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This is torture, pure torture...I guess some habits with Faith and I die hard. She is taunting me...keeping me here and not letting it come to an end that I so desperately want.

My muscles twitch as her lips leave whisper soft kisses over my stomach, so soft that I think it is my imagination making me think she is kissing me because it is what I want so badly.

Soft caresses from her fingers are contradicting the pain her hands inflict to the undead and demons nightly.

I sigh in frustration and I silently berate myself because it makes her grin and remove her lips completely.

She lifts herself from my body and I feel the cold instantly.

I would grab her hips and keep her there...fuck I would pull her against me but the last time I touched her it led to the current torture.

"Faith" I breathe out "Faith please" I beg a little hoping she will relent just a little

"Please what?" She rasps out hovering over me making sure we aren't touching in anyway

"Please stop teasing me"

"Am I teasing you?" She smiles

"You know you are"

"Do I?"

"YES! Stop messing about and just do it already"

"Do what?"


"I don't know what it is B...What if my it is totally different from your it?"

"It isn't!" More frustration

"Well tell me just so I can make sure, please B" She asks so softly

I don't want to say fuck me because despite her teasing it hasn't been leading up to a fuck, it has been leading up to something softer, something tender.

"Well first of all I want to be able to touch you, this lying here with you so close and not able to touch hurts"

"It hurts?"

"Yes, whenever I am not touching you it hurts"

She smirks "Look at you being all girly with me"

"News flash, I am a girl"

"I know, it's why I like ya"

"Please let me touch you"

She looks like she is thinking "I guess that would be okay"

"You won't do what you did last time I touched you?"

"I promise"

My hands shakily take grip on her hips and she lets out the softest of moans as my fingers graze the flesh of her ass.

"Is there more?" She breathes out "Or is that the it?"

"There's more"

"There iiiiiiiissssssssssss...oh fuck B"

Yeah I ruined the little game she had going on there by using my grip on her hips to pull her against me.

"Shit B, you are so wet"

"Well you have been teasing me for a few hours now Faith"

"I am a stupid, stupid woman" She says as her hand disappears between us.

I moan out in to the room as the back of her fingers brush my clit a few times as she spreads our lips.

My grip tightens on her hips as I feel her clit touch mine and my breath hitches in my throat as she starts to move.

"Fai-aith" I lock my legs around her waist and lift my head so we can kiss.

Her tongue plunges in to my mouth in time with her hips.


I sit up with a jolt and look around. We are in one of Angel's research rooms

"Ah Buffy you are with us" Giles says

"Of...of course I am" My voice comes out all high and scratchy

I hear a soft chuckle to my left coming from Faith. I want to shoot her a look that could kill but I know as soon as my eyes meet hers she is going to know I had been thinking about.

"I beg to differ Buffy. You have been sitting there with a far off look in your face for some time now" Wesley chimes in

"Maybe if you had something interesting to say I wouldn't have been...spaced out"

"If you hadn't have been spaced out you would have heard the information Angel was able to obtain on the Dollhouse"

"Oh...right. So something important then?"

Giles is clucking his tongue and Wesley is cleaning his glasses so I know I missed out big info

"Relax British dudes, meeting is over, I can fill her in so your panties don't bunch" Faith tells them

"Very well" They both say and leave the room but not before giving me those stock standard disapproving glares.

"Must have been good where you were" She says

"Pardon?" I say paying the table great interest

"I said it must have been good where you were" She whispers in my ear "They may not have been able to pick up on it but it seems my super senses were"

"Su-super sense?" Damn when did I borrow Mickey Mouse's voice?

"Yeah, heightened senses. Super hearing...your breathing was kinda hitchy and ragged at times then kicks in the super smelling...lets me know you panties are in a whole different kinda mess compared to Giles and Wesley's"

I look at her "What was the news?"

