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Now that we're here… in her room, she looks a little skittish. Like she's thinkin' that maybe this isn't the best idea she's ever had. We don't have to. I mean, I want to. I really, really want to…. But if we don't, it'll be ok. I just don't want her to regret bringing me here for this. I don't want her to think that being with me is a big mistake.

But then she surprises me…. again. She starts to unbutton her shirt. Hey, that looks like permission to me. So I quickly rip my tank up over my head and lose the bra. When I look back at her, she's frozen. She's just starin' at me. I don't mind. I've been looked at…. a lot. But I don't think I've ever been looked at like this before. She's lookin' at me like… like I'm special or somethin'. She's lookin' at me like I matter… to her. No one looks at me like that. No one ever really looks and sees… me.

I don't know what she's thinkin'. But while she's starin' at me, she stopped unbuttoning her shirt. Bummer there. It's ok. I've done this a hundred times. Probably more. So I know I've got way more experience than she does. I can help her with this. I can make it easy for her.

So I step up and take over unbuttoning her shirt where she left off. When I'm done, I look up and find she's not lookin' at my chest anymore. She's lookin' up into my face. Oh that's great. Fucking perfect. Now she's gonna know. If she looks into my eyes right now, she's gonna fucking see. As soon as my fingers touch her skin, she's gonna know everything I feel about her. I won't be able to hide that.  She's gonna see past all my bullshit…. like I know only she can. Fuck. She's gonna know.

I am so screwed.


I never expected her to be gentle. I expected fast and rough. Because of all the weapons and fighting and stuff. And maybe she will be. But right now she unbuttons my shirt with hands that are sensitive, slow and sure. Soon I'm as topless as she is. I look up into her face as she cups my breasts. I want to see her enjoying….

Oh my god….

I can't believe it. She's not even looking down at where her hands are fondling me. She's looking into my eyes. And I can see that hers are filled with…. oh my god…. there's so much emotion in her eyes… like she needs this. Oh god…. This is not going to be just another fuck to her. It's going to mean something to her. I mean something to her.

Oh my god….


There she goes. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I knew it. I can tell by the look on her face that she's readin' me like a book. A goddamn wide-open tell-all book called "Faith Exposed." I so did not want this to happen.

I just wanted to feel her. That's all. I just wanted to touch her. I wanted to please her and make her happy.

For once, I just wanted the lover I dream about and the lover in my arms to be the same woman.


Later. We can talk about this later. I want her. I've gotten her this far and I want her really bad now. We can deal with the desire first and the emotions later. C'mon, slayer…. please…. Do what I know you can do better than anyone else I've ever known. For once don't take it somewhere else. Bring it here to me.


I don't care. I don't care if she can see clear through my fuckin' soul. There's no way I'm gonna let the desire that's practically screaming from her body get away from me. I take her hands and I make them squeeze my breasts. She'll be feeling my nipples hardening in her palms…. just…. about…. now.

I pull her close, trapping her hands between her chest and mine. I kiss her again. This time givin' her my tongue to play with. She sucks it in quickly and with a bit of force, I might add. She's not all that innocent. Fuck. She tastes so good. Her mouth is like velvet. And her tongue is dancin' all around mine as she pulls me in deeper. Makes me think of what other parts of her body might enjoy my tongue goin' deeper… Hey, I don't have any restrictions when it comes to sex. Well, I do draw the line on a couple of things. But for her… I'd do absolutely fuckin' a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I pull away and start kissin' over her jaw, down her neck and then back up to her ear. I nibble at her lobe and I start to talk to her. I whisper to her how much I wanna touch her, how soft her skin feels against my lips, how beautiful I think she is. I tell her that I'm gonna find all those special little places that drive her crazy. That I'm gonna make damn sure that by the end of the night, she's completely and utterly spent.

I usually talk a lot dirtier than that.

But not to her.

Well, maybe later….


I've always found her sultry voice so sexy. It made all the innuendos, irreverent and not so subtle suggestions even more unsettling than they would have otherwise been. She's talking to me while her lips are nuzzling me. Her hands are roaming all over my back, my arms, my ass… anywhere she can reach.  And just when I can no longer stand under the barrage of stimulation, she moves us to the bed. I've been caressing her breasts the whole time. They're so perfect. And I really don't want to let them go….


She's plenty heated up now. And I gotta see her. I work on her jeans until I can pull them down her legs. Damn, she's wearin' these pretty little blue panties that have a splash of lace across the front. Maybe she can model her underwear for me later. I tuck my hands under ‘em and I watch her face as I pull ‘em down too. I can tell that me stripping her turns her on. She loses a breath of air and she's lookin' really hungry right now. 

