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Sometime later, Buffy went to Tara's room where she found the witch sitting on her bed speaking softly to Faith. The rogue slayer was listening intently and nodding intermittently. They both looked up when they noticed Buffy at the door.

"Ok, so what am I supposed to do, dazzle her with my conversation?" Faith sounded resigned.

"You dazzle me." Buffy confessed. "Every day. From the moment I first saw you."

Tara got up off her bed and left the two slayers alone.

Faith was puzzled. "Then why haven't we…?"

"I can't be just another conquest, Faith." Buffy sat down on the bed next to the dark beauty. "I can't be just the means to a release of post slaying lust." She held Faith's eyes. "I need more."

There was a moment of silence before Faith got up and put the length of the room between them. Buffy heard her quietly admit. "I don't know how to do… more."

Buffy followed her and drew her into a warm embrace. "Then I'll show you." She murmured, holding Faith securely in her arms. "I'll show you how."



Jenny was waiting at the coffee house where Faith had suggested they meet. She'd left her apartment the instant after Faith had called. She knew in light of all that was happening she shouldn't be so excited. But for the moment, seeing Faith again was all she could think about.

When the slayer walked in, Jenny literally held her breath. As did quite a few of the café's other patrons. But Faith ignored all of them, focusing only on the lovely fair-haired woman at the corner table.


Faith had hardly sat down when the waitress was leaning over her asking what she could get for her. As a mocha was being prepared, Jenny finally found her voice. "What did you want to see me about? Does the Slayer have more questions?"

"No." Faith admitted. "But I do….."



The night was still warm as Faith walked Jenny home. They'd spent several hours talking at the café. Jenny told Faith about her privileged upbringing. It all sounded like such a fairytale to Faith. Loving parents, a doting brother, wealth, safety and security. But that had all changed five years earlier when lightning had struck the car her parents and brother were driving in. There followed a horrific crash of which only her brother had somehow miraculously survived. That's when she'd started to lose Michael, little by little, day by day.

Faith couldn't sympathize with losing such a wonderful life filled with love. She'd had no such existence. But she did know what it was like to feel like you were all alone in this world. Jenny listened as Faith talked about her abusive alcoholic mother, her absentee father and the precarious life she'd led on her own. Though their paths couldn't have been more different, the two women had still arrived at the same place. Loneliness.

Arriving at Jenny's apartment door, the slayer touched the blonde's arm as she unlocked her door. "Jenny, I don't want you to go to the cemetery for a while. Things may happen soon and I don't want you to get hurt."

Jenny could feel the sincerity in Faith's tone and see it in her eyes. Standing so close to the slayer, she forgot her nervousness and her sense of decorum. Jenny leaned forward slightly. Faith had only a minuscule distance to close in order to kiss her. She didn't.

"Jenny... I'm kinda tryin' to do a one-woman woman thing right now....."

Jenny stepped away, turned and opened her door to hide her embarrassment.

"But if I wasn't....." Jenny looked back to see Faith flash a blinding smile that the young woman could feel clear down into her groin. "I'd be all over you in a heartbeat."



"I still don't understand why Michael is using that cemetery or that particular mausoleum." Willow complained. "There is no geological, atmospheric, or even magical significance."

"It's because that's where his parents are buried." Faith answered as she came into the dinning room. "It's where he feels the safest and the most powerful."

All three women just stared at the young slayer.

"What? I can't gather intel too?"

"How's Jenny?" Buffy asked.

"Safely tucked in for the night." Faith replied. As she leaned down and softly kissed Buffy's cheek, she whispered. "And not by me."

The women went over their scenario, filling Faith in on the how their intricately designed plan would work. In reality, the scheme was a simple ruse. But the timing would be crucial.

"What do you want me to do, B?"

Buffy turned to her slayer. "I need you to kill Michael before he kills me."

Faith was momentarily shocked by Buffy's calm reply. With all the razzle-dazzle that would be in play tomorrow night, that was the one task she had forgotten about. Someone had to take out that sonofabitch. And Buffy had known all along that it would have to be her. Faith's expression hardened with resolve.

"I'll kill anything that tries to hurt you."

It was a simple statement. But Buffy knew at that moment there was no one else she could trust more with her life than this rogue slayer with the courageous heart.



When the house was quiet, Buffy went to the basement. Faith's light was still on and she was studying the cemetery map. Buffy smiled at her determination to be as prepared as possible. Faith looked up as Buffy reached the bottom of the stairs.

