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As they landed at the bottom of the stairs, Buffy immediately pulled Faith's tank top up over her head. She kissed Faith hard as she reached around to unclasp her bra. Meanwhile, Faith was not idle. Her eager hands unbuttoned Buffy's jeans and unzipped her fly. As Faith's bra came off, Buffy filled both her hands with the heavy pliant flesh. Faith loosened Buffy's pants and slipped her hand inside the cotton lace panties that Buffy wore. Her fingers found the slayer's smooth skin already soaked with her readiness.

"Damn, B."

"Oh right." Buffy countered. "Like you're not just as wet from thinking about this."

"Only one way to find out….."

Buffy kissed Faith again while allowing her bodyguard's fingers to continue their exploration. Her own hands unbuttoned Faith's leathers and lowered them down her hips. Without any underwear to impede her, Buffy also got to satisfy her curiosity about Faith's sexual readiness. She confirmed that Faith had indeed gotten very aroused from their touching.

"Looks like my protector could use a little lovin'."

Faith leaned back from Buffy. "Who says you get to play first?"

Both slayers stared into each other's eyes as their fingers gently slid over smooth skin without actually entering.

"C'mon', B." Faith cajoled. "How long has it been since a woman tagged your G-spot?"

"That's none of your business." Buffy smirked.

"Ever since you brought me here to guard that sexy body of yours…" Faith's eyes raked over the body in question, lingering on where her hand was still inside Buffy's panties. "Everything about it is my business."

In response, Buffy pulled her hand out from between Faith's legs. She brought her fingers, soaked with Faith's essence, to her lips. She slowly ran her tongue up the digits covered with the sexy slickness. Faith froze as her eyes were riveted to the decadent exhibition of the blonde cleaning her fingers completely. Buffy smiled at the bodyguard's inability to hide her lust.

"That's cheating."

"It is not." Buffy insisted. "You've been incarcerated for five years." Stepping closer to Faith, she leaned up and gently nipped her ear. "I think that takes precedence." Feeling Faith shudder at the soft bite, Buffy nibbled the sensitive earlobe with her lips as she whispered. "And it's still my birthday, so I should get what I want." Buffy's warm breath caressed Faith's ear. "Don't ya think?"

Faith didn't answer. A surge of eroticism was shooting through her entire body. Buffy gathered Faith's hands and held them in her own. She kissed Faith again, making sure that her tongue slipped inside her soon-to-be lover's mouth. Faith could just barely taste herself on Buffy's tongue. When Buffy finished tantalizing her, the parolee was too far gone to argue anymore.

Buffy pulled Faith toward her bed. "And besides, I've seen that look before…."

"Yeah? And what look is that?"

"The one you'd get after we'd been slaying." Buffy answered. "The look that should've told me how much you needed me. But I wasn't brave enough to do anything about it then." Buffy turned her so that Faith's legs where pressed against the bed. "I am now."

Buffy knelt down and untied Faith's boots. One by one she divested her of her boots and socks. Then she reached up and slowly pulled the leather pants down Faith's legs, allowing her to step out of them as well. Her eyes swept up the incredible expanse of satin skin. Faith's workouts had left her incredibly fit. Buffy smoothed her hands up the taut calves, the tight hamstrings, over sensuous hips and a shapely ass. Rising up on her knees, she pulled Faith's hips to her and placed kisses in the soft hair covering Faith's treasures.

'Damn.' Faith's mind couldn't quite grasp the reality of what was happening. Looking down her body, her legs threatened to give out on her.'Buffy Summers… on her knees… kissing my… Oh fuck, I gotta be dreamin'…' Any minute Faith thought she would awaken in her prison cell, hot and wet again from mental images just like the one she was watching now.

Buffy loved the scent and the denseness of Faith's damp curls. She stood and brushed her hands up over toned abs, solid ribs and full breasts. Then she leaned down and alternately kissed soft, relaxed nipples. It wasn't long before they reacted and she was sucking on tightened buds.


