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Two days later Rose McCormack heard a knock on her front door. She set aside the tea she'd been brewing and went to the door. When she opened it, she found Faith standing on her porch. "Faith." She said. "What are you doing here?"

The slayer shifted restlessly. "I need your help."



Buffy leaned back against the headstone of the new grave and waited. Faith had taken off somewhere for a few days without telling anyone where she was going. She hated slaying alone. It wasn't that she couldn't do it. She just felt incomplete now without Faith on patrol with her. Faith. She had been on Buffy's mind constantly since the night they'd reversed that damn spell. Everything was all awkward now. Buffy scuffed her toe against the new sod covering the grave in annoyance. 'I wish that night had never happened.' Instantly Buffy knew that wasn't true. She had enjoyed being with Faith. And even though the rogue slayer had been restrained the whole time Buffy was touching her, she had really let loose when it was Buffy's turn. 'Geeze, I wonder how many times I came that night…' Suddenly it occurred to Buffy that after her first orgasm, Faith could have stopped pleasuring her. But she hadn't. The spell had been reversed, Buffy was now certain of that. Because as her powers returned to Faith, her hands had become more sure, her touch more knowing. It was almost like she hadn't wanted to stop….. 'But if she enjoyed me….' Buffy wondered, 'why is she acting so weird now?'

Remembering the intensity in Faith's eyes that night, Buffy truly believed that Faith had wanted her. The idea pleased her. 'She so wanted me…' Buffy smirked. Then her own desires for the dark-haired beauty replayed in her mind. And she knew, in all honesty, that she had wanted Faith too. Just as bad. The hunger went both ways.

"Geeze…. Why doesn't Willow just tell me these things?"

Suddenly an arm burst through the freshly turned soil. As the newbie vampire began to crawl out of his resting place, Buffy quickly staked him. Heading back to the house, she thought, 'Faith has to come back home and deal with me sometime.'



The next evening, when Faith returned from the trip she'd refused to tell any of them about, she was much more herself. Addressing Willow and Tara she said. "Hey witchmates, how are ya?" Turning to Buffy, she ruffled her hair slightly and smiled at her. "Hey, girlfriend, ya ready to go unleash some damage on the unsuspecting undead?"

As the two slayers went to their rooms to get their weapons, Tara turned to Willow and said. "Well, that's about as abrupt a mood change as I've ever seen. Makes me nervous."

But Buffy was elated. She didn't care what had caused Faith sudden turn around. She was just happy to have her partner back. She realized that she'd missed Faith's closeness, her attention and the camaraderie they shared. And she was overjoyed to be patrolling with the sexy slayer by her side again.

After the slayers left, Tara picked up Faith's motorcycle jacket and went to put it in the slayer's room. As she laid the jacket on the bed, a small blackened crystal fell out of the pocket. She picked it up and carefully turned it over in her hands. Suddenly it hit her as to what it was. She quickly took it downstairs to Willow.

When Willow saw the charcoal covered crystal, she knew immediately that it was like the crystal she'd used to erase Tara's and everyone else's memory years ago. "Where did you find this, Tara?" She asked anxiously.

"It was in a pocket of Faith's jacket." Tara answered. "Where would she have gotten something like this? And why? I mean I know she's been unhappy lately. But she must know how dangerous it is to alter memory." Tara was genuinely worried, wondering to what extreme Faith had gone to ease her pain. "Besides, she doesn't know a witch skillful enough to cast a spell like that for her, does she?"

Willow thought for a moment before looking directly into Tara's eyes. "Oh yes she does."



Tara hung up the phone and turned to Willow. "You were right. Faith went to see Grandma Rose last night."

"She didn't really cast a memory spell on Faith to make her forget her night with Buffy, did she?"

"No, thank the goddess. She knew it was too dangerous." Tara assured her. "But she didn't tell Faith that."

"What did she do?"

Tara knew Willow wasn't going to like this. But it was far better than a complete memory erasure. "She used the same spell that took Faith's powers away." Tara answered. "She transferred Faith's memory of that night to someone else. Someone who already has memories of that night."

"Oh no… don't tell me…." Willow groaned. "Buffy…."



Several days went by and Faith seemed completely back to her former self, though Buffy seemed increasingly pensive. One evening, Tara and Willow asked Buffy and Faith if they wanted to go to the Bronze after their patrol.