Crossing over to Faith's bed, she sat down, took the map out of Faith's hands and put it on the bedside table. "You should get some sleep tonight."

"I'm restless." Admitted the young slayer. "I'm used to doing. This planning thing sucks."

Leaning down, Buffy lightly kissed Faith's lips. As much as Faith wanted to take hold of the other slayer and deepen the contact, she didn't. She'd never been kissed so gently. Buffy's lips were tantalizingly soft. Faith was afraid of making any overt move, lest Buffy stop the sweet connection.

Separating slowly, Buffy rose up and looked down at the other half of the slaying duo. "Do you want me to stay with you tonight?"

For an answer, Faith pulled back the covers and moved back to make room for her. Buffy knew that Faith slept in the nude. But the lovely sight still momentarily stalled any movement on her part. When she got her bearings again, she stood and let her robe slide off her body; leaving her wearing only panties and soft smile. The young brunette couldn't help letting out a tiny moan as her gaze swept appreciatively up the beautiful body on display before her. Her appraisal ended looking directly into hazel eyes.

Buffy sighed at the not so subtle yearning she saw in those deep brown eyes. From the moment she'd met the rogue slayer, the idea that they might become much more than slaying partners and friends was always in the back of her mind. Climbing into the bed, she drew the blankets over them. She slid her legs and her back up against Faith's chest and thighs. There was a small shudder that Faith couldn't stifle from feeling Buffy's satiny skin pressed up against her own. Buffy turned her head and kissed the brunette again. Then she reached up and turned off the light. Buffy pulled Faith close, effectively making Faith spoon her. Then she let herself be wrapped up in Faith's arms.

Buffy had argued with Willow earlier about sleeping with Faith tonight. Tara sensed that the closer the slayers got, the stronger their connection became. If they were very attuned to each other, then that would help confuse Michael when he tried to zero in on Buffy tomorrow night. But because Buffy wanted so badly to actually spend the night in Faith's embrace, it felt deceptive to know that it was also beneficial to their plan. She couldn't tell Faith that being held by her was anything more than what Buffy was really feeling. She was falling in love with the rebel slayer.

Sex had only fleetingly crossed Faith's mind as she welcomed Buffy into her bed. She'd never thought much about lying with someone to comfort them. She'd never had the opportunity. But holding Buffy like this actually relaxed her. "S'ok, B." She murmured into the blonde hair she was nuzzling. "I've gotcha."



It was late afternoon when the foursome arrived at the cemetery Michael used. The witches began to set up an area for their spell. It required a place hidden from Michael where Buffy could stand in a circle of quartz. A special incantation would reproduce Buffy's exact image wherever the smaller matching crystals were placed. Willow handed Buffy and Faith thirteen of the matching marble-sized pieces.

"Place them randomly around the front of the mausoleum. But not too close." Willow instructed.

The slayers spread the rocks around and ended up at the mausoleum. It was an ornate structure with two names engraved in the marble.

"Jenny's parents." Faith said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

"Michael's parents." Buffy added with no trace of sympathy in hers.

"Yeah." Faith turned and walked back to Tara and Willow.

When the sun was close to setting, Faith turned to go to her hiding place behind the mausoleum. Buffy suddenly put her hands on either side of Faith's face, pulled her close and kissed her intensely.

When Buffy let her go, Faith grinned and said. "You makin' sure I come back, B?"

"Somethin' like that." The slayer smiled in return.

"Do your thing, ladies." Faith addressed Willow and Tara before turning to leave. "And I'll do mine."



When darkness descended on the graveyard, the four women watched as Michael emerged from his parents' tomb. He climbed up on the roof and surveyed the burial ground laid out before him. Something was different tonight. He could feel the slayer. She was here. It was finally time to fulfill his destiny.

Faith watched as several vampires begin to surround Michael's crypt. 'Shit.' She hadn't figured that the vampire would be quite so well protected. This was not going to be as easy as she'd thought. But she was used to diving into the fray. It was how she'd always fought in this life. No plotting, no planning. Just throwing herself in and comin' out on top…

Willow and Tara begin to chant softly as Michael appeared on the rooftop in front of them. Buffy had also seen the gathering of bodyguards. It was an unexpected glitch in their plan that was going to put Faith up against imposing odds. "Now, Buffy."  She heard Willow say. "And remember, you have to stay within the circle or the images will disappear." The slayer held her breath and stepped into the magical ring.