The golden slayer straightened and looked into Faith's eyes.'God,' she thought to herself,'has she always looked at me with such longing? How could I have not known?'

With continuous insistent kisses, Buffy lowered Faith down on her back. She sat on the edge of the bed to remove her own shoes and socks, leaving her shirt and her unzipped jeans on. She climbed on top of Faith, straddling her waist.

"Hey, I'm all naked here and you're.... not." Faith complained. "When do I get to see something good?"

Buffy laughed and pulled her shirt up over her head revealing a sexy, raspberry colored bra. Faith cocked an eyebrow, momentarily appreciating the garment. Then her hands reached up and stroked the satiny, lace covered material, unerringly finding the exact location of the slayer's nipples. Faith caressed them lightly with her thumbs. "Very nice, B." She murmured approvingly. Buffy grinned and slipped her bra straps off her shoulders. When she reached around her back and popped the hook holding the bra in place, Faith eagerly pulled it off and tossed it aside. She immediately filled her hands with the modest, yet flawless breasts she'd dreamed about for years. Buffy continued to smile down at Faith, letting the horny brunette play.

When Buffy thought Faith's need for her nakedness had somewhat abated, she entwined her fingers with Faith's and stretched their hands up over Faith's head.

"Aren't ya gonna take those jeans off?" Faith asked hopefully.

"No." Buffy answered. "You're gonna have to wait for that."

Buffy laid her body down on top of Faith, sliding her jeans-clad legs in-between Faith's naked ones. The brunette could feel the denim seductively scratching against the soft sensitive skin of her inner thighs. The open zipper on the jeans was coldly erotic against her stomach while Buffy's lips were scorching her own. Approaching sensual overload, Faith moaned.

"Can't wait anymore, B."

The slayer paused her assault, delighted by the sound of her lover's sweet surrender. Faith watched Buffy slide down beside her. Buffy's eyes followed her hand as it stroked over Faith's body. "Ya know... years ago, I could feel your heat." She admitted. "That fire you always had after slaying." She looked back up into Faith's eyes. "But I was too afraid to be a part of it. Afraid that you'd consume me." Buffy's hand continued to roam seductively over Faith's body. "There were so many times I wanted to take you back to my house, drag you into my bed and rock your world."

Faith watched Buffy's face, trying to focus on her words despite her raging libido. She'd had no idea that Buffy had had such intense desires. Of course, she'd felt the post slaying lust. And she had often wondered if it had existed for her partner as much as it did for herself. She'd given into it. And she had assumed that Buffy just.... didn't.'Damn....' she thought,'what an incredible waste of time...'

"I'm right here, B. You can rock my world now...."

Buffy leaned over and kissed Faith hard. Her right hand briefly played with Faith's left breast before it smoothed its way down her torso and over her hips. She spread Faith legs open and slipped her fingers into the dark curls. Exploring a little more, she let her fingers surround the shaft; stroking it and spreading Faith's wetness around it. Suddenly Faith grabbed her wrist making Buffy stop kissing her and stare down into her eyes.

"Tease me later, B." She whispered urgently. "Love me now…"

Buffy's expression softened at the plea and she immediately stroked her fingers over Faith's clit. Faith closed her eyes and her hips jumped up slightly. She began to thrust rhythmically, coinciding with Buffy's movements. Already well on her way to climaxing just from the situation, Faith moaned for more of her lover's touch. Buffy dropped her hand lower and slipped two fingers inside Faith's warmth. Pumping slowly at first, Buffy heard Faith's involuntary murmuring, "Fuck, B….. so good, baby…. waited so long….."

Moving her fingers faster, Buffy pulled out enough to brush over Faith's clit before plunging back into her depths. They were in total sync now as Faith drew ever closer to climaxing. Buffy's multi-tasking skills kicked in as she leaned over and covered Faith's right nipple with her mouth. She flicked her tongue briefly over the soft areola before sucking it into a hardened peak. Faith responded with an explosive orgasm that sent tremors though her entire body. She groaned out expletives liberally punctuated with Buffy's name.