"You know me, Wil." Faith answered. I'm always up for slayin', dancin', and whatever else goes bump in the night." She gave Willow a suggestive leer for which the witch promptly slapped her lightly on the shoulder, admonishing her. "Behave."

Buffy watched the exchange between the two friends. Maybe it would be good to go out and cut loose a little. The idea of dancing with her slaying partner was very appealing.



The Bronze was in full swing by the time Faith and Buffy arrived. They found Tara and Willow at a corner table. Faith went to get drinks while Buffy joined them.

"How was patrol?" Tara asked.

"Fine." Buffy answered. "But Faith got all three kills. She's really fired up tonight."

"Speaking of fired up….." Willow commented.

All three women looked over at the bar where Faith had gone to get drinks for them. She seemed to be trying to settle a dispute between a man and two women who were each trying to pay her tab. One of the women finally won out. A very pretty brunette with dimples almost as deep as Faith's and a killer body to match.

Faith made her way over to the table and set the drinks down. "There ya go, my friends." She said before downing two shots of Jack Daniels that were obviously meant for her. "Gotta go pay for 'em now…" She gave them all a grin and went out onto the dance floor to join the brunette who had bought the drinks.

Buffy just stared at the two women dancing to the hot and steamy music. Having watched her dance dozens of times, Buffy knew all of Faith's moves so well. She'd danced with her, she'd sparred with her, she'd made love with her…. 'Whoa…' Buffy's inner monologue came to a grinding halt. 'Where did that come from?'

"You wanna dance?" Willow asked, breaking Buffy out of her Faith-induced trance. Buffy shook her head, barely acknowledging her friend. As the witches got up to dance, Buffy decided that she too could pick up anyone here and make a spectacle of herself like Faith was doing. The song had changed to a slow, sensual number and Buffy was particularly annoyed as the brunettes' bodies came together. 'Damn her…'

Buffy looked around and picked out the other woman who'd been vying to buy Faith's drinks. Another very pretty brunette with slightly less cleavage showing. 'Probably why she lost out.' Buffy grumbled to herself. Asking the woman to dance, she pulled her out to where Faith was practically grinding her pelvis on her partner's thigh. Though Buffy was certain that Faith could feel her nearby, she didn't even look Buffy's way. 'Too engrossed in getting off on the dance floor.' Buffy was fuming by the time the dance was over.

As another fast song started up, Buffy returned to their table where Tara and Willow joined her. When Buffy looked back at the dance floor, Faith was gone. Quickly scanning the crowd, Buffy barely caught a glimpse of her as she put on her jacket and went out the front door. Her pretty dance partner was following close behind Faith, clinging to her arm.

"God damn it!"

Tara and Willow looked over at Buffy, her exclamation catching them by surprise. "Are you all right, Buffy?" Willow asked with concern.

"Just… fucking… great…" She growled before she got up and left the club.



Back in her room, Buffy sat on her bed, leaning against her headboard with her arms wrapped around her knees. 'What's wrong with me?' She asked herself for the umpteenth time. She had always known that Faith went out with other women. Especially after they'd been slaying. Buffy would hear her take a shower, get dressed, and leave the house. But it hadn't bothered her then like it bothered her now. 'How could she…. after that night……'

'That night…..' That night had changed everything. First it had changed how Faith acted around her. Then it had changed the way she saw Faith. And finally it had changed what she wanted from Faith. 'She should be here with me…' Buffy slipped under the covers and eventually fell into a fitful sleep.



Near dawn, Buffy awoke to a slight noise. It was Faith's footsteps in the hallway. One set of footsteps going into Faith's room.  'At least she didn't bring that ho back home with her.' Buffy instantly chided herself for her spitefulness toward the woman Faith had picked up. 'Not her fault my girlfriend's such a babe magnet…' Buffy instantly sat up in her bed. "Girlfriend?"



After thirty minutes of unsuccessfully trying to go back to sleep, Buffy got up and went quietly to Faith's door. She paused outside to listen, then opened it when she could hear Faith's steady, sleep-laden breathing. Walking over the Faith's bed, she stood there observing her fellow slayer.

Faith was sleeping in the nude as usual. She was lying mostly on her stomach with one arm flung up near her head and the other stretched out behind her. The sheet was draped across her hips. Buffy's eyes scanned down the smooth expanse of skin that covered Faith's back and side. Her dark hair was splayed over her shoulders. With her arm pulled up to her face, a soft curve of an ample breast was revealed. Though Faith's nipple was hidden from her view, Buffy so wanted to caress the velvety looking outer section of breast that she could see.  It took everything ounce of control she had to step back from Faith's sleeping form and go back to her own room.