Soon she's wearin' nothing at all as I set her back on the bed. My eyes are pourin' over her body, memorizing every inch just in case I never get to see it again.

She doesn't say anything, but now she's starin' at my crotch like she's wonderin'. When she looks back up into my eyes, I know that she wants me to take the rest of my clothes off too. So I unbuckle my belt and I slowly pull it out of the loops. I take hold of where my jeans are buttoned up. Ya gotta love button fly jeans. They're so much sexier in a situation like this. Her eyes are riveted to my hips as I give a strong pull and all the buttons pop out of their holes. My fly is open and her eyes get real big. She can see that I got no underwear on. Cuz there's some dark, curly hair peekin' out near the bottom buttons. As tight as my jeans are, they slip off really easy, cuz they're ridin' so low on my hips. Soon I'm standin' in front of her wearin' nothin' at all.


Oh my god…..

She's just so… so….. perfect…


I have a lot of confidence in this situation. I mean, I've never pulled my clothes off and had someone not be impressed. And confidence is half the battle. But seeing B's reaction really pumps me up. She's lookin' me over like she's never seen anything so fuckin' amazing in her whole life. Makes me feel all funny inside.

But she can appreciate the goods later. There's a pretty amazing body lying right there on the bed waiting for me to ravish it big time.


When she climbs on top of me, I'm still in a daze. But I snap out of it quickly as I feel all of her skin pressing down on all of mine. There's a charge that shoots through me at the silken connection. Suddenly she's everywhere. Her hands search me. Her lips kiss me and then trail down over my neck, shoulders and chest. Whenever she touches a place where I jump a little, she smiles. I think she's taking notes so that she can go back and caress those places that she knows will make me react.

She's so good…..


I can't believe I'm touching her this way. But I love it. Fucking love it. Her skin tastes so sweet. B doesn't eat a lot of salt. So wherever she has any sweat, it tastes sweet. I'll bet her cream is sweet too. Gonna find that out in just a minute…..

I slide off to her side and my hand strokes down to her snatch. I'm just about to spread her, when she opens up for me. One leg bends up and out, while the other one inserts itself between my legs. She's lookin' just a tiny bit embarrassed by her own eagerness. I grin back at her to let her know that I'm a lot more eager than she is.


Can I be any more obvious? Spreading myself for her. Pushing my leg in between hers. But she just grins at my wanton behavior. Phrases are starting to enter my head that I actually do know but would never say. Words like…. "eat my pussy" and "fuck my cunt" and "rim my ass." But now I want to say them. Though I really don't think I can shock her. She's been around….


Her nipples are so much fun to play with. They're all soft and pink one minute and then stiff peaks the next. I use my tongue to lick around and around one that's gone back to being relaxed right now. But almost immediately it hardens up again. And I'm suckin' it into my mouth and flickin' at it with the tip of my tongue. She likes that. I can hear her moaning…..

I'm good at a lot of things. But I'm really good at doin' several things at the same time. And B is about to find this out. While she's distracted by the action going on at her breasts, my hand cops a feel between her legs. My fingers part her hair and find that she's totally slicked up. Fuckin' perfect. If she's creamin' this much already, it's gonna be so easy to slip my fingers into her sweet pussy. And anywhere else I wanna go.


She feels so good at my breasts. I find myself arching into her mouth and moaning at the way she sucks my nipples. But then her fingers become even more of a distraction. I can feel them gliding though my pubic hair and learning all about my clit. God, her stroking me there feels incredible. But I'd do anything to feel her inside me. I want to tell her that. But she's making these light, slow circles over my clit and I'm starting to catch fire under her touch. How she knows when this happens, I can't say. But she quickens the pace and I'm climaxing. A quick shooting spark that nails me. While I'm coming down, she shoves one finger inside me. Just one. And she rams it in up high and I get another little orgasm rolling through me.

How does she know?


That's fuckin' perfect, baby. Just a few little releases to take the edge off. She's so easy to read. I don't know if our slayer connection has anything to do with it or not. But I've always had good instincts in this area. With her though, I can feel what's happening in her body almost like it's also happening in mine. I did get a little wattage from that first orgasm. The second one, not as much. But she's relaxed again. Now she's ready for the good stuff. My area of expertise, so to speak.

I love using my mouth all over a woman. And tasting B is gonna be a Primo, Number One, Grade A pleasure. I shift my body over hers and start to kiss my way down. I stop at certain places and I spend just a little time. I know I'm marking her in a few spots. And I know I probably shouldn't. But they're not gonna be anywhere where anyone can see ‘em. So maybe she won't mind. I just can't help it.

Fuck. She's already thrusting her hips up toward me. A little subtle rockin' motion that I can feel against my stomach. I guess I better get down there before she starts without me.