As Faith calmed, Buffy stopped her thrusts, but kept her fingers resting inside her lover. She reached up and placed small kisses on Faith's lips, her jaw, her neck, and ears. Faith brought both hands up and captured Buffy's head and made her meet her eyes. "My turn?" She asked optimistically.

Buffy leaned down again and whispered against Faith's lips, "Not by a long shot…"



Buffy's tongue, teeth, lips, hands, indecent suggestions, nasty words and more had taken Faith to her limit. The slayer had used everything in her arsenal to satisfy her prisoner. Buffy lay on top of Faith just watching her beautiful face as peaceful as she'd ever seen it. Her eyes were closed and Buffy thought this is how Faith would look sleeping next to her at night. Faith finally opened her eyes and stared at her lover. She brought a hand up and brushed back a lock of blonde hair from Buffy's face. "That was worth every minute I waited for you….." She gazed at Buffy's features, still experiencing a touch of disbelief. "And so much better than any dream I've ever had." After Buffy leaned down to kiss her, Faith asked one more time. "Now is it my turn?"

Buffy looked down at her tenderly. "Yeah." She said softly before kissing Faith again. "It is."

Faith immediately returned Buffy's kiss, deepening it with her own desires. She quickly rolled her slayer onto her back and swept her left hand over Buffy's breasts and down to her hips. Stopping her oral assault for a moment she griped, "Now about those jeans…"

"Might as well take them off now." Buffy agreed. "They're in serious need of laundering."

"Soaked through, huh?"


"Poor baby. I hope you got some left." Faith teased. "Cuz I've been lookin' to get me a taste of that sweetness for a long time."

"Try me." Buffy smirked back.

Faith needed no further encouragement to scramble down Buffy's body and tug on her jeans. The slayer lifted her hips and the tight pants came off easily. Faith tossed them away and smoothed her hands up Buffy's thighs. She reached for the soft cotton panties and noticed that they were a lighter shade of the sexy bra Buffy had worn.'Pastel girl.' She thought.'Some things never change.' Faith stroked her knuckles over the lace covering Buffy's crotch. Soaked and slick, she looked back up at Buffy whose eyes were beginning to glaze over slightly. Faith held her gaze as she tucked her fingers gently under the elastic bands. She didn't even have to separate the soft folds for her fingers to gather up some of the sexy lubrication.

Buffy gasped quietly as Faith brought her fingers out and one at a time slowly sucked them clean. Buffy could hardly object to the similar erotic display that she had performed earlier to seduce Faith.'Damn, that's hot,' she realized.'No wonder she gave in…'

Her analyzing stopped when she felt Faith pulling on her panties. She again lifted her hips slightly and was soon as naked as Faith had wanted her to be. Sitting on her haunches, between Buffy's legs, Faith bent the slayer's knees up and captured her thighs under each arm. Rubbing her hands slowly up and down Buffy's thighs, she sat there for a several moments just letting her eyes memorize Buffy's body before finally returning to focus on her face. "I thought I had imagined just how beautiful you'd be." Her eyes swept over the lithe body again. A small sigh escaped Faith as she confessed. "I didn't even come close."

Grasping Buffy's hands, Faith pulled them up and interlaced their fingers on either side of the slayer's head. As she lay down on top of Buffy, their mons met and both women inhaled sharply at the connection. Faith kissed Buffy soundly as she felt the satin expanse of Buffy's skin against her own. Naked breasts, stomach, pelvis and thighs created sparkage wherever they came in contact with each other. Without realizing it, Faith began to thrust her hips against Buffy's mons. The steady friction pulled on Buffy's clit just enough to start the slayer's climb toward orgasm, which was a fairly short trip by now. Faith was completely engrossed with worshipping her lover's breasts when Buffy finally said something.