"Apparently I am one of the best operatives this Dollhouse has, my name is...was Echo and they are going crazy trying to find me"

"Do you remember anything yet? IN general not just from that place"

"Bits and pieces here and there...learnt some things I won't forget"

"Like what?" I ask watching her nostrils flare

"How I affect you. How being this close to me right now is killing you, how the rolling waves of emotion coming off you right now have me all kindsa excited"

"Rolling waves of emotion?"

"Uh huh your hornies are hitting me square in the chest right now and I have to let you know that I feel it too"

"You know we can't" My voice comes out strained

"I know that when I am near you I hum...I know that when I am near you the mess in my head goes away and it all seems so clear. All that matters to me is you and fuck the memory loss...you is all I need to know"

I don't know why but for some reason a cheesy Linda Ronstadt song pops in to my head.


"Faith...it is Faith"

"What makes you so sure?"

"Faith...Faith please" She says taking a line right out of my head "Or how about Fai-aith" All the bravado that was missing the last couple of days is on full show here right now. It makes me wary.

I get up out of my chair "I don't know what you are talking about" I say then leave the room as quickly as possible.

I made my way straight to Angel's office with a theory. Maybe Faith...Echo was on a mission right now. Maybe someone who wanted to infiltrate us or Wolfram and Hart had hired her through this Dollhouse place.

I explained that to him.

"How do you explain the fact she looks like Faith?"

"If this place is as state of the art as you think then plastic surgery is a possibility or maybe they really are dolls. There was a guy in Sunnydale he built robots that were freakishly real looking"

"You mean the Buffybot? I met her once when you were...away and I knew the second I saw it that it wasn't you"

"Of course you knew it wasn't me. I was dead"

"My point was that I knew it wasn't you because I couldn't sense your slayer essence. Faith or whoever we have reeks of it. She gives me those little gut pains I get whenever I am near a slayer and I am sure you are getting the tingle as well"

"I get all that but...cant they manufacture all that? Make her exactly what the client's request?"

"From what I gather yes but I don't think they can fake that feeling"

"Why not? If we can infiltrate them then they can surely do the same to us"

"You're right" He sighs

What? Wait back the truck up "Huh I am?"

"Yeah, everything you have brought to me is totally plausible"

"There are other things as well"

"Such as?"

"Well when she first got here totally not Faith like at all and we discussed that then since we discussed that I have noticed more Faith like things popping up. How she talks, how she walks"
"What about how she is with you?"

"Even that has changed. She gave me this speech before I came up here saying that I was the only thing that mattered to her. That when she was near me the confusing stuff in her head went away"

"That is plausible. She knows about you two right?"

"Yeah" I sighed

"Did she seem phased by it at all?"


"Are you?"

I shrugged "I want it to be her so much Angel. So much"

"I do too...of course in a totally different way that you do"

"It isn't just about the way we were before she went. I miss her as a person as well. Once we stopped trying to kill each other we became good friends"

"I'm sure a little of it is about the other stuff"

I won't answer that. Talking with my ex about another lover that way is just freaky.

"So what are you going to do?"

I shrugged my shoulders "I don't know honestly...the longer I spend with her the more my head hurts. It is just a constant battle as to whether it is her or not. I want 5 minutes without a headache"

"I might see if she wants to participate in a few tests"

"What kind of tests?"

"Some memory tests...might even see what she says about a blood test. There is one way to get our proof for sure"

"Right a blood test. Why didn't we think of that sooner?"

"I guess we thought it would be simpler than this"

"Also memory tests. Will they hurt?"

"Not at all. I think we may even test her reflexes and her strength. All the kinds of tests we give to the new slayers we find"

"Angel what do we do if this is a mission she has been sent on?"

"We treat her like any other person that tries to bring us down"

"What if this is our Faith being controlled to take us down?"

"She volunteered for the program Buffy. She knew she might have to do things like this"

"How do we know she volunteered? When she left that night she was pretty upset. They could have totally taken advantage of her and her state of mind"

"I hope to find all that out before we have to take any drastic action"

"You had better" I tell him before I leave his office and head to the gym.

I need to workout a few things...nothing like kicking and punching inanimate objects to clear a girls head.


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