As Faith moved up closer behind him, Michael tried to focus on where he was sensing the slayer. At first he thought she was in front of him. But now he seemed to feel her behind him. Looking back over his shoulder, he was trying to figure it out when he heard one of the vampires on the roof with him utter. "What the hell…...."

When Michael turned back toward the front of the cemetery, it looked as though there were slayers everywhere. He was momentarily confused. But then he got angry. It was a trick. The slayer was trying to make a fool of him. "What's going on?" asked one of the vampires. "It doesn't matter," growled Michael. "I'll send bolts through every last one of them until I get her."

When all eyes were distracted by the appearance of Buffy images scattered about the graves, Faith started to run toward the back of the tomb. She had a short sword and several stakes. She beheaded two of the vampires before they became aware of her. She took out the third almost as quickly. She climbed to the roof, stuck her head up and then immediately ducked. A foot shot out where her head should have been. She grabbed the boot and yanked its owner off the roof. By now, the three vampires guarding each of the other sides of the crypt knew there was an intruder. She pulled herself up and staked the vampire who was left on the roof. But the opening between her and Michael closed rapidly as the remaining vampires climbed up from the ground around the mausoleum.

Clouds began to gather in the sky above them. The air was thick with humidity. Michael was unaware of the battle about to be waged behind him. He held out his hand and a flash of lightning came down from the sky. It changed direction at Michael's hand and shot out at a Buffy replica. The witches jumped at the sound of the loud bang as the lightning hit a marker behind the hologram. Willow and Tara watched as a brawl ensued behind Michael. Buffy could see it as well. As Michael fired shot after shot at Buffy's likeness, it was all the slayer could do to remain standing within the circle.

Faith punched, kicked and fought for all she was worth. She managed to stake two more of the evil beings, but the surviving vampires were gaining the advantage. Faith could hear the lightning bursts hitting the various targets. Time was running out. Struggling to get to Michael before he got past the illusions, she refused to give up even as the vampires overwhelmed her.

"Faith!" Buffy screamed as she watched the vampires take Faith down. Despite Willow's warning, she couldn't maintain her position any longer. She broke out of her stance and started to run toward the mausoleum.

"Buffy! No!" shouted Willow. But it was too late. The moment Buffy moved out of the ring of crystals the magical holograms disappeared, leaving one very real image of the slayer running directly into Michael's line of fire. 'There you are…' An evil grin appeared on the vampire's face as he held out his hand and summoned another lightning charge. There was no way he could miss her from this range.

"Noooooo!!" Faith yelled as she saw Buffy running toward them. Faith was still wrestling futilely with the eight vampires trying to keep her away from Michael and kill her in the process. But as she saw an electric bolt descending from the sky, she somehow managed to drag her assailants close enough to Michael. With every ounce of strength left in her being, she freed her left hand and plunged her stake into Michael's back. It penetrated deeply and directly through into his unbeating heart. Time seemed to stand still as the vampire's body disintegrated. The lightning continued on its directed path to the spot where Michael had been standing, exploding into the top of the mausoleum. The roof collapsed sending Faith and the eight vampires plunging to the floor below.

During the struggle, Buffy had continued running toward the fray. Willow and Tara were not far behind. Reaching the crypt, Buffy shattered the door; staking three vampires before they even knew she was there. Faith was on the ground battling the remaining five undead. Two vampires turning to take on Buffy gave Faith the advantage she needed. She satisfied her hunger for vengeance by staking two immediately. The slayers disposed of the last of the undead almost simultaneously. Faith grinned up at her counterpart. She was dirty, beaten, bleeding, and alive. And Buffy thought she'd never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

Buffy grabbed Faith, pulled her up, and encompassed her in a slayer-strengthened hug. Then she let her go just enough to kiss her fiercely. A hundred thoughts had raced through her mind as the vampires appeared to take the young slayer down. She realized now that the possibility of losing Faith terrified her. Why hadn't she just thrown herself into this woman's arms from the moment they'd first met? Knowing how precarious their lives were, why hadn't she made love with Faith every night like she had secretly desired to do?  Kissing Faith's lips and her face repeatedly, Buffy was desperate now to show Faith how much she wanted and needed her.

The rogue slayer was overwhelmed by Buffy's ardent display of affection. Faith could feel Buffy's slayer driven lust sizzling in what little air there was between them. She tried to get her words out around the passionate barrage.

"B....  Wait.....  Hang on, baby.....  B...... B....... Wait a sec.... B.....    Buffy!"