"Uh…Faith." Faith didn't hear the slayer call her name as she swirled her tongue around one of Buffy's nipples while rolling the other one between her fingers.

"Faith." Louder this time. Faith finally lifted her head and looked up at Buffy. "Tease me later." Indicating where Faith was between her legs still thrusting against her, she repeated Faith's earlier plea. "Love me now."

Faith wasted no time in slipping the rest of her body down between Buffy's legs. She barely noticed how slick her own crotch was with both their essences. She showered the wet hair and skin with short, yet strong kisses. Buffy moaned as her needs became more fervid. Faith fastened her mouth over the bundle of charged nerves and lavished long licks, short flicks, and quick sucking on Buffy's clit. The slayer's passion shot to an excruciating level when she felt Faith enter her with two fingers. A few penetrations and Buffy climaxed with a magnitude of intensity that bordered on violence.

Buffy might have thought herself to be content with the monster orgasm. But Faith was just getting started. "Hold on, B." Faith murmured over Buffy's clit. "Not done here." She had not come out of the deep warmth where her fingers were buried up against Buffy's G-spot. She started to move slowly in and out of her lover, now planting less subtle kisses on Buffy's clit. The tiny organ responded and Buffy found herself returning to that sweet spot. Faith reached up and brushed her fingers over each of Buffy's nipples until they hardened again under her touch. Faith tweaked and played with them sending even more erotic sensations throughout Buffy's body. When she climaxed again, it was not quite as intense as the first one. But the third and fourth orgasms Faith coaxed out of her were almost as powerful.

"Oh god… I am gonna die tonite…"

Faith looked up from where she was now gently sucking on Buffy's neck. "Sex won't kill ya, B." She declared. "You'll just sleep like the dead."

"Well then…" Buffy turned Faith over onto her back. "I'd better make sure you're gonna crash as hard as I do."



A little while later, Faith was lying on her stomach finally sated. Buffy lay by her side using her nails to make little scratches up and down the smoothly muscular back. "Mmmm… that feels so good, B."

The ex-felon had been sexually voracious for hours. It almost seemed like Faith couldn't get enough of making love with her. Buffy wondered how long it had been since her normally lustful partner had actually gotten any sexual release. She ventured to ask.

"So you didn't have sex in prison?"

Faith opened her eyes and looked at Buffy. "No." She answered. "I didn't want to hurt anyone. And I didn't wanna leave that part of me in there."

But Buffy knew Faith too well. She would've had to have some sexual outlet. "You must have handled your "needs" somehow."

The smirk on Faith's face was expected. "Buffy Summers. Are you askin' me if I masturbated in prison?"

Buffy blushed slightly. "Well, did you?"

The laugh that followed her question tickled Buffy's face. "All the time."

"You did?"

"Yup." Faith closed her eyes again. "And thought of you every time I did it."


Faith merely smiled in response.

Buffy leaned over and kissed Faith lightly on the lips. "Did ya think of me doing that?"

"Uh huh."

Propping herself up on her elbow, Buffy planted a kiss between Faith's shoulder blades. "How about that?"


The petite blonde crawled on top of Faith rubbing the front of her body slowly up and down Faith's back. "Did ya think about me doin' this to you?"

"Oh yeah…"

Kissing her way from Faith's shoulders down her back to the solid mounds at her hips, Buffy gently pushed Faith's legs apart to accommodate her descending body. She caressed Faith's ass with her lips. "Did you think about me doin' this too?"

There was a slight hitch in Faith's voice as she replied. "Thought about it."

Buffy grinned mischievously as she took the delectable flesh in her hands and spread Faith's cheeks to reveal the intimate puckered opening. "How about this?" She lowered herself and gave the private crevice a long lick of her tongue. Faith gasped and felt her body shudder at the delicate rimming.

"Uh… no…." She managed to get out. "Somehow that didn't cross my mind."

"Do you like it?" Buffy asked between licks that were getting stronger.