It was late the next morning when Faith came downstairs dressed in a tank top and tight jeans. She was carrying a towel and a tube of sunscreen. She stopped to grab a small bottle of Jack Daniels from the liquor cabinet before she headed toward the front door.

"Where are you going?" Buffy asked as Faith passed her in the hallway.

"Out." Faith replied, glancing at her briefly without stopping.

Buffy's frustration of the last few weeks boiled over into outrage.
"How could you?" She hissed as she followed Faith into the entryway.

Faith had stopped at the front door to put her items into the haversack she used when she rode her motorcycle. "How could I what?"

"Go home with that woman last night."

Faith turned around and stared at Buffy. "I've gone home with plenty of women, B. It never bothered you before. What's your problem?"

"But that was before the night we spent together."

Now Buffy had Faith's undivided attention. "What are you talking about?"

"You know." Buffy insisted. "The night we had sex together to break that spell."

"Whoa. Hang on a sec, B." Faith backed away slightly. "I don't know what you were drinkin' last night, but we've never had sex."

"But... we did……" Buffy's quiet voice reflected her growing confusion and her hurt.

"Trust me, if we'd ever had sex," Faith assured her, "I woulda remembered." Then stepping closer to Buffy, she used the back of her fingers to lightly stroke Buffy's cheek. Her voice became tantalizingly seductive. "But if ya ever wanna indulge in that particular fantasy, B…. you just let me know." Then Faith flashed Buffy a heart wrenching smile, picked up her satchel and walked out the door.

Buffy stood staring at the closed door for several minutes, her mind in a swirling mass of contradictions. Then she suddenly turned around and shouted. "Willow!"



Willow and Tara sat on the couch across from a stunned Buffy. The slayer had been so agitated that they'd felt compelled to explain what Faith had done. At least so that Buffy wouldn't think she was losing her mind.

Buffy stared at the witches. "Why would she do that?"

Willow sighed. "Because she was hurting, Buffy. You have her memories of that night. Surely it must be obvious to you now how she feels about you."

Buffy looked back at Tara. The softhearted witch attempted to get Buffy to understand what she couldn't or wouldn't grasp. "You know that Faith didn't want to go through with the spell reversal." Buffy nodded. "She was ready to give up being a slayer. Because she knew that the aftermath of being with you, when you didn't share the feelings she had for you, would be…. difficult."

"But she did it anyway."

"You may not have noticed, Buffy, but she would do anything for you." Tara replied bluntly. "Anything you've ever needed, anything you've wanted her to do…. she's been doing for a very long time."



Faith could only stare at the three women sitting across from her on the couch. She couldn't believe what they'd just told her. 'How could I…. how could B…. how could….'

When Faith returned late that afternoon, she'd found her friends waiting for her. She had sat down to listen to what she'd assumed would be info on a new big bad or something. But what they had just explained completely surprised her. Faith did remember the transfer of her powers to Buffy. And she remembered that she'd gotten them back. The part in the middle was pretty fuzzy. She also remembered going to see Tara's grandmother, though she couldn't pinpoint exactly why.

Buffy watched Faith process what Tara and Willow had told her. She had contributed nothing to the discussion so far. Her eyes were drawn to the sun kissed skin on Faith's arms and chest. There hadn't been any tan lines on Faith's shoulders or back early this morning. She wondered if the new dusting of light tan that she'd acquired that afternoon completely covered her breasts, her back, her hips….. Buffy shook herself back to the conversation.

"…the same spell." Tara was explaining to Faith. "One night of intimacy and the spell will be reversed."

Faith glanced at Buffy who was just staring at her. She trusted her friends. And B had been acting kind of strange lately. So if they said this was what had happened, then Faith believed it had happened. But she had conflicting feelings about what she'd done. She was a meet-everything-head-on kind of girl. She hadn't taken the easy way out of trouble since she was a teen. And yet when they'd broken the spell the first time, she had gone to great lengths to avoid the consequences. All she could think was that the fallout must have been pretty damn bad.

"So you'll do it?" Buffy finally asked.

Faith looked at her, then Willow, Tara, and back at Buffy again.