As I settle down between her legs, she opens them even wider. I look up and she's not showin' any embarrassment now. She's way too horny. I wanna look at her. Really examine her. But if I don't make her cum a few more times, she may not let me stay. So I part the silky folds and pull back the hood on her powerful little clit. There it is, all shiny and pink from my stroking it. But I'll bet it can take a lot more than that. She's a slayer after all. And I'm gonna test her stamina right now…..


Oh god…. I'm so hot for her. Surely she's not going to tease me now. Not when I'm so ready for her. Please…. baby… Play with me later…. "Fuck my pussy now…."

Oh god… did I just say that out loud?


Fuckin' A. Did she just ask me to fuck her pussy? Well I'll be damned. I got me a tiger by the tail. And what a great tail it is… No problem, you horny little slayer. I got just what you need…..

I cover her clit with my mouth. And I start to lavish it with long, flat licks to make sure I catch every part of her. She's groaning. And then I shove two fingers up her pussy. Just like she asked me to.  I'm not being all that gentle, cuz she's so fuckin' ready. I'm gettin' all this deep penetration into her sweet hole. And I'm really gettin' off on the way those smooth, warm walls feel surrounding my digits. I know to her it must feel like I'm just fuckin' her. But I'm also feelin' around in there with every thrust. Cuz, I wanna memorize where her G-spot is so that I can hit it whenever she needs me to.

Fuck, I need to concentrate…. She's cumin' again.


Oh god… not again….

When she first started licking me, I climaxed so fast. But she wouldn't stop. She slowed down and got really gentle for a few minutes. But then she started up again, moving her tongue faster this time. And I climaxed again. This is so not me. I mean, I never thought of myself as a multiple…. Well, you know….

But I'm with her now….

I'm not even sure what she's doing to me anymore. Her mouth, her fingers, I can feel her everywhere. 


Damn! B rocks! I'm givin' her her 3rd …..  no… wait… her 4th orgasm. And I think I can still coax maybe one more out of her before she's knocked unconscious. Fuck! What a woman! I'm havin' the time of my life here. She let me fuck her pussy, she let me suck her and lick her fuckin' everywhere. I even got to finger her tight little ass. That was sweet. I think it helped pop orgasm number 4. Though I'm not sure she'll remember that. But I'll remember it. I'll remember every fuckin' thing I've done to her.

I'm so super horny now, that I'm about to jump out of my skin. But ya know what? If she never touched me back, I'd die happy. Cuz bein' with her is absolutely the best fuckin' sex I've ever had. And for me, that's sayin' a lot.

And by the way, her cum really is sweet.

Did I fall asleep? Or did I pass out. I don't know. But I look down my body and there she is. Still lying between my legs. Legs that seem to be kind of embracing her right now. She has her arms folded over my hips and she's resting her chin on top of her arms. And she's grinning at me. That was the most amazing sexual experience I've ever had. I know it. She knows it.



It makes me grin even more when that's all she can manage to say. I've reduced her normal chattiness to one word. That's so fuckin' perfect.

My work here is done…..

She holds out her arms and I scramble back up and lay lightly on top of her. Right here, right now is the only place I ever want to be. And it must show on my face. Cuz she pulls me down and kisses me. Soft sweet kisses of gratitude and maybe even a little affection. I'll take it. I don't expect her to love me. That would be a pretty huge leap. But I'll take whatever she gives me. And it would appear that she does want to give me somethin'. Cuz she puts her hands on either side of my face and asks….


"Can I touch you?"

I want to. I really want to feel that luscious body responding to me. I want to know what she feels like inside. I want to hear what sounds she makes when she loses control. I want her to call out my name so I know that there is no one else in this world she'd rather be with than me. Oh god… I sound like I'm….


in fucking love…. There's a real shocker. I'm in love with her. Why else would I let her have complete control. Why else would I know that I'm gonna give her everything I have to give the moment she touches me….

Can she touch me?

Hell, yeah……


Let's face it. I've wanted her nipples in my mouth from the moment she walked into this room. I knew it when she first took off her jacket. When I saw those tightened buds poking out through her taut shirt, I wanted to taste them. I so wanna make love to her. But it may take me a while just to get past her breasts.

But apparently she can't wait that long. She drops her hand to her crotch and she spreads her legs. Dammit. She's gonna touch herself. Oh no you don't, you horny little minx. I'm goin' there first.

She can masturbate for me later…


Fuck, she's an aggressive little slayer. I was just gonna get in a little touch so that she could play in nippleland as long as she wanted. But she's havin' none of that. She grabs my hand just as it starts to rub my clit and she takes over the motions. She's movin' my own fingers slowly over my hot spot. I'll bet her hand is gettin' plenty wet. Cuz I always get really lathered up during sex. There's so much lube, I can be fucked any kind of way, all night long. Really comes in handy with a strap-on or a vibrator.