"I like everything." Faith moaned. "As long as I'm doin' it with you."

While she continued to stimulate Faith, Buffy reached under her with one hand so she could stoke the hungry little node that was getting bathed again in Faith's sweet juices. Her lover groaned at the contact, her climax rapidly approaching from the unexpected exploration. As Faith started to cry out for her, Buffy rose up and plunged two fingers into Faith's soaked channel. She synchronized filling Faith deeply with the stroking of her clit. With a string of explosive four-letter words, Faith came long and hard. She collapsed back onto the bed when she was finished, trying to breathe. Buffy climbed back onto her back and rested her head near Faith's shoulders. When Faith was peaceful and serene again, Buffy whispered. "So you think that reality can be as good as fantasy?"

Faith turned and flipped Buffy onto her back. Leaning over her, she said. "I think, since I've had years of fantasizing about you, that it's gonna take reality a very long time to catch up. So that slayer stamina thing better not be a myth....."

And she proceeded to continue to show Buffy more of what she'd imagined doing to the blonde beauty for years.



The last four months of Faith's parole went smoothly. After Buffy's birthday, Faith moved into the slayer's room and into her bed. Willow didn't have to remind Faith that she still had a confession to make.

Buffy was in the kitchen putting away some groceries she'd bought. She was reaching up to a top shelf when she felt the familiar tingling. Faith leaned against the door appreciating the smooth expanse of silky skin showing between Buffy's pants and her shirt as she stretched.

"I didn't know putting away groceries could be so sexy." Faith observed as she wrapped her arms around her lover and nuzzled her neck. Buffy leaned back into the embrace and then slightly turned her head to give Faith a lingering kiss. When they separated, Faith took her hand and said. "Come sit down. I have to tell you something."

Buffy followed Faith's lead into the living room. She was about to sit down when she noticed that Faith's motorcycle bags were laying packed near the front door.

"Oh my god…." She looked at Faith with a stricken expression. "You're leaving?"

"What?" Faith glanced at the bags at the door. "No… No, B. That's not what I was gonna say." She sat the worried slayer down on the chair and knelt down in front of her. Taking Buffy's hands in hers, she said. "Remember when your debts were cleared?"


"Well, that was me." Faith admitted. "I did that."

"You?" Buffy didn't understand. "But.. how…"

"When I got here, you were so upset." Faith tried to explain. "There was nothing I could do about the death threat. But I have a small inheritance. Taking care of the bills was the only thing I could think of that would make you feel better. I was only trying to help."

Buffy searched Faith's eyes. "You did that for me? When you first got here? And I was still treating you so….."

"Hey. That's all behind us now." Faith reassured her. "The only reason Willow didn't say anything to you before was that I promised to tell you when all of this was over. And since my parole is up today, I'm tellin' you now."

Buffy cocked her head and appraised her for a moment. "So how rich are you?"

Faith grinned. "Rich enough to take you away for the weekend."


"Willow and Tara have everything under control here. No excuses." She saw Buffy waver. "C'mon, B." Faith said, as she brushed back a stray strand of blonde hair that had escaped from Buffy's ponytail. "You're alive and I'm finally free. It doesn't get much better than that." Buffy let out a contented sigh and studied her lover's gorgeous face.

"Whadda ya say? Come jump with me for once."

"Hey! I jumped with you once." Buffy suddenly became animated. "Into a giant manhole as I recall. You jumped in, I followed, massive demon fighting ensued, I got drowned… again….."

Buffy's rant might have continued unabated, but Faith reached up and kissed her into silence.

When Faith's lips finally released her, Buffy half-heartedly complained. "You always do that when you want to shut me up."

"That's cuz it always works." Faith grinned smugly.

They spent the weekend in a house on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. There were motorcycle rides along the coastline and romantic sunset dinners with the sound of waves crashing in the distance. They made love all night long and during the lazy afternoons just in from the beach. It would be one of many short respites they would take from the responsibilities of their ongoing fight against evil.