Buffy sat stunned as Faith got up and walked out of the room. It took several moments for her to recover enough to jump up and follow Faith up the stairs. Of all the questions whirling around in her jumbled mind, there was only one that she had to know the answer to. She caught up with Faith in the hallway, grabbed her arm and made the dark slayer turn and face her.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Though the question caught Faith off guard, she knew the inquiry referred to the revelation that she was in love with Buffy. Faith felt exposed, vulnerable and then angry.

"Why couldn't you see it?" Faith shot back. She shook her arm free and turned away from Buffy.

"Faith," The desperation in Buffy's voice stopped Faith. But she didn't turn back around. "Please. I can't distinguish between your memories and mine. I can't separate my feelings from what you felt that night." She paused, hoping that Faith might respond. When she didn't, Buffy's voice became practically a whisper. "You haven't abandoned me in a crisis for years. Please don't leave me alone in this…. Please…."

"I'm sorry." Faith turned her head slightly back toward Buffy. "I just can't."



That evening, Faith left to patrol alone. Buffy had stayed in her room curled up on her bed. The memories she'd inherited from Faith were overwhelming her own. The grief and regret took center stage in her mind, numbing her to everything else. When she heard Faith's motorcycle start up, she went to the window and watched the slayer leave.

Downstairs, Willow and Tara were putting away their dinner dishes. "Willow, you don't think that Faith will really leave Buffy like that, do you?" Willow reached over and gave her worried lover a reassuring kiss. "No, baby, I don't."



Buffy was still standing at the window with her arms wrapped around herself when Faith returned. She was so weighted down by emotional chaos that she felt like she was suffocating. Walking past Buffy's door, Faith could hear her ragged breathing, their slayer connection clearly relaying Buffy's struggle. Faith realized that having Buffy hurt like this could not have been her intention. She sighed in resignation. No matter what spells were cast, what transferences occurred, no matter who felt or remembered what, Faith was certain of one thing. She loved Buffy more than life itself. And if there was anything in this world she could do to keep her safe and happy, she would do it.

Quietly entering Buffy's room, Faith brushed her fingers over the sound stone, catching its red glow before crossing over to the window. Buffy gave no indication that she'd heard Faith come in. But she gave a grateful gasp as she felt Faith's strong arms slip over her own and hold her tight. "Shhh, baby." Faith murmured in Buffy's ear. "It's gonna be ok. I'm here now." She gently nuzzled Buffy's ear. "I'm gonna make it all go away…"

Buffy melted against her as Faith moved her left hand down and slipped it up underneath Buffy's shirt. She began to make soothing circular motions over her stomach. She alternately kissed Buffy's neck and whispered expressions of encouragement. Words about being safe, about never leaving her alone again, words about taking all the sadness away. Words that were sweeter at that moment than any more erotic expressions of love could ever be.

'Oh god... her hands....' Buffy had ached to feel Faith's touch again. Or was it Faith's memory longing to feel Buffy's hands again? It didn't matter to Buffy anymore, as long as she was in Faith's arms. Buffy leaned her head back as Faith nuzzled her ear with her lips before kissing a path down her neck again. The Chosen One was completely lost in her dark counterpart. Whatever Faith wanted, she would do.

The rogue slayer released Buffy, took her hand and led her to her bed. Faith sat the compliant slayer down and knelt in front of her. Buffy gazed into her partner's face as Faith's fingers reached up and slowly unbuttoned Buffy's shirt. She opened it and gazed at the low cut, pastel bra underneath. Faith ran her fingertips over the skin just above the lacy fabric. Her eyes trailed the path of her fingers as if she'd never seen skin so smooth before. Buffy continued to watch Faith as she deftly unclasped the single front hook that kept Buffy's breasts captive. When it was undone, Faith pushed that material aside and filled her hands with Buffy's softness.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Faith relished feeling the perfectly formed flesh in her hands. The nipples were relaxed as she fondled gently. When she opened her eyes, Buffy was still watching her. Then Faith did something she'd been dying to do for years. She closed the gap between them and kissed Buffy. 'Damn... so sweet.' Buffy's lips responded immediately. Faith repeatedly kissed them, not trying to dominate or enter. "Lay back, baby." Faith coaxed after savoring Buffy's lips and feeling Buffy's nipples harden under her palms. When Buffy lay back across the bed, Faith unbuttoned her jeans and lifted Buffy's hips. She divested the golden slayer of both her jeans and panties. She brought her hands up Buffy's smooth legs, parted them and gently stroked the inside of her thighs. Faith's tenderness was something Buffy had never imagined. But that was how the blonde slayer would have described her as Faith fit herself between Buffy's spread legs. Faith leaned down and placed numerous kisses on Buffy's sensitive mons. She nuzzled through the soft hair until she could feel the beginning of wetness against her lips. Using the flat surface of her tongue, she began to lick Buffy's clit with subtle strokes. Buffy emitted small whimpers as Faith slowly and carefully aroused her.