At the sound of her full name, Buffy stopped kissing Faith and stared at her. Why was Faith stopping her now? When her need to give herself to Faith was beyond reason.

The result of the battle had had just the opposite effect on Faith. For the first time in her life she'd been fighting scared. She had always depended on her rage to fuel her powers against the undead who dared to rise in her world. And it never particularly mattered to her if she lived or died in the process. As Buffy had pointed out earlier, she didn't know or understand fear. But when it was obvious that Michael was going to get a clear shot at killing Buffy, she'd felt a sudden surge of panic. And what followed was a kind of adrenaline rush that was unlike anything she had ever known. It was then that Faith understood what the Chosen One meant to her. Buffy was more important than her calling, more important than her own life. And the friends she'd made here also mattered to her. But with that acceptance of her commitment to them, she also felt the weight of responsibility. Though Faith really wanted Buffy, there was something she needed to take care of first.

"I want you, B. Believe me, I do." Faith assured Buffy as she held the agitated slayer at arm's length. "But I need to go tell Jenny. She has a right to hear it from me."

Buffy searched her eyes. Faith was right. Jenny's help had enabled them to figure out how to thwart the vampire's agenda. Her information could have put her in danger and meant almost certain death for her brother. Buffy put her hand on Faith's cheek. She would have hardly recognized the young woman she'd first encountered in that cemetery weeks ago. Her heart swelled with the kind of pride that one can only feel from the accomplishments of a soulmate. "You're right. This can wait." She replied. "Come on. We'll drop you off."

With the passing of imminent peril, the role reversal of the two slayers was almost comical. Tara whispered to Willow, "I guess when lightning strikes, anything can happen."

When they got to the posh apartment building that Faith indicated, Willow commented. "Jenny lives here?" Faith hadn't paid much attention to the elegant apartment building Jenny had led her to the night before. As Faith got out of the car, Tara's expression spoke for the rest of them. "Wow…" The doorman admitted Faith without hesitation.

When Jenny opened her door to the late night knock, she found a beaten and disheveled Faith. Though Faith's injuries were already healing quickly, it was obvious that she'd been in a brutal altercation.

"Oh my God, Faith! What happened?! Are you all right?!"

"Can I come in?"

Jenny stepped aside to let Faith into the apartment. When she turned to lead the brunette into the living room, a gentle hand on her arm stopped her.

"It's over, Jenny." Faith said softly. "Michael's gone."

The young blonde faced Faith again, accepting the confirmation in her eyes. "Buffy killed him."

"No, she didn't." There was a moment's pause before Faith continued. "I did."

Jenny's doubt was evident in her frown.

"Jenny, I am the slayer that comes after."  Faith stated. "If Michael had killed Buffy, the next slayer he would have tried to kill would've been me." Faith moved closer to Jenny. "I'm sorry it had to be this way."

Jenny hesitated slightly before leaning up and giving Faith a soft, if slightly too long kiss. "Thank you." She whispered.

"For what?"

"My brother died a long time ago. But I've never been able to mourn him." Jenny's hands still rested lightly on Faith's arms. "Until now."

Faith gathered the saddened woman into her arms and allowed her the time to let the finality of her loss sink in.

Several hours later, Faith silently climbed the stairs to the upstairs bathroom. The house was quiet as she turned on the shower and stripped off her clothes. She let the hot water wash away the night's fighting and soothe her aching body. Though she was healing fast, the fatigue of the night remained. After drying herself off, she put on Buffy's robe. Gathering her clothes, she started toward her basement room.

"Hey Slayer, where ya goin'?"

Faith was surprised to find Buffy leaning against the open door to her bedroom dressed in a t-shirt and boxers.
"I didn't want to wake you."

Buffy looked at Faith with affection. "Stay with me?"

Faith smiled and walked past Buffy into her bedroom, dropping her clothes on the floor. Then she took off Buffy's robe and crawled into bed, pulling the blanket up to her back. Buffy sat on the bed next to Faith. The battle Faith had fought was still evident on her body. Though cuts were closing and bruises were fading, Faith still moved like she was in pain.

"Why don't I rub your back for a while."

"That would be great, B." Faith murmured into the pillow.

Buffy climbed onto the bed and sat low astride Faith's back. She leaned up and started to massage Faith; working her way across her shoulder blades and down her ribs and spinal column. She wanted to soothe away her slayer's aches and tell Faith all the feelings she was experiencing.