Next thing I know, she's bringin' my fingers up to my breasts. She's rubbin' my cum all over my nipples. Damn that feels so good. It's makin' my nipples hard as bullets and all slippery too. Fuck, now she's lickin' me. Lickin' all that juice right off my tits. I'm dyin' here.


She wasn't expecting that. Smearing her sweetness all over her breasts so that I could lick and suck it off. She's moaning. Poor baby. It sounds almost painful. I'd better take care of her before she pulls somethin' else.

I'm heading down between her legs now. She's already spread. But I force them open almost to the point of discomfort. I want her to know that she's completely exposed and at my mercy. I want her to know that she's mine. At least for right now.

I lean down and kiss her hair. It's dark, dense and soaked. I rub my lips in it. Tasting her again. She tastes a little salty and has a stronger scent than I do. So womanly. It's very sexy and I love it. Now I part her folds and kiss her clit. She bucks a little. I'd love to spend the time to really look at her. She's so beautiful here. But I can't do that to her. So I kiss her some more and then I seriously start to lick her. She's really moaning and groaning now. She's calling out my name. Begging me to make her come.

Don't you worry, baby… I'm gonna take you for a real good ride…..


Oh Fuck! How many times have I said that in my head? And how many times have I said it out loud: "Oh, fuck, B!" "Fuck me right there, B!" "Fuck me deeper, B!" "Fuck me faster, B!" "Fuck, I'm gonna cum again, B!"

Well, you know….

She's still at it. I don't know how many times I've cum already. I know I'm capable of quite a few orgasms with the right person. And apparently B is the right person for the job. She's lettin' me rest for a sec. And by that I mean she's milking my clit really softly right now. She's got her thumb and her index finger on either side of the shaft and she's pullin' the hood really gently up and down so that it slips on and off my clit. It tingles. It feels so sexy. Or maybe it's the fact that she's intently watching her actions that's so sexy. Either way, I'm beginnin' to feel the burn again. And I don't know how she can tell. Cuz I'm really tryin' to hold still so that she won't stop what she's doin'. But she knows it anyway. She looks up at me. And her other fingers, that have been restin' quietly inside me, start up their familiar rhythm again.

And that orgasm knocks me into the next millennium.


That did it. That last one was a killer. I'm looking down at her and she has a dazed expression on her face and her eyes are slightly unfocused. God, that girl comes from sturdy stock. Either that or she's been savin' up her stamina since she's been back. It took seven orgasms to bring her to this current state of exhausted euphoria. And I've never see her look more stunning. Her hair is tousled across the pillow and her lips look bruised from all the kissing. Her nipples are relaxed. One arm is around my back and the other one is lying across her stomach in a feeble attempt to hold me too. Her legs are somehow entwined with mine. And her hips…. wait… What's that? Did I mark her leg? I don't remember doing that…..


I can't move. Me. The one with a rep for fucking women senseless. And I know that I do. But no one ever fucks me senseless. And here this slip of a girl…. Ok, so looks are kind of deceiving. She's really a powerful slayer masquerading as a slip of a girl…. comes along and takes me places I've only dreamed about. If I didn't love her before, I sure as hell love her now.

What? She's moved down to look at my thigh. Oh that…. Yeah, I've had that for a long time. I knew she'd never know it was there. And if she did ever find out, well, it would either be because I was on a slab in the morgue or because we were… well, we were like this…. Either way, she couldn't get mad at me….


When I look closer, I can see that it's a tattoo. A small one. At the very top of her left thigh, over her groin muscle, mere inches from where all that soft, curly hair starts…..

I stare at it for a moment. It's not new. She must have gotten it a long time ago. The cursive writing is lovely… and it's incredibly detailed. Someone spent a lot of time on this. The "F" is pitch black, the "B" is a bright blue. And the word "Loves" in between them is blood red.  I look up at her to find that she's watching me. She doesn't do any of the things I expect her to do. She doesn't grin at me, she doesn't shrug it off.  She doesn't make any wise crack to try and make me believe that it's anything less than what it is.

My expression shows that I'm surprised to see this permanent declaration on her body.

She holds my gaze with a wistfulness that I've never seen in her eyes before and says….



I think we're gonna be alright. B kissed that old tattoo on my leg over and over like it was something sacred. When she finally came back up to me, she just looked into my eyes for what seemed like a long time. Then she brought her index finger up to the base of my neck. And she started to write letters down the middle of my chest.


Fuckin' perfect.


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