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Xander chuckled at Faith as she sulked into the room plopping down her books. He had heard all about it. The 2 boys were suspended and Faith had to help with the musical. What was so unique about the musical was that the director herself writes it. She wrote the songs she wrote everything. Faith just frowned.

"Smooth Faith. Very smooth...but that was cool though. What you did." Xander stated picking up pieces of wood and putting them in various places. Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Buffy is a friend of mine and I appreciate it." Xander explained. Faith sighed. Today kept getting longer. Buffy hated her, she had to do the damn musical, and now everyone thought she was the best thing since flared jeans.

It was like she became popular over night. But a different popular. Like fame popular. Like big jock popular. It was weird. The bell rang and no other students came in. It was just Faith and Xander. Faith looked over at Xander puzzled. Xander shrugged. "I guess this class is just you and I, Virtue." Xander stated getting down to business.

The day didn't go too bad. Buffy got the majority of her things done. She only had to sit on 3 study halls out of the 8 periods they have a day so she didn't mind it. She did have Faith in one of her study halls. Faith’s File didn't say much actually. She expected more personal information but didn't really get any. So the girl was still a mystery. There was just something about her...

Dawn was having a great day. And now, she was friends with one of the most popular girls in school. Not that she wouldn't like Faith if she wasn't but it was nice to be friends with someone that is popular. At lunch, so many people tried to cram into their table so Faith and her went into the courtyard.

Dawn skipped over to her sister excited as they walked through the school. "Oh Buffy, she is so cool. And at lunch everyone tried to sit with us and Faith was all like..." Dawn went on. Buffy smiled at the fact that Dawn was happy. She deserved that much. Their life style wasn't on a normal level. Then Buffy frowned. Faith. Why did she freak out on those boys? Maybe she isn't such a good influence over Dawn.

"Uh Dawnie, I don't think you should hang with Faith too much. She..." Buffy started getting serious. Dawn stopped sand looked at her sister.

"Is this about the fight earlier?" Dawn asked. Buffy was a little puzzled.

"Why yes..." Buffy answered wondering where Dawn was going with all of this. Dawn sighed.

"Do you have any idea what it was over?" She asked crossing her arms a little and raising her eyebrows. It almost seemed as if Dawn was proud or something. Buffy looked at her confused.

"Well...no," Buffy replied. Dawn uncrossed her arms and smiled.

"You," Dawn answered starting to walk away all bubbly. Buffy faltered a little and then walked after Dawn.

"Wh-What? Me?" Buffy asked. Dawn stopped and smiled.

"You know those guys Dean and Scott?" Buffy made a face. "Yeah them. Well you know how awful they are. Well they were talking VERY badly about you and Cordelia Chase and I mean very badly. They were even wagering a horrible bet and Faith over heard. To make long story short, Faith didn't like it and didn't think you should be treated that way and laid it down," Dawn explained. Buffy raised her eyebrows.

Faith walked through the courtyard on her way out. "Faith!" someone shouted. Faith turned around and saw Cordelia approaching her. Faith smiled.

"Hey there Queen C," Faith said nodding at Cordelia. Cordelia raised her eyebrow as she caught up with the brunette.

"Queen C?" She asked. Faith shrugged.

"I always give people nicknames. I won't call you that if..." Faith started. Cordelia stopped.

"No, I like it," she interrupted making Faith stop as well. Faith could see Buffy and Dawn across the courtyard. She gave a nod to Dawn as she made eye contact with her. She was talking to her sister and nodded back. Faith looked back at Cordelia. She had an expression on her face that made her a little bit uncomfortable. Faith shifted the weight of her backpack.

"Aren't you afraid of being seen with me by your fashion posse'?" Faith asked. After she said that she regretted it. Hurt flashed across Cordelia's face.

"I'm really sorry about earlier Faith." Cordelia apologized grasping one of Faith's hands. The gesture threw Faith off a little.

Dawn nodded a hello to Faith who stood across the courtyard with Cordelia. "So you see, she stood up for you," Dawn said finishing explaining. Dawn also told her everything else that happened. Buffy smiled a little and looked sideways. She spotted Faith standing talking with Cordelia. Faith really is a good kid. But there was still something about her...Buffy caught Cordelia grasping Faith's hand and Buffy quirked an eyebrow. What were they doing?

"So is that ok?" Dawn asked. Buffy totally missed what Dawn was saying. She looked back at her.

"What did you say?" Buffy asked. Dawn rolled her eyes.