"You know, Faith," she started, "I feel such a connection with you. More than with anyone I've ever known." Buffy watched her hands roam over the satin skin of Faith's back. "It's like you've been a part of me forever. And tonight everything became really clear to me. During all these recent changes, finding out about you, working with you, living with you, the battle to save my life tonight.... all of it; I finally figured it out." When Faith said nothing, she continued. "I've never in my life been as terrified as I was tonight when I saw the vampires take you down. The thought of losing you......." Buffy shivered briefly and stilled her hands. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that it seems that somewhere along the way, I've fallen in love with you." Still Faith remained silent.

"I love you, Faith."

No answer.


When Buffy peaked around the wavy hair, she saw that Faith was sound asleep. She shook her head smiling, figuring that her speech was good practice for when Faith woke up. She stripped off her clothes and slipped into bed next to Faith. Snuggling close to the rogue slayer, she tried to instill comfort and warmth to her. She would tell Faith that she loved her tomorrow. And the next day, and the next and the next…….

Late the next morning, sunlight shining in her face woke Faith. She stretched and opened her eyes. It took a moment to remember where she was. Buffy's room, killer night. Rising up on her elbows, she wondered where Buffy was.

As if on cue, Buffy entered the room with a cup of coffee. "Hey, sleepyhead." She teased as she sat on the bed and handed Faith the cup. "It's about time you woke up." She waited while Faith took a few sips of coffee before asking. "How do you feel? You kinda crashed last night."

"Yeah. Sorry about that." Faith put the cup down on the night stand. "I'm ok. What'd I miss?"

"Oh, nothin' much." Buffy said with her best poker face. "Just me making mad passionate love to you…"

"Aarrgghhhh!" Faith groaned and fell back onto the bed, covering her face with her hands. "Fuck!"

"Exactly what I had in mind....." Buffy answered as she slowly climbed onto the bed. Faith dropped her hands and stared at Buffy. "Willow and Tara went to the Magic Shop." The blonde was on all fours now. "And then they're going to a movie...." She began a seductive crawl toward Faith. "Seems we have this big old empty house all to ourselves."

As Buffy approached her, Faith reacted immediately. The young slayer's eyes got darker if that was even possible. Her desire for the blonde kicked her breathing and heartbeat into high gear. But there was something she wanted Buffy to know. She'd never felt such a mixture of excitement and nervousness before. 'Tell her, you moron,' she chastised herself.

The sexy slayer was almost upon her. She needed to say it now before her brain took a temporary vacation and let her body make all the decisions.

"I love you, B."

Buffy stopped in her tracks because the declaration was so unexpected. Faith watched her apprehensively. Never in her life had she uttered those three words to anyone. Nor had she ever heard them directed to her.

"I know it makes a difference to you." Faith continued, being the first one to break the silence. "I've never felt this way about anyone. I wanted you to know that... ya know..... before......"

It took Buffy one more move to lean over Faith. She braced her left hand next to the right side of Faith's waist while her right hand set down above Faith's left shoulder. She searched eyes the color of dark, soft leather. The lovely brunette looked so young and so vulnerable. She bent her elbows just enough to lower herself down to give Faith a subtle kiss.

"You..." She gave Faith another gentle kiss. "never....." Faith could feel the warmth of Buffy's breath as she whispered before making each soft connection. "cease to amaze me..."

Then Buffy captured Faith's lips in what started as another sweet kiss that quickly became more intense. She nibbled on the sensuous lower lip before tracing the tip of her tongue across Faith's upper lip. The aroused young slayer wasted no time in capturing the sexy muscle and pulling it into her mouth. Letting Faith suck possessively on her tongue, the Chosen One then teased Faith until she too could play with Faith's in return.

Faith was rapidly losing herself in Buffy. The image of the golden goddess standing before her practically naked the night before the battle flashed in her mind. She couldn't stop herself as her hands immediately cupped Buffy breasts through her t-shirt. She fondled them thoroughly, remembering how beautiful they'd looked. While she continued to kiss Buffy, Faith reached down and slipped her hands under Buffy's shirt. The feel of the silken skin under her fingertips sent erotic shock waves directly down between her legs. She pulled the t-shirt up over Buffy's head, finally caressing the soft pliant flesh that fit so perfectly in her hands.

Buffy could feel the desire heating up in the woman lying below her. She relished tasting her mouth and having Faith's hands stroking her nipples. Being with Faith felt so right.