As Buffy responded to Faith's attentions, she felt so many emotions. Not all of them her own. She wanted to be loved and she wanted to be fucked all at the same time. She was hurting and yet she was elated. Too much and not enough. She didn't know where she stopped and Faith began.

But soon the only thing Buffy could really concentrate on was the incredible sensation that started between her legs and was sweeping up her torso. She could feel Faith's fingers inside her now, deep and possessive. She could feel Faith's tongue stroking her faster and more deliberately…..

Faith put every ounce of skill and passion she had into making Buffy climax. Being with her like this was what Faith had fantasized about before and even after the spell. Despite the many beds Faith had been in, loving this woman, pleasuring this woman, was really all she'd ever wanted to do. 

Buffy could feel the excitement inside her surge as she reached orgasm. 'oh god…' she thought, 'so.... much… so... good…..' She didn't realize when she started crying Faith's name out loud. She wasn't even aware that her legs had wrapped themselves tightly around Faith's back as she tried to get closer to the flame burning its way up her body. And she was equally unprepared when it finally abated and then happened all over again.

Faith was still lightly kissing Buffy's clit, slowly bringing her back down to earth, when she felt Buffy's hands in her hair. Looking up she saw a very sated slayer gazing back at her. "Take your clothes off." She requested quietly. "I want to see you….."

The dark slayer stood up, pulled her tank top up over her head and stripped off her bra. Buffy's appreciative stare pleased Faith. Her breasts had always been one of her best assets. And Buffy seemed as mesmerized by them as anyone else. She kicked off her boots and pushed her leathers down her legs. She stepped out of them, taking her socks off in the same sweep. She stood there naked, letting Buffy check her out. She knew she was a looker. Hazel eyes raked over her as if Buffy was trying to memorize every beautiful part. Finally Buffy opened her arms and whispered. "C'mere…."

As Faith climbed into Buffy's embrace, the touch of their skin was electric. She knew her body was so ready for Buffy's return touch. She pushed herself up slightly from Buffy so she that she could look down into her face. "It won't take long, B." She said. "I'm almost there already."

The slayer didn't answer. She just pushed Faith up so that she was straddling Buffy's torso. She braced her hands on Faith's hips for a moment, before reaching up and slipping her fingers in between Faith's spread legs. Faith inhaled sharply as the insistent fingers penetrated deeply through her wetness. As she rocked her hips in rhythm with Buffy's thrusts, Faith could feel the heat begin. At this point, she thought Buffy could probably make her come without even touching her at all. But she certainly didn't want to discourage the driving invasion that Buffy was so completely involved in doing. Deep and intense, Faith could only follow the pace Buffy set. Suddenly, there it was. The inferno that would set Buffy free, but give her back the grief and disappointment she had tried to escape.

Faith closed her eyes as her climax started to take hold. "Open your eyes, Faith." The rogue slayer's lids snapped open and she stared down into the soul-searching eyes that seemed as obsessed as Buffy's fingers. "Don't run from me." She whispered urgently. "Stay here where I can see you.... where I can find you….."

As the burst of arduous rapture overtook her, Faith felt an emotional shift inside her. The memories of that first night came roaring back to her. How she had tried to ignore the insatiable desire, the way she had ravished Buffy, how much she had loved being with her. And then the pain when it was all over and she realized that night was all she'd ever have. The pain stung at first. But then it collided with the absolute bliss of the two nights that would always belong to her. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. And somehow it would have to be enough.

As Buffy stared into Faith's face, she could feel the frustration and grief that had been torturing her for the last few weeks leave her. Only to see those same emotions take up residence in Faith's eyes. She was left with vivid memories of intense passion and pleasure, pure ecstasy. She remembered only Faith's fervor, her voracious determination, and her sexual skill. And those impressive recollections of being with Faith filled her with almost unbearable joy.

"C'mere.." She whispered again. Faith had finally stopped moving above her, but was still straddling Buffy's waist.