"I asked if it was ok if Faith came over tomorrow night?" Dawn repeated. Buffy thought about it. It had been a long time since Dawn had anyone over. But there was also a reason for that. Buffy was curious about the girl. It actually couldn't hurt. Besides knowing Dawn and Cordelia, Faith did seem lonely.

Cordelia talked with Faith ignoring the looks they got. "I also wanted to thank you for earlier...when you stood up for me," Cordelia said looking into Faith's eyes before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Faith's hand slipped out of Cordelia's grasp as she kissed Faith's cheek. Faith's eyes went wide. A gorgeous girl was kissing her on the cheek in the middle of a school! Did Buffy see? Wait a sec...why did she care?

Cordelia wondered why she just did that and a blush creeped over her face. Faith noticed. "It's ok C, you can kiss me anytime," she merely stated and Cordelia's blush deepened...if that was at all possible.

"I...uh...should go. I'll see you tomorrow?" Cordelia asked sputtering. Why was she acting like such a ditz? Hello, brain? Welcome to earth!

Faith smiled noticing the inner struggle Cordelia was having. Faith winked at her and said, "You can count on it babe." Cordelia blushed again and smiled walking away. What was funny, was that about 5 girls pounced on her wanting details on Faith as soon as she walked away.

Faith shook her head and turned to go out. She caught a glimpse of Buffy and smiled at her before heading off of school property.

Faith watched the streets as she sat perched above the ally. It was a slow night. Sunnydale was a dead spot. New York and Boston had better activity. And she thought this was a hellmouth.

Faith pulled the leather duster she always wore around her tighter. Her leather pants and combat boots kept her fairly warm with her black turtleneck. Her beautiful hair was carefully tucked under the wool cap she wore. She looked somewhat of a goof but as long as she could hug the darkness and not be noticed the better. Plus people couldn't see her as well. Her face was also caked in black paint. It was better not to be recognized when she did this line of work.

She had been doing this since her guardian was murdered. Faith didn't have a good childhood. And her drug addicted mother and abusive boyfriend didn't help much either. Her father left before she was even born, he didn't care. And her mother? Her abusive boyfriend...killed her...beat her to death. Faith saw the whole thing. Someone heard and got help but her mother was dead. They arrested her stupid abusive good for nothing boyfriend. Faith hid the whole time, terrified. They starved her and beat her...Faith was a mess. They did much more to her but Faith chose not to ever remember that. She was reminded enough in her nightmares when and if she ever slept.

After her mother died, was when her "guardian" came in. A kind gentle demon named Virtue who had helped her. He took her in, fed her, clothed her, taught her, schooled her, trained her...did everything for her. He raised her. He taught her every basic thing and taught her to fight. He also taught her about every demon there was. He was very smart.

He used to work for a Watchers council or something like that. He never came out during the day. He looked like a panther with humanistic features...think of master Splinter from Ninja Turtles actually. But he had more things to him, being half panther and all. Out of all of the demons he taught her about, she never saw another quite like him.

He taught her how to expand her senses. She became strong and lived with him in the sewers. Not the best place but it was home to them. He was like a father to her...but a gang of vampires with firearms killed him. They patrolled a lot in Boston. Someone had to do it. But they ran into a gang that was up to something bigger then they could handle. Virtue died in Faith's arms. And she took his name for her last name.

But the police got a hold of her when she saved a group of ten-year-olds a couple years later from becoming vamp food. They were grateful but before Faith could leave the children in a good area, the police showed up. It was ok but when they asked who Faith was...it was obvious she was homeless. To make long story short they found that she did have family. An uncle from her mother's side who would take care of her. He was a good man...but he wasn't Virtue.

They let her keep her last name. The only thing she had left of him. Faith sighed remembering all of this. She shook her head not wanting to remember. She scanned the ally again when she noticed a blonde haired girl. She looked familiar. Then Faith saw that is was Buffy. She walked, by herself, down the dark ally wearing almost the same clothes as Faith. Well, not really. But close. Faith found that a little odd and chose to follow her.

Faith quietly walked around the rooftops but stopped when Buffy suddenly stopped and stood still. Then Faith heard it too. She was surprised Buffy could. Buffy was being followed. Now Faith spotted the person...well rather vampire. Faith started to worry about the blonde. She was deciding what to do with out being discovered when the vampire came out of the darkness and attacked Buffy.

"NO!" Faith yelled, doing a flip off of the building and landing on her feet behind a Dumpster. But rather what she saw shocked her. Buffy fought the vampire easily blocking every move and with one punch sent him into the other side of the dumpster hitting it.