Breaking away from Faith's lips, Buffy gazed down at her soon-to-be lover. She threw her leg over Faith, lying at Faith's right side. She took hold of the sheet covering Faith and lowered it down to her hips. Her eyes swept over the lovely torso. "My god, Faith….." She had seen the slayer naked several times by now. "Every time I see you like this…." Buffy was at a loss for any words to describe the how Faith made her feel. "The world around me just comes to a stop until I can touch you."

Buffy's hand began to trail over Faith's chest. She leaned down and kissed the strong shoulder. Her lips traveled up the graceful neck while her hand learned all about the intoxicating breasts and easily stimulated nipples. Reaching back up to Faith's ear, she let her mouth trace the sensitive lobe while whispering low. "That night…." Faith's hair smelled so good. "when I watched you touch yourself…." She felt Faith's body twitch. "I wanted it to be me…." Buffy's hand palmed its way down Faith's stomach. "I wanted to take your fingers from inside you…" Lower went her hand until it slid under the sheet. "and replace them with my own…." She toyed with the soft curls she encountered. "And where you were stroking your clit….. I wanted to bury my tongue there....." Faith inhaled sharply as Buffy's finger slipped down into her wetness. She knew she was soaked.

"B…. you're driving me crazy….."

Buffy kissed the ear where she'd been verbally torturing Faith. "Just want you to be ready for me, baby."

"Damn, B." Faith managed to moan out. "I was born ready for you…."

Pulling the sheet completely off, Buffy climbed on top of Faith, placing her body between powerful legs. Her mouth covered one of Faith's areolas while her hand teased the other. Feeling the flicking of Buffy's tongue hardened her nipples almost painfully. The throbbing between her legs was more than Faith could stand. She uttered the one word, that she herself could never resist coming from Buffy.


Buffy stopped her teasing and looked up at Faith. Her eyes were glazed over with desire. Buffy moved down, spreading Faith's legs to accommodate her. Separating the dark hair covering her prize, she briefly appreciated the deceptively innocuous looking node nestled there. Buffy imagined that Faith's clit was as powerful as the rest of her. She covered it with her mouth as she'd done at Faith's nipples, and let her tongue lavish long licks over it. Faith jumped at the intimate touch. Every fiber of her being focusing on the immediate pleasure.

The taste and the texture of Faith's sex on her tongue, spurred Buffy to want more. She positioned herself so that she could explore the other area she had so wanted to invade that night she'd watched Faith. Her fingers slid easily through the sopping wet entrance. This time Faith's hips thrust off the bed at the feel of Buffy's fingers deep inside her. As Buffy began to stroke Faith everywhere, the experienced lover lost her practiced composure completely. She cried out for Buffy, pleading for the blonde slayer's touch, begging for release.

Buffy relished making Faith feel so intensely. She immersed herself in the magnificent body that was now soaring toward orgasm. She heard Faith crying out for her uncontrollably. She felt when the spasms began, when they ended, and when they started over again. Buffy continued to enjoy Faith until all of her hunger and need were sated.
After Faith collapsed onto the bed for the last time, Buffy crawled up on top of the slayer, resting her head on Faith's chest. She could hear Faith's heart racing. She listened until it returned to a normal steady beat.

"I love listening to the sound of your heart beating."

Faith lifted her head slightly and kissed the top of Buffy's head. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's back. Being with Buffy was so amazingly different than anything else she'd ever known. She had always really enjoyed sex. But this was……

"You ok?"

Faith shook herself out of her reverie. "It's never been like this before."

"What do you mean?"

How could Faith explain to someone who only made love what it was like for her? She'd used sex to release that white hot surge of lust that she got from slaying evil. It was a means to release her pent up energy. She'd had a lot of good sex. She'd had really great sex. But she'd never had sex that connected her to another person. Never had a sexual experience that penetrated deep inside her heart and wrapped itself around her soul.

"It's always been about comin' down from the kill." She tried to explain to Buffy what had changed. "Don't get me wrong, I love sex." Faith could feel Buffy smile against her chest. "I love to give it and I love gettin' it." She hesitated. "But it never went beyond that, B. I just never connected it with loving someone."

Buffy lifted her head and looked into Faith's eyes as the younger slayer revealed. "I do now."

The adoration in Faith's expression threatened to overwhelm her. The emotional vulnerability in her eyes belied Faith's years of sexual proficiency. Buffy leaned up and kissed her honest lover. They kissed for several minutes before Faith turned them over, laying Buffy on her back and stripping her boxers off. The young slayer knew exactly what she wanted as she began to kiss Buffy with expert intent.