"The spell's reversed, B." Faith assured her. "It's done."

"But you're not….done." Buffy insisted. "Are you…"

Faith hung her head slightly as Buffy's fingers slipped out from her depths. The slayer rested back down across Buffy's hips. Buffy smoothed her hands up and down Faith's thighs. Faith could feel traces of her own wetness from Buffy's fingers as they moved up and down her leg.


Faith's head came up as Buffy's hands moved to fondle her breasts. She stoked the cooperative flesh. Faith's nipples responded immediately.

"C'mere…." Buffy repeated.

"B, you don't have to…" Faith felt like she should object, but Buffy interrupted her.

"Please. Let me, Faith." Buffy pleaded. "Let me do this for you."

Faith sighed as she moved up above Buffy's shoulders. If this was all she'd ever have, then she would gladly take whatever Buffy wanted to give her.

Buffy let the rogue slayer get braced above her. Faith waited on her hands and knees for Buffy to put her where she wanted her. Buffy grasped Faith hips and brought her mons down to her lips. She inhaled the sweet scent and let the tip of her tongue part the soft hair. Feeling Buffy trace the folds around her clit, the helpless slayer groaned at the subtle touch. "God, B…."

Holding Faith's hips firmly, Buffy released her desire to taste and stimulate her slayer. She licked and sucked the sweet flesh while Faith squirmed and bucked above her. Faith was quickly losing control. She clenched the comforter in her fists as she tried not to grind her sex into Buffy's face. 'But damn…..' Faith thought. 'There's only so much a girl could take…'

When Buffy thought Faith was close to climaxing, she slid her fingers back into Faith's well-lubricated tunnel. "God damn, B. Oh... fuck…" was all Faith would allow out in a strained whisper. But it was enough to spur Buffy on. She thrust her fingers in deeply and lavished Faith's clit with an equally intense tonguing.

Buffy continued the sweet torment, bringing Faith to orgasm several more times, until Faith finally pushed herself up and away from Buffy's mouth. "Enough, B." she implored. "Enough…."

Buffy slipped out of Faith's depths and let the exhausted slayer dismount. She rolled off Buffy and onto her side. She lay there trying to slow her heart rate and steady her breathing. Buffy wiped Faith's wetness from her mouth and chin. She turned toward Faith and watched her recover. She gently brushed Faith's hair away from her face, knowing it was just an excuse to keep in contact with her.

"Stay here with me."

Faith nodded slightly. Buffy slipped off the shirt and bra that still clung to her shoulders. She pulled the covers back and let Faith crawl under the sheets. Then she got in with her and pulled the bedding up over them both. Faith lay on her back while Buffy snuggled up against her, closing her eyes. "So beautiful…" She murmured against Faith's chest as she drifted off to sleep.

Faith marveled at the sweet blonde in her arms. 'Fuck, if it's only one night, then it'll be my best night.' She decided right then to appreciate the fact that fate had somehow given her this amazing woman to love. She had been allowed two passionate nights with Buffy. And that was two more than anyone else she knew. Instead of lamenting what she couldn't have, she would celebrate what she had been allowed to experience. Perhaps it was not the way she had always envisioned the realization of her desires. But the spell had still made her dream come true.



Several days later, Buffy stood in the kitchen near the porch door watching Faith. The rogue slayer had picked up several boxes of stakes at the lumber yard and was picking out the best ones for their weapons.

"You just gonna stand there?" She cracked without even turning around. "Or are ya gonna help me with these?"

Buffy pushed through the door and joined Faith on the steps. She sat quietly for a few moments watching the slayer work before speaking. "Ya know, I've been thinking…" She began. "Those spell nights weren't a very normal beginning…. ya know….  romantically speaking,...."

Faith stopped handling the stakes and looked at her quizzically. "What are you talkin' about, B?"

"Those nights, being with you..." Buffy answered having decided to be completely honest about her feelings. "I liked it." Faith was obviously taken aback. "And I thought…maybe...we might do it again sometime….soon." She briefly glanced down away from Faith's shocked expression. "I mean without the whole clinical purpose of breaking a spell thingy."

Faith continued to stare at her. "You wanna fuck again?"

Buffy smirked at the dark beauty's crude translation. "Eloquent as always, Faith." She admonished before her smile grew softer. "But yes, I want to be with you again."