Faith pressed herself up against it to not be discovered. Buffy strode over and picked up the vampire and threw him across the ally. "You are all the same. Trying to pick on a poor blonde girl in the ally all alone. Classic," Buffy barked throwing a few punches and kicks.

Faith was quite amazed. Who would have ever thought that Buffy was a slayer. Faith knew very well who and what slayers were. Virtue taught her all about them. The way Buffy fought was just like one of a slayer. Faith thought she would never meet her though, the slayer.

Buffy whipped out a stake. "Sorry but you're dust," Buffy simply said staking the vampire. The vampire exploded into dust scattering everywhere. Faith sensed them before Buffy did. About six hits to the ground could be heard as various vampires jumped from the buildings above. These were the vamps that Faith was tracking earlier till they vanished and then it was dead. No pun intended.

Buffy was in trouble now and Buffy knew it. "Oh boy," Buffy whispered as she stood in a fighting stance.

"Looks like you dusted our newest member...not nice," spat a vampire closer to Buffy who circled her.

"Yeah, he said member benefits sucked," Buffy replied. Faith shook her head. Common banter between slayer and vampire...typical.

Various growls could be heard from the gang members. This wasn't the gang that took out Virtue but they were vampires none the less. And Buffy needed help. They all circled Buffy about to attack.

"Hey! Can I join the party?" Faith flipped into the group of startled vampires. And a very confused Buffy. "What? Can't a lonely girl join in on the fun?" Faith asked then swept the legs out from under a close vampire. Buffy and Faith moved like a blur wiping out numerous vampires. Buffy was quite amazed by the persons fighting style. Who were they?

Faith kept an eye open for Buffy. She was concerned for the blonde and didn't want anything to happen to her. Faith wiped out her last vampire and looked at Buffy. Her vampire had her pinned on the ground. His head was close to biting her. Faith ran as fast was she could and staked him...but fell on Buffy during the process.

They were in a rather odd position. Faith's hands were on either side of Buffy's head. And her one leg was positioned right between her legs basically straddling her. Faith stared into Buffy's eyes for a moment. She was beautiful. But Faith caught herself in her moment of softness and jumped off of her. Faith ran off down the ally when she heard Buffy yell, "Wait!" Faith stopped and turned slightly.

"Who are you?" Buffy asked. Faith smiled.

"A friend," Faith answered running down the ally then jumping up on the roof. Buffy was puzzled...no wonder the vampire count was down...

Faith slipped into her window of her (Her uncle's) house. She showered, changed, and cleaned up. Her uncle was always on business trips. So she didn't have to worry about getting caught tonight. Faith placed her nightclothes carefully in the corner of her closest. She tiredly walked to her bed and pulled out the file papers she took from Buffy. She shook her head slightly then placed them under her mattress. Then the phone rang loudly. Faith jumped a little. Who the hell was calling this late?

Faith picked up the phone. "Hello?" she answered.

"Faith? It's Cordelia. Where have you been! I've been calling forever." Replied Cordelia. Faith smirked.

"What? Worried Cordelia? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you got the hots for me." Faith teased. There was silence for a second and then Cordelia started to sputter.

"Wh-what? Faith you're awful!" Cordelia scolded. But Cordelia couldn't help but smile. Then she blushed. Thank god Faith couldn't see her now.

"So what's up queen c?" Faith asked. Cordelia smiled at the name. She found it rather cute. She liked the sound of Faith's voice...why was she thinking about that? Faith chuckled.

"You going to talk? Or are you going to just sit there and breathe?" Faith asked laughing.

"Opps. Sorry, I was thinking," Cordelia replied flushed.

"About what?" Faith asked. Cordelia hesitated for a second.

"You," she merely answered. Faith smiled.

"Oh really? Were they nasty thoughts?" Faith asked bursting out laughing after saying it. Cordelia flushed again and laughed.

"Oh Faith, what am I going to do with you?" Cordelia asked shaking her head and chuckling.

"Anything you want C. Anything you want." Faith merely answered back. Bad thoughts suddenly appeared in Cordelia's head. She shuttered and sighed.

"Faith?" Cordelia asked sighing again. Faith got serious.

"What Cordelia?" Faith replied. Cordelia shook her head. What the hell was she doing? This was Cordelia Chase.

"Nothing. Never mind. I'll talk to you tomorrow," Cordelia said. Faith was a little concerned. Cordelia was acting weird.

"Cordy? Are you ok?" Faith asked a little concerned. Cordelia smiled.