Almost a year after Faith had first arrived back in Sunnydale, life at the Summers' home had become familiar. Dawn was a college freshman in LA. Buffy, Faith, Willow and Tara enjoyed a comfortable home life. Though the witches still had an interest in the Magic Shop with Anya, Faith's money enabled them all to concentrate more on their true calling. 



Faith had just finished cleaning up the kitchen when Buffy came in with several big bags. They were full of streamers, balloons, and other party paraphernalia. Setting everything down on the counter, she asked. "Are you done?"
Faith let out an exaggerated sigh. "Yes. Can I go now?"

"Go on." Buffy shook her head at the petulant tone in Faith's voice. "Since it's your party, I won't make you hang streamers."

Grinning, Faith gave Buffy a big kiss. "Thanks Mom!" She headed out of the kitchen, almost colliding with Tara. Giving her a quick kiss as well, she said. "Mom says that since my chores are all done, I can go outside and play!" Faith ducked just in time to miss a streamer roll that Buffy launched at her head.

Tara gave her a playful push toward the front door. "Well then you'd better hurry, before she thinks of something else for you to do."

Before either of them could say anything more, Faith was off like a shot. Tara turned to Buffy. "Now there's a happy girl."

"Yeah, she is."



Willow, Tara and Buffy had planned to make the next day's party really special. Buffy had the feeling that celebrations for birthdays or any other occasions hadn't existed for Faith while she was growing up. Angel, Fred and Dawn were coming from LA. All the Sunnydale gang would be in attendance. It was going to be great.

By early evening Buffy was beat. Faith, Willow and Tara were watching a movie on the couch when she came in. "I'm toast. I'm gonna go lay down." Looking at Faith she added. "Wake me when you come up?"

Faith smiled up at her. "Ok."

After the movie was over, Willow and Tara headed up to bed. Tara stopped on the stairs, looking back at Faith. "Aren't you coming up?"

"No. Not yet." Faith answered. "I'm kinda restless. I thought I'd go do a quick patrol." Faith looked sheepishly up at Tara. "I won't be gone long...."

"Shame on you, Faith." Tara scolded. "That's just an excuse to ride that new bike that you're not even supposed to have until tomorrow." When Faith gave her an exaggerated pout, Tara laughed. "Ok, I won't tell Buffy. But if she finds out, you are so gonna owe me."

Faith was out the door with her jacket and helmet before Tara could change her mind.



The Slayer will die when she turns 25
Only a Slayer can keep her alive

Buffy's eyes flew open as the long forgotten chant entered her brain for the first time in ten months. "Oh my god!" She exclaimed as the realization hit her. She sensed immediately that Faith was not in the house. She flew off the bed and rushed into Willow and Tara's room. "She meant Faith!" She shouted as the witches stirred. "The warning wasn't about me!" Buffy cried. "It was about Faith! Where is she?!"

"Oh my goddess…." whispered Tara. "She said she was restless, so she went out for a quick patrol…."

Buffy grabbed her jacket and her keys and was out the door before Tara could even finish.



Faith rode out to the town's main cemetery. She thought she should at least do a drive-by so as not to have totally lied about why she wanted to go out. But as she got off her new Harley, she felt an unnatural presence. She concentrated for a moment but was unable to decide if it was evil or not.

Passing through the gates, she noticed a figure sitting on one of the benches a short distance away. When Faith got closer, she realized it was an old woman dressed in worn clothing, rocking back and forth, softly chanting something that Faith couldn't quite understand. The slayer knelt down beside her. "Are you alright?" She asked.

 The old woman stopped rocking and chanting. She looked down at Faith. "I warned you....." She whispered worriedly.

At that moment, Faith heard two distinct sounds; the church clock tower chiming midnight and footsteps approaching. The bells didn't register as she sensed that the oncoming presence was not a benign one. She stood up as a tall man sauntered out from the shadows. He was dressed in black leather pants and a vivid red shirt with images of fire splashed across it. Faith couldn't tell if the shirt moved with the man or if the flames were moving on the shirt. As he stopped a short distance from them, Faith put herself between him and the old woman on the bench.