"You wanna do it again...." Faith reiterated, making very sure she wasn't misunderstanding.

"Yes." Buffy confirmed. "That would be a definite "Yes."


A simple question to which Buffy now knew there was an equally simple answer. "Because I love you."

"Oh…I get it." Faith's smile was a mixture of comprehension, affection and regret. "Still have some of my memories, huh?" She gently nudged Buffy's knee with her shoulder. "Sorry, about that."

Buffy frowned for a moment, and then shook her head slightly. "No." She said, looking down at Faith. "It's mine." She was still somewhat surprised at the revelation of her own feelings. "I love you." Looking into the deep brown eyes that had captivated her heart, she stated with more confidence. "I love you. And I don't want you fighting beside anyone else. I don't want you making love with anyone else. And I don't ever want you to look at anyone else the way you're looking at me right now."

"You sure about that, B?" Faith grinned at her. "Cuz I can be quite a handful."

Buffy ran her fingers though Faith's dark tresses. "Mmmm." She mused. "You'd better be."

Faith had to laugh at the suggestive comeback. And well, it wasn't like she'd been able to think about anything else since that night. "Ok, Slayer." She agreed. "Let's go do some damage."

They walked through the empty house and up to Faith's room. As Buffy followed Faith inside, she brushed her fingers over the sound stone near the door. Seeing the subtle motion, Faith took Buffy's hands. "Anticipating a noisy afternoon, B?"

"Well, I was hoping to get you to really let go this time." Buffy smiled, half-joking and half-remembering how restrained Faith had been both times they'd been together.

Letting go was exactly what Faith's body was already beginning to demand. She shortened the distance between them, grasping Buffy's head between her hands. Holding her in a comfortable, yet solid grip, Faith began to repeatedly kiss Buffy's lips.

Buffy hadn't expected the rapid fire kisses that Faith was giving her. They were gentle, soft, and sensuous, though never staying on her lips for more than a few seconds. She could barely breath, barely think. As delightful as it was to feel Faith's lips attack hers, she wanted to have all of the rogue slayer.

"Faith." She tried to be heard around the intoxicating barrage. "Faith." She said louder.

Faith stopped and stared into Buffy's eyes. She was breathing hard and was momentarily frozen by Buffy's interruption.

The blonde brought Faith's hands down to her waist. Then she wrapped her arms around Faith's neck and pulled their bodies together. "Tell me." She whispered as close to Faith's mouth as she could get without actually touching her. "Tell me what I missed seeing in your eyes when you'd look at me." Buffy's lips murmured directly against Faith's lips. "Tell me what I should've been able to feel whenever we were close." Buffy nibbled Faith's lower lip ever so softly. "Tell me."
Faith drew back slightly. She knew what Buffy wanted. Knew it was important to the Chosen One to hear the words Faith had never felt the desire to say before. Words that would change everything that followed.

"I love you, B." Faith admitted for the first time in her life. "I have since the moment I first felt you near me. I didn't know it then, but you took hold of my heart and you've never let it go." Faith opened herself up completely. If Buffy wanted her to let go, then she would let it all go. "I never wanted anyone as much as I want you." She stared intensely into Buffy's eyes. "And I never even knew I could fall for someone so completely, until I found you."

The sweet declaration was more than she expected Faith to reveal. Buffy leaned in and kissed the candid brunette hard. She locked her lips possessively onto Faith's. Her tongue asked for entrance, which Faith immediately granted. They let the momentum of their lust push them over to Faith's bed, shedding their clothes as they went.

Buffy took her time providing Faith with an abundance of sexually fulfilling memories. And Faith responded with loud, graphically explicit exclamations of just how much she enjoyed Buffy's attentions. Then Faith repeatedly proved her ability to drive Buffy's body over the edge of ecstasy and back. By the time they had exhausted each other, the sound stone was glowing a very bright red, working overtime to contain the intensity of their passion.

Lying contentedly in Faith's arms afterward, Buffy marveled at the final outcome of the spell Tara's grandmother had cast. In trying to relay Faith's concern for her, the spell had eventually exposed her own hidden feelings for her slaying partner. She tried to snuggle even closer to Faith's body and felt strong arms hold her tighter.



Two days later, Rose McCormack answered her door to a delivery woman holding a huge bouquet of roses. The elder witch smiled when she read the simple sentiment written on the card.

Grandma Rose,
Buffy and I are now under each other's spell.
Thank you.




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