want my normal life back. And soon I’ll be able to go with mom again. I don’t like it here.

Just one more hour, I can’t wait for this day to be done with, gotta watch my little school building map, little is a small word, I got one of these from the secretariat. Ok, so if I am, oi, hey, oh come on they’re all, hey don’t those guys even see me? Apparently not, let’s move to that corner before I get smashed into the corridor, ok now, let’s look, if I am here, then 308 is this way, no wait, damn it’s, ok now what? “Hi” I say to this huge, very huge blonde guy standing in front of me, close, very close, if he moves any closer I won’t breathe anymore.

Oh god, he is going to talk to me.

“Need guidance? I can show you around if you want, know some cool places.”

I don’t like his tone but I smile, “Thanks, but I have my little map, see?” I say with my most naïve voice, he smiles, ooh I don’t like that smile, God the guy is tall, he looks about 18, he’s probably a 12th grader, ok and if he moves any closer I’m gonna have to be, well, less nice.

“Come on babe.”

I hate that word, did he just put his hand on my waist? I remove it.

“Don’t need your help, now get out of my way.”

He smiles this very stupid big guy’s smile,

“Or you what, Little chick?”

Don’t challenge me big boy, ok, hand again, shouldn’t have done that. YES! He’s on the floor and looking really stupid right now and I - oh, people around and, re-oh, a supervisor is here. CRAP!

“Student card, hurry.” The supervisor asks me.

“I don’t have it yet, I just arrived yesterday.”


“Buffy Summers, look it’s not my fault he was-“

“This chick is crazy Daniel,” The huge blonde guy said.

Damn, he knows this supervisor.

“She’s new and I wanted to help her find her way and she caught me off guard, pushing me down strongly.”

“No, that isn’t what happened, I just-“

“Detention, one hour after the classes today.”

“No, I-“

“Do you want two hours?”


“Room 220, at 4.”

I nod, this fucking 12th grader gives me a wicked mocking smile, hey dude, I just kicked your ass in case you didn’t notice! Ok, now I’m on detention but at least he got what he deserved! Really not the way that I wanted to start here. I’ll do better next time. So where was I? Yes, classroom 308. I hate this school!

4:05 Room 220 I’m walking in, there are 2 guys sitting in the back,

“Come in, Miss Summers, right?”


This one looks nicer than this Daniel guy.

“I’m Damian; I take care of most of the detention hours, so hopefully I won’t have to see you again.”

Huh? Oh, I get it. He smiles at me, a nice smile. He’s definitely nicer. Anyway, I sit on the third row. Let’s see, I’ve got a short paper for the Spanish class to write for the end of the week, so I guess I’m gonna start to work on it. Good girl Buffy. I’m really trying, but no one even sees that! Anyway, let’s start.

Oh what’s this noise? Someone opens the door. I recognize him, it’s the principal and he’s bringing someone, hey that’s the girl that bumped into me this morning, the skater girl.

“Damian, I’m bringing you another delinquent.”

Funny he doesn’t sound ironic, oh so not funny in fact cause hey! I’m not a delinquent. Damian gives her a scolding yet not cold gaze, she raises her eyebrows in a whatever way. He looks at the principal asking,

“What did she do this time?”

“Smoking in the corridor.”

The Principal leaves, and he looks at me, “You already, huh?” He sighs and leaves. What already? I don’t like him, I don’t like this school, I don’t like this town.

“Sit down,” Damian tells the skater nicely.

“Try to do some homework, heard you had some trouble with the mathematic test last time, do you want some help?”

This guy is really nice for a New-Yorker. She shakes her head,

“Found the solution already, next exam I’ll sit next to Carly, she’s such a brain.”

He gives her a scolding gaze and I can hear her slight laugh. She’s sitting on the front row, I like her hair, it's sparkly, makes you wanna slide your hand into it. Ok what was that again? Oh yeah NYC’s sky, huh! Yes, makes you weird. Ok, let’s focus on Spanish…

“I have some papers to grade in the next room, I am counting on you to stay calm and keep doing your homework. Remember I’m just in the other room, ok?”

I nod, we only have a couple more minutes before being free anyway. I focus on my book as he closes the door and- I think she has turned around. I think she’s looking at me now,


I look at her,

“Hi” I reply. Silence

“What are you reading?”

“Some Spanish stuff I have to translate.”

“Taking Spanish, well, yes I guess you do.”

“What about you?”

“Later maybe, I’m an 8th grader, I flunked last year.”

I nod.

“How old are you? What’s your name?”

I don’t know why I smiled, she’s a little aggressive in her questioning and I smile? NYC’s sky…

“15 and a half. Buffy Summers. Why?”

“10th grader, right? I bet you’re a good girl, good student and all?”

Now she’s playing the bad girl on me,

“Yeah, and I’m in detention because?” Okay, that was automatic reply but hey, I AM a good girl and a good student, well ok, not so much about the last part. She smiles at my reply; I think I’m smiling too.

“How old are you?”