When the slayer said nothing, he spoke. "Aren't you going to ask who I am?"

"Doesn't matter to me." Faith answered. "You'll soon be just another dead demon."

"Ah yes... I forgot. You're the arrogant one." He paused to appraise her. "No wonder the Mayor is still so taken with you."

"The Mayor's dead." Faith replied coldly.

"In this world, perhaps..." He continued as the flames on his shirt flickered. "But his soul is in my world. And he wants his girl back."

Faith scowled at the creature. "I'm not that girl anymore."

"Pity." He taunted. "You were so good at it." Looking around the cemetery, he observed, "I see you're here alone."

"I can take care of myself."

"Oh, usually I would agree with you." The demon confirmed. "But this time your fighting skills will not help you." His smile was wicked as his voiced changed. His words dripped with malice as he continued. "You do not possess the weapons to win this particular battle. A slayer was your only salvation. But here you are. Alone. You don't have her protection..... and you don't have her forgiveness......." He smirked at Faith. "You are, in fact…. defenseless." The demon emitted a chilling, yet mirthful laugh.

"She has my protection."

Immediately the evil laughing stopped. Faith turned to see Buffy emerge from the darkness and walk deliberately toward them.

"She has my forgiveness."

The fiend glared at the petite slayer as she walked up to him. Her eyes burned into his with equal intensity.

"She has my love."

Buffy positioned herself in front of Faith, in a direct challenge to the demon.

"She has everything that is in my power to give."

Before anyone could react, a bright glimmer of light appeared near the confrontation. It shimmered for a moment and then solidified into a lovely female being. A glow remained in the flowing white gown she wore. Her hair was as black as the surrounding night and she had sparkling green eyes and a gracious smile.

"I told you so." She said to the demon.

The evil man didn't reply, but simply glowered at the vision. Then suddenly the flames on his shirt flared and encompassed him completely until he disappeared. Both slayers turned to the new newcomer.

"Who are you?" Buffy asked.

"I'm one of what you all commonly refer to as "The Powers That Be." She replied. "I apologize for having to put you through all this angst. Normally I'm not a big fan of angst....."

"What just happened here?" Buffy demanded, wanting an explanation.

"It's complicated." The Power replied. "But if you must know, it began with the two of you."

"What?" Faith asked.

"The Slayer has always been an intricate part of the balance between good and evil. But with the rift between the both of you, things changed. The division between the Chosen Two tipped the scales. It gave the Evil Powers That Be a slight advantage. As the slayers grew further apart, Evil gathered more strength. Eventually they would have had enough dominance to take at least one slayer down." The Power glanced at Faith. "But that might have taken a while. And Evil couldn't wait."

"You see, Evil has a very powerful soul trapped in its most horrid dimension." Again she eyed Faith briefly. "And that soul put immense pressure on Evil to bring him a slayer." Buffy instinctively stepped closer to Faith.

"So Evil had an idea." She continued. "A wager, if you will. Without any interference or observation from either side, you would be given the opportunity to resolve your conflict by the time you each turned 25. If you were successful, the scales between the Powers would be balanced again. If you were unable to restore your connection, if either of you had failed to protect the other at that time, then we would have had to release one of you to Evil." She paused looking pointedly at Faith, leaving no doubt that the rogue slayer was the one who would have been sacrificed. "Then we could only hope that the next slayer to be called might prove to be more….. compatible." She noticed Buffy take Faith's hand and intertwine their fingers. "But it's quite obvious that won't be necessary now."

"How could you toy with our lives like that?" Buffy questioned sharply.

"It's not the first time that Evil has turned a Slayer." The Power responded calmly as she walked over to the old woman who had remained silent and unmoving. "We did what we had to do."