"Yes Faith I am fine. I'll see you tomorrow." Cordelia said before hanging up. What was she doing? Why did she call Faith? And what the hell was she feeling?

Faith just stared at the phone for a while before she placed it back on its cradle. How did she get her number anyway?

Buffy gathered her things for the long day. She had contacted Giles about the mystery person last night. He had no clue about it either. What was weird was that the girl seemed familiar. Buffy shook her head as she grabbed her keys.

"Dawn! Let's go!" She yelled walking out the door.

Faith got to school all in good time. She received a few looks from various people. She was there very early. She wanted to work out a little in the gym. Faith made her way into the locker room and changed. She wrapped her hands and walked into the gym. Faith stretched a little then laid out some mats across the floor. She did a few more stretches and decided to warm up. She did her morning chi. Her and Virtue used to do it every morning. Then Faith practiced a few kicks and punches. Her flips weren't as good as they used to be so she decided to work on them.

Faith glanced around to see if anyone was watching. She was going to let it rip. And if anyone saw her...they would think she was a super being or something. She could jump higher and longer then anyone with much agility. Virtue taught her everything he knew. It was all in the mind and body. Faith saw the coast was clear and ran square at a wall.

She jumped up and walked around the side before doing a spinning kick off followed by a few back flips. For anyone watching...they may have thought they were in a Matrix movie. Faith was getting a good work out when she heard a door creak. She stopped immediately. She stood in the middle of the gym listening. She listened hard to locate where it was coming from.

Dawn and Buffy rode in silence over to the school. Mornings were always full of tried yawns and sleepy movements. Buffy parked the car and walked on into the building. Since she worked there she had to come in early. Dawn usually stayed in the car and finished up late minute homework then came in.

Buffy heard grunting coming from the gym as she passed it. She backtracked and opened the door a little to peek in. There in the middle of the gym was Faith. She just did a back flip but now stood still. She must have been working out for sometime for she was sweating a lot.

Buffy could see the fine toned muscles from her midriff and arms as she moved. She was nicely built. A shutter went through Buffy. And a need. A need of almost wanting came over her. Buffy shook her head. What was she thinking? When Buffy looked back into the gym, she couldn't see Faith anymore.

Buffy looked closer and deeper into the gym but still couldn't see the brunette. All of a sudden the door flew open and knocked Buffy backwards. She wasn't expecting it and it startled the hell out of her. Buffy was never hit that hard, let alone by a damn door. Buffy hit the ground with an `oomph' and looked up to where the doorway was.

"B? Buffy? Oh I'm so sorry!" It was Faith. She had kicked open the door. Faith came rushing over to help the older blonde up.

"It seems we keep meeting this way," Buffy grumbled. Faith looked guilty and still convinced that Buffy still hated her. "And what's up with the nick name?" Buffy asked. For some odd reason, Faith blushed.

"I make up nicknames for people...I...uh...sorry...Ms...Ms. Summers?" Faith stated. Buffy nodded. She didn't want to be seen as just a regular person. She was in a way a teacher at the school and had authority.

"The nick name is cute but better stick with Ms. Summers...but knowing you, you'll shorten it," Buffy stated crossing her arms. Faith grinned.

"Yeah probably," Faith replied. Faith grew uncomfortable. She felt that way around Buffy a lot. "I better go," Faith stated walking off. Buffy was a little puzzled then remembered the whole thing yesterday. She walked up to Faith and touched her shoulder.

"Faith," Buffy said lightly. Faith closed her eyes a moment at the sensation she felt from Buffy's touch. Ok, so she wanted her. She wanted Buffy Summers. She couldn't deny it. The girl was a dream... but way out of her league. Faith turned around.

"Yeah Ms. S?" Faith asked grinning. Buffy smiled at the name.

"I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I didn't know what went on. Dawn told me. You don't have to do that you know..." Buffy said looking into Faith's eyes. She never really noticed how pretty Faith's eyes were till now. Faith sighed.

"No prob B. It's just that...it made me angry. To have idiotic boys like that mock something so pure and beautiful..." Faith answered. Then she realized what she said and blushed heavily. "I uh...have to get ready for school," Faith blurted out escaping to the locker room. What was Faith saying? Way to go Faith. Now she probably thinks you're queer!

Buffy just stood there for a few moments pondering what happened. She then smiled. Faith was such a cutie...wait...a cutie? What am I thinking? Buffy shook her head and hummed to herself as she walked down to her office.