As Faith began to touch her, the extensive experience of her young lover became quite clear to Buffy. She felt Faith's passion wash over her like steam, warming her body and dampening her skin. Faith's expertise was evident in the way her fingertips brushed over her, finding secret sensitive places that Buffy didn't even know existed. It was there in the way Faith's hands intermixed feather-light touches with the moderate tugging on her breasts and nipples. Buffy wondered briefly if it should matter that Faith had had so many nameless sexual encounters over the last few years. But her body quickly decided that she didn't care about the women Faith had been with. As long as she was the woman Faith wanted now.

As Faith's mouth mesmerized Buffy with deep kisses, her left hand traveled down the older slayer's body. It brushed lightly across her chest and her side, down her hip and over her thigh. Buffy instinctively bent her knee for more contact. Faith's hand caressed the firm leg before sweeping up the smoothness of her inner thigh. The backs of her fingers lingered on the sweet delectable skin near the apex of Buffy's legs. Then Faith suddenly swept one finger through Buffy's sweet privacy. Buffy inhaled sharply at the surprise touch and the immediate surge of desire that followed. Faith painted the slippery substance on Buffy's right nipple. She rubbed her finger around and around using the sexy wetness to lubricate her fondling. When she couldn't resist the intoxicating scent of Buffy's arousal any longer, she left her passionate assault on Buffy's mouth to lean down and taste her nipple. Feeling Faith tonguing her so sent the slayer's already fired up libido into overdrive.

Then Faith took complete charge of Buffy's body. Her fingers explored every inch of the slayer's anatomy. She used all her senses to memorize every sexual response. Her eyes watched every rapt expression; her ears heard every gasp and moan. Her fingers touched every inch of luscious skin. Her lips nibbled, her tongue licked and her teeth nipped at every curve, every valley, and every sensuous mound. She turned her over without Buffy even being aware and searched her completely. She covered Buffy's back with her own lustful body; her skin, nipples, and soft pubic hair stimulating the blonde slayer until Buffy thought she would explode.

"Oh, god….. Faith…. you're killing me."

"No I'm not." Her lover whispered insistently in her ear. "I'm erasing anyone you've ever known from your mind." There was no denying that was exactly what the sexually skilled young woman was doing. Faith possessed her like no one else ever had. Suddenly no other lover who'd been in Buffy's life before now mattered. Faith filled her mind as well as owned her body. So Faith was more earnest than arrogant when Buffy heard her softly murmur, "From now on…. I'm all you'll ever want….. I'm all you'll ever need……"

The talented slayer turned Buffy again and sat on her knees between Buffy's open legs. She pushed the toned thighs apart with gently stroking hands. Faith waited a moment for her lover to relax, then she bent Buffy's knees and flexed her hips. The position tilted her pelvis up and openly displayed what Faith so wanted to see and touch. Bracing Buffy's feet against her thighs, Faith's fingers separated the dark blonde hair glistening with Buffy's arousal. She stared for a moment at the smooth clit and soft lips. Looking back up at Buffy, she could tell that that slayer had reached her limit. Buffy was so stimulated that she could only stare helplessly back at Faith, unsure of whether she could even move of her own accord.

Reaching down, Faith kissed and nibbled at Buffy's hungry node. The lustful touch released Buffy's impassivity. She began to move and groan as Faith's tongue and fingers worked their magic. Buffy's clit throbbed as Faith lavished attention on it. Two, then three fingers stretched her pleasantly deep inside. All movements were completely in sync as one last entrance was stimulated when Faith unexpectedly slipped her little finger gently through Buffy's tightness. The older slayer could not distinguish all the sensations she was experiencing. As her orgasms began to rule Buffy's body, Faith was relentless. Over and over she brought Buffy to rapturous peaks, only to bring her slowly down and fire her up again. By the time Faith was satisfied, Buffy knew if she had died tonight, she would've died a happy, extremely well-loved woman.

Later Buffy realized that it was not just Faith's expert sexual abilities or her determination that had overwhelmed her so. It was not just the delicious body that had delighted her so much. It was the total raw joy that Faith got out of touching and being touched by her specifically that had been her complete undoing. The obvious and intense elation that Faith experienced during their lovemaking radiated off her like rays from the sun. If sex with a woman was high on Faith's list of most favorite activities, sex with Buffy blew that enjoyment right off the scale. Faith needed only to look at her to make Buffy feel more desired than she'd felt in her entire life.