"But you said couldn't interfere." Faith argued. "What about the warning?"

"Evil put you in prison in the first place." She explained. "It was part of the agreement to get you out." Looking back at Buffy she said. "The warning was to force you to free her. The rest was up to the two of you."

The Power leaned down and kissed the gray head of the stranger on the bench. The moment she touched the old woman, the crone stood up, stretched, and morphed into an absolutely gorgeous woman. Flowing blonde hair, sparkling dark gray eyes and dressed in an identical glowing gown. The first Power was stunning, but the second one was heart stopping.

"God! It's good to be free from that guise." Pouting at her companion, she declared. "Next time you get to be the hag."

Faith swept her eyes over the vision before her. "Wow…."

"Faith!" Buffy scolded under her breath.

"What?" Faith looked at her lover and saw that she was frowning. "Oh, sorry."

The second Power regarded the slayers. "I did all I could to warn you." Then addressing Faith, she said. "But after you were free, Evil was watching us constantly; though I did manage to slip in a few more chants." Then she put her hand briefly on Faith's cheek. Faith knew she'd been touched, yet the contact was too light to actually feel. "We knew that you had never stopped loving her. So there was never any doubt that you would give your life to protect her." Shifting her gaze to Buffy, she hesitated. "But we were less confident that when the time came, you would find it in your heart to do the same." The Power then smiled at her. "I'm relieved that you proved us wrong." Then directing her sparkling eyes back at Faith again she said softly. "It would have been such a shame to lose you. You are quite unique. A slayer for a slayer." She marveled. "Strange as that is."

"Yeah? And why not more than one at a time?" Faith asked. "I mean, if slayers are such a big part of the grand scheme and all."

The blonde Power shrugged as she took her partner's hand. "Frankly, it just never occurred to us before."

As she was led into the darkness, the first Power added one last comment to Buffy. "You have been more favored than any slayer who has come before you. Do not depend on it. But do not take it lightly."

Then the Powers disappeared into the night, leaving Buffy and Faith alone in the cemetery.

As Buffy stared after them, Faith cracked. "I hate that cryptic shit." When Buffy didn't answer, Faith nudged her. "Hey."

Buffy turned to Faith. "They believed in you." Then she murmured painfully. "But they doubted me."

Faith put her hands gently on Buffy's arms. "I believe in you. And I know for a fact that you would've always put your life on the line for me, no matter how you felt." Faith moved her hands up to Buffy's shoulders. "It's what's inside your heart, B. It's who you are." Reaching over, Faith kissed Buffy lightly. "C'mon. Let's go home."

Walking out of the cemetery, Faith commented. "Still, it was kind of a kick to meet The Powers That Be."

"Yeah." Buffy answered before she remembered. "Oh and by the way, what was that'Wow' thing you had goin' on with that blonde Power. I mean, really, Faith. You were practically drooling and…."

The Chosen one was about to rave on, but the rogue slayer grabbed her and kissed her hard. As always, Buffy momentarily forgot her rant, nearly forgot her name, in the obvious distraction ploy. She continuously allowed Faith the simple ruse because her kiss was so marvelous; Faith's lips were so sensual and her tongue so very talented. Buffy unthinkingly slipped her arms around Faith's neck.

After several stimulating moments, Faith released Buffy but didn't let her go. "Now I just turned 25. So let's not start another rift that we'll have to fix before we're thirty, ok? Why don't we just go home now and you can show me again why I saved your butt on your birthday."

Instead of the smart retort Faith expected, Buffy just agreed with her lover.

As Buffy started her car, she adjusted her rearview mirror to watch Faith mount her new Harley. She had planned a number of inventive sexual pleasures for her slayer's birthday enjoyment. And she knew that any number of them would wipe that blonde Power clean out of Faith's mind. She headed her car toward home with Faith following close behind.

 'Oh yeah,' Buffy grinned as wondrously erotic images flashed in her mind,'that girl is definitely goin' down…..'



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