Faith sighed to herself and showered. She changed her clothes and got ready for the day. She had to go see Ms. Calendar about the musical. Faith had to stay after school today to do a read through. Faith rolled her eyes at this thought. She didn't know exactly what she had to do but at lest she didn't have to act.

Cordelia parked her car and sighed. She slept well but she had a rather odd dream...ok more like a hot dream. She was walking down the hallway of school when someone stepped up behind her and wrapped their arms around her waist. She leaned into the touch as warmth over came her. Then the person rained small tiny kisses down her neck causing her to shiver. Then they drug her over to an empty classroom and shut the door. It wasn't just someone...the person in her dream was Faith.

Faith pinned her against the wall sliding her hands up and down Cordelia's sides. Faith nuzzled her head in Cordelia's neck nipping every now and then. Faith's velvet lips brushed up against Cordelia's. Cordelia moaned into Faith's mouth and pulled her closer, devouring her mouth. She couldn't get enough of her. Faith pressed her body up against Cordelia's, slipping her thigh in-between Cordelia's legs. Cordelia groaned and bit on Faith's lower lip. Faith wrapped Cordelia's one leg around her waist and pressed harder into her causing Cordelia to cry out...and that was when Cordelia woke up all flushed.

It was some dream. Cordelia had to take a very COLD shower after that. Cordelia shuttered even now thinking about it. The dream worried her a little bit and the way she felt towards Faith. Why did she have this need to be around her?

Dawn watched Cordy walk into school. She figured it was about time for her to go in as well. She slammed her textbook closed and opened the door. The weather wasn't bad today. Dawn noticed that various students were huddling around a few posted sheets. She knew what it was. It was who made the musical.

Cordelia got done at her locker and started to walk down the hall to go to homeroom. She noticed Faith down the hallway with a lot of girls around her. At first she was a little jealous. But Faith noticed her and gave her this pleading look. Cordelia chuckled. Faith needed rescuing.

Buffy got everything done in her office for that morning. But she still had a little reading to do. Wood walked up to her cubical chuckling. "What?" Buffy asked wondering what he was laughing about.

"I've got another job for you..." Wood started chuckling again. Buffy frowned. She had a feeling she wasn't going to like this.

"What is it?" Buffy asked. She wasn't sure if she even wanted to know.

"Well don't get mad at me. You are the only one available to do it so you have no choice...you're helping direct the Musical..." Wood said in a rush before busting out laughing. Buffy stood there stunned.

"What?" Buffy said puzzled.

"You have to help Ms. Calendar direct the musical. You meet after school. Have fun!" Wood laughed taking his chance to escape.

"What! Wood! Come back here! I can't!" Buffy yelled. Direct a musical! Buffy didn't know anything when it came to theater. She could still remember the time that Principal Snyder made her, Xander, and Willow act...what a nightmare.

"Thanks C. I was dying over there," Faith thanked walking with Cordelia out to the courtyard. Cordelia laughed. She felt a little odd with Faith due to her dream.

"They just all attacked me. I only have so much ass to pass out, give me a break!" Faith sighed being over dramatic. Cordelia swatted Faith laughing.

"You're terrible!" Cordelia laughed smiling. She started to get comfortable with Faith. She liked being with her. She brought out her real self.

"Oh no, I only act this way around you queen C. Only around you," Faith said grinning. She wanted to see her blush. Any moment now...there we go! Bingo. Cordelia blushed red. Faith laughed.

Dawn smiled watching Faith with Cordelia. It was kind of cute. And here, she thought, Faith had a crush on her sister. Dawn didn't care about the whole gay/bi thing with people. I mean there was Willow. It didn't bother her.

Faith caught sight of Dawn on the other side of the courtyard and waved trying to look goofy to embarrass Cordelia. Dawn laughed as Cordelia swatted Faith again laughing. A few people stared amazed at the way Cordelia was acting. That and the fact that the two hottest girls in school were walking together.

Faith felt good. Almost giddy...but her and giddy let alone the word, ever mixed. Faith bowed in front of Cordelia. "Well my lady, I must be going. I shall see you in class later?" Faith said in an absurd accent. Cordelia rolled her eyes before laughing.


"You need all the practice you can get huh?" Cordelia asked placing her hands on her hips. Faith laughed.

"I'll be backstage but I got to get used to it. It's not everyday when I can defend a beautiful lady like yourself. Later!" Faith yelled as she jogged off to meet up with Dawn. Cordelia just shook her head. Every time she saw Faith, she liked her more and more.

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