She looks at me likes she’s hesitating but she replies after all.

“14 and a half almost, why are you here? Detention, I mean.”

“Long story short, some guy needed to be put back in his place and I’m the one who got punished, the supervisor really sucked on that one.”

“Who was it, red-haired guy?”

I nod.

She frowns, “Be careful with him, he thinks he's God, he likes power so he gives detention, mostly to the helpless ones, he never says anything to the 12th graders mostly, Damian is cool, and you’ll see Melissa. She is nice too but the others, they suck pretty badly. You’re very new here, right?”

“Arrived yesterday, didn’t think anyone noticed.”

“I have an excellent visual memory, I knew you were new when I saw you this morning.”

She takes her bag; she’s ready to get out of here already.

“Be careful with those things,”


I point out her roller blades, she smiles,

“Yeah, sorry about that, didn’t mean to scare you this morning, I kind of-” she pauses and whispers, “-I kind of missed my street-to-pavement jump and you were there so… You never wanna fall in front of your school, ya know.”

“But there was no one outside.” I say, she doesn’t add anything as the bell rings, she’s already up, I’m kind of disappointed, don’t know why, I guess it was cool talking with someone friendly for once. She winks at me again,

“Well, see you next time then.”

“Yes, I mean, not here, detention I mean.”

She raised her eyebrows, she doesn’t look convinced, but I don’t intend on getting detention again, believe me.

“Hey what’s your name?” I ask her but she’s already out of the class,

“I’ll tell you when I know it. Bye B!”

Now what did that mean? This girl is strange, just like this whole town, but it’s… intriguing at the same time… She’s intriguing, well, she intrigues me at least… B… I kinda like that. I’m shaking my head and stop as I realize it’s time to go to my very large and empty apartment, I’m pretty sure dad won’t be there today again….

Lunch is over, can’t wait for this day to be done, well I gotta say, this morning’s surprise test for over two hours, that it made math class go by much faster… Anyway, waiting for next class, damn I took the wrong books, gotta go back to my locker. Fast, alright, I know have ten more minutes but it always takes me hours to find my class rooms and I don’t want to be late again…

Hey that’s the girl, the skater girl, I don’t think she saw me, I turn around to my locker, she’s with a bunch of kids, they’re laughing, she seems very cozy with one of the boys, a brunette one, kind of cute I admit, I’m pretty sure he’s not an 8th grader, or he’s flunked a lot of classes, I bet he’s her boyfriend, not that I care.

“Keep your hands to yourself, ‘K?” I hear her telling him, thanks for slayer hearing, I can’t help but turn around.

“Come on; don’t play goody-goody, just holding you, that’s all.”

He puts his hands on her waist from behind cause her back is to him, she shoves him off again as he is trying to pull her closer, “Come on what’s the matter with you?”

“What do you think; you have some kind of right on me now?”

“You’re my girlfriend, right? I can hold you, what’s the matter with that?”

“Who said that?”

“Said what?”

“I was your girlfriend? I’m no one’s property, now if I say for you to put your hands away, then you put your hands away.”

“You hit on me all evening at the club, what kind of bitch are you?” She slaps him, damn; he caught her hand. HEY! He pushes her away.

“Leave her alone!” I couldn’t stay out of this any longer.

“What do you want?!” He asks harshly.

“T’s ok B. I don’t need a body guard, K?” Her tone is cold.

“Yeah, get lost Barbie.” He tells me, son of a… sorry. I don’t say a thing cause she gives me that look, the one telling you to really stay out of this.

“Now you, what’s your problem today?!” He tells her as I search through my locker for the right books.

“No problem, I’m not the demonstrative type, ok?”

“You seemed rather demonstrative last evening, now you’re gonna tell me you drank too much, right?”

“Probably, cause I would have never hit on a guy like you. Whatever I do, it’s whenever I want and with whoever I want, K?”

“Then we’re gonna have a problem.”

“No problem, that’s how it works, take it or leave it.” She means to walk away but he grabs her by the wrist,

“Hey, I’m not your pet.” He tells her.

“Let go of me.” She’s struggling now, she doesn’t look pissed off, to me she looks rather… scared, ok can’t stay away from this this time.

“Let go of her!” Ok, so maybe I could have been a little nicer, second day, second guy on the floor, not my fault. She rubs her wrist, she seems kind of away for a short while before shaking her head somewhat and looking at this guy, she raises her eyebrows,

“Wow B. Nice job.”

“Is that what you think?”

Damn it’s the principal, the boy stands up. Principal looks at me.

“You, twice in two days. One would assume with a school record like yours you would have kept a low profile, at least for the beginning but no… And you again. How come I’m not surprised?” he says as he looks at her.

“Detention, again, after class today.”

He walks away, the Hell with him! I don’t care, I walk to her, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah” I want to look at her wrist, I don’t know why. But she pulls it away fast anyway,

“I’m fine ok?! Told you, don’t need a body guard, ‘K?”

She walks away. Weird.

And that's one more detention for Buffy… I like this town sooo much…


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