Several days later, Buffy and Faith returned to the cemetery. There were several of the markers in various states of repair. The paper had reported that a fluke storm had caused the damage. The biggest project was the rebuilding of a mausoleum, yet it was almost completely restored with just some minor roof work to finish. The slayers noticed that in addition to the names of beloved parents, the name of a devoted son had been added. Michael.

Faith had gone back to Jenny's apartment, but the doorman told her that Jenny had moved out. She'd left no forwarding address.



Six months later….

"Mail call." Tara brought in a small stack of letters. Willow was studying at the dining room table. Faith was sprawled on the couch with Buffy lying on top of her watching a movie. As she sorted though the envelopes, she said. "Hey look, Sweetie. Here's one for you."

"For me?" Faith looked up in surprise as Tara handed her a letter. "Who would write to me?"

The envelope was addressed to Faith in care of Buffy Summers. Faith tore it open and a key dropped out. The key was tagged with the name of a small Sunnydale bank and a code number. Faith glanced up at Buffy and shrugged. They were all puzzled.

"Well, I guess we'd better go find out what that key fits." Buffy suggested.



When Buffy and Faith showed the bank teller the key, she called her manager. A pleasant woman came over and escorted them into a plush office. She explained that the key was to a safety deposit box. Though Buffy Summers was the trustee of the box, she could not open it without Faith being present. After signing a security card, the manager led them to a vault. Using the bank's key and the key that had been sent to Faith, she opened the door and pulled out a long box. She set it on the counter in a private cubicle. "Just ring the buzzer when you're ready to lock it back." She said before leaving them alone.

"Go on, baby. Let's see what's in there." Buffy urged.

When Faith opened the box, they could see that it contained stacks and stacks of one hundred dollar bills. A folded sheet of paper lay next to the cash.

"Oh my god, Faith!" Buffy exclaimed, doing some quick calculations. "There must be $500,000 here!"

Faith just stared at the currency. Never in her entire life had she seen so much money in one place. "What is this?" She asked in confusion.

"Maybe this will explain." Buffy answered as she picked up the paper and handed it to Faith.

Faith unfolded the paper. She didn't recognize the writing. But the scent on the paper was familiar.

Dear Faith,
Please don't be mad. I wanted to thank you for all you did for my family. You not only set my brother free, but me as well. Though our backgrounds couldn't have been more different, I know you understand what it's like to be left alone in this world. You gave me the courage to leave the past behind. I'll always be grateful to you for that.
Just so you know, giving you this money doesn't even make a dent in the inheritance my parents left me. So please accept it in the spirit in which it's given. I only want to make your dangerous life more comfortable and in turn, hopefully safer.
And by the way, if for some reason that "one-woman woman" thing doesn't work out for you; the law firm printed on the attached card has instructions to contact me should you ever ask. Even though I'm moving on with my life, it's not likely I'll ever be able to forget you. Because when lightning strikes, I always think of you.


Buffy watched Faith's face as she read the note. Displays of surprise, understanding and affection played across her face as she read. Then she handed the letter to Buffy. After reading it, Buffy had to contend with her own series of emotions.

"You're rich, Faith." She commented quietly. "You can do anything, go anywhere."

Faith was still staring at the box when Buffy's words finally sunk in. She looked up at her beautiful lover. The vulnerability in her eyes only making her more so.

"There's nothin' I have that isn't ours, B." She stated.

"But all that money…"

Faith put her hands on Buffy's shoulders. "Hey, listen to me. Everything I am is yours. Everything I own belongs to us. No amount of money and no other woman can change that."

Buffy had never heard Faith be so eloquent. Even the first time Faith had told her that she loved her had not brought her as close to tears as she was right now. If she didn't do something quick, she was going to cry.

So Buffy reach up and kissed her lover soundly. "I think getting hit by lightning has addled your brain." She declared as she let Faith go. "But I love you anyway."

Leaving the bank, Faith was already detailing uses for the money.

"We can pay off the bills, get a new water heater, you can go to school full time, we can get you a new car. Oh, and Willow and Tara need one too….."

"Hey slow down there, Moneybags." Buffy laughed at Faith's enthusiasm. "Why don't we go home and figure it all out." It was just like her action girl to want to go and do. Solve all the problems ASAP.

Faith sighed and looked resigned.

"But," suggested the petite blonde, "there's nothing says we can't stop on the way home and take a look at that Harley you've had your eye on forever……"

The resulting grin on her lover's face was worth far more to Buffy than $500,000.



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